WWE Friday Night Smackdown Live Results (11/13/2020) - ThunderDome, Orlando, FL

Welcome one and all to Friday Night Smackdown! I'm the ki ki ki... to your ma ma ma, Jason Voorhees! Mike Hogan! I hope you're all avoiding cabins, abstaining from carnal desires, not saying "I'll be right back!" when leaving rooms, and avoiding weird dudes with hockey masks on this lovely Friday the 13th.

As of 7:15pm, there is still no official word on tonight's card. So we finally received our official Smackdown Preview. We're promised, for the second time this year, that the final chapter of Rey Mysterio's rivalry with Seth Rollins takes place tonight! Also, Apollo Crews will challenge Sami Zayn for the Intercontinental Championship! And that's all we know, 40 minutes before air time.

But you know what that means? It's time for a few fun facts about Friday the Thirteenth! Did you know that the "ki ki ki, ma ma ma" sound effect was used by Harry Manfredini (the composer) and was short for "kill, kill, kill...mom, mom, mom"? And did you know Jason Voorhees was going to originally be called Josh Vorhees, and the movie was originally planned to be named Long Night at Camp Blood? How does this all relate to wrestling, you say? Well, Kane Hodder portrayed Jason Voorhees in four films (Part 7, 8, Jason Goes to Hell, and Jason X and Kane is the name of a wrestler, so yeah...it works, right?

Let's get on to our mystery edition of Smackdown, live at the top of the hour! And don't forget that Matt reported earlier tonight about a special Fatal Five-Way to determine the number one contender for the Cruiserweight belt tonight, after Smackdown on wherever the hell 205 Live airs!

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Live Results (11/13/2020) - ThunderDome, Orlando, FL

Show Opener

We start things off in the ThunderDome. Michael Cole and Corey Graves welcome us to Friday Night Smackdown. We waste no time tonight kicking things off with the Tribal Chief on his way to the ring, Paul Heyman in tow.

In the Ring: Roman Reigns w/ Paul Heyman

The Universal Champion, channeling his inner Undertaker, takes forever just to walk down the ramp to the ring. We're reminded that the "best of the best" happens one week from Sunday, when the Survivor Series airs. We're also reminded that Drew McIntyre battles Randy Orton for the WWE Championship on Raw. We're three minutes in and Roman still hasn't made his way into the ring. Finally, four minutes later, Paul gives a mic to Roman who spends another minute listening to the boos before speaking. "What do you call this place, Paul?" Heyman whispers in his ear, and Roman goes on. "The Island of Relevancy. Why is that?" Heyman tells Roman that Roman makes everything relevant. Roman continues on, saying that the numbers and the analytics don't like but you can see it in the flesh. Take his cousin Jey Uso for example. Roman takes credit for Jey's ascension to the "main event" and says that Uso took out Daniel Bryan out two weeks ago, and last week Uso destroyed Kevin Owens. Roman tells us that Jey will lead Roman's Smackdown Team at the Survivor Series and bring them glory. And then he'll take out "WWE's secondary champion, Randy Orton." He continues on until Drew McIntyre comes out! The former WWE Champion marches down to the ring wearing a leather jacket (in Florida? Okay) and a big grin as he gets in the ring and on the mic.
Drew speaks, telling Roman it's "been a minute" then asks Paul Heyman if he missed Drew. Drew says he was in town and stopped by, but doesn't want to waste Roman's time. He tells Roman that Reigns will be facing McIntyre at Survivor Series because Drew's going to win the title back on Monday Night Raw. Drew reflects on the last time that they were in the ring together, back when Drew eliminated Roman in the Royal Rumble. Drew tells Roman to chat to Paul if he needs to be filled in on what happened next. Drew says he made Brock Lesnar his bitch and defeated him in five minutes at WrestleMania. Drew remarks that Roman just disappeared, left the fans high and dry and somebody had to step up--and that somebody was Drew McIntyre. Drew goes on to state that it's been an absolute privilege. He says that Roman sees being the top guy as a right; Drew sees it as an honor. Drew tells Roman that he is The Man now and he'll prove it at Survivor Series! Roman tells Drew that he respects Drew and that he tells the truth, but Roman's back now. And ever since Roman came back, nobody knows who Drew is anymore. Paul Heyman says "you're not missing much!" Roman goes on to say he doesn't watch Raw and that nobody watches Raw--they're all watching Smackdown instead. He then asks Drew, "Tell (us)...all, who is Drew McIntyre?" Drew tells him that Drew's the guy who's going to beat Randy Orton this Monday to win the WWE Championship, he's the guy who's going to go to Survivor Series, and he's going to show Roman who he really is.
Jey Uso runs out and slides into the ring, telling Roman "I got this!" Jey asks what Drew's doing there, as this ain't Raw--this is Smackdown! Jey goes on to ask him what he's doing there again, then says that he knows what Drew's doing. Drew's being disrespectful! And the last two guys to be disrespectful were Daniel Bryan and Kevin Owens, whom were taken out over the last two weeks by Jey. Jey challenges Drew for a match! Drew drops his mic and shoves Jey down, then stands toe-to-toe with Roman as they passionately stare into each other's eyes. Finally Roman and Jey exit the ring to an ocean of boos as Drew stand tall in the ring. Michael Cole and Corey Graves inform us of the Intercontinental Championship coming up next, after this commercial break!

Backstage w/ Reigns/Uso

We return from the break with Reigns yelling at Jey. Reigns is angry that Jey interfered in Roman's business, and yelled repeatedly that he (Roman) makes the calls around here.

Intercontinental Championship Match: Sami Zayn(c) vs Apollo Crews

We cut to the ring and Sami Zayn, the reigning, defending, undisputed Intercontinental Liberator Champion. He gets on the mic and says that he found out only an hour ago. He says he's not ready for Apollo Crews, and says that WWE is sabotaging him. He says he's used to this kind of treatment, and he's going to use this as an opportunity to show the difference between an Intercontinental Champion and a United States Champion. He tells us that he had to take on two future Hall-of-Famers just to get back the title he technically never lost. He's cut off by Apollo Crews, who comes out to the ring, excited.
The bell rings and Zayn goes right to work on Apollo Crews, taking him into a corner and pummeling him with fists. Zayn sends Crews into the ropes but regrets it as Crews shoulders Zayn down! Crews picks Zayn up in a gorilla press then throws him like a dart, and Zayn's face bounces off the top turnbuckle before he spills to the floor. Crews immediately goes outside and takes Zayn inside. Zayn tries for a suplex, but Crews blocks it and hits a powerful suplex of his own. He nails a step-up enziguri that floors Zayn, then hits his standing moonsault for a close two. Zayn escapes to the outside, and Crews follows him. Zayn catches him exiting and attacks him. Zayn pulls back the apron and uses cables under the edge of the ring to tie up Crews' feet, then slides into the ring as the ref finishes the ten count.
Your Winner by Count-out and STILL Intercontinental Champion, Sami Zayn!

Backstage w/ Drew McIntyre & Adam Pearce

Adam is telling Drew that as he's a Raw superstar, Adam can't officially sanction it but he can make a match happen. Drew asks Adam if he knows who he (Drew) is, and Pearce says yes. Drew asks Adam what he think Drew would say, and Adam says Drew would want the match so he's going to go set it up. Drew tells Adam to ask Roman to sit in the front row so he can see what's in his future.

Backstage w/ Charly Caruso & la Familia Mysterio

Rey gives a two minute speech, in which he calls Seth the devil, proclaims that this will be the final chapter in their drama, and promises to send Seth Rollins back to "that soul-crushing hell (in which) he belongs." He tells us we can count on that, and we cut to the ring.

In the Ring: Smackdown Women's Champion Sasha Banks

Banks comes out ot the ring in new cheetah-print ring wear with splashes of blue. The announce team hype the final farewell to the Taker at Survivor Series, and promote a photo shoot featuring various WWE Superstars paying homage to the Dead Man. You can see that right here! We go to commercial!
Back from commercial we learn that Drew McIntyre will face Jey Uso in an unsanctioned match. We then get a Progressive Match Flo, which is a video package showcasing Sasha Banks defending her title successfully against Bayley. Carmella returned, wearing new red vinyl ring wear, and attacked Sasha Banks as she celebrated after the match. Back in the ThunderDome, Sasha gets back on the mic. "So the haters said I could win, but I couldn't retain it. Yet here I am, your Smackdown Women's champion and damn does it feel good! 'Cause you see, after the past six months--all the highs and lows I've been through--that's enough to end anybody. But not me. Because I am on top of my game and (on) top of this women's division." She starts to address Carmella, who's watching from the back, when she's interrupted by Bayley who held the title for 380 days (thanks, Michael Cole) before being defeated by Sasha Banks. Banks readies up, but Carmella attacks Banks from behind! Carmella lays out the women's champion, wearing her red vinyl hooker ring gear. She walks off and up the ramp as Michael Cole exclaims "Carmella is back!" Graves, meanwhile, is quiet while his girlfriend is on the air.

Catering Area

Otis is eating three plates of food when Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode stand in front of his table. They talk as if he isn't there, mocking how much food he's eating, and that his girlfriend is on Raw, and that he lost his Money in the Bank contract and his tag team partner. Otis flips the table over and squeals at them, and we go to commercial.

Match: Otis vs Dolph Ziggler w/ Robert Roode

Ziggler comes out to the ring, escorted by Roode, and both men are hyped up. We're told Cyberpunk will come out next month. Why must they tease us? Otis comes out to new music with "Blue Collar Solid" on his banner. Otis stomp-hops down the ramp. He gets in the ring and ready to fight.
Dolph slaps Otis and begins to yell insults. Otis fires back by shoving Dolph into the corner, then tosses Dolph halfway across the ring. Otis hammers ham-fists on Ziggler, beating him down in the corner. He waits for Dolph to rise and hits a running collision in the corner. Otis calls for the Caterpillar but Robert Roode gets up on the apron, distracting Otis. Ziggler gets up and hits a Zig-zag on Otis! He covers but only gets a two. Dolph gets in the corner and tunes up the band, but Otis dodges the superkick and slams Dolph down! Otis hits the Caterpillar elbow drop then climbs up to the middle rope in the corner. Otis does a splash off the middle rope and picks up the win in a very short match. We see Rollins talking to Murphy in the back as Cole promises us that the Mysterio/Rollins finale is up, next! We go to break.
Your Winner, Otis!

Backstage w/ Otis & Chad Gable

Otis is upset backstage when Chad Gable comes over and hands Otis a brochure for the Thatcher Alpha Academy. Otis listens to Gable and looks at the brochure, which features Gable's picture and his American Alpha patriotic color schemes, and Otis exclaims "I feel good!" They head off, apparently to work together.

Video Package: The Mysterio/Rollins Soap Opera

We get a video package showing us all the Rollins/Mysterio drama over the last fifty years. We see where Rollins accepts the Aaliyah/Murphy relationship, and the Mysterios do not, with Dominick actually assaulting Murphy. We also see where Rey went for the 619 on Murphy, but was physically blocked by Aaliyah Mysterio who exclaimed that she loves Murphy. We see the most awkward kiss in wrestling history, the Mysterios freaking out, Rey angry, etc. We then get clips from last week when Rollins fought Otis and Murphy showed up, causing a distraction that allowed Rollins to pick up the win. We also see where Aaliyah angrily asked Murphy why he helped Rollins, and he tells her "this is for the greater good."

No Holds Barred Match: Seth Rollins (w/ Murphy) vs Rey Mysterio (w/ the Mysterio Family)

Seth and Murphy are out first, standing in the ring. Rey comes out with his son Dominick, his Daughter Aaliyah, and his wife Angie. Rey gets in the ring and paces and we go to the second commercial break before this match. When we return, we're reminded that this is the final match for these two.
Mysterio goes low, attacking the knees and backing Rollins up into the corner. Rollins lifts Rey up and runs him across the ring and into the post. Mysterio uses his speed, running off the ropes, hits a sunset flip and rolls through to kick Rollins across the face. The announce team debate who brought Mysterio's family into this. Rollins on the outside and hits a rope-assisted whiplash on Mysterio. Seth gets a chair from under the ring and heads in! Rollins charges Mysterio, who trips him up and causes Seth to drop the chair. Mysterio attempts a 619 but Rollins avoids it. Both men struggle on the apron for a few, culminating with Rey hitting a Tornado DDT on the apron!
Rey blasts Rollins, attacking and beating him around the ring's exterior. Rollins shoves Rey into the steel steps to attempt to gain the advantage. Rollins picks Rey up in the electric chair position, and Rey starts to hammer Rollins' face before hitting a head scissors that sends Rollins down. Rey goes into the ring, bounces off the ropes and tries his sliding dive but Rollins catches him and slams Rey Mysterio down on top of the announce table! Seth takes control for a bit. Seth bounces Mysterio's face off the announcer's table, then throws him face-first into the barricade. Seth yells something inaudible to Rey, then sends him inside and attempts a cover. Rey kicks out at two.
Seth pulls Mysterio up and drops his back across Rollins' knee. Rey rolls in pain on the mat as Rollins stands up on Rey's chest, using the ropes to apply pressure. Rollins then nails a hard Irish Whip that rebounds Rey off the corner. Rollins sets a steel chair in the corner, wedged between the middle and top rope. Seth kidney punches Rey before picking him up. Rollins looks to throw Rey lawn dart style into the steel chair, but Rey slips out! Seth puts on the brakes. Mysterio takes control with a springboard senton onto Rollins, then a fast rebounding head scissors that takes Rollins down! Rollins attempts to pick up Rey but Rey turns the momentum against Rollins and faceplants Rollins! Rollins is up and counters a punch, then takes control. Rollins whips Rey hard, sending him out of the ring. The Mysterio family stands by and watches as Seth picks up the steel steps and blasts Rey in the face with them. Rollins flashes a wicked smile as the Mysterio kids beg their dad to get up. Set grabs the bottom base of the steel steps and drags them over. He yells "you wanted the end? The end is coming now!" Seth sets Rey up on the steel steps and tells the Mysterio family "bye bye." Seth goes for a Stomp on the steps but Rey moves, and Rey knocks Seth face-first into the steps! Rey sets up Seth on the steps, goes into the ring, runs off the ropes and slides through the bottom rope, splashing down on Seth as we go to break!
We're back from the break and Rey is down in the ring. Seth rolls in from the outside, bringing a table in. Rollins runs over and stomps Rey's lower back, again focusing on the small of his back. Seth sets up a table in the ring, perpendicular to the corner. Rey tries to fight out of hte corner, but Seth hits a suplex and holds on; Seth hits a second suplex and goes for the third of the Three Amigos (it's the 15th anniversary of Eddie's death) but Rey fights out of it! Rey attempts offense but Seth bounces Rey's face off the table. Rollins stomps away at Rey in the corner as his Disciple, Murphy, watches on. Seth climbs the ropes but Rey starts to punch him. Rey hits a step-up second rope kick to the face, leaving Seth stunned and seated on the top turnbuckle. Rey climbs up, throwing elbows into Rollins and hitting a headbutt. Rey leaps up and goes for the hurricanrana off the top but Seth blocks it, lifts Rey up and hits a powerbomb off the middle rope, sending Rey through the table! Rollins shoves the rubble aside and covers Rey, but only gets a two!
Rollins is frustrated and paces the ring, looking around with wild eyes. Rollins grabs the chair from its wedged position in the corner, and takes the protective rubber stoppers off the feet of the chair. Rollins gets down over Rey and tries to take his other eye out with the steel chair, but Dominick gets in the ring and attacks Seth! Seth knocks Dominick out of the ring. Murphy comes up and Rollins tells him to stand back, and stand by. Rollins goes into the ring but Mysterio hits a desperation move! Murphy comes in and puts Rollins to his feet, then gives Seth the steel chair! Murphy goes over to Rey and pulls him up...then runs over and hits a high kick to Rollins! Murphy stands over Rollins as Rollins angrily crawls after him! Murphy heads outside the ring and Rollins crawls after him, leaning over the middle rope! Rey goes for the 619 but botches it, and Michael Cole quickly covers by claiming Rollins managed to move the rope as a counter. Rey goes back into the ring, strikes Rollins, and follows it up with the 619--connecting this time! And in honor of Eddie G, Rey climbs up and flies high, nailing a frog splash. Rey covers and picks up the win!
Your Winner, Rey Mysterio!

After the Match

The Mysterio family celebrate, embracing each other. Murphy's standing on the apron and Rey goes over. Rey says "stand in the ring and face me like a man." Murphy climbs in. "You want my approval?" Murphy nods. Rey extends his hand, adding "here it is." They shake hands and then Aaliyah comes running over to hug her man. Murphy then shakes hands with Dominick Mysterio, and the family seems to welcome Murphy despite his Gingervitis. We're reminded of the unsanctioned match later tonight.

Backstage w/ Adam Pearce & Nattie

Adam Pearce is texting someone when Natalya comes up. He tells her that he knows she wants to earn a spot on the team. Natalya says she's the GOAT, the greatest of all time, and that she shouldn't have to earn a spot on the team--she just deserves it. Adam tells her that she'll compete in a triple threat match to earn a spot--and that match is next! After she storms off, Chelsea Green walks up to him, smiling, as we cut to commercial.

Triple Threat Survivor Series Qualifying Match: Natalya vs Tamina vs Liv Morgan

We return from the break with Seth Rollins yelling at Adam Pearce. We cut to the ring and all three competitors are ready to go when an announcement is made--its now a fatal four-way!

Fatal Four-way Survivor Series Qualifying Match: Natalya vs Tamina vs Liv Morgan vs Chelsea Green

Green comes out and is now a Smackdown star. All four women start things off working over each other. Liv sends Tamina outside, and Natalya & Chelsea strong whip Tamina into the barricade. Chelsea and Natalya fight at ringside. Natalya tries to go in and is ambushed by Liv Morgan. Liv and Natalya execute a beautiful series of counters for about a minute, culminating with Liv hitting a slide-around DDT and getting a close two. Morgan punches Natalya repeatedly until Natalya shuts her down with a big right. Natalya drags Liv out to the middle of the ring, looking for the Sharpshooter. Liv kicks her off, so Natalya slaps on a sleeper hold.
The sleeper stays in place for about a minute as Liv slowly gets to a vertical base. Liv sends Natalya off, then tackles Natalya and goes for a pin. Nattie kicks out and attempts a Sharpshooter again, but Liv kicks her off yet again. Liv goes to whip Natalya, but doesn't release and pulls Natalya back so Liv can hit a facebuster! Tamina comes in the ring, and two seconds later Liv Morgan hits her with a facebuster, too, and covered for the quick pin and easy win.
Your Winner, and Women's Team Smackdown Member, Liv Morgan!

Backstage w/ Kayla Braxton and Drew McIntyre

Kayla congratulates Liv then welcomes Drew. She asks Drew if it's a wise decision to take on Jey Uso when he has a match in just three days for the WWE Championship. Drew compliments Jey for doing so well lately. Drew wanted to send a message to Roman, but now he gets to send a message to Randy Orton. Drew tells Jey that Drew's in a great mood, he's smiling, but he's got a lot of pent-up anger inside him. He warns Jey it'll be humiliating for Jey to get his ass kicked in his own backyard. We go to commercial.

Backstage w/ Big E & the Street Profits

Big E is beating some random white dude in a suit and comments about making easy money with games backstage. The Street Profits come out, wearing aprons and have a food cart with them. They apologize for talking a little too much smack to Big E last week, and offer him platters of phallic-shaped food. He gets the idea and rolls his eyes. The Profits try to brag about how they're going to defeat the New Day. Big E says the Profits will never be more than "New Day Lite" and that the best tag team in the whole world is the New Day, and they'll make it clear at Survivor Series. They all laugh, with E leaving and laughing off screen as the Street Profits stop laughing and mean-mug.

Unsanctioned Main Event Match: Drew McIntyre vs Jey Uso

Out first is Drew McIntyre, who comes out to a lot of pyro and cheers. Drew shows off in the ring, then Brock bounces as he awaits his opponent. We hear "U-so!" and out comes a nervous-looking Jey Uso, who calmly walks down the ramp, rubbing his face and obviously not so gung-ho for this match as he was earlier. We go to commercial.
Back from the break and we get a lot of posturing. Jey attempts to be fast around Drew, but Drew catches him and throws him into the corner. Drew follows it up with kicks and a big chop. McIntyre follows Jey around and chops him in another corner, then picks him up for a beautiful gutwrench suplex. Drew covers but Uso kicks out at two. The announce team discuss throughout the match about Drew's chances of winning Monday night. McIntyre whips Jey into the ropes and hits a back elbow as Uso rebounds. Drew kneels down and yells at Jey to "prove yourself" then hits another big chop. Drew bounces Jey's face off the turnbuckle. Drew takes Jey into the middle of the ring but Uso hits a knee. Jey runs into the corner but Drew follows and kicks him in the gut just as Jey tries to leap over. Jey catches McIntyre going through the ropes and kicks the rope, crotching Drew, then hitting a superkick that sends Drew to the outside. We go to another break.
Back again from break and we're told that Jey Uso took control during the break. We see Uso straddling McIntyre, hammering Drew's face with fists. Jey steps off and holds his left arm. Corey Graves says they may turn the ThunderDome into "Camp Crystal Lake." I've already done the Friday the 13th puns, Corey. Jey attempts a cover but gets two. Drew squats in the corner, catching his breath. Jey posts up in the opposite corner and slowly stalks across the ring. Jey throws a foot into Drew, then stomps a mudhole into Drew as the ref warns him. Jey backs off and yells "U!" before attempting an Uso Splash. McIntyre is a step quicker and dodges it, then hits a belly to belly release suplex, then another! Jey's stunned in the ring. Drew hits a leaping neck-breaker and kips up to his feet as the crowd cheers and applauds. Drew goes for the Future Shock DDT but Jey rolls him up. Kick out at two. Jey with a kick to the midsection, then a series of chops that drop the former champ to his knees. Uso goes off the ropes and Drew catches him with a pop-up sidewalk slam with incredible height! Jey gets to his feet after they both rest for a few, and hits a superkick that stuns Drew. Jey tries to climb up but McIntyre heads up as well. They struggle for a few. McIntyre goes for the superplex but Jey blocks it, and headbutts McIntyre. Drew drops into the tree of woe position. McIntyre sits up and tosses Jey off, then rolls back in a headstand and gains his footing. Drew sets up for the Claymore but Jey sees it coming and slides out the ring!
Roman Reigns' music hits as Drew stands at ringside. Drew tells Roman to bring it; Jey uses the distraction to attack McIntyre and drive him into the ring post! Jey then whips McIntyre into the steel steps as Roman and Paul Heyman stand by the ring, watching. Jey sends Drew inside then backs up to Roman, telling him he's got it and he's "gonna get him." Roman then grabs Jey as he tries to slide out the ring. Roman says "I don't care if you beat him...make him understand! Make him understand!" The ref counts to eight before Jey goes in. Jey straddles McIntyre and pummels him, raining fists down. Lil' Naitch, the ref, checks on Drew. Jey walks off and McIntyre hops up, hits a Claymore, and picks up the pin just like that.
Your Winner, Drew McIntyre!

After the Match

Drew gets outside and in Roman's face, asking "do you understand me now?" Roman touches his Universal belt and says that maybe they'll talk on (Survivor Series) Sunday. Roman walks up the ramp as Drew looks on and we end our program.

In Closing

Well, there you have it, folks! Hope you all had a fun Friday the 13th. Have a great weekend, stay frosty, and stay safe. See you all on Twitter and here Monday for Raw!

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