WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results (July 15, 2022): Amway Center - Orlando, FL

Friday Night SmackDown

Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins; Jimmy & Jey Uso

Welcome one and all to Friday Night SmackDown! Your host tonight is your Friday Night Friar, Hogan. Refresh this page frequently as we'll have live coverage with updates every five to seven minutes. Tonight's program is airing live from the Amway Center in sunny Orlando, Florida.

Mid afternoon, our official previewdropped and listed a trio of matches. Tonight's card features a contender's match as Natalya looks for some revenge on SmackDown Women's Champion Liv Morgan. Also on tap is Madcap Moss vs Theory. Last week, Moss threatened to shove a hard, thick object down Theory's throat--maybe tonight we get that TV-14? And not to be outdone, Angelo Dawkins takes on Jimmy Uso in singles competition and it's been announced that the special guest referee will be revealsed. Just a reminder, the Profits and Usos clash at SummerSlam on the last Saturday of this month for Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship!

Liv Morgan; Natalya

Madcap Moss, Theory
Tonight on SmackDown!

All this and much more, next on SmackDown! So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results (July 15, 2022): Amway Center - Orlando, FL

In the Ring Promo: Pat McAfee

Michael Cole opens us as he stands in the ring. He introduces the man who just signed (over a week ago, I think) a multi-year extension, and the crowd goes wild as Pat McAfee makes his way out! Orlando is definitely showing some potential tonight and McAfee panders to the crowd. He then addresses "Bum-Ass Cor-bin" and shows us clips of the last two Fridays during which Corbin attacked McAfee, and also when he mocked McAfee last week by "pulling a Pat McAfee" and playing stupid air guitar as Shinsuke made his entrance. McAfee states the first thing Bum-Ass Corbin's gotten right was "honoring" Nakamura. He then recalls that he and Corbin were roomies as rookies for the Colts "back when Bum-Ass only had one bad tattoo." The crowd yells something offensive and he jokes "we're not TV-14 yet" and calls Corbin a d-bag instead of whatever term. He promises to beat Corbin so hard, it'll humble him and he'll become a functioning, normal member of society. McAfee reminds us he's been working out and watching film.

On the Tron: Corbin!

Corbin, via the tron, interrupts McAfee from the backstage area. He tells McAfee to go back to commentary where he belongs, and reminds McAfee what he did to him in Las Vegas. He mocks McAfee for punting footballs. He threatens to come out to beat him, but he's not sure what disgusts him the most--McAfee's chair or the WWE Universe. He shows his right arm, which is covered with red blotches of some sort, and jokes that he's not sure if he has Monkeypox or what--but he can't fight tonight, so McAfee has to wait 'til SummerSlam. McAfee hops back on the mic and states it's time to move on, reminds us the outcome of Money in the Bank, and announces our SmackDown Women's Champion Liv Morgan makes her way out, sending us to a break!

Contender's Match: SmackDown Women's Champion Liv Morgan vs Natalya

The Champ is out when we return, and Natalya's made her entrance. Despite reports of some confusion at a house show earlier this week--in which Nattie apparently no-sold the ObLIVion finisher, popping up after the pinfall--the two work well with no obvious signs of animosity outside of character. Natalya and Morgan battle early on, exchanging leads throughout the commercial break. Morgan uses a spot-on missile dropkick to lay out the would-be challenger. Natalya looks for her Nattie By Nature (discus elbow, a la her dad, Jim) but Morgan avoids it. Natalya again takes a lead as we grow towards the end of our match. Both women battle on the turnbuckles at one point but Morgan escapes and bounces Natalya's face against the turnbuckle. Natalya dodges a corner attack and uses a sit-out Powerbomb for a what Cole yells is a two but looks like a one. Natalya attempts to tap out Morgan, but Morgan holds on and sends Nattie again into the turnbuckle. Morgan hits the ObLIVion on Nattie quickly and picks up the win!
Your Winner, SmackDown Women's Champion Liv Morgan!

Post-Match Interview: Kayla Braxton with Liv Morgan

Kayla enters the ring and asks a winded Morgan about SummerSlam, and states while Liv beat Nattie tonight, she didn't do it as much so as Ronda did in a past match. Morgan all but rolls her eyes and reiterates her confidence heading into SummerSlam.

Backstage Interview: Megan Moran w/ Theory; Paul Heyman Has a Deal for Theory

We cut to the back where Megan stands by with "Mr. Money in the Bank." Theory talks about having lots of enemies on both brands--Lashley's after him, the returning Dolph Ziggler is after him and--he's interrupted by Paul Heyman! Heyman shakes Theory's hand and praises the young talent. He continues. "You know that I know that you know that I"m responsible for the biggest break of your career. And you know that I know that you know, deep down, this whole theory of cashing in the MitB contract against Roman Reigns at SummerSlam makes no business sense." He tries to get Theory to think of the box office receipts and profits, and tries to sell him on not cashing in at SummerSlam and letting Heyman handle everything for him. Theory replies, "Mr. Heyman? Thank you, and you seem to always have good advice. But I'm either going to cash in on Brock Lesnar or Roman Reigns and become the brand-new youngest Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. And then maybe I'll need some advice when I'm champion. Maybe I'll need a special counsel of my own when I hire you. Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh?" Theory walks off and Heyman scows.

In the Ring: the New Raid (New Day) Confront the Viking Raiders

We hear the familiar horns and the Viking Raider entrance begins--but out come Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods in some pretty good Viking outfits. McAfee wonders if they're tempting fate and we head to break! The two cut a good, silly promo and Kofi has to stop Xavier, informing him he's using a Pirate accent, not a Viking one. They go on to state they've been preparing for a raid, and they've been playing Assassins Creed: Valhalla and watched a bunch of viking movies. They continue the mockery until the Viking Raiders make their way out. Kofi and Xavier yell "impostors, impostors, boo those impostors!" Erik gets on the mic and starts talking about mangling and breaking; Woods asks if they only know those two words, then chimes in he and Kofi went to college and know other words. They then use words like "ugly" and "disgusting" to describe the Raiders. They've finally had enough and everyone drops mics. Xavier blows on a Viking horn and the Viking Raiders march down the aisle! Shanky and Jinder Mahal attack from nowhere! They attack the Viking Raiders and the New Day get involved, diving off the top and wiping out the Raiders! The New Day danced with Shanky in the ring and tried to get Jinder to dance. He contemplated it...but did not give in. Yet.

Singles Match: Aliyah vs Lacey Evans

Aliyah is out first and we head to a break, then a video recapping the weird, and much-belated, heel turn by Evans. After this five minute period or so, Lacey makes her way out and we ready for our match! Lacey Evans starts her entrance, gets about 15 yards down the ramp and has them restart her music so she can remove her jacket and pose. She enters the ring, cuts a promo (same as last week) about not getting the props she needs; she tells us she's a real American hero (G-I-Joooooe!), tells the crowd to go to hell and leaves.

Singles Contender's Match: Drew McIntyre vs Sheamus Ridge Holland w/ Sheamus & Butch

So, remember that contender's match a couple weeks back that ended in a no-contest? We were supposed to get that again tonight, part deux. Drew McIntyre and his compensating-for-something sword, Angela, are out first. We get clips from last week when Sheamus chickened out of his match, blaming Covid, and let Butch fight in his place. We go to break. When we return, Sheamus, Ridge Holland and Butch are out. Butch grabs the ring bell and Sheamus has to take it from him. He then rings the bell, while Ridge Holland is in the ring with Drew, and suddenly it's now McIntyre vs Holland! Drew attacks right out the gate, staggering the big man. Holland weathers Drew's initial spurt of offense, however, and takes the Scottish Psychopath to the mat with a headlock. Drew powers out and both men exchange powerful blows. Holland whips McIntyre into the corner, but Drew rebounds off the turnbuckles and drops Holland! Drew with a neckbreaker and a kip-up as Michael Cole yells to Sheamus (at ringside) that he's got to face Drew at some point. McIntyre looks for a Claymore but Butch distracts him. Ridge attempts to capitalize on it but Drew floats over a Suplex attempt, hits the Glasgow Kiss (headbutt) then hits Sheamus' finisher, White Noise, onto Holland! McIntyre posts up in the corner, counts us down, and sends Ridge Holland to Claymore country!
Your Winner, Drew McIntyre!

Singles Match: Madcap Moss vs "Mr. Money in the Bank" Theory

Announced as "the youngest Mister Money in the Bank in history," and the youngest (former) United States Champion, out comes Theory with case in hand to boos. We head to break. When we return, Moss is cutting a quick promo in the Guerilla position. Paul Heyman walks up and gives him a speech similar to the one given to Theory earlier, where Heyman takes credit for Moss' success. He praises Moss for beating the tar out of Corbin, and then states if he can do the same to Theory then the Bloodline will remember him. And he'll get a future shot against Roman Reigns. Heyman extends a hand. Moss speaks. "Well, Paul, it sounds to me like you are really worried about Theory cashing in at SummerSlam." He smiles and makes his way out! After what feels like an eternity, we finally get the bell. Both men jockey for control until Theory takes the first lead of the match. Theory takes Moss from corner to corner, introducing Moss' face to the turnbuckles. Theory jaws off a lot and Orlando heckle him. Madcap manages to counter a Theory charge and send him over the top rope. Madcap looks to Lawn Dart Theory outside the ring; Theory wiggles free. Moss looks to spear Theory but he leaps up over and Mos spears the steps! After a break, we return to find Theory in control. Madcap begins to fire up his comeback sequence but Theory's having none of it as he draws Moss outside and uses the Money in the Bank briefcase as a weapon, causing a DQ!
Your Winner by Disqualification, Madcap Moss!

Sami Zayn Confronts Theory

Sami Zayn, with his left arm in a sling, comes out to confront Theory. He takes issues with Theory's threats to cash in on Sami's tribal chief. He warns Theory and Theory threatens him, pointing out Sami only has one arm and basically asks him "what are you gonna do about it?" The Usos come out to a good pop and back-up their "honorary" tribal member, Zayn. Theory leaves and the Usos make their way down for our main event match!

Singles Main Event Match: Angelo Dawkins w/ Montez Ford vs Jimmy Uso w/ Jey Uso

After a break, the Street Profits are out. Angelo Dawkins starts strong with Jimmy Uso while Sami Zayn joins commentary. The future Hall of Famer, Dawkins, takes it to Uso, battling him around the ring. After a missed strike, Jimmy takes the lead and sends us into our final break. We're reminded upon returning that Jimmy maintained control throughout the break. Dawkins finds himself seated in the corner and Jimmy hits a running hip attack. Jimmy turns his back to Dawkins to taunt the crowd and Dawkins nails him with a big shot that stumbles the champ. Both men engage again in back-and-forth. Highlights include Dawkins impressively leap-frogging over Jimmy and hitting a corkscrew torpedo on the rebound! The two continue to battle and referee Charles "Li'l Naitch" Robinson--aka the Hulk Hogan of referees (in holding younger refs back)--is down in an accidental bump on a rope rebound. Jimmy hits a beautiful Superkick and covers Dawkins as the crowd counts to ten, but the ref's still down. Finally Dawkins rallies as an upset Jimmy Uso is distracted by the downed ref. Dawkins rolls up Uso for a six-count as the crowd counts, and as the ref recovers he hits another driver to put away Jimmy! We see in replays that Jimmy's arm wasn't down completely and he's upset--just as the Profits were at Money in the Bank.
Your Winner, Angelo Dawkins!

Special Guest Referee Revelation Time!

WWE Official Adam Pearce comes out and acknowledges that the Usos are upset about a shoulder being up, unseen by the ref, costing Jimmy a win. Pearce reminds them both teams have had this issue--referring to the Money in the Bank fiasco--and that's why Adam Pearce thinks we need a special guest referee--WWE Hall of Famer "Double J" Jeff Jarrett! The Usos and Profits begin brawling after the announcement as refs flood the ring to try to separate the two tag teams. Dawkins and Jimmy battle in one corner as Ford and Jey battle in another. The refs just let them brawl for a few and we end our program as they, again, attempt to separate the others!

In Closing

And that concludes it for tonight's episode! Have a great weekend, stay cool, stay frosty and stay safe out there, Rajahmaniacs. See you all Monday Night for Raw.

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