WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results (5/28/2021): ThunderDome III, Yuengling Center, Tampa, FL


Welcome one and all to Rajah.com's live results coverage of Friday Night SmackDown! Your host is the leading name in sports entertainment live results coverage specifically from 8:00-9:58pm tonight, Rajah's resident evil, Mike Hogan! After a strong week for the WWE, with one of the best episodes of Raw (albeit, one of the worst rated) in years being followed by a huge NXT with Balor/Kross II, will tonight carry on the trend of better writing? Or is Vince off sick leave?

Our official preview, out earlier, has a hint of what tonight holds for us. We can expect a SmackDown Tag Team Championship rematch as new champions the Mysterios take on former champs the Dirty Dawgs. Also, as advertised last week, the Usos wanted the smoke and the Street Profits are more than happy to oblige.

We'll have all this and more next on SmackDown! So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results (5/28/2021) -- ThunderDome III (Yuengling Center), Tampa, FL

Backstage: the Usos and Roman Reigns

We open on the Usos, both of whom are firing each other up for their tag match tonight--their first in 14 months. Up walks the Universal Champion Roman Reigns. They settle down. Roman asks them about their game plan and their intentions, then asks Jimmy what the endgame is. Jimmy excitedly tells him the endgame is to go out there and win, and he can't wait to get to it. Roman nods his head, telling Jimmy that he can see Jimmy's got it figured out. He wishes him good luck. Jimmy heads off. Roman has soft works with Jey, asking Jey about his alliances. Jey tells Roman that even though he (Jey) is with Jimmy tonight, Jey is with Roman always. Roman mentions that perhaps Jey should tell Jimmy that.

Welcome to the ThunderDome!

We're welcomed to the ThunderDome by Michael Cole, Pat McAfee, and Tom Phillips who lives forever on in our hearts. We're thanked for spending part of our Memorial Day Weekend with them tonight. Pat hypes that tonight's going to be an awesome SmackDown, and Cole runs down our previously-announced card.

In the Ring: the Street Profits & the Usos

The Street Profits make their way out first and get on the mics. Ford speaks first. He hypes tonight as a night like no other because tonight is a clash of the titans when the Street Profits go against the Usos. He then mocks them, telling Dawkins "Uso crazy! Uso crazy!" Ford jokes a bit more then tells us that they felt flattered when they heard that the Usos chose them to challenge first. Ford then does a jig and says that the Profits have been "Down since day one" and talk about still going hard, borrowing phrases from their opponents. Ford goes on to tell Dawkins that he thinks the Usos that they're facing tonight aren't the superstars of the past. It's been over a calendar year since their last tag match and Ford claims Roman's living rent-free in Jey's head. They're finally interrupted by the Usos music, and out come the accomplished tag for tonight's first match.
The Usos take a turn on the mic. Jimmy points out that the Profits have jokes but it doesn't matter because the best tag team in the division is back. Jimmy tells the Profits that the Usos are the six-time tag team champions, back-to-back tag team of the years, and hypes their accolades with Jey. Jey points out the Profits put their noses in the middle of family business, so now "we got to get you" and tells them "welcome to the nightmare!" Jimmy adds that once they beat the Profits tonight they become one step closer to becoming the seven-time champions. Dawkins takes offense to this, and tells the Usos that the Profits aren't just some stepping stones. The Profits run this division. Jey tells them that "Mario and Luigi" are going to "drop some bricks" on them. They welcome the Profits to the Uso Penitentiary and we head to break.

Men's Tag Team Match: the Street Profits vs the Usos

When we return from break, our teams are ready and we start with Jimmy and Dawkins. Both men lock up and push into the corner, swapping places twice. Dawkins runs off the ropes and shoulder tackles Jimmy Uso. Dawkins heads off the ropes again; Uso leap frogs but catches another shoulder tackle as Dawkins plows through him. Dawkins tags in Montez Ford, and Ford allows Jimmy to tag in Jey. Jey with a strike to the face. Both men stall the pace briefly. Ford cartwheels past Jey then takes Jey down with an arm drag and transitions into an arm bar. Ford tags in Dawkins and both men double-team Jey. Dawkins continues to work on Jey's shoulder, latching on to the same left arm that Ford started working on. Jey makes it to his feet and charges forward, ramming Dawkins back into the Usos corner Jimmy tags himself and comes in over the ropes. Jimmy drops the bigger Dawkins. Jimmy with a headbutt to the shoulder. Jimmy twists the arm and chops Dawkins across the chest. Dawkins with a side toss that drops Jimmy. Dawkins tries to lock up the arm but Jimmy shoves Dawkins back into the Uso corner. Jey comes in and slaps Dawkins. Jey stomps on Dawkins, then tags Jimmy. Double team by the Usos. Jimmy looks for the Irish Whip but Dawkins counters with an arm drag takedown. Dawkins tags in Ford and the Profits clear the ring, sending both Usos outside and to the floor. The Profits send Jey into the timekeeper's area, then toss Jimmy into the announcer's table before taking up position in the ring as we go to break!
Back from the break. Dawkins and Jimmy clash. Jey makes a blind tag. Dawkins off the ropes, unaware, and Jey strikes hard. Ford's legal. Usos beat and taunt him at ringside before taking him back into the ring. Jey with a back drop suplex. Jey tags in Jimmy, who climbs up top. Jey holds Ford in a backbreaker position across his knee and Jimmy dives off, crashing down onto Ford. We see Roman Reigns watching from the back on a monitor with Heyman. The digital crowd breaks out into a huge chant for the Profits as Ford desperately tries to make the hot tag to Dawkins. Jimmy Uso, now legal, stops Ford with a blow to the back of the neck. Jimmy covers for a two. Jimmy tags in Jey and both men wishbone Ford's legs while staring straight at Dawkins. Their arrogance costs them as Ford starts to fight back. Jey drops Ford quickly, then runs off the ropes and slides along the mat, locking on a chinlock onto a prone Ford! Uso repositions as Ford attempts to get to a vertical base. Uso with a fist that drops Ford. Ford desperately fires off fists, hitting both Usos. Jimmy's sent off the apron to the floor and Jey is battered across the ring by Ford. Ford with a step-up Enziguri to drop Jey and send him outside! Jimmy slides in and stops Ford from tagging out. Ford responds with a step-up Enziguri to Jimmy! Ford dives for Dawkins, but Jey takes Dawkins out from the apron and Ford catches nothing but air! Jimmy attacks Ford and we head to break with the Usos currently in control.
Back from the break. Ford and Jey are standing on the middle rope. Jey's looking for a middle-rope Superplex but Ford does his best to fight it. Ford with strikes to the side but Jey knocks Ford off, and Ford crashes onto the apron. Jey attempts to bring Ford in. Ford with a kick to the face. Ford heads up top and dives off but Jey dodges; Ford lands on his feet, rebounds off the ropes and both men clothesline each other down! Both inch towards their partners. Jey attempts to stop Ford from making the tag but finally, finally, Ford tags in Dawkins! Dawkins easily dispatches Jey. Jimmy makes the tag and comes in. Dawkins with a big strike to Jimmy onto the apron. Jimmy slugs Dawkins and looks to go up top. Dawkins dives in with a big right, dropping Jimmy across the top ropes in the corner. Ford enters the ring, streaks across, leaps over the turnbuckle and over Jimmy and crashes into Jey Uso outside the ring! The digital crowd goes crazy and the ThunderDome viewers are all thumbs-up! Dawkins and Jimmy spar in the ring. Dawkins runs Jimmy over with a shoulder block and covers for a close two. Dawkins pulls Jimmy up and looks for a possible DDT. Jimmy escapes and goes for the Superkick but Dawkins catches the leg. Dawkins tags Ford. Dawkins drops Jimmy and Ford goes up top, soaring high in the air for his skyscraper frog splash, but Jey pulls Jimmy out of the ring, saving his brother! Ford faceplants into the mat! Jey attacks Dawkins outside and Jimmy connects a Superkick with a kneeling, reeling Montez Ford's face and covers to pick up the win after a 30+ minute match!
Your Winners, the Usos!

Backstage Interview: Megan Morant with the Dirty Dawgs

Megan welcomes us to the back to talk about our huge tag team championship main event. She's joined by Ziggler and Roode and mentions that the Mysterios defeated them for the titles and in singles competition, and she wants to know what makes them think that they can win tonight. Roode says that they dumped a couch on "baby Dominik" and Ziggler makes more "baby boy" jokes about Dominik, but we all know Dayman is the fighter of the Nightman. Ziggler goes on to tell Megan that they're not going to stop until they become SmackDown tag team champions again.

Women's Tag Team Non-Title Match: WWE Women's Tag Team Champions Natalya & Tamina vs the Riott Squad

The tag champs make their way out first and we head to break--the Riott Squad will be out when we return. Back from the break and this match is already under way. The Riott Squad, sporting new (and cool) ring wear, keep Natalya in their corner. Both women utilize a series of quick tags to keep Natalya boxed in their corner. They continue to throw Natalya face-first into the turnbuckle, and their shoulders into her midsection. Liv Morgan makes a pin attempt but Natalya kicks out. Liv tags Ruby and restraints Natalya on her knees. Ruby with a kick to Natalya. Ruby locks on a side headlock. We're told--and see--that Tamina is down on the floor, outside the ring, apparently taken out during the break. Ruby and Liv continue to keep Nattie in their corner and exchange tags every few seconds. Natalya finally gains some separation and drops Morgan. Riott comes in and Natalya drops her down, on top of Morgan. Nattie threatens to do a double Sharpshooter! The Riott Squad escape. Tamina is finally up and helps level the field in the ring. Tamina repositions and takes the tag. Tamina and Ruby clash as Morgan steps out. Ruby with a series of fists to Tamina's chest which have no effect. Tamina drops Riott and climbs the ropes. Natalya intercepts Liv before she can interfere. Riott climbs up but Tamina headbutts her off. Tamina with the Superfly Splash to end this short, but entertaining, match.
Your Winners, WWE Women's Tag Team Champions Natalya & Tamina!

Backstage: Adam Pearce with the Usos

The Usos are hyped up and come upon WWE Official Adam Pearce. The Usos make a strong argument to have a shot at whomever wins tonight's tag tam championship match. Pearce agrees and sets the match--the Usos take on the winners of tonight's SmackDown Tag Team Championship main event match.

Women's Singles Non-Title Match: SmackDown Women's Champion Bianca Belair vs Carmella

Belair makes her way out and we head to break. When we return, we get a quick word from Carmella backstage with Kayla Braxton. Carmella, wearing yet another new outfit as she attempts to tie RVD's record it seems, tells Braxton that she's going to end Belair's happily-ever-after right now. She makes her way out to her new theme and entrance to a chorus of boos. Bayley joins commentary. Belair and Carmella start off with a nondescript offense. Belair gives the lead to Carmella briefly early on. Bayley again criticizes Belair's braid, claiming it's a foreign weapon. Cole reminds her that she (Bayley) brought the braid into things by grabbing it. Carmella keeps the pace slow in the ring, using a few clubs to the back and a few pin attempts. Carmella continues to control the pace, using a headlock to keep the champ grounded. Pat McAfee asks Bayley how many days she was as champ, and she reminds us as she has every single week that it was a record-setting 380 days. Throughout commentary, Bayley continues to occasionally verbally batter Cole. Carmella dives off the top with a cross-body; Belair catches her, rolls through and rolls it into a Fallaway Slam! Kip-up from Belair. Belair backflips across the ring and drops on Carmella, covering for a close two. Belair charges Carmella int he corner but Carmella dodges and Belair rams the ringpost. Carmella with a modified spider briefly. Carmella pounds Belair on the apron. Carmella runs along the ringside floor and kicks Belair in the head, then rolls in to cover Belair for another close two. Belair attempts to roll-up Carmella who counters. Carmella looks for a possible Code of Silence per Cole. Bianca counters and hits an inverted driver to pick up the win. Michael Cole calls Belair "Belyonka" and Bayley latches on, calling him stupid and mocking him. She stands on the announcer's table afterwards and mocks Belair, yelling repeatedly "you ain't nothing" and cackling while demanding Cole laugh with her.
Your Winner, Bianca Belair!

Backstage Interview: Megan with the Mysterios

Megan asks the Mysterios for their thoughts on what the Dirty Dawgs had to say about them earlier. Rey says that when Dom hurts, he hurts, and Dom says when one of them hurts, they both hurt. Dom states that there's no tag team in the world that can top them and they're the greatest tag team in the world. The usual.

In the Ring Promo: Seth Rollins

Out comes Seth Rollins to his newest theme, this time wearing a suit that looks like it was bought from a gas station in Destin, FL. We head to break as the Architect makes his way to the ring. When we return, Seth Rollins is in the ring an don the mic. "I am not out here to talk. I am out here to fight. So Cesaro, drag yourself down to this ring and let's finish this right now!" He waves to the back. "Come on! Get out here! I don't have all night, my people are planning a big party for me. C'mon, let's get this over with!" He paces the ring, frustrated as nothing happens. "Hahahahaha. Ah. Silly me. What am I thinking? Of course Cesaro is not here tonight, of course he's not here to swing me, he's not here to disrespect me, he's not here to look right past me! He's not here to ruin the greatest day of the year--my birthday!" The crowd boos loudly. "So Cesaro, wherever you may(be)...I'd like to take this opportunity to remind you and everyone else, really, exactly why you can't be here tonight to experience the festivities. SO let's roll the footage." We get footage from last Friday when an injured Cesaro made his way down the ramp to challenge Roman Reigns when, once again, Seth Rollins attacked him mercilessly.
After the clip Seth speaks again. "Now I know that's difficult to watch but that's not the worst of it. My team has obtained some...exclusive audio direct from Cesaro's hospital room and--look, we've gotta keep this between you and me, alright? Quiet down. I wanna play it for you but it's just between you and me, okay? It's our little secret! Shhh..." We then hear the beep of a heart monitor and what sounds like a groan or a shart. Rollins laughs and asks Cole "how good was that? I can see it on your face...I got you!" He tells Cole he's having just a little birthday fun. "Look, in all seriousness...what happened to Cesaro last week, it was um...it was unfortunate. You know...he pushed me to a point where my anger, my frustration, got the better of me. I blacked out. And I'm not entirely sure what happened...when I came to I was standing over the stretcher..." and goes on to blame Cesaro for putting himself in the stretcher. Rollins claims to be a man of integrity and responsibility and "the truth is, we've got to place some of the blame...we've got to place some of the blame on you (Cesaro)." The crowd boos loudly. He looks into the camera, blaming we the viewers--the WWE Universe--because we are the ones who brainwashed Cesaro into thinking it was okay to disrespect Seth Rollins. He rants on that we brainwashed Cesaro into believing that he deserved opportunities that Seth feels he didn't, and he tried to look right through Seth. Rollins goes on to tell us that if Cesaro never steps foot in a WWE ring again, the blame is on Cesaro and on the WWE Universe. He claims his hands are clean, unlike our dirty, filthy, guilty hands (this is the internet...) He begins to sing happy birthday to himself as his music plays him out.

Men's Intercontinental Championship Match: Apollo Crews(c) w/ Commander Azeez vs Kevin Owens

We're shown Owens in the back, making his way out as we head to break. Afterwards, the Intercontinental Champion and his giant of a bodyguard make their way out. Kevin Owens attacks Crews the instant the bell rings, battering him into the corner. Owens backs up and hits the Cannonball on Crews, then a standing Senton for a pin attempt. Crews rolls out of the ring to gain a breather. Owens looks to pull Crews in but Crews uses the top rope for an assisted neckbreaker. Crews heads up top. KO is up fast. Crews flies off the top; Owens dodges, Crews rolls through. Owens with the pop-up sit-out Powerbomb attempt. Owens immediately with a Stunner and covers but Azeez attacks Owens, ripping him off Crews and causing the disqualification. Incredibly, incredibly short match.
Your Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion, Apollo Crews

After the Match

Owens leaves the ring and stumbles in the area by the announcer's table, eventually falling to the ground, coughing and holding his throat as officials check on him.

Backstage: Roman Reigns with Paul Heyman & Jey Uso

Jey comes up to Roman and Heyman excuses himself. Roman questions Jey, wanting to know why Jey didn't come to him first about the tag team match the Usos set for next week. Roman feels slighted as he thought Jey was with him. Roman goes on to tell Jey all that he's done as head of the table and to make Jey Uso into "Main Event" Jey Uso. He tells Jey that they're ruling SmackDown until his brother returns, and then what happens? Jey is relegated to the opening match tonight instead of the main event. Roman tells Jey that he doesn't want Jey to go back to a place "where people look at you and say 'which one are you again?'" Jey tells Roman he's never thought about it that way, and Roman tells him that maybe he should--because Jimmy isn't.

Men's Singles Match: King Shinsuke Nakamura w/ Rick Boogs vs Chad Gable w/ Otis

We cut back to the ring and musician Rick Boogs (NXT's Rick Bugenhagen/Rik Buegz) is playing a riff on the guitar. He announces himself and tells us he came here to rock with the King of Strong Style, shows us his 80's-inspired falsetto, and plays lead guitar for Nakamura as the new King makes his way out to the ring! The digital audience go crazy..and ouch, Boogs hit a wrong note or three, totally out of key before getting back onto it. We go to break with the opponent to be announced upon our return.
Back from the break and the Alpha Academy are already at ring. Gable takes Nakamura down with a traditional slam. Nakamura fires back with kicks. Gable with a suplex. Gable takes control very briefly, using an arm takedown to drop the King. Gable looks for a top-rope moonsault but Nakamura moves. Nakamura attempts a Kinshasa but Gable blocks it. Baron Corbin comes out, snatching Nakamura's crown and yelling that it's his crown. Off the distraction, Gable attempts to roll-up the King, but Nakamura drops Gable with another Kinshasa to pick up the win after this super-short match.
Your Winner, King Shinsuke Nakamura!

After the Match

Rick Boogz attacks Corbin from behind, and Nakamura retrieves his crown, remaining the once and future king.

Backstage: Adam Pearce with Kevin Owens

Owens is rolling about on a medical table with an attendant and Adam Pearce. Pearce informs Owens he'll get another Intercontinental Championship match next week and Commander Azeez will be banned from ringside.

SmackDown Tag Team Championship Main Event Match: the Mysterios(c) vs the Dirty Dawgs

After a commercial break, we return backstage and find that Rey Mysterio was mysteriously ambushed by unknown assailants. The Dirty Dawgs are in the ring and swear they have nothing to do with this. They're disappointed because they wanted a match. And while it's heartbreaking that Rey Mysterio was injured, that's on himself--not them. Roode tells them that there's no way Dominik is going to face them two-on-one like Rey did last week and they demand the ref call for the forfeit. Backstage, Doinik is shown with Adam Pearce and Rey. Dom tells Adam that Rey stood up for him last week, so he's going to do the same for them tonight. Ziggler and Roode try to get the ref to start a count-out even though the match hasn't started and Ziggler calls this "child abuse". Dom comes out solo and we go to break! Looks like it'll function as a handicapped match, unless Rey can rally.
Back from the break. The Dirty Dawgs easily take the lead. The veterans use quick tags and working holds to wear down the rookie. Ziggler especially seems to enjoy playing with Dom. Several pin attempts, but Dominik continues to kick out. ZIggler toys with Dom, stomping him and talking smack to him. Roode is tagged in. Ziggler locks Dom up in a suplex hold and Roode stiff-kicks Dom to the gut. Dom crawls towards his corner, instinctively looking for a tag but no...his father isn't there for him. Roode comes in and lands a powerful fist. Roode whips Dom into the ropes; Dom counters with a kick but Roode lays out Dom easily. Roode takes his time, slowly walking around the ring as Dom crawls. Roode with a textbook scoop slam. Roode bounces off the ropes, looking for the leaping knee drop. Dom moves and Roode lands hard on his knee. Dom crawls for his corner but still, his father isn't out. Roode tags in Ziggler. Ziggler runs across and stands in the Mysterio corner, mocking Dom as if he were going to tag in. Ziggler scrapes Dom's face against the ropes. Ziggler with a slam and pin attempt. Ziggler takes Dom back into the Dawg's corner (Dawghouse?) Dom starts to finally get some offense in, punching Roode off the apron. Dom with strikes to back off Ziggler before streaking to the ropes and taking out Roode with a baseball slide! Pat McAfee is up on his feet, really into this match (he often is).
Dom takes Ziggler out, dropping the vet to the outside. Dom takes Ziggler into the ring and heads up top. DOm leaps off but Ziggler ducks under. Dom sends Ziggler to the middle rope and looks for a 6-1-9. Roode trips up Dom; Dom kicks Roode off and attacks Ziggler, sending him back to the rope. Dom goes for the 6-1-9 again but Ziggler ducks under and hits the Famouser! Ziggler covers for a close two! Roode is tagged in and both men perform a beautiful double-team move culminating in a double back slam. Roode covers for two. Roode pulls Dom up into the Electric Chair position as Ziggler gets ready--incoming Doomsday Device! But suddenly Rey Mysterio makes his way out, limping to his music. The distraction allows Dom to counter Roode's move into a Hurricanrana and roll up the Dawg, picking up the win and retaining!
Your Winners and STILL SmackDown Tag Team Champions, the Mysterios!

After the Match

The Usos music plays and they immediately make their way out to confront the champs. Roman and Heyman watch from the back and Roman does not seem happy as we end our program.

In Closing

That does it for our WWE big-three programming for the week! Thank you all for stopping in for a spell, and we hope to see you Monday. Have a happy holiday weekend, stay cool and stay safe out there!

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