WWE Crown Jewel Live Results (Nov. 5, 2022) - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Welcome one and all to WWE's Crown Jewel! Today's premium live event starts at 12pm EST (not counting the currently-airing pre-show with no matches) and airs live from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia! Roman Reigns will defend his title against Pogan Laul. In a Last Woman Standing Match, Bianca Belair defends her Raw Women's strap against Bayley of Damage CTRL. Speaking of, Asuka & Alexa Bliss put their women's tag titles on the line against Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky, whom they defeated just days ago to capture the gold! Bobby Lashley might not have a title to defend, but he'll be in action against Brock Lesnar nonetheless. The Usos put their Undisputed Tag Team Championship on the line, just days away from breaking the record for longest reign, when they take on once again the Brawling Brutes. In a Steel Cage Match, Drew McIntyre continues his war with Karrion Kross. In six-man tag action, the OC take on the Judgment Day and last, but never least, will be a special appearance by Bray Wyatt. Will he tell us about his creepy uncle? Do we know what he did last summer? Do we care? We'll find out today! Oh and in what will probably be a match of the year candidate, the Nigerian Giant Omos takes on the Monster Among Monsters, Braun Strowman. Yes, I'm being facetious.

All this and much more, next on WWE Crown Jewel!

WWE Crown Jewel Live Results (Nov. 5, 2022) - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Singles Match: Brock Lesnar vs Bobby Lashley

Michael Cole and Wade Barrett welcome us to Riyadh after a quick promo video from Titus O'Neill meant to remind us how awesome the KSA is on humanitarian rights, I believe. Cole and Barrett hype "the All Mighty" as Bobby Lashley makes his way out to a hyped-up crowd. We cut to a vignette highlighting Lashley's power, in case we forgot who he was, during his entrance. A rather long vignette, to be honest. Finally the crowd pops big as Lesnar makes his entrance! Bobby Lashley attacks Lesnar before the match and the ref goes ahead and starts the match at 12:12pm EST! Lashley begins to batter the Beast Incarnate around the ring, whipping him into the barricade and side of the ring! Bobby focuses his attacks on Lesnar's left knee and Cole speculates it may factor in later on, if Bobby can take out Brock's knee. Okay. Lashley takes it back inside but Lesnar rallies, hitting a pair of German Suplexes--not calling it "Suplex City" unless he holds on around the waist--as the crowd pops for him more.
Lesnar with a third German Suplex and the crowd chants loudly "one more time!" Lesnar hits the F5 and covers, but Lashley kicks out at two. The crowd want another! Lashley regains control with a Spear outta nowhere! Lashley continues to target the knee then sets up a Hurt Lock attempt to a big boo. Lashley stalks Lesnar and slaps it on! Lesnar struggles in the Full Nelson hold, all while the ref checks on him and the crowd tries to get behind the Beast. Cole postulates Lesnar is fading but Lesnar gets a second wind and continues to struggle. Lashley adjusts the hold to get more pressure on Lesnar. The ref checks on Brock again, to which Brock yells for him to shut up! Lashley forces Lesnar down to one knee! The ref raises Lesnar's arm and it drops--that's one! The ref goes for the check again, and the arm drops a second time--one more and this match is over! The ref raises the arm a third and final time and lets it drop--but Lesnar gets the arm up! Lesnar drops back, crashing down to the canvas and smashing Lashley beneath him! Lesnar pivots his body on top of Lashley and picks up the pin just like that at 12:19pm. That was sudden.
Your Winner, Brock Lesnar! (7 minutes)

After the Match: An All Mighty Ass-Beating

After the match, a livid Bobby Lashley slaps another Hurt Lock on Lesnar! Lesnar struggles and groans in pain, unable to escape it. Cole and Barrett acknowledge Lashley's upset as he dominated the bulk of the match and he feels robbed.

WWE Women's Tag Team Championship Match: Asuka & Alexa Bliss(c) vs Damage CTRL

Due to events beyond our control, we're going to h/t and borrow from CBS Sports' coverage to catch up.
Bliss toyed with Kai early, flustering her with snappy chain wrestling. The chemistry between Asuka and Sky, which dates back to their days competing in Japan, is alive and well. They one-upped each other with fluid counters and never missed a beat. The champions' hot start came to an end when Kai and Sky successfully cut off Asuka from her corner. The duo repeatedly targeted Asuka's right leg with submission holds, strikes and slams. A cheeky moment saw Sky pulls the ropes further away from Asuka as she tried to snatch the rope break.

Asuka finally made the tag and let out her fury on the challengers. Bliss unloaded punches on both women, spiked Kai with a tornado DDT and planted Kai with a Code Red (a sunset flip-bomb). Small chants of "this is awesome" repeatedly broke out. Asuka, selling her leg injury, tagged in just as the numbers advantage started to overwhelm Bliss. A flurry of strikes laid out Sky but Kai drove a boot into Asuka's skull. Bliss was primed to put away Kai with Twisted Bliss but she and the referee were distracted by a pull-apart brawl between Asuka and Sky. Nikki Cross, who was seen conferring with Damage CTRl on Monday Night Raw, laid out Bliss. Kai covered an unconscious Bliss for the three-count.

An absolutely fantastic effort from all involved that, unfortunately, lost a little steam on the back end. The moves were impactful, the exchanges crisp and the chemistry abundant. The ending was a touch disappointing. A match this good can often be marred by a screwy finish. Additionally, the women's tag team titles have been hot-potatoed so much in recent months. It isn't benefitting anyone. What should have been an easy A was weighed down by a couple of clunky moments in the final stretch and unnecessary overbooking. At least WWE set up Cross' alliance with Damage CTRL on weekly television.
Your Winners and NEW Women's Tag Team Champions, Damage CTRL!

Steel Cage Match: Drew McIntyre vs Karrion Kross w/ Scarlett

This match's results are courtesy of Cageside Seats! I'm an equal opportunity results borrower! McIntyre ducks a lariat and gets right in with shots of his own, Kross gets a few licks in, whip reversed, front kick and a lariat and Drew takes him off his feet! Chops and punches in the ropes, big back suplex and McIntyre is fired up! Karrion with a throat thrust, looking to climb out while Drew is gasping, but he gets cut off!
Kross turns the tide again back on the floor, trading chops with McIntyre, smashing his face into the cage wall, choking him in the corner! Drew explodes with lariats, a belly-to-belly suplex, smashing Karrion into the steel! Kross gets under him, float over, into the cage, back elbow, McIntyre hits the Michinoku Driver for two!
Up top, jockeying for position, Drew with the spider belly-to-belly superplex! Karrion recovers, draws him up, but McIntyre smashes him into the steel first and follows with a spinebuster, jackknife pin... NOPE! THE KROSSJACKET IS IN BUT DREW ROLLS THROUGH INTO A SLEEPER OF HIS OWN!
McIntyre follows it with a snap DDT, kip-up, countdown but Scarlett is on the cage to run interference! Kross with the sleeper, he doesn’t have the arm trapped and Drew is able to ram him into the cage! Northern elbow lays McIntyre out, Karrion circles before deciding to climb the cage, but Drew wakes up and climbs after him!
Scarlett opens the door for her guy to walk through but when Drew cuts him off and beats him down she maces him, shuts it, locks it, and takes away the key! McIntyre climbs as she scrambles to unlock the door and let Karrion crawl out...but Drew McIntyre is quicker out.
Your Winner, Drew McIntyre!

Six-Man Tag: the OC vs the Judgment Day

We get the entrance for both factions to a great pop from the crowd. Rhea Ripley is rocking a Luna Vachon-esque 'hawk. Anderson and Finn start us off. Finn and Karl give way to AJ Styles and the self-proclaimed "Greatest Mysterio," Dominik. Styles easily takes control of the match from the rookie, and the OC begin utilizing quick tags to keep Dom in their corner. Gallows hits a huge running splash to squish the youngster before a scoop slam and elbow drop set up a double-team with Styles. Styles continues to work over Mysterio in the corner before dropping him in the center of the ring with a suplex. Damian Priest factors in outside the ring when he drops Karl Anderson, who was suckered in by Dom. Dom looks for a cover but no joy. The Judgment Day take a turn on offense, spending more time taunting the crowd and Styles than not, and Priest comes in to work over Karl Anderson as he enters. Priest looks for a cover early on. Priest uses working holds for a solid minute, containing Anderson before bringing Balor in. Balor mocks Styles before switching to working holds of his own on the prone Anderson. The action stays at a steady, metered pace as Gallows re-enters and takes it to Priest. Finn and Dominik rotate in, and Rhea proves the deciding factor as she sets up a distraction to give the Judgment Day the surprise win. The four pose in the ring as we head to a Seth Rollins promo.
Your Winners, the Judgment Day!

Singles Match: Braun Strowman vs Omos

"The Nigerian Giant" Omos is out first to a mild reaction. Strowman, however, gets a great pop from the Riyadh crowd. Cole and Barrett hype the size of both men and praise Omos as being the superior athlete here, with Strowman somehow the under dog. The ref calls for the bell at 1:47pm EST. We start with Omos and Braun, toe-to-toe, with the Nigerian Giant towering over the Monster Among Monsters. Omos raises an arm, challenging Braun to a good ol' fashioned Test of Strength! He accepts! The two lock hands in the air and struggle until Omos easily overpowers Strowman, sending him into the corner! Omos begins to beat Strowman in the corner, yelling for Braun to get up while hitting a splash in the corner. A side kick to the face drops Braun and the crowd boos loudly. Omos with a kick to the ribs of a knelt Strowman! Strowman finally stars to get a few licks in, but Omos shrugs off the body shots and shoves Strowman down easily with one hand. Omos talks smack to the camera then approaches Braun. Braun with a throat chop from a prone position! Strowman rises and lets Omos get those hands, but Omos again shrugs it off and slams Strowman down! The crowd with more loud boos. Omos attempts a foot-pin for a one.
Omos, ever the true giant, keeps the pace nice and slow, sending more words into Strowman's face than fists. Omos works him over in the corner as the referee warns him. Omos yells, "you want some more?" Another Biel toss from Omos that sends Strowman flying across the ring! Omos brags, "I could do this in my sleep." He pulls Strowman up and both men grab each other by the throat! Both men look for a chokeslam. Strowman breaks the hold and unloads with big rights, stumbling the Giant Omos! Braun continues to throw rights, beating Omos back towards the ropes. Strowman eyes his right fist, then Omos, then his fist...then clotheslines Omos over the top rope--after a second clothesline is required when the first stalls! Omos recovers quick, however, and takes it back to Strowman in the ring. Omos looks for a Powerbomb but Strowman blocks it. Omos sends Strowman into the corner and follows it with a splash attempt but Strowman sidesteps it! Strowman picks up Omos off the rebound, hits the running Powerslam to a huge pop and picks up the win at 1:54pm!
Your Winner, Braun Strowman! (7 minutes)

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship Match: the Usos(c) vs the Brawling Brutes

The Usos are out first and commentary mention that Jimmy may have a fractured wrist as he's dealing with an injury from their European tour and is expected to get X-rays Monday. We get our bell at 2:01pm EST. Butch starts off strong against Jey, leading to Jey rolling out of the ring early on. The Usos claim they don't need this and grab their titles, attempting to leave. The Brutes attack them ringside and take it back into the squared circle. Jimmy comes in and takes control over Butch, kneeling on the back of the Bruiserweight's neck against a rope as the ref warns him. The Usos maintain control over Butch for about two minutes until Butch hits a Tornado DDT to gain some separation. Both men make hot tags and Ridge Holland comes in on fire, with the former Rugby star easily running over both of the champs! Holland batters them in opposite corners, hitting one then the other. Holland shows off some impressive power by picking up both of the champs in a double-small package driver! Holland positions Jey on the apron, rips the tee off his chest, and starts the Ten Beats of the Bodhran as the crowd counts with him!
Holland gets to nine but Jimmy makes the save, pulling Jey out of the way of the tenth and clearly most devastating beat of the Bodhran. Holland exits the ring and runs over Jey with a big shoulder, then catches a diving Jimmy with a big right hand! Holland and Butch put Jimmy's arm between the steel steps and the ring, just as the Usos did to Sheamus recently, and kick the stairs! Ridge enters the ring and hits a sidewalk slam on Jey! The Brawling Brutes look for a double-team finisher but Jimmy makes the save! The Usos rally, taking it to Holland and then Butch as he tags in. The Usos dig deep into their playbook and hit a stereo Uso Splash for a big pop! Butch gets the arm up, saving the match. Butch starts to work the digits to gain some separation and tags in Holland! Butch restrains Jimmy at ringside with a cruel finger lock and Holland and Jey continue to go at it. Both teams engage in a sequence that has all four slugging it out. The champs start a comeback, hitting Superkicks galore on Holland and Butch! The Usos set up Butch and hit the 1D to pick up the win at 2:12pm!
Your Winners and STILL Undisputed Tag Team Champions, the Usos! (11 minutes)

Raw Women's Championship Last Woman Standing Match: Bianca Belair(c) vs Bayley

Our challenger is out first, sans Damage CTRL, as Bayley hopes to capture gold and give Damage CTRL the Bloodline treatment. Our champ is out next to a great pop. Bayley and Belair have a back-and-forth, technical-difficulty-plagued match. Bayley attempts to use the environment to aid her, ranging from using the steps to pin Belair's leg against the ring, to even trapping the EST in an equipment box. Belair powers out of the box and, after a snafu involving her braid getting caught in it, uses it to ram Bayley. The action continues with both women picking up near-wins but, ultimately, it's Belair who is the last woman standing.
Your Winner and STILL Raw Women's Champion, Bianca Belair!

Bray Wyatt Speaks

As has been his "entrance" of late, we start with the lights going down and cryptic music playing over the speakers. The ominous door is shown and, eventually, a lamp is seen--it's Bray Wyatt to a great pop from Riyadh! Wyatt's new music plays him in as he slowly makes the walk down the ramp, lamp in hand, as his firefly/moth (whatever--damnit, Jim, I'm a hack writer, not a zoologist!) is shown in lights above the stadium. The fans chip in with their cellphone lights. Sit back, this entrance is on Roman-level for length. Wyatt finally enters the ring and soaks in a lengthy "welcome back" chant. He then speaks about coming from a wrestling family. He talks about wanting to be greater than the rest of them (his family), and better than them. The crowd pops and chants loudly "yes you are!" Wyatt continues. "That's the point, though, right? I did what I thought I needed to do. I gave in. I gave in so much that I made a monster of myself. And I wore that mask with pride. And it didn't take me a long time to understand that while I was wearing that mask, I no longer felt pain. I could no longer be afraid! Haha, in the mask, I was completely untouchable! And that type of thing...it feels good. Some might say that sensations like that are just about impossible to quit. And that's how I felt. I found myself in a kingdom of nothingness, sitting on an island by myself and this monster I had made myself into. He destroyed me. He ran off everyone I ever loved. So there I sat, alone, no one to love me, nowhere to run. Alone." The Riyadh crowd loudly interrupt him with a "we love you" chant! Awesome. "But that's the thing, no one loves me," Bray continues, "people love the idea of me. People love the things I'm capable of. I don't even love me! But this doesn't have to be the ending of my story. That is not the man that I want to be remembered as. My name is Bray Wyatt. My name is Bray Wyatt!" Pops from the crowd as he repeats it louder. "And I am here to rewrite the ending to my story!"
He's interrupted by Uncle Howdy on the iron--another creepy video. It accuses him of fooling the audience "but you can't fool me. After all, who knows you better than I do? Do you think they'd still love ou if they all knew the truth? They don't deserve you. And the truth is, you're gonna go too far! You're gonna give in! So why wait? Because when you do, you gotta remember yourself how good it feels! And ooh, it's gonna feel so good! So good! And if you're worried about the aftermath, just...don't take the mask off. Tell me I'm wrong." We get the moth logo and flash back to Bray in the ring. The crowd chant "Uncle Howdy" as he drops the mic and we end our segment!

Undisputed WWE Universal Championship Main Event Match: Roman Reigns(c) w/ Paul Heyman vs Logan Paul

Literally 10 minutes later, we finally have Logan Paul's entrance as well as Roman's. Our Tribal Chief (acknowledged!) is escorted down by Paul Heyman. Logan Paul is out solo, no Jake Paul in accompaniment as we were led to believe earlier. Michael Cole tells us that his "sources" have told us that "something very different" is going on with Roman Reigns. And he says "one lucky punch" about 38 times. We get our official introductions and the bell at 3:10pm! The crowd with a weak "Let's go Roman" chant. The two spend the opening moments pacing around before locking up. Reigns, nearing 800 days as champ, shoves Logan into the corner. The official forces the break. Reigns shoves Paul; Paul retaliates by shoving Reigns. The crowd chants for Logan. They're a fickle bunch, they are. Roman looks around as the crowd loudly start to chant both Roman and Logan. Reigns with a waist lock but Logan uses a standing switch to attempt a takedown. Roman's first, however, dropping Paul with two take-downs before Paul scores one of his own. Roman shuts that shit down with a stiff right to the face, however, and ducks under a big swing and miss from Logan. Reigns slips outside, avoiding the Haymaker, and guess what Cole's about to say...yep, he almost got hit with "one lucky punch." Sigh. Roman paces outside the ring with Heyman, circling the ring and gesturing to the crowd and commentary team in a cocky manner. Reigns enters the ring via steps, taking his sweet time, working up the crowd. Paul squats in the corner and yells "stop running, Tribal Chief." Reigns and Paul lock up again, with Roman powering Paul into the corner. A stiff body shot from Roman elicits a grunt from Paul and a high elbow strike off a rope rebound sends Paul down to the canvas, hard.
Reigns attempts a short pin after a duplex, and begins to toy with Logan Paul. Reigns drops an elbow across the head. The crowd chants for Logan, who tells the crowd "yeah I'm good." Paul with a body shot of his own, and another, but Roman drops him with a shoulder. Roman runs off the ropes and Paul leapfrogs his charge, using a hip toss to drop the champ. Cole exclaims the champ is in trouble as Logan Paul charges Roman and sends him over the top to the outside. Heyman is in "shock" per Cole and Roman takes a moment at ringside to compose himself. Logan exits the ring and approaches Roman, walking right into a gut kick. Roman throws Paul over the barricade and hoists up The Ones. Because they the ones, you know. Roman taunts the crowd and turns his attention to Paul just in time to eat a shoulder block. Logan continues to lightly talk smack as he takes Roman into the ring. Paul borrows a page from Hangman Page's playbook when he springs over the rope and hits a speedy clothesline--the buckshot lariat!--covering the champ for a two and a half! Both men recover about the same time. Paul spends a lot of time acknowledging the crowd. Reigns and Paul continue to jockey for control, with Paul again looking for another buckshot lariat. Roman's got it scouted, however, and catches him with a huge shot! Both men are down! Heyman yells, "rise! Rise up, my Tribal Chief! You are the Head of the Table, the Greatest of All Time!" The crowd pops as Roman is the first to his feet.
Reigns begins to stomp Logan, taking his time, toying with his prey. Reigns with shot after shot to the gut and ribs. Roman spends a couple of minutes tormenting Logan Paul, using working holds to keep him down. Roman talks trash to Logan Paul, telling him "ain't no more YouTubers coming" to the WWE. He mocks Paul as he wrenches the neck. Logan attempts to power out but can't. Roman takes Paul into the corner with a whip and looks for a charge. Paul blocks and attempts a duplex, but Roman counters with one of his own and both men are down. The crowd loudly chant for Logan/Roman (really hard to tell, and it sounds like they're doing both). Logan Paul and Roman Reigns remain down for about a minute before simultaneously reaching their feet. Body shots from Paul. A clothesline from Paul drops the champ! Paul with an elbow that drops Roman, followed by an attempted scoop slam! Roman wiggles free and shoves Paul into the corner. Paul counters a corner attack with a back elbow. Blockbuster from Logan Paul! Roman barely gets the shoulder up to make the save! We're reminded by Wade Barrett and Michael Cole that Logan Paul's been training with HBK, amongst others, for this match.
Paul tries to fire himself up, slapping his thigh and getting the crowd behind him. Roman rises int he corner and kicks an approaching Paul in the gut! Roman with a right to the gut! Roman whips Paul into the ropes, and Paul comes off the rope rebound with a Superman Punch! Superman Punch! Both men are down, and Logan Paul fails to cover! After a moment, Paul kips-up in shades of Drew McIntyre. Paul starts to fire himself up more, pacing and yelling as the crowd come tot heir feet. Logan climbs the top rope and hits a crossbody of the top! Standing Moonsault from Paul for a cover for a 2.9! Paul smiles and, as has been his downfall most of this match, spends too much time playing up to, and talking to, the crowd. Paul gets them on their feet, cheering (with some jeers) and starts to tune up the band in the corner!
Logan Paul goes for Sweet Chin Music! Roman catches the foot and hits a Urinage! The Rock Bottom! Roman covers for a close two of his own! Paul rallies once again, taking it to Roman. Paul hits the One Lucky Punch (I guess that's officially his finisher's name now). Paul covers for another close call but can't put Roman away. Reigns rolls and falls out of the ring as Logan attempts to keep him in the ring. Logan Paul rolls outside after Roman, with fatigue clearly setting in for both men after twenty solid minutes of action so far. Paul begins to clear off the Arabic announce table (rude!) and looks to position Roman on top of it. Paul continues to waste precious seconds playing it up with his entourage in the front row of the crowd. Austin Theory should get a lawyer as Logan Paul then starts to take selfies in the ring! Gimmick infringement! Logan Paul takes the camera phone, heads up to the top turnbuckle and videos himself hitting a Frog Splash off the top turnbuckle, to Roman, through the table! Crowd rips off a "holy shit" chant. The Usos hit the ringside area to check on Roman. The Usos then beat up Logan Paul's entourage! Haha.
Jey hits a super kick to the chest of one of the dudes, then whips the other into a "superman kick" (super kick, Cole botched the term) from Jimmy! The Usos send the entourage out of the ring. Suddenly music pl0ays and out comes Jake Paul. Which one of you called Usos/Paul brothers for the titles soon? The Usos stare down Jake as he enters the ring in bright yellow shorts and a tank top. The Usos mock his gold necklaces. Jake with a right to Jey, then another to Jimmy, in the weakest "knockout punches" seen in the history of modern television. Wow. Looked like he missed Jimmy by six inches. Jake rallies Logan and tells him to "finish this shit." Paul sends Roman into the ring and heads up top, hitting another Frog Splash on Roman for another close cover! Jake attempts to argue with the referee, but it was only a two. The frog splash was more of a D'lo Brown style than Eddie G. Cue the music--here comes Solo Sikoa, the Bloodline's Enforcer!
Jake Paul heads up the ramp to meet Solo, who marches straight on down and gets in his face. Jake Paul readies-up for a fight and officials come between Solo and Jake. Logan watches on from the ring as staff separate his brother, and the Usos look to attack Jake Paul from behind! Logan Paul dives out of the ring, wiping out the Usos and saving his brother! Logan hits the ring and runs right into a Superman Punch! Roman posts up, yells "Oooo-ahhhh" and hits the Spear! One, two, three! And that's all, folks, for a chance at "one lucky punch." Twenty-six minutes of an actually impressive match, considering it was a YouTuber.
Your Winner and STILL Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns! (26 minutes)

In Closing

And that concludes it for tonight's premium live event! Have a great weekend, stay cool, stay frosty and stay safe out there, Rajahmaniacs. See you all Monday Night for Raw.

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