WWE EVP: "Our Leader Believes We Have a Social Responsibility to Put Fans First"

-- In a conference call with Sport Hiatus yesterday, WWE EVP of Global Head of Sales and Partnerships John Brody spoke about the company choosing to run TV tapings throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Specifically, he indicated that their leader Vince McMahon feels as if it is the company's "social responsibility" to put fans first and give them a form of entertainment:

"The health and safety of our superstars is first and foremost paramount. It comes down to leadership in many ways. Our leader [Vince McMahon] believes we have a social responsibility to put fans first and to help them get a break from what was coming and what we’re in the midst of. We have a responsibility to take them away for a few hours and give them a smile and a chance to feel something other than what they’re watching, which is also important, on the news. We leaned in to say ‘we’re going to put fans first’ and do everything we can, working with state, local, and federal officials to make sure it’s safe for our most important resource, the WWE superstars, and we’re going to do whatever we can to deliver content for our partners and our fans. We understand the decision other sports made, we wouldn’t have made the decision we made if we didn’t think we could do it safely for our internal [staff] and for all those affected, but we felt America needed it and needed the ‘pick me up'."