WWE Friday Night Smackdown Live Results (9/11/2020)

Welcome one and all to Friday Night Smackdown! Your host for this evening is none other than Mike Hogan, welcoming you back to our live results coverage. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those impacted by the day's events nineteen years ago.

Our official preview for tonight is out. We have an Intercontinental Championship match between Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles.

After her vicious assault on Sasha Banks last week, we'll hear from Bayley. We've also been informed that Bray Wyatt will introduce his newest creation on the Firefly Fun House! Update, 7pm EST: Jeff reported here a possible SPOILER (caps, bolded, italicized and underlined since some of you can't read) as to who or what this new creation could be!

All this and more next on...

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Live Results (9/11/2020) - Amway Center, Orlando, FL

Show Opener: 9/11 Memorial

We open on an image of the NYC skyline with two beams of light where the Twin Towers once stood, and we have a moment of silence with the words "Never Forget" before we transition to:

Video Package: Roman Reigns, His Next Challenger.

We see Roman and Paul Heyman from last week. Heyman tells us that he didn't approach Roman Reigns--Roman Reigns pulled Heyman back in. He tells us that Reigns gave his all and over delivered but nobody to say thank you. When Roman needed some time off, his title was taken and given to the Fiend and Braun Strowman. Heyman says that Reigns' reign will be bigger, badder, better than anyone else who's come before. We see clips from Payback, where Roman joined the match as it was ending and took advantage of his beaten and bludgeoned opponents in the broken ring and won. We then see where Big E was eliminated from the Fatal Four-way to determine Roman Reigns' opponent at Clash of Champions. We see Jey Uso backstage with Roman, thanking him for pulling a string and getting Jey into the Fatal Four-way. Roman takes a jab at his cousin, implying Jey's always needed his brother to get anywhere and that he needs to carry his own weight. We then see Jey victorious in the match and becoming the new #1 Contender.

Welcome to the ThunderDome

We cut to the arena and see/hear thunder and lightning before Michael Cole welcomes us to the fan-interactive experience known as the ThunderDome!

In the Ring: WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns w/ Paul Heyman

Reigns and Heyman come out to piped-in boo's. Roman holds his belt up high and, after they're introduced, they make their way nonchalantly to the ring. We're told that Paul Heyman is the "special counsel to the tribal chief." Clash of Champions is two weeks from this Sunday.
Heyman: "Ladies and gentleman, your tribal chief has authorized me tonight to enlighten you on some recent history. Two weeks ago, right here on Smackdown, we let the secret out of the bag. We told everybody what only the two of us knew. And two days later, at Payback, what happened? Roman Reigns wrecked everyone and left, and he left as the Universal Champion. Last Friday, here on Smackdown, your tribal chief authorized me to tell everything, to leave all the cards on the title. ...And that very night, his cousin Jey Uso stepped up...and emerged as the number one contender for the Universal heavyweight championship. Therefore your champion has bestowed upon me the honor and privilege of introducing to you that number one contender--the challenger for the Universal Championship...yes, legally, he's Roman Reign's cousin but he (might) as well be his brother. Ladies and gentlemen, Jey Uso." Jey comes out to applause. Michael Cole shows us old photos of Jey and Roman growing up together, and Jey calls this the "big dog vs the underdog."
Jey gets on a mic and tells Paul thanks for giving him the chance to take on his own blood. Heyman tells Jey that Jey should thank Roman, because this was all his idea--when Big E went down, Heyman didn't think this up. Roman did. He tells Jey to thank his cousin, his Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Roman stands there smug, and gets on a mic, commenting: "You don't have to thank me. We're blood. For years we've thought about this. We're family, man. Proud of you. The whole family's proud of you." He tells Jey this is his moment, and he doesn't need to thank Roman. Roman then says "At Clash of Champions, that won't be your moment." He tells Jey to enjoy this moment but just like when they were little kids, "I'm gonna whoop your ass." He repeats that again. Jey says it's different--they're not kids now, they're grown men. King Corbin interrupts their speech and comes out.
Corbin says that this was a set up all along, and claims Reigns pulled strings to get his hand-picked opponent for Clash, and calls it a case of nepotism that makes him sick. He says there's nothing he hates more than people walking around, abusing their power. Sheamus interrupts and comes out. He says he's going to have to agree with his royal highness here. He says that this situation stinks. He says when Big E was taken out, it should've been a triple-threat match. But instead, strings were pulled and Jey Uso was in the match and he had no time to prepare on such short notice. Jey gets on the mic and says "what, you're saying you want time to prepare?" Sheamus tells Jey to be quiet as the kids are talking. Jey tells Sheamus not to talk to him like he's Jey's aunt. Jey then suggests that he and Roman team tonight against Corbin and Sheamus tonight. He says "it'll be the bloods (and indicates Roman & Jey) versus...the butt-muds" and indicates Sheamus and Corbin. Sheamus runs in and Jey sends him out of the ring, then Corbin is taken down. We're left wondering if this will be a tag match.

Upcoming Tonight & Backstage w/ Sami Zayn

We're reminded that Bayley will speak about her vicious assault on Sasha Banks. We'll have the Intercontinental Championship match promised, and a fatal four-way to determine Bayley's opponent for Clash of Champions. We then cut to the production truck, where Sami Zayn is arguing with a production member about advertising the IC title match (as he thinks he's the IC champ). He goes to push a button, the production person warns him not to, and we cut to commercials.

Intercontinental Championship Match: Jeff Hardy(c) vs AJ Styles

Five-time Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy comes out first. Cole and Graves on commentary recap for us his weakened knee. We also see how his knee brace played a factor in his winning the Intercontinental Championship just weeks ago. AJ Styles comes out next wearing his new "Gloves On" tee. The ThunderDome are all thumbs down and frowns as our great hero Styles comes to the ring. The bell rings and the announcements are made, and--
--Sami Zayn comes out to interrupt. He asks "how dare you?" He holds up his IC title and says that he won this title fair and square on March 8th, 2020, and successfully defended the IC title against Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 36. He says he then took a couple of months off for personal reasons and WWE felt a need to crown a new IC champion. Zayn says that's fine, he understands, but then implies that there can't be an IC title match unless he's involved. Adam Pearce & Security show up and escort him out, telling him he has to leave. AJ Styles attacks Hardy from behind, nailing several cheap shots as security escorted Zayn out. The bell rings and we're getting started. Jeff Hardy hits a Twist of Fate immediately, then goes up top for the Swanton Bomb. Jeff flies high but AJ moves out of the way, and we go to break with the IC champ writing in pain on his back!
We're back from commercials and the action is still going on. We're told it's been all AJ Styles during the break. Hardy rebounds off the rope as we come back from break, and AJ hits the drop toe hold. Hardy is outside the ring; Styles comes out and kicks him a few times before getting back in the ring. Styles distracts the ref for a moment before leaving the other side of the ring to break the count-out. Styles bounces Hardy's face off the steel steps. Hardy recovers and comes running, leaping over the steps and landing on Styles. Both men get back into the ring before the ten.
Hardy hits the inverted atomic drop and goes for the double leg drop, but Styles counters very simply--he simply sits up and pushes Jeff's feet so he misses. Both men are up. Hardy, wearing cool red/white/blue Americana face paint by the way, hits Whisper in the Wind but only gets a two. Hardy readies up as Styles stands and goes for the Twist of Fate but AJ counters, turning it into a Ushigoroshi! AJ covers but gets two. Hardy fights back, dropping AJ and hitting the basement dropkick for a close two. Hardy is up first; Styles grabs Hardy's leg and begins to hammer his injured knee. Hardy flips him off. Both men are down in the corner. Styles climbs up the ropes on the apron as Hardy stumbles on his weakened knee in the ring. Styles calls for the Phenomenal Forearm when Sami Zayn attacks!
Your Winner by DQ and STILL Intercontinental Champion, Jeff Hardy!

After the Match: There Can Be Only One

Zayn continues to attack Hardy, hitting the Helluva Kick in the corner. Zayn holds his IC title up and yells "there's only one!" over and over.

Upcoming Tonight

We see Jey and Roman sitting in the back, talking, as Cole runs down (again) what we have in store tonight. We then see Jeff Hardy, still writhing in pain at the ring, as we go to break and Cole calls for help.

Backstage w/ Alyse Ashton

New interviewer Alyse Ashton says that WWE Medical Personnel is reporting that Jeff Hardy never lost consciousness at the end of the match--it appears to be dehydration. Styles shows up and says she should talk about the news. He says all this has to stop, that Hardy is the IC champion after "cheating" using his brace, and Zayn disappeared for months. Style says that he can beat both men any place, time, or match and that he'll prove that AJ Styles is the one and only true IC champion.

Previously on Raw: Cesaro & Nakamura Confront the Street Profits

We're reminded of the inter-brand rule-of-the-month that allows Superstars to go between shows. We then are treated to a video package from Raw, in which Smackdown Tag Team Champions Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro confronted the Raw Tag Team Champions, the Street Profits, and challenged them to a match. The Profits accepted and they'll face off this Monday (instead of at Clash of Champions).

Backstage w/ the Street Profits & Nakamura/Cesaro

Nakamura and Cesaro have their celebratory area set up when the Profits show up. They jab at each other, then the Smackdown tag team champions have to go for a match and warn the Profits not to touch their champagne/popcorn/etc. The Profits promise, then start eating some as soon as their future opponents are gone.

Match: Lucha House Party vs Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro

As the LHP make their way to the ring, we see a previously recorded segment in which Kallisto says as leader of the LHP, he's going to help them get the tag team titles. The other members of LHP look at him as if he's crazy for saying he's their leader. We cut back to the ring and see them doing their Lucha chant. We very briefly hop backstage to see Jeff Hardy with a trainer, then we cut to commercial.
Back from break, and LHP are finishing up their intro. In the ring, all three are discussing, presumably over which two will compete. Out next with their incredibly green and awesome Bar 2.0 entrance are Smackdown Tag Team Champions Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro.
We start things off with Gran Metallik and Cesaro. Cesaro whips Gran into the corner and follows for a clotheslines but Gran moves. Gran rebounds and heads up to the middle rope, twirling around before flying onto Cesaro. Gran tags in Kallisto--his first action since returning and, as Graves notes, in great physical condition--and Kallisto dives onto Cesaro. Cesaro regains control and takes Kallisto into the heel's corner. Shinsuke is tagged in and suplexes Kallisto down, covering for a two. Shinsuke chokes Kallisto in the corner with a big foot then tags in Cesaro. Cesaro with a European Uppercut for a two. Cesaro squeezes Kallisto's head, scoop slams him, and covers for two. Nakamura is tagged in and delivers a kick. Nakamura hoists Kallisto up and lays him across the top ropes in the corner. Nakamura with a running knee to his gut. Tag to Cesaro--both men work together to double team a knee strike and a gutwrench throw.
We see the backstage on the big screen. Street Profits are in Cesaro/Nakamura's celabratory area with Matt Riddle and several others. They're eating their food and pop open their champagne. Cesaro and Nakamura are distracted, allowing Kallisto to roll up Cesaro for the win.
Your Winners, the Lucha House Party!

Backstage w/ Bayley

Bayley is walking backstage, wearing her championship belt, and walking around in a pretty floral-print top and a steel chair in hand. We get a very brief recap of last week's attack, and we're promised to hear from Bayley next--after these commercials!

Backstage w/ the LHP, Street Profits, Matt Riddle, Shorty G, Others

We see the party still going on in the back as the Lucha House Party join the Street Profits and they all chant "Lucha lucha lucha!"

In the Ring: Bayley

Michael Cole reminds us that Bayley has been the Smackdown Champion for 328 days. Bayley comes down to the ring, still wearing street clothes, wielding a bent chair. Cole postulates its the same chair used to beat Banks last week. Bayley sets up the chair and sits in it, mic in hand, as the camera closes in on her face. The ThunderDome are all thumbs down and boo's. We get a video package before Bayley speaks, and it covers their losing their tag titles at Payback. it's pointed out that Sasha is now "No-Belts" Banks. We see the Golden Role Models attempt to take back their titles a week ago on Smackdown. Sasha Banks' knee was injured during the match and she had trouble continuing. They lost due to her knee ultimately giving out on her at the worst possible time. We then see a mix of clips from immediately after the match--when Bayley snapped and beat Banks--and audio clips of Bayley talking about her best friend. We then hear audio of Bayley, as she's beating Banks, telling her that she deserves all of this. We see Bayley position Banks' head in the folded steel chair and dive off the middle rope, stomping it. We return to Bayley live in the ring.
"After all that, everybody is asking how Sasha Banks is--is Sasha feeling any better, when will Sasha be back? But nobody is asking how I'm feeling...Do you think it made me feel good to do that to my partner...to take that steel chair and destroy my best friend? Well, ding-ding, yeah it did!" She tells us that everyone, including Michael Cole, wants to know why she did it. She says that she's full of questions. She knows that Sasha is watching and says that after everything they've been through, all the years together and against each other, she knows exactly what Sasha was doing. She says Sasha was waiting for the right time to strike, and that Banks was keeping her close. She said that when she first came up to WWE, Sasha made sure to make her her tag team partner to keep her close. She goes on to say that Banks pretended to be her best friend but all along, Banks was using Bayley. Bayley says she knows that Banks was doing that...because Bayley was using Banks! Bayley says that she was using Banks every step of the way. She says that thanks to Banks, she's two belts Banks--then corrects herself, two belts Bayley--and she became the first ever Women's Grand Champion. But after last week? After not winning their belts back, Sasha Banks became completely useless to Bayley. She drops mic and heads off.

#1 Contender's Women's Fatal Four-way Match: Alexa Bliss vs Nikki Cross vs Lacey Evans vs Tamina

Nikki Cross comes out first as Bayley's leaving and stares at her as she walks past. Bayley sneaks up behind Cross and attacks her with a steel chair, flattening her on the ramp as we head to break. Back from the break and Alexa Bliss is out with her Harley Quinn hair, checking on Cross as Cross leans against the ring and officials check on her. Lacey Evans makes her way out and pulls off her puffy skirt, throwing it on Nikki Cross. Bliss closes in, taking issue with it, but the ref keeps them apart. Evans gets in the ring; Tamina is already out apparently. Bliss and Cross get in. Cross is holding her back. The bell rings and our women pair off.
Tamina sends Cross out the ring as Evans tackles Bliss. Evans sends Bliss out and Tamina and Evans clash. Evans attempts a move off the top but Tamina counters. Bliss slides back in and attacks both women. Big right to keep Tamina down; Bliss follows it up with a dropkick to floor Evans. Bliss dives off the top of her stomp/backflip combo, but after Tamina catches her mid-move and flattens her, covering for two. Tamina picks up Bliss but Bliss struggles. Bliss falls off to the mat, and Tamina kicks her, keeping her down. Tamina is taking control of this match as she picks up Bliss and whips her into the corner, followign up with a splash. Evans is in and goes for the eyes of Tamina; Tamina with a kick to the midsection that sends Evans out. Tamina begins to foot-choke Bliss in the corner. Cross finally comes in and leaps on the back of Tamina. Cross gets off and hammers away at Tamina, then hits a rebounding dropkick to drop Tamina to a knee. Cross with the running Cross-Body on Tamina and covers but gets nothing. Tamina is on the apron; Cross grabs Bliss and whips her into the ropes, setting up a strike down from Bliss. Bliss backs up and slides through the ropes, hitting the Wrecking Ball Dropkick to take out Evans and Tamina ringside! Cole mentions the Fiend doesn't seem to have much control over Bliss. So, naturally, bliss stands still, eyes her friend Nikki Cross who's joined her at ringside, and hits the Sister Abigail on Cross! We go to break.
We're back from our break and Tamina has Evans seated, in a chinlock. We see a replay of Alexa Bliss hitting the Sister Abigail on Nikki Cross, then during the break Alexa Bliss walked up the ramp in a "trance-like state" and left the ThunderDome. This is now, apparently, a three-way. Evans and Tamina continue to fight. Evans hits a rope-assisted neckbreaker from the apron. Evans takes down Tamina from the apron, then hits the springboard elbow drop into the ring and onto Tamina. Evans is favoring her right hand, and we're informed that during the break, Tamina worked on that right hand to possibly prevent Evans' finisher, the Woman's Right. Tamina is up to her feet and shoves Evans down. Tamina charges; Evans hits a drop toehold, sending Tamina into the turnbuckle. Tamina is seated in the corner, and Evans hits her handstand corner dropkick. Evans goes up top for her reverse diving splash, and flies, nailing Tamina and covering for two. Cross dives in at the last moment to make the save. Cross sends each woman to a different corner and gets fired up. She hits a bulldog on Evans and Tamina, then covers but only gets a two. Evans is down. Cross pulls Tamina up and whips her into the corner. Cross charges in but Tamina dodges. Cross with a back elbow to Tamina's face, then climbs up to the second rope and hits a tornado DDT from the middle! Evans tries to sneak up but Cross drops Evans on her neck and covers for a two. Tamina makes hte save. Tamina and Evans both up; Evans goes for the Woman's Right but Tamina counters with a superkick! Evans with another Woman's right, connecting it this time! Evans turns her attention to Cross and goes for the Woman's right but Cross counters and hits a second-rope neckbreaker. Evans is knocked from the ring as Tamina breaks up the pin attempt. Cross takes down Tamina, grabs the pants and gets the win!
Your Winner and #1 Women's Contender, Nikki Cross!

Match: Otis (w/ Tucker) vs. John Morrison (w/ the Miz)

Otis comes out first, announced as Mister Money in the Bank, and is accompanied by Tucker. He makes his way down to the ring with both his MitB briefcase and lunch box. His opponent will be out next--after this commercial! When we return from the break we get a quick vignette for a new blonde who will be debuting--but they're purposefully hiding her face and torso. We return to the ring and John Morrison comes out next, accompanied by his partner the Miz. We get replays from last Friday when the Miz & Morrison fought Heavy Machinery, then stole his Money in the Bank briefcase--which turned out to hold only Otis' lunch, as he hid the contract in his Money in the Bank lunch box. The bell rings and things begin!
The Miz has joined commentary, and basically spends his time running down Otis and claims Otis isn't worthy of being MitB champion. In the ring, Otis and Morrison begin exchanging blows. Otis absorbs some kicks to his gut and shakes them off. Morrison with another strike, and Otis turns but shakes it off. Morrison goes for a roundhouse kick but Otis catches the leg and suplexes Morrison down. Otis gets in the corner and is sizing up Morrison as he tries to recover. Miz runs over and hops on the apron, distracting him. The ref calls him out about it and Miz points out that he didn't touch Otis. Morrison attacks Otis. Miz grabs the MitB Lunch Box and runs off, laughing up the ramp. Morrison is distracted by his own partner, laughing, and Otis takes him down. Otis hits the Caterpillar then a splash off the top to cover Morrison for the win.
Your Winner, Otis!

Previously on Smackdown: Big E Gets Squashed

We get replays of last week: Big E was celebrating that Xavier Woods would be swinging by to see him, when suddenly Sheamus attacked him in the back. Big E was laid out and taken off by ambulance. We're told we'll get an update on Talking Smack tomorrow. We head to break but when we return, we'll get the Firefly Fun House!

Backstage w/ Heavy Machinery

Tucker and Otis are walking in the back. Tucker is concerned about getting the lunch box back. Otis tells Tucky not to worry, because Miz may have a lunchbox...he then fumbles with the briefcase and finally gets it open, revealing another lunch box! And in it is the contract. We then cut back to the Miz and Morrison. Morrison says that the contract is nontransferable but Miz says he's got a lawyer who can find a loophole. He then opens the box to find an eaten apple core.

The Firefly Fun House: Bray's Newest Creation!

"Namaste, Fireflies! Now before the fun begins, there's something I've been meaning to get off my chance. As you can see, thanks to Roman Reigns, something very special is missing from the Fun House. But it's okay--everyone experiences loss! How you handle loss defines the person you become." We get a "The Less You Know" graphic as he thumbs up. He moves over to a pretty, round box that contains the newest member of the Firefly Fun House--someone who will be an inspiration to all of his Fireflies. He's overcome so much to get to this place in his life and introduces us to Pasquale (spelling?) the Parrot. He opens the lid. He tells Pasquale to say something inspirational. He gets frustrated and looks in the box. He then looks shocked to the camera. We get a "technical difficulties" Firefly Fun House graphic. Then we cut back and Bray says he probably should have cut some air holes in the box. The Buzzard says "delicious" and Bray tosses the box back, saying "oh well!" Suddenly in comes the Vince puppet, yelling at Bray. He says that Bray lost the parrot, he lost his universal championship, and he lost the puppet's trust. Bray asks if he's sure? Bray then asks the Vince puppet what he has in mind, and he says that he has a special advisor for Bray--Wobbly Walrus, who looks like a mix of Heyman and Paul Bearer. Bray exclaims, "Yowie Wowie!" The Vince puppet says "this is such good sh-t!" We end our segment with Wobbly and Vince puppet staring at Bray.

Main Event Match: Jey Uso & Roman Reigns vs Sheamus & King Corbin

We cut back to our ring for our main event. We're reminded for the 13th time that this is Roman Reigns first match on Smackdown in seven months. Out first is King Corbin, looking tougher than a two dollar steak. His partner, Sheamus, comes out next and we go to commercial break.
We're back live with our main event. Corbin & Sheamus await in the ring as Jey Uso is out first. The six-time tag team champion, cousin of Roman Reigns and son of Rikishi, unwisely makes his way down the ramp without awaiting for his partner and Corbin & Sheamus make him pay for it! Both men attack him, beating him down the ramp and into the ring. Uso is thrown in the corner and the ref calls for the bell--even though Roman isn't out yet!
Sheamus and Corbin work Jey over. Corbin hits the deep six on Jey! Covers but only gets two. Sheamus is tagged in and sets up Jey Uso in the ring. Sheamus stands on the apron and hits the Ten Beats of the Bodhoran. Sheamus back into the ring and stomps Jey, then tags Corbin. Corbin beats down on Jey in the corner before taking it to the middle of the ring. Roman still hasn't joined this match. Jey Uso fights back and hits a superkick to Sheamus, knocking him off the apron. Uso flattens Corbin in the corner and sets it up, charging in...but Corbin tags Sheamus quickly! Holy guac sauce on a peanut butter and tuna melt sandwich, Sheamus hits an Irish Curse out of nowhere! And somehow Uso is still in this! Sheamus posts up in the corner, calling for the Brogue Kick when Reigns' music hits! Roman and Heyman stand up the ramp. Jey Uso uses the distraction to take down Sheamus; he runs across the room and takes Corbin off the apron. Sheamus takes a superkick in the ring. Uso climbs up for the flying body splash. Roman casually reaches up and tags his partner. Uso goes flying, hitting Sheamus. The ref won't count--Roman is legal, not Jey! Roman comes in and hits a spear, then pins Sheamus. He's taken the Brock Lesnar Playbook to heart, hitting a single move and pinning for the win.
Your Winners, Jey Uso & Roman Reigns

After the Match

We get replays showing how Uso did all the work and Reigns tagged himself in just in time to pick up the win. Heyman meets Reigns up the ramp, presenting the "tribal chief" Roman Reigns with his Universal Championship. Roman holds his belt up at the top of the ramp...and Jey Uso reaches over, holding it with him as Roman mean-mugs him as we go off the air.

In Closing

And there you have it, folks, another mediocre Smackdown in the books. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Stay safe out there, and see you all Monday night for Raw!

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