WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results (6/11/2021): ThunderDome III, Yuengling Center, Tampa, FL


Welcome back to Rajah.com's Friday Night SmackDown live results coverage! As always, your host is the most electrifying name in sports entertainment results today, Rajah's smack-talking jabroni, Mike Hogan! Don't forget that AEW airs right after SmackDown tonight, and Boone will have your results. Also, NXT TakeOver: In Your House 2021 is this weekend. Expect a lot of nostalgia, the return of the Million Dollar Championship, Ted DiBiase, Todd Pettengill and god knows what else.

We learned earlier this morning in our official preview that the Street Profits are set to clash with the Alpha Academy, which was announced last week. We're also expecting to see some more conflict between the Mysterios and Roman's Tribe. It's also rumored that Rey Mysterio will be announced as Roman Reigns' next challenger for the Universal championship.

A late afternoon update has added a Big E & Kevin Owens vs Apollo Crews & Sami Zayn tag match, as well as a special edition of "Ding Dong, Hello!" featuring Seth Rollins.

So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here! If you're looking for this morning's official preview, it's right here!

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results (6/11/2021) -- ThunderDome III (Yuengling Center), Tampa, FL

Previously on SmackDown

We open with a video that focused on the Usos telling Roman Reigns last week, after their first SmackDown Tag Team championship shot, that they were cheated as a shoulder was up. We get replays of the controversial pin in which the Usos clearly did not lose. We see a tense moment with Roman backstage, who was angry with his cousins for making a tag match the week prior without his permission. He warned them to fix it and make it right, so they arranged for a second match last Friday. The Mysterios gained the upper hand, causing the Head of the Table to attack the Mysterios and cause a DQ. Roman viciously assaulted Dominik and Rey both, and we also see where Jimmy Uso begged Roman to release Dom from a guillotine. Afterwards, Roman continued to unleash on Dom and we get multiple replays of the big Powerbomb Reigns used to lay out Mysterio.

Backstage: Universal Champion Roman Reigns with Paul Heyman & the Usos

We cut to the back where Roman watches from his chair. The digital crowd boos as we pan over to see Heyman, holding Roman's Universal championship, and Jey. Roman tells Jey that he saved them last week and "y'all owe me. What's the one thing that I will not stand for?" Jey sniffles, then answers that they're not to embarrass the family. Roman continues. "I know you understand that. But does your brother (Jimmy)?" Uso music plays and we go to the ring.

In the Ring Promo: Jimmy Uso

Jimmy makes his way down to the ring as Michael Cole and Pat McAfee welcome us to the ThunderDome. Jimmy speaks. "Last week? It was supposed to be a celebration. Tonight, we supposed to be in here seven-time WWE SmackDown tag team champions but no, we got robbed. I'm not out here trying to make excuses, man, I'm spittin' facts. First off, ref blew the call. Everybody in the ThunderDome can see Use's shoulders was up, ya boy kicked out. But it's cool because then we got round two, a chance to redeem ourselves. We're in there, doing what the Usos do, then here he comes--the Head of the Table, stickin' your nose in our business. You just had to make it about you, just had to make it about you! Couldn't elt us get it, Roman, you couldn't let us get what's ours and if you ask me...(I feel like) you got us disqualified on purpose." We see the Tribe in the back watching in shock. "What's the point, Roman, what's the point?" He addresses Roman's vicious beatdown of the Mysterios last week. "I know what your issue is, Use...you jealous. You're jealous of me. You're jealous I'm back. You're jealous I want my brother with me, you're jealous because we wanna represent the family too and we wanna hold the gold. Just. Like. You." We see Roman, unhappily glaring at Jey as Jimmy continues, accusing Roman of trying to tear his brother Jey away from him. "But guess what? I'm my brother's keeper, not you! And tonight, hear me when I say this, Use. Tonight, I promise, I promise, I'm gonna do something that I won't regret." Roman tells Jey in the back "he's not my brother, he doesn't look just like me, nobody's gonna confuse him with me...you better take care of this." Jey gets up and leaves as Roman looks sullen.

Backstage: the Usos

When we return from break, we open in the back. Jey Uso is passionately talking to Jimmy, and tells him that Roman wants to see him. Jimmy tells Jey that if Roman wants to see him (Jimmy), he can do it "in our locker room."

Tag Team Match: Kevin Owens & Big E vs Intercontinental Champion Apollo Crews w/ Commander Azeez & Sami Zayn

At 8:11pm, we start the introductions for our first match of the night! Kevin Owens comes out first, followed by Big E. Both men show off in the ring as we head to break! Back from the break. Crews, Zayn and Azeez are already out. Commander Azeez stares down Owens and Big E as Zayn and Crews strip down to ring wear for the fight. We start with Owens and Crews. Owens streaks over when the bell rings and punches Zayn off the apron. KO follows it up with a high elbow to Crews, slides outside and pummels Zayn with fists before whipping him into the barricade. Owens comes back in. Crews attempts to gain control but Owens drops Crews and its the standing Senton! Owens slides back outside the ring and beats on Zayn more as Azeez watches him. KO heads back in and Crews finally gets the upper hand. Crews sends Owens to the corner and tags in Zayn, who punches and stomps KO in the corner. Zayn with a foot choke, then tags in Crews. Crews with stiff kicks and a textbook suplex, floating over into a cover for a one count. Zayn with a tag and works Owens in the corner, then tags Crews. They're doing a superb job of isolating KO...until Crews looks for a lariat and Owens ducks under, rolling and making the hot tag to Big E! Big E hits the ring on fire, using suplex tosses to take control. A miscalculation allows Crews to whip Big E into the corner. Crews, however, charges the corner and runs right into a Urinage! Big E looks for the Big Ending but Crews counters with a step-up Enziguri, chased with a German Suplex and a pin attempt for two. Big E sends Crews out onto the apron. Big E looks for a spear or shoulder tackle but the champ ducks down, yanking the top rope down and sending Big E flying to the outside! We head to break!
Back from the break. Crews stomps Big E in the corner and tags in Zayn as Michael Cole informs us that Crews has maintained control throughout the break. Zayn and Crews use fast tags to alternate stomping Big E in the ring. Crews takes time to taunt and Big E fights out of the corner, throwing rights as he attempts to battle his way to his partner. Crews grabs E's foot and drags him back, tagging in Zayn. Zayn kicks the back then uses a working headlock, attempting to keep the big man grounded. The digital crowd and ThunderDome visual audience applaud for Big E, trying to fire him up. Big E almost reaches Owens but Zayn connects with a drop toehold to block him. Crews comes in and hits a big elbow before attempting a cover. Crews with a leaping splash in the corner before heading up top. Crews goes for a D-lo Frog Splash but Big E quickly moves out the way! Both men are down, crawling for their corners. Both men make hot tags and here come Owens and Zayn! Owens with the Lou Thesz Press on Zayn; Owens beats Zayn in the corner and sends him outside the ring. KO follows and hits a Senton on Zayn, who screams about his ribs. Owens questions his ribs, takes him inside and whips him into the corner. KO with a running splash followed up with the Cannonball! KO goes up top and hits the Swanton off the top for a close two! Zayn just kicked out! Owens sets Zayn up on the top turnbuckle. Owens attempts to climb up but Zayn pushes him off. Zayn tags in Crews. Crews eats a pop-up sit-out Powerbomb from Owens for a close two! Zayn makes the save with a big, big foot right to Owens' face. Crews tags in Zayn who looks for a rear grapple. Owens blocks and throws back elbows, but Zayn is able to lock in the rear lock Suplex for a close two. Zayn with the Blue Thunder Bomb for a close two--Big E makes the save! Crews and Big E clash, with Big E hitting the Cactus Jack Clothesline (he ran over and clotheslined Crews so hard that both men fell over the top rope). KO uses the opportunity to put down Sami Zayn and pick up the win after an exciting match.
Your Winners, Big E and Kevin Owens!

After the Match: A Challenge and an Idiot

Apollo Crews gets on the mic and demands the music be stopped. KO flips off Crews. Crews tells them that they should not be celebrating because they didn't beat him. He calls Sami Zayn an idiot who burdened him. Crews challenges them to a match next week--Commander Azeez will make his in-ring debut in this tag match. Zayn gets on the mic and yells, "who're you calling an idiot? You're a liar, you're a fraud! You set me up, you set me up! You're working with Kevin Owens...you're trying to keep me away from that Intercontinental title...you owe me an apology, pal!" Azeez shuts up Zayn with a Nigerian Nail (thumb to the neck). Crews and Azeez leave the ring as Zayn rolls around, holding his neck.

Backstage: Adam Pearce with Rey Mysterio

We watch an angry Rey Mysterio having a tantrum in front of Pearce. We're unsure what was said as Cole spoke over them and explained to us that Mysterio was not a happy trooper. We go to break.

Progressive Match Flo: the Street Profits & the Alpha Academy

Quick video catches us up on Chad Gable insulting the Profits last week, and Otis laying out both members of the Profits for mocking Gable and for accusing Gable of holding Otis back.

Backstage: the Street Profits with Chad Gable

The Profits are talking when Gable walks up. He tells them he has egg on his face, and he wanted to apologize. He informs them that Otis can be a little emotional but he went ahead and got their match cancelled. Montez tells Gable that he acts like he's doing them a favor by cancelling their match. Ford tells Gable that if Otis crosses him again, he's gonna wreck his day. Gable gets angry and defensive. He tells them that they've done it, because now he wants the smoke. He challenges Montez Ford to a single's match and tells them Otis won't come to ringside if Ford keeps Dawkins in the back, too. Perhaps the tag match is changed due to a minor injury?

Backstage: Roman Reigns with Jey Uso

Jey enters Roman's office or whatever. Roman asks "where is he?" Jey tries to make excuses and again Roman inquires, "where is he?" Jey regretfully informs Roman that Jimmy said he's in his (the Uso's) locker room and for Roman to come to him. Roman laughs, especially pointing out "your locker room? That's your locker room now? You sure that's not 'Roman's cousin's locker room?'" He laughs more at the thought of them deserving their own locker room and tells Jey to inform Jimmy that Roman's coming for him.

Singles Match: "the Most Beautiful Woman in All of WWE" Carmella vs Liv Morgan

We return to the arena and get the announcement to welcome Carmella. The title card even lists her new nickname/title. Jeez. We're getting a rematch from last week, in which Liv Morgan's debuted a post-Riott Squad gimmick similar to Carmella's, in which she seems to feel being noted as the fairest in all the land is important. We head to break--this match is next! After the break, Liv Morgan makes her way out as we get clips from last week, in which Morgan lost to Carmella. The bell rings and we get right to it. Morgan's ring wear looks, as Erica pointed out, like "caution" tape haha. Liv immediately goes after Carmella, taking the veteran into the corner. Liv beats Carmella down with rapid-fire fists and kicks until the ref forces the break. Carmella uses this to her opportunity and sends Liv outside. Carmella attacks Morgan on the outside then tells Michael Cole repeatedly to tell "them" (us, the viewer) that she's the most beautiful woman ever. Carmella pulls Morgan up and takes her back into the ring and the corner, pounding on her jaw. Liv tries to fight out of the corner with rights but Carmella drops her with a clubbing forearm to the back. Carmella with a mount-and-pound before a pin attempt. Carmella with a Strong Irish Whip to the corner. Morgan ducks underneath a lariat attempt and hits a modified exploder per McAfee, who applauds her "explosivity." Carmella turns it around as Morgan charges into a Big Boot from the former champ. Carmella pounds on Liv's back. Carmella talks trash to Liv as she leans against the ropes. Carmella looks for a Superkick but Liv counters and sends Carmella face-first into the mat, connecting with the Oblivion to pick up the win! Impressive, new finisher--Carmella was draped against the ropes as if preparing for a 6-1-9, and Morgan runs, leaps seated onto the middle rope, grabbed Carmella and twisted, sending her face-first into the canvas.
Your Winner, Liv Morgan!

Ding Dong, Hello! featuring Seth Rollins

We return from break and Ding Dong, Hello now has cheesy 90's style talk-show music and short video intro. Bayley welcomes us to "the hottest talk show on TV today, the 'Ding Dong, Hello!' show! Guys, look what I did for you! I upgraded! Look at these beautiful pictures...Michael, that one's for you, haha." She goes on to point out larger prints of her various title reign. She decides to stop talking about herself and introduces her guest, "Seth freakin' Rollins" who comes out to yet a new theme music and wearing a suit I totally want. Seth follows proper DD,H! and rings the door bell. Bayley tells him to come in and is excited to see him, and they happily hug like the true criminal masterminds they are. She thanks him for using the door, and he thanks her for having him "on a proper show for a proper interview." He compliments the upgraded set as he rests in a very plush and comfy chair. He goes on to praise Bayley, telling her how much respect he has for her. He bashes SmackDown Women's Champion Bianca Belair and has no doubt that Bayley will mop the floor with her. He has a question about last week, calling what Bayley did a "master class" and has production play a clip of Bayley taunting Belair last week. Bayley's face took over all the ThunderDome audience screens as she cackled maniacally. Seth and Bayley laugh about it in the ring. They'd really be an awesome heel faction's mouthpiece set. After laughing for a few moments, even Rollins takes a dig at Cole. We then get clips from three weeks ago, per Bayley's request, showing Seth Rollins' total decimation of Cesaro. Rollins laid out Cesaro with multiple stomps and left Cesaro wearing a sling. After the clip, Rollins stares at Bayley as if he's mad...then they both break out in laughter again. She mocks Cesaro, holding her arm and exclaiming "my shoulder!" The doorbell rings again and Seth asks if she ordered some food; she asks Seth if he got her a surprise. Seth offers to be a gentleman and get the door for her. He opens the door and freezes...just before Cesaro attacks! Cesaro whips Rollins into the chair then slams the door from the set into his face! Cesaro proceeds to use the set to destroy and chase off Rollins, then throws the large plants and pieces of the set out the ring at Rollins! Bayley watches the whole thing and, afterwards, she goes back into the ring. She tries to set her show's props back up but many are broken. She sadly questions him about it when out comes SmackDown Champion Bianca Belair! Belair trots out then bursts into laughter at Bayley's ruined set. Want to give props to McAfee again for showing both growth on the mic but also such incredible enthusiasm. He legit gets excited when things happen, it's refreshing.

Video Package: the Mysterios vs the Usos II

We get another video package, showing the end of the second tag team championship match last week that ended when Roman destroyed the Mysterios.

Backstage Interview: Megan with Rey Mysterio

Megan asks Rey about last week and how Dom's doing. Rey sounds hoarse, but reminds us that he vowed the day that Dom was born, that he (Rey) would be responsible for his son and protect him. But last week? Last week, Rey failed him. He tells us that Dom's injuries weren't a freak accident, no, they were the fault of a man who talks about family but has no respect for Mysterio's. He calls his son his reason for being, and tells Roman to do whatever he wants with his family but he needs to stay out of Rey's. He informs us that he's coming out later tonight and will call out and, if Roman comes out, he'll show Roman what family is really about.

Singles Match: Montez Ford vs Chad Gable

Montez Ford comes out with Dawkins, but the two part ways at the top of the ramp. We go to the break--this match is next! After a short break, we return and find Gable already in the ring. The bell rings and our match starts slowly as Gable uses his technical prowess to impressively counter much of Ford's offense early on. A series of standing switches leads to Ford locking on an armbar. Gable rolls through, showing some impressive agility in flipping and rolling to escape it before taking Montez down and locking in an arm hold of his own. Gable begins to focus on Ford's left shoulder. Ford fights to his feet, screaming in pain as he powerfully frees his arm. Ford drops Gable down but Gable counters into a side headlock. Ford escapes and again, Gable takes him down into a headlock. Ford escapes and uses an arm drag takedown before locking on an arm hold of his own. Pat McAfee sings, "anything you can do, Montez Ford can do better..". In the ring both men jockey to gain control. Both competitors continue to do an impressive job of countering each other, and no man keeps control for more than a few moments. Gable with a front facelock. Ford counters with a whip into the ropes, ducks down as Gable runs off the ropes, and goes for a standing cross-body on a rebounding Gable--but Gable counters it and smoothly transitions into an Ankle Lock! It takes Ford long, crucial moments to escape. Ford kicks Gable out of the ring. Gable runs to strike Ford up on the apron but Ford dodges then leaps off, crashing into Gable and sending us to a commercial break!
Back from the break. Cole informs us that Gable has been putting on a technical clinic all throughout the break, maintaining control. Ford, from the apron, springboards into the ring but is caught and smoothly transitioned into a German Suplex by Gable. Impressive! Ford and Gable collide, leaving both men down as Ford desperately throws his body into Gable's. Backstage, Angelo Dawkins is clapping and chanting "let's go, let's go" for his partner until Otis, without a beard shows up and destroys Dawkins! In the ring Ford starts his comeback, taking down Gable with a standing cross-body. Ford heads up top and flies high, connecting with the Frog Splash. Gable kicks out but Otis hits the ring and attacks Montez Ford, causing the DQ.
Your Winner by Disqualification, Montez Ford!

After the Match: Street, Meet Dozer

Otis easily tosses Ford across the announcer's table and beats him outside the ring before taking him in. Body slam from the former "Dozer". Otis climbs up top and flies halfway across the ring, splashing and flattening Montez Ford. RIP Montez Ford. Angelo Dawkins limps down to the ring, holding his arm. Otis drags Ford to the corner and uses the top ropes to hit a splash, once again flattening Ford. Dawkins crawls into the ring, attempting to help his friend as WWE refs and officials swarm the ring to separate Otis. We go to break.

Singles Match: Corbin vs King Shinsuke Nakamura with Boogz

When we return from break, the mad-king Corbin is in ring as is the once and future king, the true heir to the throne, the King of Strong Style--Shinsuke Nakamura! Boogz is playing lead guitar as we're sent to a video from last week, during which Rick Boogz prevented the usurper Corbin from stealing the crown from our rightful king. The ref checks our competitors and ding ding goes the bell. Boogz starts playing a lick on his guitar, distracting Corbin. Shinsuke attacks Corbin in the corner and foot-chokes him as Boogz plays riffs randomly. Nakamura goes up top and connects with a flying knee off the top rope, but Corbin kicks out at two. Shinsuke posts up in the corner, calling for the Kinshasa! Corbin reverses the Kinshasa into a Deep Six! McAfee and Cole comment on the crown. This is the third week in a row that these two have battled in a...game of thrones...for the crown. Corbin starts to get offense in and uses a big right to drop the King. Corbin reaches down for Nakamura but the King rolls up Corbin to pick up the win!
Your Winner and STILL Your Once & Future King, Shinsuke Nakamura!

After the Match

Corbin attacks Nakamura then takes the crown. Once again Boogz makes a case to be the Hand of the King as he saves the crown from the false-king's attempted coup! Nakamura drops Corbin and, in the words of Pat McAfee, "Corbin is dropped like a bag of trash over the (announcer's) table." Nakamura and Boogz celebrate.

Backstage: Roman Reigns, Paul Heyman and Jey Uso

Roman speaks. "Let's go to your locker room." He heads off, both men in tow, and we head to break.

Backstage: Adam Pearce & Sonya Deville

The two officials are talking when Corbin comes up, angrily demanding that they make King Nakamura give the crown back. Deville suggests that as both men are 2-2 in matches against each other as of late, the Crown should be put on the line. Next week will see a battle for the throne.

Backstage: Universal Champion Roman Reigns & the Usos

Roman shows his title to Jimmy. Jimmy tells Roman that he doesn't care about that. He accuses Roman of being like this when he was a kid--using and abusing the system to get his way. Jimmy tells Roman that he's watched for a year as Roman's used Jey. Jimmy states he's not trying to be Roman, and yes someday Roman will be in the Hall of Fame. But so will the Usos. Jimmy calls Roman a little bitch. Roman and Jimmy close the gap, arguing with each other and to Jey. Jey snaps, telling them both that he's tired of them both and he's tired of this (the family strife). Jimmy tells Roman he's tired of this and if Roman wants to throw down, if he wants to box, "let's go!" Roman scoffs. "Box? You gonna fight me? For what? What have I done? We ain't little kids anymore...this is family business, this is our livelihood." He accuses Jimmy of not thinking of the family first. "How could you do this to your brother? You're twins, yeah, but who came out first? Who came out first?" Jimmy admits that he's the older brother. Roman lays into him, telling him that Roman should be able to depend on Jimmy. Jimmy should lead Jey as the older brother. Roman seems to implore to Jimmy to not treat his "brother like that" and insists on being the best. He asks Jimmy again how can he do this to his own brother. He tries to make a case as being the good guy, and tells Jimmy to make this right with Jey and to make it right for the family. Jimmy nods slightly and heads off.

In the Ring: Rey Mysterio Calls Out Universal Champion Roman Reigns

Rey makes his way out, ready to call out Roman as we go to break! After the break, Rey calls out Roman. "You've disrespected my family, I'm waiting." He puts his hands on his hips as nothing happens, then speaks again. "C'mon out!" Rey is doing a great job looking visibly upset. Finally, Roman Reigns' music plays and out comes our Head of the Table and you will acknowledge him! Roman comes out with Heyman. It only took about three minutes or so this time. The digital crowd hits him with a "Roman sucks" chant. Rey gets on the mic. "This is what you wanted to her? I acknowledge you, Roman." Roman nods his head, mouthing "I like that." Rey speaks more. "I acknowledge you f-for the rat bastard you are! I also acknowledge you as the rat bastard who put his hands on my son! I acknowledge you as a man I'm willing to fight, even if I lose the fight. And I also acknowledge you as a man I want to fight inside (the) Hell in a Cell! Now that I've laid out my challenge, it's your turn to acknowledge." Rey drops his mic and backs off.
Roman speaks. "I acknowledge you. I acknowledge you as a father--" but before he can finish, Mysterio attacks with a Kendo stick! Mysterio beats Roman for a few moments until Roman blocks it. Roman looks for a Powerbomb but Mysterio hangs onto that Kendo and beats Roman's face until he lets Rey down! Rey with more Kendo strikes until Roman shuts him down with a Superman Punch. Roman posts up in the corner, yells "ooooooo-ahhhhhhh" and gets hit across the nipples with a Kendo stick from Dominik Mysterio! Dom gets a few shots in before Roman picks up Dom and Powerbomb tosses Dom out of the ring! Where's a "holy shit" chant when you need one? Rey attacks Roman from behind with the Kendo stick again, sending Roman outside the ring! Rey checks on Dom and Roman lays him out with a big running kick. Rey attempts to shield his son as officials run out, Roman angrily looking on from the ramp as we fade to black.

In Closing

That does it for tonight's show! Click here for AEW live results coverage. Don't forget to come see us for NXT TakeOver: In Your House 2021 and folks, if you have the chance to watch it then I highly encourage you to do so. Should be the best matches we'll see all month. Happy weekend, stay cool, stay frosty, and stay safe out there!

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