WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results (February 11, 2022): Smoothie King Center - New Orleans, LA

Monday Night Raw

Welcome one and all to Friday Night SmackDown! Your host tonight is your Friday Night Friar, Hogan. Refresh this page frequently as we'll have live coverage with updates every five to seven minutes. Tonight's broadcast comes to us live from NOLA's Smoothie King Center and is the penultimate episode ahead of next weekend's premium live event, the Elimination Chamber in Saudi Arabia.

Speaking of tonight's show, our official preview is up early and has a pair of segments lined up with a pair of matches for tonight's program. A special episode of InZayn will host guests Rick Boogs & Shinsuke Nakamura. We'll have a SmackDown Women's Championship when Flair defends against Naomi. We'll also have a "dungeon-style contest" (their words, not mine) between Natalya and Aliyah. Also on tap for tonight is an appearance by Bill Goldberg.

Our show coverage will begin at 8 eastern/7 central. Until then, this is your official Friday Night SmackDown Pre-Show. Our comment section is open--have at it. Weigh in with your thoughts on tonight's show, or whatever you want (within reason!) Have at it! You are the Pre-Show panel!

Tonight on SmackDown!

So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results (February 11, 2022): Smoothie King Center - New Orleans, LA

Last Week on SmackDown...

We open with what is our tradition, a video hyping elements from last week. It focuses on the conflict last week between Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey, with Sonya Deville even attempting to interfere.

Are You Ready?

Michael Cole and Corey Graves welcome us to the Big Easy, brought to us by Progressive. We're informed that Pat McAfee has already started partying for the Super Bowl, so Graves has reunited for tonight's broadcast.

In the Ring: WWE Official Sonya Deville and WWE Official Adam Pearce

Deville, wearing (and not correctly) a sling, is in the ring and on the mic. Sonya complains about both Naomi and Ronda Rousey. She states she's going to fine and suspend Rousey. Adam Pearce comes out to interrupt her, reading an email from the Chairman of the Board. The email chastises her for her abuse of power, vetoes her suspension and fining of Rousey, strips her ability to suspend and fine, and orders Deville to not mess with Naomi during the title match with Flair tonight. He then warns her, via the email and Adam Pearce, that her job will be in jeopardy if she disobeys him again. Naomi makes her way out to a nice pop and confronts Deville in the ring. "What's the matter, Sonya, you never got ripped a new one by your boss before? You know the funny thing is--Mr. McMahon said you can't lay a hand on me. But never said I can't lay a hand on you!" Naomi slaps Deville, dropping her on her rump, then she leaves.

Tag Match: the New Day vs Los Lotharios

The New Day make their way out from the back as we head to our first break of the night. We continue to get ads for an elimination chamber in the KSA, but this time they're of the wrestling variety! Kayla Braxton briefly interviews Los Lotharios prior to their entrance. Angel tells the WWE Universe that they're not only the most sensual Latin lovers ever, but also great competitors. Humberto calls them lethal lovers and both men make their entrance. They have a new "Kiss Cam" feature, which puts up a card over the camera with a heart-shape cut-out. Los Lotharios walk around the ring until they find a beautiful woman and pose, kissing her cheeks. Yeah, this gimmick won't cause any lawsuits. Both teams ready up and the ref calls for the bell and we're off for our first match of the night!
Big E starts with Angel Garza. The crowd rips off a loud New Day chant and Humberto covers Angel's ears for him. Big E slaps a side headlock on Angel and gyrates his hips as he cranks the head in timing to another NDR chant. Angel attempts a rear waistlock but Big E performs a standing switch and drops Angel, tagging in Kofi Kingston. Kingston leapfrogs Big E to crash down on Angel and covers. Angel gains the upper hand and pummels Kofi in the Lothario's corner, slamming forearm strike after strike to Kofi's face and attempting a submission. Kingston makes his comeback and attacks Humberto, then tags in Big E after setting Humberto prone on the apron. Big E hits a Big Splash on the apron then sends Angel outside. Kofi runs off the ropes, is popped-up in the air by Big E, and flies out, crashing into Los Lotharios and wiping them out as we go to a Malibu break!
Back from the break. Los Lotharios are in control of Big E, and highlights from the action during the break proves it. Angel rips off his pants and attempts to whip Big E, but Big E reverses it with a big belly to belly suplex. The crowd is hot for the New Day, good to see a hot crowd. Kingston gets the hot tag and hits the ring, springboarding off the rope and clotheslining down Garza then Carrillo. Kofi sends Angel outside the ring and hits the Boom Drop on Humberto! Kofi fires up the crowd for another chant and attempts the Trouble in Paradise. Humberto ducks under and attempts a roll-up. Big E is tagged in and they set up their double team move. Garza attacks Kofi on the turnbuckle and Humberto jumps on Big E's shoulders, pummeling him in the corner.
Kingston climbs up and works with Big E to hit a double-team Electric Chair-positioned double foot stomp. Kofi covers but Angel kicks out at two! Los Lotharios resume control. Angel climbs the turnbuckle and plays up to the crowd. Big E attacks, sending him flying out of the ring. Humberto fires off a top turnbuckle Moonsault for another close fall. Angel is tagged in and climbs up top. Angel attempts to set up a double-team but Kofi shoves Humberto into Angel. Kofi hits a Trouble in Paradise on Humberto, sending him outside, but Garza is able to roll up Kofi and steal the win!
Your Winners, Los Lotharios!

Backstage Interview: the Viking Raiders

Before the Raiders can say much, and just like the Los Vegas variety, they're stomped into the ground as the Usos ambush them. Both Usos stomp the Raiders on the ground for a few moments, yelling at them, before taking off. We head to break as our Tribal Chief is mic'd up for an interview.

Progressive Match Flo: Acknowledging the Bloodline

Our prepaid segment is a short video of last week's segment in which Heyman explained his actions and stated he was protecting Lesnar from Roman all along. We also see Goldberg return after much fanfare, and he acknowledges Roman as his next victim.

Backstage Interview: Michael Cole with Roman Reigns & Paul Heyman

Cole starts off talking to Roman about an icon, and Roman states Cole doesn't have to call him that. He then corrects Roman, claiming he's talking about the 173-match winning streak. Reigns tells Cole that if he had been in WCW, they'd still be making money and still in business. Cole reminds Roman, and shows clips from the Survivor Series of, Goldberg defeating Brock Lesnar in 86 seconds to win the title. Roman asks, "we're still talking about this?" Roman is over this. Heyman mocks Brock. Roman tells us no one cares about any other title because Roman's the Universal champion. Cole recalls that this match--Reigns v Goldberg--was supposed to happen at WrestleMania two years ago. Reigns states that two years ago, Goldberg might've had a chance. But "your tribal chief is untouchable, Cole" and is the greatest smasher of all time. He states he's going to smash Goldberg, and says in unison with Heyman that it's not a prediction but a spoiler. Roman then states he's "going to Goldberg Goldberg."

Pinfall & Submission Match: Aliyah vs Natalya

We're informed that the dungeon-style match will now be a "Pinfall & Submission" match. Okay. We head to break ahead of this weekly clash. When we return, Cole reminds us that Aliyah is on an undefeated streak herself. Nattie makes her way out to loud digital boos and no crowd reaction. Both women circle upon the bell and lock up. Natalya with a headlock takedown to the mat. Aliyah counters a grounded headlock with a lock of her own. Both women disengage and rise. Nattie mocks Aliyah throughout the match, telling Aliyah she'll never be as good as Nattie. Nattie whips Aliyah into the ropes and drops down to the mat as Aliyah rebounds. Aliyah cartwheels over Natalya, taunting her. Natalya takes control and executes a Michinoku Driver, picking up two. She gets frustrated with the ref and Aliyah attempts a victory roll up for a close two. Aliyah rips her shirt off and hits a Lou Thesz Press on Nattie, pounding away. Aliyah with a rope-assisted split leg strike for another close two. Aliyah slaps on a half-crab/single-leg crab. Nattie escapes and puts the Sharpshooter on Aliyah. Aliyah claws her way to the ropes and the ref reminds Aliyah there's no DQ. Aliyah finally taps out.
Your Winner, Natalya!

Post-Match Beatdown

Natalya attacks Aliyah, beating on her until Xia Li hits the ring. Xia batters Natalya with multiple leg kicks until she leaves the ring. We're reminded that "the Protector" has once again aided Aliyah, and end our segment.

Video Package: Black History Month Celebrates Rocky Johnson

We get a sweet video, narrated by the Rock, about his father's career. As one half of the first-ever African American tag team champions, Rocky had a long and illustrious career in the ring and, in 2008, was inducted into the Hall of Fame by his son, the Rock.

InZayn featuring Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura and Rick Boogs

Zayn makes his way out to the ring for this segment. We head to break, suddenly aware McAfee isn't there to make Boogs' entrance awesome. When we return, we see clips from the WWE Twitter account, during which Knoxville and Zayn continued their ongoing conflict. We cut to the ring and Zayn declares he doesn't have time to talk about Johnny as he's got a title to win. He welcomes the crowd to InZayn and they boo, to which he declares he'll edit the boos out later. He then insults the crowd, telling them not to worry as he's dumbed down what he's written tonight, and adds there's a few Creole recipes in there, too, adding "food, good! Food, good!" Rick Boogs and Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura make their usual entrance which...just ain't the same without Pat. The crowd welcomes the champ by singing his theme alongside Boogs playing, welcoming them to NOLA.
Sami claims that Nakamura's been ducking him for six weeks, and announces that they'll have their championship bout next week on SmackDown. Sami takes several jabs at the audience. Shinsuke asks if Sami saw "the movie." Zayn states he was at the Jackass premiere and thrown off the red carpet. Shinsuke corrects him, telling not that movie--the one coming out next week, called Jackass defeated (or something similar). Zayn laughs sardonically at the horrible joke and starts to lay into "Rick Boobs" until Boogs snaps at him to shut up. Boogs goes to grab the mic and is "electrocuted" when he does, dropping him to the floor. Sami hits a Helluva Kick from behind on Nakamura as he checked on his friend. The crowd loudly boos Zayn as he leaves, and Boogs sells a right wrist "electrocution" injury. The crowd rips off a "you suck" chant to end the segment.

Singles Match: Happy Corbin versus Cesaro

Corbin and Madcap Moss are shown backstage. Moss is sporting a heckuva shiner and states he's going to attempt to use the black eye to get out of the match with McIntyre at Elimination Chamber. He tells Corbin he's had enough of Drew and that Corbin can take Cesaro by himself. Corbin makes his entrance and Cole reminds us that he's undefeated going back to Summer '21. We head to a break. When we return, this match is under way. Cesaro finds himself in trouble early on as Corbin slows the pace, taking Cesaro around the ring with big fists and suplexes. The former Golden Glove boxer often taunts the crowd. Corbin looks for a Deep Six early on but fails to put Cesaro away. Corbin looks to set up a Superplex but Cesaro fights back, floating over Corbin and dropping the Happy One with a suplex. Corbin looks for his vintage Misdirection Clothesline but Cesaro upper cuts him out of the ring. The action spills outside for a bit before Cesaro takes it back inside, hits a springboard corkscrew uppercut and attempts a pinfall. Cesaro sets up the Neutralizer but Corbin back flips Cesaro. Corbin gets a spurt of offense in, surviving a big boot to hit the End of Days and pick up the win.
Your Winner, "the Undefeated" Happy Corbin!

Backstage: WWE Medical with Madcap Moss

Moss is backstage with a med tech, showing his black eye off, and attempting to get out of the match against McIntyre at the Elimination Chamber. The tech tells him he needs to test him and asks him to close his eyes. He then instructs Moss to open one and tell him what he sees. Moss states he sees a big sword--then realizes McIntyre is there. Drew threatens Moss with a deadly weapon, forcing him to accept a special stipulation for their match (Falls Count Anywhere) and forces him to tell the medical tech that he, Moss, was perfectly ready to go. We head to break after this OSHA violation.

Goldberg Returns to Friday Night SmackDown!

Michael Cole and Goldberg are seated in the back. Cole tells Goldberg that they've known each other a very long time, then asks Goldberg to address the rumors that this is "one comeback too many." Goldberg babbles on about listening tot he doubters these last few years, despite fighting bi-annually in the KSA. They then segment to Reigns and the fact that Reigns was meant to battle Goldberg two years ago. Goldberg uses Steiner Math to state this has been "two years coming" then 10 years coming, then 15 years coming. Apparently 21-year-old Roman upset him, I assume. Goldberg states he's going to bring back the old Goldberg and will not lose to Reigns at the Elimination Chamber.

SmackDown Women's Championship Main Event Match: Charlotte Flair(c) vs Naomi

It's time for our fourth and final match of the night. As stated multiple times throughout the broadcast, WWE Official Sonya Deville--now in a reduced capacity as an official--cannot lay a hand on Naomi lest her job be in jeopardy. Naomi makes her entrance and the tech accidentally plays digital boos, briefly, before getting in line with the crowd. The NOLA crowd welcomes Naomi with some love and we head to a break ahead of our main event! After a lengthy entrance, and Cole reminding us multiple times that Sonya Deville "cannot lay a hand on Naomi," we get things started. Flair uses a shoulder tackle to drop Naomi and takes a long pause to gloat to the crowd. Naomi executes a head-scissors takedown and sends Flair outside. Naomi wipes Flair out with a springboard corkscrew and we head to break again.
When we return, Flair is in charge as she has been throughout the commercial. Naomi gets a spurt of offense in, taking Flair down twice, wiping her out with a diving cross body. Flair uses a fistful of hair to whip Naomi to the mat and regains control. Flair attempts a thigh head lock and flips Naomi into the corner, kipping up afterwards. Naomi kicks Flair in the hamstring and uses a jawbreaker to attempt a pin. Naomi with another pin attempt. Flair looks for a back slide but Naomi floats over and both women fire off chops at each other. Flair catches Naomi off the rope with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and covers for another close call.
Flair positions Naomi on the mat, in the corner, with her side pressed to the ring post. Flair then pulls Naomi's hair and her leg, stretching her side hard against the post. The ref counts a warning. Naomi starts her comeback, hitting a top-rope Blockbuster for a very close call. The crowd's coming alive as our challenger takes a few moments to catch her breath. Flair rolls to the outside to prevent any pin attempt. Naomi follows but is suckered by Flair, who whips Naomi into the steel steps. Naomi crashes hard as Flair leans against the apron and the ref begins a count, warning both women to enter the ring. We head to break.
When we return, Naomi starts her comeback sequence. The challenger is on fire and takes it to Flair, dropping her and taking control for a few long moments. Flair reverses a diving attack into a Powerbomb, buying herself a breather after a short pin attempt. The ref checks on both women as both recompose themselves. Flair drags Naomi into position near the corner and rear climbs the turnbuckles. Flair positions and looks for the top rope moonsault. Naomi moves; Flair flips through to her feet and attempts a standing moonsault but Naomi is ready for her and has the knees up! Naomi with the Rear View and covers for a very close two as the crowd is hot for Naomi in this. Naomi hits the Split-Legged Moonsault but Flair rolls through the pin attempt and gets a two. Naomi wraps up Flair from behind and hits a Full Nelson sit-out driver, covering for two once again. Naomi drives Flair face-first into the mat and attempts another cover, but only gets two. The crowd is boosted by a piped-in "this is awesome" chant that's just a little too fake.
Naomi looks for another Split-Legged Moonsault and connects on it for a third time! Naomi covers but Flair kicks out! Naomi covers Flair, but Flair gets her foot up on the rope and rolls under it, preventing Naomi from covering her. Naomi pulls Flair to her feet on the apron but Flair uses the top rope to hang Naomi up. Flair enters the ring and Naomi fires off several rights. Flair grabs Naomi's hair; Naomi kicks Flair in the back of the head. Naomi looks for a Rear View but Flair catches Naomi with a chop-block from behind. Flair hits a stunned Naomi with the Natural Selection and picks up the win in a very exciting match.
Your Winner and STILL SmackDown Women's Champion, Charlotte Flair!

After the Match Beatdown

Deville enters the ring and distracts Naomi. Flair attacks Naomi and beats her at Deville's direction. Ronda Rousey makes an entrance, wearing a denim vest, and clears the ring to make the save. Deville yells threats at Rousey and Naomi, who embrace and send us home a couple minutes early.

In Closing

And that that does it for SmackDown! Don't forget to check the main page for Boone's impeccable Rampage coverage. Have a great weekend, stay warm, stay frosty and stay safe out there, Rajahmaniacs. See you all Monday Night for Raw.

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