WWE Friday Night Smackdown Live Results (10/30/2020) - ThunderDome, Orlando, FL

Welcome back to Rajah.com's WWE Friday Night Smackdown live results! As usual, I'm your host, Mike Hogan. Our official preview but don't contain much meat. We've learned Jey Uso, who just last week learned the consequences of his actions by challenging the Tribal Chief, will this week face the consequences of losing to Roman Reigns. And that's it, that's all that WWE.com has literally said as of 6:30pm EST.

Special thanks to Jeff for throwing me a bone and posting just minutes before air that we'll have two Survivor Series Qualifying matches tonight. Daniel Bryan will take on Jey Uso and Dolph Ziggler will battle Kevin Owens to determine the first two members of Team Smackdown!

Guess that means tonight will be a bit of a mystery! Get your snacks and drinks because it's time for Friday Night Smackdown.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Live Results (10/30/2020) - ThunderDome, Orlando, FL

Show Opener

Michael Cole and Corey Graves welcome us as the ThunderDome comes into view, and we waste no time in hearing from the Tribal Chief himself, Roman Reigns.

In the Ring: Roman Reigns w/ Special Counsel Paul Heyman and Jey Uso

Roman's music sounds and we cut to the top of the ramp, where the reigning WWE Universal Champion appears with his mouthpiece, Heyman. Cole plugs the Hell in a Cell match between Reigns and Uso as Roman does another very, very lengthy baby-step walk to the ramp. As the camera pans, we see Jey Uso is already in the ring. Cole offers to send us to a video package from Hell in the Cell, and there's an awkwardly long pause before the production crew does just that. In it, we see footage and still shots from Reigns' match with his cousin this past Sunday. Jey only said "I Quit" when Roman had his twin, Jimmy, locked in a submission and wouldn't break it.
We return to the ring and all three men stand in its center as the digital audience boos loudly. Heyman gets on the mic first. "I'm so happy--" He's cut off as Jey snatches the mic away. Jey yells that "you did not beat me!" Uso looks visibly upset, and Roman tells him that he can make all the excuses he wants...but Jey quit. Roman tells Jey to "take the oath, accept the membership, fall in line." Jey screams that "that's a slick move, that's a slick move you did. Just like when we was kids, thinking you one up me." He tells his cousin Roman that "this town got you trippin'" and then tells Roman that he (Roman) knew exactly what he was doing when he (Roman) used the only person that Jey would say "I quit" for. Roman tells him that of course, Roman knew exactly what he was doing. He goes on to say that the burden of being the face of the WWE means doing these kind of moves, that it's part of leading the tribe. He tells Jey to look at him, and he's warning him right now that the consequences are severe. He points out that the entire family, from Rikishi (the Usos' father) and down, they all see Roman as the chief. Roman says that he gets that, if it were him, he'd be livid...but then asks Jey "what can you do?" He asks him that repeatedly. Uso screams that he hates Roman twice and asks him "Why you gotta do me like that?" Roman says he's sure Jey does hate him, right now, but Roman loves Jey and has always loved Jey. But Roman's gonna say it for the last time--by the end of the night, Jey Uso will fall in line. Roman drops the mic, pats his cousin consolingly on the shoulder and back of the head and walks off as Jey bends over looking like he really needs a McRib to help with that constipation. Roman's music plays as the Universal champ and his advocate head to the back. We head to commercial.

Survivor Series Qualifying Match: Dolph Ziggler w/ Robert Roode vs Kevin Owens

We return from break and Kevin Owens is out first for tonight's first of two qualifying match. We're reminded that Keith Lee, Sheamus & AJ Styles are the first three to qualify for Team Raw and in three weeks, we get the 34th annual Survivor Series. Ziggler comes down to the ring, escorted by his tag team partner Robert Roode. Both opponents square up and this thing starts!
Owens and Ziggler grapple up and struggle for a few moments before KO takes Ziggler down with a stiff shoulder. Ziggler bounces back fast and takes control, raking Owens and attempting a quick cover for a one. Ziggler sends Owens into the corner and begins to throw hands on KO, and face-scrapes KO along the top rope. KO fights back with punches, and drops down as Dolph bounces off the ropes. KO hops back up and hits a spinning elbow to down Ziggler. KO yells something about not being Ziggler's bitch, and takes a few precious seconds too long to pursue Ziggler. Ziggler sends KO out of the ring, then drops down and grabs his knee. The ref, distracted, doesn't see Robert Roode run over and attack KO. The ref turns in time to see KO down and Roode suspiciously close, so the ref expels Robert Roode. Roode protests as we go to break.
We're back from break and Ziggler's got KO in a side laying arm bar, but not for long as KO quickly rises to his feet. KO throws the weakest punches ever into Ziggler's gut, and Ziggler takes him down and picks up a two count. Ziggler again goes for KO's face until the ref warns him off. KO uses the ropes to get to his feet and counters a Ziggler neckbreaker with some chops. ZIggler fires back with tired hands until catching KO attempting a rebounding backbreaker. KO hits a fast lariat to Ziggler, then follows up with a standing senton. KO tosses Ziggler down and hits a spinning slam, followed by a pinfall attempt. KO goes up to the top rope and hits a senton but Ziggler gets the knees up and covers for a two. Ziggler is up first, and starts tuning up the band in the corner, loudly stomping his foot on the mat HBK-style. He moves in for Sweet Chin Music but KO hits a superkick first! KO goes for the pop-pup powerbomb but Ziggler reverses it into a Famouser and covers for a close two! Ziggler awaits KO's rise and goes for another superkick, but KO dodges it. A quick exchange takes place that sees both men pinning each other, reversing roll ups, and culminating with KO landing the Stunner out of nowhere! KO covers and picks up the win!
Your Winner, and First Member of Team Smackdown: Kevin Owens!

Progressive Match Flo

We get a video package that loosely recaps the "Yes Movement" and features various clips of the original Yes Movement and DB winning titles at WrestleMania years ago, followed by the narration "I am back!" We'll see DB in his first singles match in over four months later tonight! We head to commercial break.

Backstage w/ Adam Pearce & Natalya

Adam Pearce is backstage as Nattie tries to convince him that she's got a fool-proof system for picking who should be on the Women's Survivor Series team. Billie Kay walks up and has a 8x10 glossy of herself and wants to give him her resume. Nattie snatches it from Kay and squabbles with her; Bianca Belair joins in the verbal tussle. After a few moments, Pearce decides that the three of them can have a triple-threat match with the winner going on to to represent as a member of the Women's Team Smackdown.

Earlier Today: Corey Graves w/ Lars Sullivan

Lars is in a polo and slacks, seated in a ring set up in the back, with Corey Graves. Graves welcomes Lars to the stage. Lars asks Corey if he meant to call him a freak, and Corey redirects. Sullivan explains that the first time he was called a freak was when he was nine or ten. He says kids called him the "freak show" and he cried, hoping that they'd show him kindness or stop. But the bullying kids didn't stop; instead, they laughed at him. He adds that twenty minutes later, the laughter stopped, but the screaming continued for hours and he wasn't allowed back at school after that. Graves asks Lars what he hopes to accomplish in the WWE. Lars says that he hopes to unleash a lifetime of pain and humiliation (lol) on anyone who gets in his way, and to make this entire world his personal playground...to make this world his own personal hell on earth.

Survivor Series Qualifying Triple Threat Match: Natalya vs Bianca Belair vs Billie Kay

The EST of WWE, Bianca Belair, is out first for this match. We get a quick promo for more Orton/Wyatt tom-foolery before going to a commercial. When we return from break, Belair's music is still playing as she waits for her opponents in the ring. We see a picture of Mario Lopez's family; he's dressed as Flair, his wife (babysitter? Both?) as Sasha Banks, and his two little one as the Fiend and Otis. For some reason we get a video package about Murphy and Rollins' feud as of late as we're awaiting Belair's opponents, still. I think Vince forgot to copy/paste this promo later in the script an hour ago. We then see...

Backstage w/ Aaliyah & Murphy

For some reason, this is mid-entrances of our match. Aaliyah: "something something something I wish my dad didn't hate you." Romeo: Murphy: volunteers to apologize to her dad and brother later, in hopes that her dad will be fine with a guy 14 years older than his daughter possibly dating her. Okay.

Back to the Match

We return back to the ring. Billie Kay and Natalya quickly make their way to the ring. Natalya gets in Bianca's face and slaps her. Belair easily manhandles her. Kay flees the ring to avoid Bianca's wrath. Natalya and Belair go at it, with Natalya briefly taking Belair down. Kay hits the ring and sends Natalya out and tries to steal her "pin" but Belair powers out. All three women begin to fight in the middle of the ring, each landing blows one the others. Belair hits a basement dropkick and kips up, does a handspring against the ropes and off, and then attempts a cover of her own. Natalya is up and Kay is out of the ring, and hits a kick to Belair. Natalya locks in the Sharpshooter. Billie Kay runs over and slaps in a chin lock submission on Belair as the ref checks on Bianca. Nattie, frustrated that Bianca won't tap, breaks the Sharpshooter and sees Kay with a submission locked on Belair, too, and angrily strikes her. Kay takes down Natalaya and tries to pin Belair, who kicks out at two. Kay then attempts to cover Nattie, who does the same. She does this twice more, then gets up and screams at the ref because neither woman will stay down. Natalya hits Kay from behind and drops her down, then locks in a Sharpshooter. Kay screams in pain as Nattie screams, too, in effort. Bianca hits the ring and takes out Nattie, sending her from the ring. Billie Kay and Belair struggle briefly before Bianca Belair hits the Kiss of Death to pick up the win. Very bland match.
Your Winner, and First Member of Women's Team Smackdown: Bianca Belair

Backstage Promo: Carmella

Carmella speaks to the camera as someone serves her champagne. She says that she's the kind of woman who will do anything it takes to win, and promises that next week on Smackdown the entire world will know why she is "untouchable."

In the Ring: Murphy w/ Aaliyah Mysterio

We return to the ThunderDome and the digital crowd boos as Murphy walks arm-in-arm with Aaliyah Mysterio down to the ring. We get a commercial break. When we return, we see a breast cancer survivor in the digital audience (statistically, saw more than one) as Susan G. Komen gets a quick plug. Back in the ring, Murphy says that he gets why Rey & Dom hate him. He's done some terrible things. But as a man, he wants to apologize to them face to face. He asks for them to come out and stares up the ramp for a few seconds. Nothing happens. He adds, "please guys, I'm begging you. I need to apologize to you. I get it, I get everything I've done, but I need to apologize. Please." Nothing happens. Aaliyah tells him it's okay...and Seth Rollins' theme plays. The Friday Night Friar joins us on the stage and speaks. He tells Murphy that Rey and Dominick are never going to forgive him, or accept him as he is and, most importantly, they're never going to accept "whatever's going on between you and Aaliyah." Seth tells Murphy that even though Rey and Dominick will not accept Murphy, Rollins will. He takes up position in the ring and holds up a hand, claiming to accept Murphy as he is, for what he is, and is totally fine with the two of them getting married--if that's what they wanted (don't do it, Vince). Rollins says he accepts Murphy, and he also accepts Aaliyah. He tells her that it doesn't matter what her last name is, as he can see in her eyes that she's starting to see the whole truth in that Seth isn't the bad guy. Rollins claims the way that Rey has been talking to and treating Aaliyah the last few weeks isn't just overly protective, it's controlling. He then calls Dominick a coward, and is then interrupted as Dominick comes from out of nowhere and spears Seth down. Dominick tries to beat down Seth, but Murphy yanks him off and takes his place. Seth flees the ring. Dominick whips Murphy around. Murphy won't fight him. Dominick takes him down to the mat and pummels him as Rey's music plays. Rey Mysterio shows up. Murphy attempts to fight back with a clothesline but is taken down. Aaliyah gets in Rey's face and yells at him and Dominick. Rey demands she leave with them, now. She refuses and yells that she loves Murphy (god damnit, Vince). Rey and Dominick ask for clarification so she yells it again. Rey and Dominick leave the ring as Dom tells Rey "she's not going to listen" and Rey yells at her again, "let's go!" Aaliyah refuses and stays in the ring with Murphy, letting him hold her as his music plays.

Backstage w/ Kayla & Daniel Bryan

DB is warming up in the back when Kayla comes up and asks him about his match tonight against Jey Uso. DB compliments Uso, and tells Kayla that he's seen a lot of growth in Jey lately. He says that whomever wins their match tonight, the person who wins will be the better option for Team Smackdown.

Match: The Street Profits vs Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro

We go back to the arena and the Profits come out, wearing red like the usual Raw attire, as solo cops shower down. They dance in front of the camera all the way down to the ring. We're reminded that they'll face the New Day at Survivor Series. We go to break before learning their opponent. When we return, the Profits respond to the New Day's comments Monday on Raw, where the New Day dressed like and impersonated the Profits. Montez Ford says that imitation is the greatest form of admiration (think they meant "emulation" not imitation). Angelo Dawkins chimes in that they're not serving pancakes, they're serving losses. Thankfully, Cesaro and Nakamura come out to get things going. Nakamura & Cesaro come down to the ramp, wasting no time in readying up for this match.
The 6'5, 260lb Angelo Dawkins starts things off against Cesaro. Both men come off the ropes and Dawkins exhibits his speed as he takes down Cesaro. Ford is tagged in and takes Cesaro down. Shinsuke hits the ring, and Dawkins spills to the outside with him. Ford hits a dropkick and a blockbuster on Cesaro, who spills to the ringside, too. Ford dives over the top ropes onto Cesaro and Shinsuke. Cesaro catches Ford and military drops him over the barricade, yelling "how's that" before we go to break.
We return from break and get a replay of Cesaro redirecting Ford's suicide dive high up and over the barricade. Montez Ford makes a hot tag to Dawkins, who takes out both Cesaro and Nakamura in the ring. He hits splashes on both men, then hits a face plant on Cesaro--who takes the time to adjust his mouth protector before laying back for the pin attempt. Cesaro kicks out and tags in Nakamura. Dawkins hits a back drop and then tosses Cesaro out of the ring. Nakamura and Dawkins rise almost about the same time. Nakamura is a bit faster and uses that to his advantage, washing out Dawkins with a kick to the face. Dawkins attempts to fight back but Nakamura sends him face-first into the turnbuckle. Nakamura hits the running knee and attempts a cover, but Dawkins kicks out fast. Cesaro is brought in and hits an impressive gutwrench powerbomb, covering for two. Montez Ford comes flying in to break it up. Cesaro sends Ford outside, and puts his huge boot on the middle rope so Shinsuke can send Ford into Cesaro's boot. Inside the ring, the two teams exchange the lead until Dawkins takes down Nakamura with a suplex off the turnbuckle and tags in Ford. Ford comes in fast, hitting that skyscraper frog splash of his--so high he almost is off camera, in fact--and splashes Nakamura, picking up the pin for the win.
Your Winners, the Street Profits!

Backstage Promo: Sami Zayn

Zayn goes on a fast rant about facing US Champion Bobby Lashley at Survivor Series. He tells us that wherever he goes, he is a hero to the people. As the Great Liberator, he represents people on every continent (as he's the Intercontinental champion). He mocks Bobby Lashley for only representing "one country" and promises to prove that the Intercontinental Champion is greater than the United States Champion any time.

In the Ring: New Smackdown Women's Champion Sasha Banks

We return to the ring. Sasha Banks makes her way out in a gold and white lacy body suit, holding her new championship in one hand and a steel chair in the other. We head to break. When we return, Banks sits in the chair and cuts a promo on Bayley. She calls it the end of an era when her best friend, her sister, her partner Bayley uses a chair to try to end her career. She says that this was when she realized it wasn't their friendship that was unstoppable, it was she (Banks). She brags about being the new Smackdown Women's Champion and at Survivor Series, she faces Asuka for bragging rights. She tells Asuka that she is the best of the best--and is interrupted by Bayley who yells "turn off the music, you idiots." She tells her former tag team partner that the whole world knows Banks can win a champion, but we all know Banks can't hold on to one...unlike Bayley who was a 380-day champion and the longest reigning Smackdown Women's Champion in history. She tonguelashes Banks for stealing her steel chair, and claims Banks should be lucky that Bayley isn't asking for a shot tonight. Bayley goes on to add that Banks can't beat Asuka without Bayley in her corner. Bayley challenges Banks for the title next week at Smackdown, and tells Banks to enjoy her "very predictable thirteen-day title reign" because "next week, ding dong, it ends!" Banks tells Bayley that she's predictable, and tells her that "back-stabbing bitches never win!" Cole & Graves quickly hype next week's match between the two.

Video Promo: 30 Days of the Undertaker

We're reminded that thirty years ago at Survivor Series, Undertaker debuted. They do a quick package highlighting the WWE Network's 30 Days of the Undertaker which includes various specials and shows, and continues this Sunday. We head to break but up next, Daniel Bryan takes on Jey Uso in our main event!

Survivor Series Qualifying Main Event Match: Daniel Bryan vs Jey Uso

Daniel Bryan made his way to the ring just as we headed to break. We learn upon returning that the Women's Championship match is now set for next week's Smackdown. Jey makes his way to the ring and we get right to it.
Uso immediately establishes himself as the aggressor, taking Daniel Bryan down and nailing him with multiple right hands. Bryan counters a punch with an uppercut, and starts a run in control. Bryan floors Jey Uso with a running knee, and follows it up with an arm bar into an arm breaker. Uso whips DB off the ropes and executes a Samoan drop. Both men take a moment to catch their breath as Cole and Graves build upon the "tormented" Jey Uso gimmick. Uso stomps at DB in the corner, then floors him with a big right as DB rises. Uso whips Bryan into the corner but Bryan walks the ropes and back-flips over Uso, then rebounds off the opposite ropes to take down Uso. Bryan waits for Jey to rise to his knees, and hits the Yes Kicks. Uso tries to roll away and Bryan stomps and kicks him. Uso rolls from the ring when Roman Reigns' music starts. The Universal Champion makes his way down the ramp as his cousin stares at him questioningly, and we go to our final break of the night.
When we return, Uso is knocked from climbing the turnbuckle, to a tree of woe as Daniel Bryan escapes whatever he was attempting. Bryan with kicks to Uso, then climbs up and hits a top rope attempted back drop. Uso reverses mid-air and lands on top of Bryan. Bryan still attempts a quick cover for a two. Both men regain their footing and exchange kicks. Uso charges Bryan, but Bryan drops him over the top rope to the outside. Uso counters an attempted Bryan suicide dive with a kick to the face and moves back in. Uso finds himself in a LeBell Lock as his cousin Roman Reigns watches from the ringside. Uso escapes, but is sent into the corner. Bryan hits two kicks, runs back and charges in for the running kick. Uso counters and grounds Bryan, then goes up top and hits an Uso splash to pick the win up out of nowhere. Very abrupt ending to this one!
Your Winner, and Second Member of Team Smackdown: Jey Uso!

After the Match

Roman Reigns enters the ring and stares at his cousin, expecting his answer. Jey Uso tells him "I'm wit'chu," and says it repeatedly. Romans stares off at the mat, at a downed Daniel Bryan. Jey notices, looks to Bryan, then nails a kneeling Bryan with a superkick! Uso goes up top and hits another Uso splash, and Bryan writhes in pain. Uso again yells his allegiance to Roman, and yells "I understand now, I understand now, I love you too, aight? I understand. Damn!" He stands beside his chief as the ref checks on Daniel Bryan. Roman tells Jey, "make him understand how much!" Uso goes around the ring to the side that Bryan is laying near, and drags him out. Uso then beats Bryan down to the ringside floor with a flurry of fists. He continues to yell, over and over, "I understand now, I understand," all while beating Bryan down at ringside more. Uso clears the announcer's table of clutter and stands over Bryan as he tries to crawl to his feet. Uso hamemrs him with more fists, and then throws Bryan on the table, chokign him while yelling "you did this!" Uso sets Bryan up on the table and heads back into the ring. Uso climbs up top and nails the Uso splash from inside the ring, onto Daniel Bryan and through the announcer's table. The table gave out awkwardly, that looked like it had to hurt Uso more. But Uso continues his assault, straddling Bryan and pounding his head back onto the broken table repeatedly as our show ends. Roman slides his title over his shoulder and smiles as his cousin stands takes a seat in the announcer's chair, over Daniel Bryan, and we fade to black.

In Closing

Not the worst Smackdown of the year, but not the best, either. I thank you all for stopping by and hope you all have a fun, creepy Halloween! Stay safe out there, and see you all here Monday Night for Raw!

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