WWE Live Event Results (6/9/19) - Fresno, CA

Thanks to rajah.com reader Sergio Padilla for sending in these results:

Opening match:
Triple-threat for the US Championship
Ricochet v. Cesaro v. Samoa Joe (C.)
Samoa Joe d. Ricochet vía
Submission (Coquina Clutch)
Match went 9:32
Cesaro spun Ricochet around 24 times!

Alexa Bliss out for "A moment of Bliss"
Bliss runs down Fresno.
Natalya comes out
Bliss says Naty will never live up to the Hart name
Naty defends herself then attacks Bliss. Match follows

2nd match:
Natalya v. Alexa Bliss
Alexa Bliss d. Nataly via Pinfall.
Match went 5:58

Video Promo from Lacey Evans.

Hey in ring Promo from EC3. Interrupted by No Way Jose.

3rd match:
Singles Match
EC3 v. No Way Jose.
NWJ d. EC3 via Pinfall
Match went 3:59

Post match Viking Raiders rush the ring and beat up EC3 and NWJ. Vikings call for a challenge. Lucha House Party answers.

4th match:
Tag Team Match
Lucha House Party (Metalik and Dorado) v. Viking Raiders
Viking Raiders d. LHP via Pinfall
Match went 6:23

Sami Zayn out to talk.
Puts down a fan in the crowd
Puts down Fresno
Says Fresno isn't deserving of him wrestling here and he's going home.
Bryan Strowman comes out
Bobby Lashley comes out

5th match:
Singles match
Brian Strowman v. Bobby Lashley (w/Sami Zayn)
Braun Strowman d. Bobby Lashley via Pinfall
Match went 11:26
Postmatch Zayn attacked Strowman. Strowman finishing Zayn with a slam.


6th match:
Three team Tag match for the Raw Tag-team titles
Usos v. Gallows & Anderson v. Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder (C.)
Ryder d. Gallows via Pinfall
Match went 11:40
Zero wrestling in first 3 minutes. Posturing and talking.

7th match:
Raw Woman's Championship match
Lacey Evans v. Becky Lynch (C.)
Lynch d. Evans via Pinfall
Match went 8:27

8th match:
WWE Universal Title match
Baron Corbin v. Seth Rollins
Rollins d. Corbin via Pinfall (Curb stomp)
Match went 10:52
Seth came out taped up selling rib injury.
Corbin attacked Rollins before the "first bell"


Good Crowd, B-B+
4-5k in attendance
Sami Zayn was over like a Bridge!
Rollins Corbin was a solid match for a house show. 7/10