WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (12/14/2020) - ThunderDome (Tropicana Field), St. Petersburg, FL

Hello, folks, and welcome back to Rajah.com's Monday Night Raw LIVE results! Here to show you the way for the greater good is Rajah's Monday Night Mikessiah, Mike "Hulk" Hogan! Our official preview was up before the sun rose, a stark contrast to the recent trend of previews releasing minutes before broadcast. So let's see what's ahead of us, shall we?

AJ Styles will not only face Sheamus in what WWE is billing as a "statement showdown," he'll also bring "The Nightmare before TLC" to Raw. What that means, your guess is as good as mine, but I'm going to hope it's claymation and done by Tim Burton! Lana will take on Nia Jax ahead of their tag team championship clash this Sunday at TLC, the New Day & Jeff Hardy will battle the Hurt Business, and Bray Wyatt is set to give us a....ThunderDome field trip. Make sure you get your parents to sign your permission slips and have them back to Vince by 8pm!

What else lies in store for us over the next three hours? Let's find out on tonight's go-home edition of Monday Night Raw before TLC this Sunday! Yes, I know, that's a bold statement to make!

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (12/14/2020) - ThunderDome (Tropicana Field), St. Petersburg, FL

Show Opener Previously, on Raw...

We start with a title card reading "Last Monday" and are treated to scenes of the possible falling out between McIntyre and Sheamus, as they're overplaying this more than the Young & the Restless on a Friday cliffhanger. We get our show opening video package. Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Samoa Joe run down the aforementioned, previously announced matches--and they're changing AJ's segment to a segment with Drew called an "Ascension Ceremony."

The Nightmare Before TLC

We get a mid 20th-century type narrator, who states "In a world full of winners and losers, two men have risen above to bring you...the Dirt Sheet." We cut tot he ring and see the Miz, seated in a ring with his MitB briefcase. He has a story book and wants to tell us the tale of two superstars who are set for a WWE Championship match at TLC. AJ Styles is present, as is Morrison who's dressed like Braveheart. Throughout the below story, Styles and Morrison often act out scenes described, or interrupt the Miz by acting a bit too overzealous for his liking.
"Twas the nightmare before TLC and all through the ThunderDome, every Superstar was excited to hear me read my awesome poem. First the challenger, the greatest hero for miles and miles/the protagonist of this story, the phenomenal A. J. Styles. Next, the champion, and honestly my second choice," and AJ adds "don't forget my friend Omos with the deep voice." Miz continues: "But who would be brave enough to face these foes, but that's where the story gets interesting because as everyone knows/the WWE Champion Drew Mcintyre is the bravest of all, a mighty Scottish warrior--so strong and so tall." We see Morrison dressed as Braveheart, who exclaims "they'll never take my freedom!" The Miz continues: "this Sunday will start out with a bang and a whack, when AJ Styles slams a steel chair across McIntyre's back. Then AJ will smash Drew through tables until he's half dead/McIntyre will have visions of tables, ladders and chairs dancing in his head. Now Drew may pull out his illegal sword during the fight, but AJ's not scared of this wanna-be knight. He swings the mighty sword, but AJ dodges and proclaims," AJ adds: "chivalry's dead, like your title (reign)!" He pretends to stab Morrison repeatedly until Miz snaps at them that he wants to continue. "And after all this chaos, there arose such a clatter/AJ Styles will climb to the top of the ladder. He'll retrieve the title and prove he has won, and AJ will become the new WWE Champ-ion! But if AJ should fail and Drew does reap the glory, that's when the Miz attacks and enters our story! The champ is laid out cold, expressionless and blank/it's time for the Miz, Mister Money in the Bank! He cashes in the contract and pins AJ one-two-three, the Miz is once again the champion of all WWE!" AJ takes offense at the changes to the book, noting that Miz said he'd pin AJ. They begin to argue about the Miz making changes. Sheamus comes out and says while this community theater was entertaining, he's got a match with AJ. And while these lads have their stories, he's prepared to fight with his fists. Styles tells him that if he's not part of the solution, he's part of the problem. Sheamus says that he prefers to be part of the problem. He begins to encroach on Styles, who backs up and hides behind a Christmas tree in the corner, telling Sheamus that they've got a match later not now. Styles shoves the tree at Sheamus and leaves the ring, laughing--until Sheamus throws a fake present from in the ring and nails him. We go to break.

Match: AJ Styles (w/ Omos) vs Sheamus

When we return, we have our Styles versus Sheamus match earlier than planned. Sheamus and Styles lock up. Sheamus takes the lead early on. Styles is quick to take charge, working Sheamus over in the corner. Styles attempts to whip Sheamus, but the Celtic Warrior counters and hits the strong Irish whip to send Styles into the corner and bouncing off of it. Sheamus takes his time, using vicious strikes and knee drops to physically wear down Styles. Styles fights out of the corner, stiff kicks to Sheamus' left leg causing the Irishman to back off. Styles attempts to mount offense but Sheamus stops it by dropping AJ hard. Sheamus locks in an arm bar/neck crank by the ropes, then moves his grapple from AJ's neck to his nose and mouth until the ref warns him off. Sheamus continues to work Styles over, slowing the pace of the match, until he hits a suplex toss on Styles. Again, Sheamus pulls AJ up and hits a suplex toss and Styles flies across the ring. Sheamus attempts a third time but Styles escapes it. Styles to the outside. Sheamus comes out and catches AJ going up on the apron, and slips under him. Sheamus pulls AJ up in the powerbomb position, looking to hit the announcer's table powerbomb--but Omos catches AJ and removes him from Sheamus' grasp as we go to break!
Back from the break and Styles has Sheamus locked in a calf-crusher. Sheamus leans up, trying to tear at AJ's face to break it. Sheamus drops a series of elbow strikes to Styles' chest and side, forcing him off. Styles and Sheamus both to their feet, but Styles wastes no time in flooring the ginger. Styles sets Sheamus' foot on the bottom rope and leaps up, landing on it. The ref warns Styles. Still, Styles tries to work on taking out Sheamus' left leg. Sheamus with a big fist but Styles kicks him down in the corner. Sheamus crawls along the bottom rope to the opposite corner, and kicks out at AJ. Styles stomps Sheamus in that corner, too, before pulling him to his feet. Styles attempts to whip Sheamus, but Sheamus counters it into an Irish Curse Back-Breaker. Sheamus dropped Styles across his own injured left knee, so both men are down. Both men are a bit slower. Sheamus catches Styles with a hard knee strike to the chin as Styles charges in. Sheamus covers for a two. Styles uses the ropes to climb up. Sheamus charges him and Styles dodges, causing Sheamus to land outside. He comes face to face with Omos as the ref tells him to get back in the ring. Sheamus gets on the apron and hits the Ten Beats of the Bodhran to Styles in the ring! Sheamus stares at Omos the entire time. Sheamus goes up top and comes crashing down on Styles, covering for a close two! Styles and Sheamus both up. Samoa Joe talks about Sheamus weakening Styles for his buddy Drew McIntyre. Styles locks in the calf-crusher on Sheamus, and it takes the Celtic Warrior a full minute to get to a rope and force the break. Styles pulls Sheamus up and sets up for the Styles Clash but Sheamus counters it into a White Noise with a close two! Both men are down. Sheamus pulls AJ up onto his shoulders in a Fireman's carry. Sheamus climbs up to the middle rope. Styles squirms free and hits a sidekick to Sheamus' lower left leg, dropping him and covering for the win!
Your Winner, AJ Styles!

After the Match

Styles talks smack to Sheamus from outside the ring. Sheamus reaches over the top ropes and grabs Styles, but Omos attacks! Omos gets Sheamus' feet wrapped up between the top and middle ropes, so that he's hanging outside the ring and unable to escape. Omos gets a chair and gives it to AJ, who beats Sheamus repeatedly with the chair as he's completely vulnerable. Styles yells, "you still wanna be part of the problem?" Styles talks more smack to Sheamus as Michael Cole's Demon Spawn talks over him to hype Styles/McIntyre's TLC match. Styles picks up the chair and whacks Sheamus a few more times with it. He backs up the ramp and tells Sheamus to enjoy it, and he can talk to his friend in the hospital about it on Sunday night.

Commentary Team, Previously on Raw

Saxton, Joe and Phillips comment on Karrion Kross' return and the New Years Evil NXT special in a few weeks. They then take us back to last week to show us why Jeff Hardy is teaming with the new day. We see where Hardy lost to Lashley after distractions by MVP, and after the match, when Riddle tried to intervene, Lashley threw Hardy into Riddle.

Earlier Backstage: the Hurt Business

We see all four members of the Hurt Business, dressed to the nines, walking around in catering. They see a guy wearing a WWE Crew shirt, eating Bronuts. They proceed to harass him and pour a gallon of milk on his head. Sarah sees their actions and tries to dart off but they see her and call her over. She questions MVP about his focus tonight and about Riddle/being focused. MVP says tonight, he's going to teach Riddle about respect but tonight he's going to teach Sarah about journalism because the real question she should've asked was about Shelton Benjamin, Bobby Lashley and Cedric Benjamin. He tells us that they're going to hurt the New Day & Jeff Hardy, and Lashley adds that they'll send them to their own world of hurt.

Backstage w/ Riddle, Hardy, and the new Day

Riddle walks up as Hardy & the New Day are getting pumped up. Riddle walks up and says he has a great idea, but Xavier Woods tells him that he's not going to ask execs at G4 to give Riddle his own show called "Riddle Me This." Riddle says that's not what he wanted to talk about; he was thinking, tonight, why doesn't Jeff Hardy team up with the New Day with Bro E in their corner since Big E can't be there. Kofi says that the enemy of the butthurt business is a friend of ya boys, the New Day! Hardy's music plays and out comes Jeff Hardy, followed by Riddle who dances and poses to Hardy's music--Riddle is still hoping for the Hardy Bros to be a thing.

Match: Jeff Hardy (w/ Riddle) & the New Day vs the Hurt Business

Representing the Hurt Business tonight will be Cedric Alexander, Shelton Benjamin, and Bobby Lashley. Out after Jeff and Riddle are the New Day. We go to break. When we return, the Hurt Business make their way out. We're reminded that the Hurt Business challenge the New Day this Sunday at TLC for the Raw Tag Team Championship. MVP hugs all three men as they set up and we get things under way. Starting things off are Bobby Lashley and Xavier Woods.
Lashley starts strong, manhandling Woods with ease. He throws the smaller man across the ring, and uses his raw strength to counter Woods' attempts to go airborne. Woods finally gets the upper hand and tags in Kofi, then chops Lashley. Kingston charges in and leaps, but Lashley catches him mid air and gorilla press tosses him. Cedric tags himself in, and Lashley doesn't look happy. Cedric locks up with Kingston. Both men fly off the ropes and Kingston catches Benjamin with a double-knee jawbreaker. Kingston takes Cedric Alexander to the New Day corner and tag in Jeff Hardy. Hardy locks up Cedric's left arm and yanks on it. Alexander fights him off and tags in Shelton Benjamin. Hardy takes control and sends Benjamin outside, then strikes out at US Champion Bobby Lashley. The Hurt Business pace the floor around the ring as Woods plays his trombone and all three dance to the "New...Day rocks" tune as we go to break!
When we return from the break Kofi and Benjamin are in the ring. Kofi's tossing a flurry of kicks and punches to Benjamin. Benjamin and Kofi go off opposite ropes, but Kofi takes Shelton down with a flying clothesline. Kofi hits the Boom Drop! Kofi posts up in the corner, clapping his hands, preparing for a finisher. The ref is distracted, checking on Benjamin, and doesn't notice Lashley run along the apron and toss Kingston out of the ring! Lashley gets back to his corner and is tagged in by Benjamin. Lashley taunts Kingston, then exploder suplex tosses Kofi across the ring. Lashley tags in Cedric Alexander. Cedric with a suplex to Kingston, followed up by clubbing blows on a downed Kingston. Cedric with a chin lock, but Kofi powers to his feet as the digital crowd cheers him on. Kingston tries to fight to his corner but Alexander slams him down, then drags Kofi in a seated position to the Hurt Business corner. Shelton Benjamin is tagged in, and body slams Kingston. Benjamin pulls him up and again, a scoop slam. Benjamin covers for a two count. Benjamin takes his time with Kingston, and locks him up. Benjamin pushes back to the Hurt Business corner and Lashley tags in. Lashley completely dominates, taking Kofi into the corner and hitting hamhock-sized elbow strikes to the former WWE Champ. Kingston throws a few kicks from his position, seated in the corner, but Lashley shrugs them off and chokes Kingston before tugging on his face. The ref forces the break. Lashley takes Kingston into the Hurt Business corner and Cedric Alexander is tagged in. Alexander beats Kingston in the HB corner. Alexander tags in Shelton Benjamin, who hits a snapmare and slaps on a chin lock.
Benjamin breaks the lock and takes a cheap shot on Xavier Woods, knocking him off the apron. Benjamin struts and his arrogance costs him as Kingston takes him down. Kingston dives over and tags in former three-time world champion Jeff Hardy. Hardy hits the atomic drop, followed up with the double leg drop and a pinfall attempt. Benjamin whips Hardy into the ropes after a blind tag by Alexander, and when he rebounds both Benjamin and Alexander take him down! Alexander attempts a cover but only gets a two. Alexander goes to wrap up Hardy, but the veteran converts it into a side Russian leg sweep! Chaos starts to ensue as everyone begins to fight. Kofi flies over the top rope to take out Benjamin on the floor; Woods goes flying out onto Lashley. Lashley fights them both off. In the ring, Alexander attempts a backslide pin, then two roll ups. Hardy fights back, and sends Alexander into the ropes--and doesn't see the blind tag by Bobby Lashley! Hardy hits the Twist of Fate on Lashley. Lashley comes in and wastes no time in slapping on the Hurt Lock, winning the match.
Your Winners by Submission, the Hurt Business!

Video Package: Lana/Nia Jax

We see clips from last week, in which Nia Jax and Shayna spoke of tonight's Jax/Lana match. Shayna and Jax decided that Jax should beat Lana until she has boobs on her back. We then see Asuka pumping up Lana, trying to get her to believe in herself. She starts to chant that she can beat Nia Jax, but turns around to see Jax staring at her.

Backstage w/ Asuka & Lana

Lana seems nervous and says that she wants to go out alone. Asuka speaks the most English I've seen her speak in the last three years combined. She tells Lana that she believes in her, and that Lana is the bravest person Asuka knows for going out to face Lana. She tells Lana to go out there and beat Jax, and reiterates that they're a team.

Match: Lana vs Nia Jax

Lana makes her way out and we head to break--after we're reminded that Smackdown will air on FS-1 this Friday in a special edition. When we return from the break, Lana is ready to go in the ring as her opponent comes out. We're reminded that Lana & Asuka face Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler this Sunday for the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship. The Irresistible Force, Nia Jax, makes her way out with her tag title over her shoulder. She glares at Lana and Lana looks scared when Jax gets in the ring. We start things off.
Jax immediately slams Lana to the canvas. When Lana stands, Jax runs her into the corner, then hits a charging splash in the corner. Jax begins to yell smack at Lana, saying "this is what you want!" Asuka watches in the back, trying to cheer on Lana. Jax shoves Lana down every time she tries to stand. Jax pulls Lana up, looking for a military press-style drop, but Lana quickly squirms and takes her down with a head scissors. Lana runs up the ropes and looks to dive, but Jax knocks her down onto the top turnbuckle. Nia Jax climbs to the middle rope and sets up for the Samoan drop off the middle rope. Lana slips free and slides down, between Jax's legs. Lana attempts to powerbomb Jax! She can't, but she kicks Jax's leg out from under her which causes Jax to fall down with her legs locked on the middle rope--a modified tree of woe. Lana goes up top and hits a double-foot stomp then rolls Jax up, using Jax's weight against her and scores the quick, surprising pin fall!
Your Winner, Lana!

After the Match

We see Shayna attack Asuka backstage as Lana watches it unfold on the big screen. Jax uses the distraction to take Lana down. Baszler comes out to the ring and both women attack Lana. Baszler locks a wicked, sick looking knee twist on Lana as Lana begs for help and begs them not to do this. Baszler holds Lana's leg so Jax can hit a big leg drop down on top of the twisted lower left leg! Asuka hits the ring and takes out Baszler and Jax, fighting to protect her partner. Asuka holds and consoles Lana in the ring as she sobs and the tag champs walk up the ramp, angry. We get several replays of the post-match assault.

In the Ring: Elias

Elias is set up in the ring when we return from break, guitar over his leg, and he does his usual intro. "Hello, I am Elias...and this is Jaxson Ryker. Now all my loyal fans two weeks ago saw the Symphony of Destruction match when I got electrocuted." He tells us that doctors said that it would have killed an ordinary man, but he's no ordinary man. He was baptized in lightning and lost nothing but gained so much. He had visions of his purpose, and visions of Jaxson Ryker--a man who knows deep in his heart the universal truth, and that is WWE stands for Walk With Elias. Ryker gets on the mic, and tells us that he's been reborn by hearing the "universal truth" and Elias' music has changed who he is. He says for far too long, Elias has been interrupted and attacked and he's here to stop it. Elias says he'd like to dedicated this next performance of his healing music to Lana. He begins to play when R-Truth comes up. Truth says he doesn't mean to interrupt, he just wants to apologize for interrupting Elias on Main Event last week as Truth is not an interrupter. Elias points out that Truth's interrupting right now. Elias asks Truth if he's going to say anything. Truth says he doesn't want to interrupt, so Elias says he's gonna play his song. He begins playing a few chords when all of the jobbers under card run down the ramp, looking for Truth. Ryker tosses and slams and beats anyone who dares to enter the ring. Truth runs off the ramp, with those left standing in pursuit.

Backstage w/ the Miz & Morrison and Keith Lee

Lee walks up to the Miz & Morrison. He pulls out a coin and tells them to call heads or tails. Morrison tries to call it before it's flipped and the Miz tells him that's not how it's done. Keith Lee flips the coin and they call out heads. They see they've won the coin toss and start to cheer when Lee tells them that they've "both won" in an intimidating way. We have the Miz versus Keith Lee, next!

Two-on-One Handicapped Match: the Miz & Morrison vs Keith Lee

This match has been modified to be a handicapped match. Out first is Keith Lee as our commentary team wonders if the numbers game will play against Keith Lee, while praising Lee's strength and agility in the same breath. Out next are the Miz & Morrison. We're told this will be a tag format for the Miz & Morrison.
The Miz & Morrison both attack Keith Lee when the bell rings and our commentary team remark that the ref is being very lenient in allowing this. Lee takes Miz down and sends him out of the ring, and no-sells Morrison's attempt to attack him in the ring. The Miz quickly climbs up top and goes airborne, landing on Lee with the attack from behind. Lee recovers and hits a belly-to-belly suplex that sends the Miz out of the ring. Morrison attacks Lee from behind, using a series of strikes to drop the big man to one knee, then take him down. Morrison goes off the ropes while Lee rises, and Lee pops Morrison up then places a hand on his back and slams him down face-first into the canvas! Lee sends Morrison outside to the Miz as we go to break.
When we return from break Lee is still dominating. We see replays of Lee tossing John Morrison like a doll. Morrison, live in the ring, attacks Lee after Lee sends the Miz flying. Morrison and Miz double team Lee, and cover but only get a one. Apparently the ref is not enforcing the tag element of this match, and it's a two-on-one handicapped tornado match. Lee is double teamed by the Miz & Morrison, who strike him over and over and attempt to cover him twice more. They pull him to his feet and double Irish whip him into the ropes, but he grabs the top rope to brake. Lee throws the Miz over the top rope. Morrison hops over Lee to the apron and attempts to pull him over, but Lee hits a vicious chop that stuns Morrison. Lee suplex's Morrison into the ring but the Miz yanks Lee's foot out from under him, causing him to fall back and drop Morrison on top of himself. They cover for a two. Morrison and Miz set up a double submission as the Miz puts on a calf lock and Morrison puts on a head lock. Lee refuses to submit. Both men pull up Lee and attempt to double-team suplex him, but Lee hits a double suplex on them both! All three men recover. Lee takes Miz down with a clothesline, then sends Morrison into the corner and splashes him. Lee charges across the ring and splashes the Miz. Lee throws Morrison into the Miz. Lee attempts a Spirit Bomb on Morrison, but the Miz attempts to interfere. Lee swings Morrison into the Miz. Both the Miz & Morrison recover quick and work together to drop Lee, then both men lay on top of Lee to hold him down and pick up the win!
Your Winners, the Miz & Morrison!

Video Package: Orton & the Fiend

We get a package that shows the building feud between Randy Orton and the Fiend over the last few weeks, including Orton discovering that Bliss is the Fiend's weakness and Orton's match with Bray Wyatt last week. We watch highlights from the match, showcasing the signature and finisher moves both men hit last week. We also see the end, where Orton started to call for the RKO when the lights began to fail--and Orton hits the RKO on Bray anyways! The lights went out and when they came up, they were red--and Orton wasn't laying on Bray, but on the Fiend! The Fiend slaps on the Mandible Claw and refuses to let go until Orton passes out! Up next will be the Firefly Fun House's field trip to the ThunderDome.

Bray Wyatt's ThunderDome Field Trip

Bray Wyatt comes out wearing that awesome the Fiend ugly Christmas sweater I should've gotten on Black Friday. Wyatt smiles at the crowd, jolly as he makes his way down to the ring. Wyatt soaks up all the cheers from the digital audience. We see Huskus, Mercy, and Rambling Rabbit at ringside on the barricade. Wyatt says hello to all his Fireflies and is excited to see all their faces at the ThunderDome as it really warms his soul. He says before we get to all the fun stuff, he's afraid that he has an apology to make. "So here it goes. Randy Orton, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Randy, I really am sorry. I know that both of us were having the time of our lives last week but, you know as things do, things get out of hand and one thing leads to another...and I think it's just one giant misunderstand. And I know that sometimes he has a very sad, sick, deranged, twisted, mind of his own and he's--" he chuckles and says "Anyways!" He tells Randy that this Sunday, after Randy takes on him at the TLC pay per view, he's not sure what will be left of Randy. There shall be no fun and games at TLC; instead, all there's going to be is sadness and pain "but yowie wowie, know what? That's all right!" He's decided to celebrate since TLC will be no laughing matter, but tonight is! In honor of their field trip, he's prepared some hysterical jokes for the Viper. He bursts into laughter and pulls a paper from his pocket. "First one, here we go. What's the best way to measure a viper? Inches, because they don't have any feet!" Bray and the puppets burst into laughter, drastically overselling the joke more than Nash did the Finger of Doom. Bray continues. "What do snakes use to clean their car windows? Windshield vipers!" He and the puppets crack up again, laughing so much Bray has to take a knee. Orton appears on the screen and yells for Bray's attention. "Last week, I said when the time comes--when my time comes--I'd look the devil in the eye and tell him the most evil son of a bitch on the planet has come home. But what I didn't realize, Bray, is that later that night you'd give me the chance--the Fiend gave me the chance...after I put you down with the three deadliest letters in sports entertainment, something changed. You changed. And he appeared. Out of nowhere." He says that he never says this, but he was out-maneuvered by Bray. He says he won't be out-maneuvered by the Fiend at TLC. Orton points out that Bray likes to play games and says that Wyatt should extend his field trip and come see Orton, and tonight they should play a game of hide-and-seek. Bray cracks up in the ring. "Randy, you know I can't resist a game! So I accept! i accept, Randy, i accept!" Orton tells Bray to come find him and walks off screen. Wyatt chuckles in the ring, and impersonates Jack Nicholson's mannerisms, telling Orton "I'm going to find you, Randy!" Wyatt heads off, up the ramp as the commentary team comment on this game of hide-and-seek and the puppets loudly laugh.

Video Package: Ricochet & Retribution

We see clips from last week's mixed tag match, when Slapjack & Reckoning took on Dana Brooke & Ricochet. Reckoning was distracted, allowing Dana to score the win much to the chagrin of Mustafa Ali.

Match: Ricochet vs Mace

Out first is Mace, who's accompanied by the entire Retribution faction. We go to break. When we return, we see Mustafa Ali joining the commentary team while the Reckoning, Slapjack, and T-Bar stand beside him, watching as Mace readies up in the ring. Out next is Ricochet, who struts and poses, full of confidence as he charges down the ramp and into the ring. Joe asks Ali about Ricochet and Ali's constant pursuing of the agile superstar. Ali asks why wouldn't he want Ricochet, to which Joe asks him how much rejection will Ali accept from Ricochet?
The match starts, with Mace aggressive to start with. Mace uses clubbing blows and working holds to keep the high-flying Ricochet grounded. Ricochet attempts to use his speed to slide in with a kick, but Mace beats him to it and drops him with a fast kick. After more working holds, Ricochet escapes to the apron. Ricochet springboards in and hits a missile dropkick. Phillips asks Ali why he added Mace, while Mace and Ricochet slug it out in the ring. Ali tells Phillips to ask Joe that, then points out that Samoa Joe is sitting in Mace's chair (from when he was on commentary as Dio Maddin). In the ring, Ricochet takes control. Ali tells T-Bar and Slapjack to get involved. Ricochet fights them off (without them striking him, so no DQ). Ali orders Mace to end it, and Mace hits the sit-out powerbomb, picking up the win.
Your Winner, Mace!

After the Match

Retribution get in the ring and stand over Ricochet. Ali yells at him that "this doesn't end until I say it does." They pose over him.

Backstage w/ Bray & Riddle

Bray is walking backstage, looking for Randy. Riddle walks up and calls him "bro," and Bray corrects him, telling him "it's Bray." Riddle pitches a new segment for Firefly Fun House called "Bro-nouns" in which he'd teach kids about pronouns. Wyatt says he'll take it under consideration, then heads off to find Orton. Rambling Rabbit pops up behind Riddle, and Riddle says that Rabbit reminds him of Baby Yoda. He declares he'll call Rambling Rabbit "Baby Bro-da."

Match: Shayna Baszler vs Dana Brooke

We cut to the ring as Shayna makes her way out, escorted by Nia Jax, for her match against Dana Brooke. Brooke comes out hyped up for this match. We start with Shayna aggressive, brutally taking Brooke down in the corner. Baszler stands on Brooke's face while pulling her left arm up, yanking on it. Baszler twists Brooke's arm down, similar to what she did to Lana earlier, and goes to stomp on it but Brooke escapes. Brooke fires up, shoving Baszler into the corner and taking Baszler down hard with a pull-back clothesline. Brooke climbs up top but Jax hops up on the apron and shoves her down, causing the DQ.
Your Winner by Disqualification, Dana Brooke!

After the Match

Baszler and Jax beat on Brooke until Mandy Rose returns, running down with a big kendo stick. Rose is wearing new black leather or vinyl ring gear. Rose tries to fight them off but is outnumbered until Asuka hits the ring to help make the save! They chase the champs out of the ring and Brooke, Rose and Asuka stand tall in the ring.

Backstage w/ R-Truth

R-Truth tells us that he bought a PlayStation 6 because all of the PlayStation 5's are sold out everywhere. R-Truth talks to someone off screen and tells the person about how Truth's nephew got "three to five minutes detention" and while he doesn't want to reward bad behavior, he still wants to treat his nephew. He asks them their opinion. The camera pulls back and we see a much-larger Huskus the Pig Boy. Bray walks up and exclaims "there you are!" to Huskus. Bray then asks Huskus, "What'd I tell you about talking to strangers?" Truth tells Bray that he's got a good son (meaning Huskus). He then goes on about Bray being Huskus' dad, and about them having a beautiful family as we go to break.

Backstage: Wyatt/Orton Hide-and-Seek

Wyatt is walking backstage, calling out for Orton to "come out, come out wherever you are!" Wyatt comes across a darkened equipment room and sees a rocking chair, sitting cloaked in shadows and rocking itself. Wyatt sits in it. Orton comes up from behind and clubs Wyatt in the back of the head, then begins to punch him repeatedly while he's down on the ground. Orton slams Wyatt's face repeatedly into a crate. Orton opens the crate then beats on Bray and whips him into the metal garage/bay door twice. Orton takes Wyatt over to the crate and throws him in, then stomps away at him. Orton closes the crate and looks around. Orton finds a gallon gasoline container, and pours a clear fluid along the top of the crate as the digital crowd boos incessantly. Orton coats the crate top, then grabs a nearby Zippo lighter. He flicks it on and drops it on the top of the crate, setting the whole crate ablaze! I think the fire turned out a bit bigger than Orton expected. He smiles and laughs at the fire as the commentary team are more focused on Orton's face than the fact that he's committing murder. Without warning, the Fiend attacks Orton! The Fiend locks in the Mandible Claw and rams Orton against the garage/bay door, punching him in the side as he keeps the Claw locked in! Orton begins to fade, and the Fiend keeps the Claw in place as Orton collapses to the ground and long after Orton loses consciousness. We hear "Let me in!" and go to commercial.

Match: Riddle vs MVP

We cut back to the ring after a short break and find Riddle dancing to his music and "bro!" chants as MVP awaits him in the ring. As soon as the bell rings, MVP takes it to Riddle. MVP controls for about a minute before Riddle hits the Final Flash knee strike, then immediately goes up top and hits a Bro-ton to pick up the win in a match that lasted maybe two minutes.
Your Winner, Riddle!

Ascension Ceremony

In the ring is Tom Phillips or some generic clone/hybrid of he and Michael Cole, and the ring is surrounded by tables, ladders, and chairs. He tells us that he's going to call out both competitors, then the title will be raised above the ring. First he calls out AJ Styles, who walks down the ramp and we see it's filled with tables that have chairs set up on them. Omos escorts Styles to the ring.
Next, Drew McIntyre is called out and brings with him his family's Highlander sword. He poses with it above his head then before him and plants it into the floor of the stage. He marches down to the ring, eyes locked on Styles, and wearing his belt.
Styles tells Drew to enjoy having the belt around his waist as it may be the last time he wears it. Styles admits that they've never had a one-on-one matchup, so Styles decided to do a dive and study up on exactly who Drew McIntyre is. Styles then says he's shocked it took Drew nineteen years to climb the mountain and become the WWE Champion. Styles asks him repeatedly how it happened, when he has the size and physique. Styles then tells us that Drew showed us a month ago, when he lost his title to Randy Orton at Hell in a Cell. He says he knows Drew defeated Orton to win back his championship, but it changed Drew. He claims McIntyre is making too many mistakes and takes too many risks. He asks Drew when was the last time that McIntyre volunteered for a tables, ladders and chairs match? He then points out that McIntyre hasn't been in a TLC match but Styles was--and successfully defended his WWE Championship at that time. Styles says that if he has to break and bend every chair and table over Drew's back to get that championship, he will. He tells Drew to kiss the championship goodbye as it'll look phenomenal around AJ's waist.
Drew says that AJ presents a good argument. McIntyre says that they've never fought before, and it's a match he's been looking forward to for years. He says fans ask him all the time, "when are you going to fight AJ Styles?" because we've totally been after that "dream match." McIntyre tells Styles that he's a past champion, so he knows it's difficult to get to the top and become champion but staying up there is a whole different matter. Drew says that he's the champion who doesn't crack under pressure--the thrives under pressure, and he's a "friggin' diamond." He says he's the champion who's gonna tear Styles apart this Sunday. He holds up three fingers and tells AJ he hopes that Styles can "read between the lines. See what I did there?" McIntyre then promises he's willing to do whatever it takes to himself and to Styles to remain WWE Champion, and tells Styles to ask himself if he's willing to do the same.
McIntyre takes his belt off and straps it to the holder from which it'll suspend. Dramatic music plays as the belt goes up and Styles tells Drew that he knows Drew's ready to face him at TLC...but what is McIntyre ready to take on more than AJ? Out of nowhere, the Miz & Morrison attack Drew! Styles watches as they take him to a corner. Drew fights back, hitting a Claymore on the Miz then hitting a Claymore on the ladder that Morrison is carrying, taking him down too! AJ attempts to capitalize on the distraction but McIntyre takes him down. McIntyre posts up in the corner, yelling for AJ to get up as he sets up for the Claymore. Omos grabs the steel steps and throws them in the ring. McIntyre turns his attention to Omos, allowing Styles to take his leg out from under him in a chop block. Styles goes to the apron and hits a Phenomenal Forearm as McIntyre rises. AJ asks for a ladder, so Omos brings him one. Styles uses the ladder to ramp Drew in the gut twice. Styles slams the ladder across McIntyre's back, then directs Omos to give him a chair. Styles uses the chair to beat Drew across the back twice, then wedges it into the corner. Styles Pulls McIntyre up and sends him face-first into the steel chair in the corner! Styles calls out for Omos to give him a table, so Omos does as Styles exits the ring and grabs a ladder to bring in. Styles sets up a ladder in the ring, then sets up the table.
Styles sets McIntyre up on the table, climbs the ladder and dives off, putting McIntyre through the table! Styles climbs the ladder as our announcers wonder if this is what'll happen Sunday and--the program cuts out to commercials, ending our program.

In Closing

There you have it! Not a great Raw, but not a bad one, either, that focused on setting up things for this weekend's TLC. Don't forget that Smackdown airs on FS1 this Friday in what's being hailed as a special edition of Smackdown. Y'all stay safe out there, shout out to our Kiwi readers, and see you all Wednesday for NXT in which Karrion Kross returns to action!

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