WWE Hell In A Cell Kickoff Show: Ali/Orton Match Set Up For Later

- We go to a video package looking at SmackDown's debut on FOX.

- Ali is backstage for an interview. He talks about suffering some setbacks in his career, but he's hoping to have some momentum soon. Randy Orton interrupts and says he's the one who stomped out Ali's momentum. Ali says they should go out to the ring tonight and find out who's got the momentum. Orton says "you're on."

- Rowan gets stopped backstage for an interview, but it doesn't seem like he's in the mood.

- The panel talks about Tyson Fury accepting an invitation to an open mic on RAW tomorrow night, and then we go to more promo videos for tonight's show. The Kickoff Show is coming to a close, and it's time for Hell In A Cell up next.

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