WWE Friday Night Supersized SmackDown Live Results (October 15, 2021): Toyota Arena, CA

Monday Night Raw

Welcome one and all to Friday Night SmackDown! Your host tonight is the original Rajahmaniac and every babysitter's best friend, Michael "Myers" Hogan. Hmm. Perhaps that line doesn't work as well as I think it does. But know what? It's a Friday night and we're gonna have some supersized fun! Refresh this page frequently as we'll have live coverage with updates every five to seven minutes. So what's in store for tonight, you ask?

Our official preview has announced an appearance by the Beast Brock Lesnar ahead of his defeat match against Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship--and everyone's favorite segment returns as they'll have a contract signing! Also testing the waters ahead of their title match are Sasha Banks and SmackDown Women's Champion Becky Lynch as the two go at it ahead of their triple-threat match in less than seven days. We'll have a Queen's Crown Semi-Finals as Zelina Vega takes on the "most beautiful woman in the WWE" Carmella. On the men's side, we'll have a King of the Ring Semi-Final as Sami Zayn takes on Finn Bálor. For political reasons, let's all root for Finn. Finally, we have the ring-return of Sonya Deville after over a year on the sidelines, taking on Naomi.

Also, as Jeff reported in a late afternoon update, WWE has announced a tag team championship match as the Usos defend against the Street Profits!

All this and much more, tonight on a special Supersized episode of SmackDown airing on FS1. So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE Friday Night Supersized SmackDown Live Results (October 15, 2021): Toyota Arena, Ontario, CA

Are You Ready For a Good Time?

We start with a unique FS1 intro to our Supersized SmackDown, with AC/DC making sure we're ready for a good time. Michael Cole welcomes us to a sold-out Toyota Arena, alongside Pat McAfee. They run down our card which includes a contract signing between Reigns/Lesnar, a tag team championship bout in a street fight, as well as the big Lynch/Banks match.

The Rated-R Superstar Speaks

And with the first few notes of Alter Bridge's "Metallingus," the crowd goes wild as legendary WWE Superstar Edge makes his way out. Edge plays up to the Canadian crowd, as hyped up as they are it seems. We get a quick video package showing Seth Rollins' actions as of late--from infiltrating Edge's home to the Stomp heard 'round the results page, when Rollins attempted to end Edge's career. In the video we also see Edge's return, spearing Rollins multiple times and sending him into the announcer's table before breaking a metal support rod off a steel chair to submit Rollins. The video ends with Edge challenging Rollins to a Hell in a Cell match this Thursday at 12pm Eastern (not Friday). We cut back to the ring and find Edge seated on a chair in the ring, on mic, the fans cheering the legend on.
Edge recaps, quickly, their seven-year history and points out that Rollins cost Edge a championship. He addresses the call-outs Rollins did when he knew Edge wasn't medically cleared. And when Edge was cleared, Edge came to SmackDown--but Rollins went to Edge's home, where he breaks bread with his family and tucks his girls in at night, and Rollins pissed all over it (okay, R Kelly). Edge asks us if we remember years ago when Edge slapped Cena's dad, then immediately segways back to Rollins, stating he underestimated Rollins. "That would be like underestimating myself and I never do that. See, you and I are so much alike that when we see our mistakes, we're able to capitalize on them." He points out his victory over Rollins at SummerSlam, and Rollins' win over Edge at Madison Square Garden. Edge states that Rollins is close to Edge's intensity. Edge admits he's wrong for calling Rollins "Edge-Lite" and says he's his own man, "Seth Freakin' Rollins." The crowd boos this and starts a very loud "Seth, you suck" chant. "But because of that," Edge continues, "I've gotta end this. Because if I don't our families could be affected by this." He states he could go to Seth's home and have a confrontation with Becs, but instead he's going to leave Rollins as a husk of the man he is now. He reminds us that a few weeks ago, Seth said he felt sorry for Edge. Edge says it's a mistake because you should never have sympathy for the Devil. Edge wants to end their "trilogy" in a Hell in a Cell. "In Hell in a Cell, I am going to scar your soul! And that is a scar that you never, ever heal from!" His music kicks in and Cole talks us out of the segment. It's official--Hell in a Cell match at Crown Jewel, next Thursday at 12pm EST!

King of the Ring Semi-Finals: Sami Zayn vs Finn Bálor

Keep it kayfabe, brothers. Suspense of belief and all that Hollywood Jazz. Out first for our first match of the night is the Demon Prince, Finn Bálor. He cuts a quick, pre-recorded promo, and the Bálor Club is in full effect, per Michael Cole, as the crowd cheers us to break! When we return we're shown the...thrones?...or whatever they're supposed to be, with the Crown on display. Sami kisses the crown on his way out and the crowd greets him with boos. He cuts a pre-recorded promo about becoming King Zayn, but we all know King Nakamura is our one true king. The bell rings and Finn locks up with Sami.l Sami with a rear grapple as the crowd loudly chants "Sami sucks." Bálor with a nice reversal and take down. Both men up and Bálor with a rear arm hold. Zayn with a back elbow to gain separation, then scrapes Bálor's face along the the rope. Zayn takes an early lead with a chop. Zayn looks for a Sunset Flip but Bálor rolls through and counters it with a dropkick! Bálor locks up with Zayn. Zayn with a rising knee before sending Bálor into the ropes. Zayn catches Bálor on the rebound with a clothesline, then attempts three pin-falls in a row, only getting two. The crowd is quite vocal in their dislike of Zayn, who uses working holds to regain control. Zayn works the neck but Bálor powers to a vertical base. Zayn with another rising knee. Zayn looks to whip Bálor, but Bálor counters and sends Zayn out of the ring. Bálor with a tope suicida to wipe out Zayn at ringside as we go to break!
Back from the break. Zayn is still in control and hits Bálor with a cheap shot. Zayn with slow rights to keep Bálor grounded. Bálor throws a right of his own. Zayn with a right but Bálor blocks it! Bálor with a Pele Kick that drops Zayn, "right meow" per Pat McAfee. Maybe he needs a liter of cola? Bálor takes control, taking Sami into the corner along the apron. He attempts another but Zayn counters with a modified rope-assisted choke drop. Zayn and Bálor up to the top. Bálor attempts to stop Zayn, but Zayn shoves Bálor down to the mat. He celebrates on the top turnbuckle, spreading his arms. Zayn dives off--and right into a dropkick from Bálor! Bálor with a two and a half! Bálor looks for more offense but outta nowhere, Zayn hits the Blue Thunder Bomb!
Zayn sets up Bálor in the corner, then charges in for the Helluva Kick! Bálor avoids it and heads up top, looking for a Coup de Grace, but Zayn blocks it. Zayn with a pin attempt, both legs up on the middle rope. The ref catches him and forces the break. Bálor fires up, hitting a Sling Blade! Bálor with the Shotgun Dropkick in the corner! Bálor up top and goes for a Coup de Grace but Zayn counters into a pin attempt! Bálor with another Shotgun Dropkick in the corner! Bálor quickly scrambles up top and finally connects with the Coup de Grace! The crowd goes wild and counts alongside the ref as Bálor picks up the win!
Your Winner and Advancing to the King of the Ring Finals, Finn Bálor!

Video Package: Paul Heyman's Loyalty

After we return from break, and after McAfee excitedly announces Reigns is staying on SmackDown, we get a video package showing the events since SummerSlam until last week. We see the accusations that Heyman knew Brock would be at SummerSlam; we see multiple times where Heyman states he didn't know Lesnar would be there. We also watch as Lesnar challenges Roman Reigns and attempts an F5 on Lesnar, only to eat a Superman Punch as Reigns made the save. We cut to Heyman, pointing out that for 20 years he's been the advocate for Brock Lesnar--but now he stands behind his Tribal Chief. We get more clips of Reigns asking Heyman if he's good friends with Lesnar, then asks if they (Reigns & Heyman) are good friends. We get another clip from SmackDown, when Lesnar states that his good friend Paul Heyman helped him to become a free agent. We cut to another SmackDown segment, during which Reigns asks Heyman if he caused Lesnar to become a free agent. Heyman states he's worked with Reigns' family for forty years, then tells Heyman to address Lesnar in the camera--with a promise that Reigns will protect Heyman. Heyman then goes on to state Lesnar's met his match and Reigns will remain the undisputed heavyweight champion.

Handicapped Match: Naomi vs WWE Official Sonya Deville & Shayna Baszler

This is Deville's first match since losing to Mandy Rose at SummerSlam 2020. Naomi is out first with an awesome glowing fur coat and debuting new, skimpier green gear and hair. When we return from break, Deville announces that Shayna Baszler will join the match--making it a handicapped two-on-one match against Naomi. Baszler and Deville take control and never relent it for more than a few seconds. Deville mostly sticks to kicks and strikes and lets Baszler take any bumps. Baszler locks on the Kirifuda Clutch and puts Naomi to sleep. She breaks the hold before the ref can call the match, allowing Deville to pin Naomi by simply putting a foot on her. After the match, WWE Official Deville and Baszler grin.
Your Winners, Shayna Baszler & WWE Official Sonya Deville!

Seth Rollins' Reply to Edge

Seth Rollins makes his way down to the ring after robbing Harvey Dent of a suit. We head to break. When we return, we get a pre-recorded Sasha Banks promo (a short one). Then commentary hypes Crown Jewel's card for the 17th time tonight. Finally we get back to Rollins in the ring, ready to speak on mic. The crowd starts another "Seth, you suck" chant. Seth laughs like the Joker. "Edge really came out here, trying to convince all of you and himself that he has any chance against me at Crown Jewel? Hahaha! That's a great joke, that's the best joke I've heard in some time. Let's set the record straight--I am in no way intimidated or afraid to face Edge inside Hell in a Cell. And you know why? I'm gonna tell ya, of course." He goes on, despite the boos, to tell us that he's better than Edge in every possible way. He claims he's going in with a mental advantage, and a physical advantage. Rollins claims there's no way Edge can be 100%. He states he has the mental and physical edge over Edge. He then states that Edge has an ace up his sleeve--Hell in a Cell. Rollins tells us once more, and slowly to mock the audience "so you can understand me! I...am in...no way intimidated or afraid to face Edge inside Hell in a Cell!" Rollins admits Edge is right about a few things, but the crowd drowns him out with a "We want Edge" chant. Finally Rollins speaks over them. "Edge is right about a couple of things. We are two devils, we are cut from the same cloth, we are a lot alike but there is one major difference between the two of us. I have spent more time in that cell than Edge has. I know what that structure does to people, I know what it's done to me. I've been calloused by the cell. I've been scarred by the cell. Look at me! Look at me!" the camera zooms in. "I am the man I am today because of Hell in a Cell. And you're right, Edge, this fairy tale does end at Crown Jewel but just not the way you think. And I know this because I am the visionary, I am the revolutionary, I am Seth Freakin' Rollins." He mic drops and the crowd boos loudly.

Backstage: Carmella and Zelina Vega

Vega walks up to Carmella and thanks her for taking out Liv Morgan. Zelina states that Carmella is ten times the woman Morgan was. Vega tells Carmella that they should head out and have a fair, respectful match between the two beauties. Carmella leaves the gorilla area.

Queen's Crown Semi-Finals: Carmella vs Zelina Vega

Mrs. Tommy Dreamer wins or we riot. Carmella is out first and we head to a break. Vega makes her entrance after the break. Vega stops to stare at the Queen's Crown, and we're reminded the winner faces either DouDrop or Shayna Baszler in the finals next Thursday. Lil' Naitch readies our Superstars and calls for the bell. The two women assigned to put on Carmella's protective face mask are at ringside. Carmella tells them she won't need them. Carmella starts off with a roll-up attempt. Zelina with her own. Both women slap hands in respect as they circle in the ring. Carmella with a rear grapple. Vega with a standing switch. Carmella converts it into an arm bar, pushing her knee into Zelina's shoulder on the mat. Vega refuses to tap and makes it to her feet. Carmella takes her right back down and into the same arm bar. McAfee states, quote, "ground and pound like the Cleveland Browns!" GO BROWNS! Vega with an arm drag and a pin attempt. Carmella with a low Superkick to the face of Vega. Vega stands in the corner, holding her face. Carmella tells her she's sorry, and didn't mean to hit Vega in the face. Vega charges out the corner, using a modified Lou Thesz Press and pounds away at Carmella's face. Carmella slips out the ring and wants her protective mask. Liv Morgan is at ringside and has the mask! Carmella has to hurry back into the ring as the ref's count-out gets to nine. As soon as Carmella slips in, Zelina Vega rolls up Carmella!
Your Winner and Advancing to the Queen's Crown Finals, Zelina Vega!

Happy Talk, featuring Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss

Riddick Madcap Moss and Happy Corbin come out, ready for another episode of their talk show. We head to break. When we return, the ring is set up. A table between them is set up with whiskey and some glasses. Corbin introduces the "funniest man" Madcap Moss. Moss attempts to make a joke and the crowd "What?"'s him every step of the way. "Speaking of chickens--Kevin Owens," Corbin adds in, stating that Owens "flew the coop." Moss makes a joke, asking what's it mean when Owens is rolling in pain on the mat--just another Friday night. Moss with another joke, about Ricochet--when he's interrupted by Rick Boogs! Rick introduces Shinsuke Nakamur...aaaaaaaaaaa! Out comes our one true king, King Nakamura! The crowd loudly sings along with the lead of Nakamura's theme as he makes his way down to the ring! Pat McAfee loses his shit, dancing on the commentary table as Boogs and Nakamura play guitar and dance next to the announcer's table. McAfee tells Cole "happy Birthday" from it. Boogs and Nakamura play around the ring, then back up the ramp and to the stage. Nakamura dances and Boogs plays...until the Street Profits come out! Boogs plays lead to their them as well! The Street Profits dance with Boogs and Nakamura at the top of the ramp. Nakamura and everyone's favorite, Angelo Dawkins bump chests. the Street Profits make their way down--their title shot is next!

Street Fight Tag Team Championship Match: the Usos(c) vs the Street Profits

We head to break as the Profits make their way into the ring. The introductions are made, and the champs wear their awesome Bloodline shirts (gotta plug the shirt, it's awesome). The crowd is ready and so are our Superstars. Cole quickly points out the rivalry ends as the new rosters kick in after Crown Jewel. The bell rings and Ford pairs off with Jimmy Uso; Angelo Dawkins takes Jey outside. Jey drops Dawkins and slips back into the ring, dropping Ford and attempting a pin. The Usos head outside and beat on Dawkins, sending him head-first into the barricade. And outta nowhere, Montez Ford flies out of the ring, wiping out the Usos! Dawkins slaps Ford and tells him to get the tables in an awesome homage to the Dudley Boys! We head to break!
Back from the break. We return to find the Usos in control. Future Hall of Famer Angelo Dawkins finds himself in trouble, alone in the ring with the Usos. Both have kendo sticks. McAfee compares their attacks to the Dodges, measuring their swings before executing them with perfection. Ford is still down outside. Dawkins attempts to get up. The crowd yells "one more time" and the Usos are happy to comply, clocking Dawkins at the same time. They attempt a cover but Dawkins kicks out. They unload on Dawkins--until Montez Ford hits the ring, off the top rope with a skyscraper splash that wipes out the Usos. Ford attempts a cover on Use but only gets two. Jey catches Ford rebounding off the ropes and hits a pop-up Samoan Drop! Jey holds a finger up, indicating he's silencing the Profits. Jey takes time to yell "Use" to the crowd's "oh!" Ford takes advantage of it, taking Jey down. Dawkins is up and gets a kendo. Dawkins gets a little revenge before putting Jey up in an Electric Chair position as Ford threatens a Doomsday Device. Jimmy hits the ring, pulling Jey down. A pair of Superkicks lay out the Profits and Jimmy almost picks up the pin fall victory. The Profits and Usos fight back and forth. Ford changes course mid-air to hit a Frog Splash on Jimmy in an impressive spot! Jey yanks Ford out to make the save, then sends Ford through a table at ringside. Dawkins tackles Jey, pounding on the back of his head before slamming his face into the mat. Dawkins enters the ring and Jey attempts a Superkick. The Usos both hit the ring and both hit a Superkick on Dawkins at the same time. The Usos head up top and both hit a Frog Splash on Dawkins, picking up the win.
Your Winners and STILL SmackDown Tag Team Champions, the Usos!

Non-Title Main Event Match: SmackDown Women's Champion Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks

Becky Lynch makes her way out first. After a break, we return and the return of Charlotte Flair to SmackDown is hyped. The Raw Women's Champion will make her return to the Blue Brand next Friday. To buy more time and start this match closer to the top of the hour, we get a quick promo hyping the Banks/Lynch/Belair championship match on Thursday at Crown Jewel. We're reminded that thanks to Progressive, the final half hour will be commercial free. Pat McAfee states that Progressive wrote a big check for that, haha. Bianca Belair makes her way out to watch from commentary. Cole welcomes Belair to commentary and the bell rings at 10:00 sharp. Lynch and Banks with a series of arm holds and reversals, with both women well-versed in each other's playbook. The crowd with a loud dueling chant for both women. Lynch gets the first bit of offense, clothes-lining Banks down. Lynch flexes her arms and leaps up for a leg drop but Banks avoids it. Another sequence of move-and-counter-move. Both women stand up in the ring, eying each other up. Banks looks to start trash talking when Lynch attacks, going after the left arm again. Lynch goes for the Disarmher. Banks escapes and looks for a Bank Statement, and Lynch again attempts a Disarmher. Banks takes control, slowing the pace as she takes her time pulling Lynch to the middle of the ring. Loud "Becky" chant from the crowd. Banks looks for a clothesline; Lynch ducks under. Banks drops tot he mat to trip Lynch but Lynch counters with a leg drop. Lynch with a pin attempt, gaining only two. She tells Banks "that's alright, that's alright" as she kicks Banks. Lynch sends Banks into the corner.
Lynch takes the lead briefly and looks for a running knee on the apron. Lynch dodges and Banks' knees loudly clash with the ring post. Lynch attempts a pin but tosses Banks out after getting only two. The ref begins to count and Lynch walks around the ring, counting with the ref. The action pulls back into the ring and Lynch stomps away at the Boss. Lynch takes too much time to gloat and Banks unloads rights. Lynch takes Banks down by picking the leg and hits as a running Bulldog, covering for two. We're reminded that Belair will get a shot at the Raw Women's Championship on Monday Night Raw. Belair hints at becoming a double champion. Banks fights back in the ring, finally getting the upper hand. Banks with a pin attempt. Banks heads to the apron and hits Lynch in the face; Lynch counters and climbs the turnbuckles, attempting to use the ropes to her advantage. Lynch with a diving Leg Drop off the top rope across Banks, strung out across the middle rope. Lynch picks up a close two. Lynch takes a moment to catch her breath before pulling Banks' hair. Banks with a jaw breaker. Banks whips Lynch into the corner and charges in, but again Lynch counters with a rope-assisted kick. Banks rises on the apron and Lynch smashes Sasha's face into the turnbuckles multiple times as the ref counts a warning. Banks drags Becky into the ring post and finally hits a Meteora on Lynch against the ring post! Banks takes it back inside and hits another Meteora in the ring! Banks heads up top and hits a Meteora off the top rope for a closet two! McAfee compares it to Netflix's Squid Game series--which you should watch.
Banks sends Lynch out of the ring and the ref begins his count. At seven, Banks slips under Lynch's legs and to the floor, looking for a Sunset Flip Powerbomb. Lynch counters with a kick. As Banks rises, Lynch leaps off the apron. Banks catches her mid-air, slapping on the Bank Statement outside the ring! Lynch taps but it's outside and doesn't count. Banks takes it inside and hits a beautiful Eddie G Frog Splash, picking up a close two! McAfee is super hyped about this match. Banks and Lynch struggle for control in the ring. Lynch gains momentum, hitting a right in the corner. Becky with a running leaping fist in the corner. Lynch runs back, looking for another, but Banks closes the gap between the two. Banks leaps up only for Lynch to counter with a belly-to-belly on Banks. Lynch heads up top and hits the Lass-kicker off the top! Lynch only picks up two. Lynch is flustered. Lynch with a right, the throws Banks onto the apron, strung upon the middle rope. Lynch heads up top and looks for another leg drop. Banks slides out of the way. The action spills outside. Banks is whipped at Belair, who is very careful not to collide or cause a DQ. Lynch leaps in for a strike, and Banks dodges, allowing Becky to club Belair. Lynch shrugs--and Banks uses the commentary table to fly into Lynch, connecting with another Meteora! They take it back into the ring. Both women jockey for control. Banks looks for a Bank Statement. Both women lock up. Banks with a Bank Statement inside the ring! Lynch crawls across the mat, sliding under the bottom rope to force the break. When the ref's back is turned, Belair whips her hair and distracts Lynch. Bank rolls Lynch up to pick up the win!
Your Winner, Sasha Banks!

Contract Signing: Universal Championship Match at WWE Crown Jewel

After our impressive main event, we end our show with a contract signing because Vince knows how much we love those. WWE Officials actually quickly rush Banks and Lynch out of the ring. Pat McAfee calls WWE Official Adam Pearce a "big bald doofus." McAfee mocks this segment, stating contract signings always go smoothly. And now...it's time for Roman's entrance! Roman actually heads straight to the ring--hell has officially frozen over. Reigns, accompanied by his counsel Paul Heyman, makes his way to the ring and takes a seat. And out comes Brock Lesnar! The crowd with a huge pop as Reigns grimaces from a chair at the table set up in the ring for their contract signing. We're reminded that Lesnar held the title for 504 days--a record in the modern era--and Cole states that Reigns wants to break that record. Lesnar stalks around the ring, grinning at Roman before finally entering. For what it's worth, Cole keeps referring to this as California whereas Pat refers to this as Canada. Finally Reigns stands and Lesnar is all smiles as he takes a seat at the table. The crowd with a "Suplex City" chant. Brock puts his boots up on the table and laughs.
Reigns hands the contract to Heyman and asks his special counsel to read the contract. Heyman goes on mic and says it's everything Roman wanted.
Brock signs the contract without even reading it. Roman asks if Lesnar is some kind of dumbass for signing the contract without reading it. Lesnar tells Roman that he read it this morning--with his advocate Paul Heyman. Reigns is all frowns and clearly disturbed by this. Lesnar leaves the ring and stands up the ramp, laughing at Reigns. Commentary runs down the card for Crown Jewel, where many titles will be on the line--as well as the finals of the King of the Ring and Queen's Crown Tournament. We're reminded we'll have a special start time Thursday at noon eastern time. Cole and McAfee read the full card, we see Lesnar laughing once more, and fade to black.

In Closing

And that concludes it for tonight's Supersized episode and our go-home edition before WWE Crown Jewel next Thursday at 12pm EST. Have a great weekend, stay frosty and stay safe out there, Rajahmaniacs. And don't forget--the new Halloween Kills movie is already on the Peacock network. See you all Monday Night for Raw!

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