WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results (June 24, 2022): Moody Center ATX - Austin, TX

Monday Night Raw

Drew McIntyre

Welcome one and all to Friday Night SmackDown! Your host tonight is the always-loquacious Mike Hogan. Refresh this page frequently as we'll have live coverage with updates every five to seven minutes.

Last week, it was announced that Shotzi will face Aliyah in a Money in the Bank Qualifying match. 9:21pm UPDATE: Tamina has replaced Aliyah in this match without a reason given. Also for tonight's show, our official preview adds an Intercontinental Championship rematch as new champ Gunther gives former-champ Ricochet a rematch. We'll also hear from Drew McIntyre as he tells us all about his plans for the Undisputed Universal WWE Championship. Expect a ramp-up towards next Saturday's Money in the Bank event, and the fallout from Brock Lesnar's shocking return last week. Also, a late addition gave us another Money in the Bank qualifier as Shinsuke Nakamura takes on Sami Zayn!!

Pictured Above, Left to Right: Ludwig Kaiser; Gunther; Ricochet

Pictured Above, Left to Right: Shinsuke Nakamura; Sami Zayn

All this and much more, next on SmackDown! So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results (June 24, 2022): Moody Center ATX - Austin, TX

Previously on SmackDown...

We open with a video highlighting last week's big main event between Roman Reigns and Riddle. It turned out to be a very good match that saw Riddle barely, just barely, lose to the Tribal Chief. Commentary dubbed over highlights how close Riddle came, including multiple shots of the crowd going crazy for Riddle. We get a beautiful shot of Riddle reversing a Spear into an RKO and, later, Roman returned the favor by spearing Riddle mid-RKO. After the match, the Beast himself--Brock Lesnar--made a shocking return. Lesnar took out the entire Bloodline with F5's, making a statement. It has since been announced that Roman Reigns defends against Brock Lesnar in a Last Man Standing match at SummerSlam.

Drew McIntyre: In the End, There Can Be Only One...

For a fifth time, Drew's going to the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Drew makes his way out in jeans, a black tee and black leather jacket--and Angela, the Sword, in hand. Omos, Sheamus, Seth Rollins and Drew are the four who have qualified so far. Nakamura faces Zayn later tonight to determine a fifth member. We get clips from two weeks ago when Sheamus and Drew fought in a MitB qualifying match to a double-DQ, leading to both men's addition to the MitB match. Drew welcomes the Moody Center to SmackDown for a cheap pop, then complains about Roman ducking him. He states he'll have to become Mister Money in the Bank to get his hands on Roman. Drew then states that Lesnar's showed up and challenged Roman at SummerSlam. "Alright, good for him, that's the Brock way. I tend to do things the hard way. I'll be watching that match closely and lads, I"ll watch you tear each other apart...and whoever survives, Mister Winner, (when you) get to your feet (you can) expect to get a Claymore." Paraphrasing.

Fight Night Comes to SmackDown and McIntyre

The Brawling Brutes--Sheamus, Ridge Holland, and Butch (Pete Dunne)--make their way out on the mic, with Sheamus working the crowd and digital crowd while talking to Drew. Sheamus mocks Drew for losing when he was cashed in on; Sheamus, however, cashed in successfully "on Roman bleedin' Reigns." Paul Heyman and WWE Official Adam Pearce make their way out!

WWE Official Adam Pearce, Paul Heyman, the Brawling Brutes, and Drew McIntyre Chat a Spell

Heyman reminds us that he's the special advocate of Roman Reigns in case we forgot. He reminds us, in case we missed the reminder sixty seconds ago, or even the one ninety seconds ago, that Roman Reigns faces Brock Lesnar in a Last Man Standing match. Heyman gives us a prediction (not yet a spoiler!) that Roman Reigns will win. Pearce stands behind Heyman as he speaks, and the other Superstars look on from the ring. Heyman states that Roman Reigns will be vulnerable after battling the Beast and it's not a knock on the Tribal Chief; Heyman wants to make the point that Reigns will be vulnerable and "as Sheamus said, it has happened before. And I'm here tonight to ensure that it won't happen again. No booing, no booing," he chastises the audience. He then praises Adam Pearce as being "beyond reproach" and that Pearce has a special announcement. "Drew, Sheamus, it has come to my attention that perhaps I was a bit hasty at putting you both in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. After all, neither of you lost the match against each other two weeks ago...yet neither of you won, either. And after some, shall we say, influence by Mr. Heyman, it is my duty to inform you that WWE Management has chosen to overrule my decision. Gentlemen, neither of you will be part of the Money in the Bank Ladder match!" He then tells them that there is a path forward--if Sheamus and Drew can put their bad blood aside, and if they can defeat the Usos tonight, they're in. Out come the WWE Undisputed Tag Team Champions, the Usos, who pose with their pairs of titles. Up next? Sami Zayn vs Shinsuke Nakamura! We go to break!

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Shinsuke Nakamura vs "Honorary Bloodline Member" Sami Zayn

We return from break as Nakamura makes his entrance and "honorary Uce" Sami Zayn cuts a quick backstage promo, addressing his honorary Bloodline member status. He makes his entrance and Shinsuke Nakamura immediately slaps an arm bar on right out the gate! Zayn hangs in there and gets a break. Nakamura unloads on Zayn with strong strikes, stumbling the honorary Uce around the ring and into the corner. Nakamura with a kick to the back of the head that sets up his baseball slide German Suplex! Nakamura with a high kick and a cover attempt. Zayn suckers Nakamura out and kicks him in the gut before using an Exploder suplex to send Nakamura crashing into the barricade! Zayn hurries in the ring as Pat McAfee calls getting his opponents counted out as his "new finisher" move. Nakamura slides in just in the nick of the time and Zayn begins to take control briefly, battering Nakamura before whipping him into the corner. This crowd is awake, so far, and tries to fire up Nakamura. Nakamura finds himself thrown out of the ring by Zayn, and we head to another break!
When we return, Zayn runs into a Kinshasa after having controlled throughout the break. Both men are down and Pat McAfee mentions the heat in Austin as both men are sweating. Zayn hits a Michinoku Driver outta nowhere to nearly pick up the win over Nakamura! Impressive. Nakamura gets the right shoulder up in time and Zayn heads up the turnbuckles. Zayn rear climbs too slow and Nakamura catches him with a blow. Both men battle tot he middle ropes and jockey for position. Zayn blocks a middle-rope Superplex with elbows to Nakamura's neck, dropping him down. Nakamura again rises but again, Nakamura strikes him! Zayn crashes to the mat as Nakamura sets up a Kinshasa. Zayn side-steps and rolls up Nakamura, placing his feet up on the middle rope, but the ref catches him! Zayn argues with the official for a good thirty seconds, allowing Nakamura to recover and hit a knee to the back of Zayn! Nakamura covers but Zayn kicks out at two and a half! Nakamura pulls Zayn up. Zayn swings and misses; Nakamura throws a roundhouse, Zayn ducks under, but is caught as Nakamura follows it up with a second round-house! Nakamura again sets up the Kinshasa, and again Zayn rolls out of the ring. Nakamura follows suit and hits a running knee to Zayn in front of the commentary table! Nakamura attempts to lift Zayn up and send him into the ring as the ref counts. Nakamura climbs in and is caught with a Helluva Kick by Zayn! Zayn picks up the win!
Your Winner and ADVANCING to the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, Sami Zayn!

Tag Team Dance-Off: the New Day vs Jinder & Shanky; the Viking Raiders Return

The New Day are out first and we're informed this is a rematch from last week. Cole questions if Shanky can refuse his need to dance long enough to win, and we head to break. When we return, the New Day coax Shanky into dancing with them. He and Mahal shove each other and Mahal leaves. Suddenly, horns sound and the Viking Raiders return--and go heel by attacking the New Day & Shanky! They're now sporting eye liner and black eye makeup, presumably to inform us of the darkness in their now-heel souls. The Viking Raiders destroy the New Day, using a double-team PowerBomb to lay out Kofi and a middle-rope body slam. Both men also wore more Viking-ish looking ring gear with furs. The Raiders have new music, again.

Backstage: Sonya Deville and WWE Official Adam Pearce

Deville confronts Pearce backstage, stating she's been back on the roster for weeks but she's not had any matches, whereas Raquel Gonzalez "walked in off the ranch" and others have gotten shots. She tells Pearce that his ring career was a disappointment. He then informs her that she does, in fact, have a handicapped match next--after this break!

2-on-1 Handicapped Match: Lacey Evans & Raquel Rodriguez vs Sonya Deville w/ Xia Li & Shayna Baszler

We return fro the break and find Evans & Raquel in the ring, all smiles, ready to take on Deville. Deville comes out and brings backup--the now-heel Xia Li and Shayna Baszler! Cole and McAfee mention on commentary that Xia Li and Baszler are the two women defeated by Evans & Rodriguez. Baszler starts off against Evans and the two battle to a stand still. Raquel tries to fire up Evans for a hot tag but Deville blocks her, temporarily. The two both swing and miss with roundhouse kicks and hit each other with mule/dropkicks in tandem. Both women are down and Raquel Rodriguez continues to yell for Evans to make the tag. Raquel gets the tag and runs over Deville with a shoulder tackle. Deville with a kick to the gut but finds herself in a scoop slam after she attempts a running strike. Raquel hoists Deville up and hits a Lawn Darn in the corner! Raquel looks for the Tejano Bomb but Deville slips out. Evans takes the tag in and uses a Woman's Right to pick up the win! After the match, Xia Li and Shayna Baszler attack. Raquel fights off Xia Li and Baszler long enough for Evans to rally and send the two heels packing up the ramp.
Your Winners, Lacey Evans & Raquel Rodriguez!

"Ronda Rousey" w/ Stroller Addresses the WWE Universe; Ronda Rousey Fights Back Dirty!

Natalya, sporting a pretty-decent Rousey cosplay, comes out in Ronda-character. She brags about being the baddest woman on the planet--and we all know because she "never shuts up" about it. She states she never taps out, "like my mommy," and then praises "Natalya" and offers to lay down and tap out right now. As "Rousey," she begs her "Rousey Ones" to forgive her for disappointing them. "Rousey"--again, Natalya in cosplay--states she's going to abdicate her title and leave with her stroller while she can "because right now, as a competitor, I'm probably the Saddest Woman on the Planet!" Cue the music, here comes SmackDown Women's Champion Ronda Rousey! "Nattie, is that you? I almost didn't recognize you without your rack out." Ouch! Double ouch--"I'm also not going to mutilate my body chasing impossible beauty standards like you!" Damn! Ronda's not pulling any punches as she lays into Natalya, who stays silent as Rousey makes her way to the ring and enters. She goes on to state the closest Natalya's ever gotten to being a main event in "this company is dressing up like me." She strips off Natalya's jacket and Natalya uses the stroller as a weapon to drop Ronda. Nattie, sans jacket, backs up the ramp as Ronda takes Nattie's jacket and her belt, holding them both up as the digital crowd chants for Ronda.

Intercontinental Championship Rematch: Gunther(c) w/ Ludwig Kaiser vs Ricochet

Ludwig Kaiser and Intercontinental Champion Gunther--tafka Imperium--make their way out ahead of this title rematch. We get entrances and we're reminded that Gunther's undefeated since arriving on SmackDown. Ricochet comes fighting out of the gate but Gunther immediately uses his power to shut down Ricochet. Gunther uses a big boot to drop the high-flyer and stomps on Rico's face. Gunther takes his time with Ricochet, using slower but more powerful heavy attacks to send Ricochet around the ring, and big boots to choke and punish Ricochet on the mat. Gunther easily weathers Ricochet's attempt at offense and grabs Ricochet's leg, pulling him around like a doll as he slaps on a half-Crab! Ricochet screams in pain and after a few moments, Gunther transitions to a Crossface! Ricochet reaches the ropes to force the break. Ricochet starts his comeback sequence, battering the champ with a step-up Enziguri and strikes, but Gunther weathers it and uses a single chop to drop the challenger! Gunther takes Ricochet into the corner and unloads multiple chops and slaps to the chest, fires off a German Suplex, then a running Missile Dropkick to set up a powerbomb and secure the win!
Your Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion, Gunther!

Backstage: Sami Zayn Puts a Foot in His Mouth

In an interview with Kayla Braxton, Zayn is joined by Paul Heyman. Zayn reassures Heyman that when he wins the Money in the Bank contract, he'll never cash it in on Roman. Heyman beams with pride and puts an arm around Zayn...until Zayn states "I'd cash it in on Lesnar," thereby implying Reigns will lose, and upsetting Heyman. Heyman glares at him.

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Shotzi vs Tamina

Shotzi versus Aliyah was advertised last week; Tamina filled in for an injured Aliyah. Shotzi has new music and head-bangs to it as we return from the break. We get the bell and Shotzi hops on Tamina's back, threatening a sleeper; Tamina shrugs her off easily and begins to toss Shotzi around. Tamina takes Shotzi to the top rope and sets her up for a top-rope Alabama Slam, but Shotzi counters it into a rope-assisted submission as the ref counts a warning. Shotzi takes a turn on offense, unloading on Tamina. Shotzi hits a back drop attack on Tamina against the ropes and ascends the turnbuckles. Shotzi looks for a leaping attack and leaps right onto a Superkick, giving Tamina an easy w--no! Shotzi gets a foot under the rope just in time! Shotzi uses an inverted facebuster on Tamina and surprisingly picks up the win! They're calling this move, her new finisher, the "Never Wake Up." Raquel Rodriguez, Alexa Bliss, Asuka, Shotzi, Liv Morgan, Lacey Evans, and one TBD slot make up our seven-woman Money in the Bank Ladder Match lineup!
Your Winner and ADVANCING to the Money in the Bank Match, Shotzi!

It's Time to Meet Maximum Male Models...or Not...

After yet another promise that Max Dupri's Maximum Male Models, it's postponed by a picky Max. Last week's issue? The lighting. This week? A dressing room with 68.3 Fahrenheit, and a mini-fridge stocked with the finest water from a local crystal spring (the rider for the "models") was not provided. He chastises WWE Official Adam Pearce to get it ride and again postpones to next week, stating they're ready to "titillate the juices of your guilty pleasures." That's their motto. Seriously.

Money in the Bank Qualifying Main Event Match: Drew McIntyre & Sheamus w/ the Brawling Brutes vs WWE Undisputed Tag Team Champions the Usos

Sheamus & the Brawling Brutes are out first and we head to break! When we return, the Usos are out and we're reminded that they are not qualifying for the Money in the Bank match. They simply are attempting to keep Sheamus and McIntyre out of the match to protect Roman. The Street Profits come out to watch this match from commentary. McIntyre and Sheamus start off against Jimmy and seemingly work together well to start off, using a double-hip toss to drop the double-champ. Sheamus finds himself stuck int he Uso corner, where Jey tags in as Jimmy pins Sheamus in the corner and sets up a running leaping forearm. Jey finds himself in the Ten Beats of the Bodhran as Lil Naitch warns him. Jimmy stands on from the apron, watching, as do the Brawling Brutes at ringside and Dawkins counts in timing with the crowd. Sheamus mocks McIntyre by doing the Claymore kick countdown, leading to McIntyre attacking Butch at ringside. This leads to Drew and Sheamus coming to blows before the Usos wipe them out with double suicide dives, sending us to our final break of the night (hopefully)!
Back from the break. Pat McAfee states it's an honor to have the Street Profits on commentary, and they state it's the nicest thing he's said. Jimmy, however, continues to dominate Sheamus in the ring, just as he has throughout the break. Jimmy stomps a hole in Sheamus in the corner as the crowd holds up The Ones and the digital crowd boos loudly. Sheamus attempts to fight back, kicking Jimmy in the gut as Drew extends a hand for the tag. Sheamus blocks a kick but Jimmy counters with an Enziguri. Jimmy continues to batter Sheamus in the corner. Jimmy takes too much time taunting, allowing Sheamus to counter a corner splash with a big boot! McIntyre takes the hot tag and runs over Jimmy and Jey Uso! The Profits fire up on commentary as McIntyre excites them by using an Exploder suplex to send Jey flying. Jey counters a McIntyre attack by shoving him into the ring post and Superkicks McIntyre. Jimmy tags in and Superkicks Sheamus off the apron! The Usos use stereo Superkicks to a knelt, vulnerable McIntyre! Jimmy climbs up top and hits the Uso Splash, picking up a close two!. Shamus makes the save just in time!
Jey sends Sheamus out of the ring, but the distraction buys McIntyre time to recover. McIntyre drops both Usos with neckbreakers and kips up. McIntyre sets up Jimmy for a Claymore but Jey pulls him out of the ring. Drew follow shim outside and eats a Superkick from Jimmy. Butch and Ridge Holland hit the ringside and distract Lil Naitch! Sami Zayn attempts to attack and interfere in the match, on behalf of the Usos, but the Usos intercept him and drop him! The Usos and Profits argue until Drew McIntyre drops them with a diving senton over the top rope! Sheamus drops Jey at ringside and Drew sends Jimmy inside. Drew posts up in the corner, fires up the crowd, counts 'em down and hits the Claymore! Syke--Jimmy Uso catches him with a Superkick instead! McIntyre completely no-sells it, runs a rebound against the ropes and hits the Claymore to pick up the win!
Your Winners and ADVANCING to the Men's Money in the Bank Ladder Match, Sheamus & Drew McIntyre (Again)!

In Closing

And that concludes it for tonight's penultimate episode ahead of next Saturday's Money in the bank! Just as a reminder, next week is our go-home edition! Have a great weekend, stay cool, stay frosty and stay safe out there, Rajahmaniacs. See you all Monday Night for Raw.

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