WWE Friday Night Smackdown Live Results (8/28/2020) - Amway Center, Orlando, FL

Oh, hello there. I didn't see you sitting over there. How you doin'? Ya hear that the official Smackdown Preview is out? I know the kind of reader you are. You enjoy takeout, long walks on the beach and contract signings don't you? Well you're in luck, because tonight we're having a three-way of contract signings when The Fiend, Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns all sign theirs for the title match this Sunday. I can't wait to see how calmly the Fiend comes to the ring to sign the contract!

We're also getting MizTV featuring Big E. WWE didn't give us much more information, they're such a big tease!

Well it's Friday night so dim the lights, put on some Barry White, and let's lay the Smack down in the ThunderDome, LIVE and coming up next!

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Live Results (8/28/2020) - Amway Center, Orlando, FL

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Recap: Braun Strowman(c) vs The Fiend Bray Wyatt for the Universal Championship at Summerslam

We get a recap showing the ending of the match that saw the Fiend capture the Universal title, followed by a surprise return--and attack--from Roman Reigns.


We see a producer (Adam Pearce--thanks Tex) with five members of security. Pearce warns them that Braun, Bray and Roman are all in the arena and things can be explosive. He reminds them that the chairman of the board is in the house. He sends them off and knocks on the door to Vince's office, entering. He offers to shake hands and Vince just stares at him; he attempts to bump firsts and bump elbows and gets the same reaction. Vince says that he has a mission for him--a mission that will take him into the present of Roman Reigns, as the dog's back. Also present are the Fiend and Braun Strowman, and Vince needs their autgraphs, their signatures, on a contract before the night is over with. Vince tells him to start with the Fiend as the night is young. He seems nervous. Vince says Fiend could be anywhere, including on the other side of the door for all we know. Vince tells him that he can see Bray at the Firefly Fun House later tonight. Vince then hands him a zipped up suit in in a protective liner. We then cut to:

Commentary Welcomes Us

Michael Cole and Corey Graves welcome us to the ThunderDome and tonight is brought to you by the letters PROGRESSIVE.

In the Ring: Jeff Hardy

Jeff comes out, introduces as the new Intercontinental champion! He starts out by telling us that it feels good to be standing in the ThunderDome and, after what AJ Styles did to him at SummerSlam, he's lucky to be standing anywhere. He gets ready to offer a match to...we don't know as AJ Styles makes his way out.
"Is this real, is it," AJ asks, "because you seem pretty proud about last week, Jeff Hardy...proud about what you did...You are a liar and you are a cheat." AJ walks down to the ring in street clothes. "You can blame anyone you want, you can blame me about your knee injury if you want. I've had knee injuries before but I didn't go whine and cry to get illegal objects (the brace) on my knee. No, Jeff, YOU did." Aj points out that he had Jeff beat and when AJ went for the Styles Clash, Jeff used that illegal object to hit him in the head. AJ says that "same doctor that you whined and cried to will not medically clear me to compete tonight and that's all your fault!" Jeff says that sucks as he was going to issue an open challenge to anyone back there tonight...except AJ. AJ then goes on a rant. Little Naitch comes over to try to tell him to calm down. AJ refuses to and accuses Jeff of abusing the system. AJ gets in Jeff's face again, and Jeff knocks him down as we go to commercial!

Intercontinental Championship: Jeff Hardy(c) vs Shinsuke Nakamura

Jeff's open challenge has a challenger when we return from break. Shinsuke is already in the ring as AJ joins commentary. AJ spends the match whining about Jeff cheating. Nakamura and Jeff alternate control early on, with Shinsuke taking the lead and controlling the pace. Shinsuke locks in a left arm bar and uses it to jerk the champ to the mat, then twists it, applying pressure.
Michael Cole points out that Jeff is still wearing the brace and AJ whines more about the brace. Cole reminds AJ that if he hadn't ambushed Jeff Hardy prior to their match, Jeff wouldn't have needed the brace. As they bicker, Shinsuke tries to work the arm until Jeff escapes and snapmares Nakamura down. Jeff with a leaping elbow drop. Jeff pulls Shinsuke up and yanks his arm, and Irish Whips Shinsuke into the ropes. On the rebound, however, Nakamura goes low and hits a basement dropkick to the injured knee of Hardy! Shinsuke takes control as we see picture-in-picture with Nakamura's tag team champion, Cesaro.
Cesaro says that he simply stepped out for some champagne and when he returned, Shinsuke was gone and down there fighting. Cesaro says it seems having two belts are in style, and Shinsuke isn't more driven than Cesaro. Cesaro then signs off by saying, sarcastically, good luck to his partner. Meanwhile in the ring, Shinsuke has maintained control for about two minutes now, wearing down Hardy. Hard breaks free and sends Nakamura into the corner. Hardy is hobbling on his injured leg and attempts to trot/limp/charge the corner and Nakamura stops him. Nakamura sets Hardy up on the apron and attempts to suplex Hardy in but Hardy floats over! Hardy sends Nakamura outside, and they brawl outside as we go to commercial.
We're back from the break and both men are striking each other. Hardy goes for a Twist of Fate, dropping Shinsuke's face on that knee brace as AJ freaks out. Hardy goes up top and hits the diving Swanton, then covers Nakamura for the three!
Your Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion, Jeff Hardy

After the Match

AJ yells at Jeff Hardy as Hardy walks up the ramp. Without warning, Sami Zayn's music hits and out he comes! He's got his own Intercontinental Title and holds it up. Jeff and Sami hold their titles up and face each other. Sami's going on about how he's the legitimate champion. AJ stands at the base of the ramp and both Sami and Jeff look--and the "Great Liberator" Sami Zayn kicks Jeff in the face. Sami yells that Jeff is a fraud before leaving. Sami's hair looks longer and he's definitely embracing a bit more of a guerilla fighter look. AJ and Jeff stare at each other, and AJ yells that he's going to "take that (title) off of you!" We head to commercial but up next is the Firefly Fun House!

Backstage w/ Sami Zayn

Sami is walking backstage, singing "Oh Happy Day" until Kayla comes up and asks him why he attacked Jeff Hardy. He then rants that he's here to right wrongs, and Jeff Hardy is a fraudulent champion. He gives the date he won the title, and that he defended it at WrestleMania. Kayla then asks why hasn't he defended it for the last five months. He says he has many reasons. He speaks French, points out that he's from Quebec and that he's a very "intercontinental" champion and walks off.

Firefly Fun House

There's a knock at the door and Bray peaks in. He welcomes everyone back to the Firefly Fun House and says it's real good to be back with all his friends, indicating the puppets as the children cheer. Huskus starts to talk and Bray tells Huskus "no more internet for you!" Then he adds that it's rotting his brain.
Bray says he feels something is missing, but he can't figure out what. He puts a hand to his chin and peers up in thought, then the Universal Title appears in his hands. He says it's back where it finally belongs. He then adds that neither monster can take it away from him. He welcomes Roman Reigns back, his voice gravelly, and the doorbell rings. He opens the door and it's "Postman Pearce," the producer from earlier with Vince, dressed like a postal delivery man. Pearce says he wants Bray to sign the contract.
Bray asks "Why would I sign it?" Pearce points out there's a connection "between you and..him." Bray stares menacingly and the Fiend flashes on screen for a quick moment, then back to Bray. He signs it and says that he hopes Braun and Roman both know that he just signed a couple of death warrants. He waves bye to us and we cut to the arena.

Commentary, Progressive: Match Flo (Corbin/Riddle)

Cole and Graves remind us that we're one signature down, two to go. Graves says that it's not going to get any easier as we still need Roman Reigns signature and Braun Strowman's signature. Cole then sends us to the Progressive Match Flo which highlights Matt Riddle's feud with King Corbin. We're reminded of the King's Bounty, too.

In the Ring: Matt Riddle

Riddle struts out, with his screen-side facts reminding us that he's a former MMA fighter and has a black belt in jiu jitsu. Riddle gets on the mic and says that Corbin said he had a bounty for anyone who could prove Riddle didn't belong on Smackdown. Riddle tells Corbin that he's scared, and challenges Corbin to come out and tell him right now that Riddle doesn't belong. He repeats "C'mon bro, c'mon." We go to commercial.
Back from commercial and Riddle's music is playing again as he's still in the ring. We see huge CGI sandals floating in the air...okay. The music cuts and Riddle continues. "Corbin bro c'mon, I know it takes forever to get that tiny little crown on your big little cranium but c'mon bro." Finally, Corbin's music startys and out comes the King, complete with black crown, scepter, and the fur cloak.
Riddle eggs him on, but is ambushed by Shorty G. Corbin then yells "I accept your challenge...on behalf of Shorty G!" And we have an impromptu match!

Shorty G vs Matt Riddle

Shorty G takes control for the first thirty seconds, taking advantage of his ambush moments earlier. Riddle immediately turns things around and sets up for a Texas piledriver but Shorty escapes, circles around and hits a bridging German Suplex for a close two!. Shorty back up and grapples Riddle from behind, looking for another, but Riddle escapes and hits the Bro Derek, taking the win.
Your Winner, Matt Riddle!

After the Match: The King Strikes Back

Corbin comes in the ring to attack Riddle, but Riddle ducks and begins to throw fists. Corbin throws fists back before charging at Riddle. Riddle sidesteps, and Corbin ducks down and slides out of the ring. Riddle's music plays again and Corbin yells at him from the ramp. We're reminded by commentary that Talking Smack is back.

Video: Talking Smack Last Week

We see a clip of Talking Smack, where Big E and the Miz argue about if Big E will be an IC champion. E says its easy when you (the Miz) are given opportunity after opportunity. We then see a "Network Exclusive Earlier Today" that shows Big E back stage talking into the camera. Miz comes up with Morrison and Sheamus, and they start to jaw off. Heavy Machinery shows up to back up Big E and we learn that there's a big six man tag match later tonight!

Backstage w/ Heavy Machinery & Big E

All three men are going through Otis' "Money in the Bank" themed lunch box. They each pull out meats and The Golden Role Models walk up. Sasha says all she sees is a bunch of big dumb men playing with meat. They then mock the men before heading off. We head off to commercials with the reminder that the Golden Role Models defend their titles this Sunday at Payback against Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler.

Backstage w/ Adam Pearce, Kayla, & Corbin

Pearce is backstage knocking on the doors labeled as Roman Reign's locker room. He's knocking, telling Roman he needs him to sign the contract, but no one answers. Pearce walks off as Kayla and Corbin meet up. Corbin is furious and says that he wants Riddle gone.

In the Ring: The Golden Role Models

Michael Cole reminds us Bayley is in her 322nd day as champion. This weekly count just isn't going away, is it? The Golden Role Models come out. We're reminded that Sasha lost her belt but Bayley didn't, and that they're facing Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler this Sunday. Bayley gets on the mic first. Bayley is solemn and says that they're in the midst of one of the hardest weeks of their lives as Sasha lost her title earlier this week, and this Sunday they've got to defend their titles. Bayley then cheers up and touts being the Smackdown Women's Champion and tag team co-champion...then solemnly apologizes to Sasha. Bayley says it's all her fault for letting Sasha challenge Asuka. Bayley then says "as your best friend, I should've known you couldn't successfully defend your Raw title." Ouch! Bayley goes on to say that these tag team titles recommend "us, our friendship and on Sunday...we cannot lose!" Banks adds, "No, you're right, we c-can't lose. I know you're worried because we're facing Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler, but don't be. I know as long as you have my back, we can get through anything. I may not be two-belts Banks anymore but...lucky for you, I'm still your best friend, and I'm going to do everything in my power to--"
They're interrupted by Nia Jax on Shayna on the big screen. Shayna tells them that their bad week is about to get much more worse. Nia says that the only people she hates more than Shayna are these two (Sasha & Bayley). Shayna says she can't stand Nia, and says Nia sucks, but a chance to beat up these two (Sasha & Bayley) and get the tag team belts is worth teaming up with her. She says that everything Bayley and Sasha are talking about, the one thing they aren't talking about is winning. Banks gets fired up and says that this Sunday at Payback she will be walking out with "my tag team title and there's not a damn thing you two can do about it." The divide is growing between the Golden Role Models.

Backstage w/ Adam Pearce, Drew Gulak and Braun Strowman

Adam and Drew are both talking about looking for Braun. Pearce points out that he needs to get Braun's signature. Drew says he's looking for revenge on Braun for last week. They see Braun around the corner, writing something at a merchandise table. Drew grabs a nearby steel chair and runs over, smacking Braun on the back with it. Braun stays absolutely still and completely no-sells it. Drew quickly gives the chair to Pearce and runs off. Braun turns and sees Pearce with the chair. Pearce tells him it was Drew, and he just needs Braun to sign the contract. Braun tells Pearce to make a match with Gulak vs Braun tonight and he'll sign the damn contract. Pearce says that can be arranged, and we go to break.

Backstage w/ Cesaro & Nakamura

Cesaro is talking to Nakamura, telling him that he needs to let Cesaro know if he has a match, that he wants to have his back etc. Up walks Sami Zayn who hugs both men despite their cold shoulder. Nakamura points out it's been four months since they heard from him last. Sami starts to apologize and Cesaro chimes in that for four months, they heard nothing. Zayn tries to round-about take credit for them being tag team champions by way of his giving them space to succeed. He then puts his IC title next to their tag team titles but Cesaro cuts him off, telling Zayn that they were having a team conversation, a tag team conversation when he walked in and they'd like to finish that conversation. Sami asks "So...you...you want me to go?" Nakamura answers, "Please." Sami then says he has a lot to do and had to go anyways and tells them to do their thing.

Drew Gulak vs Braun Strowman

We cut to the ring and Drew is already out. Out next is the Strowman Express, Braun wearing a tee a little too tight in an arena a little too chilly. He makes his way to the ring as we get clips from SummerSlam where Braun and Bray fought to hell and back with Wyatt winning the Universal title. We get an infographic reminding us of the Universal Championship triple threat between Universal Champion the Fiend, Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns.
The bell rings and Braun wastes no time in grabbing Drew Gulak and throwing him across the ring. Corey Graves says this reminds him of the scene in Jurassic Park, where they lower the goat into the raptor cage. Braun tosses Gulak again. As Gulak is rolling on the ground in pain, Strowman runs and hits a senton! Braun pulls Gulak up by the head and delivers clubbing blows. Strowman yells then deadlift chokeslams Gulak. He then grabs Gulak by the beard and pulls him to his feet, holding him by the beard. Braun yells, "You asked for this! You asked for this? Is this what you wanted?" He then hoists Gulak up and hits the running powerslam, pinning for the win.
Your Winner, Braun Strowman!

After the Match

Braun marches up the ramp, where Adam Pearce awaits him, and signs the contract before thrusting it hard into Pearce's chest. We then are treated to replays of Strowman squashing Gulak.

Backstage w/ the Lucha House Party (LHP

They're talking int he back and Kalisto tells Lince and Gran Metallik to stay in the back, he's going to show Lince how it's done. Lince is upset and tells him to "yeah, show me how it's done!" Kalisto walks off and Cesaro & Nakamura ambush the other members of LHP as we go to break.

Kalisto vs Cesaro

We come from back to break and see Kalisto doing his "lucha! lucha! lucha!" chant already in the ring. We're treated to a clip where cesaro rolled up Lince last week during a tag match, and Kalisto was upset with Dorado. Kalisto got in Lince Dorado's face and Dorado shoved him, causing him to fall. We return back to ThunderDome as the Swiss Chocolate Cyborg Cesaro makes his way to the ring, accompanied by Shinsuke Nakamura.
The bell rings and Cesaro strikes right out of the gate. He nails Kalisto down, then picks him up and whips him into the corner. Cesaro chases but Kalisto leaps over to avoid him, rebounds off the perpendicular ropes, and headscissor flips Cesaro out of the ring. Kalisto moves outside before they head back into the ring. Kalisto springboards into the room but is caught in midair by the Cyborg, who slams him down. Cesaro covers but doesn't get it. Cesaro sends Kalisto into the ropes and hits a big back body drop, then goes for a cover but there's a ropebreak. Cesaro continues to destroy Kalisto, back body drop followed by a kick to the ground, then a running leaping elbow drop and another pin attempt. Cesaro shoves Kalisto into the corner and hits a European uppercut, then whips Kalisto into the corner opposite them. Cesaro moves in but Kalisto starts to mount a comeback. Kalisto with a jumping leg kick. Kalisto leaps up and Cesaro catches him in powerbomb position but before he can act, Kalisto pops up out of the powerbomb position, stands on Cesaro's shoulders, drops down and hits a wicked DDT for a two. Shinsuke comes up onto the apron to distract; the Lucha House Party hit the ringside and yank Shinsuke down, but this distracts Kalisto and Cesaro catches him from behind, scoring the win.
Your Winner, Cesaro!

After the Match: Lucha Broken Home Party

Kalisto and Lince get into it again, arguing in Spanish. Gran Metallik separates them and gets them to calm down and back off.

Backstage w/ Adam Pearce & Vince McMahon

Adam tells Vince that he's got two out of three signatures. Vince tells him two out of three isn't bad! But know what's better? Three out of three! I admit it's hard to understand Vince as his voice is deeper and he's not mic'd proper. He vaguely threatens to use Adam Pearce's head as a battering ram to take down Roman Reign's door if he have to. Adam says he'll go get Roman's signature and we head to commercial.

Talking Smack: Sami Zayn, Matt Riddle, & Big E

That's who'll be on Talking Smack tomorrow. Yep. We then get a ThunderDome plug and see the crowd as it cheers.

Backstage w/ Nikki Cross & Tamina Snuka

Nikki Cross is backstage when Tamina walks up. She asks how Alexa is as they're all worried about her. Snuka's look is killer, glad they did away with the horrible outfits. Alexa pops in wearing pigtails and hugs Nikki. Cross is happy to see Alexa. Cross comments on Bliss' hair being half pink and half blonde. She tells Alexa that she doesn't think the half and half is a good look, because somehow it reminds her of the Fiend. Alexa stares off into the distance for two seconds then says "don't be ridiculous" and begins to rant quicky about their friendship, then snaps "so much for being friends" and takes Nikki's coffee mug--the one Bliss gave her--and smashes it on the floor before heading off. Alexa did her best Harley Quinn impersonation.

Backstage w/ the Miz & Morrison

The Miz & Morrison are talking smack again. Sheamus shows up (I seriously want his Celtic cross necklace). Sheamus manipulates Morrison, who tries to be cocky and arrogant and act intelligent. The Miz isn't happy about it and asks Morrison what he got them into.

Six Man Tag Team Main Event: Heavy Machinery & Big E vs. Sheamus, The Miz & Morrison

Big E and Heavy machinery make their way out to the New Day music. We're told Roman has yet to sign the contract and our match will be up next after this commercial break!

Backstage w/ Adam Pearce & Roman Reigns

Adam knocks on Roman's door and enters his dressing room. Roman says he wants to read the contract first, then begins to slowly read it. He's wearing a "Wreck Everyone & Leave" shirt, which totally sounds like a shirt Retribution would wear...

Six Man Tag Team Main Event: Heavy Machinery & Big E vs. Sheamus, The Miz & Morrison, Part II

The heels make their way out next. We're told that Big E refused to be on MizTV so we will not be having that tonight. Out comes Sheamus, glowing in white with the lights on him before glowing like his usual pasty self. Corey calls Big E and Heavy Machinery "three men who love to slap their meat." The bell rings and we start with Otis and Morrison!
Otis takes Morrison into the corner and sends him down. Cole mocks "so much for Parkour Style," in regards to Morrison. Otis splashes Morrison in the corner and tags in Tucker. Tucker with a cross body and covers for two. Tucker goes to bounce off the ropes, but Miz distracts the ref, allowing Sheamus to get a knee up and causing Tucker's back to collide with Sheamus' knee. Morrison tags Miz in and he begins to take control by stomping Tucker down and keeping him grounded with knee strikes. Miz tags Morrison in, holds Tucker by the neck and bent over, allowing Miz to deliver a gut kick. Morrison then takes to the ground, using an abdominal stretch. Tucker fights to his feet and Morrison sends him into the heel corner. Tucker tries to fight out of it, nailing Morrison with a big right hand. All the while we can hear Otis yelling for Tucky. Morrison hits a dropkick that sends Tucker outside. Tucker takes out Miz and Sheamus at the ringside then clotheslines Morrison. We suddenly hear the bell and see Sheamus over at the timekeeper's booth, ringing the bell. The announcers are confused so we decide it's a good time for a commercial break!
Back from the break and we see the Miz and Morrison double-teaming Tucker. They whip him into the corner and Morrison nails a superkick, covering for two. Miz is now the legal man (they didn't show the tag but he's in...) Otis is yelling for Tucky; Sheamus is yelling for Miz to tag him in. Miz works the neck of Tucker, but Tucker powers up and both men are grounded. Tucker is slowly crawling to his corner as Miz makes the heel hot tag to Morrison, who comes in and dives on top of Tucker. Morrison drags Tucker towards the heel corner, then applies a reverse neck submission. Tucker gets to his feet as Sheamus continues to ask to be tagged in. Morrison tags Miz, who comes in and kicks a restrained Tucker. Miz tags Morrison back in so they can hit another double team, driving Tucker into the mat. Otis starts to come in to help his partner and the ref is distracted, so he doesn't see Sheamus slap Morrison on the back to tag himself in. Sheamus comes in and the ref forces him out. Sheamus gets on the apron and is yelling at Michael Cole when Tucker knocks Morrison back into the ropes, knocking Sheamus off the apron. Sheamus flips his lid and yells at Morrison and Miz, hopping down and starting out. Miz gets down to confront him but backs down when Sheamus stands firm, ready to strike. Sheamus yells more and leaves the ThunderDome.
During all this, Tucker recovers enough to tag in Big E. Big E cleans house; Miz is legal and Big E slams him down hard. Miz is holding his back. Big E hits a huge Uranage and goes for the cover, but Morrison hits a springboard double foot stomp, breaking the pin attempt. Otis comes in and scoop slams Morrison, then goes for the Caterpillar. Miz rolls out of the way, leaving Morrison to take the Caterpillar. Otis drives Morrison from the ring, Big E comes in and hits the Big Ending on the Miz, getting the pin and the win in the end!
Your Winners, Big E & Heavy Machinery

After the Match

After replays, we see Big E dancing on the apron with Heavy Machinery behind him in the ring. Otis jumps on the bottom rope and bounces on it.

Backstage w/ Adam Pearce & Roman Reigns

Roman is seated, reading the contract. Adam asks him about the contract. Roman says that he'll be there this Sunday and that is a guarantee. He says he'll be in the triple threat match and that's a guarantee. He then says he'll win back the belt he never loss and that's not just a conviction...it's a spoiler!
The camera pans over and we see Paul Heyman with Reigns! Heyman says "believe that!" and grins huge as we end our program! Wow!

In Closing

Yowie Wowie, I did not see that one coming! Well folks, there you have the go-home edition of Smackdown before Payback this weekend! We've still got plenty of matches yet to be announced so stay tuned here to Rajah.com or follow us on Twitter (see below) for updates on the card as they're revealed. Y'all have a happy weekend, stay safe, and see you in the comments Sunday night!

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