WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results (Oct. 14, 2022): Smoothie King Ctr - New Orleans, LA

Friday Night SmackDown

Ricochet; Sheamus; Karrion Kross; Solo Sikoa

Welcome one and all to Friday Night SmackDown! Your host tonight is your Friday Night Friar, Hogan. Refresh this page frequently as we'll have live coverage with updates every five to seven minutes. Tonight's program is airing out of NOLA's Smoothie King Center! Speaking of tonight's show, our official preview is up for tonight's program, emanating from the Smoothie King Center in NOLA. Announced earlier this week is the return of Bray Wyatt to SmackDown tonight. We've had two singles matches announced, with Kofi Kingston of the New Day set to clash with Sami Zayn of the Bloodline. Also, LA Knight is back and looks to take on his former Maximum Male Models pals, starting with mån.sôör. We've also got a Fatal 4-Way Contender's match between Ricochet, Sheamus, Karrion Kross and Solo Sikoa to determine the next challenger for Gunther's Intercontinental Championship.

Kofi Kingston; Sami Zayn

Ricochet; Sheamus; Karrion Kross; Solo Sikoa

LA Knights; Maximum Male Models

The Lamplighter

All this and much more, next on SmackDown! So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results (Oct. 14, 2022): Smoothie King Ctr - New Orleans, LA

Backstage Brawl: Drew McIntyre and Karrion Kross

We open with a minor "car accident" in the lot that leads to Drew and Karrion brawling backstage as various officials attempt to separate them. McIntyre gets the upper hand and beats Kross into a car doorway, using the door to smack Kross. McIntyre finally leaves and Scarlett checks on a slightly-bloody Kross (quite slightly).

Welcome to SmackDown; McIntyre/Kross Recap

We get our 'opening credits' and are welcomed to Nola by Michael Cole and Wade Barrett. Cole plugs their insurance sponsor and send us to clips from the Strap Match between Kross & McIntyre at Extreme Rules, that saw Kross win. They hype the Fatal 4-Way later tonight and that Bray Wyatt returns, up next. But...it's not up next.

Pre-match: Kofi Kingston w/ Xavier Woods; Jey Uso, Solo Sikoa & Sami Zayn

The New Day make their ways out first, doing the usual self-plug before Woods addresses their tag team championship record (483-day reign) as its their legacy, which will stand forever. The crowd cheer them on to the ring. Cole reminds us that the Usos are only 30 days away from tying or breaking that record. We cut backstage and find Sami with Solo Sikoa and Jey Uso. Sami's questioning where Jimmy is and has words with Jey; Jey says its family business, "real family," clearly meaning to exclude Sami. Sami tells Solo he's to stay in the back as Sami wants Jey to come out with them. Sami gets a call from Roman Reigns and seems to discreetly snitch on Jey. Sami hands the phone to Jey, who mean mugs him. Jey clearly gets reamed on the phone, and any attempt to defend himself is shot down before he's forced to acknowledge the Tribal Chief. The phone is handed back to Zayn who, after a moment, starts laughing. Jey asks "what'd Roman say?" to which Zayn replies its an inside joke, upsetting Jey more. Zayn's music plays and we're on!

Singles Match: Kofi Kingston w/ Xavier Woods vs Sami Zayn w/ Jey Uso

We get the bell at 8:10 and the two barely have time to engage before we're sent to a commercial break at 8:10. We return at 8:14pm and find Sami Zayn in control, standing upon the middle turnbuckle. Zayn connects with a jumping hammer fist that rocks the downed Kofi. Sami takes Kofi to the ropes and uses them briefly to his benefit. Sami Zayn uses a suplex on Kingston and then takes him into the corner until the ref gives him a warning. Cole reminds us that the Usos are at 453 days, 30 days from the record. Zayn looks for a cover but no joy, and begins to slow the pace. He slowly stalks Kingston and connects with a big right that drops Kingston. Zayn stands over the prone Kingston and strikes his head and lower back. Jey Uso is shown pacing around the ring as Zayn attempts a cover, garnering only a one. Zayn slaps on a working hold, a modified sleeper, but Kingston gets a huge pop from the crowd and uses it to power to his feet! Kingston fires elbows into Zayn's ribs and ducks under a clothesline, but is caught off guard, from behind by Zayn, who connects with a second clothesline.
Zayn covers for two. Kingston desperately fires off a dropkick, dropping Zayn. Both men are down and Xavier Woods pounds the apron, getting the crowd to chant for the New Day. Kofi fires up his comeback sequence, dropping Sami with a pair of dropkicks. Kofi heads up top and dives but Sami catches him mid-air and...it looks slightly botched, but Sami counters it and attempts a pin Kofi. Kofi kicks out, drives Sami head-first into the canvas and covers for two. Kingston heads up the turnbuckles again but Sami recovers and blocks his ascent. The two struggle, briefly, until Kofi knows Sami down. Kingston continues to slowly climb the turnbuckles. Zayn recovers and the two battle on top again. Kingston heads up top, perched on the top of the ring post, but once again Sami Zayn hops up and attacks him! This time Zayn shoves Kingston off, sending him flying and crashing hard near the commentary table! We head to a break at 8:19pm.
We return at 8:22pm and find Zayn briefly in control. Kingston counters an attempted whip immediately into an SOS! Kofi covers but only gets two. Xavier Woods loudly yells at the ref "that was three!" over and over. Kingston charges Zayn in the corner; Zayn catches Kofi and looks for an Exploder Corner Suplex but Kingston fights out of it! Kofi drops Sami and climbs the turnbuckles once again. Zayn wisely, and quickly, rolls across to the opposite side of the ring and exits it. He takes a breather--until Kofi Kingston drops him with an over-the-top attack! Kofi takes it into the ring. Jey Uso superkicks Xavier Woods, distracting Kofi Kingston in the ring! Sami Zayn hits his Blue Thunder Bomb! Kofi kicks out just shy of three. Kofi rallies and drops Sami with a knee off the top. The crowd gets behind Kingston, chanting for the New Day again! Jey Uso again distracts Kofi and Sami rolls up Kofi for a close two. Kofi escapes and fires off a Trouble in Paradise but Jey hops on the apron, shoving them over (without the ref noticing) to reverse the pin! Sami Zayn steals the win at 8:25!
Your Winner, Sami Zayn! (15 minutes)

Backstage: Rey Mysterio Tells Triple H He Quits

Triple H is shown backstage and gets a good pop. Rey Mysterio walks up and the two discuss the recent on-goings with Dominik Mysterio. Rey insists that he can't fight his son, no matter how bad things may get. He doesn't know what to do to avoid it so, after a long pause, he tells Triple H he quits. Triple H tells him to just give Trips a few minutes of his time to talk it over and see if there's another option (maybe Dom's banished to NXT?). They head into Triple H's marked office and we head to break at 8:28!

Backstage: Shotzi, Raquel Rodriguez, Roxanne Perez; Damage CTRL

Backstage, Shotzi and Raquel welcome Roxy to the roster. Roxanne Perez is facing Cora Jade on NXT Tuesday in a "pick your poison" match, in which they pick a main roster star to face each other ahead of their match next weekend at Halloween Havoc. Roxy asks Raquel to help her take on their mutual former partner. Damage CTRL walk up and Bayley insults Roxy for being "stupid" in not picking her. It leads to Damage CTRL challenging Shotzi, Raquel and Roxy to a match later tonight.

2-on-1 Handicapped Squash Match: Braun Strowman vs Chase Maverick & Brian Thomas

Braun comes out and we get the bell at 8:34pm as Braun begins to squash local talent. Squash squash squash, running Powerslam, squash squash..until MVP and Omos are shown in the crowd! Omos looks sharp in a suit and the two make their way down to the barricade, all the while as Omos and Strowman stare each other down. At 8:36pm, Strowman's done playing with his action figures and picks up the win.
Your Winner by Squash, Braun Strowman! (2 minutes)

After the Match: MVP & Omos Warn Strowman

MVP gets on the mic and briefly warns Strowman that Omos is taller and "some monsters are meant to stay in the shadows," meaning Omos'. Okay. That's all.

Maximum Male Models Say Hello

"The Sultan of Suave" mån.sôör and ma.çé are introduced by Maxxine Dupri. We're shown clips from last week when Max Dupri finally had enough of Vince's BS writing and quit the faction, reclaiming his LA Knight identity. Maxxine informed us "their mother" disowned him.

Singles Match: LA Knight vs mån.sôör w/ Maximum Male Models

Knight's music plays--same as NXT--and he comes out as Wade Barret hypes him big time on commentary, stating he's glad he's back to Knight and the model nonsense is over. Knight poses and taunts all the members of the Models. mån.sôör attempts to sneak attack Knight and the ref calls for the bell at 8:45pm as LA Knight quickly shuts mån.sôör down and beats him to the outside. Knight follows and Maxxine steps between Knight and mån.sôör, taunting him to hit her. mån.sôör uses the distraction to attack Knight and takes it back inside. mån.sôör with a modified Scorpion Death Drop! Knight kicks out at two and mån.sôör stomps him on the mat repeatedly before covering yet again. No joy! mån.sôör with a DDT and another cover, and again--no joy. mån.sôör changes tactics, switching to a neck lock. Knight is quick to rally, hitting a neckbreaker after shoving mån.sôör into the turnbuckle. Knight drops ma.çé as he attempts to interfere with a baseball slide kick!. Knight takes little time hitting the BFT on mån.sôör and covers, picking up the win at 8:48!
Your Winner, LA Knight! (3 minutes)

LA Knight Addresses the WWE Universe and the Roster

And just like that, LA Knight hops on the mic, pisses off the "incels" (the crowd), turns heel, and warns the roster that he's here and they're on notice. Up next, supposedly Bray Wyatt. Yes, again. I can't help it if they lie to us, brothers. (Update: they lied, again.)

Video: Bray Wyatt's Return at Extreme Rules

We get a video highlighting Wyatt's return (you can see something similar right here.

Six-Woman Tag Team Match: Damage CTRL vs Raquel Rodriguez, Roxanne Perez, & Shotzi

Damage CTRL--Bayley and WWE Women's Tag Team Champions Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky--make their way out first. Wade Barrett threatens to have Bayley ding-dong Cole, haha. We finally get our face's entrance, starting with Shotzi. She rides out on her tank, with Raquel and Roxanne riding shotgun, so to speak. They drive out a bit on the stage and Shotzi lets Roxy fire the FX cannon on the tank. The trio make their way to the ring to Shotzi's theme. We get an announcement that WWE returns to Madison Square Garden December 26th. The ref checks with everyone and we're starting with Dakota Kai and Roxanne Perez. We get the bell at 8:59pm. Perez takes control over Kai for the first minute or so. Bayley comes in and the veteran easily takes the rookie down. Iyo Sky gives an assist with a hair-mat slam while Bayley distracts the ref. Kai comes back in and fails to contain Roxy, allowing Shotzi to come in. Shotzi charges Kai in the corner but Kai pops her over the ropes. Shotzi lands on the apron and the two battle at the ropes. Shotzi sets up an apron DDT but Sky distracts her long enough for Kai to kick Shotzi in the face. Bayley yells at Cole, "are you talking about me, you idiot?" He defends himself as Sky takes Shotzi back into the ring, tagging in Kai. Kai takes a brief control until Shotzi maneuvers Kai into position and slams her face into the apron.
Raquel gets the hot tag off Shotzi and clears the ring, sending Bayley flying with a beautiful Fallaway Slam. Raquel looks to put Bayley away but Kai strikes. Raquel battles her off and tags in Roxy. Raquel hoists up Roxy but Bayley attacks Raquel from behind, causing her to drop Roxy. Kai & Sky grab Raquel's legs and rag her out of the ring, working together to double-team the powerhouse. Iyo Sky uses a second-rope Moonsault to drop Raquel, only to have Shotzi dive out and wipe her out, too! Shotzi hops on her corner but is taken down by Bayley with a back elbow strike. Roxanne rolls up Bayley and gets two. Bayley looks for the Bayley-to-Belly and Roxy counters! Roxy charges and eats a Bayley-to-Belly but gets her shoulder up at two! Bayley's incensed and slaps her, then drags Perez towards the corner. Bayley ascends the ropes but Perez recovers and the two battle on the middle rope! Perez hammers Bayley's back and climbs up to the top rope. Roxanne Perez uses a Super-Hurricanrana to send Bayley flying, covering for a close two! Bayley doesn't stay down long and recovers, looking for the Rose Plant on Roxanne. Roxanne escapes and rolls up Bayley, but Bayley reverses it an picks up the win at 9:06pm!
Your Winners, Damage CTRL! (7 minutes)

Progressive Match Flo: Zelina Vega's Legado Del Fantasma Attack Hit Row!

We get video clips from last week when Hit Row was attacked by a returning, blonde Zelina Vega who now is part of Legado Del Fantasma. No word on Elektra Lopez's status as of yet.

Vignette: the Viking Raiders' Shield-Maiden

We get another vignette for whom we believe is a returning Sarah Rowe. The Viking Raiders are shown around a fire as a woman speaks and performs some Viking ritual or another. We only see her from the backside, in full Assassins Creed Valhalla cosplay.

Tag Team Match: Hit Row vs Legado Del Fantasma

Ashanti "Thee" Adonis, Top Dolla and B-Fab make their way out first to a decent welcome. Barrett and Cole mention the long-standing issues between these two factions, going back to their NXT feuds that included "even kidnapping," as Barrett wildly exclaims. We get the Wyatt moth emblem on screen at 9:09pm. Cole then sends us to a break at 9:09. Legado Del Fantasma will be represented by Joaquin Wilde & Cruz Del Toro. After the above vignette, we finally get LDF's entrance around 9:15pm. The foursome are attacked prior to the bell by Hit Row. Top Dolla and Adonis end up double-teaming Del Toro in the ring; the ref checks on him and calls for the bell at 9:17pm. Top Dolla starts us off and slams Cruz down easily, then taunts the crowd. He does a half-assed balla elbow drop. While the ref is distracted, Santos Escobar drags Adonis off the apron, dropping him hard to the floor! Zelina Vega attacks B-Fab and distracts Top Dolla. Wilde & Del Toro tag and double-team Top Dolla, and connect with stereo low-angle Superkicks. They use frequent tags to set up another double-team move--they call it "Sacrificio" per Michael Cole--and pick up the win at 9:18pm!
Your Winners, Legado Del Fantasma! (1 minute)

Backstage Interview: Sonya Deville Doesn't Like Liv Morgan

Deville, who showed up on NXT last week and has a match next week on NXT, is doing double-duty as she shows up and cuts an interview, denigrating Liv Morgan. She continues until Morgan attacks her. Morgan with a back drop o the equipment case. Morgan's doing the supposedly-creepy smiling thing from Extreme Rules' awkward tap-out. Morgan slams Deville's face into an equipment table multiple times. She waits for Deville to begin to rise and hits a stiff kick, dropping Deville. Morgan puts Deville upon the covered table and climbs up scaffolding for the set. Morgan drops off the top--probably 20 feet up--and hits a Senton on Deville through the table!

Fatal 4-Way Contenders Main Event Match: Ricochet vs Sheamus vs Solo Sikoa vs Karrion Kross Rey Mysterio

Ricochet is out first as we return to the arena, with Cole frantically wondering what's wrong with Liv Morgan. We head to break and when we return, it's fight night! Sheamus makes his way out after yet another banger against the artist formerly known as WALTER at Extreme Rules. He gets a great pop as he makes his way out and Cole mentions many feel "Sheamus was robbed" at Extreme Rules. Our third Superstar out is "the Enforcer of the Bloodline" Solo Sikoa to a new entrance theme and a great reaction. Many in the crowd are shown hoisting The Ones. Because we The Ones, you know. We're then told that "Due to injuries sustained tonight, Karrion Kross will be unable to compete. Therefore the fourth and final competitor will be...Rey Mysterio! Rey comes out to a great pop! Biggest of the night I believe. The former five-time Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett comments Triple H has a way with words and perhaps a title shot is enough to help Rey get past his family issues. At 9:30 we get the bell and Rey starts off strong, taking it to Sheamus, and we head to a break at 9:31!
We return at 9:35pm as Cole reminds us that Sheamus has never won the IC title. We're then told that Rey Mysterio is officially part of SmackDown now after making a deal with Triple H. Cole reminds u that Rey helped put SmackDown on the map 15 years ago. Sheamus looks for a submission but Ricochet makes the save. Ricochet is nearly decapitated by Solo Sikoa with a brutal clothesline. Sikoa and Sheamus then step up, toe to toe, and Solo invites the Celtic Warrior to get in his face. They jaw off at each other then begin exchanging big blows! Sheamus gets the upper hand, firing rapid rights and uses a rebound charge to send Sikoa outside! Sheamus follows and walks right into a Samoan Drop from Solo Sikoa! Ricochet hits a suicide dive to take out Sikoa! Rey uses his sliding senton drop to the outside on a vulnerable Sheamus! Rey and Rico are left in the ring and get a great pop as the two high flyers square off.
The two circle and Rey uses a single-leg takedown. Rey with a headscissors takedown but Ricochet lands on his feet! Ricochet dodges a sunset flip attempt and rolls up for two. Rey with a springboard Tornado DDT attempt off the second rope but Ricochet reverses it and hits a trio of suplexes, covering for two! Ricochet drags Rey into the corner and climbs up top. Solo and Sheamus are shown at ringside on their feet. Ricochet shoots for the Shooting Star but Rey rolls out of the way. Sikoa hits the ring and wipes out Rey and Rico with running charges in the corner! Sheamus enters and etas a spinning kick from Sikoa as we go back to a break at 9:39pm! We return at 9:41pm and Cole informs us that Sikoa has maintained control of the ring throughout the break. Sikoa and Sheamus battle it out in the ring once again until Sikoa charges Sheamus in the corner, catching the Irishman's boots in his face. Sheamus uses some incredible core strength to go from seated in the corner to seated upon the top via use of his arms. Ricochet follows up and Sheamus throws big rights to his gut. Rey enters the fray and helps Ricochet as they double-team Sheamus. Ricochet and Rey hint at a double-middle rope Superplex. Solo Sikoa steps beneath them and, instead, hits a double-powerbomb to Ricochet and Rey! Solo covers Rey and Sheamus breaks it up with a knee across Solo's back off the top.
At 9:44pm, Sheamus sets Sikoa up on the apron and to a huge pop begins the Ten Beats of the Bodhran--with 16 extra beats because, you know, inflation! Sheamus hoists Sikoa up in a carry but Sol fights out of the White Noise attempt. Sheamus with a knee to the face of Sikoa, and follows it up with an Irish Curse backbreaker! Sheamus slaps on the Cloverleaf on Solo! Jey Uso & Sami Zayn of the Bloodline hit the ring! Sheamus fights them both off, sending them out of the ring. Solo Sikoa attacks Sheamus and throws him out of the ring. Sami mounts and pounds Sheamus until Jey throws him off. Jey mounts and pounds Sheamus until Sami shoves him off to do the same! The Brawling Brutes finally hit the ringside and begin to brawl with the Bloodline! Ricochet and Rey Mysterio are alone in the ring. Rey sets up the 619 but Ricochet catches his legs! Ricochet looks for perhaps a bomb but Rey converts it into a modified Texas Piledriver! Rey hits the 619, heads up top and hits the Frog Splash to pick up the win at 9:47pm!
Your Winner and NEW Number 1 Contender, Rey Mysterio! (17 minutes)

Bray Wyatt Returns to SmackDown!

For the third time tonight, we're promised this is up next. As we're almost out of show, perhaps they're telling the truth this time. Perhaps. We head to break at 9:49pm. We hear piano-driven music as the infamous "door" from Extreme Rule is shown. Finally Bray Wyatt makes his way out, lantern in hand, to his new music as it shifts heavier and darker in tone. The crowd greets him with a huge pop as he comes out, sans mask, wearing what looks like a dark tee and pants. I like his new theme, no clue to its name or artist however--Siri and Alexa both failed us. Bray makes his way to the ring and enters it at 9:54pm. The crowd has their phone flashes on as he does. He holds the lantern up in the ring, smile sand seems to possibly sing to his music briefly...and waits as his music continue to play. And waits a few more moments before blowing the lantern out. The music stops and Bray stands in the ring, grabbing a mic, to a massive pop! The crowd rips off a loud and lengthy "welcome back" chant.
HE speaks, telling us how grateful he is and how nervous he is to be here. "I never thought this would happen." He seems legit emotional. "This right here, this is just me, okay? This is a version of me that I've never got to introduce to you guys before. This is just me being me, genuine me, for the first time." Big pop. "And uh, I just wanted to share with you this-this past year of my life, I lost a lot of things. I lost my career--" a fan yells their love and the emotional Wyatt tells them he loves them too, before continuing. He speaks of losing his career, his self confidence and people very close to him (RIP Brodie Lee). He states that he thought anything he did didn't matter to anyone "But I was wrong. I was wrong. Once I was done feeling sorry for myself, and I decided to go out into the world again," he'd encounter people who'd thank him and ask when he'd come back home.
Every once in a while, he'd meet someone truly remarkable--and adds that they know who they are--who thank Bray, stating they were in times of need and lost people close to them, lost their self confidence, and felt weakened and vulnerable but found Bray's words as life-saving. The crowd pops to this, too. "The truth is, I don't think about stuff like that--" he's interrupted by a loud "thank you, Bray!" chant. "And the thing about that is, I can sit here right now today and I can look all of you in he eyes and I can say you were there when I was weak, when I was vulnerable, when i was down so I just wanted to say thank you. You all saved my life. You wouldn't let me 'lone. Every time I tried to run away and hide, you were there to find me. When I left things behind you found me, you chased me, you are the reason--" He's interrupted by the White Mask! "Come with me. Your life is done. Forget the future. Forget the past. Your life is over." It goes on to threaten that he might not know who it is, "but you will." It was very hard to discern what was said on the video over the FX. We hear a shout and our show ends!

Next Week on SmackDown

Pogan Laul returns to SmackDown. Raquel Rodriguez & Shotzi vs Damage CTRL for the women's tag titles. Liv Morgan vs Sonya Deville.

In Closing

And that concludes it for tonight's episode! Have a great weekend, stay cool, stay frosty and stay safe out there, Rajahmaniacs. See you all Monday Night for Raw.

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