WWE Hall Of Fame Legend "Superstar" Billy Graham Forced To Undergo Partial Amputations

"Superstar" Billy Graham is dealing with health issues once again.

On Sunday evening, the WWE Hall of Fame legend surfaced via social media to release a statement regarding health issues he is currently dealing with, which has resulted in him being forced to undergo "some partial amputations."

The pro wrestling legend released the following statement on his official Facebook page:

Health Issues

Hi fans, nice shot here while working in Japan for you, enjoy. I have some infections in a few toes and my Mayo Clinic surgeon must do some partial amputations. This is going to take some time to recover from so I will be offline for a while. If you good folks out there have any photos or thoughts you would like to put up in the meantime my FB is open for business. I just won't be responding for the next 2 or 3 weeks, I have to heal up in between surgeries and it takes full concentration. Catch up with you all a little further down the line. Superstar Billy Graham

Check out the actual post from "Superstar" Billy Graham's official Facebook page below.