WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (1/11/2020) - ThunderDome II (Tropicana Field), St. Petersburg, FL

Orton v McIntyre...again.

Welcome to Rajah.com's Monday Night Raw live results! Here to save your results and show you the way for the greater good is your Monday Night Mikessiah, Mike "Hulk" Hogan. We had slim pickens for our Raw preview but the Vince giveth, and the Vince taketh away, so let's get to it.

Drew McIntyre will address the WWE Universe after a Covid positive test result. Triple H will start our program. Let's see what else is in store for us, next on Raw! The originally-reported Drew McIntyre vs Randy Orton match has been scrapped.

All this excitement and more, next on Raw!

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (1/11/2020)

Show Opener: Raw Legends Night Recap

We open with a video package that highlighted some of the legends from last week, and the verbal abuse they all suffered by a belittling, berating Randy Orton who never even faced consequences for his actions. He especially laid into Ric Flair, and we cut to the ThunderDome.

In the Ring: Triple H

Triple H makes his way out to the ring as the digital crowd goes wild. Triple H admires the ThunderDome audience, gets on the mic in the middle the ring, and kicks things off as the crowd chants "Triple H" over and over. Triple H says he's still got it, and asks us to listen to the crowd. He then says that it's been a long time since he's gotten to say this, but welcome to the ThunderDome and welcome to Monday Night Raw. Triple H starts to say something about the crowd when Randy Orton's music plays and out comes the Legend Killer. Orton says, "look who it is! The office decided to show up because Drew McIntyre couldn't. You know, Hunter, I was supposed to have a pretty big match tonight." HHH tells him that he is aware of that, and Orton is aware that's not going to happen. Orton says that since HHH took it upon himself to dress up all pretty, fly down to Tampa Florida and come out here. Orton wants to know if HHH is going to inform Orton that he's going to be the last entrant in the Royal Rumble, or if he's going to do the right thing and hand him the WWE Championship.
HHH tells Orton if he wants the WWE Championship, he has to win the Royal Rumble, like everyone else. Orton then deduces that if HHH is here, he's there to make a call, and Orton hopes it benefits him and gets in Triple H's face. HHH tells Orton that he's watched the old Randy Orton step back in, and he's done some impressive things. HHH says he sat back, like everyone else, and watched in awe at the old Orton. HHH says that a lot of people think Orton went too far, but Triple H sat there and watched him contemplate that match (with the Fiend), he watched Orton light it and Orton set the Fiend on fire. Triple H says that everything Orton does is to benefit Orton. Burning down the Fiend took out a person in his way for the title. Triple H goes on to say that Orton's actions last week, the way he treated the Legends and punt kicked the Big Show, everything he's done to the Legends lately...none of it serves Orton. And it's made Triple H realize that Orton is just a big, fat prick.
Orton asks Triple H if the Cerebral Assassin, the Game, the King of Kings still in there? Because if so, the Legend Killer would love to take out the Legend of Triple H. Orton says they've known each other for twenty years, and tells Triple H to accept his challenge. Triple H says that there's no benefit in it to him, so no, he won't accept the challenge to the match. Triple H starts to leave when Orton says that Triple H wasn't able to retrieve his balls from Stephanie's purse as she's not there tonight. Triple H gets back in the middle of the ring and punches Orton. Orton rolls to the outside and knees, shaking his head and grinning sadistically while Triple H stares on menacingly from the ring. Orton gets on the mic, says "I guess that means 'yes'," and walks off. Vic Joseph and Samoa Joe remind us that Triple H didn't technically say 'yes' and accept the challenge.

Backstage w/ Sarah and Charlotte Flair

Charlotte is asked about the 'classy' Lacey Evans. Flair corrects her and calls Evans classless. She says that Evans isn't the first woman to hit on her dad in front of her. She then snaps at the interviewer, reminding her that this is 2021 and Charlotte is about to have a match on Raw, so why is she being asked about her dad? Her music plays and out she comes.

Drew McIntyre's PSA: Covid 19

Drew McIntyre, who tested positive for Covid-19 as reported earlier today, assures us that Covid shouldn't be taken lightly and people shouldn't think they won't catch this. He implores us to wear our masks and follow social distancing guidelines to protect their love ones, and says he'll see us soon.

Match: Charlotte Flair vs Lacey Evans

Charlotte comes out first, in red robes and wearing her WWE Women's Tag Team Championship belt. Lacey Evans is shown in the back, this time being interviewed. She insults Charlotte then calls Ric Flair a charming, handsome match and dedicates this match to Ric Flair, saying "tonight, this one is for you, sweetheart" and blows a kiss to her grandpa the camera, for Ric Flair. She matches out to the ring and this match is up right after this word from our sponsors.
Back from the break and our match starts. It starts slow as Evans and Flair lock up. Flair twice sends Evans off, frustrating the Southern Belle. Flair and Evans go to lock up again, but Evans kicks Flair in the gut this time. Evans slaps on a side headloack, but Flair escapes it and knocks down Evans. Both women face up, and Flair hits a series of Flair Chops on Evans. Flair whips Evans into the corner and rams her, then rolls her into the middle of the ring and covers for a two. Flair locks a head squeeze with her thighs around Evans' face. Evans tries to stand and Flair rolls her through, keeping the thighs locked on. Twice more Evans stands, attempting to escape, but Flair holds on. Finally Evans escapes but Flair gives her no space or time to recover. Flair goes for the Figure Four but Evans grabs the bottom rope, then rolls out. Charlotte starts to yell something at Lacey...when Ric Flair comes out. The Nature Boy is here and we go to break.
Back from the break again and Flair's throwing shoulders into Evan's midsection in the corner. Tonight marks the 28th anniversary of Monday Night Raw fyi. The ref warns Flair off. Evans takes control and drops Charlotte into the corner, then hits her Pendulum Dropkick in the corner. Charlotte Flair rolls out of the ring, and Evans pursues. The ref counts. Evans whips Charlotte into the barricade. Charlotte rolls back into the ring. Lacey comes in and does the Ric Flair strut, then goes for Charlotte's leaping knee drop but Charlotte moves. Evans drops on Charlotte and pummels her, frustrated. Both women lock up. Evans drops Flair and attempts a pin but Charlotte kicks out. Evans takes Charlotte into the corner and goes for a kick, but Charlotte dodges. Charlotte tries to take control and goes for the Big Boot but Evans dodges, and Charlotte ends up foot-on-rope. Evans whips Flair into the corner and works her over. Flair gains some separation and hits a clothesline on Evans, followed by another, then an Exploder Suplex. Charlotte kips up and yells in anger. Evans tries to come back in the ring but Charlotte hits the Queen's Boot (big boot) to send Lacey off the apron and to the outside. Charlotte sends Lacey into the ring and climbs up the turnbuckles, positioning for a high-flying assault but Evans comes in and prevents it. Charlotte drops Evans' face into the turnbuckle. Charlotte connects with the Natural Selection! Charlotte pins, but Ric Flair yells that Lacey Evans' foot was on the bottom rope. Charlotte yells for Ric to go home. Charlotte attempts to suplex Evans in the ring, by the ropes, and yells for Ric to go home. Charlotte starts to execute the suplex when Ric Flair grabs Charlotte's ankle, causing the suplex to msifire and Evans lands on Charlotte. Evans covers Charlotte, and Ric Flair holds down Charlotte's leg to prevent her from reaching ropes or kicking out! Lacey picks up the win, flees the ring and walks up the ramp hugging onto Ric Flair.
Your Winner, Lacey Evans!

Backstage w/ Lacey Evans & Ric Flair

We return from break and our interviewer runs over to ask about what just happened out there. Lacey and Ric walk off in the back, all smiles and cuddling and just lost my dinner.

Last Week on Raw: McIntyre vs Keith Lee

We get a quick video package highlight the McIntyre vs Lee match from last week that was great.

Backstage w/ Kayla Braxton, Keith Lee and Sheamus

Kayla asks Keith where he goes after this loss. Sheamus runs over and tells Keith Lee that while he'd love to Brogue Kick Keith Lee, but last week Lee went to Claymore Country and earned McIntyre's respect. And that means he's earned Sheamus' respect. He extends a hand and they go to shake when the Miz & Morrison show up. Keith Lee calls them losers, and Sheamus compares them to Dumb & Dumber. They run off at the mouth, with the ultimate outcome being the Miz & Morrison challenging Keith Lee & Sheamus to a match. The Miz says that just like the Cleveland Browns (go Browns!) upset the Steelers last night, they'll do the same.

Match: Jeff Hardy vs Jaxson Ryker w/ Elias

After that, we return to the ThunderDome. Jeff Hardy is already in the ring. Elias' music plays and he comes out on the mic. "Jeff, Jeff. i've got some bad news, and I've got some worse news. The bad news is that I've suffered an injury recording music this week, and the worse news" is that Jeff has to face Jaxson Ryker tonight. So we're audibling this match to Hardy v Ryker instead of Elias. The bell rings and we start off fast.
Elias joins the commentary as Ryker totally dominates to start the match, manhandling Hardy and using his superior strength and size. Jeff Hardy escapes and tries to mount offense, but is distracted by Elias. Jaxon Ryker rolls up Hardy and holds the tights out of the ref's view, and Ryker picks up the win in like a minute.
Your Winner, Jaxon Ryker!

After the Match: the Challenging Continues

In a night full of people challenging other people, Jeff gets on the mic immediately and tells Elias to embrace the "universal truth" and come face him, alone. Elias orders Ryker to stay up the ramp and marches down as we go to break.

Match: Jeff Hardy vs Elias w/ Jaxon Ryker

We're back from the break and this match is under way. Hardy throws fists into Elias' side, attempting to break a side headlock. Elias sends Hardy into the ropes and drops him, covering for a two. Elias pulls Hardy up and throws a big right, but Hardy gets his left arm up and counters with a right of his own! Elias again throws a big right and it has the same effect. Hardy with the Atomic Drop followed by the Double Leg Drop combination. Hardy covers but only gets a two. Despite Elias' request, Jaxson Ryker is at ringside. Elias hoists Hardy up and drops him with a modified shoulder drop/cutter. Elias takes Hardy into the corner and hammers Hardy with big strikes as the commentary team comment that Elias has been more aggressive since releasing his album. Elias sets Hardy up on the top and threatens to climb up but Hardy sends him down. Hardy hits the Whisper in the Wind but can't cover for three. Hardy tries to fire himself up, giving Elias time to rise to his feet and hit a spin kick. Hardy runs off the ropes and Elias hits the Kitchen Sink. Elias immediately grabs the reeling Hardy and hits a spinning suplex, covering for two. Elias pulls Hardy up. Elias goes for a big uppercut but Hardy counters it and transitions into a Twist of Fate! Hardy goes up top and nails the Swanton Bomb! Hardy covers and picks up the win! Elias gets onto Ryker for not helping; Ryker points out that Elias told Ryker to stay back.
Your Winner, Jeff Hardy!

Tag Team Match: the Miz & Morrison vs Sheamus & Keith Lee

The Celtic Warrior is out first, followed by the unlimited minutes, limitless talented Keith Lee. We get plugs for "Straight Up Steve Austin" that debuts after Raw. Out next are their opponents, the Miz & Morrison. We're reminded that the Miz is still the Money in the Bank holder because Morrison handed the case over, not Miz. The bell rings and Sheamus will start things with John Morrison.
Morrison comes in low, attempting to take out Sheamus' legs but Sheamus blocks. Both men spend the first two minutes executing hold and counter hold, with Sheamus dominant for the most part. Sheamus tags in Keith Lee, who flicks Morrison around. Keith Lee lets Morrison tag in the Miz, who runs in and straight into the brick wall that is Keith Lee. Lee easily sends the Miz out of the ring, then picks up Morrison and throws him out, too. Sheamus hurries around and sends them back into the ring. At some point the Miz tagged in Morrison, but I didn't see it. Morrison comes back in hot, using strikes and kicks to push Lee back into the corner. Lee hits a huge headbutt, then grabs Morrison and throws him across the ring. Morrison leans in the corner. Lee grabs him and tosses him into the corner so hard he legitimately broke the top turnbuckle and the rope comes loose. Keith Lee and Sheamus are laughing their butts off as we quickly cut to a commercial.
When we return from the break and the Miz is in an arm bar, with Keith Lee twisting his arm. There's still a ring tech on the apron double checking the turnbuckle. We see a replay that shows how the turnbuckle flew off. The tech finishes and moves out of sight, and Keith Lee tags in Sheamus as the Miz comes in. Miz drops Sheamus and covers, but the Celtic Warrior kicks out at one. The Miz takes Sheamus back to the heel corner. Sheamus throws punches onto Miz's back, trying to break free; Morrison tags in and attacks Sheamus from behind. The Miz and Morrison alternate tags and keep Sheamus in their corner. Sheamus again tries to get to Lee and the Miz stands between them, trying to hold back Sheamus. Sheamus hulks up and hits a big suplex to drop the Miz. Sheamus looks to crawl for the hot tag, but John Morrison comes flying in and drops on Sheamus--he made an off-camera tag. Morrison locks Sheamus up and Gator Rolls him back towards the heel corner. He holds him there and the Miz reaches over the ropes, tagging himself in. The Miz with a big strike and covers, getting two.
The Miz locks onto Sheamus on the mat. The digital crowd claps to encourage Sheamus. Sheamus powers to his feet and kicks a charging Miz. The Miz takes a moment to taunt Keith Lee, then charges in and eats an Irish Curse Back-breaker from Sheamus. Sheamus makes the hot tag to Keith Lee! Lee easily destroys the Miz and Morrison, sending both men into opposite corners and ramming them both. He throws Morrison across the ring like a doll, then throws the Miz. Keith Lee hits a huge Spinning Powerslam on Morrison and covers. Miz breaks it up right at the last moment. Lee throws the Miz out of the ring. Morrison tries to fight back and leaps off the top, but Lee drops him. Keith Lee basks in his glory in his corner...and Sheamus tags himself in. Sheamus runs in and Brogue Kicks John Morrison, then covers to pick up the win. Keith Lee smiles at Sheamus and laughs, apparently the two big men getting along a bit. They fist bump after the match.
Your Winners, Keith Lee & Sheamus!

Backstage w/ Triple H

Sarah the interviewer asks Triple H about Randy Orton's challenge. Triple H says that since Randy Orton can't get it into his head that people like Ric Flair, Mark Henry, the Big Show--the Legends--paved the way for him. He says that people like Orton's father and grandfather paved the way for people like Triple H. And now, Orton wants to call Triple H out to see if he's still the Game. Triple H stares into the camera and says that he accepts. He tells Orton that if he wants to fight Triple H, then on behalf of every Legend who has stepped into the ring before them...Triple H accepts. We go to break.

Match: Sheamus vs Keith Lee

We return from break and the two men who just won the prior tag team match are in each other's faces, angrily jawing off to each other. The bell rings and both men start clubbing each other. Sheamus ends up on the outside apron. Sheamus catches Lee and pulls him back, starting the Ten Beats of the Bodhran! Lee grabs Sheamus' arm at the sixth one. Lee with a big headbutt on Sheamus and drags him in. Lee yells "I thought you were a man, Sheamus!" Lee wraps Sheamus' arms under the ropes, then open-hand chops Sheamus' chest hard. Lee picks up Sheamus, looking for a powerslam, but Sheamus escapes. Lee runs at Sheamus, and Sheamus sidesteps. The big man goes down outside! Sheamus runs in the ring, possibly looking to go out, but Lee is up and catches him with a knee! Lee and Sheamus fight at the timekeeper's area as the ref counts. Lee gets in at eight; Sheamus barely makes it in before the ref says ten. Keith Lee drops his body and rolls, trying to prevent Sheamus from getting in. Sheamus draws Lee in, and Lee charges the corner. Sheamus dodges and Lee rams his shoulder into the post. Sheamus immediately slips outside the ring and grabs the left arm, slamming it repeatedly against the ring post. Sheamus takes control inside, focusing on Lee's left arm. He locks in various arm holds and elbow wrenching weardown moves to keep the big man grounded.
Sheamus continues to work the arm. Sheamus breaks it to go up top. Lee comes up and threatens a Superplex, but Sheamus sends him off the turnbuckle. Sheamus hits a diving forearm on a standing Lee. Sheamus slams Lee down and covers for two. Sheamus goes back to the left arm, wrench on it and pulling the fist up towards the shoulder to put all that pressure on Lee's left elbow! Sheamus kicks Lee's shoulder a few times then convers the arm hold into a traditional arm bar. Lee tries to fight out of it, so Sheamus slams his right heel into Lee repeatedly. Lee repositions, and it looks like Sheamus may be attempting a Triangle Hold. Lee pulls Sheamus up one-armed and hits the Spirit Bomb with just one arm! Lee covers for the win!
Your Winner, Keith Lee!

After the Match

Lee and Sheamus stare each other down. They nod and extend hands, then Sheamus gives Keith Lee a big hug as the two big men have apparently made amends.

Last Week on Raw: Goldberg Challenges Drew McIntyre

We're treated to an incredibly short package, showing Goldberg's challenge to McIntyre. After this break, we'll hear McIntyre's reply to the challenge. We're all on pins and needles, wondering what McIntyre decides!

Drew McIntyre Responds to Goldberg

We start with a video package showcasing the Lee/McIntyre match, briefly, before showing us Goldberg's challenge. Goldberg was upset that McIntyre talked smack to the Legends all night (he didn't, Orton did). He then challenged the door Drew McIntyre to a match at Royal Rumble. McIntyre told Goldberg that twenty years ago Goldberg wouldn't have been able to beat him now. He says that fighting Goldberg would be like fighting his dad, and both men puffed out their chests and shoved each other.
We cut back to McIntyre in his quarantined area. McIntyre says that it was a dream come true to defend his title against Keith Lee in front of all the Legends. Drew says that he was going to thank Lee and the Legends then Goldberg showed up. He praises Goldberg's legacy, then adds that you should never meet your legends because they'll always let you down. Drew says that Goldberg's let him down, and his legacy down. Drew points out that Goldberg put words in McIntyre's mouth, and Goldberg then accused Drew of thinking it even if he wasn't saying it. McIntyre says that Goldberg just wants the WWE Championship, the one title he's not had (okay?). McIntyre states that he doesn't want to accept Goldberg's challenge, but if Goldberg wants respect, he can get it at the Royal Rumble. Drew accepts it and says that at the Royal Rumble, "you're next!"

Backstage w/ Riddle and the Lucha House Party

Riddle is talking to someone off camera, and tells them how excited he is to face MVP tonight. He says that it's like when you get a pizza and it's fresh and it's loaded with toppings and you take the first bite and....Lucha House Party are shown, and they tell him they don't understand him very much. Lince asks if he's hungry, and Riddle says that he's just using the pizza as an analogy. They all agree that they hate the Hurt Business. They then wish him luck and he calls them Bro-chachos.

Match: Xavier Woods vs T-Bar

Xavier Woods comes out alone, representing the New Day. We go to break but T-Bar of Retribution will be out next. When we return, Samoa Joe even mentions that he's never seen Xavier Woods by himself. T-Bar is accompanied by Mustafa Ali, Slapjack, Mace, and Reckoning. We see a pre-recorded interview from T-Bar, rocking the Demolition vibes, and promises to break Woods' bones. We're told that Kofi Kingston was injured in a match against the Hurt Business with a broken jaw. The bell rings and we start.
Both lock up and T-Bar slams Woods down to the mat. During the match, Ali yells for T-Bar to show Woods what Retribution is all about, and he mocks Woods for being alone, asking "where's your family?" T-Bar takes Woods down with a big shoulder. Woods tries to fly but T-Bar catches him over a shoulder. Woods punches T-Bar and escapes. Woods goes off the ropes but T-Bar counters with a big clothesline and covers for two. T-Bar pulls up Woods and yells, "where's your family?" He knocks Woods down and stomps on him as Ali yells for T-Bar to make Woods pay. T-Bar slaps a rear chinlock on Woods. Woods starts to fade, and the digital crowd starts a "New...Day Rocks!" chant. Woods gets up just enough to grab T-Bar's head and hit a chin breaker. T-Bar again grabs Woods from behind, and again Woods hits him with the chin breaker. Woods with a kick to the face of T-Bar. Woods battles back, fighting T-Bar back with a series of lefts and rights. Woods goes for a big right kick but T-Bar catches it and sends him into the corner. T-Bar charges; Woods dodges. Woods climbs up top and hits a shotgun dropkick off the top rope! T-Bar is sent rolling out of the ring! Woods bounces off the ropes and hits a suicide/tope aerial attack right on T-Bar. Woods sends T-Bar back into the ring but is distracted by Retribution. T-Bar takes control and hits the Eyes Wide Shut on Woods, then covers for the win! After the match, Mace and the others of Retribution congratulate him, and Ali poses.
Your Winner, T-Bar!

Backstage w/ Sarah and Randy Orton

Sarah asks Orton about Triple H accepting his challenge. Orton says that he's filled with a lot of hate and he's going to focus it all on Triple H. We go to break--the United States Championship is on the line against Riddle, next!

United States Championship Match: Bobby Lashley(c) vs Riddle

Riddle comes out first as we see clips from last week, when Riddle and Lashley clashed. Lashley locked in the Hurt Lock and Riddle tapped, but the ref didn't see it and Riddle picked up the win on a shocked Lashley, leading to this title opportunity match. Riddle continues to flip his flops off, in time with pyro (in case you aren't watching). Out next is the CEO of the Hurt Business, United States Champion Bobby Lashley! He's accompanied by MVP. The announcements are made. Lashley immediately attacks Riddle--the bell hasn't been rung yet, the match has not started. Lashley is backed off by the ref, then charges in again and pummels Riddle. Again, the ref separates them and again, Lashley attacks Riddle. Riddle gets to his feet in a corner and apparently tells the ref to ring the bell. The match starts with Riddle's mouth already bloody. Lashley throws Riddle across the ring with ease. Lashley throws Riddle over the top rope, dropping him onto the apron and a nasty spill to the outside floor. Lashley picks Riddle up in a Fireman's Carry and charges the ring post, but Riddle escapes and Lashley runs into it. The ref continues to count. Riddle goes in but comes back outside, hitting the Floating Bro on Lashley outside. Riddle takes it back inside. Riddle goes for the Final Flash knee but Lashley catches him up and rag dolls him, slamming Riddle down into the mat hard. Lashley pulls Riddle up and locks in the Hurt Lock. Riddle hangs on for about five seconds, then taps--and this time the ref sees it.
Your Winner and STILL United States Champion, Bobby Lashley!

After the Match: the Challenging Returns

In a common theme of challenges dictating matches tonight, Riddle gets on a mic, mouth bloody, still in the ring. He tells MVP that he couldn't beat Lashley tonight but he sure as hell can beat MVP. MVP laughs and says that since Riddle asked for it, he's gonna give Riddle what he wants. He pulls off his suit jacket and vest as he makes his way to the ring and we go to break.

Match: MVP vs Riddle

We return from the break and start off as both men are in the ring. MVP's wearing his dress shirt and suit pants. MVP has the advantage early on as he's the fresh man in. MVP with right fists. Riddle tries to fire up. Riddle ducks under a grapple attempt and wraps MVP up from behind. Riddle spins him and hits a high knee to the chin. Riddle goes up top but sees Lashley threatening, and runs along the apron to take Lashley down at ring side! Riddle goes up top for the Bro-ton! Riddle connects but is taken down by Lashley!
Your Winner by Disqualification, Riddle!

After the Match

After the match, Lashley beats the Riddle'r like he's Batman on Bane's venom. After he's done, MVP comes over and hits a wicked kick to Riddle's gut, leaving Riddle rolling in pain as the Hurt Business stand tall at the top of the ramp.

Backstage w/ Adam Pearce, AJ Styles, and Drew Gulak

AJ Styles catches up with Adam Pearce backstage, asks for the last spot to enter the Rumble, and talks hypothetically winning the Royal Rumble to go on and face Pearce at WrestleMania. He comments no one will throw him over the rope with Omos at his side. Drew Gulak walks up and declares he's entering himself in the Royal Rumble. Pearce tells Gulak that he can't just enter himself, and Gulak points out that that is exactly what AJ Styles did. Pearce tells Gulak that if he can beat Styles, he can enter the Royal Rumble. We see Omos, AJ's gigantic guard, step into view, towering over Gulak. We go to commercial.

Match: AJ Styles w/ Omos vs. Drew Gulak

We return and AJ comes out with Omos. Gulak is already in the ring. If Drew Gulak wins, he'll be in the Royal Rumble. And if he loses, he'll probably be in the participation-trophy battle royal before WrestleMania. Both men ready up, with Gulak looking nervous. Both men charge as soon as the bell rings, and both go for dropkicks! AJ takes control early on but Gulak's technical expertise kicks in, allowing Gulak to take control. Gulak with a snap suplex. Gulak attempts a cover but gets two. Gulak takes Styles up to the top turnbuckle, thinking Superplex. Gulak and Styles struggle. Styles slips down between his legs and punches Gulak. Styles picks Gulak up in a reverse Electric Chair, but Gulak rolls it through into a pin attempt. Gualk again attempts another pin. Styles stops the offense with a Pele Kick that floors Gulak. Styles hits his punching combination, then hits another Pele. Gulak stumbles and rises with help from the ropes. Styles runs and knocks Gulak over the top rope, and we're reminded that if this were the Royal Rumble, Gulak would have been eliminated. Outside, Omos stands next to Gulak--his shoe bigger than Gulak's head. Gulak is distracted, even as he makes his way into the ring. AJ Styles uses this to hit the Phenomenal Forearm! Styles picks up the win.
Your Winner, AJ Styles!

Video Package: Bill Goldberg

We get a video package that quickly covers the highlights of Goldberg's career, starting with The Streak (WCW edition) on Nitro and leading up to the modern era.

Backstage w/ Triple H and Keith Lee

Triple H is taping up his wrists and hand when Keith Lee walks up. Lee tells Triple H that he knows Orton's disrespecting legends, but Triple H has always been there for Keith Lee. Lee wants to be there for Triple H and says he knows it'd be his third match of the night, but he wants to do this for Triple H. Trips thanks him but tells him that this is something he has to do. Lee hands Triple H his leather jacket and tells him it's time for the Game.

Tag Team Match: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler vs Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke

Jax & Brooke make their way down before the break. When we return, Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke make their way out. Baszler starts off with Brooke and takes control early on. Jax is tagged in soon and Brooke rebound off the rope, running into Jax and bouncing off. We're reminded that Jax has competed in both Men's and Women's Royal Rumble in the same night. Jax puts Brooke in a head lock. Rose and the digital audience clap, trying to fire Brooke up. Brooke hits a desperation jaw breaker, and crawls towards her corner. Jax is fast to tag in Baszler, who stops Brooke. Baszler wastes time, though, and Brooke tags in Rose. Rose hits the ring hot, dropping Baszler with fists and a suplex, and an atomic drop. Rose pounds on Baszler in the corner. Rose drops Baszler and covers, but Jax breaks it up. Baszler tags in Jax. Rose strikes Jax, who isn't phased and picks her up for a Samoan Drop and a cover. Brooke hits the ring to break it up. Baszler comes in and attacks Brooke. Brooke and Rose are sent into the same corner and Jax charges them. Baszler tags herself in and puts the Kirifuda Clutch on Mandy Rose, who quickly taps out.
Your Winners, Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler!

Main Event Match: Triple H vs Randy Orton

The Game is the first to make his way out, wearing his slacks and a black leather jacket. He does his water bottle/mist bit, just like the old days. At 10:53pm EST, Randy Orton makes his way out for our main event. Given that Raw and NXT have been running over as of late, this match probably will, too.
As soon as Orton hits the ring, he attempts an RKO but is shoved off. Orton and Triple H take turns pounding on each other in the corner. Triple H whips Orton into the ropes but broadcasts the back body drop too early, and Orton catches him with a kick. The brawl spills outside the ring. Triple H whips Orton into the steel steps. Vic Joseph comments twice now that Triple H hasn't had a match in a year and a half. Triple H whips Orton into the barricade, then takes him towards the steel steps. Orton jabs Triple H in the eye, then slams Triple H's head into the apron. Orton attempts to back suplex Triple H onto the announce table but Triple H escapes. Triple H hits a side slam, smashing Orton on top of the announce table. There's been no ref, no bell, so this is (I'm guessing) an unsanctioned match. Triple H goes under the ring and pulls out a sledgehammer! He holds it up then takes his time getting into the ring.
And then, the ThunderDome starts to go dark. Sections of the crowd/screens go out. Some lights go out as Triple H stalks Orton. Orton grimaces and rises to his feet. Triple H pulls up his sledge hammer, which is suddenly on fire, and all the lights go out--including the fire on the sledge hammer! When the lights come up, Triple H is missing. Orton looks around as only the ring is illuminated. A warped version of the Firefly Fun House theme plays. Orton turns around to see Alexa Bliss standing in the corner, hands clasped behind her back and wearing a black lacy dress. She takes two steps towards Orton and turns her head to the side. She puts a hand on her her chin, and "Pain" is written on the tape wrapped around her glove. Suddenly, Bliss makes a motion towards Orton and a flare goes off in his face. Orton stumbles around the ring in pain, hand over his eyes, unable to see. We fade to black.
No Contest

In Closing

This was a rather unusual, yet interesting Raw. The matches were solid. Several superstars were on double-duty, and there were a lot of recaps of recaps of recaps of earlier tonight, but it was a pretty solid showing. That does it for us tonight--see y'all back here Wednesday for NXT! Stay warm, stay frosty, and stay safe.

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