WWE Monday Night Raw: Legends Night Live Results (1/04/2020) - ThunderDome II (Tropicana Field), St. Petersburg, FL

Welcome one and all to Monday Night Raw: Legends Night as we ring in the first Raw of the new year with a Legends theme! Speaking of legends, once again here to save your Raw results and show you the way for the greater good is the Immortal Mike "Hulk" Hogan! Jeff reported here earlier today about our official Raw: Legends Night preview so lets take a look!

Hulk Hogan & Ric Flair will be our co-hosts tonight, that will be fun! We've been told to expect many legends, including Booker T, the Big Show, Mark Henry, & Torrie Wilson, and more, will also join in on tonight's celebration. Drew McIntyre defends the WWE Title against Keith Lee. Lee earned a title shot last week in a win over his new-found rival, Sheamus. We can't forget, of course, about Mister Money in the Bank, the Miz who's allied with AJ Styles and is a constant threat to the champ. The saga between Randy Orton and Alexa Bliss continues. Last week, Bliss doused herself in gasoline and urged Orton to set her ablaze, with our program ending on a cliffhanger much as many sports broadcasts do!

We've got all of that and I'm sure so much more over the next three hours so grab a snack & beverage because it's time for Monday Night Raw: Legends Night!

WWE Monday Night Raw: Legends Night Live Results (1/04/2020) - ThunderDome II (Tropicana Field), St. Petersburg, FL

The H-phone

Our show opens and we see a closeup of a Hulk-themed smart phone case. We only hear his voice at the moment, and he tells us that everyone's heard of the iPhone but what we're looking at is the H-phone. You can use it for social media or...his theme plays and he comes into view..."you can even make calls!" and then asks us "Whatcha gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild on you!"

Miz TV w/ the New Day

The Miz & Morrison are in the ring as Tom Phillips, the esteemed Byron Saxton, and Samoa Joe welcome us to the ThunderDome and Raw Legends Night. The Miz & Morrison cut a witty promo about it being a new year and a fresh start. They want to welcome the New Day as the first guests on Miz TV in 2021. The New Day make their way to the ring and all four men sit in the ring. The Miz welcomes them to the Miz TV. The New Day correct him, and welcome the Miz & Morrison to their new show, New Day Talks. Miz tries to be a smartass so the New Day hype themselves and troll the Miz, and yell "coorrrrrrrect!" multiple times. The Miz makes a crack about Kofi not lasting long on G4. Xavier Woods and Kofi have an idea, and ask for a bailiff. The Miz says there isn't a bailiff as this isn't a courtroom. The New Day have some hard-hitting questions for the Miz. They ask him three questions. They anger him when they comment that their show is the first to come with Smell-o-vision, then pinch their noses and imply the Miz & Morrison stink. When asked of all the Legends here tonight, who would the Miz want to go to dinner with? They start their "who? who?" antics and the Miz blurts out he'd choose Tatanka. The Miz snaps at them, and the New Day say they're moving on to the cooking side of the show. They all troll each other and out comes Teddy Long! He says that as a former GM, he's got a solution. Right now, the Miz & Morrison face the Undertaker! The ThunderDome digital crowd goes wild! Suddenly, Adam Pearce comes out and whispers in his ear, and he corrects himself as the Undertaker is retired. He says he has a new solution, and that's the Miz & Morrison in a tag match against the New Day! That comes up after this commercial break!

Tag Team Match: the New Day vs the Miz & Morrison

When we return from break, the match is starting. Xavier Woods starts it off with John Morrison and takes him down, immediately trying for a pin cover. Woods pulls Morrison over to his corner and tags in Kofi. Both men drop Morrison on his butt then run off the ropes and hit a double bulldog! Kofi covers but only gets a two. Kofi tags in Woods who attempts to work over Morrison, but Morrison escapes and tags in the Miz. The Miz with strikes to Woods. Suplex and pin attempt by the Miz. The Miz loses control of the match and Woods tags in Kofi, who drops the Miz and attempts to cover him. Kofi locks in a side headlock on a downed Miz. The Miz slowly forces his way to his feet and sends Kofi off of himself, then takes him down with a running shoulder. The Miz wastes precious time with his "hey hey, ho ho!" antics and Kofi uses the time to recover. Kingston hits the Miz and attempts a cover but the Miz kicks out. Woods is tagged in.
Xavier Woods whips Miz into the ropes and Morrison slaps his back, becoming the legal man but Woods doesn't realize it. Woods takes down Miz but Morrison is legal and attacks him from behind. Morrison briefly holds control. Woods regains it and tags in Woods, then puts Morrison in a modified Crossface. He yanks Morrison back and up as Kofi runs off the ropes and hits a basement dropkick. The Miz attempts to interfere. A brawl breaks out and we go to commercial with the New Day taking out the Miz & Morrison at ringside!
Back from the break finds Morrison on a knee as Kofi hammers Morrison with fists and kicks, letting him up long enough to beat him around the ring. The Miz distracts Kofi, allowing Morrison to hit an form of a roundhouse kick to the back of Kofi's head. Morrison tags in the Miz, who takes down Kofi quickly. He distracts the ref, allowing Morrison to attack Kofi without the ref noticing. Miz tags in Morrison, who snapmares Kofi down and attempts a cover. Morrison locks in a headlock on a seated Kingston, but Kingston fights to his feet and uses stiff, short strikes to push Morrison off. Kofi starts to attempt to take the lead but fails, and Morrison tags in the Miz. The Miz slows the pace, using moves to wear down Kofi. Kofi attempts to reach his corner but is stopped by the Miz. He continues to taunt Kofi. Morrison is tagged in; Kofi dives and tags in Woods who hits the ring hotter than hell. Woods flies across the ring, taking down Morrison and the Miz equally. Kingston dives off the top onto the Miz at ringside, distracting Morrison. Woods nails a dropkick to the back, and woods drops him to the mat. Morrison attempts to sit up but Woods hits the Shining Wizard and covers for the win.
Your Winners, the New Day!

Last Week on Raw: Randy Orton and Alexa Bliss

We get a video package that highlights the confrontation between Alexa Bliss and Randy Orton at Alexa's Playground last Monday. Orton and Bliss exchanged words, and Bliss challenged Orton to a match. Later that night, Bliss pours gasoline on herself and tells Andy to do to her what he did to the Fiend. Orton said that's exactly what she wants to do, so he won't do it. She then tried to verbally goad him into doing it, and called him a little bitch. Orton lit a match and our program ended on that cliffhanter.

Backstage w/ Charly Caruso and Randy Orton

Orton is asked what went through his head last week when he held that lit match. He says that the voices told him to do it, to watch her burn. But he couldn't do it. He said that when you face the Fiend, you come out of the match a changed person. He says that the fight he had with the Fiend changed him. He says that it caused him to show Alexa compassion and mercy. And Orton hates himself for it. But then he was able to reshape his mind, making him capable of any and everything. He asks Charly "can you imagine...can you imagine if I directed that new-found hatred for myself towards someone else?" Charly asks Orton if he thinks the Fiend is coming back. Orton says he doesn't want to talk about the Fiend anymore, he wants to have a walk and find some friends in the back and have a talk. And find some legends....and have a talk. And remind them why he's the Legend Killer. We go to break.

WWE Legends Shop

We return with a video package promoting the WWE Legends Shop, featuring tees that highlight iconic matches and legendary moments in WWE history.

Video Package: Tik Tok New Year's Eve w/ the New Day and R-Truth

We see the three men standing and R-Truth tells us that he's ready to welcome in 2020. The New Day tell him that it's 2021. He tells them he was just testing them, then says he flew in from Australia where it's already 2021. A ref shows up, and then he's rolled up from behind by Angel Garza!
Your NEW 24/7 Champion, Angel Garza!

Backstage w/ Angel Garza & Legends

Garza is walking backstage with a rose. He first comes across Alicia Fox, who is still age-defying. He flirts with her. He moves on, and then comes across Legends Tatanka, Mickie James and Sgt. Slaughter. He interrupts them and Sgt Slaughter calls him a maggot. Tatanka stands there silently, in his old ring gear and looking great for his age.

Match: AJ Styles w/ Omos vs Elias w/ Jaxson Ryker

Styles comes out first with Omos as our commentary team discuss how Omos is pronounced. Elias comes out next, guitar over his shoulder and Ryker in tow. Ryker gets in the ring first, followed by Elias who hands his guitar over the rope to Ryker. Ryker hands it back and Elias walks in the ring, then hands it back to Ryker who exits the ring, as does Omos Time for the match to begin!
Styles starts off strong, and the veteran takes Elias in a headlock to the corner. Styles with strikes to the body and a big fist to the face. Elias takes control and tries to slow the pace with a headlock. Styles fights back and batters Elias with fists. They pick up the pace. Styles goes for a running forearm and Elias counters. Elias takes control and with body shots, backs AJ up. AJ and Elias clash again, with Styles being sent out the ring. We go to break.
When we return from the break Elias is firmly in control. Elias punches Styles, who's seated on the top turnbuckle. Elias begins his ascent, but Styles slips down and out from between Elias' legs, then takes him down. Elias recovers and both men clash in the middle of the ring, exchanging a combination of blows. Styles starts to get the lead until Elias responds with a one-handed chokeslam, similar to Jaxson Ryker's chokeslam. We get a repeat as our commentary team states that Ryker's helping Elias train. Elias fails to pick up the pin. Elias wastes too much time and Styles takes charge. Styles drops Elias, then takes up position on the apron. AJ hesitates for a moment, and sells his arm possibly being injured. He launches himself across the ring, going for the Phenomenal Forearm--but Elias catches him with a jumping knee strike that catches Styles under the chin! Elias covers but only gets a two. Elias fails to keep control; Styles with a snap suplex. Styles off the ropes with a strike. Styles quickly catches Elias, sets it up and hits the Styles Clash!
Your Winner, AJ Styles!

After the Match: the Omos Strikes Back

As Styles is celebrating in the ring, Jaxson Ryker comes up behind him, guitar in hand and ready to strike. Streaking out of nowhere is Omos, who hits a big boot that just obliterates the guitar! Ryker flees the ring and Omos stands watch over his friend, Styles. Ryker and Elias look on in shock from the speed and power of Omos.

WWE Network Exclusive: Charlotte Flair

We see a clip from a "network exclusive" in which Charlotte Flair declares for the Royal Rumble, stating that she won it once, she can do it again.

Backstage w/ the Big Show and Matt Riddle

We return from a break and find Matt Riddle backstage with the Big Show, and Riddle tries to sell him on another of his wonky ideas that he's had as of late, pitching "The Big Bro." Riddle sings the pitch to "Well, it's the Big Show.." theme. Big Show sings it, too, and Riddle compliments him for his pipes. Riddle left and Orton showed up, confront Big Show. Orton accused the Big Show of not having the guts to go back out into the ring with the Legend-Killer. We go back to the ring for our tag match.

Match: Asuka & Charlotte Flair w/ Ric Flair vs Lacey Evans & Peyton Royce

Out comes the Nature Boy with his daughter the Queen. They make their way to the ring. The match comes up next after this commercial break. See the segment immediately above for what happened when we immediately returned (Big Show/Riddle/Orton). Asuka makes her way out as our Women's Tag Team Champions are set for action. Out comes Royce with a new outfit, new purple hair and new theme music and seemingly a new attitude as she flaunts her posterior/new outfit at the viewers. She awaits Lacey Evans, who comes out wearing a polka-dotted outfit and a trucker cap. We see a previously-recorded promo from Evans & Royce, who say that Asuka & Flair are the standard to which all teams will be compared. They then slightly bicker about which of them will be a legend, and Lacey has a Lacey the Legend hat on. We set up with Flair and Royce in the ring.
Flair immediately drops Royce after the bell rings. Royce tags in Lacey Evans as they're practically in their corner. Evans waves at Ric Flair and says hello to him; Charlotte with a suplex. Flair attempts to get Evans in position for a Figure Four, but Evans escapes and tags in Royce. Royce throws fists at Flair and yells at her. Her offense doesn't last, however, as Charlotte takes control for a few moments. Flair with a back drop suplex. Flair again looking perhaps for a leg pick, and Royce takes control again. Royce tags in Evans, who fails to contain Flair. Flair tags in Asuka who hits the ring fast, taking down both Royce and Evans. She fights both women off as the ref gives them some lateral here. Asuka attempts a German Suplex but Royce blocks it with a back elbow. Asuka strikes Royce, then climbs up. Royce runs over and smacks Asuka. Outside the ring, Charlotte Flair gets to the floor with her father and confronts Lacey Evans, who's over by him. Charlotte and Evans break out into a brawl at ringside and the ref allows it as we head to break.
Back from the break and Lacey Evans has Asuka in the heels corner. Evans with a submission on Asuka, mounting her side and rolling to her back as she yanks on the arm. Evans extends an arm and Royce tags in. Royce with a kick. Royce tosses Asuka across the match and grins, loving being in control over the champ. Evans is tagged in and hits a snapmare. Evans locks in a rear arm hold and chin lock. Asuka refuses to submit, so Lacey bangs her face into the canvas three times before the ref warns her off. Evans tags in Peyton Royce.
Asuka throws fists and legs, fighting Royce backwards, towards the champ's partner. Royce tries to stop her momentum but Asuka makes the hot tag! Flair comes in and hits a snap suplex. Flair with a chop. Evans is tagged in and Flair continues her momentum, dropping Evans with a suplex of her own. Flair with a big Flair Chop. Evans makes a quick tag to Royce. Flair takes both women down then climbs up top. Asuka slaps her leg, tagging herself in. Flair hits a moonsault off the top onto both Evans & Royce! Asuka comes in and attempts to take them both down. Evans battles up and takes down both of the champs, then lays on the apron and calls Ric Flair "Daddy" and hits on him. Again, Charlotte Flair cockblocks attacks Evans off her own distraction. They take it back in the ring. Flair is now legal. The pace picks up as we approach the end. Flair ducks a roundhouse by Peyton Royce, who's now legal. Flair runs off the ropes--and Ric Flair grabs her feet, tripping her up! Royce quickly covers Charlotte and picks up the win!
Your Winners, Peyton Royce & Lacey Evans!

After the Match

Our commentary team comment on the "miscue" between Ric and his daughter, and call him a wheelin' dealin' sonuva gun. Ric tries to placate his daughter with a smile and feigns innocence. Charlotte gets out of the ring and in Ric's face. She angrily stares at him and tells him to stay out of her business, and stay out of her way. She asks if he understands and he nods yes. She then tells him to GTFO, and he does.

Backstage w/ Sheamus & Drew McIntyre

Drew's warming up backstage when Sheamus comes up. They talk about the title defense later tonight. Sheamus asks Drew to do him a favor and after he beats Keith Lee later, to give him an extra kick to the head for Sheamus. Drew chuckles and assures Sheamus that he'll do whatever it takes to retain his title. Up walks Hulk Hogan & Jimmy Hart! Hogan starts off. "Now let me tell you somethin', brother, I'm your number one fan, big fella," he tells Sheamus! He tells Drew next that he's so excited for this title match and he wishes Drew all the luck in the world. He says Drew's been taking his vitamins and saying his prayers. He praises Drew as a great champion and praises him for holding the WWE flag up high. He says that Drew reminds him of himself. Drew thanks him for the compliment. He says if he (McIntyre) reminds him (Hogan) of himself (Hogan), then doesn't Sheamus remind them of Jimmy Hart? Hart says he can see it. They call Sheamus the "mouth of the south" of Ireland. Sheamus denies it and is going out for a drink, and takes Hart with him. Hogan says he's got just one question for you--and Drew does Hogan's bit at first, then with him, asking Keith Lee what he's gonna do when Drew McIntyre, and Hulkamania, and all their fans run wild on him.

Match: Riddle vs Bobby Lashley

After a break, we return to the ring and out comes the Original Bro, Riddle! We get clips from last week that set up this match, where Jeff Hardy was defeated by Bobby Lashley with the Hurt Lock. Lashley took a little too long to break the hold and Riddle charged the ring to save his friend. Lashley comes out next with the Hurt Business. We waste no time in getting to this match.
Lashley's power is showcased in this match as he hammers Riddle with big strikes and tosses Riddle around the ring. Every time Riddle attempts to mount some offense, Lashley uses his brute strength to regain control. After a few minutes of this Riddle, pressed against the ropes, desperately uses his legs to head-scissors flip Lashley outside to the floor. Byron points out that if this were the Royal Rumble, Lashley would've been eliminated. Riddle looks worn out as he gets to the floor. Lashley wastes no time in recovering and running Riddle over at ringside. We go to another break.
When we return, Lashley is still firmly in control. Saxton and Phillips inform us that despite Riddle attempting to fight back, Lashley has just dominated. In the ring, Riddle escapes and runs off the ropes, looking once again to get some offense going. Lashley crushes Riddle with a clothesline that drops the Original Bro down hard and leaves him looking stunned. Lashley kneels behind Riddle and grabs Riddle by the skull and jaw and applies a headlock. Riddle gets a "bro bro bro" chant from the crowd and tries to Hulk Up, but Lashley yet again shuts it down. Lashley whips Riddle into a corner. Lashley charges the corner but Riddle sidesteps and Lashley throws on the brakes. Lashley takes Riddle to another corner and just tosses him down like a doll. Lashley motions for Riddle to get up, then charges at Riddle when he does. Riddle counters with a kick to the back of the head. Riddle catches Lashley in the corner and hits a running strike. Riddle tries to set up a grapple but MVP yells strategy to Lashley, and Lashley catches Riddle with a suplex. Riddle fights back, though, and hits a sequence ending in a Bro-ton! Lashley doesn't go down that easily, though, and Lashley comes back with the Dominator in the middle of the ring! Lashley stands tall over Riddle, taunting the crowd as it screams boos. Lashley locks in the Hurt Lock on Riddle and and Riddle taps but the ref didn't see it as he was out of position! Lashley argues with the ref as does MVP; Riddle recovers on the ground and rolls up Lashley, picking up the surprise win! After the match, Lashley & MVP are in shock and try to convince the ref of what happened.
Your Winner, Riddle!

Backstage w/ Mark Henry and Ricochet

Henry's using a leg-scooter as his left knee rests on it and he slowly moves backstage. Ricochet and Henry exchange some encouraging words. Ricochet quickly moves off and in comes Orton. Orton declares himself for the Royal Rumble and mocks Henry for not being able to compete in the Rumble. Orton babbles on to Henry, then asks him how fast Henry's scooter can go. Henry says he hopes it can go fast enough to get him away from Orton. Orton then recalls when Henry hit Orton with the World's Strongest Slam over and over and over and over. Orton says that he has a low of receipts for Henry, but tonight he's going to give him a pass--if Henry scoots his ass on out of here now. Henry, head bowed, begins to slowly scoot himself away. Orton repeatedly yells at him to get out of there, disrespecting the Legend as we go to break.

Moments Ago on Raw

We return from the break and we get replays of Lashley with the Hurt Lock on Riddle. Riddle attempts to use the ropes to spring out of it and thrashes about, but can't escape so he taps. The ref was out of position and didn't see it, and Riddle used the distraction of Lashley arguing with the ref to roll him up and steal the win.

Backstage w/ Charly Caruso and MVP & Bobby Lashley

Charly asks them about what they just saw. MVP is upset and points out multiple times that Riddle tapped out. Lashley says its okay because next time he sees Riddle, he's gonna hurt him.

Match: Mandy Rose Dana Brooke vs Shayna Baszler

We go back to the ThunderDome and out comes Mandy Rose, also sporting a newer theme. As Mandy makes her way down to the ring, we get clips from last week but it's interrupted as Shayna ambushes Rose from behind real-time on the ramp. Baszler throws Rose down the ramp and into the side barricade. The ref comes down and yells at her to get in the ring. Baszler sends Rose hard into the barricade then gets in the ring. Dana Brooke runs down to check on her partner Mandy Rose. Dana gets in the ring as Rose is down, and yells for Baszler to fight her instead. The ref has no problem with the audible so here we go! Baszler and Brooke spar very, very briefly. Baszler attempts to submit Dana Brooke, but Brooke uses her strength to roll their bodies and hold Baszler's shoulders down, picking up the win in an incredibly quick match!
Your Winner, Dana Brooke!

Backstage w/ Ric Flair, IRS, Molly and Randy Orton

Ric Flair is talking to two people, one of which is Irwin R. Scheister (thanks Ferret) and the other Molly Holly (thanks SDJones) when Orton walks up. Orton tells Flair it's been a long time since he last saw him. He says Flair should walk down with him to the ring again like the old days. Flair angrily talks to Orton, angry that Orton tried to take him out more than once and even came after Flair's title years ago. Yet still, Flair supported Orton and believed him only for Flair to punt kick him back in the spring. Orton reminds Flair of the punt and says he sees a man in front of him who talks like Ric Flair and looks like Ric Flair, but he's not the man that Orton knew. Orton says that Flair isn't the man he used to be and is nothing more than a pathetic old man and everyone knows it. Orton walks off and Flair looks like someone farted. We go to break.

Previously on Raw: Sheamus vs Keith Lee

We get a highlight package that showed us where Keith Lee defeated Sheamus last week with the Spirit Bomb to win a shot at the WWE Title tonight.

Backstage w/ Keith Lee & Riddle

Riddle walks up to Lee and says that he (Riddle) is good luck as he just beat Lashley. He tells Lee that Lee doesn't need any luck, and calls him a big beautiful man. Riddle says its a new year, and will have a new champion, and walks off hyped up. The entire time, Lee just uses resistance bands and lets Riddle babble on.

Match: Randy Orton vs Jeff Hardy

We once again return to the ThunderDome and Orton makes his way out to massive boos from the digital audience. Orton glances around at the ringside, and Michael Cole from Earth 2 aka Tom Phillips wonders if Orton's looking for the Fiend. They build up Hardy, Orton's opponent, and give props to his resume, including the brutal Hell in a Cell match these two opponents had just a couple of years ago. Orton stares and Saxton tells us those are the eyes of a Legend Killer. They seem to be taking their sweet time with his entrance, almost as if stalling. Orton has no problem standing on the ropes and posing as pyro goes off around him from the ceiling. Finally out comes Jeff Hardy to a hyped up digital crowd. Hardy doesn't have face paint on. He stands on the ropes as his own pyro goes off and he smiles and points at the ThunderDome screens. Both men square up and the bell rings.
Both men lock up. Orton slaps on a headlock and Hardy backs Orton into the corner. The ref counts for a warning and Orton releases Hardy, who backs up. Orton jabs Hardy in the eye with a thumb when the ref is out of position. Our commentary team tells us this is the most evil iteration of Orton that they've ever seen. In the ring, Orton slams Hardy down. Orton sends Hardy out of the ring and slams Hardy face first into the announcer's table! And again, and again, and again! Orton picks up Hardy and hits a form of a Urinage onto the announcer's table! Orton rolls into the ring and out to reset the ref's count. Orton takes Hardy back inside and covers for a two, because winning by pin is greater than winning by count-out. We're reminded that all night, Orton's tried to intimidate the Legends in attendance tonight. In the ring, Orton works on Hardy's left arm, yanking it behind Hardy and twisting on the shoulder and wrist. Hardy up to his feet in the corner and tries to fight out of it. Orton comes in to shut it down, closing the distance. Hardy counters and Orton goes into the turnbuckle. Hardy is slow up and takes Orton into the corner. Orton takes control back quickly, and knocks down Hardy. Orton stands on Hardy's left arm and leaps up, landing down on it. Hardy shakes his arms like he's being electrocuted. Again, Orton stands on and stomps down on Hardy's arm. Orton pulls Hardy up; Hardy hits a neck breaker and heads up top. Orton wisely rolls out of the ring, so Hardy changes it up and flies out of the ring, taking Orton down at ringside. We go to commercial with both men down and the ref counting!
We're back from the break and Orton has Hardy wrapped up. Orton grabs Hardy by the head and slams him backwards and down onto the mat, and covers for a two. Orton locks in a head lock then grabs Hardy by his earlobe, just like two years ago, and grabs Hardy by both ear lobes! Orton his fingers through the enlarged lobes of Hardy, tugging his ears back wickedly. Orton releases him and stomps Hardy in the chest and face, then casually runs and rebounds off the ropes to hit a leaping knee drop on Hardy. Orton attempts a pin but gets nothing, and locks a headlock on Hardy. Hardy slowly crawls over to the ropes and grabs the bottom one. Orton is forced to break the hold, and Hardy's coughing down on the mat. Orton pulls Hardy up; Jeff grabs Orton's head and hits a jawbreaker! Orton no-sells it and takes Hardy over, looking for the Hangman DDT but Hardy escapes. A fast sequence ensues, in which Hardy gets his second wind and streaks around the ring, dropping Orton. Hardy goes for the Whisper in the Wind. Hardy fails to pick up the pin fall and both men are down. Hardy is up first and throws Orton out of the ring. Hardy follows and throws him into the barricade, then sends Orton back in. Hardy climbs the ropes, looking for the Swanton, but Orton moves as Hardy leaps. Hardy lands on his feet but grabs his lower back and limps a bit. Orton takes advantage, setting Hardy up again over hte middle rope and hitting his Hangman DDT. Orton gets down on the mat, slamming his fists, calling for the RKO. Hardy quickly hops up and tries to pin Orton. Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate but Orton counters it into an RKO and picks up the win! Phillips tells us that the Legend Killer defeated another Legend.
Your Winner, Randy Orton!

Backstage w/ the Lucha House Party and Melina

We see the LHP walking backstage when they come up on Melina! They ask her if she's there for the Lucha Legends Night. She starts a "Lucha!" chat and they carry it on as they walk down the hall.

Tag Team Match: the Hurt Business (Shelton Benjamin & Cedric Alexander) vs the Lucha House Party

The Raw Tag Team Champions, the Hurt Business, make their way out first with MVP. After a commercial, MVP has joined commentary. The Hurt Business stand with their titles over their shoulders as their opponents--the Lucha House Party, or LHP--make their way out to the ring! Lince Dorado and Gran Metallik come out, hyped up after meeting Melina. Tom Cole wonders if this is the year of the LHP. We see a previously-recorded promo from the LHP, in which they tell us that after their match, the Hurt Business can stay mad in 2021 as the LHP will be ringing the New Year in with all the legends. We return to the ring. Shelton Benjamin and Gran Metallik will be starting things off for us.
Benjamin gains the upper hand early on, using his technical skill and strength to limit Metallik. Metallik tries to get some offense in but Benjamin shuts him down with a big Powerbomb. Benjamin holds onto Metallik's arm and tags in Cedric Alexander. Alexander looks for the Lumbar Check but Metallik flips over and tags in Lince Dorado. Dorado takes down Alexander, but Alexander immediately drops Lince and pounds Dorado in the back of the head. MVP yells advice, screaming "don't play with him!" Alexander listens and strikes Dorado. Dorado escapes and tags in Metallik and Alexander tags in Benjamin. Benjamin and Alexander begin to have issues as Alexander tags himself in and Benjamin is not happy. Benjamin gets out on the apron and tags himself in. This goes on for a few moments. LHP uses this to their advantage, stealing the win with a roll-up.
Your Winners, the Lucha House Party!

After the Match: the Hurt Business

MVP tells Benjamin and Alexander that they've got to get their acts together and asks whats wrong with them. He tries to encourage them to patch it up. Benjamin and Alexander argue, and Alexander walks off. Note: Tom Cole mistakenly said that the LHP won the Raw tag team titles.

Backstage w/ Angel Garza, Torrie Wilson, Nikki Cross, and Others

Garza comes up with his rose and tries to hit on Torrie Wilson. Torrie tells him that Cardi B, a Jenner, and Ariana Grande are in a room just down the hall and as she's having a conversation with Cross, he should go talk to them. She thinks Cardi B would love him. Garza goes into the room and its dark, with dark red light filling it. Inside is the Boogeyman, eating worms, and trying to freak out Garza! Garza tries to flee the room--and is ambushed by R-Truth outside, who rolls him up with a ref present to win the 24/7 title back! (Random fact: there have now been 130 title reigns, with R-Truth holding the record at 46 times)
Your Winner and NEW 46-Time 24/7 Champion, R-Truth!

Main Event WWE Championship Match: Drew McIntyre(c) vs Keith Lee

The champ makes his way out first, ready for this battle with Keith Lee. After the break, Lee makes his way down, hyped up and ready to fight, his war face firmly in place. Lee gets in the ring and stares at Drew, then does his usual moves. We see all the Legends up on the entrance ramp to watch the match. The announcements are made, the belt's held up, the kilt is removed and we get underway! The ref stands between them, arms spread, checking to see if they're ready then the bell rings.
Both powerful men lock up, jockeying for power but neither getting the upper hand as their strength seems equal. Lee and McIntyre are pushed back against the ropes so the ref calls for the break. Lee pushes McIntyre back into a corner and tries to close in; McIntyre sits up on the turnbuckle and the ref breaks it again. Lee and McIntyre clash again, both powerhouses trying to gain control. Lee hip tosses McIntyre. Both men stare at each other and McIntyre goes off the ropes, showcasing his own athleticism but Lee catches him and drops him! Both men stands up and Lee smacks McIntyre, yelling "this is a championship match!" McIntyre slaps Lee and calls him Susan (bonus points if you get the reference) and both men start to finally fight it out. Lee catches Drew with a huge punch to the jaw and McIntyre goes out the ropes. Drew comes back in, rubbing his chin. Both men lock up. McIntyre gets the upper hand and gets Lee down to a knee. McIntyre knocks Lee down and hits a leaping knee drop. McIntyre gets Lee in the corner and hits a huge, and loud, open-handed chop to the chest. Lee and McIntyre jockey again for a brief moment until Lee sends McIntyre out of the ring. Lee heads outside and McIntyre catches him with a jab but Lee is unphased. Lee throws McIntyre around the outside area then borrows a page out of Strowman's book, and runs around and runs over McIntyre. McIntyre flies over the barricade and into the digital audience as we go to break.
Back from the break. Lee and Drew are both staggering a bit. We see that during the Lee continued to keep control. In the ring, Lee throws the champ around. The champ is kept down on a knee by the Limitless one. McIntyre tries to fight back up, throwing fists that seemingly have little effect on Keith Lee. Lee takes McIntyre down with ease. Again, McIntyre stands and throws fists at Lee and again, Lee isn't phased. Lee with a big scoop slam on the champion! Beautiful scoop slam that gets a replay. Drew uses the ropes to get to his feet. Lee grabs Drew by a fistful of hair and Drew hangs on to the rope. Drew with a clubbing blow to the champ. Lee with a side slam and covers but only gets two. We see the Legends and Hall of Famers seated in chairs at the top of the ramp, watching the action. Lee continues to control the pace in the ring. McIntyre gets his second wind, though, and fights out of the corner. McIntyre with some big chops. McIntyre tries to hit a belly to belly suplex but can't get him up. Lee fights him off with fists but again the champ tries to suplex the Leegionnaire but can't. Lee smirks with confidence. The champ surprises the challenger with a snap suplex toss! Lee flies across the ring! McIntyre sets up for the Claymore but Lee side steps it. Attempted Crucifix but McIntyre rolls up Lee for a two. McIntyre charges Lee and Lee pops him up high then slams him down in a wicked spot. Lee covers and we almost have a new champion! McIntyre wisely rolls out of the ring but Lee exits to the apron to follow. The ref and Lee argue, and McIntyre uses that distraction to stand beneath Lee and between his legs, and Powerbomb tosses him off the apron and into the side of the announce table! We go to another break with the ref checking on the contender.
And we're back from the break! Tom Cole calls this one of the most physical battles in recent history. Keith Lee seems to have recovered from that huge blow to his head. Lee drops McIntyre with a slam and covers but the champ kicks out. Lee pulls him up and takes the champion down again hard, covering for another two. We see the Legends, still watching from the ramp. Lee pulls McIntyre up and goes for a clothesline; McIntyre counters it, wraps up Lee's arm and attempts a backslide. Both men stand back to back, arms locked, each trying to backslide the other. Lee turns them around and looks for a spear or sidewalk slam but McIntyre counters it into the Future Shock DDT! Drew covers but Lee pops the shoulder up! Both men are exhausted. Drew crawls his way to the corner and up to the top turnbuckle as Lee makes his way to his feet. Lee punches McIntyre in the side to stop the champ. Lee climbs up to the middle rope. Lee with clubbing blows to the back of McIntyre. Lee climbs up to the top rope! Both men are standing on the top ropes! Lee hits the Spanish Fly off the top in an incredibly impressive spot! Lee covers the champion! One, two...no! McIntyre kicks out!
Both men get to their feet. Lee's looking to put away the champion for good. McIntyre kicks the challenger in the gut then hits a brutal spinebuster and holds the legs for a jack-knife cover but only gets a two! McIntyre posts up in the corner, holding his ribs, yelling for Keith Lee to get up over and over. Lee makes it to a knee. McIntyre charges and goes for the Claymore but Lee catches him in mid-air! Lee pulls McIntyre up high, ready for the Spirit Bomb, but McIntyre slips out. McIntyre runs off the ropes; Lee goes for the clothesline but McIntyre ducks. McIntyre comes off the opposite ropes and quickly hits the Claymore, covering for the victory!
Your Winner and STILL WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre!

After the Match: A Surprise Return

After the match, Drew gets a mic. Just as he goes to speak we hear the familiar drums and out comes Goldberg! The digital crowd breaks into a loud "Goldberg! Goldberg! Goldberg!" chant! Drew gives the mic to Goldberg when he gets in the ring.
Goldberg compliments Drew as a champ and tells him he's got everything he needs--"You got size, you got athleticism...but the one thing that you don't got is respect." He stands toe to toe with the champ who smirks at his snarky comment. Goldberg says that he's heard what McIntyre's said and accuses McIntyre of looking at the Legends and says that McIntyre thinks the Legends are all washed up and that McIntyre at this point in his career is better than any of them. Goldberg says that this is where he steps in, because it's about respect. Goldberg says not to think that he's coming out here and demanding anything; he says "no sir, I'm coming to challenge you...at the Royal Rumble." McIntyre gets on the mic and says he didn't expect any of that. He says that he didn't disparage the Legends and he thinks Goldberg is trying to get in his head. He says that everyone knows he's all about respect. He says that Goldberg twenty years ago, Goldberg was a big indestructible monster "full of piss and taking everybody out. Think about that guy!" He then says that Goldberg twenty years ago couldn't beat McIntyre now and fighting Goldberg would be like fighting his own dad. Goldberg laughs and says "your dad, huh?" McIntyre's music plays and Goldberg shoves the champ hard, sending him falling back and landing on his butt--and our program ends before he even hits the ground. Two weeks in a row that they end on an odd note.

In Closing

Very good episode of Raw, but having Orton do nothing but berate the Legends without them every giving the Viper his comeuppance was very odd. A surprise twist with McIntyre's opponent but it could be good, right? The main event was a great match and certainly worth watching. That does it for tonight, folks. Thanks for tuning in for our coverage of Raw: Legends Night! Y'all stay warm, stay frosty, and stay safe--and come back Wednesday night for New Year's Evil!

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