WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results (January 14, 2022): CHI Health Center Omaha - Omaha, NE

Monday Night Raw

Welcome one and all to Friday Night SmackDown! Your host tonight is your Friday Night Friar, Hogan. Refresh this page frequently as we'll have live coverage with updates every five to seven minutes.

Our official preview was released mid-afternoon and lists a single match but three (hopefully) exciting segments. WWE Women's Legend Lita returns to SmackDown for the first time since the turn of the century. She's in this year's Royal Rumble as well. Seth Rollins leaves Raw and ventures to SmackDown to come face-to-face with Universal Champion Roman Reigns ahead of their Royal Rumble match in just two weeks. Also, Sami Zayn will introduce special guest Johnny Knoxville to his new segment called InZayn, a Jackass-type segment we're told. And let's not forget that Aliyah makes her SmackDown match debut when she takes on veteran Natalya.

All this and much more, next on SmackDown! So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results (January 14, 2022): CHI Health Center Omaha - Omaha, NE

Previously on Friday Night SmackDown...

We open up, as is the new tradition, with a video package recapping last week's events. We're once again reminded that Roman Reigns had to miss Day 1 due to a positive Covid-19 test. Brock Lesnar was thus added to the Raw title match and captured the WWE Heavyweight title. Lesnar would later in the evening challenge Roman Reigns to a title versus title match. Then, in the evening's main event, Heyman professed his love for Roman and his desire to protect Roman from Brock. Lesnar would chastise Heyman then attempt to attack him, only to be saved by Roman Reigns with a Superman Punch. And, lastly, Seth Rollins was chosen by Adam Pearce to be Roman Reigns' next challenger. Seth showed up at the end of the program, knocking on Roman's door (to the tune of the Shield theme) and cackled our way off the air.

Welcome to SmackDown in Omaha, Nebraska!

Michael Cole and Pat McAfee welcome us to the CHI Health Center in Omaha, and they run down what we know about the Rumble's matches--namely, Rollins/Reigns.

In the Ring Promo: SmackDown Tag Team Champions the Usos

The tag champs make their way down to the ring wearing their white "the Bloodline" tees--with Paul Heyman noticeably scratched out with a sharpie. Jimmy and Jey begin talking about the New Day and the respect they have for them, stating the only team that ever pushes them hard has been the New Day. But last week, the Usos defeated the New Day and they claim to be the best tag team because "we the ones!" Crowd boos. The Usos continue, stating that they should be celebrating or helping the Tribal Chief in his face-to-face with Seth Rollins. The Usos quote their entrance music, stating management's "lined all up (so we can) knock 'em down like this." They announce a Fatal 4-Way contendership match and actually introduce everyone. They intro Los Lotharios first, stating they'll "steal your heart and your car." "Next up, he is the strongest man from the Swiss Alps...along with his friend with the very, very great hair--he said he uses two for one head and shoulders.." and out comes Cesaro & Mansoor! "Next we have the giants of SmackDown, only if they're talking about their actual heights." They announce Jinder Mahal & Shanky. Finally, "this team is as dangerous raiding the buffet table as they are in raiding the ring!" Out come the Viking Raiders!

Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Contenders Match: Viking Raiders vs Cesaro & Mansoor vs Los Lotharios vs Jinder Mahal & Shanky

The Usos inform the competitors that they discussed the rules. The Usos then hit a pair of Superkicks, suckering competition, and everyone begins to brawl as the Usos leave the ring and we head to a break! When we return, the ref has established a tag-format order and the Usos have joined commentary. In the ring, Erik and Angel Garza circle with Garza ripping off his pants. Shanky tags himself in, slapping Angel's shoulder, and enters. Shanky takes it to Erik and lays out the jomsvikingr with a big clothesline. Shanky takes Erik into his corner and tags in Jinder, and the duo take turns working over Erik. They use frequent tags and both giants-among-men repeatedly enter and leave, taking the ref's count int he corner to unload on Erik.
Ivar manages to get the tag as Erik escapes. Shank whips Ivar into the corner; Ivar double-clotheslines Cesaro and Mansoor, who were perched there, then begins to slug it out with Shanky. Erik tags in and the Viking Raiders use their tandem offense as Erik impressively hoists the larger Ivar, then slams him down butt-first on Shanky in the corner! Ivar is legal and climbs up top. Jinder gets the tag from Shanky and climbs up, pounding on Ivar's back. Cesaro enters and hops up, and Cesaro & Jinder threaten a Superplex. Erik enters the ring, positions beneath them, and they hit one of those Superplex-Powerbomb combos that leaves everyone down on canvas as we go to another break!
When we return, Humberto tosses Mansoor off his shoulder. Mansoor ducks under a clothesline attempt and tags in Cesaro. Cesaro comes in motivated, taking Jinder and Shanky off the apron before streaking back to clock Humberto with a European discus uppercut! Cesaro clotheslines Angel off the apron, then sends an entering Erik out of the ring before dropping Ivar. The crowd goes wild as Cesaro threatens the swing the massive Ivar! Cesaro starts but is attacked. The ref loses control again and Shanky clears the ring. Erik attacks Shanky from behind and sends him out of the ring, only to turn right into a pair of Superkicks from Los Lotharios! The cousins fly outside next, wiping out everyone--except Ivar. Ivar threatens his suicide tope but Los Lotharios enter and hit a double-dropkick. Ivar quickly dispatches both Lotharios and, with Erik's help, hits the Viking Experience to pick up the win! The Usos get on the mic and mockingly praise the Raiders for winning. "Y'all can raid and steal, but I bet your ass never (raided) Samoa!" The Usos and Raiders exchange words off-mic.
Your Winners and NEW Number One Contenders, the Viking Raiders!

Backstage: WWE Official Sonya Deville and Naomi

Deville is visibly cold backstage and Naomi walks up, informing Sonya that it's cold in there--but not as cold as Sonya's heart. Naomi explains she's not heard a single reason why Sonya Deville hates her but threatens to kick her ass and give her a reason. Deville reminds her that as long as she's wearing that jacket, she's Naomi's boss and Naomi should keep her hands off Sonya. Sonya then states the reason why she dislikes Naomi is because Naomi comes in with good vibes and think she's an A-lister, but to Sonya she's "just an extra." Adam Pearce shows up as Naomi leaves, commenting on the cold and offering to turn up the heater. Okay.

Sami Zayn Presents InZayn w/ Johnny Knoxville

We return to the ring and Zayn makes his entrance. He's promised a stunt that will "out-Jackass" Johnny Knoxville, who embarrassed him last week. We head to a break before InZayn starts. Here's the highlights: Zayn again performed his weekly rant about conspiracies against him. He shows footage of last Friday when a silver-haired Johnny Knoxville upset Zayn by entering the Rumble and then, after Zayn's match, Knoxville dumped Zayn over the top rope Rumble-style, upsetting the great Liberator. We return to the ring. Zayn announces that he's officially entered this year's Royal Rumble match. Zayn states he can do anything Johnny can do, better, and "when it comes to being a jackass nobody is better than Sami Zayn!" After a moment, the words click. He walks up the ramp and we see a small 45 degree sloped platform at the side of the ring. Zayn heads to the back and silly music plays.
Zayn comes out, in a grocery cart and wearing black clothes and a black helmet with two unnamed assistants. He announces he will jump the ring completely in his grocery cart. We see the ramp again and the target as Cole and McAfee laugh at Sami. Sami starts to rethink things, realizing this stunt could be pretty dangerous. He then chickens out more, exclaiming the ramp is too small and the cart doesn't feel like the same one as before. Finally Zayn sits and gives a countdown. At three, he stops his assistants from pushing him to boos. He tells his assistants it's "1-2-3, then go." Okay, Lethal Weapon. Zayn readies himself again, counting slowly. Finally he tells his men to go full speed. They get just to a few feet from the ramp when Zayn stops them again. The crowd loudly boos and Zayn repeatedly tells the crowd to shut up as he just wants to make sure things are safe. McAfee yells to Zayn, "it's not safe, dude!" Out comes Rick Boogs and Shinsuke Nakamura! Boogs has had a big haircut and trim, and looks like Rusev had a baby with Freddie Mercury. Boogs and Nakamura attack Zayn and Boogs hoists Zayn up for a lengthy time, then throws Zayn out of the ring and hits the red "X" target!

Debut Singles Match: Aliyah(d) vs Natalya

Aliyah is out first. Natalya runs down her three Guinness records--and pledges to defeat Aliyah in less than 3.8 seconds to set that record, too, meaning she'll have 0.8 seconds to take out Aliyah (3 seconds for the pin count). Natalya makes her way out to the ring with her Guinness World Records 2022 book, constantly displaying it. Before the bell, Natalya attacks Aliyah viciously. The ref constantly warns her and Natalya continues the assault. As Pat McAfee smartly pointed out, this is Nattie's attempt to weaken Aliyah ahead of their match so she can set a new record. The ref checks on Aliyah. He asks her repeatedly to talk to him. The ref has the ring announcer state that Aliyah could not compete. Samantha Irving--the new ring announcer--is then told by the ref that Aliyah is set to fight. The ref calls for the bell and Aliyah immediately rolls up Nattie, setting a new WWE record for fastest victory with 3.7 seconds!
Your Winner and NEW Guinness Record Holder, Aliyah!

Finally Lita has come back to SmackDown!

Michael Cole is in the ring and announces Lita to a huge pop. The fans give her a great standing ovation when Lita comes out. She's grateful to be in a WWE ring and looks in great shape. Cole addresses how Lita's inspired many on the current women's roster and then asks Lita as to why she's participating in the Rumble. Lita tells Cole that her career's been a wild ride and she's had some big moments, such as being one of the first women to main event Raw with Trish Stratus; the first woman involved in TLC matches and steel cage matches and winding up in the WWE Hall of Fame. She states that she's been satisfied with her career until recently. She reminds us that there wasn't a Women's Royal Rumble when she was an active Superstar and she wants to participate. She thinks she has one more run left in her. She plans on entering the Rumble, mowing through 29 women and going on to main event WrestleMania. Charlotte Flair uses this as the time to make her way out.
Flair takes Cole's mic and sends him to his desk, stating she'll interview Lita. She asks Lita how she is then immediately cuts her off, stating "I didn't know it's Flashback Friday!" She takes sly potshots at Lita's age, then informs Lita that she'll be in the Rumble (her plan: win the Rumble, choose her WrestleMania opponent to defend against.) Flair then asks Lita how "you're going to handle the humiliation when I end your short-lived comeback and WrestleMania dreams?" Lita informs us that she's heard about Flair and calls her Tonya Harding, based on the body suit Flair wears. Lita asks, "I'm just curious (as to) how you're going to throw anyone out of the ring with your giant head? How do you just not tip over?" The crowd starts a loud "giant head" chant. Flair reminds us all that back at SummerSlam in 2019, Flair was begged by Stratus for a match. Flair states that Trish put up a hell of a fight but lost, and was so broken by Flair that she had to retire again. She then promises to do the same to Lita. Lita goes to slap Flair but Flair cowers down as Lita stops, taunting her. Lita waves at Flair then kicks her stomach and hits a Twist of Fate to end our segment!

Backstage Interview: Megan with Sheamus

As usual, before a question can be asked fully, the Superstar cuts off the interviewer. Sheamus points out that Ridge Holland isn't present because Ricochet, "the human pinball machine," broke Holland's nose last week. Sheamus then promises to break Ricochet's nose.

Singles Match: Ricochet vs Sheamus

Sheamus is out first to applause from the live audience and boos from the piped-in audience. We head to break. Afterwards, Ricochet makes his entrance to new music. The ref calls for the bell. Sheamus takes control immediately with a hip toss. Sheamus looks for a back suplex but Ricochet counters, rolling through and taking Sheamus down. Ricochet locks in a side headlock but Sheamus breaks free and drops Ricochet with a big shoulder. Sheamus looks for a Powerbomb but Ricochet counters, sending Sheamus outside. Cole reminds us that if this were the Royal Rumble, Sheamus would've been eliminated. Ricochet follows Sheamus outside via a tope senton. Sheamus takes the lead again outside the ring and sets Ricochet up for a catapult. Sheamus positions Ricochet's chest and head under the ring and whips Ricochet face-first hard into the bottom of the ring as we head to break!
When we return, we find Sheamus stretching Ricochet's arms back as we get replays of the beneath-the-ring slingshot/catapult. Ricochet floats through a suplex attempt and starts his comeback sequence, chopping away at the Irishman's chest. Ricochet avoids a Powerslam attempt and a Brogue. Ricochet catches Sheamus entering with a boot then hits a middle-rope springboard Moonsault on a bent-over Sheamus! Ricochet covers for a close two. Ricochet ascends the turnbuckles and flies, looking for the 450 splash. Sheamus moves; Ricochet rolls through but is caught by a recovering Sheamus with an Irish Curse backbreaker! Sheamus positions Ricochet on the apron and begins his Ten Beats of the Bodhran on Ricochet, connecting with nine consecutive strikes before exiting to the apron and using the tenth strike to clothesline Ricochet back into the ring. Ricochet and Sheamus begin to wrap things up, picking u the pace and jockeying for position. Ricochet counters a Sheamus rope-climb with a springboard sunset flip! Ricochet hoists Sheamus up, looking for his signature Benadryllr but Sheamus escapes and puts Ricochet away with a big Brogue kick.
Your Winner, Sheamus!

Backstage: WWE Officials Adam Pearce, Sonya Deville and Naomi

Now the thermostat, still broke, is running too hot in the back. Pearce removes his jacket and goes to check out what's up with the heat. Deville removes her jacket as she's hot...and up comes Naomi, who recalls Deville's words from earlier--that as long as Deville wears her jacket, she's Naomi's boss. Pearce shows up and prevents conflict, and Sonya quickly puts her jacket back on. After some discussion regarding Flair/Naomi last week, which saw interference from Deville, it's announced that Flair will face Naomi next week.

Singles Main Event Match: Kofi Kingston vs Madcap Moss w/ Happy Corbin

Kofi makes his way out, noticeably alone, and we head to break. Kofi announces, after the break, that Xavier Woods cannot compete in the Royal Rumble but Woods has appointed Kingston to represent the New Day. Madcap Moss is escorted out by Happy Corbin and Moss takes an early lead that carries through the commercial break. Moss i warned by the ref for working Kofi too long in the corner. Kofi fires up a spurt of offense, dropping Moss five consecutive times to the canvas via various kicks and strikes. Kofi threatens a Trouble in Paradise but a distraction by Corbin buys Madcap enough time to recover and duck under. Kofi heads up top and hits a cross-body that Moss catches, rolls through with and attempts to slam Kingston in an impressive physical feat. Moss counters an SOS attempt into the Punch Line, the name of his finisher.
Your Winner, Madcap Moss!

Face to Face: Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins is out first and we head to our final commercial break of our show! When we return, our 502-day Universal Champion and Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns, comes out to a good pop from the crowd. Roman takes his time with his entrance (surprise, right?) and smirks as he makes his way down to the ring. Pat McAfee states that Seth Rollins is dressed like Michael Jackson, haha. After the lengthy entrance and multiple firework displays, Rollins and Reigns finally exchange words. Reigns demands Rollins acknowledge him. "Alright, well let's acknowledge the fact that this is quite a moment and I was thinking...for old time's sake?" Rollins puts his fist out Shield-style as the crowd chant for Roman. Roman tells Rollins the Shield fist bump is "beneath me now."
Rollins "acknowledges" the look on Roman's face last week when Rollins showed up at the end of the broadcast. Rollins briefly touches on their history, and states he won every match against Roman in the past. Roman laughs, telling Rollins he doesn't understand what's happening. "I'm in God Mode nowadays, son! I'm the Tribal Chief, I'm the Head of your Table, I'm the Provider (and) I'm the greatest of this generation. No questions asked." He claims to be the greatest Universal Champion--and is set to break Brock Lesnar's record for longest reign quite soon. Rollins goes on to ask Reigns if he can exist without Rollins, then claims that Rollins was climbing his way up the ladder while "you were riding the pine (bench) in the CFL (Canadian Football League)." He claims he carried the Shield and Rollins has done well post-Shield, but states that Roman needs the Bloodline. Rollins tells Reigns, "I created you and I can destroy you."
Roman tells Rollins that he's a waste of the Tribal Chief's time. "you look like a crown, you sound like a clown because you're a clown. You clearly don't have the star power that I have. You'll never reach the levels that I've reached and let's just be honest...if I was looking for a Superstar or Megastar, I wouldn't have chosen you from Raw. He'', I wouldn't have even chosen you from your own household. If I wanted to main event the Royal Rumble with a megastar, I would have chose your wife! Burn! The crowd oooo's at this but before Rollins can attack Reigns, the Usos jump him from behind! Rollins escapes up the ramp, yelling threats to Roman about destroying him as we fade to black.

In Closing

And that concludes it for tonight's episode and the wrestlin' week. Have a great weekend, stay warm, stay frosty and stay safe out there, Rajahmaniacs. See you all Monday Night for Raw.

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