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Tonight's edition of SmackDown is the Fallout for WWE Clash of Champions 2020. The blue brand has a lot in store for us as Rajah's own Matt Boone announced earlier today:

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WWE Friday Night SmackDown LIVE Results (10/01/20)

Show Opening

Roman Reigns music sounds in the arena to begin tonight's edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown. Corey Graves states, "We are living in the era of Roman Reigns" as the Tribal Chief makes his way down the ramp accompanied by his personal counsel, Paul Heyman.

Reigns enters the ring with the WWE Universal Championship Title in hand, "You are going to have to forgive me this evening, as I am nervous. You see, I have known this man and his entire family since the day he was born. I always looked forward to this actual moment as we all knew this was destine to happen. Ladies and gentleman, tonight, we are all here to officially declare Roman Reigns, as the "Tribal Chief".

Not just the Tribal Chief of his own family, not just the Tribal chief of his own family, not just the Tribal Chief of Friday Night SmackDown, but the Tribal Chief of the entire WWE Universe. Which is why it's so important that we set the stage so importantly and with respect."

Roman Reigns stops Heyman in the middle of his long speech stating, "I don't want you to call me that, I don't want you to acknowledge me as the Tribal Chief because he didn't call me that. His brother acknowledged me, but HE didn't acknowledge me. Jey, I want you to come out here right now."

Jey Uso Enters

*"Uuuuu-sooooo" sounds* the entrance theme of Jey Uso sounds as Roman Reigns cousin Jey makes his way down the ramp and joins Roman Reigns in the center of the ring, face to face. With a mic in hand, Jey begins, "I don't know you..." Jey's forehead bandaged, he squares up with Roman. Jey states he's supposed to be his cousin, his blood, his family, but at Clash of Champions he showed his true colors, and so did Uso. Reigns beat his ass but he didn’t break his spirit. He was ready to go to war, and if Jimmy didn’t throw the towel in, the title would be his.

Roman stares for a long beat before asking if Jey thinks he’s proud of what he does. Clash of Champions was the worst night of his career, professionally and personally. The worst night of his life, even. He was trying to do Uso a favor, all he wanted to do was put him in the main event, put his name in the marquee, give him a huge payday and let him do something nice for his wife and his kids.

He loves Jey, more than his brother does. He’s day one, he’s been there his whole life, and all Roman wanted to do was raise him up, and all he had to do was acknowledge him. All he had to do was say the words and acknowledge him as the tribal chief. From the day he was born it was his birthright, but it wasn’t handed to him, he worked hard for it and Uso’s seen him the whole way.

All he wanted was to represent their family to the fullest, share the main event with him, and what did Jey do? He disrespected him, embarrassed their whole family, and he broke Roman’s heart. Even now as he spills his guts, Jey can’t look in his eyes? Is the title all he wants? Does he want another shot? He’s got it, Reigns doesn’t care.

You want it at Hell in a Cell, it’s yours, but the match will have the highest stakes that any match has ever had in WWE history.

Reigns walks off and Jey calls him out, saying whatever those stakes are, he’s on!

AJ Styles Entrance

AJ Styles makes his entrance with Uso still in the ring.

He asks if the luau is over and if it really matters who sits at the head of the table and gets the most chicken bones, but Jey matters to him. He doesn’t want to see him take another beating like that, so he wants Uso to give the shot to somebody more qualified.

Styles runs at Jey who dodges him and then dives on him as we head to our first commercial break of the evening!

AJ Styles vs. Jey Uso

We return to the ring as we come back from commercial break just in time for the referee to signal for the bell. The bell rings and our first official match-up of the evening is underway! Circling, Styles jawing, Uso charges in and he sidesteps and hammers him with strikes in the corners while continuing to run his mouth.

Front kick, clubbing blows, chops in the corner, whip, stop short, Jey with a big right hand and a body slam! Off the ropes, falling headbutt, but AJ cuts him off and catapults him into the bottom rope.

Strike rush, drawing Uso up but he counters the Styles Clash with a pop-up drop and clotheslines Styles to the floor! Jey off the ropes but AJ counters the dive with a kick! Styles puts Uso into the announce desk with a Sheer drop Brainbuster and we go to break!

We return from commercial break and the match continues with Jey Uso trying to take control of Styles as he is determined to prove he deserves the number one contender spot. Styles goes for the Styles Clash, Jey blocks. Jey then tries to lift Styles off the ground. Styles is lifted up and over the top rope, but hangs on. Jey goes for a kick but Styles grabs the foot of Styles. Styles is his with an Enzuguri. Uso flies through the middle rope and Dives on Styles at ringside as Jey's eyes change to more of the confident Uso we know!

Uso and Styles back inside the ring. Uso goes for the Splash but Styles lifts his knees Styles looks for the Phenomenal Forearm, but Uso is able to counter and hit a Superkick then another Superkick before he heads up top and he hits the Uso Splash for the three-count pin and win!

Winner: Jey Uso!

After the Match

Commentary notes that Jey Uso just proved something tonight as he knocked off a formal world champion, AJ Styles. We head into replays. As Jey makes his way up the ramp he continues to state, "I'mma get him. I'mma get him. I'mma get him."

Quick Announcements

Thanks to the "Brand-to-Brand Invitational" Kevin Owens brings a special edition of the KO Show to SmackDown. Alexa Bliss as a guest. After winner take all at Clash of Champions, the Undisputed Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn will defend his title against Jeff Hardy.

"Match Flo" from Progressive

Finally, we get a "Match Flo" video clip brought to us by Progressive showcasing the Triple Threat Match with two title championship belts above the ring as AJ Styles vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Sami Zayn highlights are shown from WWE Clash of Champions.

Backstage Promo - Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn

We head backstage where the Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn is standing backstage with both Intercontinental Championship belts across either one of his shoulders. Zayn states he's angry that he had to fight to "re-earn" his Intercontinental Championship. So Zayn had to take risks and put his body through hell to earn what was already rightfully his. He then realized that the people to blame were the WWE Universe. Nobody said a word.

"You all went along for the ride, when AJ Styles won, you all accepted it." Zayn states. Zayn says he's going to do what those two men should've done all along, he's going to put the SCAM championship belt where it belongs, in the trash, of history.

Zayn throws the "fraudulent" championship belt into a metal trash can conveniently placed directly next to him backstage as we head to commercial break!

John Morrison vs. Otis

We return from commercial break as John Morrison makes his way to the stage as his entrance theme sounds in the ThunderDome. We head into a clip from 2 weeks ago of "The Dirt Sheet" where Otis tore apart The Miz's clothes to embarrass him after Miz states Mandy Rose was turned over to the RAW brand and Otis attacked him.

Later that evening The Miz had a lawsuit delivered to Otis.

We return to the ring as Heavy Machinery's "The Miz and John Morrison want to take away MY MITB contract in court? OBJECTION! I'm in for the fight of my life. I need a real blue collar defense team to beat these white collar CRIMINALS which is why I'm defending myself in court next week... OOHHH YEEEEHHHH!!"

We then head back to the ring where Otis has entered with his opponent John Morrison. The referee signals for the bell and the match begins! Morrison is laying across the top turnbuckle as Otis heads in, Morrison kicks Otis and Otis then scares Morrison to the outside of the ring. Otis with Clubbing Blows then on the apron Otis with another Club to Morrison as he asks, "You like that Johnny?"

Otis rallies and then throws Morrison across the ring. Morrison laying in the corner, as Otis hits a Big Splash that drops "Johnny Drip Drip" to the canvas. Otis hits the Caterpillar and delivers a big Elbow to Morrison who is now dried up! Otis hits a Splash for the cover and gets the three count pin and win, that easy! Mister Money-in-the-Bank Otis wins!

Winner: Otis

After the Match

Otis celebrates his win as he grabs his MITB briefcase off the apron.


We see Sasha Banks backstage with a neck brace on as the commentary team notes that Banks has a message for Bayley this evening, after the break! We head to commercials.

Announcer's Table

We return from commercial break as an NXT TakeOver 31 Promo finishes, Corey Graves and Michael Cole note that TakeOver is this weekend. Cole switches subjects as he brings up the Celtic Warrior, Sheamus who is set to take on Big E tonight on SmackDown.

Sheamus vs. Shorty G

(We see a video clip of Big E - "Sheamus, your Mom was right, you ARE special! WIth the draft next week, I figured we gotta do this post-haste." Big E notes all the places they could end up, including the Magic Kingdom in a "Falls Count Anywhere" Match.)

The referee signals for the bell and the match begins! Sheamus looks for the Brogue Kick, Shorty G uses Sheamus's momentum and gets a German Suplex on Sheamus.

Sheamus gets a Brogue Kick that lays out Shorty G. Sheamus awaits Shorty G to get back to his feet. Sheamus looks down at Shorty G who is laid down on the canvas. Sheamus hits a second Brogue Kick and then hits the cover for the three count pin and win.

Winner: Sheamus


We see Kevin Owens backstage getting prepared for his special SmackDown Edition of "The KO Show" that will be next with special guest Alexa Bliss after we return from commercial break.

The "KO Show" w/ Kevin Owens

We return from commercial break and we immediately head into tonight's special SmackDown edition of "The Kevin Owens Show" with Owens standing in the center of the ring as he welcomes everyone, then thanks the WWE Universe for being there!

"I gotta tell ya, I'm absolutely pumped to be here, after the draft, this may be my new home. So when WWE managment asked me to host a special edition of The Kevin Owens Show, I jumped at the chance. There's someone from SmackDown I have lots of questions for. Though I'm a RAW Superstar, I've been paying close attention, to SmackDown. That person happens to be my first guest, ALEXA BLISS!

Alexa Bliss Joins

We hear the entrance theme for Alexa Bliss as Bliss skips down the ramp towards the ring as a video clip of the match between Alexa Bliss and Lacey Evans is aired where Bliss switched after The Fiend's music and red lighting came through. Bliss attacked Evans with a flurry of fists and then delivered Sister Abigail for the second time at ringside.

We return to The Kevin Owens Show, Owens thanks Bliss for accepting the invitation to be on the show. Owens says he has so many questions for Bliss, about whats happening to her. The shift in attitude and anger quite frankly. Owens states it reminds him of what he sees in his nemesis Aleister Black.

Alexa responds, "I'm sorry, I don't know what you mean." Owens replies, "Come on." He continues, "Come on Alexa. You're not the same woman I met five years ago at the PC, the one always cheery and trying to make people laugh, come on." Alexa responds, "People change sometimes Kevin. Don't you wanna change Kevin, be better?" Kevin agrees he wants to change and do things the right way. Owens says tonight isn't about him. He continues on to state he needs to understand what this darkness is that has come over her, that way he can understand whats happening to Aleister Black.

Bliss asks, "People fear what they don't understand. Have you ever been around him? It's terrifying and captivating all at the same time. WHen he touches you, your whole body goes numb. It feels like pins and needles. When he looks into your eyes, it's like he's looking right through you, and you can't look away." Her voice trembles as she asks, "But you have no idea what that's like, do you?" Owens says, "I don't think we're talking about Aleister Black anymore. It's like, you're brain washed."

Bliss responds, "Yes, my brain has been washed." with a smile. Alexa agrees, her brain has been washed and now she sees the truth.

Bliss says, "He's here now... He’s everywhere. I can hear him. LET HIM IN!" Owens jumps to his feet and looks around.

The Fiend Joins

Suddenly, the lights go down, Fiend-style, and when they come back up, red and glaring, The Fiend is in the ring with the Mandible Claw applied on Kevin Owens! With a growl, he grinds KO to the mat and chokes him out! The Fiend rises and turns to address Alexa, who’s still seated completely casually. He extends a hand and she takes it, smiling.

And so we go to break.

King Corbin Entrance

We return from commercial break, just as King Baron Corbin makes his entrance to the ring as his music sounds in the arena.


Matt Riddle and Lucha House Party are interviewed at Gorilla about their match tonight and how they’re here to be positive. Kalisto’s absence is noted and Lince notes his head’s gotten so big he might not be able to get his mask on.

Artist Collective (Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura) & Baron Corbin vs. Lucha House Party (Gran Metalik & Lince Dorado) & Matt Riddle

We get entrances for both teams as everyone makes their way to the ring. The referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and the match is officially underway. The match starts with Nakamura and Dorado, and Shinsuke clobbers him with knees but Lince fires back with a Hurricanrana. Kalisto comes walking down the ramp in a suit, shouting at his partners that they left him behind. We head to commercial break.

As the break ends, we return live to see Gran Metalik being pounded in the heel corner by Corbin. Cesaro tags in and hits a stalling vertical suplex for a two-count, then tags Nakamura. Metalik fights up from a headlock and hits a tilt-a-whirl DDT. Both men are down and crawl to make tags to Matt Riddle and Baron Corbin. Riddle kicks Corbin, sending him to the corner, then hits some running forearms to the face.

Riddle hits a splash, then misses a moonsault but lands a senton followed by a soccer kick for a two-count. Nakamura rushes in but Dorado catches him with a float-over Stunner, then Cesaro slams Riddle but Metalik drops him and jumps over the ropes onto Corbin. Kalisto inadvertently hits Dorado with a kick, but the slight distraction allows Matt to hit Cesaro with the Broton for the win!

Winners: Matt Riddle & Lucha House Party

After the Match

Metalik and Dorado argue with Kalisto but Matt Riddle jumps between them.

Video Package

We see a replay of Bayley’s explanation of her attack on Sasha Banks a few weeks ago, then Sasha’s violent return at Clash of Champions. The Boss makes her way to the ring wearing a neck brace, and she’ll have a lot to say after the break.

In-Ring - Sasha Banks

We return as Sasha Banks stands inside the ring with a mic. "I know you that you're not here tonight, because you're scared of me. But Bayley, come next week, it's gonna be me vs. you for the one thing you love the most."

Banks continues with an anger growing in her voice, "YOUR SMACKDOWN WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP! Because you and I both know, when it comes down to you... and me... and there's nobody to save you..." Banks removes her neck brace. "You don't stand a chance, BITCH!" Banks throws down her mic and stares hard into the camera as her music sounds. A sadistic smirk on her face.

Earlier Tonight

Sami Zayn throwing away the Intercontinental Championship Title belt backstage that he called "a fradulant trophy".

Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn vs. Jeff Hardy

Out first is the Undisputed Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn makes his way down the ramp and towards the ring as his music sounds in the ThunderDome. Zayn reminds that he is the undisputed champ, and they better get it right, as we head to commercial break!

Quick Announcement

Kevin Owens vs. The Fiend Competing for the first time ever on SmackDown, it's been made official after the collision on The Special SmackDown Edition of "The KO Show" with Kevin Owens as he had Alexa Bliss as his special guest for the evening.

Following the break and the announcement for next week, pyro goes off as Jeff Hardy's entrance theme sounds in the ThunderDome! Hardy makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring continuing his entrance and pose in full face paint. The match is officially announced as an Intercontinental Championship Match. The bell rings and the match begins!

Zayn backs Hardy into the corner automatically as the bell rings. Zayn with multiple blows on Hardy and stepping on Hardy. Hardy blocks finally and delivers Hard Rights on Zayn. Off the ropes, Hardy slams Zayn to the canvas. Sami Zayn went for a leap frog and Hardy immediately went at the ribs of Zayn.

The match heads to ringside momentarily, then as they make their way back into the ring, Zayn takes control of the match. The turnbuckle pad has been removed, Hardy stops short. A Big Back Body Drop by Hardy. Hardy asks the referee where the top turnbuckle pad is as he runs and his a Baseball Slide Kick on Zayn. Hardy runs and jumps up and off the steel stairs to fly into Zayn who side-steps just in time to cause Hardy to land his ribs on the barricade hard and land on the floor as we head to commercial break!

Back from commercial break and Hardy hits a Jawbreaker on Zayn. Zayn gets a cover on Hardy on the floor. We see a video clip from before the break where Sami Zayn removed the turnbuckle. The "Great Liborator" is the "Great Cheater" with the "Great Beard" I suppose... Back in the ring, Hardy is ripped down to the mat.

The fight returns to ringside as the referee gets to the count of seven, Hardy is sent kidney first into the barricade. Zayn rolls Hardy back into the ring and hooks the leg for the cover, Hardy kicks out at two. Zayn goes for another pin-fall attempt, Hardy again kicks out. Zayn heads to the top, sitting on the top turnbuckle momentarily. Back to his feet, hitting an Elbow for the cover!

Hardy kicks out at two once again! Zayn with a Slam to the canvas on Hardy as the crowd is shouting, Zayn tries to get up top again, as he steps onto the turnbuckle, Hardy takes out the legs of Zayn causing him to fall. Both men on the top turnbuckle, a SUPERPLEX by Hardy to the already injured ribs of Zayn!! Hardy and Zayn return to their feet. Hardy whipped into the corner, Hardy hits the Atomic Drop. Hardy with a Basement Dropkick. Hardy with a Splash and a hook of the leg for the two!

Both men are laying on the canvas trying to catch their breath, Zayn checks with the ref that he's still in it. Back to their feet, Hardy with a Twist of Fate attempt, Zayn counters. An Exploder Suplex into the corner! Back to their feet, Zayn attempts to whip Hardy into the exposed turnbuckle. Blue Thunder Bomb for the TWO as Hardy kicks out! Everyone stunned that Hardy still has the WILL to keep on going!

Zayn shoves Hardy into the corner, lifting him to the top turnbuckle. Zayn heads up top with him. Hardy grasps the back of his neck with the nasty landing caused by Zayn. Hardy climbs up but hits his face directly into the exposed turnbuckle. Zayn takes advantage and goes for the cover for the three count pin and win.

Winner: Sami Zayn

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