WWE Hall Of Famer Kevin Nash Talks Movie Role He Wants

WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin had fellow WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash as the latest guest on his Broken Skull Sessions podcast, which is now available to watch on Peacock and the WWE Network. During his appearance on Stone Cold's Broken Skull Sessions podcast, Nash spoke about how he hopes he will land the role of Herman Munster in the upcoming movie adaptation of the 1964 classic comedy film series, The Munsters.

When asked by Steve Austin what he wants to do in the future, Nash said he wants to act, but a person his size, who stands at 6′10″, reportedly does not have that many available roles as the camera shots would be difficult with the other actors due to the size difference. Nash then talked about how he is interested in landing a role in Rob Zombie's The Munsters movie.

Kevin Nash said:

“I love to act.” “Like right now, Rob Zombie’s got the rights to The Munsters. I’d love to play Herman. The thing is, there’s a sensibility and a femininity in Herman Munster. That would be if I had to pick the perfect role that I’ve always wanted to play.”

The movie is scheduled to receive a theatrical release, but will also be streamed on Peacock, home of the WWE Network in the United States. It was reported by MovieWeb that the role of Herman Munster may have already been cast. Rob Zombie has not officially confirmed any of the cast members yet, but Jeff Daniel Phillips is rumored to be the person who landed the role of Herman Munster.

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