WWE Legend John Cena On Why He Wears His Peacemaker Outfit In Public

WWE legend and 16-time World Champion John Cena plays the role of Peacemaker on the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, but it seems that he is taking his role way too serious as even in public, Cena wear his Peacemaker outfit.

Suicide Squad director James Gunn recently took to his Twitter and posted a picture of Cena getting a cup of coffee, while wearing his Peacemaker outfit. Director Gunn said, “What’s weird is that this is on John’s day off.”

John Cena then took to his Twitter and responded why is that weird and that he's just breaking in the uniform. Cena also said it is quite difficult to shower in, but he manages. Cena wrote, “Why is that weird? Just breaking in the uniform. #Peacemaker PS, it’s quite difficult to shower in…but I manage.”

This is reportedly not the first instance of Cena being spotted off-set in his Peacemaker apparel. He was previously seen napping in the outfit and wearing it in various interviews unrelated to the film.

You can check out the tweet below: