WWE Friday Night Smackdown Live Results (7/31/2020) - Performance Center, Orlando, FL

Good golly, miss Molly, I hope you sure like to ball because it's Friday night, bay-bay! And oh boy, do we have a card in store for us!

As Matt announced earlier today, we've got two major championship matches on tap!

AJ Styles will defend the Intercontinental Championship against Gran Metallik. We all know how that one's gonna end, because it couldn't be more obvious that the Lucha House Party party-goer is taking home the gold tonight. We'll also get the obligatory "rematch from last week's PPV" of the month when Bayley defends her Smackdown Women's Championship against Nikki Cross! I don't know about you but I can't wait for the other Scottish Psychopath to take home the gold! Can you envision that--a world in which two Scottish Psychopaths hold half of the top-level gold in WWE? Better get NXT Scotland going because we need more Highlanders as champions!

Naomi will also face Lacey Evans who is apparently a heel again. Will the Glow-train take out the sassy southern belle? When will the PC Police assault the WWE for glorifying southern culture by calling her that? Who knows!

Also, back by popular request we will see a continuation of the Otis and Many Rose love story as it's been a while since we've had any of that awesomesauce.

What else is in store for us? Well, gosh darn it, you're gonna have to tune in to find out! Let's get this party started! Flood and Gotham are on snack duty tonight.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Live Results (7/31/2020) - Performance Center, Orlando, FL

Show Opener: Opponents for Tonight

We open on Sasha and Bayley, both women sporting two belts. Bayley begins laying into her opponent tonight, Nikki Cross, remind her that she beat her barely two weeks ago. We then see Nikki Cross who tells Bayley that she beat Alexa Bliss, who is better than Bayley, so tonight will be her night. We cut to Big E who tells the Miz that the New Day are with him in his mind and heart, and tonight Miz is going to feel the power. We cut to Miz and Morrison, and both laugh about Big E's comments. They call him "Big Idiot" and tell Big E that he doesn't stand a chance. We go to Lacey who tells Naomi that she's going to give her "hashtag what you deserve." Naomi is up next and tells Lacey she's going to beat her. Gran Metallik says tonight, he's going to become the Intercontinental Champion. AJ is up and says that Gran Metallik's high-flying ability is impressive...but impressive doesn't even compare to Phenomenal. And Metallik is going to find out the hard way what happens when you step into the ring with AJ, because it's Friday--and Smackdown is the house that AJ Styles Built!

Firefly Fun House

We immediately cut to a Firefly Fun House segment. Bray laughs and says he's been looking everywhere for Braun. He hopes that Braun didn't get eaten alive in the swamp. Bray says he wants to make one thing clear--he doesn't want to hurt Braun Strowman. "But he is awake." He goes on to alternate Bray voice and Fiend voice, and says that until he gets his hands on Braun Strowman, no one is safe. He waves us off and we cut to the announcers.

Intercontinental Championship Match: AJ Styles(c) vs Gran Metallik

Michael Cole and Corey Graves welcome us to Smackdown as AJ makes his way out. Cole and Graves praise AJ as one of the greatest IC champions ever. As the Lucha House Party comes out, Cole remarks what an upset it'd be if Metallik won tonight. Graves says it's 2020 and anything's possible. We head to commercials.

Back from the break and we get the official match announcements. Gran Metallik gets all the cheers and AJ Styles gets all the boos. Cole remarks that over the 41 year history of the IC belt, it's always been referred to as the "working man's champion." Graves that's why the title is so highly coveted in the locker room. The bell rings and things begin!

Both men take the first minute to circle each other as Cole again insults Metallik by reminding us that if he wins, it'll be a huge upset. They lock up and AJ takes Gran back to the corner, but the ref separates them. They circle again and AJ begins with clubbing blows, sending Gran to the mat. AJ delivers several hard kicks before picking Metallik up and taking him into the corner again. He hits a chop then carries Metallik into the middle of the ring and hits a single knee spine breaker. AJ lifts Gran and hits a stalling suplex, carrying over into a pin attempt but only gets two. AJ pulls Metallik to his feet and takes him back into the corner. AJ throws his shoulder twice into Gran's stomach. AJ whips Metallik fast and furious across the ring, causing Metallik to stumble into the corner and impact it hard, falling down. AJ picks up Metallik again and sets up for the Styles Clash, but Metallik immediately escapes. Metallik and AJ exchange a couple of punches before Styles chops him down. Styles into the ropes, Metallik goes for the leap frog and Styles catches him! Styles again acting as if he's going for the Styles Clash and Metallik scissors him down to the mat. Metallik sends AJ from the ring and follows but AJ takes control. Styles back in the ring and attempts to springboard to the outside, but Metallik chops his legs out from him! Metallik up on the apron and hits a running cannonball to the ringside, taking out AJ and sending us to a commercial break!

Back from the break and Gran Metallik is climbing to the top rope, but Styles gets to his feet first and attacks Metallik from behind. AJ climbs up behind him but Gran hits three back elbows, sending AJ flying back. Metallik up top and awaits Styles to step up, then hits a high-flying crossbody and covers for a two count. AJ into the corner, and Gran strikes him. Metallik runs up the ropes but Styles shoves him back, sending him to the mat. Styles comes in and hits three hard kicks to the sternum. Metallik is up and tries for a kick of his own, but AJ grabs the left leg and punches it, kicks it, then grounds Metallik and locks in the calf crusher around the bottom the rope. AJ holds it as long as he can before the ref forces the break. Styles hits two dropping knees, then locks in a grounded submission on Metallik, twisting his foot one way and knee the other. Metallik keeps trying to get to the ropes and AJ rolls it over into a half crab. Metallik makes it to the rope and the ref breaks it up.

AJ pulls Metallik to his feet and grabs Gran's left leg, but Metallik fights it off. Whip into the rope, quick roll up and Metallik almost got the win! Styles escapes and picks him up in a fireman's carry but Metallik slips out, rebounds off the ropes and hits the tilt-a-whirl and covers for a two. Gran runs and hits the apron, flipping off of it and onto Styles and gets a close two. Both men are down after a fast and high flying sequence. Both men up to their feet. Metallik tries to lift Styles but his knee gives out, and AJ hits the Phenomenal Combo, flooring Metallik.

AJ makes his way out to the apron and calls for the Phenomenal Forearm. Styles goes flying but Metallik ducks it. Styles rolls through; Metallik throws a left kick but AJ catches his leg, only to eat a step-up enziguri from Metallik! Metallik is fired up! He runs, jumps on the middle of the ropes, twirls along the middle rope in the corner and flies off, but AJ hits a sacrifice punch, taking him out. Both men slow up. Metallik using the ropes to get to his feet. Styles comes up behind and grabs Metallik, flipping back and slapping on the calf crusher in the middle of the ring! Metallik can't make it to the ropes, he taps!
Your Winner by Submission and STILL Intercontinental Champion, AJ Styles!

After the Match

Lince Dorado gets in to check on Gran Metallik. Styles poses for a minute with his belt, and heads out the ring--only to turn around and ambush Lince from behind! Styles gets him up and hits the Styles Clash as the crowd boos loudly and hurls insults. We get replays of the Styles Clash and Cole reminds us this is why it's the house that AJ Styles built. Styles puts the belt around his neck and poses at the ramp.

Backstage w/ Shorty G & King Corbin

Corbin comes up as Shorty was watching the match. He calls him Chad, and says that it hurts--Shorty could be the champion, if he had the right friends it might happen. Shorty questions if they're friends, after all the short jokes and attacks and crap he's had to take. Corbin basically tries to talk Chad into taking out Riddle for Corbin--the King's Bounty is still in effect--and Corbin can help Chad get opportunities.

Video: Last week's Bar Fight

We get a brief rundown of what happened in last week's Bar Fight between Sheamus and Jeff Hardy. It was a pre-taped, cinematic-ish filmed match that saw Hardy get the win over Sheamus. We then see Jeff backstage with Heavy Machinery and others, getting applauded and hugged by Otis for defeating Sheamus last week. We head to commercial.

In the Ring: Jeff Hardy

Hardy comes out, sans makeup, as the crowd cheers and we get the nifty info/facts sidebar. Jeff poses in the ring and on the ringpost, clapping and smiling. Jeff gets on the mic and tells us he hasn't felt this good in a long time. He said the last few months with Sheamus have been tough, a constant reminder of how dangerous his demons can be. A fan yells "he sucks!" and Jeff says "and yeah, he sucks." He goes on to tell us that beating Sheamus in that bar fight was a reminder that he's on the right path. He says he's an alcoholic, but he's so much more than that. He's a loving husband and father, a WWE Superstar, and gets to perform for the fans every week. He says that he's so grateful that the love of his family and friends have gotten to this point and it makes him want to never let the fans down again. He says the struggle is real and he's going to make every moment count.

Cue King Corbin's music, who comes out yelling "enough, enough, enough Jeff! If I have to stand around and continue to hear you talk about your sobriety, my head is going to explode." The piped-in crowd boos everything he says loudly. He tells Jeff that Jeff's life sucks, and Jeff needs to shut up and deal with it. Corbin says he feels like he is losing his mind as he's got to deal with that idiot Matt Riddle, and tonight he's gotta fight Drew Gulak of all people, and he has to hear Jeff every week talking about his issues. Corbin says he wants to be honest, and he's disappointed in Hardy. He says Jeff should've stayed in his good graces because Corbin would've offered the King's Ransom to Jeff to take out Matt Riddle but he doesn't think Hardy would accept it. So instead, Jeff sits around talking about his sad life and collecting coins--and from out of nowhere, Drew Gulak attacks Corbin on the ramp! We go to commercial.

King Corbin vs Drew Gulak

This match began during the commercial break. We join them already in action. Gulak goes for Corbin's leg but can't get the bigger man down. Gulak yanks his leg out and floors him but Corbin is back up fast. Gulak is doing a good job of countering most of what Corbin can give him. Corbin stomps him near the apron, then takes him on in the corner. They try to lock up but Gulak is showing off his brawling skills. Corbin sent into the bottom right corner. Corbin attempts to break out with a huge chop, but Gulak gets out of the way and hits several strikes. They fight out to the middle of the ring. Big right hand by Corbin and attempts a pin but gets nothing. Snapmares Gulak to the mat and lays in hammering elbow blows from behind. Corbin puts Gulak in a neck wrench, but Gulak gets to his feet and throws rights into Corbin's ribs. Gulak tries to take Corbin to the corner but Corbin hits a big one-handed sidewalk slam. Corbin stands over Gulak and tries to wrench the right ankle. He keeps adjusting as Corbin attempts to change his stance. Gulak flips Corbin to the grown then locks in the Yes Lock! Corbin tries to squirm out of it, so Gulak locks in a rear shoulder wrench. Corbin makes it to the ropes and the ref breaks the hold.

After an attempt at offense by the King, Gulak takes him down repeatedly with dropkicks and springboard moves. Gulak goes up top and goes flying, but doesn't connect. Corbin finally gets the upper hand and hits the Deep Six! Broooooo! Riddle comes out, distracting Corbin. Gulak attempts to take advantage of the distraction, but Corbin reverses it into the End of Days and gets the win!
Your Winner, King Corbin!

After the Match

Riddle immediately hits the ring and begins pummeling Corbin until Shorty G hits the ring from the crowd and takes out Riddle with a rolling German Suplex! Shorty G glances at Corbin as Corbin rises, and Shorty makes the "money" hand gesture to Corbin as both men leave, backing up the ramp, eyes towards the ring where Riddle is slowly getting to his feet. We go to commercials but we've got Big E versus the Miz next!

Big E vs The Miz

"Awwwwww people at home! Don't you dare be sour, clap for your world famous eight-time champs and feel the power!" Out comes Big E, a true new day for the former powerlifter as he's striking out on his own due to the other members of the New Day being sidelined. Big E lays down, and rolls all the way down the ramp before getting in. Big E runs and throws his rolled up jacket at Graves just like last week, but misses and Corey yells at him. We get clips from last week of Kofi telling Big E that he and Xavier want E to have a solo career while they're out. They give him their blessing.

Out next is his opponent, accompanied by John Morrison, weight in at "I hate you" weight is the Miz! Cole tells us that Miz has had success not only as a tag team competitor (and calls him one of the best tag team specialists of all time) but Miz is also an eight-time Intercontinental champion and runs down his solo career. The bell rings and here we go!

Both men circle before locking up, and Big E powers them into the corner. The ref breaks it up. Miz runs at Big E and they lock up again, and yet again Big E powers them back into a corner and the ref breaks it up. Big E stands in the middle of the ring and moves his hips, starting a "new..day rocks" clap. Miz runs over and attempts an abdominal stretch, but Big E uses a fireman's carry to flip Miz over his shoulder. Miz to his feet and signals for a test of strength, but then sucker punches Big E and hits him a few times. E sent into the rope; attempted leap frog ends with the Miz in an abdominal stretch. Big E whips Miz into the ropes and hits a hard elbow then covers for a two. They begin jawing at each other and Miz tells Big E that he doesn't have what it takes, then slaps him hard. Big E throws Miz from the ring and heads outside, bashing the Miz's head into the announcer's table. Big E tells Miz "You wanna slam me?" He then throws Miz face first into the ring post, the barricade, around the ring into another barricade. Morrison attempts to interfere but Big E warns him. Big E sends Miz into the ring and the ref checks on him, opening up a sneak attack from Morrison who runs to the steel steps and flips off, landing on E. E back into the ring and the Miz hits a top rope diving axe handle and covers for one. Big E gets control and lays Miz on the apron. Big E runs and leaps up, going for the splash on the apron but Miz moves and E lands hard on his chest. We go to commercials.

Back from the break and the crowd is chanting for the New Day as Miz has a sleeper on a seated Big E. Big E gets to his feet and Miz jumps up onto his back, keeping it cinched in. Big E fades down...and gets back to his feet, finally getting Miz off of him. Miz hits a stiff kick to the face and covers for two. He mounts Big E and hammers lefts four times before getting back to his feet. Miz waits for E to try to get up, and kicks his face back. Again. And again! Finally Big E gets to his feet. Both men exchange rights. Miz slips around and goes for the neckbreaker but Big E counters and hits a belly to belly! Big E with another belly to belly, a third! Big E runs to the left ropes, rebounds and runs to the right, rebounds and leaps up very high in center of the ring for the splash down on Miz! E lets Miz up to his feet; Miz hits a big elbow. Big E goes for the Big Ending; Miz counters and sets up the Skull Crushing Finale; E slips out and both men take each other down to the mat.

Miz is up first and hits the Miz Kicks (the "Hey Hey Hey kicks"). He goes for it twice, three times, but the fourth time he's caught by Big E who slams him down. Miz and E to their feet; Miz sends the big man into the corner, wraps his left leg around the middle rope and attacks it until the ref warns him. Miz runs to the opposite corner and hits a running splash. Miz goes back, and runs in and hits another running splash. Miz goes for it a third time but Big E counters by coming out of the corner and taking the Miz down. Miz rolls to the apron and gets to his feet. Big E goes for a running spear but Miz gets a knee up! Big E stumbles back. Miz distracts the ref and Morrison hops up, smacking Big E right in the face and Miz immediately hits a Skull Crushing Finale! Big E kicks out at two and the Miz immediately slaps on a Figure 4! Big E manages to get to the bottom rope, and the Miz wisely uses the ref's five count to keep it locked in as long as he count. Miz breaks it, then rises and drops his knee to the injured leg of Big E. Miz drapes Big E over the middle ropes and chokes hip until Lil' Naitch (the ref) warns him off. Morrison hops up on the apron and runs at Big E, attempting interference, only to stop suddenly as the ref turns. The ref sends Morrison to the back. Big E rolls up the distracted Miz and gets a two. Big E picks the Miz up immediately and puts him in the Stretch Muffler submission! Miz taps out!
Your Winner by Submission, Big E!

Backstage w/ Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura and Lucha House Party

The current Smackdown tag team champions are enjoying champagne in the "champions corner," a little area with some cheap cloth thrown around and a cheap banner. LHP walk up and Cesaro and Nakamura insult them in English and Spanish, telling them that they're not allowed back there because it's the "champions corner" and they're not champions. Nakamura mocks them in Spanish. LHP walk off and we go to commercial.

Backstage w/ Sheamus

Sheamus is in his wife beater, suspenders and hat, with his hands taped up. He says the mistake was that he fought Jeff Hardy in a Bar Fight. He says that's Jeff Hardy's territory and he watched as Hardy bounced off the gin-soaked floor, Hardy kept getting stronger and stronger. Every bottle Sheamus broke over Hardy's head just made him stronger. Sheamus says that even though Jeff didn't take a sip, he was empowered by alcohol. He says he's not going to make excuses though, because Jeff Hardy isn't his problem anymore. Which is bad news for the Smackdown roster, he says, as now they're his problem.

Naomi vs Lacey Evans

The Southern Belle Lacey Evans is out first. Lacey gets on the mic and says that she beat Naomi last time, and she beat her at karaoke, but now everyone wants to start a hashtag for her. She mocks crying and says that if we want to feel sorry for her so bad, she'll make "you nasty things really feel sorry for her tonight." Naomi comes out with her usual, awesome entrance and poses in the ring. The bell rings and things get under way!

We're reminded that Naomi is a four-time women's champ. They start grappling. Naomi gains separation and runs, going for the headscissors but Lacey catches her and bombs her down. Lacey pulls on Naomi's hair and yells trash at her. She yells "Aw, c'mon, I'm not done with you!" She then plants Naomi face first with a DDT, then gator rolls to the apron. She pulls Naomi by her head and feet to the corner, using the bottom of the ring post to wrench Naomi back against. She breaks only when the ref makes her. Naomi is pulled outside. Lacey sends her face first into the ring post, then traps Naomi's hair in between the steel steps. Lacey yells "count her out" then lays in the center of the ring, posting with a handkerchief as the ref counts!

Naomi manages to take advantage of Lacey's arrogance and sends her outside. Naomi bounces off the ropes and dives under the bottom rope, hitting a new move akin to a sunset bomb at the ringside. She takes Lacey in but only gets a two pin. Lacey takes control and pulls Naomi's hair along the ring post until the ref makes her break it up. Both women exchange blows and suddenly Naomi ducks a Woman's Right, counters with a backslide and gets the win!
Your Winner, Naomi!

After the Match

As Naomi celebrates up the ramp, Lacey yells at Michael Cole and Corey Graves.

Backstage: The Otis & Mandy Rose Love Story Returns

What's their couple name? Motis? Otandy? After a hiatus, the "power couple" is back! Mandy tells Otis it's been a long time since they've had a proper date, so she's setting something up backstage, an all you can eat. They discuss food and Otis starts to get excited. When she mentions that for desert he can have a peach split, with whip cream, he gets excited. He heads to the back to get ready, and Many walks off to get ready herself. We see that behind them was Sonya Deville, seemingly stalking them. We go off to commercials.

Backstage w/ Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville

Mandy is using a mirror to put on her lipstick when she notices Sonya standing behind her. Sonya immediately attacks Mandy. She yells at her, saying "you didn't think this was over, did you?" She yells at Mandy about being ugly, and asks her what she has left right now. Twice she hits the camera man by accident, making the video glitch. Sonya slams Mandy face first into the concrete floor and there's blood on Mandy's left cheek. Sonya grabs scissors and starts yelling at Mandy about ruining each others lives while cutting off large handfuls of hair. She asks Mandy "what, you didn't believe me?" then kicks her hard. Sonya looks on a set up table with a black table cloth that's the "makeup area" and happens to find electric buzzers. She turns them on and approaches Mandy, and three refs and a producer immediately intervene. They tell her that's enough and to get outta here. She grabs all the hair she cut off Mandy and says "I got what I wanted." Mandy does her best Law & Order: SVU audition and cries, seated, blood on her cheeks as the producer checks in on her. We cut to the announce table.

Backstage w/ Kayla Braxton, Mandy Rose, Heavy Machinery and WWE Personnel

Kayla updates us on the folk behind her checking in on Mandy, and lets us know that they're checking in on her. Miz and Morrison walk up and comment things such as: "This is an outrage, I can't believe something like this would happen in the ring. Mandy's hair was her best thing and now she looks like a soccer mom." They call her "Mini-Van Mandy" and say that they don't want to cut each other short, and that luckily the officials were there to "shave the day." We go back to the announcers in anticipation for the main event!

Progressive Match Flo: Recapping the Bayley/Nikki Cross Feud

They show what happened at the ppv and last week on Smackdown when Cross had to take on her best friend Alexa Bliss to determine who'd get a title shot tonight. We see that both women gave it their all, and Cross won with a roll-up. We also see that Cross and Bliss remained friends.

Main Event: Smackdown Women's Championship Match: Bayley(c) vs Nikki Cross

Nikki Cross is out first, accompanied by her best friend Alexa Bliss. We go to commercial as Cross poses in the various corners and on the ropes. Back from the break and out next is Bayley "dos straps," escorted by Sasha "2beltz" Banks.

Nikki apparently yells that she's dedicating this match to Cole, per Cole/Graves. I think she was talking to Alexa Bliss. Bayley comes out dressed in black, Sasha Banks in White. They show off that they're both double champions and casually make their way to the ring. Bayley climbs on the apron and poses with Banks, who's on the floor. The announcements are made and here we go!

Cole says Sasha and Bayley could be called "All Belts" as they've got the championship for both main roster shows and the women's tag titles. We start the match with Bayley kicking Nikki in the gut, then hitting sevral rights before whipping Nikki into the rope. Nikki dodges a clothesline and begins hitting Bayley, sending her to the corner. Nikki climbs the ropes and rains rights down into Bayley's face. Cross sends Bayley across the ring, then attempts a neckbreaker. Bayley attempts to reverse it but Cross sends her to the mat and pounds her head into the mat. Cross and Bayley have another exchange and Bayley goes outside the ring to regroup. Nikki looks pissed and heads outside, pounding Bayley's head into the apron before sending her back into the ring. Nikki goes up on the apron to enter the ring but Bayley takes her legs out and hits an elbow and attempts a pin, getting a two.

Bayley takes Cross into the corner and climbs, pummeling her. Bayley takes Cross to the mat and hammers her. Cross in the corner. Bayley with a jab, then a kick, and another kick, seating Cross. Bayley runs in but Cross gets her foot up, then grabs Bayley and sends her ribs first into the ring post and to the floor. Nikki to the apron and hits a running cross body on Bayley, then stands atop the announcer's table and pounds her chest, yelling at the camera as we go to a commercial break.

Back from the break and Bayley is in control. She stomps Cross then covers but Cross kicks out. Bayley sends Cross into the corner and nails her, then grabs her head and runs her into another corner, slamming her face into the turnbuckle. Bayley takes her to the middle of the ring and hits a snap back suplex for a two. Bayley takes Cross into the corner. Bayley goes for a running knee, but Cross moves and Bayley hits her injured ribs on the ring post. Both women in the middle of the ring and Cross starts a comeback--Cross with a punch, then a shove, then a slap pushback before hitting a running cross body for a two. Nikki takes Bayley into the corner and hits a middle rope springboard DDT, covering for two. Bayley rolls to the apron and Cross follows her. Nikki grabs the champ and hits a form of the inverted DDT on the apron, sending Bayley to the floor. Nikki attempts a running jump from the apron but Bayley rolls into the ring to avoid it. Nikki chases her into the ring. Bayley hits her in the stomach, but Cross grabs her hands and hits an over the shoulder drop, and covers for two. Cross runs her hands through her hair, and has the "Boss" brass knuckles she took from Banks last week. She throws them at Banks, who's at ringside, and Banks yells at her about how expensive it was. The distraction lets Bayley take control, and Bayley slides outside then uses the second rope to do a choke drop on Nikki.

Bayley climbs the announcer's table and yells at Cole, mocking Cross' actions earlier, yelling "Say something, Michael Cole!" Bayley attacks her from behind and takes Bayley inside. Bliss stops an attempted interference by Banks, and Cross sliding kicks Banks at ringside. Cross goes up top and hits the Cross Body. Rolls her up for a two; Bayley rolls, countering it for a two. This sequence goes on a time or two. Nikki Cross hits a backslide pin but gets two. Bayley immediately faceplants Nikki Cross, and covers for the win.
Your Winner and STILL Smackdown Women's Champion, Bayley!

After the Match

We're reminded by Cole of the day count of Bayley's reign (294 days). Thought he might forget for once. Bliss comes int he ring to check on Cross, who is very disappointed. Banks and Bayley leave. Bliss tries to help Cross up but she shrugs her off. Bliss says "I'm only trying to help you." Cross says "I don't want you, Bliss. Lexa I don't want you here." Cross is distraught and shoves Bliss down, then walks off. Suddenly the Arena begins to darken, then fades to black. We then see the red lights come on!

The Fiend is standing behind Alexa Bliss! He stalks around her as she sits there afraid. He extends a hand, gesturing at her, then kneels next to her and seems to say something to her that we can't hear. He holds her right shoulder and gestures his right hand to the ceiling and slowly brings it to her face, then locks the mandible claw on her! He yells repeatedly as he keeps the claw locked in! The lights fade to black and we're done for the night!

In Closing

Another episode of Smackdown goes down in the history books! What will Braun do about the Fiend messing with Braun's favorite female superstar?

I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend, and my thoughts and prayers are with all of you southeast coast folk dealing with Isaiah "Curve" Hurricane this weekend. Have fun and see you all back here on Monday for Raw!

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