WWE Filed To Trademark The "Elimination Chamber" PPV Name For Merchandise Use

Last March 31st, WWE filed to trademark the "Elimination Chamber" PPV name with the USPTO (the United States Patent and Trademark Office) for multiple classifications under the merchandise use category.

Back in 2002, the promotion came up with the Elimination Chamber Match type and had their first match at the 2002 Survivor Series PPV, where "The Heart Break Kid" Shawn Michaels defeated Triple H, Booker T, Chris Jericho, Kane and Rob Van Dam to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Then in 2010, the company replaced the No Way Out PPV Event with the Elimination Chamber-themed Event and from there on out, most of the PPVs have had two Elimination Chamber Matches. WWE currently holds various trademarks for the "Elimination Chamber" PPV name under the entertainment services category.

Below is the use description submitted to the USPTO:

"International Class 028: Toys, namely, action figures, accessories therefor; dolls; cases for action figures; toy wrestling rings; toy vehicles; board games; hand-held units for playing electronic game other than those adapted for use with an electronic display screen or monitor; tabletop action skill games; playing cards; puzzles; stuffed toys; plush toys; toy belts; knee and elbow pads for athletic use; toy foam hands; costume masks; costume masks; novelty face masks; Christmas tree decorations"

"Primary U.S Classes: 022: Games, Toys and Sporting Good 023: Cutlery, Machinery, Tools and Parts Thereof 038: Prints and Publications 050: Merchandise Not Otherwise Classified"