WWE Hell In A Cell: Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan vs. Rowan & Harper

- Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan vs. Rowan & Harper: This one is now a tornado tag team match. The opening bell sounds and the two teams start brawling in the ring. Bryan goes down, and now Harper and Rowan double-team Reigns. Reigns fights back with a big boot, and he dumps Harper out to ringside. Rowan dumps Reigns outside, then Bryan hits a missile dropkick off the top on Rowan. Bryan follows up with a suicide dive on Harper at ringside. Reigns then hits a superman punch on Harper at ringside. Back in the ring, Harper and Reigns are the legal men now. Harper gets the blind tag and drops Reigns with a big boot. Harper and Rowan knock Bryan down and double team Reigns. Bryan runs back in the ring, but Rowan and Harper immediately drop him and dump him back outside. Reigns comes back over and starts brawling with Harper and Rowan out to ringside now. Harper and Rowan double team Reigns with the steel ring steps now. Back in the ring, Rowan starts working over Daniel Bryan. Harper comes in for the double team now. Harper and Rowan look for the Doomsday Device on Bryan, but Reigns comes in and breaks it up. Harper goes back to beating on Bryan in the ring now. Bryan fights back and puts Rowan in the Yes Lock, but Harper breaks it up. Harper and Rowan do a double team slam on Bryan for a two count. Bryan starts fighting back again and dumps Harper outside. Bryan misses a shot on Rowan, and Rowan hits a sit-out powerbomb on Bryan. Rowan pins, but Reigns breaks it up. Reigns starts cleaning house now and hits a flying clothesline on Harper. Reigns and Harper go at it at ringside now, and Bryan starts laying into Harper with kicks in the ring. Rowan pulls Bryan out to ringside and drops him, but then Reigns hits a Drive By kick on Harper to drop him. Harper then comes flying out of the ring with a dive on Reigns, and now all four men are down at ringside. Rowan and Harper get up first, and they slam Bryan into the ring apron first. Harper now picks up Rowan, and he slams his own partner on top of Reigns' body at ringside. Harper rips a piece of he barricade off and nails Reigns with it, and Reigns falls out into the crowd. Rowan and Harper take Bryan up on top of an announce table at ringside now, but Bryan fights out and gives Harper a huricanrana off the table onto the floor. Reigns then comes flying off the barricade with a spear on Rowan through the table. Back in the ring, Bryan looks for a Frankensteiner on Harper off the top turnbuckle, but Harper reverses it into a flying sit-out powerbomb off the middle rope. Harper pins for a two count. Harper starts hitting a series of suplexes on Bryan now. Bryan reverses one, and Reigns runs in the ring and Superman punches Harper. Bryan hits the running knee on Harper, then Reigns hits a spear on him for the three count.

Winners: Daniel Bryan & Roman Reigns

- After the match, Bryan goes to shake Reigns' hand, but Bryan pulls away his hand at the last minute. Bryan instead wants a hug, but Reigns is hesitant. The crowd chants "yes" and Reigns hugs him.

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