WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results (December 3, 2021): AT&T Center - San Antonio, TX

Monday Night Raw

Welcome one and all to Friday Night SmackDown! We're glad you could join us tonight. Oh, by reading these results, you've just acknowledged your Friday Night Friar, Mike Hogan. Refresh this page frequently as we'll have live coverage with updates every five to seven minutes.

Our official preview was sparse this morning at best, announcing only the return of Brock Lesnar. Since then we've learned of two matches--Cesaro takes on Sheamus and King Woods looks to get his royal gauntlets on Jey Uso.

We'll this and much more, next on SmackDown airing LIVE--unlike those other guys--tonight from the AT&T Center in historic San Antonio, TX! So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results (December 3, 2021): AT&T Center - San Antonio, TX

Previously on SmackDown...

We open with a video package from last week's episode. Universal Champion Roman Reigns addresses the Black Friday Battle Royal we had to determine Roman's next opponent. Sami Zayn won--then received the breaking news, immediately, that the suspension on Lesnar was lifted as well as the fact that he'd appear at tonight's show. Reigns was shown backstage as a "we want Brock" chant rips out. The Head of the Table doesn't look enthusiastic.

Welcome to the AT&T Center!

Michael Cole, Pat McAfee, and Progressive insurance welcome us to SmackDown! We get right to the fun bits.

"The Beast" Brock Lesnar Returns to SmackDown!

Lesnar comes out to mixed reactions--mostly cheers with some boos, not counting for the piped-in digital audience. McAfee is going to go hoarse with excitement. Lesnar is handed a mic and soaks in a "Suplex City" chant, full of smiles. "So you've caught on that my suspension's been lifted? I'm here tonight for one reason, and one reason only. The Universal Championship. Now, you may ask yourselves how exactly I got my--" Lesnar is interrupted by Sami Zayn, whom McAfee calls an idiot. Zayn tells Lesnar that "finally, at long last, our paths are crossing!" He goes on to state that their careers are somewhat parallel, excluding a stint in UFC and a few WrestleMania main events. The crowd tries to boo out Zayn. Zayn states they're both Canadian, another thing in common. Brock tells Zayn "pardon my ignorance, I'm sorry...I don't know who the hell you are. You're a fan? You're a fan of me? Let me tell you something, you've got a lot of balls coming out here (and) interrupting me." Lesnar mentions yes, he does eat, live and sleep in Saskatchewan but demands to know who the hell Zayn is, amidst a threat to rip off Zayn's head.
Zayn tells Brock that he (Zayn) is the "locker room leader" and the number-one contender. Lesnar asks for clarification. "I get suspend and you become the number-one contender?" Lesnar laughs at Zayn. Zayn reiterates he is the number-one contender and he's happy to roll out the red carpet, after beating Roman at Day 1, for a Lesnar vs Zayn match "no questions asked." Lesnar scoffs at Zayn's thought he'll fight Roman at Day 1. Lesnar accuses Zayn of being played (by the powers that be). "Why would you wait until Day 1 to fight Roman? Why don't you do it tonight, here in San Antonio," Lesnar encourages. "I can see it now, kid, Sami--" and he has to get Zayn's last name. Zayn states he doesn't want to win it in Texas to big boos, and starts making excuses about not being ready and his hip bothering him. Lesnar again tells Zayn to fight Reigns here, tonight, in San Antonio. Again Zayn tries to weasel out of it, to which Lesnar responds "Shut up, kid. Listen to me. You should fight Roman Reigns tonight." Lesnar encroaches on Zayn's personal space, backing Zayn up and intimidating the number-one contender. "Thank you for the advice," Zayn answers, "but no thank you." He makes a mistake of gently touching Lesnar's shoulder. Lesnar begins to twist Zayn's wrist until he agrees to fight Roman. "Go get 'em, kid, go get 'em! Good job. And to top it all off, I'll be right by your side tonight...I got your back, kid," Lesnar states in encouragement. Zayn leaves while commentary wonders if this match will happen tonight or not. We head to break.

Backstage: Sami Zayn & WWE Official Sonya Deville

Zayn inquires about Adam Pearce's location, but he's not here tonight. Zayn starts to complain to Deville about Brock when Lesnar shows up. Zayn attempts to use Pearce's absence for an excuse, but Deville reminds Zayn that she does have the power to make it and does! It's official--Universal Championship match tonight with the winner (cough, cough, Reigns, cough) defending against Brock Lesnar at the Day 1 pay-per-view event on January first.

Singles Match: Sasha Banks vs Shayna Baszler

The Boss is out first, followed by the Queen of Spades. Video clips highlight Banks' recent issues with Naomi, as well as Baszler's dominating time on the main roster. Banks looks for an aggressive start as soon as the bell rings, taking Baszler into the corner. Baszler looks for the Kirifuda Clutch early on but Banks escapes. Banks with an arm drag that sends Baszler rolling to the outside. Banks with a baseball slide but Baszler reverses it into an ankle lock from the ringside! Baszler breaks at the ref's command. Banks leaps off the apron, taking down Baszler at ringside. Banks sends Baszler in and attempts a pin cover, garnering a two before we head to break.
Back from the break. Banks looks to distance across the ring but eats a running knee strike from Baszler. Baszler looks for an early pin but gets two. Baszler starts to talk smack to Banks, kicking her in the face lightly after every statement. Baszler pulls Banks up by the hair; Banks responds with a slap. Both exchange blows before Banks sends Baszler down with another arm drag. Banks blocks a kick and shoots off one of her own. Banks looks for a cover, grabbing a near-fall, after a middle-rope double stomp. Baszler sets Banks up in the corner and charges in. Banks counters, sending Baszler into the middle turnbuckle. Banks follows it up with a beautiful Tornado DDT and covers for another close two. The crowd roots for Banks, clearly behind the Boss. Baszler slaps a Kirifuda Clutch on Banks from out of nowhere! Baszler shifts with Banks, attempting to keep the Clutch locked on. Banks transitions it to a submission of her own. Baszler breaks free and nails Banks with a kick that flattens her. Banks plays possum, however, and quickly rolls up Baszler to steal the win!
Your Winner, Sasha Banks!

FaceTime: WWE Officials Adam Pearce & Sonya Deville

Deville tries to encourage Pearce to come in. Pearce doesn't want to, as Lesnar's present and not his biggest fan. Deville tells Pearce it's fine, Lesnar's actually in a good mood, but Pearce states he won't come in. He wants to go "remember the Alamo." After they hang up, Drew McIntyre shows up. Drew tells Sonya to let Adam know that he (Drew) is looking for Pearce.

Happy Talk, w/ Happy Corbin & Madcap Moss

Corbin comes out wearing the most awesome yet ugliest beach shirt and shorts. The crowd isn't happy with the Happy duo as they make their way to the ring. After a break, we return to the set-up ring. Corbin & Moss welcome us but the digital crowd washes them out briefly with boos. Corbin leads the crowd in a "if you're happy and you know it, clap your hands," to which the in-house crowd responds positively. Corbin and Moss discuss last week's battle royal, during which Corbin turned on Moss and eliminated him. Corbin makes light of it, then segways into laying into Jeff Hardy for having fried so many brain cells that he didn't realize Sami Zayn was still in the match. Corbin asks Moss for a joke about Hardy. Moss says a pregnant Jeff Hardy would be called a "Swanton Mom" or the such. Corbin moves on to Drew who comes out with his sword, wanting to cut up people. Moss makes a joke about McIntyre being a "Scottish Worrier." Cue the bagpipes because here comes Drew McIntyre! McIntyre stands on the ramp, sword pointing at Moss. Jeff Hardy hits the ring from behind Corbin and hits the Twist of Fate! Moss charges the ring and takes a Twist of Fate for his troubles. Drew McIntyre then hits the Claymore and puts on a hat, as does Hardy, mocking Moss & Corbin. And that ends this pointless segment.

Tag Match: Los Lotharios vs the Viking Raiders

Erik and Ivar make their way out and we head to a break, including an extended teaser trailer for John Cena's new Suicide Squad-spinoff series, "DC's Peacemaker." Should be good. We return to the ring as the Raiders await their opponents. Los Lotharios--cousins Angel (sans Garza) and Humberto (sans Carrillo)--come out to a decent mix from the crowd. We start with Erik and Angel. Erik attacks Humberto, knocking him off the apron, then takes Angel into the Raider corner. Erik tags in Ivar and body slams Ivar on top of Angel. Ivar misses on a Bronco Buster attempt. Angel connects a Superkick to Erik, dropping him, as Angel hits a suicide dive on Ivar on the outside! Humberto locks a hold on Erik as Angel gets ready to attack...and they're then distracted by Rick Boogs and Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura! The distraction backfires, however, as Los Lotharios pick up a roll-up to end the super short match.
Your Winners, Los Lotharios!

After the Match: Reconciliation

The Viking Raiders have words with Nakamura and Rick. Boogs plays what I believe is the Raiders' new theme (the audio mix was horrible). The Raiders appreciate it and rock out with Boogs, Nakamura, and McAfee--who jumps repeatedly on his chair. Dude's got some balance.

Backstage Interview: Kayla Braxton w/ Toni Storm

Toni Storm--now wearing a completely different wardrobe than normal--is asked about Flair. Toni states Charlotte doesn't know what to do with Toni's challenge, because Storm isn't afraid or even impressed by Flair. Storm says that she embarrassed Flair when predicting Lynch would win. She goes on to add that when Flair accepts her challenge, she's going to give Flair her comeuppance and become the new SmackDown Women's Champion.

Singles Match: King Woods vs "Main Event" Jey Uso w/ Jimmy Uso

The Usos are out first, and Cole reminds us that they destroyed King Woods' crown--and the King is out for some revenge. The Usos speak before Woods comes out. The crowd welcomes them with a loud Uso chant. "Yeah, that's right! Hey, Sami Zayn, what's wrong with you? Challenging (Roman) to a championship match!" They point out Zayn's scared, and predict that Roman will smash Zayn tonight and Brock at Day 1. They continue on, hyping Roman to loud digital boos. They end it by reminding us they the ones to a loud Uso chant. King Woods makes his way out on the mic, dressed regally sans the crown. Woods states the Usos don't have surprises, and they're really not going to like the one he has for them. King Woods always "brings a gift to the party." That gift? "The Hand of the King, Sir Kofi Kingston!" The crowd pops big as Kingston makes his return after a few weeks' absence due to an attack by the Usos.
Finally get the bell and Uso starts off with a Strong Irish Whip to flatten the king. Uso with a rear grapple but Woods breaks free with a back elbow. Jey shrugs it off and pulls Woods back in for a neckbreaker and an early cover attempt. Jey talks smack to Kofi, wasting precious seconds. When he looks to attack Woods, Woods has recovered and punishes Uso with chops. Woods ducks under rights from Jey and hits a baseball slide in-ring. Woods ascends the turnbuckles but Jimmy interferes, ripping Kofi down and causing the DQ. Woods and Kingston beat down the Usos, sending the twins running up the ramp.
Your Winner by Disqualification, King Woods!

Backstage: Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman

Reigns questions Heyman's foreknowledge of both Lesnar's suspension being lifted last week, his appearance tonight, or even about Zayn's challenge tonight. Heyman knew nothing. Reigns promises to smash Zayn and Brock.

Backstage Interview: Kayla Braxton, King Woods, Sir Kofi and Aliyah

The New Day pace backstage as Aliyah encourages them. She's excited the New Day is back together. Woods sees Braxton and the New Day express their intent to win back the tag titles.

In the Ring Promo: SmackDown Women's Champion Charlotte Flair

The Queen blesses us with her appearance and relishes every boo and woo the crowd gives her. Flair starts off by stating that the only way to get "noticed around here" is to challenge Flair. She knows what Toni Storm is doing by begging for a title shot and always talking about Flair. Flair states "number one doesn't talk to number two" and tells the crowd they're welcome for Flair's pie-assault on Storm last week. Flair goes on, stating "Toni can shower off the pie but she can't (shower) off the embarrassment." Flair claims she's all about uplifting the women in the locker room, but Storm is not on her level. "Toni Storm demanding a title opportunity? No, it doesn't add up. So I came all the way out here to show my respect to Toni, that I considered her challenge. And wanna know what the answer is? No!" Flair starts to exit up the ramp, turning to the crowd once again--and unaware Storm is behind her with a pie. Storm gives Flair a cream pie to the face and Flair shrieks before licking some up.

Singles Match: Cesaro vs Sheamus

Sheamus is out first as the former tag mates prepare to slug it out. We head to break. Upon returning, Cesaro makes his way out. Ridge Holland watches from the back as his role model, Sheamus, exchanges European Uppercuts with Cesaro. Sheamus wins the clash and hits the Ten Beats of the Bodhrán, yelling to Ridge to watch (from the back). Sheamus' cocky approach gives Cesaro an opening. The Swiss Cyborg capitalizes on it, sending Sheamus outside before chasing him around the ring to deliver a huge European Uppercut. Cesaro takes it back into the ring and Sheamus drops Cesaro with a kick as soon as Cesaro enters. Sheamus covers for a two, then starts to talk smack to Cesaro while stomping him. Sheamus tells Cesaro that "you were never in my league! Ridge Holland is ten times the man you are!" Cesaro starts his comeback, looking for a Neutralizer, but Sheamus shuts it down with a Brogue Kick to end yet another short match.
Your Winner, Sheamus!

Backstage: WWE Official Sonya Deville and Naomi

Naomi approaches "Cruella Deville" and asks yet again for a match with Deville. Deville breaks it down, stating "if I have my ring gear on that's one thing. And as long as I'm wearing this suit, I'm a WWE Official and I'm your boss." She then threatens that if Naomi lays a finger on her, Naomi will forfeit a future fight against Deville and lose a paycheck. Deville slaps Naomi hard, trying to intimidate Naomi--and accepting the challenge, finally.

In the Ring: Sami Zayn and Brock Lesnar

Zayn makes his way to the ring ahead of the match, mic in hand. Zayn gets on the mic once again, stating that this is the biggest match of hi career. He doesn't want to win it in Texas--huge boos--but he promises to shock the world by pulling the upset. The crowd really isn't fond of this. Zayn tells the crowd that when he does, he doesn't have anyone to thank as the fans have never supported him. He again brings up the "conspiracy" against him. The only person he has to thank? Brock Lesnar. And enter the Beast. Zayn goes on to talk to Brock, saying he knows Brock's not out here to help him win and then hints that it would be beneficial for Brock. Zayn insults Brock, pointing out that Lesnar's record against Reigns hasn't been great. Boos again. Zayn looks to babble on but Lesnar shuts him up with three German Suplexes! (Is it really Suplex City if he releases the hold?) Lesnar hoists Sami up and hits an F5 to a big pop. The crowd chants vigorously "one more time!" Lesnar, ever the People's Champion, is happy to comply with another F5. Lesnar then sets Reigns up in the corner, propping him up with the ropes before giving Zayn a thumbs up. Lesnar leaves the ringside area as we go to another break.

Universal Championship Main Event Match: Roman Reigns(c) w/ the Bloodline vs Sami Zayn

With eight minutes left in our broadcast, we still await the Champ's entrance. Roman makes his way out with five minutes left, and we're finally ready to start our main event. Zayn is down in the corner, collapsing from Brock's attack during the commercial break. The Usos prop Zayn up in the corner--Pat McAfee calls him "Weekend at Sami's" (you either get it or you're a millennial). The bell rings and Roman immediately hits a spear, locks on a guillotine and Reigns retains in roughly 20 seconds.
Your Winner and STILL Universal Champion, Roman Reigns!

In Closing

And that's a wrap! Don't forget to join us Sunday night for NXT: WarGames. Have a great weekend, stay cool, stay frosty and stay safe out there, Rajahmaniacs. See you all Monday Night for Raw.

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