WWE Friday Night Smackdown Live Results (8/7/2020) - Performance Center, Orlando, FL

It's Friday night, that must mean it's time for Baywatch! Knight Rider! WWE Friday Night Smackdown! I'm your host, the coolest cat since Michael Knight and Mitch Buchannon, Mike Hogan and I'm glad you could all join me for tonight's live results!

Tonight's preview is out and hot diggity dog, do we have a show in store for you! Bray Wyatt will bring the Firefly Fun House back after his attack on Alexa Bliss last week. Can't wait, love me some Bliss Bray! We'll also see Matt Riddle in action against the Ecclectic Celtic Warrior, Sheamus. Jeff Hardy will take on King Corbin in yet the latest chapter of his redemption arc. We'll also get a return of The Dirt Sheet featuring special guest, Sonya Deville. What else is in store for tonight? Guess you're about to find out!

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Live Results (8/7/2020) - Performance Center, Orlando, FL

Show Opener: Wyatt/Strowman/Bliss Recap

We start our program with clips from the Swamp Fight from three weeks ago. We see where Alexa Bliss was dressed as Sister Abigail, and get interposed scenes of Strowman carrying Bliss from last year when they teased a coupling. We then cut to clips from the last Firefly Fun House where Bray says that he never wanted to hurt Braun but now "he" is awake. And "he wants something Braun has, and until he gets what he wants...none of you are safe." We then see clips from last week when, after Cross lost to Bayley, Bliss tried to console her, only for Cross to shove her down. Cross left the ring and the lights cut, and the Fiend attacks Alexa Bliss. The Fiend slapped the Mandible Claw on Bliss.

Firefly Fun House

Hello, Fireflies! Bray Wyatt here! And has he got news for you! A lot of haters have been sliding into his DM's and he wants to point the blame to Braun. He asks how could Strowman let "him" do something to someone that Braun cares so much about? Bray says all you have to do is give "him" what he wants. Bray lets us know that "he'll be here later." He then gets his creepy voice and says "He's waiting for you, Braun, and I advise you give him what he wants or she'll find out what he's truly capable of!" Bray then laughs and says it gives him the heebie-jeebies just thinking about it, and that does it for the FFH!

Matt Riddle vs Sheamus

Riddle makes his way out to a chorus of bros, followed by Sheamus to a chorus of boos. I really, really love Sheamus' Celtic cross necklace. The bell rings and we get straight to things.

Both men circle for a moment before locking up, and Sheamus takes Riddle right into the corner. The ref makes the break. Both men approach in the middle of the ring and Riddle ducks around Sheamus, attempting a rear naked choke but Sheamus reaches the ropes, breaking the hold. Sheamus immediately takes down Riddle and locks in a prone side headlock and Riddle's face turns redder than Sheamus' hair. Riddle to his feet and attempts a waist lock, but Sheamus breaks it. Riddle rolls through a Sheamus grapple and picks the leg.

Sheamus and Riddle exchange grapples before Sheamus takes control with an armbar reversed into a knee to Riddle's gut. Sheamus locks in a left arm bar and works the shoulder until Riddle can get to his feet. Riddle tosses a few rights and reverses it into an armbar of his own. Riddle stretches Sheamus' fingers Pete Dunne style, and manipulates the arm lock to a pin attempt. Sheamus kicks out. Riddle attempts a jumping move but Sheamus lifts the Bro up high and hits a powerbomb. Sheamus has Riddle against the ropes and hammers his chest. Sheamus attempts to Irish Whip riddle but Riddle grabs the ropes, blocking it. Sheamus attempts again, and again Riddle blocks it. Sheamus slips under the ropes to the apron and hits the Ten Beats of the Bodhran. Riddle escapes and leaps up, nailing a kick to the side of Sheamus' head and sending him to the ringside floor as we go to break!

Back from the break and Sheamus has an arm locked in tighter than Flex Seal on Riddle's neck. Sheamus powers up Riddle and hits a trio of Irish Curse backbreakers. He attempts a cover but only gets two. Riddle's face and upper torso are very red. Again, Sheamus locks in his meaty arm under Riddle's chin. Riddle attempts to fight out of it. Sheamus goes for a back drop suplex but Riddle flips over, lands on his feet and hits a kick, grounding the bigger man. Both men are to their feet and Riddle does a punching combo of rights and left. Sheamus takes a kick, and bumbles back into the corner. Riddle with two running corner strikes, then taken to the middle of the ring. He takes a kick then a Bro-ton and Riddle covers for two. Riddle nails Sheamus again and goes up top. He dives off for a twisting senton but Sheamus moves, and Riddle rolls through. Riddle charges Sheamus but Sheamus hits White Noise and covers for two. This one isn't over yet, folks!

Sheamus and Riddle to their feet. Riddle ducks under, wraps around Sheamus and hits a bridging suplex for a close two. Sheamus rolls up Riddle for a close two! Sheamus drops Riddle's back across his knee, then Sheamus charges Riddle in the corner--only for Riddle to move, and Sheamus drives his shoulder into the ring post! Sheamus tumbles outside and Riddle follows. Riddle delivers two kicks before Sheamus hits a knee to Riddle's jaw to give himself some separation. Suddenly Shorty G attacks Riddle from behind, causing the DQ!
Your Winner by Disqualification, Matt Riddle

After the Match

As Sheamus looks on from the ring, Riddle lays into Shorty G hard. He delivers kicks and punches, and grabs Shorty by the head, slamming it repeatedly into the announcer's table. Riddle delivers a few more stiff kicks then, after the official announcement, struts up the ramp to "bro" chants. Sheamus is not happy with taking a loss, and goes outside. Sheamus sends Shorty G into the ring and hits the Brogue Kick, laying him out. Sheamus demands a mic, then asks Shorty what does he think he's doing? He said that for Corbin's Bounty, Gable just ruined his opportunity and took a win from him. Sheamus takes place in the corner, pounding his chest and yelling "get up! Get up! Get up!" When Gable stands, he turns and eats a Brogue Kick. Sheamus' music plays him off.

Coming Up Tonight:

The Fiend will be here. Up next after this break will be the Dirt Sheet with Sonya Deville as the guest. We cut to commercials.

Backstage w/ Corbin & Sheamus

King Corbin is backstage with the new interviewer, trying to flirt when Sheamus approaches. Sheamus tells Corbin that he's lucky because the King's Bounty cost him his match. Corbin and Sheamus talk smack to each other until Corbin walks off.

The Dirt Sheet

John Morrison and the Miz welcome us, and show the clip from last week when Sonya Deville attacked Mandy Rose, ending with Sonya cutting off some of her hair. Morrison says that often on this show, they focus on gossip and trivial pop culture. Sometimes, though, life hits you with something so devastating that it puts everything into focus. Miz starts talking and both men begin to have mic issues. Miz says "Okay, Retribution, you're not scheduled tonight" and Morrison adds "Yeah and you're supposed to be on Raw." Miz tells us we want to welcome someone special, Mandy Rose...'s hair! We see a blonde wig backstage with eyes, and Miz and Morrison mock the incidents of last week. They can't imagine the savagery, the humiliation and the lack of a proper blade that Mandy Rose's hair went through. Miz asks if "she" is okay and Morrison/Miz take turns doing a silly voice, posing as Mandy's hair. They use the "Hair voice" to mock Otis and recent events with Mandy and Otis and Tucker, and mock her for being photo-shopped. Morrison asks everyone to give her a "hair yeah!" and the two do. They ask what she's going to do, and the hair says she's going to take care of some split ends. They mock her, saying she's got more flakes than Kellog's. They continue on with silly punts--definitely worth YouTubing later tonight or tomorrow.

Miz says that if he's being honest, the real victim has not been heard yet and everyone needs to give her the attention she deserves to tell her side of the story. They welcome out Sonya Deville.

Sonya grimaces as the Miz and Morrison say another "hair yeah." She then says she told everyone that she was going to make Mandy as ugly on the outside as she is on the inside, so she doesn't understand what the issue is. She's a woman of her word. She says she enjoyed smashing Mandy's face into the table, cutting her hair off, and rubbing her makeup off. She says that Mandy was more concerned with her image than getting beaten, and that as the Golden Goddess, her looks are all Mandy has ever had. Sonya says she would feel bad and apologize but she doesn't feel bad. She says that Mandy is so weak because Sonya beat her in the ring, twice, and now she's emotional because she lost her hair. Sonya then lays into the crowd, telling them that they're pathetic for sitting there (lol) waiting for Mandy to come out and confront her. Sonya stands up and yells for Mandy to come out. Miz points out that no one's seen Mandy on social media or in person since losing her hair. Sonya says it doesn't surprise her; Mandy made it into the WWE for winning a bikini contest. Sonya says that Mandy won a Bumpy Award for making out with a dude. A fan yells "that's called passion" twice.

Sonya and Miz compare Otis and Mandy to Shrek and his wife. Suddenly, Heavy Machinery hits the ring and beat Miz & Morrison, tossing Miz out of the ring. They lay out Morrison and Otis gets ready to go for the Caterpillar until the Miz can pull him out of the ring. We go to a commercial.

Cesaro (w/Shinsuke Nakamura) vs Lince Dorado (w/ Gran Metallik)

The tag team champs make their way out first to loud boos. This will be a singles match between Cesaro and Lince Dorado of the Lucha House Party. Cesaro is out first, followed by the LHP. We see a picture in picture and the LHP say say Cesaro is whack and tonight, Lince is going to teach Cesaro how to party. The bell rings and we begin!

Cesaro uses his size advantage to take control early. Lince attempts a tilt a whirl, but Cesaro reverses it into a back breaker. Lince is up and takes an immediate European uppercut. Cesaro takes him down again with a clothesline. Both men end up outside the ring and the lights fade again--just like on Raw. Lince climbs the solid portion of the barrier and jumps on Cesaro. They take the action into the ring, and Lince attempts a roll up for two. Lince goes back to the apron and springboards into the air, but is caught by Cesaro who flips him mid-air and drops him across his knee for a hard back breaker. Cesaro slows the pace, grounding the high flying luchadore with a knee into his back and clubbing fists to Lince's chest. Cesaro with a dropping punch and attempts a cover but gets nothing.

Cesaro whips Lince into the corner but wlaks into a big boot. Lince charges Cesaro and leaps up, leaping off Cesaro's shoulders to back flip, then runs back in and hits a springboard stunner. Lince goes up top twice, dropping down onto Cesaro. He goes for a third time but Shinsuke runs interference, and the Swiss Cyborg attacks him from behind. Cesaro lifts LInce up high as if he's going to hit the most impressive Razor's edge in history, but Lince escapes by rolling down and rolling Cesaro up for two. Lince gives it one last big effort but Cesaro clobbers the LHP member down with a Gotch-Style Neutralizer, getting the win.
Your Winner, Cesaro!

Backstage w/ Tucker & Otis

We're told that Heavy Machinery will face the Miz & Morrison later tonight. Backstage, Otis is shaking an equipment cart, angry as heck. Kayla walks up to interview them and Otis tells Kayla that while he likes jokes, Miz & Morrison are crossing a line. Otis says that he's used to being the butt of jokes but when you mess with his peach, you're asking for it. He says when you get him angry, you're asking for it then.

The Fiend

We get the Fiend's entrance as the lights go dark and red beams cut through the air. The Fiend walks slowly to the ring, the red lasers piercing the night behind him and flickering, lightning-like lighting illuminates his face in bursts. The Fiend has his Bray head lantern in hand and sets it on the apron. The Fiend holds his head and laughs maniacally as we go to break!

Back from the break and we see the Fiend in the ring, standing behind a seated Alexa Bliss in the middle of the ring. Red light floods the ring and arena as the Fiend paces around her slowly, screeching creepy music playing over the loud speakers. The Fiend squats in the corner, then crab-walks to Bliss and gets in her face. he holds his right hand up like he did last week, gesturing in the air before forming his hand for the Mandible Claw. Bliss gently grabs his hand and lowers it, then touches his mask with her other hand, seemingly calming the beast. The Fiend jerks back.

We hear Braun over the sound system. Braun is then seen on the small screen up the ramp. He calls the Fiend a sadistic freak. He says he doesn't give a damn about Alexa, he only cares about destroying the Fiend. He says that when he walked into the Swamp, he knew he'd only walk out two days. One, as the most evil sonuvabitch this earth has ever laid eyes on, and two as the man who slayed the devil. Braun says he's now the most evil sonuvabitch around as he let out the evil within. He's fulfilling his destiny. He is more than a man, he is the thing that nightmares are made of, he is the monster. He tells the Fiend that it can have whatever it wants at SummerSlam--"face your fears, face the monster." We head back to commercials.

Jeff Hardy vs King Corbin

The charismatic engima and grand slam champion, Jeff Hardy, makes his way out first. Out next is King Corbin. We're reminded that he's a three-time Golden Gloves champion, a former King of the Ring and former Money in the Bank winner.

As the bell rings, Corbin is yelling at the ringside assistant as he hands him his crown. Finally, the two competitors circle each other. Corbin throws a right but Hardy ducks and hits the Atomic Drop. Hardy grabs Corbin's left arm and uses it to hold him as he hammers fists down onto the big man. Corbin escapes and goes for a rush but takes another Atomic Drop followed up with the double-leg drop in vintage Hardy fashion. Hardy covers but doesn't get much. Corbin hits a throat shot to stun Hardy, then slips out the ring attempting his Misdirection Clothesline but Hardy counters, only for Corbin to deliver straight clothesline and attempt a pin. Corbin stands over Hardy, punching him down into the mat.

Corbin sends Hardy outside and pushes him back against the announcer's table, throwing right fists repeatedly into Hardy's face. The ref's count reaches seven and Corbin takes it back into the ring. Corbin covers for two. Corbin sits Hardy and drops his elbow into Hardy's right shoulder, then hits a few more elbows into his left. Corbin locks in the neck lock on Hardy. Hardy makes it to his feet and throws rights into Corbin's side, attempting to break the lock but fails. Corbin sends Hardy back to the mat, twisting his head and cranking the neck.

Hardy gets out of it. Corbin attempts another Misdirection Clothesline (where he runs at the ropes, slides out the ring, runs around to another side of the ring and slides back in to hit a punishing clothesline, just FYI). Hardy catches him with a double foot dropkick. Corbin takes it back in the ring and hits a Deep Six but only manages to get a two. Corbin pulls Hardy to his feet and looked for the End of Days but Hardy fought him off with strikes. Corbin counters with a big leaping knee, sending Hardy outside of the ring. Suddenly Sheamus runs down the ramp and Brogue Kicks Hardy! Sheamus gets his revenge for the King's Bounty costing him a match win earlier tonight!
Your Winner by Disqualifcation, Jeff Hardy!

After the Match

Corbin and Sheamus yell at each other ringside as the ref gets between them and we go to break!

Sheamus vs King Corbin

We come back from break and find an impromptu match already underway. Sheamus hammers Corbin to the ropes then hits an uppercut. Sheamus whips Corbin into the ropes but Corbin counters with a knee, only to take a kick from Sheamus. Corbin rolls to the apron and Sheamus uses the ropes to stretch Corbin's back as the ref counts. Corbin down to the ringside floor. Sheamus exits the ring on the opposite side, but Corbin runs full steam around and runs over Sheamus. Corbin hammers body blows into Sheamus against the barricade. Corbin bounces Sheamus' face against the announcer's table before sending him back into the ring. As Corbin attempts to enter, Sheamus rebounds off the ropes and knocks him to the floor. Sheamus follows him to the ringside area.

Sheamus beats Corbin at ringside, and sends him shoulder-first into the ring post. The Celtic Warrior sends the King into the ring, then climbs up top and goes flying. Corbin reverses and attempts a cover for two. Corbin mounts Sheamus and nails him with four right fists to the face. Corbin picks up Sheamus and sends him shoulder-first into the ring post. Corbin pounds on Sheamus' figure before the ref warns him. Corbin positions himself between Sheamus and the corner, and hits a hard right hand, flooring the Irishman. Corbin locks in an armbar with a chin lock, trying to twist Sheamus' head off. Sheamus slowly powers to his feet but, again, Corbin flips him back to the mat and keeps the lock in. The ref checks on Sheamus. Sheamus is trying to push Corbin's face off. Again, Sheamus powers to his feet. A right from Sheamus to Corbin's gut. Another, and another! Sheamus powers up Corbin onto his shoulders, going for the White Noise but Corbin hangs on, slips free and clotheslines Sheamus back down to the mat. Suddenly Matt Riddle appears, flying off the top turnbuckle! Corbin avoids it but Sheamus takes opportunity of the distraction and Brogue Kicks Corbin, then covers for the win!
Your Winner, Sheamus!

Backstage w/ Bayley & Sasha Banks

Bayley is alone at first and places her titles down, sitting on an equipment crate. Banks shows up and asks if Bayley's okay. She asks if Bayley's upset about facing Asuka next week on Raw. Bayley is a little upset that Banks didn't consult with her before volunteering Bayley to fight Asuka. In case you missed it, if Asuka beats Bayley then she'll get a title shot rematch against Sasha Banks. Sasha says she's not worried about it, that they've got all the gold and it's nothing to worry about. An unnamed producer walks up and informs the two women that they're required in the ring right away for a video conference with Stephanie McMahon. Both women wonder what's up with that as we go to commercials.

Backstage w/ Big E & Kayla

Kayla welcomes Big E. She points out that his New Day brethren are sidelined, and asks what it's like for him to venture out on a solo career. He touts his pancake and cereal accomplishments. He says he's been an entertainer, a tag partner, but now he gets to question "what could have been" if he'd struck out on his own. He says that with the signs from the WWE Universe and Kofi & Xavier, he admits that he's not sure where this run will take him but he will give nothing less than all of himself because...Kayla says "New Day rocks" for him at his prompting.

In the Ring: Conference Call w/ Sasha Banks, Bayley & Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie is on the screen and thanks both women for taking the time to talk to her. She says that she's proud of them because they said they wanted to win all the women's gold, excluding the NXT women's title, and they did exactly what they said they would. Bayley thanks her and says that all they're trying to do is be role models for little girls everywhere, including Stephanie's daughter. Stephanie says that they've traveled to all three brands, doing whatever it takes to win...including making a mockery of a stipulation that Stephanie set by attacking Kairi Sane backstage to cause Asuka to lose by count out. And now they have her attention. Bayley and Banks panic a bit and promote the network, and say that they're always watching her content as they're fans. Stephanie says she's not one to hold a grudge because she's a McMahon. Stephanie says they need a challenge so at SummerSlam, Sasha will defend her title and it may be against Asuka. As for Bayley, all the enemies that Bayley's been making across all three brands will compete in a triple-brand battle royal for a shot at Bayley's title at SummerSlam! Both women discuss it off mic as we cut to the back.

Backstage w/ Kayla, Miz, Morrison & Sonya Deville

Kayla asks Miz & Morrison if they regret taking things too far as they now have a match against Heavy Machinery. Miz and Morrison say that they can't help it if others don't have a sense of humor. Miz says he and his partner are marvels, giants, and they will outwit Heavy Machinery. Kayla says she's never seen Otis this upset before. Miz asks "what's he gonna do, eat us?" and they laugh. Kayla tells Miz that Otis said that when he's done with them, they won't be laughing anymore. Miz says that Otis is big--in catering--and isn't worried. We go to commercial, and up next will be Miz & Morrison vs Heavy Machinery!

Main Event: Heavy Machinery vs the Miz & Morrison

The Miz and Morrison make their way out to the ring with Sonya Deville accompanying them. Out next are Heavy Machinery, and Otis is carrying his Money in the Bank case.

Tucker and Morrison start things off. Morrison delivers a punch and kick to start, then a low roundhouse kick. He attempts an armbar but Tucker turns it into a slam. Tucker shows off his amateur wrestling skills and performs a takedown and holds Morrison on the mat. Both men up. Morrison attempts kicks and Tucker nails him with a big arm. The lights flicker again. Tucker sends Morrison into the corner and makes a tag. Otis squashes him in the corner and when Morrison stumbles out, he takes a big clothesline that sends him flipping. Morrison tags in the Miz. Miz punches then chops Otis to no effect. Otis rips off his shirt, punches Miz down and runs him over. Otis tags in Tucker. Both men march in unison around the Miz as he stands, bent over, and they both run to opposite ropes and then run into each other, smashing the Miz's head between their bellies! Tucker immediately takes out Morrison at ringside and we go to a break!

Back from the break and the Miz is in control of Tucker. Tucker tries to get to his corner but the Miz sends him into the heel corner. Miz tags Morrison, who springboards into the ring with a stomp and covers for a two. Morrison drops forearms on Tucker then delivers a kick to his back. Morrison rebounds off the ropes to attempt another kick but Tucker kick's Morrison's knee. Morrison recovers and keeps Tucker grounded, tagging in the Miz. Double team move by the duo as they slam Tucker face first into the mat. Miz hits a DDT and covers for two. Miz with a hard kick to a seated Tucker. Miz is showing off and jawing off. Miz takes Tucker to the middle rope and pushes a knee into his back, and the ref forces the break--and the distraction allows Morrison to deliver a running knee strike on the apron. Tucker is trying to crawl to hsi corner but Miz grabs his legs. Morrison tags in, and it looks like the Miz goes to slingshot Tucker but sends him into his own partner. Tucker manages to make the hot tag to Otis!

Otis comes in fired up and takes out the Miz and Morrison repeatedly, sending Miz from the ring. Otis floors Morrison and goes for the Caterpillar but Miz makes the save. All four men move to ringside. Tucker takes out Morrison and Miz slams into Otis and both men hit hte ring steps. Mandy Rose storms the ring with shorter, shoulder length hair and wearing jeans with a short tank top, and attacks Sonya at ringside. The beating spills into the ring and the ref calls for the bell. Heavy Machinery tries to separate Mandy back, and Miz/Morrison do the same for Sonya. Mandy escapes and attacks Sonya. Again, both women are separated. Sonya escapes and hits a leaping spear, and Heavy Machinery slide out the ring, pulling Mandy Rose with them. We go to commercials.
No Contest

Retribution Strikes!

Backstage everyone is arguing until the lights waiver. Suddenly, Retribution debuts! The faction storms the ring--five of them wearing black hoodies and wielding bats and a crow bar. One attacks the announcer's table with a bat and chases Michael Cole and Corey Graves up the ramp! They get in the camera and yell "this is our house now!" then attack the camera man. They then storm through the barricade and begin attacking the crowd! They beat up multiple men at ringside. One female performance center member is cornered and tries to flee; they trip her up and drag her back by her legs. They yell "where you going?" Suddenly, one of them nails her in the face with a boot! Another punches her. It appears one or two members of Retribution may be female. More performance center trainees approach on the other side of the barricade and yell at Retribution. Retribution get in the ring and yell "this is our house now!" They move ringside and flip over the announce table. There are multiple curses that are bleeped out. Retribution yells "we told you, we told you!" They get spray paint and spray paint the camera side of the plexiglass barricade, then the sides. They use red and black paint to spray the ring and barricade and stairs, including a red line through "Smackdown" on the ring apron. They walk around yelling "who else?"

One member pulls out a chainsaw and begins cutting the ring ropes as the other four cheer them on. The arena is in chaos and the ring is all but destroyed by Retribution. We end our program with Retribution standing proud and tall.

In Closing

A lackluster Smackdown with a very interesting, surprising ending! Wow! What are your thoughts? Let us know below in the comments! Have a great weekend, y'all! Hit me up on Twitter @MikeHulkHogan and I'll see you all here for Raw!

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