WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results (February 18, 2022): Taped Broadcast

Monday Night Raw

Welcome one and all to Friday Night SmackDown! Your host tonight is your Friday Night Friar, Hogan. Refresh this page frequently as we'll have live coverage with updates every five to ten minutes throughout tonight's broadcast. Tonight's show was previously recorded last week to allow for travel time to the KSA for tomorrow's Elimination Chamber, airing at 12pm EST! Tonight's episode is the last chance for the Blue Brand to make any kind of statement ahead of the EC.

Speaking of tonight's show, our official preview is up for tonight's go-home edition ahead of the noon premium live event tomorrow. Flair & Deville will meet Rousey & Naomi to sign a contract for tomorrow night's tag team bout. Universal Champion Roman Reigns will come face-to-face with Bill Goldberg, and Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura will defend his title against Sami Zayn.

Catch all this and much more tonight on SmackDown! And as is necessary, anyone caught posting any spoilers during the preview thread (this one) or the results thread will be permanently banned on site and on sight. Happy Friday! Also, don't forget--Rampage airs early tonight and ya boy, Matt Boone, has you covered with live results right here!

Tonight on SmackDown!

'Nuff said. Time to get to the show, bub. So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here! Also, click here for our Elimination Chamber preview!

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results (February 18, 2022): Taped Broadcast

Contract Signing: Ronda Rousey & Naomi and Charlotte Flair & Sonya Deville

In tonight's taped episode, Michael Cole and Corey Graves welcome us to SmackDown. In the ring is WWE Official Adam Pearce and the ring is decorated in black and setup for this contract signing. Sonya Deville is out first, arm in a sling, followed by SmackDown Women's Champion Charlotte Flair. Pearce continues, and out come Naomi joined by Ronda Rousey. Both get a good pop. Sonya asks Pearce to explain to Rousey and Naomi how the contract signing works. Rousey interrupts, stating rule number one is to sign the damn contract; Naomi adds that rule number two is "I slap the taste out of your mouth!" They then offer to help Sonya spell her last time, spelling out "B-I-T-C--" before they're interrupted. Flair and the others all speak over each other and talk smack. Sonya finally signs the contract and passes it on to Flair, who signs it and passes it back.
Sonya offers Naomi & Ronda one last chance to back out if they're afraid and Naomi threatens to turn the table over and beat her. Flair and Deville then announce there's a new stipulation--"Ronda Rousey did an interview a few days ago where she said she could easily beat me with one arm tied behind her back." This lead Deville to the "genius" idea that Ronda Rousey will have to have to wrestle this match with one arm tied behind her back. Rousey immediately signs as does Naomi. Rousey states that "with no hands, I'll still tap-dance on your forehead." Rousey mentions that the match is tomorrow and she has two hands tonight. She then bashes Flair's head into the table and Naomi kicks Deville, dumping the table over. Flair and Deville flee the ring as Rousey and Naomi celebrate in the ring.

Backstage: Sheamus and Ridge Holland

Sheamus complains to Holland that Ricochet's disrespecting of Holland goes unpunished. It doesn't sit right with Sheamus. Sheamus babbles on about fight nights and tries to give advice to Holland so "you can be great like your old pal Sheamus." He then states it's time to take off Ricochet's "bleeding head." Michael Cole excitedly announces it's "fight night on Friday Night SmackDown!"

Singles Match: Sheamus w/ Ridge Holland vs Ricochet

Sheamus and Ridge make their way out and we head to our first break of the night. Ricochet makes his way out to a great pop and fiery ring gear. The ref separates both men and calls for the bell after a short picture-in-picture pre-recorded promo from Ricochet. Ricochet starts off with some explosive offense, taking Sheamus right into the corner and battering him before attempting an early roll-up. The veteran Sheamus shuts down the offense and the two alternate control throughout the short match. Big spots include Ricochet taking out Sheamus at ringside with a middle-rope cannonball dive. Ricochet's attempt at a springboard attack culminates in an Irish Curse backbreaker, giving the Celtic Warrior a lead for a brief period. Sheamus attempts to ground the high-flying Ricochet with working holds, focusing on the neck. Ricochet endures for several long moments before escaping, only to find his attempt at a comeback shutdown as Sheamus sends him crashing to the outside and us crashing to another break. When we return, both men exchange the lead multiple times. Ricochet hits a Spanish Fly off the top turnbuckle, setting up the 630. Holland attempted to distract but Ricochet felt it coming and dodges a Brogue Kick. Sheamus screams at Holland for being on the apron and nearly catching the kick. Ricochet drops Sheamus with a double-knee jawbreaker and picks up the win. After the match Sheamus yells at Holland and shoves him down in the ring, upset at having lost the match.
Your Winner, Ricochet!

WWE Hall of Fame Inductee: the Undertaker

The first name announced for this year's Hall of Fame class is none other than the Phenom, the Undertaker! We get a great, comprehensive video that runs a few months and highlights many, many events from his career--including Celebrity Death Match, the old clay-mation show. Very well-done package. It'll be up on the WWE.com website by end of broadcast and I highly recommend you check it out.

Singles Match: "Main Event" Jey Uso w/ Jimmy vs Ivar w/ Erik

The SmackDown tag champs, the Usos, are out first and we head to a break. When we return, it's time to raid! The big man Ivar loves to showcase his agility and his love of flying around. Both men get a decent amount of offense in the short match. Jey connects with a Superkick after Ivar misses with a springboard splash, and slows the pace by working Ivar's neck. Jey breaks it often to club Ivar's chest and face with a forearm as Erik attempts to start a "raid" chant with the tired crowd. Jey uses a step-up Enziguri to gain some separation but Ivar recovers and is prepared to put Jey away when Jimmy attacks, causing the DQ to end the short match.
Your Winner by Disqualification, Ivar!

Drew McIntyre's "Warrior's Final Preparation"

Drew makes his way out with Angela to a great reaction from the crowd that's now on its third hour of SmackDown (taped, remember?). We head to break ahead of this segment. Drew cuts yet another promo on Moss ahead of their match tomorrow. Corbin and Moss come out to the stage. Moss makes a joke about Drew's neck; Drew compliments Moss but states that his alignment with Corbin was a stupid mistake as he has potential. Drew ends it by threatening to make tomorrow the "night that the laughter died."

Intercontinental Championship Main Event Match: Shinsuke Nakamura(c) vs Sami Zayn

Nakamura makes his way out solo as Rick Boogs is out of action tonight after being "accidentally electrocuted" last week on SmackDown. We have have a brief break ahead of the challenger's entrance and the official announcements. We get the bell and we're off for our third and final match of the night. Both men take a couple of minutes in control, with Shinsuke putting on a mini-clinic in Japanese Strong Style. Zayn takes a beating from multiple knee strikes to the ribs and head, including a running knee along the apron that rocks the challenger. Nakamura pushes his luck, however, and looks for a double-knee drop on the apron. Zayn moves and Nakamura crashes to the floor, holding his leg/knee as we head to a break.
When we return, Zayn goes back to working holds as he focuses on Nakamura's neck. Graves praises Zayn's strategy of keeping the champ grounded, neutralizing his long legs that are so key to his Strong Style. Zayn attempts a trio of roll-ups but gets nothing more than a one. Zayn upsets the champ with several chest slaps and some disrespectful smack talk, firing up Nakamura. Nakamura unloads with a combination of palm strikes, forearms and kicks. Nakamura hits an impressive spot in which he charges Zayn in the corner, counters Zayn's attempt at a mule-kick reversal, props Zayn on the middle rope and baseball slides beneath Zayn's feet and bombs Zayn back onto the canvas. Unique, unnamed move you have to witness. The two pick up the pace as our match winds up. Nakamura looks for a charging kick but Zayn counters with a Michinoku Driver off the rope rebound! Zayn nearly picks up the win, eliciting screams from the crowd as they wake up for the finish.
Zayn looks for a diving strike but dives into a kick from Nakamura. Nakamura looks for a Kinshasa at ringside but Zayn redirects Nakamura, causing Shinsuke to Kinshasa the steel steps and hurt the leg he injured earlier tonight as we head to another break. When we return, both men battle on the turnbuckles. Nakamura sends Zayn crashing down and catches him with a middle-rope flying knee for a two count. Zayn persists, however, weathering a roundhouse kick from the champ and surviving a Kinshasa attempt by dropkicking the injured knee out from Nakamura. Zayn immediately follows this up with a Blue Thunder Bomb, covering for a very long two. Zayn stalks Nakamura as the crowd chants derogatory comments at the challenger, and batters him in the corner until the ref warns him off. Sami mocks Nakamura's "come on" pose and pisses off the champ.
Nakamura fights back one last time, unleashing multiple stomps and kicks to Zayn against the ropes. The ref warns him and he backs off just long enough to do it again, disrespecting the challenger as Zayn did him. Nakamura kicks Zayn in the side of the head with a rising right kick. Ref Carr warns Nakamura as he stomps Zayn against the ropes again. Nakamura sets up for a Kinshasa but Zayn rolls out of the ring to avoid it. Nakamura slips up by approaching the ropes. Zayn trips up Nakamura and begins to whip Shinsuke's left, injured knee into the ring post repeatedly. Zayn takes it back inside, blocks a right kick and kicks the left knee out from Nakamura. Zayn rolls up Nakamura and picks up the pin fall!
Your Winner and NEW Three-Time Intercontinental Champion, Sami Zayn!

Main Event Segment: Universal Champion Roman Reigns Meets Challenger Bill Goldberg

Our Head of the Table, on day 536 of his historic Universal Championship reign, makes his way out with Heyman. We're reminded that Reigns' reign is the longest since 1987--thirty-five years. Roman hands his title off to Heyman and Fox hands us off to a break. Literally ten minutes later, Goldberg's made his way out to the ring and a big pop. Goldberg drops his mic without saying a word. Roman laughs and states that he was going to give Goldberg one final chance to acknowledge him, but...
Goldberg starts to slowly step up on Roman and Reigns calls him out on it. The digital crowd rips off a loud Goldberg chant but the sleepy in-house crowd just admires things silently. Reigns asks Goldberg if he's there to fight or talk, and demands Goldberg speak his intentions. "Tomorrow. Twelve o' clock. And I gotta apologize in front of all these wonderful people in the entire world. I was wrong. You're not next. When it comes to the Universal Championship, I'm next!"

In Closing

And that's a wrap! Don't forget that the Elimination Chamber airs tomorrow at noon Eastern time. Have a great weekend, stay warm, stay frosty and stay safe out there, Rajahmaniacs. See you all Monday Night for Raw.

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