WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (11/09/2020) - ThunderDome, Orlando, FL

Welcome one and all to Monday Night Raw! As always, your Monday Night Mikessiah is here, sacrificing three hours just for your written-results pleasure! Feel free to follow me on the Twitters @MikeHulkHogan. Enough self plugging, let's get to our announced matches!

The Rajah.com official Raw preview is up and has a trio of matches outlined for us tonight!

In what's being dubbed a "Second Chance Triple Threat" match, Jeff Hardy, Elias and Matt Riddle will battle it out. What's on the line? A spot on the Men's Team Raw for Survivor Series! We'll also see non-title action as Asuka will take on one half of the Women's Tag Team Champions, Nia Jax! We'll also see Ricochet attempt to get some payback on his former bestie, Mustafa Ali.

We've got three matches announced and three hours ahead of us, folks, so strap on in because this is surely to be one heckuva slobber knockerererer.

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (11/09/2020) - ThunderDome, Orlando, FL

Show Opener: Raw Recap

We start with a video package in which Randy Orton brags about being a fourteen-time champion. He tells the world that he's not afraid of Drew, the Fiend, no one and god help whomever tries to come for it. We see Drew hitting the Claymore last week on Orton while he was on the lookout for the Fiend, and we also see the Miz attempt to cash in his MitB contract last week, only to be hindered by McIntyre. We see other clips and end with the Fiend's laugh. We then cut to the new intro music and video.


We cut to the arena where Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton welcome us to the ThunderDome. The Miz's music plays and out comes Mr. Money in the Bank himself, accompanied by his partner. It's announced that we'll have a six-man tag team match tonight as Orton teams with The Miz & Morrison against Drew McIntyre and the New Day. We cut back to the ring, where we're welcomed to MizTV.
Miz tells us of the six-man tag match later tonight, and Morrison asks the Miz if he'll cash in the MitB contract. Miz replies only with a "maybe!" They hype the Miz's reality series, then call out the WWE Champion. Randy Orton marches straight down to the ring with a purpose. Orton gets on the mic and tells them that he only agreed to this match because he wants a chance to hurt Drew McIntyre. He then goes on a paranoid rant, accusing the Miz of calling Stanford and pulling strings to force Orton into a match, so he can attack Orton after he's weakened and cash in the contract. The Miz tries to defuse the situation, and Orton again gets paranoid and threatens the Miz, telling him to cash it in right now and face his beating like a man. Morrison jumps in to reassure Orton that they're solely there for themselves. The Miz & Morrison explains that it benefits them to win with Orton tonight so that they can be in line for the Raw tag team championships. The New Day then come out to the ramp, hopping on the mic and doing their usual schtick. They laugh and mock the Miz and Morrison. Kofi tells them that they're going so hard on the smack, so he and Xavier Woods are going to come into the ring and laugh at them in their faces. The New Day climbs into the ring. They then tell the Miz & Morrison that they (the New Day) are here and tell them to step up. Miz & Morrison attack the New Day with Orton's help and send them out the ring. Drew McIntyre charges down the ramp as his theme plays, and threatens offense--until he's hit in the back with the Money in the Bank briefcase! Orton orders the Miz & Morrison to pull Drew to his feet. They do, then strong Irish whip him--straight into an RKO! The Miz & Morrison celebrate up the ramp, with one awkward moment as Orton stares at the Money in the Bank champion.
We're told that up next, we'll see Jeff Hardy taken on Elias and (Matt) Riddle after these commercials from sugary, fatty foods.

Final Farewell of the Undertaker

It's been announced that the Undertaker will be at the Survivor Series one week from this Sunday, and they're calling it his final farewell as he'll end his career at the same PPV he started it on thirty years prior.

Survivor Series Qualifying, Second Chance Triple Threat Match: Jeff Hardy vs Riddle vs Elias

AJ Styles, Keith Lee, Braun Strowman and Sheamus will be joined by the winner of this match on the Men's Team Raw. We start things off with Elias in the ring, perched upon his stool and his guitar in hand. He tells us that he's had a vision, one that saw him standing victorious over Riddle and Jeff Hardy. He says that people come up to him and tell him that he's a world-renowned, chart-topping superstar, and they ask him "what's next?" He says that "this. Only this." He then mocks Hardy for his addiction issues in the past, and says that this one goes to all the millions (and millions!) of the Rock's Elias's fans who helped drive Universal Truth to the top of the charts. Then says "I'm going to sing this song right now." Nothing happens. He repeats it, and nothing happens--he's expecting the taped rest of his band. He gives up, and starts playing the opening riffs to "Amen" before Jeff Hardy's music plays and out comes the high-flying middle-ager! Out next is the King of bros, the artist formerly known as Matt Riddle. He has a name tape reading "M. Riddle" across the front of his bright-yellow track suit. He does his leaping flip-flop kickoff. The bell rings and we get things started!
Elias immediately goes for Hardy, punching him into the corner before Riddle comes over and takes Elias out of the corner. Each man then takes a turn rolling the other up, and we see AJ Styles with Jordan Omogbehin watching on the back. Riddle and Hardy battle to the ring side, and start slugging away at each other. Elias takes opportunity of it and comes off the ropes, taking both men down outside the ring. Elias runs over and flattens Hardy, as well as Riddle, leaving both men down as we go to commercial break.
Back from the break finds Riddle down on the apron and Elias working over Hard. Elias attacks Riddle, sending him from the apron, and returns his focus to Jeff Hardy. Hard kicks strike Jeff across the chest, broken only by Riddle's entry into the ring. Elias takes a few shots from Riddle before taking him down. Hardy hits the reverse atomic drop on Elias, then Riddle, then another to Elias before following it up with the double leg drop and followed up with an attempted pin fall. We're reminded that Jeff Hardy has been apart of six Survivor Series. Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate on Elias, but Elias counters it into a Drift Away and gets a very close two! Riddle breaks the count. Riddle hits Elias with a jumping knee and strikes, then hits a leaping brainbuster and covers. Hardy breaks it at two. Riddle attempts a Bro Derek on Hardy, who shoves him off. Hardy backs up as Elias comes in, then runs and launches himself off a downed Riddle's back for a Poetry in Motion on Elias! Riddle attempts to roll up Hardy; both men wind up on their feet, exchanging fists. Riddle hits a roundhouse and goes for an overhead kick but Hardy blocks it and slams Riddle down! Elias out of nowhere with a running knee strike to Hardy, knocking him out of the ring. Elias attempts to suplex Riddle, but Riddle evades and manages to hit the Bro Derek on Elias! Riddle picks up the win!
Your Winner, and Fifth Member of Team Raw: Riddle!

Men's Team Raw Complete

Riddle joins Braun Strowman, Sheamus, AJ Styles and Keith Lee on this year's Team Raw team! Riddle screams into the camera "I'm (on the) team bro. Just gonna have to deal with it, bro!"

Backstage w/ Charly Caruso & AJ Styles

Charly asks AJ his opinion on Riddle as the newest team member. AJ starts to talk when Sheamus walks up and starts yelling about Hardy. He calls Jeff an obnoxious punk and says he has no problem kicking Hardy's head off Hardy's shoulders if he has to. AJ tells Sheamus that they need to round everyone up and have a team meeting. Charly points out that AJ is the team captain, and asks Sheamus what he thinks of AJ as his captain. Sheamus says "AJ is not my captain," then stares at Braun who walks up and also says "AJ is not my captain." We go to break.

Backstage Promo: Retribution

Mustafa Ali and the rest of Retribution cut a promo. Ali applauds Ricochet for turning down the Hurt Business' offer to join them, and calls Ricochet brave and courageous...and stupid. He says that maybe someday, Ricochet will be broken and accepted by them. Reckoning (Mia Yim) speaks for a moment before Ali does. Long story short: Slapjack, T-Bar, Mace, Reckoning, Ali...they are the forgotten sons, they are Retribution and they will not rest until they shut us down.

Last Time on Raw

We get a quick recap showing Gulak doing something, some crap about the 24/7, and the Hurt Business pinning the New Day in a non-title match.

Backstage w/ the Hurt Business & Drew Gulak

The Hurt Business are talking among themselves, dressed to the nines, when the 24/7 Champion Drew Gulak comes up to them. He proposes an expansion to the Hurt Business, and states that they could add the 24/7 champion to their fold. MVP looks at Gulak and asks him where his pocket square is. Gulak spins around and puts one in his pocket. MVP asks Gulak if he's being serious about joining the Hurt Business, and Gulak says he is. Bobby pulls on Gulak's tie and it comes off as it was a clip-on! The Hurt Business then proceed to stomp Gulak down into the ground and mock him for a clip-on tie. They walk off and Truth walks up, yelling for a ref so he can pin Gulak.
Your Winner and 43-Time 24/7 Champion, R-Truth

Match: Lana vs Shayna Baszler

Lana comes out as we're given a video package of the seven times she's gone through the announcer's table, thanks to Nia Jax. We get a commercial break and a quick video package honoring our nation's Veterans. This Wednesday is Armistice Day. Oh and I'd be remiss if I didn't say thank you, on behalf of all of Rajah.com, to all our troops, support staff, first responders, all our veterans for your service! We also see the seventh time that Lana went through the announcer's table. Maybe this will be an eighth week in a row! Out comes Baszler, finally.
The bell rings and Lana attacks Baszler as she had her back turned. We see Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke on commentary and Nia Jax at ringside, holding both belts for Baszler and herself. In the ring, Shayna easily takes Lana down and taunts her. She hits a standing stomp on Lana. Lana attempts a roundhouse kick but misses, and Shayna nails Lana with a kick. Baszler with a scoop slam followed by a jumping knee for a close two. Lana barely escapes the pin before Baszler locks on the Kirifuda Clutch and Lana taps.
Your Winner by Submission, Shayna Baszler!

Lana vs the Announcer's Table, Part VIII

Jax yells at Rose & Brooke to beat it, and clears the announcer's table off. Baszler brings Lana over to her and Jax sets up to send Lana through the table when Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke stop her. They tell her to back off and block her physically from messing with Lana. We go to yet another recap of last week as Lana cries at ringside. The Streak has been broken at 7-0.
Winner: not Lana's chiropractor.

Backstage w/ Lana, Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke

Lana thanks the duo for helping her tonight. Rose explains that they weren't really helping her, just stopping Baszler & Jax. They fault Lana for costing them their tag team championship match last week, and Lana claims she was just trying to help. They tell her not to try to help them and walk off.

In the Ring: Team Raw Meeting

AJ Styles comes down to the ring with Jordan Omogbehin as we see clips from last week, in which Team Raw imploded as Sheamus, Keith Lee and Braun Strowman couldn't seem to get along. The self-proclaimed captain of Team Raw welcomes us all to the first official meeting of Team Raw. He claims that Raw will be triumphant over Smackdown with AJ as their phenomenal captain. He goes on: "with my leadership, we will be a force to be reckoned with. And with that being said, let me introduce you to the champions, starting with a man whose power is only outdone by his intellect--Keith Leeeee!" Out comes Keith Lee with a big smile. "And up next," AJ continues, "the bro that runs the show...Riddle!" Out comes Riddle. AJ continues, "and up next, the Celtic Warrior--Sheamus!" Out comes, you guessed it, Sheamus. Finally, AJ wraps it up: "and last but not least, the Monster Braun Strowman!" And out comes this little piggy, who went all the way to the ring.
AJ urges all men to hold on so he can speak. He admits that last week got off to a rocky start, but now he knows why--they were missing a piece to the puzzle. "And everyone knows when you're missing a piece, you get ticked off, and that's what happened!" He claims that with the missing piece--Riddle--being back, he sees a masterpiece. Keith Lee interrupts "Mister AJ--only AJ" and remembers Styles hitting him last week. Sheamus gets on the mic and calls Lee a hypocrite, because Lee hit Sheamus. Lee is glad Sheamus remembers, just in case he wants to cross Lee. Sheamus yells about a threat until Braun gets on the mic and says "I'll whip both your asses, starting with you, Sheamus!" AJ tries to defuse the situation, and Braun insults him. Braun and Sheamus exchange verbal barbs, pushing up on Styles as they're eager to get to each other. Riddle says that he knows what they need to chill out...sick codenames! He calls Styles the Skipper, Sheamus "Fire face," and gives the others cheesy names. Sheamus takes offense to the "ginger joke" but Riddle corrects him that it's not because he's a ginger, it's because Sheamus' face gets really red when he's angry. They all laugh at Sheamus. Sheamus asks "so what's your codename--dopey?" Riddle laughs and says "Yep, Dopey!" AJ tries to get everyone back on a serious note. He tells Sheamus that Jey Uso is tearing it up on Smackdown, and tells Keith Lee that Seth is aching to Curb Stomp him. He asks Riddle why he's laughing, and asks if he want a stunner from KO; he then warns that if Braun doesn't back down, he'll bow down...to King Corbin. He asks them if that's what they want, or do they want to work with the best as the best. They all agree. He then claims to be team captain again and they all interrupt him. He tells us that he knew this was gonna happen, so he spoke to Adam Pearce about a plan B. He's arranged a match of Sheamus and Braun Strowman versus Riddle and Keith Lee with AJ Styles as the guest referee. They're all angry about this and ask him what will this solve? AJ says "know what it'll solve? It'll solve respect." Yep, that's the words. We go to break with this match up next! Good luck to the Jets tonight!

Tag Team Match w/ Special Referee AJ Styles: Sheamus & Braun Strowman vs Keith Lee & Riddle

When we return, AJ is in a ref's shirt. Lee and Sheamus lock up and move each other around the ring. Sheamus slaps on a side headlock and Lee sends him off. Sheamus rebounds off the ropes and both men collide, but neither budges! Sheamus and Lee lock arms above their heads, and Lee powers Sheamus to the corner. Riddle tags in and downs Sheamus with some strikes before attempting a quick pin, getting nothing. Sheamus runs their locked bodies over into the corner, and Braun tags in. Braun slings Riddle around like a doll, stomps him and yanks Riddle up by the hair as AJ warns him to watch the hair. Strowman with a strong Irish Whip into the corner that bounces Riddle's body off. Strowman again steps on Riddle's hair, then throws him into the corner and tags in Sheamus. Sheamus delivers a European uppercut and a forearm smash, then chokes Riddle on the middle ropes until Styles warns him off. Sheamus exchanges words with Styles, and Styles is definitely giving Sheamus some lateral. Riddle fights back with chops and fists, and grabs Sheamus' leg but the Celtic Warrior grabs the rope. AJ immediately warns Riddle, yelling "he's got the ropes!" Sheamus uses the distraction to ground Riddle and delivers hard kicks to his kidneys and abdomen. Styles tries to say something to him but Sheamus yells at AJ, and yells "you're not the captain!" AJ replies "but I am the ref!" Riddle uses this distraction to take Sheamus down with a suplex, then counters a back body drop with a knee. Riddle goes for another leaping knee on Sheamus but he ducks, and AJ eats the knee! Sheamus rolls Riddle up but the ref--Styles--is down! Styles gets up and yells at Sheamus, who ducks another running knee from Riddle! Riddle is shocked that he's accidentally kneed the ref twice. Sheamus tags in Braun, and they go for Riddle who dodges, and they pancake Styles. He's sent to the outside, and Jordan Omogbehin--AJ's big bodyguard--steps in. Braun and Sheamus ready up, and we go to break!
Back from the break and the camera pans up the long body of Jordan Omogbehin. Inside the ring, Riddle and Sheamus are slugging it out until Sheamus shuts Riddle down with the Irish Curse backbreaker. Braun is tagged in and runs over Riddle, attempting a pin and getting two. Braun locks a sleeper on Riddle. Riddle manages to get to his feet, but Braun tosses him across the ring effortlessly. Riddle leans in the corner, and Strowman charges it--but goes shoulder-first, audibly, into the ring post as Riddle moves! Riddle tags in Lee, who takes out Strowman and Sheamus. Lee then tosses Strowman across the ring! Lee Tosses Sheamus into Strowman, then grabs his partner, Riddle, and Spirit Bombs Riddle onto Sheamus! Lee with a running seated clothesline and attempts a pin, but Strowman kicks out at two. We then have all four men hit strikes and finishers on each other, culminating with Riddle hitting a bridging German suplex for a close two. Riddle runs across the ring and rams Sheamus, then goes back to do the same. Braun grabs Riddle by the neck, stopping his momentum, and tosses him down. Sheamus stands up and pounds on his chest, then yells as he calls for the Brogue Kick--only to be interrupted as Strowman slaps Sheamus to tag himself in. Strowman whips Riddle around the ring then grabs Riddle for the Running Powerslam. He doesn't notice Sheamus tag himself in, and AJ rips Riddle out of Strowman's grasp as he points out Sheamus is the legal man. Sheamus and Strowman confront each other, opening them up for Lee & Riddle to strike and steal the win! Chaotic end, but great match with just the right amount of comedic element.
Your Winners, Keith Lee & Riddle!

Backstage w/ Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross

Alexa is sitting on top of an equipment case, pulling petals off colorful roses and flowers. Nikki wants to check in on Alexa, and Alexa tells Nikki she's not seen her in forever. Cross reminds Bliss that they just saw each other last week. Bliss doesn't remember it, and acts crazy. Cross apologizes for not being there when Bliss needed her and reminds Bliss that the Fiend is pure evil. Cross tells Bliss she needs to choose, her friendship with Cross or the Fiend. Alexa answers "okay, I choose..." then blows a handful of petals into Cross' face before excitedly exclaiming "him!" as she runs off.

In the Ring: Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley comes out in ring gear and wearing his US title, escorted by MVP. Charly Caruso cuts in from the back, telling us that next week on Raw Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander will get a Raw tag title shot against the New Day. MVP cuts a promo first, telling us how Lashley is going to teach Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn a lesson: that he's not even in the same league as the United States Champion, Bobby Lashley. Lashley says the question whether he'll win, but whether he'll let Sami walk out of Summer Slam. Titus O'Neil comes out shirtless, and tells us that he proposed joining the Hurt Business because he's a business man, but their response wasn't business. It was blatant disrespect. MVP claims that for them, it was business as usual. MVP tells Titus that because MVP respects Titus for all the does for children, he's going to give Titus a chance to walk away now. Titus yells he will not walk away. He yells at Lashley for being the US champion, but then asks both men what's the sense in having a title if he won't defend it? Lashley tells Titus that he should've listened to MVP but he's glad Titus didn't. He's going to enjoy every second of this, and tells Titus "You want a title shot? You got it. But this is going to be your first--and your last!" MVP calls for a referee.

United States Championship Match: Bobby Lashley(c) vs Titus O'Neil

MVP tells Titus that "this match will take place above the ring, not beneath it." This distracts Titus and Lashley attempts to capitalize on it, but Titus quickly takes the lead, hammering body shots to Lashley that stagger the big man. Lashley rebounds off the ropes and hits a short spear on Titus. Lashley locks in the Hurt Lock but, despite Titus fighting it off for a few seconds, synches it in. Titus taps. This was like a minute long match.
Your Winner by Submission and STILL United States Champion, Bobby Lashley!

Backstage w/ Drew McIntyre & Sheamus

Sheamus comes up to Drew, frustrated about his situation and complaining about Riddle being on the team. He tells Drew that he should've accepted Sheamus' invite last week and been on his team. He doesn't know how he can work with the others. Drew tells him that a good start would be to not Brogue Kick his teammates. Sheamus tells Drew that he wishes they could tag up like the old days. They fondly remember drinking and crushing enemies. Drew promises that after Survivor Series, he's going to take Sheamus out and they're going to have drinks and celebrate the old days. They part ways amicably.

Non-Title Match: Asuka vs Nia Jax

We cut to the ThunderDome and Asuka makes her way out first. Nia cuts a quick promo before coming out, in which she tells us that she's the face that runs the place--and Shayna claims that she is the one who runs the division, hinting at future conflict.. The bell rings and we get started. Nia Jax throws a fist at Asuka. Asuka uses her speed and locks in an octopus arm bar. It takes Nia a minute to try to roll out of it, but Asuka holds on and rolls it into a triangle hold on the mat. The ref is showing a lot of leniency, but Jax finally gets her leg under the rope. Asuka won't break it, so Jax slides out and pulls Asuka up powerbomb style, sling her out of the ring and hard into the wall. We go to break.
We're back from the break and we're informed that Asuka has tried many submissions during the break but Jax has continually powered out. Jax downs Asuka and stands over her, yelling that she (Jax) runs the division. She takes her time with the reigning Raw Women's Champion, sending Asuka into the corner and hitting a charging splash before attempting a cover. Jax pulls Asuka up and goes for a powerbomb, but Asuka rolls through with it for a close two count! Jax is up first and pulls Asuka up by her hair. Asuka hits a spinning backfist then a back kick before nailing the hip attack and covering for a close two. Asuka screams as she's up first, and delivers the Asuka Kicks! Jax catches her mid-kick and hits a huge power bomb! Lana tries to cause a distraction, only to be taken out by Jax. Asuka attempts a rollup cover but Jax escapes; Asuka locks in the Asuka Lock and Jax taps!
Your Winner, Asuka!

After the Match: Women's Team Raw Implodes

Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke hit the ring and brawl with Baszler and Jax. The tag team champions subdue Rose and Brooke. Jax heads outside the ring and clears the announcer's table, and Shayna pounds on Lana before sending her back to the outside. Jax yells at Lana, picks her up and hits a Samoan drop through the announcer's table! The Streak is alive! 8-0 for those counting. This is eight weeks in a row. Jax gets on the mic, claiming "you don't belong here...you'll just drag us down...just quit."

Backstage w/ Sarah Schrieber & R-Truth

We start to hear Orton's music, but it ends as Sarah speaks. She tells R-Truth that he has a seven-man match up next to defend his title. He tells her he doesn't know why she's worried, because he's the 24/7 champion. She has to explain to him that he's one of the seven people competing for the 24/7 title. He holds up a clip-on tie and tells her you can't hit a man with a clip-on tie, then asks her if she's got some glasses. He asks her if he has time to run off and get glasses...then his music plays and he heads out to the ring. Okay. Seven-man 24/7 Championship match is up next!

Backstage Promo: Angel Garza

Angel talks into the camera, telling "you" that you deserve someone better than you've ever had, and he can be the man "you" need but before he goes...he holds up a rose and tells us this rose is for "you."

Seven-Man 24/7 Championship Match: R-Truth(c) versus Lucha House Party, Drew Gulak, Tucker & Ivar

All six men pound away at R-Truth for about ten seconds, until Tozawa pins R-Truth. Before he can leave the pin, Erik pins him. Gulak immediately rolls up Erik, pinning him. Tucker rolls up Drew Gulak, but Gulak refuses to let go and rolls back to reclaim the title. Tucker rolls back and picks up the win, but can't escape the ring. R-Truth hits a leaping side kick to Tucker, attempts a DVD on Gulak but eats a knee from Erik. Chaos reigns as everyone takes everyone out, and LHP steal the title when Gran Metallik pins Tucker! Until Lince Dorado rolls up Gran Metallik and wins the title. Keep in mind that literally, after every title change, the announcer announces the new champ. R-Truth hits Cena's Attitude Adjuster on Dorado and wins the title back.
Your Winners and, each in turn, New 24/7 Champions, Toazawa, Gulak, Erik, Tucker, Gulak, Tucker, R-Truth, Erik, Gran Metallik, Lince Dorado, R-Truth.
Your Current 24/7 Champion: R-Truth

Match: Ricochet vs Mustafa Ali

Mustafa Ali comes out to the ring, accompanied by Retribution's named members. We go to break but up next: Ricochet vs Ali! When we return from break, Ricochet is out and we start things off. All four members of Retribution are on the apron and in Ali's corner as he makes his way down. Ricochet's wearing new white and black ring gear and it looks sharp. He runs down the ramp, slides into the ring then springboard flips off the ropes and poses like Iron Man. The bell rings and as Ali tells Ricochet, "Join me, I can save you," Ricochet strikes! Ricochet beats Ali around the ring, yelling "What's going on with you? This ain't you!" Ricochet with a big elbow strike, followed by a scoop slam and an elbow drop for a cover. Ricochet yells "You think this is the right way, you think this is the right message?" At ringside, Retribution stalk around like sharks. Ali takes the upper hand in the ring, throwing Ricochet face first into the turn buckle before striking him around the ring. Retribution yells up at Ricochet, yelling things such as "this is what you get" and "he can save you." Byron tells us that Ali gave Retribution their masks and names. Ali whips Ricochet into the ropes and flattens him with a lariat, attempting a pin. Ricochet throws a desperation right, but Ali shrugs it off and delivers a kick to the gut of Ricochet. Ali with a suplex for a pin attempt but Ricochet kicks out. Ali locks in a sleeper.
Ricochet finally escapes and Ali comes off the ropes, where he's flipped over Ricochet's back and lands hard on the canvas. Ali and Ricochet struggle out to the apron, where Ali attempts a facebuster but Ricochet blocks it. Ricochet hits a headscissors on Ali, off the apron and to the floor. Ricochet sends Ali in and Retribution all come up behind him, threatening to attack. Ricochet backs into the ring, unaware that Ali is charging from behind and---we go to a commercial.
Back from the break. Ricochet is struggling out of a hold, but Ali whips Ricochet into the turnbuckle and then hits a neckbreaker as Ricochet bounces off the turnbuckle! Ali covers for a close two. Retribution are shown surrounding the ring, grunting and groaning. Ali yells at Ricochet "you need us!" Ali with an elbow and a kick to Ricochet, then an attempted cover. Ali locks in a headlock on a prone Ricochet as Slapnuts, T-Bag, and the other Retribution members watch on. Ali continues to wear Ricochet down until Ricochet shoves Ali forward and into the turnbuckle before nailing a belly to back suplex. Ricochet takes the upper hand, delivering a fast right followed up with a discus punch that flattens Ali! Ricochet posts up in the corner and charges, going for a flying kick to the face but Ali dodges it. Ali with a back elbow onto Ricochet, then runs up the ropes and springs back onto Ricochet, locking in a spider submission. Ricochet immediately slips out and twists their bodies, wagging a finger "not so fast" style before suplexing Ali, hanging on and hitting a second! Ricochet covers for a close two. Both men pull up to the center of the ring. Ricochet takes Ali into the corner and sits Ali up on the top turnbuckle. Ali with a kick to Ricochet, trying to battle back. Ricochet climbs on the middle rope and nails Ali. Ali jabs Ricochet's eyes, then leaps up off the top rope to hit a heavens-high back breaker! Ali covers but Ricochet kicks out at two! That move is worth seeing!
Ali yells at Ricochet, telling him that one man can't change the world and that it takes money to change the world. Ali yells that he can help Ricochet; Ricochet thanks him with a fist, then a suplex! Ricochet goes up top and hits a twisting body splash onto Mace, T-Bar and Slapjack outside the ring! Ricochet goes back inside and back up, looking for the Phoenix Splash but Ali catches him midair and locks in the Koji Clutch! Ricochet can't escape and is put to sleep!
Your Winner by Submission, Mustafa Ali!

Backstage w/ Adam Pearce & Randy Orton

Pearce confirms that the decision to include Orton in the six-man tag match comes from up the ladder. Also, Pearce has to tell Orton that Orton will defend his WWE Championship against Drew McIntyre next Monday on Raw! Orton snaps, and Pearce tells him that "I'm just the messenger!" Orton threatens to use Pearce as a message to the "staff" before walking off angrily.

Six-Man Tag Main Event Match: Drew McIntyre & the New Day vs Randy Orton & the Miz and Morrison

Orton continues his angry walk to the ring, raising his title up above as the announce team promote this huge match next week on Raw! The Miz & John Morrison come out next to join the champ in the ring. Out next are the New Day, who mock Randy Orton for being afraid of losing his title, and are followed by Drew McIntyre as we get set to start this main event match.
Drew McIntyre and John Morrison start things off. Drew looks over his shoulder at Randy Orton, and Morrison charges forward to take advantage of the distraction--and runs right into Drew's right fist. McIntyre smacks Morrison back into the New Day corner and tags in Xavier Woods. McIntyre restrains Morrison and allows Woods to get a cheap shot in. Woods and Morrison have a quick cat-and-mouse exchange, ending with Morrison running full steam into a kick from Woods. Morrison tags in the Miz, Woods tags in Kofi Kingston. Kofi sends the Miz back, and Miz tries to plead with Orton in hopes the Champion will tag himself in. Morrison tags himself in, instead, as Orton just coldly stares at the Miz. Kofi takes control, hitting a stomp on Morrison. Kofi tags in Woods who sends Morrison and Miz to the outside. Both members of the New Day run across the ring, picking up momentum before flying over the top ropes and taking out the Miz & Morrison at ringside! We see Drew staring across the ring at Orton as we go to break.
We return from the break as Xavier Woods tries to put away the Miz. Miz eats a rolling clothesline from Woods, who attempts another cover. We're told that Orton is hesitant to be tagged into this match because of the news that he'll face McIntyre next week on Raw. Miz lures Woods into the heel corner, and double teams Woods with Morrison's help. They hit a double stomp on the apron that rocks the young man and sends him rolling on the outside. Morrison sends Woods back in and covers, but gets two. Woods throws up feet, trying to fight Morrison off. Morrison drops to the canvas and locks a headlock on Woods. The ref checks on Woods as the digital crowd tries to fire him up. Woods gets to his feet and desperately tries to tag out but Morrison drags Woods back by his hair to the heel corner. The ref warns Morrison, and Xavier again runs for his corner! Morrison catches him and hits an inverted Samoan drop, then tags in the Miz. The Miz doesn't go for the cover, instead offering to tag in Orton. Orton drops to the floor, refusing to tag in. Morrison tags right back in and slams Woods, covering for a two count. Morrison restrains Woods and tags in the Miz, and both men execute a double gutbuster on Woods. Miz takes Woods to a corner and hits a series of kicks, then yells "ho ho hey" and repeats that twice more. Miz backs across the ring and charges Woods, going for a kick but Woods powers out and takes him down. Woods makes it to Drew, and McIntyre hits the ring fired up! Morrison throws Morrison down. Miz walks into another belly to belly. Drew throws both men around easily and grins at Orton. McIntyre with the neckbreaker on Morrison and a kip-up, again staring at Orton. McIntyre stares deeply, lovingly into Orton's eyes as he pulls Morrison in and hits the Future Shock DDT! McIntyre doesn't cover, instead choosing to dreamily stare into Orton's eyes. McIntyre sits Morrison up in the corner and yells "C'mon Randy, don't be a bitch!" and begs Orton to tag in. Orton gets on the apron, leaning over the rope to tag himself in...and changes his mind, dropping down.
Orton walks up the ramp as Drew shakes his head at him. Morrison uses the distraction and the ropes to try to pin McIntyre but the New Day hit the ring to save the day! McIntyre hits the Glasgow Kiss on Morrison as the New Day exit the ring after a fallen Miz. McIntyre posts up in the corner, does a "three...two...one!" countdown with the digital crowd and speeds off at one (you always go on one, Rog). McIntyre hits a beautiful Claymore on Morrison and covers him, picking up the win.
Your Winners, The New Day & Drew McIntyre!

After the match, Drew taunts Randy and smiles and we very quickly end our program.

In Closing

Another Raw bites the dust! Matches worth watching tonight were the Sheamus/Strowman vs Keith Lee/Riddle tag match (and its preceding Team Raw "meeting") as well as the Mustafa Ali/Ricochet match. A solid pair of matches and a decent overall show. See you all this Wednesday for NXT!

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