WWE Friday Night Smackdown Live Results (5/15/2020) - Performance Center, Orlando, FL

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WWE Friday Night Smackdown Live Results (5/15/2020) - Performance Center, Orlando, FL

We start our show with a recap of this past Sunday's Money in the Bank corporate ladder match! If you missed it, it was a comedic and cinematic performance worth watching. Don't forget, the Network is free to new subscribers! We see clips of all twelve superstars, men and women, fighting their way through the tower.

Highlights include a food fight, Otis bulking up, two counts of attempted murder for King Corbin; brawls in Mr. McMahon's office, disastrous hilarity in the Money in the Bank conference room until, finally, we were left with two winners! Asuka took home the prize for the Women's division and Smackdown's own Otis brought home the verdiant case!

We get a side by side shot of both winners as AC/DC starts up and Michael Cole welcomes us to Friday Night Smackdown on Fox! We'll be joined by the Queen as part of the all-new Brand to Brand Invitational. We hear "awwwwesooooome..." and...


Miz and Morrison welcome us to MizTV, and are immediately interrupted by our MitB winner, Otis! Graves comments that the last time Otis held a case, it was filled with pancakes. Miz rubs his temples as he waits for Otis to finish up. "Are you done? Have a seat." Otis questions if he meant the empty seat, to which Miz responds "where else would you sit?" The seat cracks under Otis, and he decides to stand.

Miz starts things off talking about Otis' biggest win. Otis corrects him, stating that MitB was the biggest win of his career, but the biggest win of his life was winning over the heart of his peach, Mandy Rose. Miz and Morrison ask Otis how he pulled that off. Morrison flat out asks Otis if Mandy felt bad for him, then comments Otis must be pretty good in the sack, and states Otis must be packing some serious meat...in the briefcase!

Otis yells he's got the contract in the case. Miz asks, "and?" Otis states he's also got some Rolaids, and some Gas-Ex. Miz: "and?" Otis admits he's got a bratwurst too, in case he gets hungry later. Miz admits to being shocked that Otis won, as last week he couldn't even climb the ladder.

After some small talk, they show a picture of baby Otis. Otis says he was born at 12 pounds. Morrison laments Otis' poor mother, then goes on to ask if Otis is pregnant. Miz and Morrison then try to talk Otis into giving up his MitB briefcase. They move on to show a picture of Otis with his mother, and Otis waxes poetic about how dedicated his mother was to his sports career. They show another picture of a preteen Otis wearing tighty whiteys and flexing flabbily.

Miz finally snaps, unable to understand how someone with Otis' physique could win the MitB and Mandy Rose. Both he and Morrison move to their feet as the Miz continues to berate Otis. Miz tells Otis to bring out Tucker, as he can't take it anymore and they should have a tag match. Otis tells us Tucker got a case of dysentry on the Oregon Trail and can't make it. Miz tells Otis to find another partner of his choice, and do it by the end of the night, as they're having a tag match. The Miz's music plays them out.

At the Announcer's Table

We learn that Sami Zayn is unable to defend his title, and tonight will start a tournament for the vacated title. A graphic goes up showing a tournament bracket. Drew Gulak will take on Daniel Bryan, with the winner advancing to take on the winner of Jeff Hardy and Sheamus. On the other side of the bracket, Elias squares off against King Corbin, with the winner to take on the winner of AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura! Michael Cole points out that AJ has entered the tournament in hopes of capturing the one title that's eluded him.

Elias vs King Corbin

Elias comes out with a new theme. We see a clip of Elias taunting Corbin, remind us of this inevitable feud. We head to commercial! And now we're back from commercial! I'll find a good filler for you guys. Corbin comes out to his music, yelling down the ramp as we get ready to start the action!

Both men exchange blows as we get our first action of the night. Corbin gets Elias into the corner, but Elias makes some distance with a kick to the midsection and follows it up with some blows. Corbin mounts some offense and attempts a half-crab but Elias escapes. Corbin with a rebound strike and a quick two count. Graves laments that Corbin didn't win the MitB despite nearly killing two superstars. The pace slows as Corbin locks in the arm and cranks on the neck while the ref checks on Elias. And continues to work the same hold. Annnnd continues. Finally, Elias breaks the submission hold and tosses two fists. Elias goes for the mule kick but Corbin avoids it, Corbin goes outside the ring and storms back in. Elias sends Corbin back to the outside.

Elias climbs the top rope and dives off, taking Corbin out ringside. We get another look at Elias going high risk. The ref makes it to seven before both combatants make it into the ring, only to go back outside moments later. Cole talks about Corbin's ruthless aggression as he takes control again. Corbin finds Elias' guitar ring side and strums it, mockingly, until Elias fires up. Baseball slide to ringside; Elias sends Corbin into the steel steps! Pulls him up and runs him into the ring post! Elias doesn't stop there, and sends Corbin over into the no-crowd as we cut to commercial!

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And after much ado, we are back! Elias has Corbin in a shoulder lock, but Corbin squirms out and sends a knee to Elias' gut. Both men alternate control. Elias tells Corbin "you know what WWE stands for!" then goes up top. Looks like he's going for Old School as he walks the ropes, only to have Corbin knock the rope out from under his feet! Corbin follows Elias outside and tosses Elias on top of the announcer's table, landing fists as the ref counts. Corbin takes the action back into the ring, controlling everything with fists and rope holds as the ref has to warn him yet again.

Corbin plants an elbow into the neck, then a big right hand stuns Elias back into the corner. Elias with a right and starts to fight out of the corner, only to have the King send him back. Corbin charges the corner, slides to the outside, circles the ring post and comes in behind Elias, hitting the huge clothesline! Corbin continues to work Elias with a series of slow clotheslines, taunting Elias. Corbin claims the title is already his; he tells Elias, "you did this, you did this!" Corbin goes for another clothesline but Elias counters it with a swinging neckbreaker. Both men are down but make their way to their feet. Elias gets fired up, rips off his shirt, and begins furiously attacking Corbin while he's seated on the middle rope. The ref warns Elias to get off the ropes. Elias with some more blows and knocks Corbin down hard, landing him on his face. Elias delivers the jumping knee to a prone Corbin and goes up the corner to the top rope. Corbin to his feet, Elias leaps over the King but is caught by him. Corbin once again goes for the fake clothesline to the outside, Elias attempts to counter but Corbin catches him up and hits a killer sidewalk slam!

Corbin's pin count fails at two, and he takes Elias to the corner. Corbin seats Elias on the top rope and climbs up with him. Elias fights back, getting out of the corner and leaving Corbin standing on the middle rope. Elias slips under Corbin and gets him in the Electric Chair position but Corbin slips out of it and hits a massive chokeslam! One, two...no! Elias kicks out! Corbin continues to taunt Elias, reminding him that he asked for this beating, and absolutely slams his fists into Elias. He's clearly auditioning for a role as a kung foo ferret with those chops! Corbin slides to the outside and destroys Elias' guitar by slamming it on the ring post. Elias, infuriated, catches Corbin with a jumping knee to the jaw as he gets back in the ring and rolls him up for the one, two, three! Elias is the first man to advance!
Your winner and advancing to the semi-finals, Elias!

We get teases from the announce crew of the upcoming match between Daniel Bryan and Drew Gulak, and the return of the Queen tonight!


We see Otis carrying his case backstage, and he comes across the celtic warrior, Sheamus. He asks Sheamus to be his tag team partner for the night, to which Sheamus replies, "You want me to be your tag team partner tonight? Is that whatcha want?" Otis vigorously nods his head chanting yes, only to have Sheamus tell him "not a chance!"

We head to commercials! Nothing is quite like rural Mississippi commercials made locally. But now we're back with a reminder that tonight only, you can save 30% off orders on the WWE shop! Because they seriously never ever do deals!

Backstage w/ Otis and Mandy

Otis is worried that he can't find anyone to team with. Mandy suggests Otis go ask Braun Strowman as he is the Universal Champion, after all. Otis tells her she's a genius and heads off to find Braun!

The Hacker vignette

"They want to know who I am. I...am everywhere. I see...everyone. I hear...everything. I am the truth, and no one is safe." We see the usual cut package of technology in everyday use and end with the on-screen message that the truth will be heard.

Backstage with Otis and Braun

Braun congratulates Otis, who then asks Braun to be his tag teammate. Braun asks Otis if Otis wants Braun as his tag team partner, or if he wants Braun in the ring to cash in the MitB. Otis vehemently denies this. Braun gives Otis props for having the cajones to ask him, and promises to think about it. We cut to an ad for the WWE/multi-sport league charitable foundation that's been running lately for The Real Heroes Project.

We come back after advertisements to the electronic that is the Glow!

Naomi vs. Dana Brooke

Naomi is out first in tonight's first women's match. She wants to avenge a perceived wrong, as the announcers point out that she feels that Dana Brooke took her spot in the Women's Money in the Bank match. Dana is out next and both women lock up!

We're reminded that Naomi is a former two-time women's champion as the women continue to grapple. Naomi sends Dana into the ropes and hits a drop kick, then as Dana recovers, she hits another! Naomi is fast and furious with her offense until Dana puts a stop to it! Dana sets Naomi up in the corner and does a cartwheel rump bump. She sends Naomi to the opposite corner and goes for the move again, but is blocked. Naomi flies off the top rope with a crossbody and goes for a pin. Dana Brooke pops out of it, hits a sneaky roll-up and gets the win! Out of the blue, Dana won that one in a very short fashion!
Your winner, Dana Brooke!

And like that, we're promised that the Queen Charlotte Flair will be up next just before we're given a promo for Raw then yet another commercial break! This Monday on Raw, Edge and Orton will continue the buildup to Backlash, and fallout from Becky Lynch's abdication will continue.

We come back from break and get emotional score (music) as we see Becky walk away from her wrestling career for what may very well be permanently. It's sappy, but pretty well done as it shows clips from her career, of her winning Raw and SD titles, Royal Rumble 2019, and main eventing WrestleMania last year. Very well done, and packaged well to invoke emotional for those of us who aren't complete sociopaths. For those that missed it, I'd suggest YouTubing it but the quick rundown: Becky's preggy, and the Raw Women's title was actually in the women's Money in the Bank briefcase. She arranged it with the Powers that Be so that whomever won MitB would be the new champion instead of receiving a title shot. They edited in a "Becky Becky Becky" crowd chant with the clip of Becky walking off the Raw stage one final time. We're reminded that news outlet and sports stars flooded social media with congratulations for Becky and Seth.

The Queen Returns

Please welcome the NXT champion, Charlotte Flair, who's here on Smackdown thanks to the Brand to Brand Invitational. This is a new system that allows a Superstar from Raw and Smackdown will be able to travel to the other brand, limited to four times per year. Unsure if this is four times per superstar or total transactions.

Highlights of Charlotte's speech: It's asked how can Charlotte work all three brands; the numbers were crunched and apparently the people want more of the Queen. Fox used the Brand to Brand invitational to bring her over to Smackdown. She goes on to point out that five of her twelve championships were won here on Smackdown and she's surprised her picture doesn't hang ringside as she's the greatest, the queen...Charlotte Flair!

Bayley and Sasha Banks make their way out to the ring and we've got three of the Four Horsewomen of NXT in the ring at once. Bayley mentions the Fox executives have got a thing for blondes, then blatantly states that everyone are sheep and have a thing for the daughter of Ric Flair. They then proceed to taunt her with woo's. Sasha mentions the last time that they saw Charlotte Flair was when Bayley defeated Charlotte to win the Smackdown title for the second time. Charlotte brings up that the first time Bayley won the title was when Charlotte was unconscious, then goes on to mock Bayley's hair cut. The women trade verbal barbs, with Bayley mentioning she's the first women's grand slam champion, and tells Charlotte to go back to NXT or Raw where she can beat Liv Morgan over and over again. Bayley then goes on to state she's the most dominant woman in Smackdown history, and flaunts that she beat Charlotte, and tells her to get the hell out of the ring.

Charlotte reminds Bayley that she was made relevant by Banks, and that Bayley is still only champ thanks to Banks. Charlotte then hypes Sasha's career, reminding her that they have had more successful careers than Bayley. Bayley gets defensive, to which Charlotte asks for someone in production to cut Bayley's mic so Sasha can talk for once. Bayley then challenges Charlotte to a Champion versus Champion match. Charlotte accepts, with one question, and it's for Sasha: "Sasha, I want you to think long and hard about this. Are you your own woman, or are you just going to be Bayley's lackey, and happy to be an after thought?" She then gives a subtle and soft "woo" as her music plays them out!.

Backstage with Braun

Braun's working out with the slackest resistance bands known to mankind, and states he's still chewing on (whether to be Otis' tag partner or not). We get our, surprisingly, first promo for the Undertaker's Last Ride. We're off to commercials yet again! I'd suggest everyone take a shot every commercial break, but I don't want to be responsible for a lot of ruined livers.

Backstage with the Forgotten Sons

We get a video package, showing the Forgotten Sons with camoflauge, American flag patches, as they mention they're all former soldiers who weren't welcomed home. They were told they were mentally unstable and resent it, so they're going to welcome their opponents to fists.

Renee Young w/ The Miz & Morrison

Mrs. Moxley asks the duo of their thoughts on Braun teaming with Otis. They joke around and are overly confident, whether it's Braun or someone else.

We cut back to the announcers who go over the current Intercontinental Title Tournament bracket and we hear Ride of the Valkyries come over the speakers!

Daniel Bryan vs. Drew Gulak

Daniel is out first. We cut to a quick commercial break before Gulak comes out. We're reminded that Drew is Daniel's coach, and this match sees two besties square off!

After yet another reminder that these two constantly train together and have taught each other a lot...and again...we finally get the bell to ring! Both men meet in the middle of the ring and shake hands in a sign of good sportsmanship.

As DB and Drew exchange grapples and locks, Corey Graves and Michael Cole remind us how prestigious the IC title is. More than a dozen current Hall of Famers have held the IC title, and we're reminded of the Ultimate Warrior having the title at WrestleMania VI when he took on a very handsome, well articulated follow from Venice Beach.

Both of these men continue to lock up and grapple, and counter each other. The action often goes down to the mat with locks still held, and back to their feet. DB has a long waist lock, but Drew manages to counter it and locks in the Gu-lock! Daniel makes his way to the ropes and the ref breaks the hold. The announcers continue to compare the friendship between these competitors with sports athletes such as Jordan/Pippen, etc. Both men are cautious due to a healthy respect for one another (Corey's words, not mine). DB has Gulak locked up but Gulak powers it into a suplex attempt. DB slams Gulak to the mat and attempts to lock in the arm bar. Gulak counters. DB goes for the Yes Lock but Gulak counters and gets to the ropes, forcing a break.

Both men extend an arm and lock up. Multiple standing switches and locks. DB has Gulak in a waist hold. Drew dumps DB over his head, accidentally dropping DB to the floor at ringside. Gulak looks copacetic as we go to commercial!

We return to the action, Gulak has DB in a Full Nelson. Daniel switches and hits a belly to back suplex and makes the cover. Kick out! Drew gets DB in a headlock, forcing him down to the mat then back to his feet. Daniel attempts to reverse. Looks like he wanted to hit an atomic knee, but nothing came of it. Drew continues to work the head. DB hits a Dragon Screw, a shin-breaker, and another Dragon Screw. Daniel keeps working Gulak's left leg. He puts him in a hamstring crusher that's turned into an Ankle Lock. Drew gets to the rope and the ref threatens to break it, but DB turns it into a suplex. Gulax and Bryan go back and forth. Drew tries for a cover on DB but only gets the two. More exchanges and Drew turns it into another slam! DB catches Drew running, grapples him almost as if going for the O'Connor roll but hits an overhead suplex! Drew back to his feet and charges DB, who counters. Both men are back up. Drew plants DB and goes for a rollup; DB reverses and gets a two. Drew catches DB from behind and locks in the Gu-lock, a Dragon Sleeper! Bryan slips out and goes for the Yes Lock, but couldn't lock it in. This match picked up pace! Drew and DB counter each other. Daniel Bryan picks the ankle and hits a wicked looking leg twist, sending Gulak flying. Daniel Bryan slips his legs around Gulak's and gets him in ankle lock in the middle of the ring! Gulak can't make it to the ropes and taps out!
Your winner and advancing to the semi-finals, Daniel Bryan!

After the Match

Renee interviews Daniel Bryan and asks what the Intercontinental Championship means to him. DB points out that it's nearly five years to the day that he had to relinquish the IC title and retire. He lets us know that he wants to reclaim the title, and will defend it week in and week out, because he wants to be known as the greatest IC champion in history. Gulak approaches as Renee leaves and both competitors shake hands. Classy!

Our main event is up next! Will Otis find a partner? Commercials leave us hanging in suspense!

It's been made official--next week we get Champion vs Champion as Bayley and Charlotte square off! We'll also see a mixed tag match of Otis & Mandy Rose versus Dolph & Sonya Deville, and two more IC matches as Sheamus takes on Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles takes on Shinsuke Nakamura!

Backstage with Sonya & Dolph

Sonya questions what Mandy's good at, and runs her down in preparation for the match next week. She mocks Otis and Mandy's love, and says Mandy's future is in the trailer park, passing beers to Otis while their redneck children run around. Sonya lets Mandy know that Mandy will never be Sonya, and promises that she's going to ruin Mandy's life. She tells Mandy to go home, get it together, put on her big-girl panties and challenges Mandy to show her why she belongs in the ring with Sonya. "We'll see you in the ring next week...bitch!" Dolph just grimaces this entire time.

Otis & Mystery Partner vs. The Miz & Morrison

Here we go, folks, it's time for our main event! Out first is the Miz & Morrison! The former tag team champions are ready to take on Otis and his Mystery Partner! Who could it be? We're about to find out!

Otis comes to the ring, briefcase in hand, as we get a quick snapshot of his career stats, including that he trained at an Olympic facility in Colorado. Riveting!

In the ring, Miz & Morrison taunt Otis, mocking him for having no friends and no one in his corner. Rawrrrrrrr! Otis shimmies and does a little jig with the case as Braun Strowman makes his way out to the ring in what will be a very interesting match--champion and MitB winner side by side!

Otis & Braun vs The Miz & Morrison

Braun flexes and the heels back up. The bell rings and we've got John Morrison starting things off with Otis, who thrusts his pelvis repeatedly before swiveling his hips!

The usual fare as Otis gyrates and dances and flaunts his jelly belly in between mounting offense on Morrison. He spins and body slams John Morrison, pop up slams, knocks Miz ringside and finally makes a tag to Braun. Otis and Braun do a double counterpillar, pop up and hit the double elbow! Morrison rolls to the outside and the Miz checks on his partner as we go to a commercial! Seriously, don't take shots every commercial break. Ignore that shot game idea I had.

We're back from break! Miz has Otis in a headlock on the mat, and is in control of this. We get views from during the break where the Miz jabbed a thumb to Otis' eye and hit him with a DDT. The Miz, one of the "82 percenters, men who have successfully cashed in a MitB contract," gets Otis in the corner and hits the It Kicks. He continues to work Otis in the corner before hitting another set of It Kicks in the middle of the ring. The Miz hooks the leg and attempts a cover but Otis kicks out. Miz works Otis in a headlock, slowing wearing the big man out.

Otis gets to his feet, Miz on his back with a headlock. Otis can't make it to his corner and stumbles back to a friendly corner, giving Morrison a chance to tag in. A failed double team move by the former tag champs gives Otis an opening to his a double suplex, and he makes the hot tag to Braun! Strowman comes in and dominates, tossing the Miz and Morrison around like ragdolls. Morrison makes the mistake of going outside as does the Miz. Strowman comes charging at ring side and runs over the Miz! The Miz goes inside, Morrison and Braun follows. Morrison saves Miz from a slam and mounts some offense, back and forth action quickly before Strowman hits the powerslam and gets the one, two, three!

Your winners, Braun Strowman and Otis!

After the Match

Braun raises Otis' hand as both men celebrate! We get a quick recap, then Otis and Braun stand side by side, holding their title/MitB case respectively. Mandy comes out and Otis drops the briefcase at ringside, dancing for Mandy and also causing Braun to come on guard--is Otis cashing it in now? Otis is caught by Braun's glaring, and claims that he was just kidding and isn't cashing it in. Both men then celebrate side by side again, with Mandy, and the show goes off the air with Braun cautiously eying Otis!

And there you have it! Thank you all for tuning in. I'm looking forward to seeing all my Rajahmaniacs this Monday for my live Raw results coverage! Don't forget to say your vitamins, take your prayers and you too can save 15% or more by switching to beef--it's what's for dinner! Via con dios!


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