WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (11/02/2020) - ThunderDome, Orlando, FL

Welcome one and all to Monday Night Raw! I'm your host for the evening, Mike Hogan and we've got our official Raw preview filled with info about tonight!

We can expect non-title tag team matches as The Hurt Business has Shelton Benjamin & Cedric Alexander taking on The New Day, and we'll also see Big & Nasty in a non-title bout against Dana Brooke & Mandy Rose. We're also expected to see more Team Raw members announced, Jeff Hardy battles Elias in a Guitar on a Pole match and WWE Champion Randy Orton prepares for whomever is next to come after the Apex Predator! No time to waste so let's get to it! Sorry for posting the preview late in the day but the show is now under way!

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (11/02/2020) - ThunderDome, Orlando, FL

Previously on Raw: Orton/McIntyre/The Fiend

We open with a video package showcasing last week's events in which Randy Orton had to deal with threats from Drew McIntyre and the Fiend. We get a quick narration that lets us know that Orton's got a big target on his back. We start with our new theme and cut to the ThunderDome!

In the Ring: Randy Orton

We waste no time in getting to the WWE Champion, who makes his way down to the ring. We're reminded that if Randy Orton is still the WWE Champion, he'll face Roman Reigns at Survivor Series. Orton holds his belt up in the middle of the ring as our digital audience boos and gives him thumbs down.
Orton gets on the mic and tells us that eight days ago, he became the WWE Champion and is now a fourteen-time world champion. He states that eight days ago, he proved that he is the best of the best. "But nononono...best of the best, that doesn't do me any justice now does it? I'm not just the best of the best, I proved eight days ago that I am the best. Period. I'm better than Edge. i am better than the Undertaker. I am better than Shawn Michaels, John Cena, and more importantly I'm better than Drew McIntyre!" He goes on to tell us how he's better than everyone in the back/locker room. He points out that he's a third-generation wrestler and addresses accusations that management "chose" him and Triple H protected him earlier in his career. He tells us that he is in the position he's in because "I am the best." The crowd drowns him in boos at this. He goes on to tell us he's more than a legend killer, he is the legend. He then looks up the ramp and tells us that he doesn't care who wants their shot, be it Roman Reigns, the Taker, the Fiend, he doesn't care--he tells them to come and get it. So out comes Alexa Bliss with her hair up and wearing a black dress. She wears two white gloves, one with "pain" and one with "play" written on them (similar to the Fiend's gloves).
Alexa poses in the ring with her hands beneath her chin, smiling at Orton for about a minute. Finally she speaks and says "he could be here!" SHe laughs and holds her arms up as the red lighting floods the arena and the Fiend's screaming sound plays. Orton looks around as Bliss laughs, desperately looking for the Fiend. The music/sound stops as do the red lights, and Orton turns around in time to eat a spear from Drew McIntyre! Drew leans over a fallen Randy and tells him "I dare you to give me my rematch" and promises to make Orton's life a living hell. Then suddenly...

The Miz Cashes in his Money in the Bank Contract!

Miz & Morrison hand the briefcase to the ref and tell the announcer to let everyone know that the Miz is cashing in his Money in the Bank contract! The announcement happens but Drew McIntyre attacks the Miz & Morrison, beating them out of the ring and telling them not this time! It looks like the cash-in did not occur. Damn. McIntyre heads up the ring as Orton begins to come to and we go to our first commercial!

Earlier Tonight: Miz Attempts to Cash-In MITB

In case we forgot over the last two and a half minutes, the Miz attempted to cash-in his MitB contract but Drew McIntyre stopped him.

Backstage w/ The Miz & Morrison

The Miz and Morrison are angrily walking backstage. An interviewer comes up and Miz goes off, calling Drew a petty petulant child. He yells that he didn't officially cash it in as Drew interfered. He and Morrison both angrily cut a promo on Drew, and both promise for some retribution (my word, not theirs). Morrison then challenges Drew to a 2-on-1 Handicap for later tonight.

Guitar on a Pole Match: Jeff Hardy vs Elias

We cut back to the arena, where Elias sits in a chair in a darkened arena with a spotlight on him. Elias says that there comes a time in every man's life when he must admit a truth to himself. He claims that when Jeff Hardy ran him over a few months ago, it was proof that Elias' career had surpassed Hardy's. He promotes his album, which hit number one on some iTunes sub-chart. Elias says that when he was asked about a guitar on a pole match, he thought it was crazy as he's making hit after hit after hit. He then realized that he can do art in a different way when he climbs the ladder, retrieves his guitar from the pole, and smashes Jeff Hardy across the back--and it may be his "greatest hit, ever!" He then starts his single, "Amen," wanting to do an acoustic version before the match. He gets two lines into the first verse when Jeff Hardy's music plays and out comes the rainbow candy-cane decorated Hardy (his face paint and arm sleeves, seriously, check it out). He gets in the ring as the announcers recap last week, when AJ Styles defeated Jeff Hardy...and Elias hit Jeff with a "smash hit" aka a guitar to the back when he didn't expect it. Later in the night, Elias lost to Keith Lee and Jeff Hardy attacked him with a guitar to return the kindness shown earlier. The bell rings and we get started!
Jeff Hardy goes for the guitar, which is suspended on a pole about six feet above the top turnbuckle. Elias pulls him off, then goes after it himself. Hardy stops him and takes the action outside. Hardy charges along the ringside and uses the steel steps to launch into a flying senton smash on Elias, flooring the primetime rocker! Hardy begins to climb the turnbuckles, reaching for the guitar, but Elias blocks him by throwing a stool from outside the ring and nailing Jeff down! We got o break!
We're back live on Monday Night Raw and Elias is stomping away at Jeff in the corner. Elias pulls Jeff up, whips him into the ropes and hits a back elbow that floors Hardy. Hardy slips out of an attempted suplex and runs for the guitar, only to be intercepted by Hardy. Both men slow down and begin slugging it out in the corner by the guitar. Elias takes the advantage and nails a chop. Elias with another, very painful-looking chop that sends Jeff onto the ropes. Elias pulls Hardy up and whips him into the ropes, then goes for a right. Hardy ducks, but Elias whips him back into the ropes and hits a knee to Hardy's face when he rebounds. Both men are down. Elias begins to crawl to the corner, then climbs up. Hardy gets up quick and yanks Elias' foot down, flooring both men.
Hardy and Elias rise about the same time, and Hardy starts a flurry of fists as he mounts some office. Hardy hits the atomic drop combination with a double leg drop and then a jumping elbow, all in quick succession! Hardy moves back to the corner and climbs the turnbuckles. Elias is up fast and punches Hardy in the back, then sets him up in the electric chair. Hardy escapes and nails a Twist of Fate! Hardy removes his shirt and starts to climb the turnbuckles. Hardy's hand touches the guitar but Elias grabs his leg. Hardy stomps at Elias, sending him back, and retrieves the guitar! Hardy dives off the top and hits a guitar smash onto Elias' head, and covers for the win!
Your Winner, Jeff Hardy!

WWE Women's Tag Team Championship Match: Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke vs Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler(c)

We return from break and Rose & Brooke make their way out to the ring. This is now, apparently, a tag team championship match after all! We get a quick recap of the fatal four-way last week in which Lana stole the win and is now the fifth woman on Women's Team Raw! Jax, for the sixth week in a row, put Lana through the table (despite being future teammates). Brooke and Rose wear matching-pattern and color ring wear. Out next are the Women's Tag Team Champions, Big & Nasty, Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler! We're reminded that both of these teams are unbeaten since being drafted to Raw way back 3 weeks ago. Lana makes her way out to the ring to support all four women, who are joining her on Women's Team Raw. The announcers question how exactly Lana will get in good with her teammates as the action begins.
Mandy Rose and Nia Jax start off fast. Jax's power is fully on display as she easily lifts and presses Rose. Rose makes a tag in to Brooke but Jax doesn't see it. Brooke attacks Jax from behind, taking her knee out and attempts a cover. Baszler comes in and breaks it up, then hops back out in time to get the tag in. Baszler comes in hot on Brooke, and Brooke tags in Rose. Shayna hits a snap suplex on Rose. Baszler yells at Lana to keep her mouth shut and questions why she's out there, at ringside, and Rose uses the distraction to tag in Brooke. Brooke is all over Baszler like white on rice, taking the former NXT Women's Champion tot ask! Brooke attacks Baszler in the northeast corner, then whips her into the opposite corner. Brooke suplexes her out and gets a very close two before Baszler escapes! Rose is down at ringside after a brief encounter with the Women's tag champs. Baszler again is distracted by Lana and Brooke, again, attempts to take advantage of it. Baszler locks the Kirifuda Clutch on Brooke! Lana gets up on the apron to distract her and when Baszler comes over to confront her, Brooke rolls her up! Brooke gets a very close two. Baszler pops out of it and slaps on another Kirifuda Clutch, and Brooke taps out.
Your Winners and STILl Women's Tag Team Champions, Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler!

Backstage w/ Charly Caruso & Randy Orton

Charly asks Orton that, with a big target on his back, if he thinks he'll be able to hold on to his WWE Championship. Orton tells her that people in the WWE forget how easy it is for the hunters to become the hunted. He says that Drew McIntyre needs a reminder, and it's going to come sooner or later, in the form of the three most dangerous letters in wrestling--V..K..M

In the Ring: R-Truth & Interviewer Sarah

R-Truth makes his way down to the ring, doing his call-and-return with the digital audience. He carries a big sports bottle with him. Sarah asks R-Truth about his thoughts on his match tonight with Bobby Lashley. R-Truth tells Sarah that she's mistaken, he's supposed to see Bobby Boucher (from The Water Boy) and is upset that he won't have anyone to sign his water bottle. Out comes his opponent!

Match: Bobby Lashley vs R-Truth

Lashley comes out, escorted by MVP, and the Lashley vs Sami Zayn/US vs IC title match will take place at the Survivor Series. Both champs hand the ref their belts and ready up. R-Truth tells Lashley "you're a champion, I'm a champion, it's a non-title match. T here's no need for anybody to get hurt. Yo, dawg, check this out!" R-Truth lays on the ground and tells Lashley to pin him. Lashley tells him to get up repeatedly. Truth tries to tell him just to pin him. Lashley reaches down and tries to pull up R-Truth, who kicks Lashley in the face. Truth mounts a few seconds of offense, but Lashley takes him down with a spear then applies the Hurt Lock (full nelson) on Truth and puts him to sleep.
Your Winner, Bobby Lashley!

After the Match

Drew Gulak runs down to the ring and attempts to cover R-Truth (in an effort to win the 24/7 title while Truth is asleep). Lashley yanks Gulak off R-Truth and puts him to sleep with the Hurt Lock, then throws the unconscious Gulak on top of R-Truth. The ref is forced to count the pin.
Your Winner and NEW 24/7 Champion, an unconscious Drew Gulak

After the Match, Part Deux

Lashley gets back in the ring and looks over both fallen men, mulling things over, then climbs out the ring and heads up the ramp!

Backstage w/ the Lucha House Party

Lince Dorado and Gran Metallik quickly discuss running out to get Gulak and steal the 24/7 title, but run into AJ Styles with his giant bodyguard, Jordan Omogbehin! They're scared off and AJ walks with his guard, heading to the ring as he's got a message for his Team Raw members. We head to break.

Backstage w/ Sarah & Nia Jax

Sarah asks Nia about her animosity towards Lana, and mentions Jax has put her through tables for a month and a half. Jax tells us that by the end of the night, Lana will either not be on Team Raw or..."as a matter of fact...(tonight) I'm going to end her career!" She walks off and we go back to the ThunderDome.

In the Ring: AJ Styles w/ Jordan Omogbehin & Team Raw

The crowd greets the Phenomenal One with a chorus of boos as AJ gets a mic in the ring. Aj tells us that this past Friday night, we learned that Smackdown isn't playing around with their team. He praises the Team Smackdown roster that's coming together. AJ then says he's not worried, because Raw has the advantage. In AJ's opinion, Smackdown lacks someone with the "intangibles to be a leader...someone who has that 'it' factor. Someone who takes a team and molds them to dominate. Someone like.....me! That's right, Captain Styles, reporting for duty!" He salutes as the boos rain down on him. "I have intangibles for days. My intangibles have intangibles. Why would you not want the captain of the 'best of the best' who is the very best?" He tells us that he's the team captain for Raw and wants to introduce us to "my team." He first introduces Sheamus who comes out to the ring. The announcers remind us that AJ is not technically the captain. AJ then announces the limitless one, Keith Lee, who comes down to the ring! Michael Cole Jr reminds us that Lee is 345lbs and can do anything in the ring, praising his size and exceptional speed.
AJ tells the two men that there's a reason he gathered them out there--"beacuse you're the best of the best! And your success is my success. I don't care who we have to go through...(on) Smackdown." He runs down superstars from Smackdown that he doesn't care if he has to fight. He's interrupted by Lee, who reminds AJ that AJ is not team captain. He tells AJ that if AJ thinks his "sizable friend" can intimidate Lee into bowing to AJ, it's not happening. AJ implores Sheamus to tell the "inexperienced" Lee how it goes. Sheamus goes on to say that he agrees with Keith Lee! He tells AJ that "you may have Lurch here," pointing to Jordan Omogbehin, and tells AJ that he's not a captain. AJ tells them they need to refer to him as Captain AJ, and tells them that they don't understand what this will do for AJ's Legacy.
Braun Strowman comes out and tells them that he's going to settle this for them--all Team Raw needs is "these hands!" He tells them that he's on their team. Keith Lee reminds him that they all had to qualify, and Strowman has to do that, too. Strowman remind Lee that he's not only been on the winning team of Survivor Series multiple times, he also holds the record for most eliminations in a rumble. He tells Lee that his (Strowman's) qualifications mean he should be team captain. He also points out that he beat Lee "clean" two weeks ago. Adam Pearce comes out and tells Braun that he'd love to have Strowman on his team but no one in the locker room wants to face Strowman. Lee tries to make a claim for the captain of the team. Sheamus interrupts Lee and tells him that he's been there for "five minutes" and has the experience to lead. AJ suggests that a triple threat between Sheamus, Keith Lee, and Braun and if Braun wins he can be added to Team Raw. Adam Pearce says that sound good and asks if there's any opposition to the idea. Sheamus agrees to the match, and Strowman growls "they don't pay me to talk" and throws his mic down. Adam Pearce has made this match official and it starts--after this commercial break!

Triple-Threat Survivor Series Qualifying Match: Braun Strowman vs Sheamus vs Keith Lee

Just a reminder: if Braun wins, he's on Team Raw. We return from break and start things right away. Sheamus and Keith Lee slug it out. Braun runs over and clotheslines Sheamus out of the ring, then whips Keith Lee into the ropes and sets up the running powerslam! Lee escapes and charges Strowman, sending him from the ring. AJ Styles is guest commentary for this match, fyi. SHeamus and Lee clash, with Lee taking advantage of his strength. Both men tie up, and Sheamus is whipped into the ropes but counters with a smack to Lee's face. Strowman drags Sheamus out of the ring and they slug it out until Keith Lee dives over the top rope and lands right on both men! He didn't get much height but he cleared the ropes! Sheamus and Lee are up first, and Sheamus punches Lee outside before slamming his head into the apron and grinding Lee's face along the mat. The ref yells at Sheamus. Sheamus and Lee begin to brawl in fron of the announcer's table until Strowman runs them both over unexpectedly! Strowman lays both men out and clears off the announcer's table. We're reminded that there's no countout or DQ in a triple threat. Strowman pulls up Lee and Sheamus and grabs them both by the neck, threatening a double chokeslam through the announcer's table! They escape and send Strowman into the steel steps. Styles doesn't approve of them using the stairs and wants them to just roll-up an opponent so as to end the match and not injure each other. Sheamus throws the steel steps at Braun, then attacks Lee from behind and sends him into the ring. Lee and Sheamus brawl back to the outside, with Lee taking control. They fight around the ring and past the announcer's table. Lee picks up Sheamus as AJ exclaims for Lee not to injure Sheamus. Sheamus struggles to prevent the attack, but Braun runs them over out of nowhere and all three crash through the barricade as we go to break.
We return from break and Strowman is doing his best to take on both Sheamus and Keith Lee. AJ again worries about the men hurting each other, but says that Braun had to earn his spot like they all did. Sheamus takes Strowman down and goes up top. Keith Lee comes up from the outside and grabs Sheamus by the throat. SHeamus fights off Lee but Strowman is up and takes the fight up the ropes to Sheamus. Lee comes back in, positions under Braun and the three big men all go flying in a suplex/electric chair drop combo! All three men, nearly a thousand pounds of meat, come crashing down on the mat! Surprisingly, the ring didn't disintegrate. Strowman and Lee are up first and Strowman goes for another low blow (like he did to Lee last week). Lee hits a running cross body on Strowman and covers for a close two. Lee begins to hoist up Strowman, but Sheamus knocks Strowman off to the outsdie and comes in to brawl with Lee. Lee blocks his offense with a standing belly-to-belly. AJ is in awe at Lee's agility and strength. Sheamus is back up and hits a big kick to Lee, covering for a close two as well. AJ exclaims how he wants all three men on Team Raw.
Sheamus knocks down Lee and sets up in the corner, calling for hte Brogue kick. Braun blocks him, and Lee attempts to pick up Strowman when Sheamus comes back in and attacks Lee with the Brogue kick. Braun takes advantage of the distraction and nails the powerslam on Sheamus, picking up the win!
Your Winner and Fourth Member of Team Raw, Braun Strowman!

After the Match: Team Raw Pep Talk

Afterwards, AJ gets in the ring with all three competitors and tells them to shake it out. HE reminds them that they're on the same team. Braun yells at Keith Lee "You don't like me and I don't like you...but I'm trying to win at Survivor Series!" Lee and Strowman shake hands and AJ is excited. He calls Sheamus to come over and Sheamus yells about hitting the Brogue Kick and Strowman stealing his win. Strowman yells "shake my hand like a man!" Sheamus slaps it...then grabs Braun and hugs him, and the two big men embrace! AJ is excited as Strowman celebrates--and Sheamus hits a Brogue kick on Strowman, sending him out of the ring! Keith Lee runs over and attacks Sheamus, sending him out of the ring. AJ runs over and dropkicks Lee, sending him from the ring, before dropping to his knees and yelling "Why did you make me do this?" AJ is very upset that his team isn't working together.

Backstage Promo: Angel Garza

Angel Garza talks to the camera and tells us that this rose is for us. We're teased a Firefly Fun House after this break!

Backstage w/ Charly & Drew McIntyre

Charly asks Drew about his actions earlier, and Drew tells Randy Orton that he's got a "6'5, handsome bodyguard...looking out for him." He tells the Fiend to back off, as well as the Miz, because Orton and the title are his. He tells us that if he gets his way, it'll be Drew McIntyre vs Roman Reigns at Survivor Series. He's asked about the challenge from the Miz & Morrison and he says that Claymores are on sale, two for one special.

Firefly Fun House

Alexa Bliss and Bray Wyatt welcome us back to the Firefly Fun House, which is brought to us by the letters "R-K-O!" Abby the witch essentially tells Randy Orton to go **** himself. Alexa tells Abby she has to put ten cents in the swear jar. Abby tells Alexa that she can go **** herself, too. Bray tells Abby she owes the jar 25 cents now! Bray goes on to talk about Orton and says that from the ashes, he can bring a brand new world that--and we cut to a video package showing Orton burning something out in the woods as Bray stares on with a solemn, creepy stare. He speaks like the Fiend and says "unfortunately, it can't be that simple...he never forgets!" Alexa then says that before they go, they've got something special. She asks Bray for his assistance and he answers "why, certainly!" He places his hand over her face and when he removes it, Alexa has an evil look and...is drooling ooze? Bray exclaims "oh shit!" and we head to break.

Match: Nia Jax (w/ Shayna Baszler) vs Lana

We return from break and waste no time in getting the Women's Tag Team Champions down to the ring. We're reminded that Jax wants to destroy Lana's career. We get a picture-in-picture video promo for Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce. They both mock Lana and her spot on Women's Team Raw. They laugh and say that she won't survive the match, nor will the announcer's table. Outside the ring, Shayna clears the announce table and prepares it for Jax/Lana. Lana now comes down to the ring. Will Lana go through the table for the seventh week in a row? We're about to find out as the bell rings!
Lana and Jax lock up, and Lana is thrown into the corner by the much-stronger Jax. Jax yells at Lana in the corner, then tosses her across the ring. She yells insults at Lana, calling her pathetic and urging her to give up. Jax with a short splash in the corner. She yells at Lana, "this is how you step up? This is how you step up?" Lana throws a few strikes but is sent across the ring by Jax. Jax toys with Lana, continuing to verbally berate her and yelling "my title!" Lana tries to mount offense, landing a few side roundhouse kicks to Jax's face. Lana charges in but Jax stands still and takes her down with a shoulder. Jax covers, but breaks the pin fall herself as hse's not done with Lana. Lana throws a few weak fists, but Jax floors her with a big headbutt. Jax yells "this is whta you wanted, you wanted to be apart of this huh? You want this, huh?" Jax hits another headbutt to the back of Lana's head, yells "this is what you want," and covers Lana but Lana kicks out. Jax continues to yell the same thing over and over to Lana, then picks her up and hits a big scoop slam. Lana groans in pain as Jax kicks at her and yells for her to quit and give up. Lana says no, and uses the ropes in the corner to get to her feet. Jax tells her she can respect that, but it ends now--and Jax hits the Samoan drop, covering for the win!
Your Winner, Nia Jax!

After the Match: Lucky Number Seven?

Jax and Baszler go back to the ring. Jax yells more at Lana, calling her a fighter, then picks Lana up and hits the Samoan drop through the announcer's table. Seventh week in a row that Lana's been put through the table. The Streak continues!

Backstage w/ R-Truth & the Hurt Business

Truth is walking back stage, a neck brace on, complaining about his neck. The Hurt Business show up and ask how his neck is. Truth hurries off the other way, and MVP holds up Truth's water bottle from earlier and tells him that they signed his water bottle for him. They laugh as he runs off and we go to commercial.

The VIP Lounge

Cedric Alexander, Shelton Benjamin, the United States Champion Bobby Lashley, and MVP all make their way down to the ring. Lashley and MVP are wearing sharp suits. We're reminded that the US champion will take on the IC champion at Survivor Series (and if they don't lose before hand, it'll be Zayn vs Lashley). The ring is set up for the VIP Lounge. MVP tells us that it's fitting that "we're all here in the VIP lounge because you must be the best of the best." He tells us that the Survivor Series is about the best, and speaking of the best...we saw Lashely decimate R-Truth. Cedric gets on the mic and says that if Sami Zayn is still the Intercontinental Champion come Survivor Series, he's going to face the best--Bobby Lashley! Lashley tells Sami that he saw him running his mouth last week. Sami has a lot to say, but Lashley only has one thing to say to Sami: "it's me and you, and I'm gonna put your ass to sleep!" MVP tells us that this brings us to tonight's business. He tells us that the Hurt Business has lived up to their end of the contract with the WWE. They've taken care of Retribution and want to collect their payment, which will be the Raw Tag Team championships! Shelton tells us that they're going to show the New Day the hurt business. The New Day come out to the top of the ramp. Xavier tells us that it's been Bob's time for quite a while now. He says that he's a big fan of the United Staes Champion and, in fact, got in trouble for staying up to see Lashley's matches when he was in sixth or seventh grade. Kofi tells Bobby that he looks "great for his age" and tells MVP the same. He tells Shelton that they've been doing it well for a long time. He turns to Cedric and...find words hard to come to, but he's sure Cedric is doing okay and will do fine. Kofi and Xavier slowly walk down the ramp, telling the Hurt Business that the New Day is the most decorated WWE World Tag Team Champion of all time. And Kofi doesn't mean to come out and toot his own horn, but he's won more championships than the entire Hurt Business combined! He runs down winning tag team championships (Xavier adds, "Plural!") and United State championships (Xavier adds, "Plural!") and Kofi had something that Lashley's never had--the WWE Championship (Xavier adds, "Single!"). MVP says that Kofi's win and run was history...but Kofi lost in eight second to Brock, and MVP thinks that Lashley could beat Kofi faster. Kofi tells us that it's ironic that he uses the term "eight seconds" because "according to Lana, that's about all the time Bobby can last for!" MVP tells the New Day that they're always about jokes and that's their problem. The New Day dresses like clowns, whereas the Hurt Business dresses like business. He says the New Day enjoys putting smiles on people's faces, but the Hurt Business wants to put grimaces on faces. He assures the New Day that they do not "want to dance with us! No no wait, I stand corrected--I happen to know for an absolute fact that Cedric and Shelton look forward to dancing with you as they two-step all over your faces and take those tag team championships from you!" Xavier asks them if they think they can defeat the ten-time...Kofi interrupts him and asks if it's nine or ten times, they've won it so much that they forget. Xavier tells MVP that he knows the New Day is a hot commodity but the Hurt Business is another failing 2020 business start-up. Kofi and Xavier tell them that the only profits they're worried about are the Street Profits who they're facing at the Survivor Series. They start a "New...Day rocks!" chant and dance on the ramp. Up next, the New Day takes on the Hurt Business!

Match: The New Day vs The Hurt Business (Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin)

We return from break and the bell rings. Cedric Alexander starts things off with Xavier Woods as MVP joins the commentary team for this match. Xavier takes Cedric down immediately with a head scissors, then parodies Bobby Lashley by hitting a long stalling suplex. We're told that Lashley is the "CEO" of the Hurt Business and left the ring to go attend to CEO business. Cedric make his way to his corner and tags in Shelton. MVP is asked why he's targeted the New Day, and he tells Byron that he wasn't paying attention obviously. Xavier tags in Shelton Benjamin. MVP reminds us that Kofi's first loss was back in 2008 against Shelton Benjamin.
Shelton takes advantage early and keeps Kofi confined to a neutral corner. Shelton tags in Cedric, who attempts a cannonball but is stopped by Kofi. Cedric sends Kingston into a corner and rains fists down on him as the ref counts and warns him. Cedric breaks it, then comes back in with a kick to the gut. Cedric smacks Kofi and sends him into the ropes. Kofi nails a drop kick and gains some separation as both men make tags. Xavier comes in hot and takes Shelton Benjamin down with kicks and fists. Xavier sends Shelton to the apron and pummels him. Cedric comes in but Xavier throws him on the middle ropes. Woods comes off the opposite ropes, slides along Cedric's back and takes out Shelton at ringside! Xavier focuses on Cedric, but Shelton nails Xavier with a knee. Xavier goes down on the outside of the ring and is whipped by Benjamin into the barricade. The ref is counting and reaches seven, so Benjamin rolls back outside to break the ref's count. MVP comments they don't want to win by count out as they get paid to inflict hurt. Shelton tags in Cedric, who pulls Xavier up and lands several rights. Xavier tries to fight back and make a tag to Kofi, but Alexander stops Xavier in his tracks with a kick to the neck. Xavier rolls on the mat in pain as the ref checks on him. Cedric drags Xavier by the foot over to the Hurt Business corner and we go to break as the ref is yelling at Cedric.
We're back from the break and Cedric Alexander is going at it with Kofi Kingston. Both men perform a series of counters, culminating with Kofi flying off the top to Cedric and following it up with a standing stomp to Cedric's chest and a pin attempt. Kofi pulls Cedric up and goes for the SOS but Cedric counters it into a Michinoku driver! Alexander hangs on to Kofi and rolls their bodies to the Hurt Business corner, tagging in Shelton. Shelton and Cedric attempt a double team Neuralizer but Kofi escapes and tags in Xavier Woods! Woods comes in and attempts a pin, then stomps at Shelton for a few. Shelton comes up and hits a spinebuster for a close two count. Benjamin is favoring his left knee. Shelton and Xavier fight in the corner, and Xavier hits a DDT off the top rope for a damn close two count! Shelton saved the match for his team. Kofi comes in and attacks, but Shelton sends him out. Shelton and Xavier brawl, with Cedric hitting a blind tag! Cedric hits the Neuralizer and Shelton hits a slam, allowing Cedric to pin Xavier and pick up the win!
Your Winners, the Hurt Business!

Backstage w/ Nikki Cross & Alexa Bliss

Cross is walking backstage when she sees Alexa with her back turned to the camera. She tells Lexi that she's been calling and texting her but hasn't heard back. Cross tells Bliss that she knows its the Fiend doing this to her, and the Bliss Cross has known for a year or longer wouldn't let the Fiend control her. Cross turns Bliss, demanding she look at her, and we see Bliss smiling with creepy contacts in. We go to break.

Match: Ricochet vs Tucker

Tucker is already in the ring, wearing black pants with a red and silver stripe, as Ricochet shows off in the ring for the end of his entrance. Ali comes down and watches, walking on top of the announcer's table and standing there to stare at the two. Ricochet hits a few kicks and puts Tucker away within a minute to pick up the very fast and easy win. RIP Tucker's career.
Your Winner, Ricochet!

Retribution Attacks

Ali gets on the apron and Slapjack, T-Bar, and Mace all storm the ring with Reckoning. Retribution sends Ricochet out the ring, then all five members begin to beat away at Tucker in the ring. Ali gives directions to Slapjack, who goes outside and throws Ricochet into the ring. All five members of Retribution surround Ricochet, and begin to circle around him as Ali talks to him. Ricochet hops up and attacks Retribution with a few punches before the numbers game takes him down. T-Bar, Mace and Slapjack pulverize Ricochet then restrain him by his arms. Ali gets in his face. Ricochet yells "why are you doing this?" Ali tells him "your sin is forgiven until it's punished" (No clue what that means). T-Bar and Mace double slam Ricochet down, and Ali stands over him as mace lays his face over Ricochet's. Ali holds up his right hand, signalling that he want a Five Dollar Foot Long, and we cut to the back.

Backstage w/ Drew McIntyre & Sheamus

Drew is walking when Sheamus comes up. They greet each other cordially and are glad to see each other. Sheamus tells Drew that he saw what happened out there earlier tonight, and Sheamus wants Drew to join their team to help them take it all the way. Sheamus implores Drew to rejoin Sheamus as the Celtic Connection. Drew says he'd love to team up with Sheamus, but he's focused on the WWE Championship and can't focus on the Survivor Series team match. Sheamus says he totally understands, and tells Drew to Claymore kick Miz back to Hollywood and to shove the MitB contract down his throat.

Main Event, Two-on-One Handicapable Match: The Miz & Morrison vs Drew McIntyre

We cut to the ring as the Miz & Morrison make their colorful entrance and we head to break. We return from the break. Drew McIntyre finishes making his way to the ring and starts things off against the Miz. In this handicapable match, the Miz & Morrison are using tag format. Miz tags in Morrison, who attacks Drew from behind and struts--only to eat a quick right from the former WWE Champion. Drew sends Morrison into the corner and hits a big chop. Drew goes for a backdrop but Morrison counters and tags in the Miz. Miz attempts to hammer Drew with fists but Drew tosses Miz into the corner and hammers him with fists, clubbing the new Money in the Bank holder into the mat. Drew hits a huge toss across the ring, and Morrison makes a blind tag on Miz. Drew hears it, though, and throws Miz across the ring before grabbing Morrison by the neck and tossing him into the ring! Miz hits a chop block from behind, and Morrison hits a roundhouse to the side of Drew's head. Morrison tags Miz back in and they hit a double gut buster on Drew. We're reminded that the Money in the Bank contract was never technically cashed in. Miz goes for a kick but Drew catches his foot and hits a huge chest slap, leaving a big red mark on Miz's chest. Miz sends Drew out then tags in Morrison. Both men brawl as we go to break.
Back from the break. Drew McIntyre is chopping Morrison in the corner, then hits an exploder suplex that sends Morrison flying. We see that, during the commercial break, Drew McIntyre hit an Alabama Slam on the Miz with Morrison's body. The Miz is tagged in and attacks McIntyre fast, and then tags Morrison in so both men can double team him. Drew is sent shoulder-first into the ring post, and spills to the outsdie. Morrison tags in the Miz and both men run around outside the ring, grabbing McIntyre and sending him into the barricade hard. The Miz puts his knee on MCintyre's face, yelling at him while grinding his face into the floor. McIntyre is sent into the ring and the Miz follows, cornering Drew in the heel corner. Miz hits a few strikes, backs up and hits a running leaping kick before tagging in Morrison. Morrison hits a springboard cross-body, landing on Drew. He covers but only gets a one before McIntyre breaks it. We get a replay of that beautiful cross body splash. Morrison pounds away on McIntyre, backing him into the heel corner. Morrison delivers blows on Drew until the ref warns him back. Morrison attempts a cover but McIntyre kicks out at one. Morrison locks in a side headlock, but Drew slowly rises to his feet and snapmares Morrison down. Drew runs at Morrison but eats a big boot. Morrison goes up top, looking for the Starship Pain, but McIntyre dives desperately and knocks Morrison down. Morrison lands face-first on the turnbuckle. Drew climbs the middle ropes and hits the Ten Beats of the Bodhran, paying homage to Sheamus. Morrison fights back, and Drew falls back in the tree of woe! Morrison climbs to the top turnbuckle again, but Drew leans up and tosses Morrison off! Both men collapse to the mat.
The Miz tags himself in, but Drew McIntyre is fired up and ready for him! Drew hits an exploder suplex, then a kick to the Miz. McIntyre with a suplex toss! McIntyre hits a facebreaker on the Miz, then kips up! McIntyre sets up the Future Shock DDT but the Miz escapes. Miz charges Drew, who counters it with a huge, and beautiful, spinebuster! Drew bridges over for a pin attempt, but Morrison comes in and breaks it with a standing moonsault! All three are down! Morrison makes his way to the apron and extends his arm, looking for the hot tag. McIntyre tries to block it but Miz kicks him off and tags in Morrison. Morrison hits a big kick, then a beautiful sunrise DDT and covers for a close two! The Miz tags himself in but Drew doesn't see it. Drew focuses on Morrison, but Miz comes up and hits the Skull-Crushing Finale! The Miz covers but Drew kicks out at two!
The Miz hits the "It Kicks" on Drew. Drew fights back and takes out Morrison as he attempts to interfere. Drew flattens the Miz and posts up in the corner, setting up for a Claymore. Morrison drags the Miz out of hte ring to save his partner; McIntyre shrugs and flies over the ropes, taking out both men! Drew sends the Miz back in and posts up in the corner, sizing the Miz up...and nails the Claymore! Drew covers and gets the win!
Your Winner, Drew McIntyre!

After the Match

Drew celebrates over his downed opponents when Randy Orton hits an RKO out of nowhere! Randy hoists his belt up...and the Fiend's laugh comes in over the speakers! Randy looks around nervously as the Fiend says "Let me in!" and we end our broadcast!

In Closing

There you go, folks, the first Monday Night Raw of November 2020 is in the history books! The main event match was pretty exciting, and overall it was pretty entertaining. Speaking of pretty entertaining, I hope to entertain all of you pretties this Wednesday for NXT live results here on rajah.com! Follow me on Twitter if you want. Don't forget to vote tomorrow and stay safe out there! If you don't know who to vote for, just write in the Mikester's name. I'm running for president on a platform that features free tacos and beer for everyone who votes for me! See y'all Wednesday!

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