WWE Friday Night Smackdown Live Results (1/01/2020)

It's Friday. You know what that means.

Welcome to 2021 and the first Friday Night Smackdown of the year!. Your host is EST of pbp, Rajah's smack-talking jabroni, Mike "Hulk" Hogan! Our official preview was released earlier this afternoon. We've learned that Roman Reigns apparently had a talk with WWE Management, and made a "special request" in the wake of his title retention against Kevin Owens. Also, Intercontinental Champion Big E will spar with King Corbin, and in tag action we'll see Smackdown Women's Champion Sasha Banks & Bianca Belair team up to take on Bayley & Carmella.

I'm sure we'll have some other awesome surprises next on Friday Night Smackdown!

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Live Results (1/01/2020) - ThunderDome II (Tropicana Field), St. Petersburg, FL

Show Opener In Memory, Last Week on Smackdown

We open with a title card, in memory of "Luke Harper" aka "Brodie Lee" aka Jon Huber. We then get a video package showcasing the steel cage match for the Universal title between Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens, who put up more of a fight than Brock did at WrestleMania. We see some of the big spots, such as a massive Superplex off the top rope, a Frog Splash, a Pop-up Powerbomb, and Owens almost winning--if not for Jey Uso's interference. Owens hit a Stunner to drop the champ, but Jey Uso had handcuffs and cuffed Owens to the steel cage.

In the Ring: Roman Reigns w/ Paul Heyman & Jey Uso

We cut to the ThunderDome and the Universal Champion, Roman Reigns, makes his way out with Paul Heyman and Jey Uso. He's back to his 27 minute entrances again. Roman tells us that as the face of WWE, he wants to start by wishing everyone a happy New Year. He says that 2020's been rough and it's been a rough year, but "when you're hte head of the table, when you're the tribal chief...you make it work." He asks his cousin why Roman wears a golden glove (he's not wearing gloves), and he says it's because he's the tribal chief. He tells us that he saved Paul Heyman when he was discarded, and he calls Heyman the most genuine man he's done business with. Then he turns back to his cousin, Jey Uso, and says that he's a prime example of what Roman can do. Roman tells us that all you gotta do is listen to him, and understand how is brain works, and he says that this has been the best year of Jey Uso's career. He tells us that Jey can't miss now because he acknowledged Roman as his tribal chief. The digital crowd boos are very loud, hard to hear him on the mic. Roman tells us that he's understood "since day one, day one!" He makes a comment about people not knowing which Uso is which, and he calls Jey Uso "Main Event" Uso. He tells Jey that he's knocked it out of the park with every opportunity and this is why Roman turns to him and--
--out comes Kevin Owens! Roman demands they cut his music. He asks why Owens is here. He calls Owens a roach who won't go away, and is always begging for crumbs. He claims Owens was a social media sweetheart but goes on to state that Reigns beat him, and now Owens is embarrassing Roman and embarrassing Roman's show. He tells KO that it's not about him tonight, it's about Jey Uso his cousin, and his family. He claims that nobody cares about KO and he needs to stop being selfish as this is Jey Uso's time. Owens agrees that his standing out there right now should be embarrassing, because his standing there means Roman and his family failed. "Because what'd you try to do at TLC...and last week in the steel cage match? You tried to end my career, you tried to end me." He points out that Jey Uso had to handcuff Owens to a cage to keep the title on Roman's shoulder. Owens says his standing there means its 100% clear that the "Big Dog" is gone and he's been replaced by a "Little Bitch!" He says Roman is right, tonight is about cousin Jey, and tonight Owens isn't here to fight Roman. He's here to fight Jey. He says that Jey Uso will pay for everything that they've done over the last month or so. He says he'll talk to whomever he needs to in the back to make it happen. He ends it by stating that once he's done with Uso, he's coming for Roman. He drops his mic and walks off.

Progressive Match Flo: Big E's Intercontinental Championship Win

We get a great, short video package highlighting the match between then-champion Sami Zayn and Big E in a lumberjack match. We see some of their big spots, and we also see when Sami tried to run away--only to be chased down by Apollo Crews and carried on the shoulders of four lumberjacks back to the ring. Big E then hit a splash, a Big Ending, and picked up the win and the title. We end the video package with the ticker-tape parade falling down on Big E as the faces on the Smackdown roster held him on their shoulders.

Match: Intercontinental Champion Big E vs King Corbin

Big E comes out, proud after the biggest win of his career. After a commercial break, King Corbin comes out with the Knights of the Lone Wolfe (formerly known as the Forgotten Sons). The bell rings and King Corbin locks up with Big E. Both men are equally strong, and struggle around the ring. Corbin locks in a side headlock but Big E escapes and does a taunting little gyrating dance. Corbin charges; Big E dodges, ducks, dips, dives, and dodges. Big E sends Corbin into the ropes and bends over, looking for the Back Body Drop but instead he eats a kick followed by a clothesline from the King. Corbin takes control as his Knights watch from ringside, wearing hoodies. Corbin with a big right. Corbin throws Big E shoulder-first into the ring post. Corbin whips BIg E off the ropes and takes him down. Corbin with the Discus Punch. Both men begin to jockey for position. Corbin stuns Big E and slides out the ring, going for his Misdirection Clothesline, when from out of nowhere Sami Zayn hits the ring and beats on Big E to cause the DQ!
Your Winner by Disqualification, Big E!

After the Match

The Knights of the Lone Wolfe hit next and Big E finds himself outnumbered and outgunned. Apollo Crews runs down the ramp and hits the ring, making the save and sending the Knights out of the ring as we go to break!

Tag Team Match: Intercontinental Champion Big E & Apollo Crews vs Baron Corbin & Sami Zayn

When we return from break, this is now an official match (made by Adam Pearce). Corbin catches Apollo Crews attempting to springboard into the ring and drops him. Sami Zayn tags himself in, much to the chagrin of the King. Zayn works over Crews for about a minute before tagging in Corbin. Corbin keeps Crews restrained to his side of the ring. Corbin taunts and goads Big E into coming into the ring, and the ref tries to get E out of the ring--and this distraction allows the Knights to attack Crews outside the ring! Corbin works over Crews more, then tags in Sami Zayn. Sami Zayn slides outside the ring after dropping Crews and has words with the Knights outside the ring as the ref continues to count him out. Finally, Zayn slides in but Crews hits a desperation move. Both men are down; both make it to tag in their partners. Big E hits the ring hot and suplex tosses the 6'7" (per Cole/Graves) King across the ring twice. Big looks for the Big Ending. Corbin counters and drops Big E. Corbin is distracted as, once again, Sami Zayn is arguing with the Knights outside the ring. This allows Big E to tag in Apollo Crews. Crews fires off against Corbin. Corbin tags in Zayn. Crews' fast offense is grounded as he's sent to the mat. Again, Zayn argues with the Knights. Corbin gets involved then drops off the apron, saying that they're leaving. The King and his Knights leave. Sami asks them what they're doing, then yells that he doesn't need them. Crews wastes no time hitting a big Powerbomb and Apollo picks up the win.
Your Winners, Big E & Apollo Crews!

Backstage w/ Adam Pearce & Kevin Owens

Adam is on his cell when he tells the person he has to go, and Owens walks up. The digital crowd was booing Pearce loudly. Odd. Owens lays into Pearce, begging and pleading and demanding a match against Jey Uso. Owens says he wants to beat Jey Uso's ass in the ring and out. Pearce says he can give him a match with anyone but Jey Uso. Owens says that's fine--he'll settle for Roman Reigns. Pearce asks Owens why he's putting him in that position. After some bickering back and forth, Pearce says "Fine. You want Jey Uso? You get Jey Uso." We go to break.

Backstage w/ Big E & Apollo Crews and Kayla Braxton

Big E and Crews are talking to each other about their victory and Big E tells Crews repeatedly he appreciates it. Kayla Braxton comes up and asks him how it feels to be the Intercontinental Champion going into 2021. Big E compares himself to the 1967 Toronto Maple Leafs and he's going to be a fighting champion so starting next week, he's going to defend his title weekly. Apollo Crews immediately chimes in that he'll happily accept it. He makes a sly comment about not being there to have Big E's back if he doesn't give him the shot, then they both break into laughter and say "that's a good one." It's official: Big E vs Apollo Crews next week for the IC title!

Match: The Riott Squad vs Natalya & Tamina w/ Billie Kay

The Riott Squad are already in the ring. Commentary wonders who Billie Kay's partner-of-the-week will be. Out comes Tamina, and Graves mentions that maybe Tamina was impressed by Kay's actions last week...until Natalya comes out. Tamina and Nattie walk to the ring and we're now told that Billie Kay will just be escorting them to the ring.
Liv Morgan & Natalya start things off. Billie Kay stays at ringside, yelling strategy to her "partners." It annoys Nattie, who comes over and yells at her to shut up. The distraction allows Liv to tag in Ruby, and both women hit a double team clothesline on Natalya. Natalya manages to get the upper hand on Ruby, and again yells for Billie Kay to shut up and go away. Tamina is tagged in and Riott escapes, tagging in Liv Morgan. Morgan and Tamina briefly spar, very briefly, before Morgan tags in Ruby Riott and both women double team Tamina. Riott covers but only gets a two. We then see that Billie Kay is in the Riott Squad's corner, yelling support to them. Riott notices and yells at Billie Kay to shut up and go back to the other side. Kay does but comes back and "coaches" the Riott Squad as Ruby Riott puts a sudden stop to Tamina's offense, takes down the behemoth and gets the win. Kay continues to cheer the Riott Squad and heads partially up the ram, trailing them as she takes credit for coaching them to victory.
Your Winners, the Riott Squad!...with Billie Kay?

Match: Smackdown Women's Champion Sasha Banks & Bianca Belair vs Bayley & Carmella w/ Reginald the Sommelier

The Boss, Sasha Banks, came out first right before a commercial. After the break, Bianca Belair comes out quite quickly, followed immediately by Carmella w/ Reginald the Sommelier then by Bayley. Carmella's wearing a new outfit and even Corey Graves compliments it. They're wasting no time getting set up for this. Bayley yells something and celebrates as pyro goes off, and talks smack all the way to the ring as Graves comments on her record as the longest-reigning Smackdown Women's Champion. We're starting off with Bianca Belair and Carmella. Belair shows off her raw strength by easily man-handling Carmella. At one point, Belair lifts Carmella up over her head as Carmella screeches "what are you doing?" Carmella manages to make the tag to Bayley, and the former Women's Champion clashes with the EST of WWE. Despite just returning from a break, we're going to another commercial break now.
Back from the break and Bayley has been in firm control throughout the break of Belair. Bayley does a great job in cutting the ring in half. Bayley taunts Belair, kicking her in the face while she's down and uses the middle rope to hook an illegal submission move as the ref counts. Banks attempts to slap Bayley, and the two former besties talk trash to each other. Bayley takes Belair into her corner and tags in Carmella, who throws kicks into Belair and attempts a weak pin. Bianca is sent into another corner, and Carmella also uses the ropes to twist and wrench Belair's left arm, too, in an effort to take out the EST's strength. Bayley is tagged in and drops Belair, and attempts a pin. Bayley locks in a double underhook submission but Belair powers out of it and hits an explosive suplex. Bayley quickly tags in Carmella, who streaks across the ring and stops Belair from reaching her own corner. Carmella hits a cheap shot to Sasha Banks, knocking her off the apron. Bayley rolls Carmella up but she escapes. Carmella leans over a downed Belair and yells "I'm the best, not you!" Bianca hulks up and takes out Carmella, then tags in Sasha Banks. Banks and Carmella talk trash to each other. Banks smacks Carmella. Banks to the apron, looking to springboard in. Carmella rushes over to block it. Banks wails on her over the ropes and sends Carmella into the corner. Banks with the Pendulum Dropkick on Carmella. Banks covers for two. Carmella hits a desperation running knee that floors Banks. Belair throws her long hair braid into the ring, attempting to give Banks a "rope" to pull herself to the corner and tag in Belair. Bayley comes over to stop her and drags Bianca down to the floor. Belair hits Bayley in the face with her hair, then whips Bayley into the steel steps. In the ring, Banks stays in control and covers Carmella. Reginald the Sommelier drags Carmella out by the foot, then slides into the ring. He grins and adjusts his suit jacket, laughing. This did not cause a DQ which it should have. Banks goes after him and he escapes out the ring. Carmella attempts a sneak attack kick but Banks catches it. Banks drops Carmella and attempts a cover, but breaks it as Reginald tries to interfere again. Banks knocks him off the apron. The distraction gives Carmella a chance to hit the Mella Buster on the champ and pick up the win. After the match, Bayley, Carmella and Reginald celebrate on the ramp.
Your Winners, Bayley & Carmella!

Backstage w/ Roman Reigns, Jey Uso & Paul Heyman

Our commentary team tells us that Jey Uso vs Kevin Owens is an official match tonight. Roman says that someone doesn't appreciate him--whomever made the match (Adam Pearce). He tells Uso to find out who and basically make them 'appreciate' him. Graves and Cole tell us that Reigns is livid and Pearce is in trouble. The Street Profits make their way to the ring as we go to break.

Backstage w/ Sonya Deville

We see the beautiful brutalizer, Sonya Deville, walking backstage. She winks at people off camera and Billie Kay eyes her--perhaps a potential partner? We're told that Sonya Deville has been reinstated.

New Year's Day Smoke-tacular w/ the Street Profits

The Street Profits are in the ring with a table set up behind them with champagne and something else covered up. Montez Ford is wearing a blue sports jacket. Dawkins tells us that "real talk," 2020 doesn't gotta go home but it's gotta get the hell out of here. Ford runs down all their accolades from 2020, including being both Raw & Smackdown tag team champions and winning two Slammy awards. They do a drum roll and uncover the mystery object and it's a drum set. Angelo Dawkins gets on the drums and plays it for a moment before Montez Ford declares its time for the Street Profits' 2021 predictions. Montez Ford predicts that their "I Was the Intercontinental Champion" shirt will become the biggest selling shirt on WWE Shop. We see a clip of them offering a shirt to Sami last week. In the ring, Ford channels his inner Oprah and tells everyone "you get a prediction, and you get a prediction, and you get a prediction!" They then move on to their second prediction. They predict that Dolph Ziggler will get the nickname he deserves as the "Heart-Ache Kid." Ford takes a big drink from a solo cup and starts to say "and don't even get me started on Robert--" when Robert Roode kicks Angelo Dawkins in the face from out of nowhere! "The Heart-Ache Kid" Dolph Ziggler attacks Montez Ford. Roode gets a steel chair and smacks Dawkins across the back while yelling something at him. Roode sends Dawkins over the barricade outside the ring. Ziggler and Roode double team Ford, and drag him into the corner. They drag his leg down and out the ring, and smack it with a steel chair so that it's slammed against the ring post. They continue to work over his knee outside the ring. Dawkins climbs over the barricade and kneels over his fallen partner, and Roode & Ziggler back off, laughing after making their statement. We go to break.

Moments Ago

We return from the break and get a recap of what literally just happened before the break. In case we forgot. Please reread the last five sentences above if you need it recapped.

Backstage w/ Kayla Braxton and Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode

Ziggler & Roode are walking backstage when Braxton comes up to ask them about their vicious and unprovoked attack on the Street Profits. Ziggler says that they're always vicious but the Profits have been asking for it. He and Roode continue to call the Profits smug, and accuse them of flaunting their Slammys and titles in front of them. Ziggler calls themselves the "Dirty Dogs" and say that they won't stop until they get what they want--a title shot. They walk off, leaving Kayla alone.

Match: Daniel Bryan & Otis w/ Chad Gable vs Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura

Daniel Bryan comes out alongside Otis and Chad Gable. Gable is fully ready to coach them to victory it seems. Michael Cole points out that Daniel Bryan announced himself for the Royal Rumble, and it's the one match type in his career he's never won. The digital crowd loudly chants "yes!" in tandem with Bryan, Otis and Gable. Out next is the Swiss Cyborg and the King of Strong Style, the Sake Bar--Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro! Cole points out that they're former tag team champions and are veterans in the tag team field. They then show us a clip earlier today in which Gable is helping Bryan train for the Royal Rumble. We see Gable sitting on the top turnbuckle as Bryan wraps Otis up from behind and thrusts against him in a very inappropriate (and, knowing Vince, intentional) manner. Cesaro and Nakamura walked up on them and asked them what the heck they're doing. They then mock Bryan's chance at winning the Royal Rumble. We return to the ring and get our match started.
Cesaro and Daniel Bryan start things off. Corey Graves calls them the best technical wrestlers in the company's history (*cough cough* Bret Hart, Mr. Perfect, Own Hart... *cough cough*) Both men counter each other's attempts to grapple. Cesaro tags in Nakamura. Nakamura and Bryan go off opposite ropes. Bryan bypasses Nakamura and goes for the Suicide Dive on Cesaro outside the ring--only to be caught by Cesaro! Cesaro slams Bryan down as we awkwardly cut to another commercial break.
When we return from the break we're told that it's been Nakmura & Cesaro isolating Daniel Bryan for the entire break. Cesaro slams Bryan and covers for a two, then ocks in a rear double armed face wipe. Bryan fights to his feet and throws elbows into Cesaro's side to gain some separation. Bryan comes off the ropes but Cesaro drops him down hard and covers for tow. Bryan is dumped over the top rope, and Nakamura is tagged in. Nakamura sets Bryan up on the ring with his head hanging over the apron, then hits a running strike straight to Bryan's face. Nakamura sets Bryan up on the top turnbuckle and hits an Enziguri. Nakamura takes his time, and Bryan makes him pay for it by dumping him out the ring. Cesaro helps Nakamura get in the ring and tags himself in, but Bryan has time to tag Otis in. Otis hits the ring on fire, dropping the Swiss Cyborg with a big exploder suplex. Otis splashes Cesaro in the corner. Gable continues to coach him, and yells for him to "do it." Otis performs the Caterpillar, yelling "2021!" during it and lands it! Otis only gets a two on the pin. Otis with an attempted splash. Cesaro escapes and tags in Nakamura. Nakamura comes in, perhaps looking for the Kinshasa, but both men collide and are down! Otis tags in Bryan, who hits the Sunset Flip and rolls Nakamura up for two. Bryan streaks off the ropes but Bryan halts his momentum with a big side kick to the face. Nakamura goes for a suplex but Bryan floats over and drops Nakamura! Nakamura quickly attempts to lock in a submission but Otis comes in to make the save. Cesaro hits the ring and tosses Otis out. Bryan quickly locks in the Yes-Lock on Nakamura while Cesaro is distracted and Nakamura taps! Afterwards, all three men stand in the ring and do "Yes!" chants with the digital crowd then do the "three amigos!"
Your Winners by Submission, Daniel Bryan & Otis!

Backstage w/ Roman Reigns, Jey Uso, & Paul Heyman (Yet Again)

Reigns is seated in a big leather chair, not looking happy. Paul Heyman tells Roman Reigns that it was Adam Pearce who set up the match. Roman tells "Main Event" Jey Uso to go out there and handle this.

Main Event Match: "Main Event" Jey Uso vs Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens comes out first for our main event. We go to break. When we return, Jey Uso makes his way down. We start things off with Kevin Owens taking control early on. Cole points out that Owens is fired up because Jey Uso cost him two matches for the Universal Title. Owens beats Uso out of the ring and hits a Senton. Owens sends him back in the ring and hits another Senton, and covers for two. Owens dominates, focusing his attacks on Uso's left leg--a leg previously injured. Owens with a sharp kick to the back of Uso's left knee. Owens with the Leg Pick. Owens sets Uso's foot up on the bottom rope and leaps up, crashing down on Uso's knee. Owens drags Uso to the apron and slides out, then slams Uso's left leg twice onto the edge of the apron. Owens heads back in and tells Uso that he told him he's gonna pay, and the sad thing is it's not Uso's fault. Owens has completely dominated this match to point. Owens begins to talk to Uso as he beats him around the ring. He tells Uso that Roman is the reason this is happening to Uso. Jey tries to fight back with a right. KO goes for the Stunner but Uso escapes and nails KO with a Superkick! KO rolls outside. Uso heads outside and runs around the ring, looking for a leaping strike off the steel steps but Owens catches him with a standing high side kick! Owens sends Uso across the announcer's table as we go to break!
Back from the break and we find both men struggling on the top rope. Uso shoves Owens off. Uso flies off but Uso moves, and Uso lands awkwardly on his left leg. Uso quickly hits a Stunner and pins Uso to immediately end the match.
Your Winner, Kevin Owens!

After the Match: the Beatdown

Owens yells for Roman Reigns to come out, and stomps Uso. KO leaves the ring and gets on an announcer's headset and tells Roman Reigns to come out and take care of his family, then calls him a little bitch again. Owens heads into the rings with a pair of cuffs on two-foot chain. He chains Jey Uso to the top rope. then beats him and stomps him repeatedly, taunting for Roman to come out. He yells out, "Have some god damned pride! C'mon Roman, where are ya, huh?" He continues to stomp Uso. He straddles Jey Uso and repeatedly punches him in the face despite Little Natch pleading for him to stop. Kevin Owens uncuffs Jey from the top rope and locks him in a headlock as he drags him up the ramp. Owens says "I'm gonna bring him to you." Owens beats Jey Uso up the ramp and off to the side, and nails a Superkick that drops Uso over a table set up off-stage. Kevin Owens climbs up on some black-tarped scaffolding, ready to hit the Frog Splash, when Roman Reigns attacks him from behind! Roman and Owens brawl in the "crowd." Jey Uso attacks Owens from behind, and they throw Owens over another "row" of the "crowd. Uso grabs a pair of chairs, and Uso & Reigns beat Owens with steel stairs between rows of ThunderDome screens. Jey yells at Owens, "What did I tell you?" Uso holds Owens, allowing Roman to beat him. Owens tries to crawl back. Reigns & Uso approach Owens. Owens with a desperate side kick, still trying to fight back. Reigns rams Owens' head into the LED screens repeatedly, then unleashes a flurry of rights onto Owens' face. Reigns pulls Owens back and rams his face into the LED screens again. Reigns taunt Owens, then throws him off the side and through the table ten feet down that Owens wanted to Frog Splash Jey Uso through. We get replays of Reigns casually throwing Owens ten plus feet through the air and through a table. We end our program as officials check on Owens.

In Closing

Thanks for stopping by for our Friday Night Smackdown coverage! It's great seeing you all in the comments section as I've not seen most of you since last year! Y'all, have a great and wonderful weekend. Stay warm (kiwis, stay frosty) and everyone have a fun, safe weekend. See you all Monday for Raw!

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