WWE Friday Night Smackdown Live Results (7/24/2020) - Performance Center, Orlando, FL

Hey, you! I'm glad you swung by and decided to spend your Friday night with the Mikester! Kick your feet up, get comfortable, and let's get to it!

Our Smackdown Preview written by one of the brightest new reporters here at Rajah.com, promises us a bar fight between Sheamus and Jeff Hardy. One can only hope a The Bar reunion happens. We'll also see MizTV featuring Naomi and the tag team champions, Sasha "No Belts" Banks and Bayley Dos Straps will address the championship situation, aka probably begin their feud for Summer Slam. Who knows what else the writers have in store for us before Vince tears it up and rewrites it at 7:45pm?

There's only one way to find out, and that's by tuning in now!

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Live Results (7/24/2020) - Performance Center, Orlando, FL

Jeff Hardy/Sheamus Bar Fight Promo

The show cold opens, where Jeff Hardy, seated on a stool, says "My name is Jeff Hardy and I'm an alcoholic." He then goes on to tout conquering his demons and tonight he's going to end Sheamus. We then cut to Sheamus, where he mocks Hardy and says in the morning, that ache in Jeff Hardy's head, won't be from a hangover but from Sheamus busting his head. Sheamus says Jeff will end up wallowing in the gutter with a bottle in his hand. We then cut to JBL doing a Grandpa's-shaking-hand Zoom video, saying he's had his fair share of bar fights and he won't give us his prediction right now. Michael Cole and Corey Graves welcome us to tonight's Smackdown.

In the Ring: Sasha Banks & Bayley

Michael Coles gives us a day count, so that must mean Bayley is coming out to the ring! Celebrating her 287th day as champion, Bayley and Banks make their way to the ring, yelling at the booing crowd. Bayley and Banks both get in the ring, holding up all four of their titles--Sasha Banks still has the Raw Women's Championship in her hand, and holds it up as the crowd boos. Note: in case you missed the announcement Monday, Asuka is the true champion, and Asuka will defend the belt against Sasha Banks this coming Monday. Bayley comes over to yell hi at Michael Cole, then we cut to the ring.

Sasha first talks about greatness, and what it meant. She defined it as the quality or state of being great. Bayley then says that Sasha is the new definition of greatness, and says they'll show everyone the definition of greatness. On the tron/screen up the ramp there's a picture of Banks and Bayley holding up the tag titles and both women's belts, with the definition of greatness spelled out. Sasha and Bayley go on to state that they control the division, and they are the gold standard, the true definition of greatness. Fans yell something and Bayley yells for them not to interrupt her and calls them stupid. Both men pat themselves on the back.

Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross come to the stage. Nikki is fired up and yells at Sasha and Bayley, and says she's tired of them and they're over. She says that she had a shot at the Smackdown Women's championship and all she has to show for it is cracked ribs. Alexa Bliss tries to calm her. Cross yells that she's going to take them down, and she wants a shot at the Smackdown Women's championship against Bayley right now. Bayley says that Nikki can have her championship if she first wins a match against a future hall of famer, a former Smackdown Women's champion, Alexa Bliss. And the winner can take on Bayley next week. Cross and Bliss talk about it at the top of the ramp. Alexa Bliss says they don't have to do this, as Cross is still favoring her cracked ribs. Cross says repeatedly "yes we have to do this." She then turns to Alexa and shoves her down, yelling that they have to do this. Cross heads down to the ring as Bliss looks on in shock. Commercial break, but up next is their match!

#1 Contender's Match: Alexa Bliss vs Nikki Cross

As we learned before the break, the winner of this match will be the new number one contender for the Smackdown Women's Championship and will face Bayley next Friday on Smackdown! We return back with Bayley and Banks on the announce table, again, which seems to be their recurring gimmick. As Alexa and Nikki slowly circle each other in the ring, Michael Cole takes the time to apologize to both women for constantly insinuating that they were having trouble in their friendship for months. Alexa and Nikki finally lock up, ending in a pushback break. They lock up faster this time and spin each other, ending with both women separated. Both women continue to put on a slowly-paced, somewhat tech-light series of grapples. Finally, Alexa sends Cross to the mat with a stiff shoulder. Cross and Bliss exchange moves in the corner. Alexa goes to slap Cross; Cross catches the hand and yells "you tried to slap me?"

Bliss and Cross continue on like this for a few until Cross takes Bliss out of the corner and hits a bulldog, covering for a two. They get to their feet and grapple; Bliss sends Cross to the mat hard. Bliss does a standing jumping dropkick down onto Nikki's face. Cross rolls outside. Bliss runs and rebounds off the opposite ropes, attempting a baseball slide. Cross pulls the ringside banner/curtain back so that it catches Cross between it and the ring. Nikki laughs but Bliss slaps her hard, staggering her. Bliss grabs Cross and is about to throw her into the announce table...until both women notice Banks and Bayley laughing at them and rooting for the discord. Bliss and Cross both attack the tag team champions, leaving them laying on the floor as we cut to commercial!

Back from the break Bliss is in the ring and Cross is on the apron. Cross grabs Bliss' hair, but Bliss elbows her off the apron. Bliss hits a baseball slide as Cross gets up. Cross is up slower, guarding her ribs. She rolls into the ring. Bliss comes over and kicks Cross right in the ribs hard. Cross rolls to the corner, seated. Bliss comes over and kicks her in the gut and side as she tries to rise. Bliss hits a snapmare into the middle of the ring and works Cross' neck. Cross gets out but Bliss immediately attacks those ribs again. Cross out of the ring, resting against the barricade. Bliss comes out and throws her into it, and attacks her, before returning to the ring. The ref gets to eight before Cross can get in the ring. Bliss keeps attacking Cross' ribs with kicks. She hits a leaping kneedrop to the ribs, then another, before attempting a pin. Kickout at two.

Nikki struggles to her feet, only to be dropped by Bliss. Bliss grabs Cross' right arm and locks in a turtle lock, yanking back that right shoulder while pressing her knee into Cross' ribs. Nikki won't tap. Alexa gets Cross on her side and pushes her right elbow into Cross' injured side while wrapping her arm under Cross'. Nikki finally, finally gets free and takes control. Nikki sends Bliss into the bottom right corner and beats her in the corner. She takes Bliss to the bottom left corner and slams Alexa's face into the turnbuckle multiple times as the ref counts a warning. Nikki sits Alexa on the top turnbuckle and bows down to set up a move, but Bliss moves and hits a Panama Sunrise, getting a two. Bliss goes up top for a move but Cross follows her up fast and blocks her. Both women gain separation. Bliss with a strong slam for a two count. Nikki goes for a fireman's but Bliss swings around, grappling Cross from behind. Cross reverses it and hits a modified side slam. Cross goes up top and dives for the Cross-Body, but Bliss moves! Cross rolling and screaming in pain as she landed on her ribs. The ref checks on her as she makes it to a knee, but she refuses to give up. She won't give up even when Bliss comes over to check on her--and instead, rolls her up for the win! After a quick replay, we go to commercials.
Your Winner and NEW Number One Contender, Nikki Cross!

Backstage w/ Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross

Cross is chanting softly to herself "one more time just one more time" over and over until Bliss walks up. Bliss says "you got one over on me," then hands Cross a bottle of water. Bliss adds "I remember last week that you said you didn't get the same opportunities as for me, but tonight you earned it, and I'm very happy for you." They hug it out. Bliss then says its now time to focus on beating Bayley and Cross becoming the new Smackdown Women's champion. They cheer each other and hug each other out.

Bray Wyatt Promo

Firefly Fun House opening music/picture begin, but then warp into something dark. We then see clips from the swamp fight, where Wyatt welcomed Strowman there. They show a lot of the creepy footage, including Steven's favorite Alexa Bliss as Sister Abigail. They show clips of the fight, which was untraditional and featured lots of breaking props. The match ended with Bray reaching out of the swamp, grabbing Braun and dragging him under. The swamp was still until the Fiend showed up and started laughing.

We then cut to the Firefly Fun House. We're zoomed in close of the head-lantern. Then we hear FFH Bray laugh as the camera pulls out. Mr. Rogers-Bray says "that sure was fun! A family reunion just warms my soul. Braun Strowman came back home!" The kids clap. Bray says that people may be worried about Braun in that stinking, dirty swamp but it's okay--that swamp is 100% organic! The head-lantern whispers to Bray. Bray says "no, your job's done." It whispers again. Bray says he won't let "him" out again. It whispers again. Bray's face goes from jolly to sinister, and his voice drops. He says "Listen...you had your chance...its his turn now. He-has been-unleashed." We're treated to creepy clips of the Fiend laughing. We cut back to Mr. Rogers-Bray who stares menacingly, then smiles and says "bye! Have a great day! Say bye!" The segment ends.

Announcer's Table: Riddle/AJ Styles

Michael Cole and Corey Graves worry that the Fiend is back. We then see clips from last week, where AJ Styles beat Matt Riddle to retain his Intercontinental belt. They shake hands at the end, until King Corbin attacks Riddle from behind.

Matt Riddle vs. Tony Nese

Matt Riddle walks out to the ring, doing his usual...dare I call it...brodus operandi?...you know, modus operandi, a method/way of doing something...get it? No? Aight. I'll get ya next time. The Original Bro gets in the ring and Cole sends us to commercial without informing us who his opponent is. Back from the break and we've learned his opponent is Tony Nese! The instant the bell rings, its all Riddle.

Riddle completely dominates Nese with a variety of suplexes and pin attempts. Nese finally makes some space and flies off the top, taking down the king of bros. Tony locks in a leg waistlock on Riddle. Riddle tries to pry them apart and escape, but Nese positions on Riddle's back. Riddle rises to his feet, Nese on his back, and turns Nese's body to attempt the Bro-Derek. Nese slips out of it. Exchange of moves. Riddle hits a hard kick to take Nese down. Riddle gets Nese up and manages to hit the Bro-Derek this time, gaining a W in the ledger.
Your Winner, Matt Riddle!

After the Match

We get replays of the match and Riddle hitting the Bro-Derek for the win. Matt gets on the mic. He says he's kinda new here and doesn't know how all this works, but he'll give it a try. "King Corbin, I'm calling you out bro. C'mon bro, c'mon bro, let's go bro." Out comes the King himself, King Corbin. Corbin says "Matt, look buddy, you are right. You don't know how things work around here." He says that if Riddle wants the audience of a king, he's got to put in a formal request, but he can tell Riddle right now that it'll be rejected. He says Riddle's got that new car smell (love that strain, personally) and goes on to berate Riddle. He tells Riddle he should go back to NXT but, actually, after the win just now, maybe Riddle should go to 205 Live where he can be a top guy there. Corbin then puts out a "king's bounty" on Matt Riddle.

Riddle says Corbin's got it wrong, that Corbin's the next guest on the Bro Show. He immediately turns and roundhouse kicks Tony Nese, who was coming up behind him to attack.

Backstage w/ John Morrison and the Miz

Morrison tries to run some hashtags past Miz for his input. Miz blows him off and says they've got a show to do. Up next, MizTV featuring Naomi! Commercial break.


Miz and Morrison are in the ring with MizTV set up. They welcome us to MizTV. Morrison says that he has some nerds as his trendcasters, who will help him to be so popular he trends globally. Miz asks Morrison if they told him to wear his outfit (jacket, no shirt, shades) tonight, in the year 2020. Morrison says yeah and opens his jacket, showing a #MoreMorrison in it on a strip a tape. Naomi is introduces and dances out. She gets in the ring where Miz and Morrison are doing weird whiteboy dances. Naomi asks them if they're done, and they finally all sit down. Miz welcomes Naomi out and says that last week, she suffered a heart-breaking loss. And despite that, last week she was trending with the hashtag "NaomiDeservesBetter." The crowd cheers.

Naomi says it feels good to know so many around the world count on her and look up to her, and promises to live up to what they expect. Miz then runs down several of Naomi's high profile losses. They ask her if that makes her sick. She snaps her finger and we're treated to "Five Seth Rollins' Pukes!" Miz tells Naomi she won't be trending worldwide; Naomi says she doesn't care if she trends, and that the topic of conversation is "that." Naomi says she's been showing up for a decade, stepping up and stepping out, and that's why her fans support her. Miz and Morrision say that they're not ready for that, but they do have a surprise for her--a surprise guess, Lacey Evans! Lacey Evans comes out to the ring, doing her full, glamorous entrance before taking a spot standing next to Morrison.

Lacey says she has a question for the Miz and Morrison. She asks them if they've ever had their ass kicked so hard that they got a pity hashtag trending worldwide? Naomi attacks Lacey, seemingly drawing blood from Lacey's nose. Naomi sends Lacey out of the ring. Lacey checks her compact a few times, screaming in rage at the ring as she sees the blood. She exits, Naomi keeps dancing, and Michael Cole sends us over to our Match Flo.

Match Flo

We get highlights and stills from this past Sunday's Smackdown tag championship match between The New Day and the Bar 2.0 Cesaro & Nakamura, who are the new Tag Team Champions for Smackdown.

Backstage w/ Kofi and Big E

Big E asks Kofi what the news is, as Kofi's exiting a door with a cheap plastic "Doctor/Trainer" sign on the door. Kofi says its not good; Kofi's going to be out for several months. He says that he and Xavier talked about it and as they're both out of action, it's time for Big E to shine solo. Kofi says that it's been six years that E's given up everything for the New Day. Big E goes to interject and interrupt, but Kofi says he and Woods have talked about this, and it's Big E's turn. Kofi says for Big E not to wait a decade to get his shot like Kofi did, and it's his time. They hug.

AJ Styles Joins Commentary

It happened, so I'm reporting it. They cut to AJ Styles making his entrance, heading down to the ringside area. He joins the announce team, Michael Cole tells us we'll find out who fights AJ Styles for the IC title, coming up next--and we go to commercials.

Fatal 4-Way #1 Intercontinental Championship Contender's Match:
Drew Gulak vs Gran Metallik vs Shorty G vs Lince Dorado

The match begins with the faster-paced Lucha House Party taking control. After a fast sequence, we end up with Gran Metallik and Shorty G in the ring. Metallik with a high kick, then a kick to the midsection, before hitting a springboard body splash. Drew Gulak and Dorado hit the ring to break up the pin attempt, and send Metallik and G out the ring. Dorado sends Gulak outside. Dorado with a suicide dive on Gulak. Shorty G takes down Metallik, sends him outside, then dives off the top rope to splash the other competitors as we go to commercial break. Decent, typical fast-paced match that reminds me of fatal four-ways in WCW.

Back from break and Shorty G slams Metallik and covers. Drew pulls G off and tries to cover. Dorado splashes Gulak and attempts to pin him. We end up with the LHP outside, and Gulak taking on Shorty G in the ring. Shorty controls the pace and sends Gulak out the ring. Shorty G turns his attention to Gran Metallik. Shorty G stomps Metallik repeatedly until Gulak comes in and starts stomping on Metallik. Shorty G pushes Gulak off Metallik, then begins stomping on Metallik himself. Shorty G and Drew Gulak decide to work together, and spend a few moments double-teaming Gran Metallik. Finally Lince Dorado hits the ring, taking out Shorty G. He focuses on Gulak and hits a few quick hits and kicks before springboard shooting star's Gulak. Gulak kicks out at two. Drew sends Dorado into the rope, but he hits a springboard stunner and covers for two--but it's broken up by his tag team partner, Metallik! They argue, opening them up for Shorty G who wastes no time suplex tossing them both. He hits a suplex on Gulak who's in the ring. Metallik tries to sneak up on Shorty but Shorty G hits a wicked German Suplex. He gets a two. Gulak comes in and locks in the Gu-Lock on Shorty G in the middle of the ring with LHP down on the outside! Shorty G gets up to his feet as the crowd cheers him on. Shorty G reverses it into an ankle lock!

Shorty stands tall, not letting the ankle lock go. He finally drops down and locks his legs around Gulak's to add more pressure/keep him from the ropes. Dorado dives in and lands on Shorty, breaking things up! We have a fast paced exchange as all four competitors hit diving or flying or finisher moves. We end with Gran Metallik diving off the top rope in middle of the ring to land the diving elbow, pinning Shorty G!
Your Winner and NEW Number One Contender for the IC Championship: Gran Metallik!

After the Match

AJ Styles gets in the ring and holds up the belt. He tells Gran Metallik to shake his hand--and points out last week he shook Riddle's hand. He then slaps the crap out of Metallik, sending him to the mat, and yells "that's why you shouldn't trust anyone!" He talks smack off mic to Lince Dorado, then leaves.

Video Promo: Mandy Rose & Otis

We get a video recapping some of Mandy and Otis' greatest hits, from when he let her land on him during the Royal Rumble, to a horse and carriage trip, their pool get-a-way, lots of weird stuff to exhibit how big he is. Otis farts, and it's a robust fart. It has a higher octave, almost akin to the sound of wet denim being torn quickly. It, apparently, is also quite odoriferous as he has to own it. He doesn't even blame it on the horses. We're then told that next week, "the Love Story Continues...". Okay. Up next is the Bar Fight! Commercial time!

Backstage w/ Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro

We cut in with the interview under way. Shinsuke can't decide which was more fun, putting Kofi through the table or Big E through a table. Cesaro says he only regrets that he didn't get to put them through a table. Cesaro then remarks maybe it'll happen again but, oh wait--Kofi is out six weeks with injury. They laugh, do a "champion's salute" to the camera, then threaten to make all other tag teams on Smackdown "go splat." We then cut to the announcers who hype up this next match and recap the rivalry between Sheamus and Hardy for the 15th time this year.

Main Event: Bar Fight: Jeff Hardy vs Sheamus

Location: Irish Shannon's Pub in Orlando
Sheamus comes in first, wearing dark trousers, a white tank, suspenders and a bowler's hat. He takes a seat at the bar and asks for a drink. Just down from him is a ref sitting at the bar. Sheamus asks if the bartender has seen Jeff yet, and he says no. Sheamus gets a shot and is about to drink it when Jeff shows up. Jeff walks over and sits at the bar with Sheamus. Sheamus asks Jeff if he wants a shot to take the edge off. Jeff says no thanks, and asks for a cup. Jeff reminds the ref that he's just there to count the three. He pours a glass of beer and says his brother had to delete his WWE career but Jeff has to take control of his. Sheamus mocks Jeff's sobriety. Jeff asks "are you still The Bar?" Sheamus say "oh, you're a comedian are ya? Yeah, I'm still The Bar. I set the bar." Jeff then says he's finally connected to everything. Jeff says he's the window over there, he's the floor, he's the walls, he IS the bar. They then politely argue over who is "the Bar." Sheamus hands his hat the the barkeep for safe keeping.

Jeff immediately throws his drink in Sheamus' face. Sheamus manhandles Jeff around the bar counter, and rips his shirt up behind his neck. Sheamus then holds Jeff halfway off the bar and begins hitting the Beats of Bodhran on Jeff. He asks for a drink and specifies he wants one off the top shelf. Jeff gets to his feet and fights Sheamus around the bar, back into a hallway with a long bench and restrooms. Sheamus kicks up at Jeff to gain some separation. Sheamus begins throwing objects at Jeff as Jeff walks down the hallway, away from Sheamus. Sheamus throws an empty beer keg at Hardy. He then picks it up and smooshes Jeff's face against the wall with it. Sheamus continues to kick and slide Jeff down the hall. He slams the bathroom door repeatedly into Jeff's face before taking him into the bathroom. He drags Jeff over to a urinal, shoves his face in it and holds Jeff's head in place as he flushes the urinal. Sheamus tugs off his shirt and tosses it aside as Jeff coughs repeatedly on the floor on all fours.

Sheamus drags Jeff to his feet and makes him stare at himself in the men's bathroom mirror. He tells Hardy he's a junkie and worthless, and Hardy fights back. Hardy manages to escape from Sheamus, exiting the bathroom, so Sheamus catches his breath and exits the bathroom, yelling as he walks down the hall. He keeps yelling for Jeff. From a closed door behind Sheamus emerges Jeff, who attacks Sheamus from behind. He brawls with Sheamus into the main bar room. Sheamus takes an electric guitar off the wall and tries to use it as a weapon, but Jeff dodges. Jeff beats and pounds on Sheamus' back until the Celtic Warrior gets the upper hand. Sheamus sends Jeff face-first into the drums on the bar's stage, and we cymbal crash into a commercial!

Back from the break Sheamus is walking through the bar, yelling at Jeff, yelling that Jeff got what he wanted and to come on. Jeff makes his way to his feet and Sheamus starts to run at him, going for the Brogue Kick but Jeff throws a stool in the way, causing Sheamus to kick it instead. He then breaks a piece of a stool over Sheamus' back, and beats him in front of the bar before hitting a Twist of Fate. Jeff sets up a ladder and drags Sheamus over by it. Jeff begins to climb the ladder when the bartender attacks him from behind. Jeff hits a few forearms onto the bartender before power-bombing him through a small table. Sheamus then attacks Jeff from behind, hitting him with some broken wood. Sheamus goes around the bar, grabs his bowler hat, and places it over Jeff's face, saying "sweet dreams, fella." He then heads back behind the bar, walks its length, grabs a dark stout and says "here's to you, Jeff." He chugs the entire pint.

Sheamus saunters over and removes his hat, revealing Jeff with fresh face paint. Jeff immediately takes Sheamus down. Jeff rushes up the ladder, diving off of it to hit the Swanton Bomb off the top. He covers Sheamus and the ref makes the count.
Your Winner, and Still Sober--Jeff Hardy!

After the Match

Jeff's music plays and he slowly staggers out, his body broken and battered but victorious. The end.

In Closing

Well folks, I gotta tell ya that thing they did, with the rockstar performer and the super athlete, and the way it finished with the moves and the wrestlings...gosh golly, I just have no words.

Other than y'all have a GREAT weekend and stay safe out there! See y'all on Twitter and again Monday for Raw!

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