WWE Hell In A Cell: Becky Lynch (c) vs. Sasha Banks

WWE Hell In A Cell 2019 Results:

- Becky Lynch (c) vs. Sasha Banks: Becky's RAW Women's Championship in on the line in this one. The cell starts lowering, but before it hits the ground, Sasha blindsides Becky and knocks her out to ringside. They fight out under the hanging cell and on to the ramp, where Sasha suplexes Becky. Becky fights back with kicks, and she takes Sasha in through the Cell door now. Becky drops Sasha, then she chains the Cell door shut by herself. Becky dominates the next several moments of the match, and bashes Sasha with a steel chair. They fight back into the ring, and there is now a chair and table in the ring. Becky sends Sasha face-first into the steel chair, then outside into the cell wall. Sasha finally fights back with a kick at ringside, an then she hits a flying knee strike off the apron, and Becky crashes back into a ladder laying against the cell. Sasha throws the ladder down on Becky on the ringside floor. Sasha starts working over Becky's shoulder now, then she slams Becky's arm inside of a steel chair. Sasha misses a shot on the apron, and Becky slams Sasha into the ring post now. They fall out to ringside, and Becky hits a t-bone suplex on Sasha into the cage wall. Back in the ring, Becky drop-toe-holds Sasha into an unfolded upside-down chair. She slams Sasha's face into the chair again for a two count. They fight back and forth out to ringside, and Becky puts Sasha in front of a chair, then dropkicks her into the chair against the corner of the cage. Back in the ring, they fight on the turnbuckle, which leads to Sasha hitting a double flying knee strike on Becky through a table. Sasha pins for a two count, and she can't believe Becky kicked out. Sasha misses a shot, and Becky starts firing back with repeated kendo stick shots now. Becky misses a shot and Sasha slams her into the cage wall. Sasha throws Becky back in the ring, and she starts throwing a bunch of chairs in the ring too. Sasha starts nailing Becky with a steel chair, then she takes her into the corner. Becky turns things around on the turnbuckle and superplexes Sasha on to all of the chairs laying in the ring. Becky then applies the Disarm-her and Sasha taps out for the finish.

Winner & still Champion: Becky Lynch

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