WWE Live Event Results (11/25/18) - Madison, WI

Thanks to rajah.com reader Brian for sending this in!

Hi folks! Been coming to rajah.com for years and love it. Thought I would send in results/thoughts from the awesome Smackdown house show I attended Sunday with my two sons. My 15 year old has been to many events, but this was the first event ever for my 7 year old. And I think he had an amazing experience. People, if your kids like wrestling, and you don't want to sit through 4 hour tv tapings, go to a live event! So much more all-age friendly! Anyways...

Ring Announcer/Host Mike Rome
Match 1 - The Bar(c) beat The New Day for the Smackdown tag team championships. Standard comical, entertaining opener from these 5.

Match 2,3 - Shelton Benjamin beat Aiden English twice. Aiden came out to boos to sing for us about how we used to love him. Shelton Benjamin beat him in a quick match, Aiden complained to have a rematch, and Shelton beat him again in about 30 seconds. As Shelton was walking up the aisle, he got beaten down by the Colons, who then got confronted by Gallows and Anderson, which led to...

Match 4 - Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, and Shelton Benjamin beat Aiden English and the Colons.

Match 5 - Lana and a "mystery partner" beat the IIconics. Mystery partner ended up being Nikki Cross, who I saw in person for the first time. God, I love this character and hope she succeeds wherever she ends up. And, I'm in the minority i think, but I love the IIconics trash talking and overall characters.
Match 6 - Charlotte Flair beat Asuka. Charlotte started by trashing Ronda Rousey, who received mostly boos when mentioned, and asked who she was going to beat tonight like she did Rousey at Survivor Series. Let me put it this way, this could've easily been the main event of the show. Both got heavily cheered and put on a very physical, athletic match. Hand raise of Asuka by Charlotte to show respect at the end.
Most faces signed quick autographs or took a few selfies on their way back up the aisle, but Charlotte far and away spent the most time, lots of hugs to little girls also. She seems very genuine and appreciative of her success.

Match 7 - Randy Orton beat Jeff Hardy. Orton still gets a good reaction on entrance until he starts his heel tactics. Lots of delete chants for Jeff, who can still fly around for a 41 year old.
Match 8 - R-Truth and Carmella beat Andrade Cien Almas and Zelina Vega in mixed tag team action. I'll say it again, man that guy and his song still gets a good pop. Carmella even throws in some of her own lines also. Mostly comedic match with non stop "what's up!" At the end, Truth and Carmella brought in a kid to dance with them.
Match 9 - US Champion Shinsuke Nakamura beat Samoa Joe and Rusev in a triple threat title match. I would say Rusev was the fan favorite, but the other 2 were cheered at times also.
Match 10 - AJ Styles beat the Miz in the main event. Full on heel Miz here, and he got the loudest, consistent booing on the night. Lots of trash talking Madison and stalling to begin. More of a slow style match, but very entertaining. The Miz is good at his job!
After the match, Styles spoke about how it's been a bad few weeks for him, but he promises one thing - to kick Daniel Bryan's ass! Styles spent a bit also signing and posing with the fans.
To say I was pleasantly surprised by this event is an understatement. Can't say enough how much the boys and I enjoyed. Thanks for reading!