WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results (November 5, 2021): Ford Center - Evansville, IN

Friday Night SmackDown

Welcome one and all to Friday Night SmackDown! Your host tonight is the original Rajahmaniac, Mike "Hulk" Hogan. It's a Friday night and we're gonna have some fun. Refresh this page frequently as we'll have live coverage with updates every five to seven minutes. So what's in store for tonight, you ask?

The WWE didn't release any modicum of a preview until late in the afternoon, but we do know from our official preview that tonight we can look forward to the return of Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Also, Naomi gets another shot at Shayna Baszler.

All this and much more, next on SmackDown! So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results (November 5, 2021): Ford Center - Evansville, IN

Welcome to SmackDown!

Michael Cole and Pat McAfee welcome us to our show. They plug the fact that the Survivor Series is two weeks from Sunday.

In the Ring Promo: the Bloodline

Cole reminds us that Reigns has held the title for 432 days straight. Reigns, the Usos and Paul Heyman come out to a big pop immediately followed by huge boos as the Ford Center acknowledges him. After six minutes Roman has finally entered the ring and began to speak. The crowd shuts him down early on with a "you suck" chant that Pat McAfee thinks is "thank you Roman". Haha. "Last week, your Tribal Chief wasn't at SmackDown because when you smash somebody like Brock Lesnar, you gotta celebrate. So I took a vacation. And I heard y'all grumbling and complaining....don't worry, I'm here now. So, tiny little no-name town, acknowledge me!" The crowd takes offense and boos. "I gotta tell you, I had a great week. I really did. I was on a private island, I was running around naked, my wife loved it." He then tells the crowd that they had a bad week because Roman wasn't on SmackDown last week, then continues by saying that Brock Lesnar was having a bad week, too, after being fined a million bucks. Reigns takes credit for the million-dollar fine, stating he pulled strings.
Roman then asks Heyman what else happened last week, to which Heyman stumbles about verbally until he's asked again. He goes "oh, that." He then recaps that last week, the Usos had a non-title match against the New Day. He babbles on and Reigns again asks him for a shorter answer: who won? Heyman reluctantly states that the New Day won. The crowd with a "New Day Rock" chant. Roman asks the crowd if they really like the New Day, and the crowd pops. Roman states they're great but they're not "better than the Bloodline. See, I'm having trouble understanding how my cousins, the Usos, the greatest tag team of this generation, lost to the New Day. Which one of you got pinned in that match?" Both Usos point at each other behind his back. Roman looks as both men point until finally Jey is revealed as the losing culprit. Roman puts an arm around Jey as the crowd starts a "New Day Rocks" chant. He tells Jey that the chant is all because of Jey, and asks Jey to tell him how he's gonna fix this problem. Jey reiterates "I got you" and that tonight he's going to "make them acknowledge your Universal Champion, Roman Reigns!" Enter the New Day!
"Hear ye, hear ye, WWE Universe! Lend me your ears so you may hear the decree of King Woods!" King Woods gets on the mic and asks about his table, which they must have forgotten to bring out. He insults the Bloodline for not having a table to sit at and even making shirts about it. Sir Kofi jokes that maybe the table was forgotten "on your island of relevancy!" King Woods tells us it's time to get to the portion of the show that his people, in his kingdom, "here in Evansville, Indiana!"--the crowd with a huge cheer, encouraged by King woods--get to see a special spectacle. King Woods proposes a match: King Woods versus "James Uso" with a stipulation that if Woods loses, he'll acknowledge Roman Reigns. But "when" King Woods wins, "James" Uso has to bend the knee to King Woods. Both Usos enthusiastically accept, stating that the Bloodline doesn't' bend the knee to anyone. Reigns asks for the mic and states "the Bloodline accepts." Sir Kofi butchers, playfully, Uso's name, calling him everything from James Yewso to Jimmie Uso, James Uso, et cetera. We end our segment with Cole and McAfee taking us to a flashback video.

Singles Match: Naomi vs Shayna Baszler

After a short video showing the continuing tension between WWE Official Sonya Deville and Naomi, we get to feel the glow as she makes her way out and we head to our first break. Upon our return, our one true Queen--the Queen of Spades--comes out. Still has the best theme in the game right now. WWE Official Sonya Deville watches backstage on a television in the Gorilla position, and has to defend herself from insinuations by Kayla Braxton that Deville is impartial. Deville takes credit for lighting a fire under Naomi's butt and even states that if Naomi wins, maybe Deville will challenge her one day. Pat McAfee jokes about it as we cut to the ring. Naomi takes down Shayna; Shayna looks for a submission but Naomi kicks Baszler off. Naomi with a running low-angle boot and a pin attempt. Baszler with a release German Suplex outta nowhere! Baszler looks for a sliding kick but Naomi dodges and Baszler is sent to the floor. Naomi looks for perhaps an apron moonsault. Baszler grabs Naomi and the two jostle for control. Naomi with a vicious blow to Baszler's mouth. Naomi takes Baszler into the ring and hits a diving cross-body on a standing Baszler for two. Shayna smartly rolls out of the ring. Naomi looks to springboard to the outside but Baszler counters then hits a beautiful and impressive gut-wrench side slam takedown on the ringside floor as we go to break! Back from the break. Naomi does some unknown move that drives Shayna's face into the apron. McAfee calls it something like "a swinging Tombstone." Baszler looks for a Kirifuda Clutch and Naomi immediately escapes and picks up the pin just moments after returning!.
Your Winner, Naomi!

Singles Match: Shayna Baszler vs Naomi, Part II

After the Match: WWE Official Sonya Deville Deville comes out to boos. She points out that right before the cover, Naomi touched the rope--which set off a chain of events causing an illegal pin fall. Deville orders the match to be restarted. Baszler immediately slaps on a Kirifuda clutch within moments.
Your Winner, Shayna Baszler!

Miscellaneous Segments

We hear from the still-not-yet-released Ridge Holland, who's glad to still be here and hopes to make an impact. We get clips of Shotzi snapping last week and dismantling Sasha Banks. We then get live promo backstage where Megan Morant interviews Shotzi. Shotzi points out all she's lost lately--her tag title, her partner, her tank, and last week the biggest match of her career. She stated that Sasha Banks became her target because Banks, basically, put her nose up at Shotzi after beating her. Shotzi looks to destroy Banks and states she doesn't need a tank to do it.

Tag Match: Los Lotharios vs Cesaro & Mansoor

Los Lotharios--cousins Humberto Carrillo & Angel Garza--will take on Cesaro & Mansoor after this break! Hooray, it's spaghetti tag team season! When we finally get to the match, we start with Mansoor and Angel. Both men lock up. Mansoor fires off a bit of early offense, using a dropkick to floor Garza. Garza counters a jumping DDT into a spinebuster. Garza tags in Carrillo, who hooks the leg and gets a two. Mansoor throws rights at Garza as he's sent into the Lothario corner, and tries to fight off Carrillo, too, but can't. Lothario use frequent tags to set up unique double-team moves. Garza, now legal, with a big back body drop. Garza rips off his pants--dude's pasty--and looks for a pin. Mansoor fights out of it and attempts to fight out of a knee twist. The crowd claps loudly, firing Mansoor up. Mansoor hits a step-up Enziguri and looks for the hot tag to Cesaro. Garza holds a foot and dodges a second step-up Enziguri. Garza eats a modified DDT from Mansoor out of nowhere. Both men make hot tags and here comes Cesaro and Humberto! Cesaro shows off his insane speed, nailing Humberto with multiple European Uppercuts and forearm uppercuts. Cesaro lays out Carrillo multiple times in the ring then heads outside and hits a big forearm on Garza that slams him into the barricade. Cesaro hits the ring and looks for the (fka King of) Swing! Garza dives in and makes the save. Attempt to cover Cesaro but Mansoor dives in to make the save. Garza and Carrillo with a quick tag and hit that new unique double-team finisher, the Cerro de la Silla! It looks akin to a chin lock submission and Stomp combination. They pick up the win right after.
Your Winners, Los Lotharios!

Drew McIntyre's Weekly "SmackDown Warrior's Open Challenge": Drew McIntyre vs Ricochet

Drew and Angela the Sword make their way collectively down to the ring. Drew wastes no one's time and says let's get to it. Ricochet comes out in his most power-rangery outfit yet! Ricochet talks on the mic as he walks down to the ramp. Ricochet tells Drew that he's playing with fire and "if you keep coming down here, acting the way you're acting, I promise you one of these days somebody is going to walk out here, somebody is going to step into this ring, and somebody won't care about all the pec-flexing and catchphrases in the world, won't stop me from smacking you right int he mouth." And Ricochet stands toe-to-toe with Drew and smacks him int he face. The crowd is shocked and cursing forces a mute for several long seconds. Thanks censors. The bell rings and McIntyre immediately rams Ricochet into the corner. Beell Toss from one corner of the ring to the other! McIntyre rams Ricochet's face into the turnbuckle. Ricochet throws two punches and sends McIntyre out of the ring. Ricochet with an apron kick to McIntyre. Ricochet looks for an apron Hurricanrana but McIntyre converts it into an Apron Bomb! Drew takes Ricochet into the ring, takes a knee then rams Rico in the corner. McIntyre with another huge tossing suplex! Pat McAfee almost says "to the moon." Backstage, Megan interviews Mustafa Ali who is watching the match. He says that believe it or not, he and Ricochet have a lot in common. In the ring McIntyre leaps off the top turnbuckle and right into a dropkick from Ricochet. Rico fires off a chop and McIntyre fires one of his own. Ricochet drops McIntyre with a middle-rope cross-body springboard. McIntyre then hits a beautiful counter, rolling through a standing Shooting Star and ending it with a big suplex for a close two. McIntyre looks for an Alabama Slam but Ricochet rolls through and looks for a pin. Ricochet looks for a middle-rope Moonsault but McIntyre hits a very, very low-angled Claymore that catches Ricochet in the face! You have to watch it to see the talent in that move. Drew picks up the win.
Your Winner, Drew McIntyre!

Happy Talk with Happy Corbin & Madcap Moss, featuring the Viking Raiders

Both men come out and we head to break. They make fun of their guests, the Viking Raiders, who are making their SmackDown debut after the draft. Both men come out to a decent pop. McAfee states he's not sure if these two are the best guests. The Raiders stand in the ring, grimacing down at Happy and Madcap. Erik and Ivar tell them that they aren't there to be their talk-show guests, they're not there to be happy. They're there to raid Happy Talk "because it's corny and it sucks." Corbin tells them they're in a "really sour mood for two guys still wearing their Halloween costumes!" He then asks Madcap ask them to give them (the Raiders) something to make them happy. He makes a joke about Vikings stinking and cackles. The raiders trash the set and Madcap & Happy exit as we head to break.

Tag Match: Happy Corbin & Madcap Moss vs the Viking Raiders

When we return from break we find this match under way. Happy Corbin and Erik slug it out. Corbin tries to drop the Raider with a Big Boot but Erik shrugs it off and tags in Ivar. Madcap takes the tag in and attempts a rear waist lock. Ivar easily overpowers Moss and drops him to a knee. Moss powers up after a few long moments and utilizes a side headlock. He fails to see a tag between the Raiders. Both men drop Moss and Erik body-slams the larger Ivar down onto Moss for a close two. Happy causes the distraction and Madcap hits a huge Spinebuster. Madcap tags in Corbin after stomping away at Erik. Corbin comes in and the former Golden Gloves winner punishes Erik with rights and elbow drops before working the neck. Corbin hits his beautiful Misdirection Clothesline (highly advise adding it to your 2k CAW arsenal). Corbin hits a Deep Six but Erik kicks out at two. Ivar is laid out at the ringside. Madcap tags in and Moss & Corbin look for a double team. Erik floats over and stuns Corbin with a big knee. Erik rolls under a grapple from Moss to make the hot tag to Ivar. Ivar with a huge Sidewalk slam followed by a diving low-angle cross-body! Corbin makes the save but Ivar sends him out of the ring. Ivar with an inverted Yokozuna Drop in the corner. Corbin looks to make the save and is sent outside by Erik with a cartwheel strike. The Raiders with quick tags to destroy Moss. Erik struggles but gets Moss up for a Powerbomb. Ivar summons Odin and looks for a middle-rope splash but Corbin drags Moss out of the ring. Ivar straddles the ropes and Erik stands on the apron as ref Jess continues to count--and the Raiders pick up the win. Our commentary team announces proudly that our 1-0 Raiders are 'still' undefeated.
Your Winners by Count-out, the Viking Raiders!

Backstage: Hit Row with Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn and the B-Fab-less Hit Row come across each other backstage. Dude, it's sad without B-Fab. Zayn criticizes their entrance and Top Dolla asks if Zayn can show them how to do a proper entrance. He says he can and asks them to follow, unaware that the trio seemingly just tricked him into a match. We head to break.

Promo: Hit Row with Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn introduces Hit Row. They come out to a great pop on the ramp. The crowd cheers for them and boos for Sami. They then verbally tear Zayn down as they slowly stalk him up the ramp. They tell Zayn that he's not qualified to change out their bath water. Top Dolla suggests changing his name from Sami Zayn to "Sami Sucks" and leads the crowd in a very loud "Sami Sucks" chant. Zayn, upset, tells them that's fine and he attempts to leave. Hit Row blow him. Zayn tells them he's not there to fight, he just wanted to help. Hit Row stands aside to let Zayn pass. Zayn does so and tells them he's watching them. They mock him as he heads up the ramp. Ashanti does the B-Fab line "if you didn't know, now you know" and Pat McAfee filled in (on commentary) with the "Hiiiiiiit-rooooow" part of the music--B-Fab's part--that was edited out of the music.

Backstage: the Bloodline

Roman Reigns asks Jimmy Uso "how many of your problems do I have to fix around here?" Uso heads out upset.

Bend-the-Knee Singles Main Event Match: King Woods w/ Sir Kofi vs Jimmy w/ Jey Uso

The New Day come out first and we're reminded (with a really cool sketch graphic) of the special stipulation. If Jimmy Uso wins, King Woods will bend the knee and acknowledge Universal Champion Roman Reigns. If King Woods wins, Jimmy Uso will bend the knee and acknowledge King Woods. We go to break. When we return, King Woods and Jimmy Uso spend the first couple of minutes countering each other. We're reminded of the historic (or soon-to-be) rivalry between the two teams, who collectively possess over a dozen tag titles. King Woods takes the lead for a spell, using a spinning cross-body and a series of hard chops to punish Uso. Uso blocks a suplex and uses a headbutt to stun the king. Jimmy takes control, sending King Woods flying out of the ring as we head to a break.
Back from the break. We return to loud boos as Jimmy maintains control. Uso with two big running knees to the King's face. Jimmy covers but only gets two. Sir Kofi cheers on his King, and Jey encourages his brother by yelling "we the ones!" We're reminded the duo actually have 18 tag title reigns between them--I stand corrected, Cole. Woods counters an Uso whip and uses a baseball slide to catch Uso with a right. Superkick to Uso before Woods suplexes Jimmy across the top rope. Woods with a running knee that sends Jimmy outside the ring. Woods with a rope-assisted sliding kick that sends Jimmy into the commentary table! Woods takes Uso back into the ring. Woods with a skyscraper Leg Drop off the top roper--the highest I, and Pat McAfee, have ever seen! I think he shot higher than Ford does for his Frog Splash! The King covers and gets two. The King climbs the ropes again. Jey Uso causes a distraction that allows Jimmy to recover and attack Woods on the ascent.
Jimmy Uso sets up and hits a middle-rope Samoan Drop on King Woods, picking up a close two! The Usos are in shock that King Woods kicked out. Jimmy Uso goes up top and calls for the Uso Splash. Jimmy flies and King Woods gets his feet up--Jimmy crashes face first into Woods feet! Jey Uso attempts to cause a distraction. Jimmy rolls up and Jey uses the sliding-kick position cheat that they've used against the Mysterios, to apply extra pressure in the pin. The ref catches them! Kofi distracts Uso and Woods rolls him up for the win!
Your Winner, King Xavier Woods!

After the Match

The crowd loudly chants "bend the knee" and the ref chastises Jimmy as Woods yells for Uso to bend the knee. Jimmy is resistant but the crowd is heavily behind our King. Roman Reigns comes outta nowhere and hits a Superman Punch to the king! The Usos stomp away at Sir Kofi as Roman directs the assault. King Woods begins slugging it out with Reigns but Reigns sends him into a double-superkick from the Usos! Spear from the Chief that nearly cuts Kingston in half! Roman yells that King Woods is a cheat and continues to direct the symphony of destruction unleashed on the New Day. Reigns tells Woods not to show up next week and issues a threat as we end our program.

In Closing

And that's a wrap! Whether you watch AEW Rampage, or watch a repeat of SmackDown beat it in the ratings, have a great weekend! Stay warm, stay frosty and stay safe out there, Rajahmaniacs. See you all Monday Night for Raw.

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