WWE Friday Night Smackdown Live Results (12/11/2020) - ThunderDome II (Tropicana Field), St. Petersburg, FL

Welcome, folks, to the new ThunderDome setup at Tropicana Field outside the lovely city of Tampa, Florida! With your results once again is Rajah's smack-talking jabroni, Mike "Hulk" Hogan!
Our official preview for tonight is out. We've learned that Sami Zayn will take on Big E in a non-title match. Also, Montez Ford of the Street Profits spars with Dolph Ziggler. And everyone's favorite segment ever, a contract signing between Smackdown Women's Champion Sasha Banks and her upcoming TLC opponent, Carmella. I am so overjoyed.
We have all that and more tonight on WWE's Friday Night Smackdown, live!

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Live Results (12/11/2020) - ThunderDome II (Tropicana Field), St. Petersburg, FL

Show Opener: Welcome to the ThunderDome

We see the new ThunderDome setup in Tropicana Field. The LED/digital audience is easily two or three times what it used to be in this larger venue. We're reminded that TLC is a week from this Sunday but now, it's boss time!

Contract Signing: Smackdown Women's Champion Sasha Banks and Carmella

Smackdown Women's Champion Sasha Banks comes out first as Michael Cole & Corey Graves promote TLC. Adam Pearce is in the ring with a table and chairs set up. He offers her the contract and is about to ask Carmella to come out when Sasha opens the black folder and there's no contract. She snaps on Pearce, wondering if this is a setup. Carmella cuts in on the view screen and holds up the contract. She says she's signed it and hands it to her new Sommelier (pronounced Somali-ay), sending him to take the contract. Carmella says that she doesn't care what the internet wrestling community says and she doesn't pander to them. Both women go off on each other, with Carmella accusing Sasha of being jealous and Sasha eager to beat Carmella's ass. Carmella's Sommelier hands Adam Pearce the contract and he sets it up. Banks uses a big stamper to stamp her signature on the contract. Banks says she's the boss for a reason, and how about they have a fight tonight for the title. Carmella accepts, and Adam Pearce makes it official. Banks tells Carmella that she wants to Carmella a taste of things to come, and attacks Carmella's Sommelier (pronounced Somali-ay). Cole and Graves speculate as to whether Carmella is manipulating Banks.

Backstage w/ the Street Profits

Kayla asks the Profits about comments by Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode, who said that the Street Profits were too funny to be tag team champions. Montez Ford asks if it'd be funny when he defeats Dolph Ziggler and solo cups rain from the ceiling. Angelo Dawkins makes a comment about it being funny if Robert Roode tried to interfere.

Match: Montez Ford vs Dolph Ziggler

Ford comes out with Dawkins to loud cheers. We go to break, with Ford vs Ziggler starting when we return. When we do return, Ford's still in the ring with his music playing as Bob Dole Michael Cole hype some WWE mobile app that's guaranteed to be a pay-to-win game. Ziggler's music plays and out comes Ziggler & Roode. Ziggler says they saw their interview, and something about solo cups raining from the ceiling which reminds Ziggler of a dream he had in college--the best "seven years of my life." Ziggler says that he's rich and isn't a poor-man's HBK. He tells the Profits that he's a standup comedian, and the Profits aren't funny. Roode & Ziggler get in the ring. Roode tells the Profits that as soon as Ziggler & Roode get a title shot, the Profits' title run will go up...in smoke. The ring clears and we start our match.
Both men circle each other in the ring. Both lock up but break it. Ziggler grounds Ford with a dropkick followed up with a modified crossface. Ford powers up to his feet, his face shivering with strain as he pushes Ziggler's arms away. Ziggler shuts him down with a kick to the gut and a pin attempt. Ziggler yells at Montez about laughing, and punches him. He gyrates in front of Ford, HBK-ish, but Ford was playing possum! Ford with a catapult followed up with a dropkick and a Blockbuster! Robert Roode hits the ring but so does Dawkins, and Dawkins chases Roode out. The Profits yell at the ceiling and it rains blue solo cups. We go to break with Ziggler & Roode perplexed by raining cups, and the Profits laying in the ring showing off.
We return from break and Dolph is in firm control. We're reminded by our commentary team that Ziggler's veteran experience gives him a possible advantage. Ziggler hits ten elbow drops in succession on Montez Ford, then drops to the mat and slaps on a sleeper hold while wrapping his legs around Ford's waist. The crowd begins to clap for Ford, and Ford fights up to a vertical base. Ford throws elbows in an effort to gain some separation, but Ziggler goes straight for the knee Ford injured last week. Ziggler slaps on the same sleeper hold again. Ford squirms, attempting to get free, and Ziggler adapts. Ford gets to his feet. Ziggler attempts a neckbreaker but Ford shoves Ziggler off. Dolph sends Montez into the ropes; Ford leapfrogs Ziggler and hits a running crossbody. Ford drops Ziggler as he rises and hits the standing moonsault. Ziggler goes back for Ford's knee and attempts a Famouser but Ford catches him. Both men grapple for power until Ford kicks Ziggler in the back of the head. Ford goes up top but is distracted as Robert Roode attacks Angelo Dawkins outside, striking him and sending him into the steel steps. Ziggler capitalizes on the distraction, taking Ford down off the top, driving him into the mat and covering for the three count!
Your Winner, Dolph Ziggler!


Sami Zayn is yelling at a merchandise man about his shirts not being out for sale (to the zeroes, and zeroes of fans in attendance?), with Apollo Crews, Lucha House Party and Tamina watching. Big E walks up and shows Sami his new shirt. Sami gets upset, so Big E shows Sami the new Sami Zayn shirt--a homemade tee with a stick figure drawn on it in sharpie. Zayn angrily tries to rip the shirt, but can't and blames it on his "injured" hand (from when Big E held it in a vise grip and got the countout weeks ago). We go to break.

In the Ring: Sami Zayn

When we return, Sami is already in the ring and on the mic, yelling about being a better IC champion than John Cena. He calls our society toxic, and said that he just wants a shirt so people all around the world can honor their International Champion. He rants about others being honored when he's interrupted by Big E.

Match: Sami Zayn vs Big E

Big E comes out to brand new theme music. Sami's already in the ring and readies up as Big E throws something at Corey Graves. The bell rings and we get things started. Sami insists the ref clarify that it's a non-title match, then steps outside the ring. The ref counts to seven before Zayn gets back in. Zayn is wearing a brace on his right wrist. Big E goes for Zayn. Zayn heads outside again, and Little Naitch (the ref, Google it if you're not old) gets on to him. Zayn and Big E finally lock up, with Zayn putting a side headlock on Big E. Big E escapes and locks in an abdominal stretch on Zayn. Zayn escapes and hits Big E with a straight right hand, then rebounds off the ropes--only to catch a running elbow from Big E. Big E drags Sami over to the apron and climbs out, then clubs Zayn's chest. Big E climbs up on the apron as the ref counts, and Big E yells "y'all gonna like this!" Big E runs along the apron, leaps in the air and hits the Big Splash on Sami Zayn on the apron! We go to break.
When we come back from the break, we find Zayn in control, flooring Big E with a running knee strike. Zayn uses a sleeper to attempt to slow the big man down. Big E to his feet. Zayn goes up top and dives off, nailing Big E with an elbow to the head. Sami gyrates over Big E, mocking him, and it comes back to haunt him as Big E gets to his feet and body slams Sami three times in a row! Big E is fired up. Big E dances over Sami, runs off the ropes and hits the Big Splash. Big E starts a "New Day rocks" chant as Zayn escapes out. Sami tries to lure Big E outside, and runs to slide in when he thinks Big E is going out--but Big E catches him with a big clothesline. Zayn recovers and hits a boot. Sami goes up top and comes flying but Big E catches him. Zayn rakes Big E's eyes when the ref is out of position, and sends E into the corner. Zayn attempts to hit the Helluva Kick but Big E dodges and knocks Zayn down. Zayn tries to act like his hand is hurt, so the ref forces some space while he checks on Zayn. Zayn hops up and slaps Big E. Big E is not happy, and Zayn flees to the outside. Big E chases Zayn around the ring, nearly running over Michael Cole as Zayn cuts behind them. Zayn slides under the ring and crawls. Big E follows him. Zayn comes out the other side first--as the ref is still counting--and stomps away at Big E until the ref hits "nine" and quickly slides in, winning by countout. After the match, Big E yells for Zayn to come in and face him like a man.
Your Winner by Countout, Sami Zayn!

Backstage Promo: Bayley

Bayley tells us that she's heard there's a big championship match, but Bayley is pulling for Carmella. She begins to talk trash about Bianca Belair, mocking her for walking around swinging her hair and being the "EST." Bianca walks up behind her, wearing sparkly blue lipstick and interrupts her. Bianca mocks Bayley's hair and tells her "you not cute." Bianca pulls papers out of her pocket to prove why she's the EST of WWE. She points out lasting longer than Bayley in the Survivor Series and some of her recent accolades. Bayley walks off and Bianca offers to text it to her. Up next: Roman Reigns & Paul Heyman speak. We go to break.

Backstage w/ Kayla & Carmella

Carmella says that Sasha Banks is going to lose and compares her to "Mariah Carey (is to) J-Lo." Whatever that means. She then has her Sommelier go set up a little bit of the bubbly so after the match, she can watch Banks' tears in style.

Segment: Roman Reigns w/ Paul Heyman & Jey Uso, Kevin Owens

We get a video package from last week, showing the tag match between Otis & Kevin Owens versus Roman Reigns & Jey Uso. Reigns cost his team a DQ loss by locking in a Guillotine (while not the legal man) and the ref called it. Jey Uso then beats KO repeatedly with a steel chair, lays it on top of him, and hits the Uso Splash onto the chair on KO. Roman's words earlier that night--that there are consequences for everything--echo and we see Roman beat Jey Uso with a steel chair. We cut to backstage and see Jey Uso with Roman & Paul Heyman. Jey asks how Roman is. He says he's good, and asks how Jey is and how his family is. Jey says he's good, and Roman says he "should be" good. They're interrupted by Kevin Owen's music as he makes his way to the ring and pulls out a table, a chair and a ladder, throwing them into the ring. Reigns tells Jey to go out and take care of this. Owens sets up the chairs and table and ladder in the ring as Heyman & Roman watch from the back. Owens gets on the mic.
Owens tells us that he knows Roman's in the back listening. KO says he doesn't fear Roman. He says he can respect Roman fighting for his family and regardless of as good as Roman is, and despite what he says, Roman's letting his family fight his battles for him. KO says that at TLC, it'll be the most important match of his career. He knows that the Roman Reigns we see today, with all of that momentum behind him, can probably beat anyone in the WWE. KO says he's going to need all the help he can to beat Roman. KO says that his family supports him by watching him at home, so they can't physically help him beat Roman. However, KO has some friends and introduces us to them: Chairs, his cold and unforgiving friend that will help KO pay him back for every chair shot KO received last week and may help him break a bone or two in Roman. He then introduces us to his second friend, Table. He says that Table's hard, Table's tough to break but "once you do, she's so welcoming, and Table is looking forward to receiving you at TLC." And then he introduces us to his last friend, Ladder, the most difficult of his friends to handle. Ladder is unpredictable and has rough edges, but Ladder is not only going to help KO hurt Roman, it's going to help him get back to where he belongs. KO climbs the ladder. "Roman, you can keep the head of the table because at TLC I will give everything I have to get back to the top of the ladder" and win back a title. Without warning, Jey Uso strikes Owens from behind with a steel chair, knocking him from the ladder. Jey strikes KO with the steel chair. Uso pulls KO to his feet and punches him repeatedly, then lays him on top of the table. Jey goes up top but KO is quick off the table, grabs a steel chair, and smacks Jey in the face, then the back, then the leg. KO drives Jey face-first into the ladder, then hits a pop-up powerbomb through the table. And now plays Roman Reigns' music, who comes out with Paul Heyman. Owens has a steel chair in hand, smacks the ladder and tells Roman to "come on!" Reigns hands his title to Heyman, who reminds Reigns that he should do this on his time, not Owens. He tells Roman that he's the head of the table, it's his ring, he's the shot caller, he does things on his own time, et cetera. Heyman hands Reigns the belt back, and Reigns smirks at KO then walks off.

Backstage w/ Kayla Braxton & Kevin Owens

We return from break and KO is walking around the back with a steel chair, looking for Roman. Kayla comes up to interview him but KO rants about Roman saying something about Owens' family last week, never noticing Reigns running up from behind to smack him with a chair. Reigns throws KO into the wall and then beats him down into the mat, WWE 2K19 style. Roman then speaks into the camera, addressing the Owens' family and introduces himself as the head of the table, the guy who put the roof over your head, the guy who put Owens through at able. And if they (meaning Owens' family) don't talk some "sense into Daddy, I'm going to be the to take the food off the table."

Tag Match: The Riott Squad vs. Billie Kay & Natalya

We see that the Riott Squad were interrupted last week on Talking Smack by Billie Kay, again giving out her head shots, and they challenged her to a tag match tonight. The Riott Squad are out first and post up in the ring, wearing makeup and ring gear that's more in line with each other. Out next is Billie Kay, holding up her headshot. Natalya comes out and looks at the headshot then hands it back. All four women get in ring; BIllie Kay will start things off with Ruby Riott.
Riott takes control early on, utilizing quick strikes and grapples to floor Kay. Riott tags in Morgan. Kay hits Morgan with a big kick and tags in Natalya. Natalya and Kay double-team stomp Morgan in the corner and Kay is tagged right back in. Kay kicks her some more and tags Natalya back in. Nattie talks trash to Liv as she holds her in a headlock. Liv escapes and runs for her corner, but Natalya catches her and carries her over to the heel corner. Natalya and Liv have a sequence of move and counter move, and Kay tags herself in. Cole mentions Kay may have accidentally struck Natalya. Natalya is surprised and isn't happy about it. Kay Takes too much time and Ruby & Liv work together to hit the Riott Kick, then quickly cover Billie Kay for the win in a short match.
Your Winners, the Riott Squad!

Video Package: Otis Trains w/ Chad Gable

We see Otis being trained in a ridiculous manner by Gable, including blindfolding him and throwing a ball to him. Gable remarks that Otis is an "alpha."

Backstage w/ Chad Gable & Otis

Gable tells Kayla Braxton that, using Gable's Olympic background, he can mold Otis into something better. Otis and Gable make playful jabs at each other's size. Cesaro and Nakamura walk up and mock them, then walk off laughing at them. Otis is upset and Gable tells him to breathe. Tag team action is up next.

Mario Lopez Promo

Mario Lopez of Access Hollywood is on video via Twitter, telling us how excited he is that Sasha Banks is taking on Carmella tonight in a title match. He points out his daughter(s) is a Banks fan. Cole promotes some holiday movie Lopez will be in this weekend on whatever channel your wives make you watch the crappy Christmas movies on.

Tag Match: Otis & Chad Gable vs Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro

We cut to the ring, and Nakamura & Cesaro are already in the wing. Out comes Otis and Gable to Otis' newest theme. Gable and Cesaro start things off by locking up. Both men grapple but Cesaro easily sends Gable down. Gable tags in Otis, who aggressively slams Cesaro into the mat. Cesaro comes up, frustrated. Gable is tagged back in quickly and shows off his Olympic wrestling skills, out-wrestling Cesaro on the mat and using various wrestling take downs. Otis comes in and slams Cesaro down, and immediately Gable asks to come back in. Cesaro strikes Gable and takes him to the heel corner, tagging in Shinsuke. Shinsuke foot-chokes Gable in the corner. Nakamura goes for a reverse exploder suplex but Gable rolls through and drops Shinsuke. Nakamura and Gable tag their partners at the same time. Otis runs through Cesaro, planting him with big fists, a shoulder block, and a big discus clothesline. Otis splashes Cesaro in the corner. Otis wants to do the Caterpillar, but Gable tells Otis to tag him in so Gable can finish him. Gable goes up top and launches off the top rope, but Cesaro catches his legs and hits the King of Swing! Nakamura is tagged in, and wastes no time hitting the Kinshasa to a staggering Gable, and picks up the win!
Your Winners, Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura!

Backstage w/ "Alpha Academy" Chad Gable & Otis

Gable is excited, and says this is a great learning experience. He said that Otis made a mistake by tagging Gable in, because Otis had the match won. He said he was testing him, and then tells Otis that his sure-fire way to winning is to teach Otis to win by teaching him what not to do.

Backstage w/ King Corbin & the Knights of the Lone Wolf

Corbin says that the Night King had his whitewalkers (or something like that), King Arthur had his knights. He says that these two have pledged their cold-blooded loyalty to King Corbin. He says that Rey can bring his redheaded "stepson" and "goofy" son. Both members, fka the Forgotten Sons, are wearing shirts that say "Knights of the Lone Wolf" so maybe that's their tag name?

Smackdown Women's Championship Main Event Match: Sasha Banks(c) vs Carmella

Carmella comes out first to a completely new entrance. Graves promotes his girlfriend as she wears what looks like red vinyl and awaits the champ. Speaking of, out comes the champ--it's boss time! Sasha Banks makes her way out to a cheering digital audience. We go to break.
When we return from break we're ready to get things started. Official announcements are made, the bell rings and we get things started! Both women circle each other then lock up. Banks pushes Carmella back into the corner and chokes her slightly while yelling into her face. Carmella comes out of the corner and throws the Boss down by the hair then throws her on the ropes. Carmella yells "I'm the best, not you!" and talks trash to Banks. She slaps Banks and continues to talk trash. Carmella attempts to Irish Whip Banks, but Banks counters it and sends Carmella into the ropes. Carmella hits a headscissors takedown. Carmella takes Sasha into the corner and puts her back to Banks' front, tossing back blind elbows repeatedly as the ref warns her. Carmella throws Banks into another corner and runs in, but Banks pops her over the ropes and onto the apron. Banks hits a kneel to Carmella to stun her on the apron. Cole says Banks hit a Meteora on Carmella on the apron but that didn't look right. Banks is face-planted into the apron as we go to break.
Back from the break. Banks is in control, standing on the bottom rope and pulling Carmella up from the apron. Banks climbs up to the middle ropes and pulls Carmella up. Carmella blocks whatever Banks was attempting by slamming Banks' face into the top of the ring post, and then drives her shoulder-first into it. Carmella rolls in and attempts a pin, getting a two. Carmella takes Banks into the corner and strikes her, then locks in a sleeper hold in the right-middle of the ring. The digital crowd claps to support their champ, and Banks starts to rally. Banks with elbows into Carmella, dropping her in the corner. Banks with a Meteora in the corner. Banks covers for a two count. Banks pulls Carmella up by the hair and looks for the Backstabber but Carmella counters. Banks charges Carmella, but is struck down. Carmella climbs up to the second rope while pulling Banks up. Carmella uses her legs to lock onto Banks and flips over the ropes, using her body to add weight onto the leg hold as the ref counts. Carmella goes up top and dives, but Banks counters. Carmella gets Banks down and locks in a head submission that had Banks' head between Carmella's thighs. Banks locks in the Bank Statement! The ref is distracted and Carmella's Sommelier (pronounced Somali-A) pulls Banks out of the ring. Banks attacks the Sommelier out and in the ring. Sasha ruthlessly beats on Carmella and Sommelier, and the ref's had enough and calls for the DQ.
Your Winner by Disqualification, Carmella!

After the Match

Carmella attacks Banks and sends her from the ring. She yells that Banks has lost it, and the ref tells her that's enough. Carmella yells "is that enough?" and asks Michael Cole if that's enough. She doesn't think that's enough, and grabs a bottle of champagne and gives Sasha a lil' bit of the bubbly, breaking the bottle across Sasha's head. Carmella yells "is that enough for you, Sasha?" Carmella pulls herself some champagne and drinks it at ringside, then shakes the bottle and sprays the announce table and commentary team, and then Banks, as the crowd boos. Carmella yells more smack at Sasha and the announcer makes the official announcement--Carmella wins the match but Sasha Banks retains her title. We end our broadcast with Carmella's new theme playing, Sasha laid out on the floor, and a cameraman zooming quite close to Carmella's new top beofre we fade to black.

In Closing

And that concludes our Smackdown live play-by-play coverage and results! Thank you all for attending! I hope you all have a great weekend. Stay safe out there, y'all, and see you Monday night for Raw!

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