WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results (September 17, 2021): Thompson-Boiling Arena, Knoxville, TN

Monday Night Raw

Welcome back, Rajahmaniacs, to Friday Night SmackDown! Your host tonight is the original brother, Mike "Hulk" Hogan, brother. And guess what, brother? It's a Friday night and we're gonna have some fun together, just and I and all the other Rajahmaniacs. So why don't you put on some Kenny G, light a few candles, and nuke some Hot Pockets because we've got a heckuva show ahead of us!

Our official preview is up, and tonight we've got a homecoming for Bianca Belair, a reckoning for Seth Rollins, and your favorite rocker, Rick Boogs, will be in action against Robert Roode. Also, Universal Champion Roman Reigns has a growing list of challengers. Will he survive as champion to the announced match at Crown Jewel? Or is it a work of false advertisement?

All this and much more, next on SmackDown! So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results (September 17, 2021): University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN

Last Week on SmackDown: Seth Rollins Destroys Edge

We open straight with a video package from last week's match between Seth Rollins and Edge. During the match, Rollins delivered multiple superkicks to a kneeling Edge before hitting the Stomp on Edge's surgically repaired neck in a very excellent match. Michael Cole questions what the ramifications are and we start our show!

In the Ring: the Bloodline

Paul Heyman, the SmackDown Tag Team Champions the Usos to boos, and our tribal chief and Universal Champion, Roman Reigns, begin their entrance at 8:02pm. At 8:09pm, Roman finally speaks. "Knoxville, acknowledge me. Wise-man? Educate these people on how to properly acknowledge me." Heyman speaks. "Ladies and gentlemen, I have acknowledged this man's greatness since he was just a little boy. And even I am in awe of the greatness that stands before you. Ladies and gentlemen, your tribal chief takes no sabbath...your tribal chief defends his title ...every single week, every single day...Roman Reigns defends the position of being your tribal chief. Would you like to know why? Because the Tribal Chief fears no man, no beast, no demon. But they all fear Roman Reigns. Oh, don't boo me, you know that it's true!" More boos. "Finn Bálor fears Roman Reigns...if Finn Bálor doesn't fear Roman Reigns, why does Bálor need to tap into his inner demons to challenge the tribal chief for the universal heavy weight championship. Brock Lesnar fears roman reigns. I have known Brock Lesnar on an intimate basis, even more than his own family, for twenty years. I have never seen in my life fear in the eyes of Brock Lesnar. Not in the WWE, not in the Brocktagon, not on the operating table. Last week in Madison Square Garden, you know what I saw in Brock Lesnar's eyes? Fear." They're interrupted by the new WWE Champion Big E! The crowd pops huge for the new champ, as does Pat McAfee. The crowd welcomes the champ with a big "you deserve it!" chant. Big E stands face to face with Reigns. Reigns raises his titles and Big E has words, inaudibly, until Finn Bálor comes out! We head to break.

Non-Title Tag Match: Finn Bálor & WWE Champion Big E vs SmackDown Tag Team Champions the Usos

We start with Bálor and Uso. Bálor works over Uso briefly before tagging in Big E to a big pop. Big E smashes Jey Uso into the canvas and pulls his torso upon the apron. Big E runs along the apron and leaps up, hitting a Big Splash on Jey across the apron! Big E attempts a pin and gets two. Jey manages to tag in Jimmy, and the Usos double-team Big E in the corner. Jimmy with a big forearm. Jimmy uses the ropes to choke the WWE Champion as the ref warns. The ref forces the break and Jey takes a cheap shot when the ref is out of position. Tag and another double-team, this time a double-suplex from the Usos. Cover for a two. Jey with a hook to Big E and a stomp. The crowd starts a loud chant for Big E and the big man hulks up. Big E fights Jey back, attempting to tag in Bálor. Jey with a desperate football shove into the corner. Jimmy tags in and takes control of Big E briefly, but misses an Uso Splash in the corner. Bálor comes in hot at first, taking down Jimmy with a Sling Blade. Bálor with a corner splash and attack, but Jimmy sends Bálor down hard. The Usos are on top as we head to break.
Back from the break. Jimmy has firm control over Bálor for the first few moments. Bálor makes the hot tag to Big E after a "New Day Rocks" chant from the crowd. Big E with a huge body slam. Big E with another Powerslam and a splash. Big E runs off the ropes but Jey Uso intercepts him mid-move, slamming the champ. This doesn't stop Big E, however, as he quickly takes down Jey and Jimmy, clearing the ring. Big E looks for a middle-rope spear but Jey gets a boot up. Jey dives off the top and Big E dodges. Big E closes the distance but Jey hits the Superkick to the jaw! Jey covers for a close two. Bálor is still down at ring side. Big E is faced with both Usos when Bálor hits the ring, taking out Jey. Bálor goes up top and hits the Coup de Grace on Jey as Big E hits the Big Ending on Jimmy simultaneously! Big E covers and picks up the win to a great pop.
Your Winners, WWE Champion Big E & Finn Bálor!

Backstage: Reassure Me

Universal Champion Roman Reigns & Paul Heyman watch the resolution of the tag match backstage in the locker room. Reigns is disappointed, then questions Heyman's loyalty once again. Reigns wants to know how Heyman knew Brock would show. Heyman reassures Reigns that he knows Lesnar, he saw fear in Lesnar's eyes, and he knew Lesnar would show based on the fact he's known Lesnar twenty years. Reigns wants to know if Lesnar is going to show up again, and Heyman attempts to reassure the tribal chief but fails to do so.

Singles Match: Robert Roode w/ Dolph Ziggler vs Rick Boogs w/ Intercontinental Champion King Nakamura

We cut to the arena where Rick Boogs is ready with his amp. He plays a few clean chords before introducing King Nakamura. Boogs does his usual bit and plays them both down the ramp. Pat McAfee and the crowd eat it all up. McAfee really loves Boogs & Nakamura. We head to commercial--this match is next! After the break we find the Dirty Dawgs already down. The bell rings and Roode starts off aggressive, clubbing Boogs' back. Roode takes Boogs to a corner and drops him with a big chop. We're told Toni Storm will be in action tonight. Boogs takes a double-foot face smash followed by a pin attempt. Roode pulls Boogs up and yells "Glorious" as he sets up for the Glorious DDT. Boogs counters and hits a series of back suplex tosses and drops as McAfee praises Boogs weight-room regimen. Boogs with a kick to the gut and looks for a Pumphandle, then hits a Pumphandle Powerslam for the win!
Your Winner and Still Undefeated, Rick Boogs!

After the Match: Party Crashers

As McAfee, Boogs and Nakamura celebrate at the announce table, Commander Azeez strikes without warning! Azeez and Apollo Crews decimate the King, crushing his crown, and his court jester Rick Boogs. Crews holds the Intercontinental championship belt over the fallen Nakamura before dropping it and entering the ring to boos. "Is this your king?" The crowd pops. "King Nakamura, huh? You've made a mockery of the Intercontinental Championship. And I am here to demand a rematch." More boos as Crews and Azeez pose.

Backstage Interview: Kevin Owens

Owens cuts a short promo, addressing the attack from Happy Corbin and one of the Paul brothers. Owens promises to turn his frown upside down, and he'll be happy Kevin when he gets his hands on Happy Corbin.

Singles Match: Kevin Owens vs Happy Corbin

Owens makes his way out for this match but is attacked by Corbin before the match begins.
No Contest

Backstage: Paul Heyman with Kayla Braxton

As is the custom in these parts, Heyman is startled backstage by Braxton for the umpteenth week. Braxton asks Heyman about Lesnar, stating she has sources that state Heyman isn't Lesnar's advocate anymore. Heyman blows a gasket, telling Braxton that she comes after him week after week, and pokes and pokes at him to try to get a rise out of him. He yells for her to leave him alone. He turns around and right into WWE Champion Big E! Big E grins and makes "hmm?" sounds as Heyman watches. Heyman then congratulates Big E for choosing a champion he knew would be vulnerable, and implies Big E is afraid to face Reigns. Big E tells Heyman that he's ready to face his boy, then questions if Heyman's boy is Brock Lesnar, before telling them not to underestimate the Demon. The Usos attack Big E and beat him into the equipment boxes. Jimmy holds Big E while Jey unleashes rights. They whip him into a tall metal equipment box. Both men stomp and punch the downed champion, yelling at him, telling him to take his ass back to Raw and that this is "our show." Universal Champion Roman Reigns shows up behind them to a chorus of boos and walks off, leading the twins with him.

Rollins Faces the Music...or Does He?

Seth Rollins makes his way out in a silvery suit to boos. We're once again reminded that Rollins will answer for his actions...after this commercial break. And after the above segment, Seth is finally ready to speak in the ring. Seth is aware that we all want to address what is one of Rollins' greatest matches, his match last week on SmackDown with Edge. (Really good match.) He then addresses the end, a scary moment when Rollins hit the Stomp on Edge's neck. Rollins claims he heard a crack and felt a pop. The crowd with a LOUD "you look stupid" chant, hahaha. He pauses til they get it out of their system, then compares the sound and feeling from hitting the Stomp on Edge to crushing a cockroach beneath your boot. He tells us that he can't do it justice and asks for footage from last week. We get multiple replays of the ending, including Rollins' exclaiming, "why won't you die?"
After we return to the ring, the crowd's boos almost wash out Rollins. Rollins tells us that he understands why they're booing, and he understands it's a difficult thing to work, but he has a simple question to ask them as he's been asking himself this all week: "What did you think was going to happen?" More boos. "No, really, what did you think was going to happen? Please, somebody give me an answer. That was one of the greatest wins of my career but I didn't even have a moment to enjoy it because the second I walk backstage everyone's looking at me out of the corner of their eye. I get on social media and everyone is calling me a monster. 'Why, Seth, why?' My own employer, this company, said what I did was unconscionable, saying I went too far. Can I ask you guys, did I go too far?" The crowd answers with a resounding "yes" and Rollins explains he won the match with the same move he's used for years, and asks again if he went too far? He then mocks Edge for taking the risk, as Edge is a family man. He puts the full blame on the fans, the WWE Universe, for what happened to Edge "because this entire time you goaded Edge into goading me. You remember when Edge called me Edge Light? What did you do...yeah, you cheered, right?" He goes on to point out other incidents in which Edge wronged Rollins and the crowd laughed at Rollins and encouraged Edge.
Rollins goes on to state that he's not to blame, he did nothing wrong and, in fact, it is the viewing audience at home and in the arena who are to blame. "You didn't like that? You're not going to like this. I'm not done with edge. Oh, no no no, not by a long shot. See, this past week on NXT, Edge's wife Beth Phoenix said that Edge was at home recuperating. So edge, if you are at home recuperating, I imagine you're watching right now and I know what you're thinking because I'd be thinking the same exact thing. I have to ask you an important question, Edge, are you physically capable of getting back in this ring? More importantly, are you emotionally capable of getting back into this ring? Because I saw the look in your eye when they had you on the stretcher, when they were loading you into the ambulance at Madison Square Garden. You know what that look was/ Do you know what that look was? It was fear. It was fear and for one second, god one second, one single solitary second, Edge, I actually felt sorry for you. And that feeling has been eating me alive in the back of my brain for the past week and I cannot live with myself feeling sorry for someone like you. I gotta move on. I gotta move on, Edge. And I can't do that till I finish you. SO this finishes one of two ways. You hole up in your little cabin, I come find you, I beat the life out of you in front of your little family. Or you crawl your way back to this ring man and we dance one more time. For my own sanity, I have to finish you. One way or another." Loud crowd boos at Rollins wanting one last dance with Edge on a Friday night.

Tag Match: Zelina Vega & Carmella vs Liv Morgan & Toni Storm

Zelina Vega & Carmella make their way out as we head to a break. When we return, Storm & Morgan are already out. We start with Storm and Carmella. Carmella ducks under Storm's arm and attacks Morgan on the apron. Carmella ducks under another Storm strike and tags in Vega. Vega slaps Storm; Storm sidekicks Vega so hard she falls into the corner. Storm looks for a corner strike but Carmella distracts her. Zelina Vega with a running knee and a pin attempt. We're reminded multiple times that Toni Storm is a "child of the 80's." Vega with a hanging neck submission. Storm powers out of it eventually. Both women make tags. Morgan goes right at Carmela, delivering palm strikes. Carmella whips Morgan into the opposite corner and tries to follow up on it. Morgan with a unique move in which she attempts a foot-planted backstabber and kicked forward. Carmella hits the turnbuckle face-first and holds her face as she rolls out the ring. She screams over and over about her nose and exits the ring. Vega and Carmella walk up the ramp, selling that Carmella supposedly broke her nose and has a "bloody" nose that's rather bloodless. After the match, Liv Morgan challenged Carmella to a match at Extreme Rules.
Your Winners by Count-out, Liv Morgan & Toni Storm

Backstage: WWE Officials Adam Pearce & Sonya Deville and Carmella & Zelina Vega

Both officials check on Carmella. Carmella reveals her face is just fine, and Vega compliments her beauty while denigrating Morgan's, calling her "just a five." Carmella accepts the challenge from Morgan, and Vega promises Morgan will have to go through Vega first.

The Saga of the Demon Finn Bálor

Up next after this break: the story of Bálor's demon. He tells us after the break. "Everyone wants to know where the demon comes from. You see, unlike Roman, I was not born into a wrestling family. I don't have a bloodline. I was born into a family of railroad workers. I"m not supposed to be here. But this is what I chose, and I scratched and I clawed and I fought and here I am. The demon comes from inside. The demon is a manifestation of everyone that's ever told me no, or doubted me, or disrespected me. The demon unlocks a rage inside of me that cannot be controlled. I don't summon the demon. The demon summons me. Now Roman and their cousins, their disrespect just adds fuel to the fire. But Roman will see that the fire that burns inside of me burns much brighter than the fires that burn all around me. You are looking at the face of Finn Bálor, the challenger, but at Extreme Rules you will see the face of the Demon. The Universal Champion." Enter special effects to morph his face from Finn to Demon. Pretty unique filter.

Backstage: WWE Official Sonya Deville and Naomi

Naomi is upset that she's not had a title shot. She reminds Sonya that she's a multiple-time women's champion, and has done more in her career and in the WWE than Deville. As she talks, she backs Deville up against equipment. Naomi ends it with "one way or another, I'm gonna get my match." She clicks her teeth at Deville and walks off.

Singles Main Event Match: Dominik Mysterio vs Sami Zayn

Rey joins commentary and in a classy act probably not meant to be caught on mic as they headed to break, Pat McAfee tells Rey it's an honor to do commentary with him. We're reminded that Dom is attempting to fly free from the nest, and Rey just wants his boy to win. We go to break. Afterwards, Zayn is out and we ready-up! Zayn leaves the ring immediately and has words with Rey. Rey tells Sami the match isn't with him. Dom slides out the ring and Zayn slides back in. Zayn catches Dom as he enters, stomping away at him as Rey states this is the stuff that Dom needs to work on. Zayn with a running strike and a pin attempt. Zayn looks for a possible Blue Thunder Bomb but Dom fights out of it. Dom controls the arm, uses the ropes and hits a springboard hip toss. Dom attempts to follow it up with a charge but runs right into Zayn's boots. Zayn looks to run up the ropes but Dom apparently strikes the ropes and Zayn crotches himself! Zayn heads outside the ring. Dom runs across the ring, up the turnbuckles and dives off, wiping out Zayn at ringside as we go to break! After a short break, we return to find Zayn in control. Dom starts a comeback and sends Zayn across the middle ropes. Dom falls it up with a 6-1-9 but wastes too much time climbing up for the Frog Splash. Zayn gets his knees up and then pins Dom. Rey angrily gets off the commentary team and has words with Zayn before heading into the ring to talk to his son, who is visibly upset.
Your Winner, Sami Zayn!

Video Package: Bianca Belair's Hometown

We get a short video package in which Bianca is proud to be home--her homecoming the same weekend her high school was having its Homecoming.

In the Ring: The Man, the Myth, the Legend...KANE!

The Mayor of Knox County and the former Kane, Glen Jacobs, makes his way out to a huge pop. He's all smiles as he makes his way to the ring. After this break, he'll host the homecoming segment. Kane soaks in the cheers as we return, still getting his hometown pop. He welcomes the EST of WWE back to their hometown, and Belair comes out to a huge pop and reaction from the crowd, including her family in the front row. Pat McAfee mentions her high school is here, and she competed athletically for it and the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. Belair is all smiles as her music ends and the crowd cheers big before hitting us with a loud "E-S-T" chant. Kane asks Bianca how it feels to be back in Knoxville. She replies it is amazing, there's no place like home, and gives a shout-out to all her friends and family that came to see her. Big pop. Belair says that everything that happens in your past shapes your future, and Knoxville made Belair into the EST . She points up front, telling us that right there in the crowd, her father told her that if someone starts something with you, you better finish it. Belair points out Becky started something at SummerSlam, so Belair is going to take her title back at Extreme Rules. Big pop again.
Kane tells Belair that after she wins back her title, he wants her to come home for a big celebration. Kane then presents her the key to the County and the crowd cheers and chants. She thanks her high school, her Alma Mater (U of Tenn), and Knoxville. She tells the crowd she wants to thank Knoxville and leads them in singing their song, "Rocky Top." Pat McAfee and the crowd loudly sing it. Enter the Man, Becky Lynch.
Lynch comes out in a bright yellow jacket and sunshades. It looks like she's the uncool version of Sasha Banks. Lynch denigrates the town of Knoxville and Lynch, playing down as if the crowd were beneath her. Lynch gets in the ring. Belair wants to know what Lynch is doing there, adding "you're standing here and you don't even go here!" The fan joins in with a loud "you don't go here" chant. Lynch tells the crowd she knows she doesn't "go here" and didn't come out to steal Belair's thunder. The crowd continues to hackle and heckle her, booing loudly and drowning her out often. Lynch repeats that tonight is Belair's night and she came to show her respect. She extends a hand to shake, but Belair refuses. "I came to shake your hand. You're not going to shake the man's hand? I'm being the bigger man here." The crowd boos. Belair shakes Lynch's hand but refuses to let go. The crowd pops at this. Lynch attempts to get free again but Belair holds Lynch with an iron grip. Becky takes a deep breath, drops her title and makes a move. Belair counters, setting up the Kiss of Death. Becky wiggles free and hits the Manhandle Slam on Belair. Lynch leaves to boos as Belair holds her back and recovers in the ring. These two are just nine days away from meeting at Extreme Rules. Belair grimaces in the ring as Lynch grins from the ramp, booed out of the arena by the crowd as we end our program.

In Closing

That wraps us up for the night! What are your thoughts on tonight's program? Don't forget to hit up the main site as Matt Boone's Friday Night Rampage results are up now! Have a great weekend, stay frosty and stay safe out there, Rajahmaniacs. See you all Monday Night for Raw!

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