WWE Friday Night Smackdown Live Results (7/3/2020) - Performance Center, Orlando, FL

Welcome, welcome, welcome one and all to Friday Night Smackdown! Your host tonight is the most decorated man in Rajah News, the the face that posts this place, the phenomenal one, Mr. Rajah News himself, Mike "Stylin' and Profilin'" "Unkempt'd and Contempt'd" Hogan! Per the official WWE Smackdown Preview, we'll get to see Sheamus raise a glass to Jeff Hardy and the AJ Styles versus Drew Gulak Intercontinental Championship clash that we were supposed to have last week. We'll also get to see Matt Riddle interviewed in the ring by Michael Cole. Take a shot for every "broooo"...who needs a liver, right?

In case you missed it, NXT beat AEW in the overnight ratings for the second week in a row. Now, we all know the Mikester's been doing NXT Live Results coverage for all you Rajahmaniacs, week in and week out, for the last two weeks. There are many in the professional world who are attributing a rise in ratings to this fact. Now, I'm no expert, and I can't name names, but the Mikester's gonna invoke the Meltzer Clause of his contract and purposefully be vague while citing sources that answer a question with yes/no/maybe simultaneously!

If you missed it, here's the results fromNXT: Great American Bash, Night 1 which was an incredibly good episode. Worth watching.

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Now with all that said, let's get to the show!

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Live Results (7/3/2020) - Performance Center, Orlando, FL

Smackdown Show Opening Video

Are you ready for a good time? We start tonight's show with the Fox/Smackdown opening video that we don't really get to see often. We then cut to the arena and see social-distanced Performance Center trainees in the audience, all wearing masks. Michael Cole welcomes us to the show and tonight we'll get a preview of the Wyatt Swamp fight. We'll also see AJ Style's first IC title defense as he takes on Drew Gulak! Sheamus will finally get to toast to Jeff Hardy's sobriety!

In the Ring: Michael Cole w/ Matt Riddle

Michael Cole is in the ring and introduces us to the NXT superstar who's now on Smackdown, the original Bro, Matt Riddle. Matt makes his way out to the ring in typical fashion as the crowd chants bro. We see a clip from a couple of weeks ago when he defeated AJ Styles. Michael Cole asks the Bro-ster his thoughts/feelings. Riddle says that it's awesome, and it's a love child of a lot of dreams and a lot of work, bro. But when AJ Styles punched him in the face, bro, it was like bro an out of body experience bro. And Matt thinks AJ doesn't like him as much as he likes AJ. He says that he could get used to this, and compliments the Smackdown Roster, especially the New Day, Daniel Bryan, etc.

Michael Cole asks about Matt Riddle's barefoot style. Matt relates that he went to vacation with his family to Wisconsin once, and he'd play inside and outside, in the snow. And apparently they went to a pool and his feet were on fire when they touched the water. Long story short, he had a severe case of frostbite and nearly lost his feet. He said ever since, he doesn't wear shoes because shoes cause the fire pain. So he never wears shoes, not even at weddings. He says he can't feel his feet but others can.

Cole is about to ask about his next opponent when King Corbin's music interrupts. Corbin comes out to a chorus of boos, a cacophony of contempt if you will, and gets in the ring. Matt hops from foot to foot as he waits for Corbin to get a mic. Corbin says "okay, Riddle, if that is your real name, you could have saved everybody a lot of time by saying the reason I don't wear shoes is because when I was a kid, I was an idiot." He then lays into Michael Cole for giving Riddle air time. He then commands Michael Cole to get out of his ring, and Cole does.

Corbin wants to talk about the little stunt Riddle did last Friday at the end of the show, when he jumped on Corbin while Corbin was getting beaten up by the New Day, Jeff Hardy and all the faces. Corbin says that, as the king, he should be respected. He says Riddle doesn't deserve to be on the roster. So Corbin is going to make his life miserable. Riddle says "you do you, bro" and Corbin says that you have to be ready to have a match at any time on Smackdown, and insinuates he's going to fight him. Riddle says he's read and strips off his jacket. Corbin says that Riddle doesn't deserve to fight the King, and instead Riddle will fight this guy--and out comes the Guru of Greatness, bro. John Morrison comes out with the Miz and we cut to commercials!

Matt Riddle vs John Morrison w/ the Miz

We're back from break and the match is well under way. Matt Riddle has Morrison in an ankle lock. Riddle hits a suplex. Morrison is up first though and hits a springboard roundhouse. Morrison goes for a cover but kickout at two. Riddle is seated against the ropes. Morrison pulls him to his feet, absorbing a few blows from Riddle before driving him to the mat. Morrison takes Riddle to the corner but Riddle fires up and fights out, sending Morrison into the corner. Morrison does an excellent, impressive sequence where he ducks a kick on the apron, runs along it, slides under the bottom rope, immediately out the other ringside ropes, and hits a springboard corkscrew crossbody and got a two count.

Corbin is on commentary right now FYI. Mostly talking about Riddle needing to earn his spot. Morrison sends Riddle down and hits a running knee but only gets a two. After some grapping, both men are up to their feet. Riddle is taunting Morrison, telling him to hit him. Morrison pokes Riddle in the eye and taunts. He pulls Riddle up, locks in a headlock and is going for a suplex but Riddle hits a snap suplex, taking both men down. The ref counts as both men struggle to their feet. We go to commercial.

Back from the break The Original Bro hits a sweet German Suplex and covers but gets two. Riddle goes up top and goes for the Floating Bro, but Morrison got the knees up! Morrison fakes being unable to get to his feet and hits a beautiful leg sweep, straight out of Mortal Kombat, when Riddle approaches! Morrison picks Riddle up in a Razor's Edge-style pose, turns and slams Riddle down. He covers but only gets a two. He's frustrated but suddenly Riddle locks in the Bro-mission! Morrison can't escape but he can make it to his feet, and heads to the corner and starts to climb. Riddle gets off him. Morrison is on the middle rope as Riddle is on the top rope. Riddle goes for a move, but Morrison reverses it into a face plant! Morrison immediately hits a Standing Spanish Fly and covers but only gets a two!

On their knees, both men exchange punches. Finally they get to their feet. Riddle hits a sick high kick. Both men counter each other's attempts for various holds but Riddle finally floats over and hits the Final Flash pump knee strike, a running knee straight to his face. Miz up on the apron to cause the distraction; Riddle takes him off. Corbin up on the apron to distract but Riddle avoids that. Morrison rolls up Riddle and gets a two. Riddle immediately rolls up Morrison and gets the pin for the win!
Your Winner, Matt Riddle

After the Match

As Riddle dances up the ramp, AJ Styles charges and ambushes him from behind, mounting and laying in punches. Drew Gulak runs out for the save; Corbin gets involved and we cut to commercial as these men brawl it out! Up next is the IC title match!

Backstage w/ King Corbin, the Miz & Morrison

All three men are arguing about Riddle backstage when the new interviewer, Sarah, comes up. They refuse to let her ask questions though. Corbin says he's going to talk to someone about Riddle. He says Riddle may have not lost his feet as a kid, but Corbin is going to take his legs out from under him.

Intercontinental Championship Match: AJ Styles(c) vs Drew Gulak

We cut to this one with both competitors in the ring, and the bell ringing. Styles immediately takes it to Gulak and is letting out some ruthless aggression. Styles is in complete control as he whips and tosses Gulak around the ring, then sends him outside the ring and beats him around ringside. He takes it back in and finally Gulak can get some offense in. He delivers a few punches, and tries for an underhook suplex but AJ takes back control of the match. AJ down on one knee, locking in the chin lock. The crowd tries to pump up Gulak and he gets to his feet, but Styles shuts it down with a blow that sends Gulak to the ropes. AJ kicks him down to the mat. Gulak hits a kick while prone on the mat, but AJ stomps on Gulak and puts his boot to Gulak's face. AJ pulls Gulak to his feet and takes him to the corner, delivering a few punches before taking him out of the corner and snapmaring him to the mat. AJ hits the jumping knee drop. We see Daniel Bryan from time to time on Zoom, commenting on this match and praising Drew.

Gulak gets up and again attempts to get some offense in but AJ hits a dragonscrew and takes Gulak down. Gulak favoring the knee. AJ works the ankle and knee, and hits a foot DDT. He drags Gulak to the bottom rope and places his left foot on the bottom rope, then steps on the inside of Gulak's knee. Looks sick. AJ pulls Gulak to his feet and holds the injured right leg but before he can execute anything, Gulak hits three big punches that take AJ to the ropes. AJ tries to take control but Gulak takes AJ to the ground and locks in the Gu-Lock! AJ constipatedly grunting but makes it to the ropes, and the ref breaks the hold.

AJ is outside, frustrated, pounding on the plexiglass (or whatever the clear plastic barrier separating stars from the audience is). He doesn't see Gulak setting him up until Gulak surprises him with a sliding baseball kick, taking AJ down outside the ring! We slide into a commercial break!

Back from the break and AJ is rammed back into the corner by Gulak, who throws several shoulders into AJ's midsection until the ref breaks it up. AJ immediately fights back and drives Gulak's face into the ring post, then hits a brain buster in the middle of the ring and covers for a two! Styles to his feet; Gulak's still down. Daniel Bryan's back on Zoom because it's more eco-friendly than Skype. AJ drops an elbow to the back of Gulak's neck. Gulak is seated, and AJ delivers a kick to keep him donw. AJ continues to dominate, not letting Gulak up until he wants Gulak up. AJ drives him up and hits a running back breaker and covers. Kickout at two.

Gulak is up and attempts to work over AJ but AJ catches the ref out of position and rakes Gulak's eyes. He stomps Gulak in the corner. Gulak up and uses elbows to drive AJ into the corner, then stomps him down. Gulak gets on the outside of the ring but AJ shuts down whatever he was going to try with a big right fist. AJ gets Gulak in the ring and locks in a neck wrench, then snapmares Gulak to a seated position and locks in a sleeper. Gulak back to his feet and AJ won't let go. Gulak lifts up AJ and drops him face first onto the top turnbuckle.

Gulalk waits for Styles to get up and hits a running drop kick. AJ's up, again a running drop kick! Styles back up, and eats two more running drop kicks! AJ hits a modified Michinoku Driver and covers! AJ kicks out at two! Both men are winded but get to their feet. Gulak comes at AJ in the corner and lifts AJ up to the top rope. AJ's seated on the top rope. Gulak goes up top and sets up a superplex but AJ slides down and descapes, hitting a jaw breaker. He charges Gulak but Gulak moves quick; Gulak approaches fast and sets up a grapple but AJ immediately counters it into a Style's Clash! AJ does not cover. He pulls Gulak up to his feet and places him on the top rope, then gets out on the apron. He waits for Gulak to turn, then hits a beautiful Phenomenal Forearm and covers for the win!
Your winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion, AJ Styles!

After the Match

AJ celebrates as Michael Cole ponders if AJ was sending a statement to Matt Riddle, or Daniel Bryan, or whomever.

Production Truck w/ Bayley & Sasha Banks

We see our Women's Tag Team Champions coming out of the production truck and we're told that they have put together a tribute package that will outshine the one for the Undertaker, and we'll see it after this brief commercial break!

In the Ring/Promo: Sasha Banks & Bayley

We hear the techno and are reminded it's Boss Time! Bayley is out with Sasha, and Bayley is celebrating her 266th day as Smackdown Women's champion. Bayley will defend that title against Nikki Cross at Extreme Rules: the Horror Show, and Sasha will take on Asuka for her Raw Women's title in hopes that both tag team champs will control all the belts.

Bayley doesn't like the boos. She tells her the week they've had--they rolled through the "Empress of Yesterday" when Sasha beat Asuka; they went to NXT and beat...no, they're not going to mention "them." Now they're on Smackdown. Bayley says they should be called Sasha Three Shows and Bayley Three Brands. They say they're on all the shows but nobody shows them respect and they're mad about it. She then says that there is one person who has respect for them...the Undertaker! Bayley says that Taker called her on her personal cell phone last week after the show, and said that he was embarrassed at how they're being used or something, and that Bayley is the greatest champion in WWE history. She continues to do her horrible Taker impersonation. He says Bayely and Sasha are going to both win at the Extreme Rules: THS event and he implores WWE to do a tribute video for them. Bayley then says who are they to not honor the Taker's last wish? They then mock him. They then say they're going to show us a tribute to Sasha and Bayley. We fade to black.

The Tribute to Sasha Banks & Bayley

We get a video package showing the women together in various arenas. They show clips of their entrances, intermixed with scenes of them fighting others in the ring with clips of them giving testimony to each other. Sasha says that Bayley is a great champion because she was the first ever women's grand slam champion, and the closest she thought she'd ever get to a grand slam was at a Denny's for breakfast. Sasha says Bayley is better than the greats like John Cena etc. Bayley did her bit pumping up Sasha as well. We continue to get clips of them as a tag team, hitting finishing movies and winning etc.

In the Ring w/ Sasha Banks & Bayley

They both try to start up "thank you Bayley" and "thank you Sasha" chants but the crowd boos. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross come out and say that it was an impressive video of their accomplishments. Nikki said that she didn't want them to feel left out so they both have a list of accomplishments. Alexa calls Cross the Queen of Scotland and says Nikki is 325th in line for the crown of England. Nikki says Alexa drove cross country in a go cart.

Both women make their way to the ring. Sasha tells us that no one's been able to beat Bayley for the past year and "that little runt" Cross won't be able to beat her. Cross says that she knows if she puts her entire heart into this, she can take the title and become the next Smackdown Women's champion. The crowd cheers. Bayley and Banks laugh mockingly; Alexa sucker punches Bayley. Sasha says "is that how you're gonna play?" and then makes a challenge on behalf of Bayley to fight Bliss tonight. Bliss accepts. We're going to commercial and will have Bliss vs Bayley when we return!

Alexa Bliss vs Bayley

This is a non-title match. The bell rings and Bayley charges Bliss, but Bliss hits a drop toe hold. Again Bayley charges and again Bliss hits the drop toe hold. Bliss stands on Bayley's back and uses the top rope for leverage to help her push down. Bayley into theB corner. Bliss charged but stopped and poked Bayley in the nose (really, she did). Bliss takes Bayley down and drops the knees to the face. Cover but nothing. Bayley gets control and gets Bliss on the apron. Bayley looks to hang up Bliss on the middle rope as if she were going to hit a form of the RKO, but Bliss escapes. Bliss into the ring; Bayley stomps the hand, then starts working Bliss' right arm. She takes Bliss to the corner, puts her rear to her and grabs the left arm, chopping it down voer her shoulder repeatedly until the ref breaks it up. Bayley takes Bliss to the middle and locks on various arm bars, continuing to work the shoulder and elbow of Bliss. Outside the ring, Banks yells encouragement and Cross tries to get the crowd fired up. Bayley with a take down then mocks the crowd, leaving an opening for Alexa. Bliss tries to mount offense but Bayley is in firm control. Bliss into the corner; Bayley with a corner splash. Bayley with punches and elbows until Bliss hits a huge hit to the face to gain some separation. Bliss closes the distance but Bayley slides to the outside and yanks a pursuing Bliss' arm, dropping that injured arm across the ring side. Back in the ring, Bayley with a running bulldog and covers for a two. Bayley standing on Alexa's right arm, mocking the crowd til the ref breaks it. Nikki is chanting for Bliss at ringside; Bayley is pissed and comes after Cross, who gets on the ringside apron. Ref gets in her face, warning her to get down and allowing Banks to attack Bliss. Cross chases Banks back then has had enough and charges the ring, attacking Bayley and causing the DQ.
Your Winner, Bayley

After the Match/Up Next

Cross keeps pounding Bayley until she escapes with Banks up the ramp. Up next: the preview for the Wyatt Swamp fight. Also, we'll get the toast to Jeff Hardy. We see a huge amount of liquor set up backstage.

Wyatt Swamp Fight Preview

Two weeks from Sunday is Extreme Rules: the Horror Show. Cole asks what a Wyatt Swamp Fight is and Corey Graves doesn't know. We then cut to a video package. We see a swamp as Braun talks over it, saying it was years ago that he met hte Eater of Worlds. We see various cryptic, creepy clips in black and white of bones, the Wyatt Family, eventually of Braun in the ring destroying people for Wyatt. See a few clips with Luke Harper in it. Maybe Wyatt created AEW's Dark Order? It's a spinoff! We see more video showing Braun breaking free of Wyatt's control, then we see clips from the last two weeks where the Eater of Worlds version of Bray is back. Bray says he's created Braun, so it's his duty to destroy Braun. Braun says he's going to drown Bray, then drag him into the swamp and let the alligators finish him. We then see Bray say "run" as he blows out his lamp, and get clips of both Bray and Braun laughing maniacally from last week. So our preview was....aight.

Kofi Kingston vs Shinsuke Nakamura

Big E lays down, tucks his arms in, and rolls down the ramp. He and Kofi get in and dance and do their thing. Big E pulls off his jacket, rolls it up and throws it in Corey Graves face as Cole cracks up laughing and we cut to commercial. After the break we're treated to Cesaro coming out first with his wicked cool green lasers, then Shinsuke Nakamura comes out. He bumps fists with Cesaro on his way down to the ring. Gonna say it, Nakamura is a captivating artist and really needs to be used more/better.

In the ring, all the men get in each others faces. The ref comes in and separates them, and Shinsuke runs over, lays on the ground and does his little dance bit to his music.

The bell rings and Kofi charges immediately with a kick. Shinsuke quickly takes back control and sends Kofi into the corner, but Kofi comes out with an aerial kick. Shinsuke up on the apron but Kofi delivers another flying kick. Kofi goes running and rebounding off the ropes, setting up a suicide dive, but Shinsuke moves and Kofi locks on the brakes. Kofi follows Nakamura outside.

Kofi sends Nakamura into the steps and Big E does a horrible cackling laugh for about 45 seconds. Finally the competitors take it to the ring. Nakamura counters a Kofi attempt for at op rope maneuver with a wicked kick. Shinsuke distracts the ref and Cesaro, casually walking around the ring, smacks Kofi without the ref seeing. Big E chases Cesaro around the room, distracting the ref, and Shinsuke puts a knee on Kofi's throat and uses the ropes to gain leverage as he chokes him without the ref seeing. The ref gets pissed at the ringside distractions and altercations, and bans Cesaro and Big E from the ringside as we go to break.

Back from the break and Shinsuke is in control. He works Kofi in the corner with shoulder charges and kicks, eventually setting Kofi on the second rope. He run and slides, whipping Kofi down to land on the back of his head. Nakamura goes for a pin but Kofi's on the ropes and the ref breaks it. Nakamura with kicks ot the corner; Kofi fights back with right hands and a knee, then more rights to get to the middle of the ring. Nakamura sends Kingston into the ropes and Nakamura hits a big right elbow. Nakamura then kicks Kofi twice while he's on the ground. Nakamura slides back outside the ring and hits a running punch on a prone Kofi on the apron. He covers but only gets a two. He locks in a sleeper hold on a seated Kofi. The masked, social distanced crow continues a "New...Day Rocks!" chant. Kofi tries to fight back. Nakamura again whips Kofi into the ropes but Kingston counters with a jumping punch. Kofi hits a clothesline. Another clothesline! Kofi with a standing drop kick! He takes a flurry of strike from Nakamura but counters an attempted shoulder charge. Kofi goes up top and goes flying but Nakamura gets the knees up! Nakamura pins but get s atwo; Kofi rolls over and gets a two on Nakamura! Nakamura up to his eet and is in the corner, warming up the saké for a Kinshasa but Kofi avoids. Kofi sets up for the SOS, nails it and covers but only gets a two!

Both men exchange blows and grapples. Finally Kofi sets up for the Trouble in Paradise but Nakamura steps into it and avoids the kick, slapping in a sleeper! Kofi escapes but eats the running kick. Nakamura covers and gets the pin!
Your winner, Shinsuke Nakamura!

After the Match

Cesaro is down applauding his partner. He pulls a table out from under the ring and sets it up, but Big E comes out to make the save. Cesaro and Shinsuke back up the ramp.

Next Week on Fox

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross fight the tag champs in a non title bout against Sasha Banks and Bayley. The New Day will defend their titles against the team of Shinsuke and Cesaro. We'll also get what looks like a replay of the Bray/Braun encounter at Money in the Bank.

The Toast to Jeff Hardy

Set up in the ring are two tables loaded with alcohol and a bartener. Jeff Hardy comes out first and tells Sheamus to come on out. Sheamus is seen on screen from what looks like maybe his home. He's got a little bar set up. He talks about last week, when Jeff stepped up to defend the Undertaker's honor last week, and that it had to feel fantastic for Jeff. But that rush didn't last, and Sheamus knows Jeff is looking for a quick fix. Sheamus says Jeff has a problem, and he's not talking about his problem with drugs and alcohol that cost him respect, disappointed love ones, cost him thousands of dollars in fines, etc. But that's not Jeff's problem. Jeff's problem is himself. Sheamus says Jeff is lying to himself when he talks about redeeming himself and having one last big run. Sheamus says that he's found the solution to Jeff's problem, and it's in one of those bottles. Shaun then raises a glass of wine an toasts Jeff and says, quote: "May your troubles be less and your blessing be more. Asa you drink yourself blind and pass out on the floor. Your wife and kids cry when you enter your thoughts/because your life has been nothing more than a series of DUI's and mugshots. Jeff, with a drink in your hand you'll never walk alone. Please never change you beautiful, beautiful junkie." He then drinks his drink and smiles. Jeff tells Sheamus that he's the sickest man Jeff's ever met. He asks Sheamus if its funny to make light of the sruggle Jeff goes through, and asks is it funny to rub his family's noses in Jeff's mistakes. Sheamus says he knows Jeff is just a junkie and wants nothing more than to dive feet first and drink. He has his bartender hold a glass of wine right in Jeff's face. Sheamus says he's Jeff's friend and Jeff doesn't have to pretend to be strong for anyone. He tells Jeff to follow his instincts. Jeff takes the glass.

Jeff twice acts like he's going to drink it, the pours it over the head of the bartender. He then breaks the bottle of liuor over the bartender's head and kicks him while he's down, then hits a Swanton Bomb on the bartender. After physically assaulting a completely innocent man, Jeff Hardy climbs the turnbuckle and stares at Sheamus on the screen. We end the broadcast with Jeff clapping along with the crowd.

Well tickle me yellow and tie me to a Guacamole tree, that was one hell of a knobber slocker! That does it for tonight's show! Thank you all for participating, be safe out there, and have a very happy 4th of July! Unless you're British--to our UK readers, I'd like to offer my sincerest apologies for all the tea we destroyed and the whole American headache. Life sucks. But know what? I believe in you guys. You'll Make the Kingdom Great Again and be the first to colonize Mars. I'm sure of it! Don't give up hope, kiddos!

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