WWE Friday Night Smackdown Live Results (12/25/2020) - ThunderDome II (Tropicana Field), St. Petersburg, FL

Welcome one and all to Rajah.com's WWE Smackdown live results coverage here on Christmas Night! Your host tonight is the most electrifying name in sports entertainment live results today, Rajah's resident Santa, Mike "Hulk" Ho-ho-hogan! Less than twenty-four hours after totaling a second car, on a second Christmas Eve, thanks to a deer for a second year, the EST of Rajah.com is here to bring you the best-EST, the fast-EST, the wordi-EST live results in the business.

Our official preview was posted earlier today by Jeff (Merry Christmas, Jeff!) and boy howdy, do we have some big matches lined up for tonight! Big E will challenge Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn in a championship Lumberjack Match! We'll also have the Universal Championship on the line as the Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns, takes on Kevin Owens in a Steel Cage Match! But wait, there's more! Act now and we'll throw in a Women's Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Elimination Match (that's a mouthful!) (that's what she said) tonight as well, as Charlote Flair & Asuka defend their newly-won titles against both the teams of Sasha Banks & Bianca Belair and Bayley & Carmella. And as an added bonus, we'll throw in a Daniel Bryan vs Jey Uso match at no additional charge!

All of this and more, tonight on Smackdown! Oh and Warning: do not post spoilers. First offense, deleted comment; second, 72 hour timeout. Actually, if you're gonna be a dick and post spoilers on Christmas night, it's just gonna be a 72 hour ban--and better hope I remember to un-ban in 72 hours. Please respect the fact that not everyone wants to read spoilers and don't make me be wield Meowmeow, the Mighty Ban Hammer of Thor. If you want to read the spoilers, click here but don't spoil it for others below. Now, let's get on with our show!

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Live Results (12/25/2020) - ThunderDome II (Tropicana Field), St. Petersburg, FL

Show Opener

Our program kicks off almost ten minutes past the hour due to the New Orleans Saints-Minnesota Vikings game that saw Alvin Kamara tie the NFL single-game rushing touchdown record (six, if you were wondering). But enough of such girly sports, on to wrestling! We finally kick off with Christmas trees set up along the entry ramp and all over the stage at the top of the ramp. Satan's little helper, Michael Cole, welcomes us as does Corey Graves as we kick off this very special Christmas edition. We're getting straight to the Universal Championship match!

Universal Championship Steel Cage Match: Roman Reigns(c) vs Kevin Owens

Roman Reigns makes his way out first to a cacophony of boo's, flanked by his "special counsel" Paul Heyman. We're reminded that Reigns successfully defended his title just six days ago at TLC in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match against his opponent tonight. Kevin Owens marches down to the ladder, the door is locked, we're reminded of the rules and the bell rings.
KO and Roman Reigns clash, and the Universal Champion takes control immediately. Roman manhandles Owens, uses the cage as a weapon and takes Owens down hard. Reigns whips Owens into the steel cage and hits a Samoan Drop on the rebound, covering for two. Reigns waits for Owens to rises and goes for the Superman Punch but Owens ducks under and counters with a DDT! Owens uses the ropes to pull himself up and begins to exchange punches and kicks with the Universal champ, taking control with a flurry of fists before sending Roman into the cage. Owens goes for the Irish Whip but Reigns reverses; Owens catches him on the rebound as Reigns telegraphed the attempt for a back-body drop too early and Owens shuts it down with a kick. Owens sends Reigns into the corner and wails away, beating him down to a seated position in the corner. Owens moves back and hits the Cannonball! Owens covers for a very close two! Reigns takes charge after the near fall, and struggles with Owens while KO is climbing the turnbuckles. Reigns punches Owens, but Owens gains some separation by kicking him back. Owens flies off with the Frog Splash, covering for two but the champ kicks out and we kick off to our first commercial break!
We're back from the break and find both men standing tall and exchanging strikes. Owens goes for the Superkick but Reigns catches his leg and counters it into a Sit-Out Powerbomb! Reigns covers for a two but Owens gets the shoulder up. Reigns batters Owens in the corner, repeatedly punching and forearm smashing Owens until Owens falls to the mat. Reigns goes off the ropes but Owens is back to his feet. Reigns with a fist, but Owens hits the Pop-up Powerbomb out of nowhere and covers for another two! Both men struggle as each jockeys for control of the match. Owens maneuvers to the corner and again both men lock up, up top. Owens hits a beautiful Fisherman's Buster off the top rope, laying out the Universal Champion! Both men are down hard. KO recovers first and posts up in the corner, waiting for Reigns to rise. As the champ does, Owens comes in with a kick to the gut followed by an attempted Stunner. Reigns escapes, backs up two feet, then hits a short-distance Superman Punch and covers for two. Our commentators point out that Reigns isn't wasting time talking smack or gloating tonight, as Reigns immediately transitioned from finisher to cover. Roman talks to himself for a moment, yells something inaudible at Owens, then pulls him up and throws him into the steel cage side--and again! Reigns pummels Owens between the ropes and cage. He backs up and begins to talk to Owens--again, we can't make it out over the digital audience's boos--and he locks in a form of the Guillotine on Owens through the ropes, using the cage against Owens' back to keep him locked in. Owens escapes by reaching up and grabbing Reigns' head, pulling his neck down over the top rope and choking him--a legal move in a cage match. Both men are slow up. Owens kicks Reigns in the gut, and nails him with the Stunner! Owens covers for one, two...no! Roman Reigns is, unless I'm mistaken, the first man to kick out of a pin fall immediately after Owens' connects with a Stunner. We go to break.
Back from our second break and we find Owens standing on the middle rope, attempting to climb out of the cage. Reigns stands behind him, smacking him in the back. Owens climbs to stand on the top rope, and Reigns climbs up standing one foot on both middle and top rope, and continues to punch Owens in the back. Owens smacks Reigns' hands, holding him to the cage, and Reigns falls off! Owens climbs to the top. Owens starts to stretch a leg over the top! Reigns quickly grabs his leg and pulls him back down to stand on the top rope as Reigns ascends to meet him and both exchange blows on the tight-rope that is the top rope. Kevin Owens hits a Superkick on the top rope! Owens goes for the Swanton but Roman counters by getting knees up! Roman Reigns hits the Spear! Owens is down, the champ covers but only gets a two! Reigns sits on the mat as Corey Graves wonders if this is "doubt on the face" of the champion and Cole chips in that we've never seen "Roman Reigns doubt himself before." Roman goes to exit the change via the door, but Owens--still prone on the mat--grabs Reigns' ankle. Reigns tries to exit but Owens won't let go. Roman takes time out to tell Owens "I've always been better than you, I'll always be better than you" and the time wasted costs him as Owens slams the steel cage door in his face! Owens makes it to his feet and pummels Reigns against the steel cage! Reigns is down! Owens starts to climb through the cage door but Uso shoves the door--but Owens catches it and shoves it back, knocking Jey Uso down! Owens starts to head out but Reigns pulls him back in. Owens hits a Superkick and whips Reigns into the ropes, looking for the Pop-up Powerbomb but Reigns counters with a Superman Punch! Reigns looking for the Spear but Owens catches him with a Stunner! Owens crawls along the cage towards the door when Uso reaches through the links in the fence and handcuffs Kevin Owens to the cage! Owens struggles and tries to reach out--if his two feet touch the floor, he wins--but he's cuffed too far inside and can't make it out! Roman Reigns rises to his feet and confidently walks out as Owens lays there, completely powerless to stop him. They exchange words that we can't hear as the digital crowd boo's even louder. Owens throws a few kicks at Reigns but can't reach him. Owens yells that Roman's (inaudible) would be ashamed of him. "You can't do it! You can't keep me down, bitch," Owens exclaims before calling Reigns another bitch as Reigns makes his way casually down the steps and, for the second time in a week, Jey Uso has helped Roman Reigns defeat Kevin Owens.
Your Winner and STILL Universal Champion, Roman Reigns!

WWE Women's Tag Team Triple Title Triple Threat Elmination Match: Charlotte & Asuka Flair(c) vs Bayley & Carmella vs Sasha Banks & Bianca Belair

We return from the break and get straight to our second title match of the night. Asuka makes her way out, followed next by the Queen Charlotte Flair. Bayley and Carmella come out separately next, followed by Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair. Charlotte briefly speaks, mentioning that she's back. Bayley goes off in Flair's face, exclaiming that she held the title for 390-something days after asking Cole--who corrects us on commentary, mentioning that it was 380 days. When Banks gets in the match, she holds her title over her shoulder and tells Bayley it's "impressive" if she wants to talk about the Smackdown title "now," after losing it to her former best friend and failing to recapture it. Bianca is in a green and black striped Christmas-themed outfit. Each woman makes a quick little remark. Note: Carmella is accompanied by her Sommelier, the NXT star formerly known as Akeem Young and now known as Reginald Thomas. Carmella adds "look at all these witches! What I meant to say was 'bitches!'" She tells everyone to look at her and turns around, and tells them that there's only one woman in this ring who's naughty and nice...and nice and naughty, and her new ring attire (black and gray urban camo-inspired two piece) aide her argument. We go to break.
We're back and the bell rings. Bayley starts things off with Charlotte. The rules are this: you're eliminated by pin fall or submission, and if one member of the team is eliminated, the entire team is eliminated. Tag rules are in effect and only two competitors are allowed in at a time. Charlotte starts off strong, taking Bayley down with hard chops. Flair tags in Asuka and they double team Bayley, with knife-edge chops from the Queen as Asuka alternates with kicks to the gut. Asuka takes Bayley to the mat and covers for two. Bayley hits a big right to drop Asuka, punches her twice on the ground, and pulls her up. Bayley gets Asuka against the ropes and chops her, mocking Flair with a "woo!" before taking Asuka back to her corner and tagging in Carmella. Carmella pauses to adjust her new ring wear, then charges over and hits Sasha Banks on the apron. Asuka attacks Carmella, hitting her with the hip attack and sending her into the corner. Asuka charges the corner, but Carmella catches her with a boot. Carmella drapes over the ropes, using her legs and the ropes to lock a wear-down submission on Asuka as the ref counts to five. Carmella breaks it at the last moment. Carmella sloppily allows Asuka to escape and Bianca Belair is tagged in! Bianca takes Carmella down hard, hammering her. Carmella tags in Charlotte Flair as we see the Riott Squad watching from the back. Belair refuses to be intimidated and toes up with Flair. Side headlock, but Flair shows off her agility with a back flip and then mocks Belair with a Bianca-style strut. Belair sends Charlotte into the corner and mocks Flair in the middle of the ring, dancing as she does. Both women clash in the ring and fall down, and both kip up to show off their athleticism. Flair uses her veteran experience to counter Bianca and take control. Bayley hits the blind tag on Bianca, tagging herself in. Charlotte Flair ends up outside and chops Carmella around the ring. Sasha Banks gets involved, hitting a Meteora off the apron onto Flair! Carmella immediately tackles Banks down near the announcer's table! Bayley and Asuka are legal, and Bayley attacks Asuka from behind, drives her to the mat and covers for two as we go to break!
We return and Bayley takes Asuka down with a clothesline. Bayley drags Asuka back by the foot into her corner, allowing Carmella to tag in. Carmella sets Asuka up in the corner, seated, and runs in to hit a single Bronco Buster. Carmella covers but only gets a short two. Carmella pulls Asuka to her feet and hits a snap suplex, covering again but barely getting a two. Carmella screams in frustration and tags in Bayley. Bayley throws kicks into Asuka's gut, then punches her as Carmella tags herself back in. Carmella foot-chokes Asuka in the corner as Bayley tags herself right back in, and both women foot-choke her. Flair tries to come in to break it up but this only distracts the ref, allowing Bayley and Carmella to double-team Asuka. We're told that Bayley, in a verbal spar with the EST Bianca Belair, now calls her self the Bet-TER (as opposed to the Best-EST). Okay. Bayley and Carmella continue to use quick tags and cut the ring in half, keeping Asuka in their corner. Bayley wears Asuka down by working the neck. Asuka pushes Bayley back and catches her on the rebound with a knee. Flair is still down at ring side, so Asuka dives over and tags in Bianca Belair. Belair hits the ring hot, taking Bayley down repeatedly and stomping away at her in the corner. Belair picks Bayley up in a stalling Brainbuster suplex, showcasing her power by holding her up for a few seconds. Belair attempts a cover but Bayley tags out and tags in Flair. Bianca immediately hits the Glam Slam on Flair! Bayley hits the ring and attacks Belair from behind. Belair takes Bayley down and nearly covers, then tags in Banks. Banks hits the Frog Splash off the top and picks up the cover!
The team of Carmella & Bayley have been eliminated.
Banks slaps the Bank Statement on Flair, but Flair powers up as this match continues right on. Both women grapple for control, and counter pin fall attempts. Banks catches Charlotte with a kick to the side of her head as she rises, but Flair takes Sasha down and locks in the Figure Four! Banks reaches for her partner; Belair throws her long ponytail to Banks, and Banks uses it to pull herself to the corner so she can tag in Belair! Belair hits a moonsault onto the Queen and covers for two. Belair goes up top but takes a little too much time and Flair catches her with a running Big Boot to knock her off the top! Belair rolls up Flair but gets two. Flair locks in the Figure Four on Belair, but Sasha streaks across the ring to hit a Meteora! Both women are down and looking for tags! Flair tags Asuka and she takes down Belair and sends Banks out of the ring! The Sommelier, fka NXT's Akeem Young and now known as Reginald Thomas, catches Banks as she flies off the apron, or attempts to. Odd. Asuka and Belair slug it out. Asuka goes for a high kick but Belair catches her and hits the Sit-out Powerbomb for a two count! Bayley yells encouragement--yes, you read that right--to Belair as Sasha Banks is still down at ring side. Asuka backs up to her corner. She engages with Belair as Charlotte tags herself in. Flair grounds Belair and covers for the pin!
Your Winners and STILL WWE Women's Tag Team Champions, Asuka & Charlotte Flair!

Backstage w/ the Street Profits & Sami Zayn

The Street Profits are cutting their usual promo, excited for the holidays, when they notice Sami Zayn standing next to them. He's holding his IC title and both of his Sami Awards, and chews out an intern about social media. He turns around and sees them and lays into them verbally, ranting about how he doesn't have time for them as he's got an IC defense coming up. They tell him that they've got a gift for him and pull out a Sami Zayn "I'm the Intercontinental Champion" shirt--but with a piece of tape over the top, changing it to "I WAS the Intercontinental Champion." They burst into laughter and he laughs with them, before yelling that they're not funny and storming off. Dawkins yells for him to come back as he forgot his shirt.

Match: Daniel Bryan vs Jey Uso

We cut to the ring and out makes Daniel Bryan for our next match. About a third of the way down the ramp, Jey Uso attacks him! Uso throws Bryan up the ramp and into some decorations. Uso tries to drag Bryan down the ramp. Officials come out to restrain him. He escapes and runs over, kicking Bryan in the stomach as he's on all fours. Officials attempt to restrain him again, only for Uso to escape again and hit a scoop slam. We go to break with Michael Cole wondering if DB can even compete in their upcoming match.
After the break, Uso is in the ring as Bryan--sporting new hair and facial hair--makes his way into the ring, crawling in. He barely gets to a fighting position under his own power. The bell rings and Uso drops Bryan and stomps away at him. Jey pulls him up to his feet and throws him out the ring, then comes out and throws him into the barricade. Uso whips Bryan into the steel steps and rolls back into the ring as the ref counts. Uso rolls out the other side to break the account, and throws Bryan from behind into the opposite set of steel steps. The ref yells at Uso and continues to count. Uso sends Bryan into the ring and rolls in after him. He yells "why'd you come back?" He huffs and puffs as he stands over Bryan, then pulls him to his feet and hits a big open-hand chop to the chest. Uso tugs off his shirt and chops Bryan in the corner. Bryan stumbles away, then fires back with two knife-edged chops and a kick to the gut. Uso whips Bryan into the corner and chases, but Bryan runs up the turnbuckles and leaps over Uso. Uso shuts him down with a Samoan Drop out of nowhere and covers for a two.
Uso hits a scoop slam and stands over Bryan, thinking, then runs off the ropes and looks for a running diving headbutt--only for Bryan to move out the way, causing Uso to face-plant off the mat! Bryan tries to capitalize on it and streaks across the ring, looking for the running leaping kick but Uso dodges it and Bryan lands hard. Bryan drags himself to his feet via the ropes and whips Bryan, but Bryan counters by whipping Uso. Uso charges at Bryan, but Bryan tosses Uso out of the ring and Uso lands hard on his ankle. Bryan goes for his suicide dive routine but Uso catches him with a hand and sends Bryan into the announcer's table! Uso's holding his ankle, unable to capitalize on it, and both men head into the ring. Bryan goes up top but Uso runs up after him. After a brief struggle, Bryan hits the back drop off the ropes and both men are down as we go to break!
We return from the break. Bryan catches Uso, who missed a kick and his left knee is draped over the middle rope, with a running kick that levels Uso and gives Bryan a close two. Bryan fires up and hammers Uso with kicks. Bryan fires up with "Yes" chants, but takes too much time. Uso takes Bryan down and goes flying off the top with the Uso Splash! He seems to have hurt his bad leg, and wastes precious time before covering. Bryan kicks out at two. Uso makes his way slowly up the ropes and dives off, looking for perhaps an axe-handle smash...on Bryan, who's laying on the floor. Bryan gets a foot up to counter the attempted aerial strike, then locks in the Lebell Lock! Bryan transitions to the half-crab on the injured leg. Uso drags himself to the rope and the ref forces the break. Bryan Grabs Uso by the left leg and tries to drag him back as both men are grounded, but Uso uses his good right leg to drop heels onto Bryan and break it. It turns into a brawl as both men take turns mounting each other and raining rights and lefts down. Uso rolls over and takes the advantage, hammering Bryan with fists of his own and ending it with a headbutt! Both men are slow up. Jey looks for the Superkick but Bryan dodges it and hits the running knee, covering and picking up the win followed by a "Yes!" chant with the digital audience!
Your Winner, Daniel Bryan!

Daniel Bryan Announces for the Royal Rumble

Bryan is interviewed and states that one thing he's never done in the WWE but has always wanted to do was win the Royal Rumble, so he's officially entering himself in the Royal Rumble. He should be our first entrant, if I'm not mistaken. Afterwards, Sami Zayn angrily confronts him then babbles on about his upcoming match.

Progressive Match Flo: the Sami Awards

We get a video package showing off the Sami Awards last week, in which the Democrats Big E stole the election for Superstar of the Year Sami Award.

Main Event Intercontinental Championship Lumberjack Match: Sami Zayn(c) vs Big E

The lumberjacks make their way out to the ring, many dressed festively or wearing elf/santa hats. Big E comes out first and approaches the big silver bowl containing chalk powder. He scoops up big handfuls and says "this is for Christmas," then slaps his hands together to powder them up. He stands tall in the ring, fired up as the various lumberjacks--DB, Cesaro, Shinsuke, and the rest of the SD men's roster, sans a few--circle the ring. We go to break. When we return, Sami Zayn makes his way down with his two Sami Awards. Lucha House Party, Apollo Crews, Ziggler & Roode, the Street Profits, Otis & Chad Gable, Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura populate most of our lumberjacks. We get ready to start our main event match.
With eight minutes left in our program, we get things going. Zayn with a side headlock. Big E whips him into the rope then drops down as Zayn rebounds and leaps over; Big E leap frogs him as he rebounds back. Zayn takes control and stomps Big E through the ropes, and the Knights of the Lone Wolf (aka the Forgotten Sons, sans Jaxson Ryker) work with Ziggler & Roode to beat on Big E before sending him back in. Zayn pulls Big E up and throws him back out and, again, the Knights beat on Big E and send him back in. Sami covers but barely gets a one. Zayn looks for a suplex but Big E converts it into a Stretch Muffler, but Zayn escapes. Zayn's on the apron as the lumberjacks eye him hungrily. When Big E closes, Zayn strikes him and grabs his head. Zayn runs along the apron, looking to slam Big E's face into the turnbuckle but the challenger counters. Zayn is knocked down to the apron and Big E stomps away on him. Big E comes out onto the apron and tries to hit a splash on the apron, but Zayn dodges it and Big E falls to the floor! Cole yells about the lumberjacks attacking Big E, stating that they're not supposed to do that (which is literally their role as lumberjacks). Sami streaks across the ring and in an ode to El Generico, hits a tope over the top and onto Big E as we go to break!
Back from the break with less than two minutes left in our allotted broadcast time! Big E is in control and slams Zayn, covering for a two. Big E goes for another slam but Zayn escapes over the ropes and attempts to flee the arena, only to be stopped by the lumberjacks who send him back into the ring. Zayn jabs a thumb into Big E's eye and attempts to roll him up, picking up a two. Big E charges Zayn as he stands on the apron, but Zayn catches the challenger with a knee. The Intercontinental champ goes up top but Big E closes the gap and strikes him. Big E climbs up to the middle rope as Sami Zayn pounds him on the back. Sami Zayn hits an impressive Sunset Flip Powerbomb off the top and picks up a close two! Zayn posts up in a corner, calling for big E to stand up. Zayn goes for the Helluva Kick but Big E sidesteps it! Zayn gets to the apron, only to have Big E hit a Suicide Spear through the ropes that takes them both down at ringside! The lumberjacks attack both Zayn and Big E, then the lumberjacks begin to fight amongst themselves. Zayn attempts to flee up the ramp but Apollo Crews chases him down and tackles him on the ramp! The Street profits, Chad Gable, Otis and Apollo Crews pick Sami up and carry him above their heads back down to the ring and toss him in! Zayn goes for a clothesline but Big E ducks it and hits a Belly to Belly! Big E with the Big Splash! Big E picks up the champ and hits the Big Ending! Big E covers for the three and picks up the win five minutes after our allotted time ran out!
Your Winner and NEW Intercontinental Champion, Big E!

After the Match

Big E comes up to Corey Graves and tells him "I told you, I told you this was gonna happen!" We get replays showing the highlights from the title match. Big E stands on the middle rope and kisses his belt repeatedly as the face lumberjacks--Otis, Gable, Profits, LHP, Crews, and Bryan stand in the ring behind him cheering him on as our program ends!

In Closing

Thank you for taking time out of your busy Christmas/Festivus/Hannukah/Kwanzaa/Regular weekend and joining us tonight! Whether you celebrate something this weekend or not, we here at Rajah.com wish you Happy Holidays! Y'all stay warm this weekend, stay frosty, stay safe and stay with me Monday night here for live Raw coverage! Merry Christmas!

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