WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results (4/9/2021): ThunderDome II, St. Petersburg, FL


Welcome one and all to your go-home edition of SmackDown! With WrestleMania less than 24 hours away, this is the last chance for the blue brand's superstars to make a statement before the grandest stage of them all. Do I have enough cliches? Can we continue? Good. Your host is the most electrifying name in sports entertainment live results today, Rajah's smack-talking jabroni, Mike Hogan! Our official preview was a bit scarce ahead of our show. We'll have a Fatal 4-Way for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship, the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal and the WWE Universe will be addressed by Edge, Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan.

So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results (4/9/2021) - ThunderDome II (Tropicana Field), St. Petersburg, FL

Show Opener: Last Week on SmackDown

We start our show with a video package from last week when Daniel Bryan snapped and unleashed his fury on both Edge and Roman Reigns. We then cut to the ThunderDome and are welcomed by Michael Cole and Corey Graves.

In the Ring: Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan comes out to huge "Yes" chants, wearing street clothes. He gets on the mic in the ring and reminds us that we are "so close" to the biggest event of the year--WrestleMania, in case we forgot. DB is excited to see the pyro and smoke in Raymond James Stadium and he's most excited to see the fans in person. He applauds the ThunderDome, stating its amazing, but adds that there's nothing like wrestling a live audience especially at WrestleMania, and there's nothing like winning the Universal Championship in the main event of WrestleMania. The digital crowd bursts out in a loud "Yes" chant again. DB continues, telling us that he can't wait to hear the chant in person. He then pivots and says that while he's known for the word "yes," his career was centered around no. "Is Daniel Bryan big enough?" No. Best for business, face of WWE, deserve to be in WWE, deserve to be in the main event--all were "no" in the past. He tells us that if we ask Roman Reigns, Edge, Batista and others then no, he doesn't have a chance. But he believes in himself and believes he can and will win. All of the "no's" from his doubters are what led him to say "Yes...yes...yes." To back that up, the crowd breaks out into a loud chant. "Because every time life told me 'no', I said yes. 'Will Daniel Bryan ever be able to wrestle again?' Doctors said no, I said yes." He continues on, showing confidence in himself while acknowledging that this will be the biggest match in his career. DB states that on one side is Edge, who's enraged because he feels DB tried to usurp the main event, and on the other side is Roman Reigns who is enraged because last week DB showed him that he's not the tribal chief. Daniel goes on to question which DB they'll face. It won't be the GM DB, it won't be family man Daniel Bryan, they're getting the best damn/most dangerous Daniel Bryan who tapped out Roman Reigns and will kick in Edge's head. DB tells us he's willing to do anything to win, and he says there's one last question--"Can Daniel Bryan walk out of the main event at WrestleMania as the Universal Champion? ........Yes. Yes. Yes! Yes! Yes!" --you get the hint. The segment ends on his 27th "yes" as Michael Cole wonders if Daniel Bryan can turn in a "(Tom) Brady-esque performance".

Backstage Interview: Kayla Braxton w/ the Street Profits

Kayla asks the Profits in the back how they feel about the tag title opportunity tonight. The profits are excited and hyping themselves up when Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode attack! They battle from the interview area out to the stage. The Alpha Academy is out to the stage, joining the fray, followed by the Mysterios! We go to commercial with all four teams brawling along the stage and ramp ahead of their Fatal 4-Way.

Fatal 4-Way SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match: the Dirty Dogs(c) vs the Street Profits vs Alpha Academy vs the Mysterios

When we return from the break, all four teams are sorted and the match is already underway. The Dirty Dogs are Ziggler & Roode, FYI. We're using a format in which only two competitors may be in the ring. Otis works over Dominik Mysterio before Ziggler tags himself in. Ziggler and Roode keep Dom on their side of the ring, working him over and keeping him isolated. Roode with a textbook Scoop Slam. Roode starts to run off the ropes but Chad Gable tags himself in. Gable with a pin attempt followed by a shoulder wrench. Dom writhes in pain as Gable wrenches the arm and shoulder, all smiles. Gable pulls Dom to his feet and looks for a rear suplex but Dominik counters by popping up in the air and landing down on Gable. Dom escapes and makes a hot tag to Rey as we're reminded that there's never been a father-son tag team championship team in WWE history. Rey and Dominik work together to take out all of their opponents, cleaning the ring of everyone. Rey and Dom work the ropes and springboard onto Alpha Academy and the Champs, crashing them into the floor as we go to a commercial break.
When we return Roode and Ford are fighting. Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler are the Dirty Dogs, apparently. Ford wrests control and makes a pin attempt but Roode fights back. Ford escapes Roode's reach and slugs Ziggler off the apron. Ford turns and runs after Roode just in time to catch a Spinebuster. Roode tags in Otis. Otis runs over Ford and covers, but Rey leaps in to make the save. Otis with a big body slam on Ford. Otis with a running elbow drop. Angelo Dawkins leans through the ropes until the ref warns him, then stands up and reaches for his partner. Otis whips Ford to the ropes and hits him with a huge body shot that drops Ford to his knees. Otis tags in Gable, who hits a snap suplex and makes a pin attempt. Michael Cole praises Gable's improvement week-over-week. Ziggler is tagged in and puts Ford in a side headlock. Ford flips Ziggler over his head; Ziggler lands on his feet and drops Ford with a dropkick. Ziggler goes for the Famouser but Ford catches him and lifts him up in a reverse Electric Chair position. Roode reaches for Ziggler but can't make the tag, and Ford drops Ziggler to make the hot tag to Dawkins. Dawkins comes in hot, taking out Ziggler, then Otis and Gable and Roode. Rey tags himself in and cleans house again! Ziggler and Roode are in the ring with the Mysterios. The Mysterios send Ziggler out of the ring then hit a double 619 on Robert Roode. Dominik and Robert Roode are the legal men. Dominik hits the Frog Splash on Roode and almost gets the win--Otis dives in to make the save. Rey dives off the top but Otis catches Rey easily. A bit of chaos ensues and Gable is tagged legal as is Angelo Dawkins. Gable hits a beautiful German Suplex, unaware that Ford tagged in Dawkins. Dawkins dives in; Ziggler comes in and superkicks Ford. Roode covers Gable, who's still legal and down on the mat, picking up the win.
Your Winners and STILL SmackDown Tag Team Champions, the Dirty Dogs!

Backstage Interview: Kayla Braxton with Bianca Belair

Kayla has a short interview with Bianca backstage, asking her about her big match tomorrow night at WrestleMania. Bianca is nervous, of course, but she's the E-S-T of the W-W-E for a reason and will leave WrestleMania as champ.

Video Package: Big E Comes Home

We get a video package, featuring scenery from around Tampa Bay as Big E speaks about the city--his hometown. He shows us his prep school where he'd run miles before wrestling practice. He tells us this (the city?) is what made him a champion. He tells us that 17 years ago, he played his high school all-star game in Raymond James Stadium. He gets heated and tells us this is the same stadium where Apollo Creed's Intercontinental Championship dreams come to die, and this is the same stadium where Big E will leave with the IC title still in his possession.

Video Package: A viper, a fiend and a goddess, oh my!

I'm bored and I think I'm witty, so there. We return from break and get a comprehensive video package that sums up the feud between Randy Orton and the Fiend as well as Alexa Bliss. Heavy hype for the Fiend's first match in months and this demented, twisted feud the trio are engaged in.

Match: Nia Jax w/ Shayna Baszler vs Tamina w/ Natalya

Our current WWE Women's Tag Team Champions, Big & Nasty, make their way to the ring. Nia Jax, accompanied by Shayna Baszler, will be in solo competition against her cousin, Tamina (Snuka) accompanied by Natalya. Both pairs of women make their way to the ring, with Natalya and Tamina wearing synchronized outfits (and a nice touch for the both of them as a team). We go to break before the match starts. After the break, we get right to it. Michael Cole comments that no one can overpower Nia Jax when she locks up with Tamina...and Tamina tosses Jax aside! Jax is in shock in the corner. Tamina takes it back to Jax again, hammering her with blows and battering Jax into the corner. Reginald the Sommelier hops up on the apron to cause a distraction. Tamina grabs him and tries to rip him into the ring, but Shayna Baszler grabs his foot from the ringside area and keeps him from being dragged in until Jax can strike.
Jax takes control, sending Tamina into the corner. Jax takes her time and whips Tamina into the opposite corner. Jax charges her in the corner, catching the ring post with her shoulder as Tamina dodges. Tamina climbs up top but Baszler causes a distraction. Natalya runs over to attack Baszler. Jax attacks Tamina, blocking her aerial offense. Tamina starts her comeback and hoists up Jax, hitting a Samoan drop on Jax! Tamina covers but Baszler dives in right at three, causing a DQ. Baszler flails her fists at Tamina before the Tag Champs head up the ramp.
Your Winner by Disqualification, Tamina!

Backstage Interview: Kayla Braxton with the Women's Tag Division

Kayla Braxton is backstage with the Riott Squad, and discusses the tag team turmoil they'll be in. Billie Kay walks up and Riott tells her that Kay doesn't even have a partner. Carmella walks up in a leopard print suit. Both women begin talking smack as Dana Brook, Mandy Rose, Lana and Naomi join up. All the women start shouting and it devolves into an all out brawl. For those who care, Billie Kay has new purple ring wear. After the dust settles, Tamina and Natalya are the ones standing tall as the other teams lay on the floor in pain.

Video Package: Rollins' Political Ad

"Think you know Cesaro?" We start a video, done documentary narration style, in which we're told that Cesaro has never won at WrestleMania* and essentially besmirches Cesaro. it cuts to full color as the music and tone changes, praising Seth Rollins. Very funny, done like a political ad with Seth ending it "this message was paid for and endorsed by Seth Rollins."

In the Ring: Edge

Edge makes his way out with a steel chair in hand and poses in the ring as we go to break. After the break, Edge once again gives his weekly speech about having to retire for nine years. He wants to go out on his own terms for his career. So he fought and he ripped his career out of fate's hands. He tells us he didn't come back for a greatest hits "tour" or to be a shell of himself, but instead to steal the show and main event WrestleMania. He says he's missed nine of them (WrestleMania's) and he won't apologize for that. He addresses Daniel Bryan's statement that this could be DB's last WrestleMania. Edge says "a month in your career is like a year in mine!" Edge is angry and accuses DB of using sympathy to worm his way into the WrestleMania main event. Edge points out DB's recent history against Roman Reigns. Edge reminds us that he could lose the title match without even being pinned because of an "indie bookstore troll, sticking his nose in our business." Edge then turns his vitriol to Roman Reigns, whom he accuses of walking around like he created all of this. Edge says he doesn't owe Roman anything; Roman owes him. Edge wants to run it back: Reigns was in a three-man group when he debuted, and would enter through the crowd, and insinuates at a comparison between the two of them. He says that the fans are upset, just like Edge and Roman, that this is a triple threat match instead of one-on-one as Edge wanted. Edge points out that this match takes place ten years to the day since Edge retired. Edge points out that it's not been in any video package, and no one talks about it. He tells us he doesn't get the respect he reserves. He fought to return fast from a torn muscle, started first in the Rumble and outlasted everyone. He's done something no one in wrestling has ever done--return to wrestling after a triple-fusion in his neck. Edge angrily yells that he shouldn't have to jump through hoops, and that he's at the best he's ever been and he's the best there. He's angry that he went through insane pain to return to wrestling. He reminds us that he's the Rated-R Superstar and we can call it fate, God's will, or anything we want because Edge is going to be the next Universal Champion. Edge even had a dream of it! The crowd cheers while he sits, staring in a constipated fashion, as Michael Cole reminds us that the main event Sunday night will be the Universal Triple Threat match.

Backstage with Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville

Adam and Sonya are discussing what they just heard. Sonya disagrees with Reigns/Edge/DB as a triple-threat match, stating that while DB deserves a title shot someway and somehow, this should be a singles match. We go to break.

Backstage Interview: Kayla Braxton with SmackDown Women's Champion Sasha Banks

Kayla asks Banks about what Bianca had to say. Banks laughs, exclaiming she doesn't care what Bianca has to say. Her heel turn continues as she tells Kayla that she's the greatest in the WWE, and that while Bianca may be the E-S-T of WWE, Banks is the boss. Banks promises to make Belair tap out so Belair will know her place--beneath the Boss, who is the B-E-S-T of the W-W-E.

Video Package: Drew McIntyre and the All Mighty WWE Champion Bobby Lashley

We get a video with MVP's voice-over as we see clips from Lashley's matches, and his win over the Miz. Lashley's narration exclaims this is the All Mighty Era. The video then includes Drew McIntyre, who points out that both men have a similar path--they both spent nearly two decades just to get to the top. Drew again points out that he beat Brock Lesnar in five minutes at WrestleMania last year. The video does a great job summing up the feud for tomorrow night's opening match (I believe it's opening).

Video Package: Sami Zayn, Jake Paul and Logan Paul

We get a few clips from last week's trailer debut of Sami Zayn's documentary. We then cut to earlier this week and Zayn comes across Logan & Jake Paul training in a ring. Sami goes in and gets excited about them sparring and says they should all spar. Sami heads outside for a moment and when he tries to return, security won't let him in and the door is locked.

At the Announcer's Table: Sami Zayn

Zayn shows up and puts on a headset and asks how the WWE can just show those clips and not all of it. He exclaims repeatedly, like a mad man, that he and the Pauls are just fine. The SmackDown theme starts to play and our Andre the Giant Battle Royal contestants come down the ramp. From nowhere, Kevin Owens attacks Sami Zayn! They brawl in the corner by the announcer's table. KO goes for the Stunner but Zayn slips free and flees. KO yells "I'll see you at WrestleMania!" We go to break with the battle royal up next.

The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal Match

When we return from the break, several competitors are already in the ring and the remainder make their way down. Who's competing? Everyone not being used back in catering plus two or three others. You're eliminated if you go over the top rope and both feet hit the floor, exactly like the Royal Rumble. The bell rings and chaos breaks out. Bare with me as I do what I can to keep up. T-Bar, Mace and Slapjack of Retribution (if it's not fully disbanded) are in this match, as is Mustafa Ali. Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin work together to eliminate Akira Tozawa. Half the guys in the ring are literally just standing there. Everyone lines up against Alexander and Benjamin, as the former Hurt Business have no allies here. Ali rallies everyone, and they all swarm Alexander and Benjamin. King Corbin eliminates Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander. We go to break!
Back from the break. Elias and Jaxson Ryker work together, and Erik has been eliminated. T-Bar and Mace eliminate Drew Gulak. T-Bar and Mace work effectively together.
Note: at this point in the match, the local Fox affiliate cut into our broadcast due to severe weather and both hail & tornado warnings here. Unfortunately, as of 10:17pm EST they're still going at it. Please accept my apology for the delay and stand by--as soon as I can, the final result will be updated and posted. I won't wrap up my night until at least the winner is posted for you all. Update, 10:46pm: Again, we apologize for the interruption in coverage due to technical & weather difficulties. The final five are King Corbin, Shinsuke Nakamura, Jey Uso, Ricochet and Mustafa Ali. Our competitors pair off, with Ali and Ricochet clashing on the apron. Ricochet and Ali jockey for control until Ricochet sends Ali to the floor, thereby eliminating Mustafa Ali. Before Ricochet can re-enter the ring, Jey Uso nails him with a superkick. Ricochet has been eliminated. Uso now turns his attention to Shinsuke Nakamura, who's already under assault from King Corbin. Both heels work together to double team Nakamura until Uso turns on Corbin, hitting him with a superkick before dumping him over the ropes. The King hangs on, though, pulling back in. Nakamura attempts to eliminate Uso but Jey hangs on. Nakamura turns to Corbin, eliminating the King! King Corbin has been eliminated.
We're down to our final two now. There's no love lost between Jey Uso and Shinsuke Nakamura, and both men unload on each other. Uso throws rights; Nakamura with kicks and strikes, following it up with an STO! Nakamura has the fans behind him and posts up, preparing for a Kinshasa and awaiting Uso. Nakamura streaks across, right into a superkick from Uso! Nakamura all but no-sells it and retaliates with a big Kinshasa! Uso is laid out! Nakamura pulls Uso to his feet and edges towards the ropes. Nakamura attempts to toss Uso over but at the last moment, Uso counters and sends Nakamura out of the ring! Shinsuke Nakamura has been eliminated!
Your Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal Winner, Jey Uso!

After the Match

As Jey Uso's music hits, the battered and exhausted superstar kneels beside the huge trophy, pointing at the plaque that will soon bear his name. He poses like Andre until Roman Reigns & Paul Heyman make their way out to the stage. Uso and Reigns embrace in the ring as pyro goes off and we head to commercial.

In the Ring: Roman Reigns w/ Paul Heyman & Jey Uso

When we return, it's Roman's turn on the mic to address Edge and Daniel Bryan. Reigns tells the fans that he's not running for president and doesn't need their approval. Reigns runs down both Edge and Daniel Bryan, knocking both. He points out that he's been doing this night in and out, having great weeks consistently for seven months. But Edge and Bryan? They have a good week here and there. Reigns goes on to take credit for the ratings SmackDown gets (not sure I'd take credit for that). Reigns addresses Bryan's bragging about tapping Roman out and says if Reigns had really tapped out, Bryan would be champ. But he's not. The Head of the Table is the champ. Reigns takes credit for giving Jey Uso the "greatest year" of his career. Reigns says that like Heyman says, this isn't a prediction--it's a spoiler. He claims we'll see "millions of dollars" of pyro go off, informing me that I need to email Vince about selling some pyro, and says that as WrestleMania ends he'll still be the Universal Champion. We end our show with the digital audience booing loudly.

In Closing

And that does it for the final SmackDown of the "Wrestling Year" as it all comes to a head this weekend! Remember, WrestleMania will stream on Peacock this year and, as always, we'll have live results coverage of it right here! So swing on by and sit a spell. Apologies once more for the interruption in coverage due to severe weather. Y'all stay safe out there and have a great weekend! See you in the comments!

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