WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results (June 17, 2022): Target Center - Minneapolis, MN

Monday Night Raw

Welcome one and all to Friday Night SmackDown! Your host tonight is your Friday Night Friar, Hogan. Refresh this page frequently as we'll have live coverage with updates every five to seven minutes.

Speaking of tonight's show, our official preview is up, and we'll hear from former CEO Vince McMahon, as previously reported. Max Dupri will announce the first male model(s?) to join his new stable, and Riddle challenges Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Championship, with the stipulation that a failure to win means Riddle can never again challenge Roman for the Undisputed WWE Championship. A late update added a "Last Laugh" match between Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss.

All this and more tonight!

All this and much more, next on SmackDown! So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results (June 17, 2022): Target Center - Minneapolis, MN

Vince McMahon Addresses the WWE Universe

We open cold with Vince making his way out to a great pop. "It is a privilege, as always, to stand before you tonight, the WWE Universe, especially..to stand here in this ring in...Minnesota." The old man knows how to work the cheap pop. He addresses the four words in our generic opening--then, now, forever, together. He then welcomes us to SmackDown, mic drops and leaves. And like that we all got played. We go to our opening video/credits.

Riddle Addresses Tonight's Match w/ Undisputed WWE Champion Roman Reigns

The King of Bros makes his way out and throws us to a video package that highlights the build-up between Riddle and the Bloodline, culminating in his title shot tonight. If he fails to beat the 600-day-plus Head of the Table, he'll never get another title opportunity against Roman Reigns again. We return to the arena, where the crowd cheer Riddle on with bro-chants. "Man, I've been waiting a long time for this opportunity and I know all my friends and family are watching at home. But more importantly, my best bro--and our friend--Randy is watching at home. And-" He pauses for a Randy chant after the pop. At least this crowd's alive unlike Monday's. "And Randy, I know you've got a big operation coming up and we all wish you the best of luck. And I know you're at home thinking, 'what if something goes wrong?'" Riddle goes on to tell Orton "all I can say is we miss you, bro, we want you back. I don't care what kind of shape you're in, I love you Randy." Riddle looks about ready to cry. Again he pauses for a Randy chant from the loving crowd, in light of expected surgery for the Legend Killer.
Riddle praises Orton's "bajillions" of titles, and for lighting the Undertaker on fire and killing legends. "But most importantly bro, the last twenty years, you've sacrificed everything to entertain us. And I think I can speak for the whole WWE universe when I tell you this--thank you, Randy. Thank you." Cheap pop time, and he pauses while the crowd starts up a "thank you Randy" chant. "But tonight? Tonight I challenge Roman Reigns for that WWE Undisputed Universal Championship and I think everyone here, and everybody watching at home, and every Bro int he locker room knows I'm dedicating this match to my best friend, Randy Orton! And when I carry myself to the back to get ready for the biggest match of my life, keeping my head up high, strutting like a Viper, you know what? I think I'm going to play something that we haven't heard in some time (and) hopefully we hear it soon when Randy Orton returns." Cue Orton's theme to end the segment.

Last Laugh Match: Happy Corbin vs Madcap Moss

Moss is out, followed by Corbin, and we're told the special stipulation of this match--the last laugh--is the loser will be "laughed out of the arena." Oh look, 1952 called, they want their gimmick match back. The match goes back and forth for the better part of ten minutes, with Moss dominating early on until the first commercial break. Corbin takes control and fully controls the pace as the two-time former Golden Globe boxer dismantles Moss inside the ring and out. Corbin attempts to get Moss counted out; Moss hits the ring just in time, hits the Punch Line finisher, hits it a second time, and finally puts away Corbin for the third time in a row.
Your Winner, Madcap Moss!

After the Match: Moss Laughs; Corbin Threatens; McAfee Responds

Moss got on the mic and laughed at Corbin before leaving. After a few moments, Corbin gets on the mic and takes offense with Pat McAfee on commentary, criticizing him for coining "Bum-ass Corbin" and for constantly talking smack. He threatens to beat up Pat. McAfee takes off his headset and gets on the mic and, "with the help of the beautiful people of M-I-N-N" (and the Minnesota U crowd finishes it for him), "we can give the WWE universe what they've been waiting for since your sorry ass came into this company! Will you help me laugh this jabroni the hell out of Minneapolis, Minnesota?" He cackles, as does the crowd, and they all yell derogatory comments at Corbin as he leaves.

Tag Team Match: the New Day vs Jinder Mahal & Shanky

The New Day come out and laugh at Corbin as they pass him--they'll take on Jinder Mahal "and the sky-scraping, dancing" Shanky after this break! ...make that after two breaks. The New Day have been dancing in the ring for ten minutes now before we finally get our bell. Jinder starts with Xavier and the two lock up. Throughout the match, Shanky does a few jigs much to Jinder's chagrin. Mahal flexes at times to show off the slightly-tweaked physique but ultimately, both men give way to their partners. The New Day use tandem offense on Jinder, double-teaming him until he eventually makes the hot tag to "the sky-scraping" Shanky. Shanky seems a little hesitant but goes toe-to-toe with veteran Kingston. Shanky draws a page from WALTER's playbook and uses a huge, open-hand chop to the chest to drop the former WWE Champion. Shanky follows it up with a big clubbing right forearm before working Kingston over in the corner. Xavier Woods uses the trombone (or is it a trumpet) to distract Shanky and "make" him dance. Jinder angrily tags in, Woods entrances Shanky, and Woods rolls up Jinder for the win. Afterwards, the New Day play their "New Day Rocks" bit on his horn, causing Shanky to dance.
Your Winner, the New Day!

Monday on Raw: Elias Returns!

After months of watching Kevin Owens harass his younger brother, Ezekiel, Elias is expected back this Monday to perform a concert with his brother Ezekiel!

WWE Official Adam Pearce Peaks..at a Money in the Bank Spot

Drew McIntyre makes his way out--Sheamus and Pearce will follow next, after this break, as Adam Pearce attempts to sort out the fustercluck that was the double-DQ in last week's MitB qualifier match between Sheamus and McIntyre. We head to break! When we return, Drew, Adam and Sheamus talk in the ring. We're shown clips from last week's double-DQ finish. Pearce starts to talk about the winner of the MitB match having an 85% chance of winning; Drew says no one likes statistics (lies!) and there's a "100% chance" of him beating someone's ass. Pearce states he's revealed the footage and made the decision--Sheamus is in the Money in the Bank match. Sheamus cackles and mocks Drew, brags about cashing it in--and McIntyre snaps, beating Sheamus and clotheslining him out of the ring. Pearce stops him, stating "my next sentence was literally going to be, 'Drew, you're in too!" Drew McIntyre is also in the match! Sheamus attempts to attack McIntyre and runs into a Claymore!

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Raquel Rodriguez vs Shayna Baszler

Raquel cuts a short promo prior to the match and we head to break. The winner of this match joins Lacey Evans, Alexa Bliss and Liv Morgan in the MitB ladder match. Lacey Evans joins the commentary team. Raquel looks for a Powerslam to start us off with, but Shayna immediately wiggles down into a leg lock submission attempt. Raquel powers out and uses a clubbing blow to attempt an early cover. Raquel's really being pushed as a powerhouse, akin to her stint in NXT. Raquel and Baszler battle briefly at the ropes, with Baszler firing off kicks to Raquel's hammy. Baszler slows the pace and falls back on her MMA background, slowing the powerhouse and focusing her attacks on Raquel's limbs. Raquel rallies and hits her fka Chingona Bomb out of nowhere to pick up the win.
Your Winner and ADVANCING to the Money in the Bank, Raquel Rodriguez!

Max Dupri of Maximum Male Models Presents...

...absolutely no one because the "lighting" wasn't right. Twice Vince teases us tonight!

Backstage: New Intercontinental Champion Gunther w/ Ludwig Kaiser

WALTER gets a soft chant; Gunther says little, Ludwig disses America and states the IC title will be restored by Gunther, who will ensure no American ever wins the title again as he holds the title sacred. Gunther ends it by telling us he's the new IC champ, in case we hadn't figured that one out by the big belt on his shoulder.

Undisputed WWE Championship Main Event Match: Roman Reigns(c) vs Riddle

Broooooo. Riddle scooters on out ahead of our main event. With twenty-four minutes left, we begin our main event. Riddle comes out heavily aggressive, unloading on the champ as he battles him into the corner. The champ fights back strong, however, and takes his time working Riddle over in the corner. Riddle avoids a whip attack and drops the champ with a suplex; Reigns rolls out of the ring to regroup, but Riddle follows and uses the apron to execute a punt kick followed by a springboard corkscrew moonsault that lays out the champ and sends us to break! We return to find the 657-day (thanks, Cole) champ pounding away at a prone and vulnerable Riddle. Roman uses the ropes to choke Riddle as the ref counts a warning, then slips out the ring, gains some speed and hits a running dropkick to an apron-hung Riddle, covering for two.
Riddle starts his comeback sequence early, unloading on Reigns. Riddle follows this up with a strike combination and a German Suplex release. Reigns looks for a Bro-ton but Roman gets the knees up. Riddle heads up the turnbuckles and hits the Floating Bro on a standing Reigns, nearly picking up the win! The crowd is really into this match. Riddle pulls Roman up in a rear waist lock and looks for a ripcord strike, but Roman counters with a chokeslam for a close pin of his own. Riddle gets the arm up and the crowd pops big as the contender is still in this with sixteen minutes to go. Roman starts to post up in the corner but Riddle slides out of the ring. Roman uses an Orton move--a side modified Urinage onto the commentary table--as Roman talks smack to Orton (via the camera) and we head to another break.
Back from the break. We return to find the champ still in charge as commentary confirms that he has, indeed, spent the commercial break beating Riddle's ass. Riddle starts to look for another rally, countering a Superman Punch with a knee to Roman's face! Roman runs off the rope and right into an Orton Powerslam from Riddle! Riddle looks to set up the Spike DDT but Roman slips, so Riddle pulls him back up again. They're calling it the (generic named) Draping DDT instead of Spike DDT lately. Roman and Riddle brawl at ringside briefly, with Reigns sending Riddle's face into the steel before sending Riddle into the ring. The crowd loudly chants for Randy, distracting the Tribal Chief and allowing Riddle to hit the Draping DDT! Riddle hears the voices in his head and pounds the mat snake-Style, then looks for an RKO--but Roman blocks it by slamming Riddle down!
Roman comes out of the corner with a Superman Punch and covers Riddle, who gets his arm up barely in time! The fans show their appreciation with a chant. Heyman gives Reigns off-mic advise and Roman plays up to the crowd before positioning in the corner for a spear. The crowd cheers "oo-ah" with Roman and he runs right into an RKO! Riddle covers! Riddle gets the one, two...no! 1/8th of a second away from the upset! Riddle climbs up and hits the Floating Bro on Reigns! Riddle panders to the crowd again and they cheer him up as he stomps and looks for another RKO! Roman dodges it and both men run off opposite ropes. Riddle looks for a springboard roundhouse and Roman counters with a mid-air spear! Roman picks up the win!
Your Winner and STILL Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns!

Roman Reigns Asks...Who's Next?

Roman kills a few minutes celebrating before getting on the mic. He complains that there's no on left (to challenge him), stating that he told us two years ago he'd show up, delivery, and leave as champ as he is once again tonight. He demands Minneapolis acknowledge him. The show essentially was over when...

The Beast is Back!

Brock's back! Cowboy Brock Lesnar is back! The crowd flips out as does commentary as Brock saunters down the ramp wearing jeans, a denim sleeveless top and cowboy hat. Roman tells the Usos and Heyman to exit the ring, then gestures for Brock to come on down. Lesnar, looking bigger per McAfee (but not I), stands toe-to-toe with Roman in the ring as the crowd chants "holy shit." Lesnar grins big, takes his hat off and extends a hand to Roman. He talks off-mic, reassuring Roman it's a serious gesture. He bumps his chest, twice, until Roman reaches out to shake his hand--and Brock hits the F5 on Roman! Brock takes out Jey and Jimmy with an F5 each as the crowd goes wild! The Beast is back, folks, and in the words of McAfee, quote, this is "Suplex City, bitch!"

In Closing

And that, friends, is a wrap. Y'all try to avoid this heat and stay safe out there. Stay frosty as always, and hit the Mikester up on Twitter, XBL, or Among Us. See you all Monday Night for Raw.

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