WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (12/21/2020) - ThunderDome II (Tropicana Field), St. Petersburg, FL

Welcome back folks to Rajah.com's Monday Night Raw live coverage! Here to save your Raw results and show you the way for the greater good is your Monday Night Mikessiah, Mike "Hulk" Hogan. We've got our official preview for our first post-TLC Raw!

We'll have a Six-Man Street Fight tonight as WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, Sheamus & Keith Lee take on the team of AJ Styles and the Miz & Morrison. After a failed attempt to cash in his Money in the Bank contract, the Miz has a target on his back. Will McIntyre end the threat of Styles and the Miz or will the Phenomenal One extract a measure of revenge? New WWE Women's Tag Team Champions Asuak & Charlotte Flair kick off our Raw tonight. We'll also see The Hardy Brostold you they were going to do that) taking on new Raw Tag Team Champions the Hurt Business. Also, Randy Orton will speak after barbecuing the Fiend in last night's main event.

What else is in store? We'll find out next!

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (12/21/2020) - ThunderDome II (Tropicana Field), St. Petersburg, FL

Show Opener

We open with our opening montage and theme. Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Samoa Joe welcome us to the ThunderDome from Tropicana Field. They run down a bit of TLC, pointing out that Drew McIntyre defeated both AJ Styles and the Miz (who cashed in his contract) to retain his title. We've got a big six-man tag match tonight involving all three and others, and we'll have the fallout from Randy Orton burning someone alive last night.

In the Ring: Charlotte Flair

The Queen returns to Raw, and makes her way to the ring as Tom Phillips informs us that Flair was Asuka's surprise partner last week. We then get clips of the women's tag team match last night that saw Asuka and Charlotte Flair victorious in capturing the titles. We cut back to the ring, where the Queen has a mic in hand and is ready to speak. "Well, well, would you look at this! I am in the ThunderDome! And what would the ThunderDome be without the Queen? My first night in the ThunderDome, I walked in as the champion because we all know that's who I am in my core. And nothing's changed in the last six months. And when a friend needs help...all they new to do is ask. And my friend asked me, my friend...my partner, the Empress of Tomorrow!" Asuka makes her way down to the ring. Prepare yourself for Tom Phillips' Asuka two-belt nicknames coming up.
Asuka gets on the mic and yells in Japanese, then speaks in English: "the Empress of Tomorrow is the double champion of today! Raw Women's Champion and Women's Tag Team Champion!" She speaks to Charlotte in a Japanese and they laugh. Asuka continues in English: "Nia and Shayna were not ready for Asuka and they were definitely not ready for my partner, the queen Charlotte Flair! Wooo!" Asuka's English lessons are coming along nicely, and that makes this writer very happy! Suddenly, Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax make their way out to the ring. We're told they'll be in tag team action against Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke later tonight.
Nia gets on the mic. "Charlotte, Charlotte, Charlotte, it's so good to see you! I see it took six months, all of six months, to (fix) that broken arm. But it still hasn't fixed that robotic voice of yours!" Charlotte giggles and mockingly says, "this robotic voice...kicked your ass last night!" Nia says that she and Baszler have a naughty or nice list of their own, but they don't hand out lumps of coal, they hand out beatings. Shayna jumps in and jokes, "Seasons beatings!" Dana Brooke & Mandy Rose make their way out in matching purple and black outfits. They walk down the ramp on the mic, and say that Nia lacks a set of antlers (or else she'd be a reindeer). They try to figure out what's different with Baszler and Jax but wait--it's that they don't have any titles around their waists. All three teams are in the ring. Charlotte gets on the mic and says that all three teams should just get to it. She calls for an official. An official comes down to Charlotte's theme as we go to commercial!

Tag Team Match: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler vs Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke

We're back from the break and this match is officially under way! Asuka & Charlotte Flair join commentary team. Charlotte asks Asuka who she's pulling for. In the ring, Shayna starts things with Mandy Rose. Both women take turns locking a rear grapple on their opponent and taking them down. Rose locks up behind Shayna, but Shayna switches. Rose escapes and kicks Shayna down, covering for a one. Rose takes Baszler into the corner and throws her shoulder into Shayna's midsection. She strikes her twice then takes her to her corner and tags in Dana Brooke. Brooke & Rose double suplex Shayna. Baszler dives and tags in Jax as Brooke enters. Jax comes in and dominates, slamming Brooke down and sending her into the corner to foot choke her. Jax allows Brooke to her feet and chokes her, then tosses her across the ring. Brooke crawls to her feet in the corner, only to be rammed by Jax. Nia whips Brooke into another corner and charges in again, but Brooke escapes. Back elbow from Dana Brooke but Jax grabs her feet and hits the King of Swing. Brooke escapes at the end and tags in Rose, who hits the ring hot. Rose & Brooke tackle both women near the ropes and send Jax out the ring and Baszler down to the floor with her. Rose & Brooke stand on the apron, crouched and ready to pounce. They leap as the former tag champs rise and splash on them both. Jax heads into the ring. Rose tries to come in, but Jax elbows her back out the ropes. Jax drops to the floor and Irish Whips Mandy Rose into the steel steps! We head to break!
We're back from the break and Jax is in the ring, bear hugging Mandy Rose from behind. Rose breaks free and throws lefts and rights to Jax. Rose kicks Jax then rebounds off the ropes and goes to hit a running boot on Jax, but Jax dodges. Jax takes control and drops Rose, then tags in Shayna. Shayna begins to focus on Rose's right knee, taking it out from under her before working it over with dropping knees. Baszler drags Rose over to the corner and tags in Jax. Jax drags Rose over to the rope and places her injured food on the bottom rope, then stomps her ankle hard. At the announcer's table, Charlotte Flair and Asuka (mostly Charlotte) talk about how they're excited to work together. Charlotte's been on all three brands and their first title defense is this Friday on Smackdown. In the ring, Rose attempts to fight back but Jax takes her down and hits her with the leg drop. Jax goes to grab Rose's leg but Rose kicks her back and Baszler tags herself in. Mandy Rose makes her way to her corner fast but Shayna streaks over and knocks Dana Brooke off the apron! Rose takes advantage of the distraction and attacks Shayna from behind. Rose works Baszler over for a few before running off the ropes, tagging in Brooke and hitting the Kitchen Sink on Baszler. Brooke comes in and grapples Baszler, then suplexes her and hits a senton, attempting to cover. Jax yanks her out. All four women fight. Baszler, in the ring, rushes over and hits the baseball slide kick to knock Rose down. Brooke comes up behind Baszler and tries to lock in a submission. Baszler escapes and quickly takes control, then locks in the Kirifuda Clutch. Brooke taps!
Your Winners by Submission, Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler!

After the Match

Our Women's Tag Team Champions stare down the winners. Brooke and Rose throw Jax and Baszler out of the ring, then make belt motions across their waists while yelling something to the tag champs.

Last Night on TLC: Raw Tag Team Championship Match

We get a video package showcasing the tag match that saw the Hurt Business defeat the New Day to capture the Raw Tag Team titles! Michael Cole's failed clone Tom Phillips exclaims that the Hurt Business have "all the gold!" (except the Universal title, or 24/7 title).

Backstage w/ the Hurt Business

The Hurt Business are walking backstage when they come across a random in the back, who's wearing a bright "New Day" shirt. They give him a hassle about it, then rip the shirt off of him before walking off. They're dressed sharp in suits and have gold over their shoulders.

The VIP Lounge w/ the Hurt Business

MVP, United States Champion Bobby Lashley, and new Raw Tag Team Champions Shelton Benjamin & Cedric Alexander make their way out to the ring, proudly displaying their belts. The VIP Lounge is set up and MVP is proud to welcome the new tag team champs and the chief hurt officer, Bobby Lashley. He tells us that the VIP Lounge is for people that are better than you. Cedric says that the Raw tag titles mean more now that they're with the Hurt Business. He calls himself "PRIME Alexander" and Lashley tells us that the Hurt Business is the most dominant force in the WWE. He says that Benjamin and Alexander have proved their dominance in winning the tag team titles, and there's not a man alive who can defeat Bobby Lashley for his United States Championship. MVP then tells them that he's hired a photographer and wants them to pose for a proper picture. A female photographer gets int he ring and takes pictures. Behind them, R-Truth stands on top of the ropes, holding his 24/7 title up proudly as he photobombs the Hurt Business. Suddenly, all of the unused under-card come running down to the ring, chasing R-Truth and after his title. They pursue him around the ring and up the ramp, and around the Christmas decorations at the top of the ramp. The Hardy Bros Jeff Hardy and Matt Riddle come out next with mics. MVP tells them that they weren't invited. Riddle first wants to congratulate them on their win. He then questions why they're spending so much money in the clubs when they could be focusing on the existential nature of life. He also doesn't like them spreading negativity. He says that the Hurt Business and Hardy Bros are the same, and babbles on about some hippie philosophy. MVP tells Riddle that he doesn't want to hear Riddle's weird psycho-babble. Jeff Hardy gets on the mic and says that what they're trying to say is that when they face Bobby Lashley & MVP later tonight on Raw, they're going to win. (That's the gist of it.) We go to break!

Backstage w/ Sarah & Angel Garza

Sarah asks Garza about his match against Drew Gulak. He makes some comment about being a gift to the world or something, then gives Sarah a rose and compliments her. He then suggests that she interview him after his match.

Match: Angel Garza vs Drew Gulak

Gulak is already in the ring. Garza makes his way down to the ring as Saxton questions if Garza's focus is on the ring or on being an international bachelor of love. The bell rings and Drew Gulak rushes in. Garza gets him to hold off so Garza can rip his pants off, so Gulak waits. Garza rips his pants off and throws them in Gulak's face, then charges and takes him down, laying into him with fists. Garza sends Gulak into the corner and hits a big right hand and our announce team question if Gulak's been knocked out as he moves on the mat. Okay. Gulak attempts to fight back and goes for a rear lock on Garza, but Garza takes him down. Garza comes off the ropes and hits a sit-out slam and covers for a two. Gulak fires back, taking Garza into the corner with punches. The ref warns him. Garza escapes, hits a superkick, hits his Wing Clipper finisher and picks up the pin in a short match.
Your Winner, Angel Garza!

Backstage w/ Charly Caruso, AJ Styles & Omos

AJ and Omos are walking back stage as Styles angrily mumbles to himself. Charly Caruso walks up and AJ tells her that he's angry at the Miz, because the Miz screwed him out of the WWE Championship last night. Charly asks why he's going to be on Miz TV tonight if he's mad at the Miz. Styles replies that he wants to see what the Miz has to say for himself, that's why he's going out there. We head to break.

Miz TV w/ AJ Styles

When we return from the break, the Miz is in the ring wear a red suit and Morrison stands by him in a soft purple one. Miz says that in life, one doesn't get a chance very often to become the WWE Champion. And last night, the Miz had a chance to become a two-time champion. But he failed. Last night he failed his self and his family. Morrison adds that's not the only apology that needs to be given, and the Miz agrees. He calls out AJ Styles. Out comes AJ Styles. Omos accompanies him. The Miz welcomes him and they take a seat. The Miz starts to apologize but AJ cuts him off, yelling at him and calling him incompetent. He tells the Miz that he's stupid, and says on top of it all, the Miz wasted his contract. The Miz snaps, standing and yelling about how it's taken ten years to get that. He says that he's spent fifteen years dedicating himself to be the poster child of WWE but nobody respects him. Nobody cares that if he cashed in at the right time, maybe--just maybe--they'd respect him, AJ would respect him, everyone would respect him as the WWE Champion. But he can't do anything about that. He can only make this right. "So from the bottom of my heart, of my soul, with every ounce of dignity. I apologize. We both were robbed last night. I blew it. Look, it's the holidays, right? Time for giving and forgiving. So let me make this right. I'll give you an early holiday gift. I would like to present you an opportunity to co-star in the new installment of The Marine." He then has a poster put up on the big screen, showing the Miz & Morrison in the forefront with a small image of AJ in the back. AJ lays into them about how he's barely on the picture. The Miz starts to argue when Omos speaks, and tells them that it's all their fault because Morrison cashed in the contract. The Miz jumps in and says Omos is right--Morrison cashed in his Money in the Bank contract, not the Miz, and he begins to demand that someone in the WWE management come out and give him back his Money in the Bank Contract. Drew McIntyremakes his way out and says that he's going to take them all out tonight in their six-man street fight. He says speaking of taking them out, he took them out last night. He points out a big bruise on AJ's cheek that Drew gave him. Drew says he and Sheamus had some drinks afterwards and thought about their "Nightmare Before TLC" skit last week. He said he had some other friends come by and they decided to do a sequel. He calls this "the Nightmare After TLC."
Keith Lee & Sheamus come out and all three men read lines, and their poem uses rhymes to make fun of Styles & the Miz losing last night. Drew can't remember the big finish they had for it, and searches a paper he had in his kilt. He asks Sheamus what it was, and Sheamus says it's hard to remember anything past 3am due to their drinking. Lee, McIntyre, and Sheamus decide there's no need to wait til later, and they attack the Miz, Morrison and AJ Styles! They clear the ring. Styles sneaks up and dropkicks Lee in the back, and Lee collides with Sheamus. Drew gets between them and has to get them to calm down as they're yelling at each other. Lee and Sheamus do not seem happy with each other.

Video Package: Retribution & Ricochet

We get a video package that showcases Ali's attempt to recruit Ricochet, and as Ricochet has rejected their offers, they'll not show him any mercy. We then see various clips of Ricochet being destroyed by various members of Retribution. We see another clip of Mustafa Ali yelling that this ends when Ricochet joins Retribution.

Raw Legends Night

In two weeks, we'll have a special Raw Legends Night that will feature many legends, including the Big Show, Hulk Hogan, Tori Wilson etc.

Backstage: Drew McIntyre, Keith Lee, & Sheamus

Sheamus and Lee are arguing backstage. McIntyre comes up and separates them. He sends Sheamus off to cooldown, and tells Keith Lee that Sheamus is a prick sometimes but he's a good friend and would do anything for Drew. He says that if Lee and Sheamus joined forces, as powerful as they both are, they'd be invincible.

Match: T-Bar vs Ricochet

inSAnitY Retribution comes out to the shaking, swinging camera. T-Bar makes his way down to the ring, accompanied by Ali. After a commercial break, we return and Ricochet makes his way out. The bell rings and Ricochet immediately tries to use his high-octane offense. Unfortunately, the powerful T-Bar catches him in mid-air, turns and slings Ricochet across the ring behind him. T-Bar stomps away at Ricochet in the corner, then hits a clothesline that nearly decapitates Ricochet according to Samoa Joe. T-Bar slaps on a head lock on Ricochet. Retribution in full is at ringside, cheering on T-Bar. Ricochet powers up and breaks the hold. Mace interferes a bit on the outside, so Ricochet dives off the apron and takes him out. He threatens the other members of Retribution until T-Bar hits a big running boot. He sends Ricochet inside, and leaves Ricochet draped over the middle rope. Mustafa Ali walks up and starts to yell at Ricochet, but Ricochet reaches through the ropes and draws Ali close, then pounds away at him. T-Bar comes up from behind and takes out Ricochet. He picks Ricochet up in a Torture Rack position and drops him GTS-style, connecting a big knee to Ricochet's jaw. T-Bar covers for the pin. After the match, Retribution surrounds Ricochet and T-Bar tells Ricochet on the mic that this does not end until Mustafa Ali says it ends.
Your Winner, T-Bar!

Earlier Today on the WWE Network: the New Day

Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston are in street clothes then they're given a mic. Kingston mentions having several chipped teeth after last night and that it was very physical, but it's okay because they're the New Day and they'll bounce back.

Tag Team Match: The Hardy Bros vs the Hurt Business (MVP & Bobby Lashley)

The Hurt Business, represented by MVP and Bobby Lashley, comes out first and we go to commercial break. Afterwards, the Hardy Bros make their way out as the digital crowd goes wild and pyro blows off behind them. The announcer does announce them as "the team of Riddle and Jeff Hardy" but the announcers are calling them the Hardy Bros, so let's roll with what Michael Cole's damaged clone says. The bell rings and Hardy starts things off with Lashley. Jeff rushes Lashley and manages to take him to the Hardy Bros corner. Riddle is tagged in and leaps on Lashley's back, but Lashley shrugs him off and stomps him down. Lashley tags in MVP who stomps away at Riddle in the corner, then throws a shoulder to Riddle's midsection. MVP with a big punch then tags Lashley back in. Lashley stomps Riddle then pulls him up and hits a neck-breaker, covering for a two. Riddle snakes across the mat, trying to get to Hardy, but Lashley catches him and stops it. Lashley assists Riddle to his feet, and Riddle throws several kicks. Lashley catches Riddle's right leg, so Riddle leaps up with his left and kicks Lashley off, and propelling himself to his corner. Hardy comes in off the tag hot, taking out Lashley and MVP off the apron. Hardy tags in Riddle. Riddle gets on all fours in front of Lashley in the corner, and Jeff charges so they can hit "Bro-etry in Motion." The Hardy Bros then focus on MVP as Lashley hits the floor outside the ring. They take out MVP quickly and have control of the ring as we go to break.
Back from the break! Hardy and Lashley are at it. Jeff Hardy climbs up top but Lashley shoves him from behind, and Hardy falls landing head-first against the steel steps. Riddle comes over to check on him. The ref is counting. Hardy barely rolls into the ring and is heavily favoring his left arm. Hardy tries to roll to Riddle but Lashley blocks the tag. Lashley hits an arm breaker on the left arm, then logs it in a hold as he tags in MVP. MVP comes in and locks the left arm, then grinds his own elbow into Hardy's. MVP attempts a pin but a kickout before two. Again, MVP attempts a pin only to have Hardy kick out before two. MVP pulls Hardy up. Hardy tries to fight back with several fists, but MVP lays him out easily. MVP does a jig in the ring, prances off the ropes and hits the Baller Elbow! MVP covers but only gets a two. MVP pulls Hardy up and whips him into the corner. MVP poses and taunts, then charges in and goes for a Helluva kick. Hardy moves and MVP's leg is caught on the rope. Hardy takes advantage and hits Whisper in the Wind! Hardy makes it to Riddle and tags him in. Riddle and MVP clash in the middle of the ring. Riddle drops MVP and kips up, then sends MVP to the corner and hits multiple clotheslines. Lashley tries to distract but Riddle doesn't go for it. Riddle drops MVP and hits the Bro-ton. Riddle then hits a beautiful Fisherman's Suplex bridged into a pin attempt but it's broken up. MVP gets to Lashley. Lashley hits the ring and takes Riddle down with a Flatliner. Lashley pulls up Riddle and goes for the Stalling Suplex but Riddle hits several knees and escapes! Lashley charges Hardy to try to prevent the tag, but Hardy punches him back. Hardy tags in but Lashley doesn't see it and goes after Riddle. He's taken down. Riddle streaks across the ring and uses Hardy on all fours to help him dive outside onto the Hurt Business. Hardy goes up top and dives off but Lashley rolls out the way! Hardy staggers to his feet. Lashley charges in for a spear but eats a knee from Hardy. Hardy goes for a Twist of Fate but Lashley catches him in the Hurt Lock and picks up the submission win!
Your Winner by Submission, the Hurt Business!

Backstage: the Miz & Morrison

We cut to the back and see the tag team arguing amongst themselves, we're told their match is coming up soon, and we go to commercials.

In the Ring: Elias

Elias sits on his stool with Jaxson Ryker beside him, standing stoic and hands clasped. Elias recaps the year he's had, being hit by a car, going on to have a number one album and being electrified and says 2020's been a whirlwind. He thanks his fans who've supported him and got his album. He says anyone who hasn't heard it yet is missing out as his music changes lives. He says that Ryker has been reborn in the Universal Truth (his album). He says that tonight he wants to play a song before Ryker's match against whomever and--

Match: Gran Metallik vs Jaxson Ryker

Gran Metallik runs down with Lince Dorado, interrupting Elias. This match is now about to happen. Elias gets up on the top turnbuckle with his guitar and sits, playing a song and directing Ryker what to do. Ryker sends Metallik into the corner. Metallik strikes Ryker, then attacks Elias to end his song. Dorado plays with Elias' guitar outside the ring. Ryker recovers and destroys Gran Metallik in two moves, picking up the easy win. Elias' "Amen" plays as Ryker's music, and Ryker stands in the ring with his hands clasped again.
Your Winner, Jaxson Ryker!

Last Night on TLC: Firefly Inferno Match

We see a video package covering the highlights from last night's fiery match. Both men were on fire and the crowd was really hot for the match. Eventually, though, Orton fired up and nailed an RKO on the Fiend. Then, being the hothead we know he is, Orton poured gasoline on the Fiend and set him ablaze and our PPV ended as the Fiend laid in the ring, in flames, Michael Myers-style. Up next: Orton speaks.

In the Ring: Randy Orton

We return from break and the Viper makes his way out to the ring as our commentary team speak about the "unspeakable acts" that he committed. It is then explained to us that the rules for the match last night were "the first man to set his opponent on fire wins." Glad they cleared that up 24 hours later. Orton poses in the ring then gets on the mic. "In my entire life, I've been called many, many different things. Sick and twisted. Deranged and demented. And last night at TLC I proved that I am each and every one of those things when I burned the Fiend alive." The digital crowd boos. "A normal man would have regrets, a normal person would have regrets, for setting another man on fire." But the Fiend is no man and Orton is no normal person, and Orton enjoyed every second that he watched the Fiend burn. The digital crowd boos even more. Orton mumbles into the mic and takes a knee, telling us that "this is exactly where it happened last night. And if I close my eyes, I can see it...I can smell it. Because the stench of burning flesh has a tendency to linger." (It doesn't, and it smells like pork). "Last night, I didn't sleep. I didn't sleep because the voices in my head, which I've grown accustomed to all these years and have allowed me to rest peacefully...almost like a lullaby...the voices after last night...the only thing I hear is the sound of the Fiend, gasping for his last breath. Gasping for his last breath as the fire grew higher, as those flames grew higher. The Fiend is gone," he says directly into the camera, "the Fiend is no more! And I am the evil sonuvabitch that took him out!" He smiles devilishly until we hear the familiar sounds and lights begin to cut off! Orton climbs out the ring and looks around as the lights go completely dark! Purple light comes up and in the ring is a swing set with Alexa Bliss swinging on it. There's a slide set up in the corner and a rocking horse. Alexa announces it as "Alexa's Playground."
Bliss says that "he built this for me." She speculates that the Fiend could be at a tanning salon, as he was looking a little pale. Or, since the weather is nice in Florida, he could be on the beach but she hopes he doesn't get...sunburn, and giggles. She says he could be at a restaurant eating his favorite food...barbecue. She giggles again. She gets out of the swing and tells Randy that she's glad Orton is there to see and smell where the Fiend was. She says that it's almost like the Fiend became part of the ring. She implies that he's resting for now, and he may never come back as he's at home. But if he ever does come back, she hopes he joins her on Alexa's Playground. The lights go down and when the come up, everything's gone from the ring and we're on our commentary team who promote the tag championship match last night, won by Flair & Asuka.

Tag Team Match: Asuka & Charlotte Flair vs Lacey Evans & Peyton Royce

We go to break as Charlotte walks out. When we come back, Asuka is in the ring with her partner. We cut to the back and Sarah asks Lacey Evans & Peyton Royce if they're up for the challenge. Lacey says "Pey-Pey and I are the ones who requested this match...we're not sitting around waiting for opportunities like some handouts." Lacey goes to high-five Peyton, who says "No, ma'am." Lacey heads out first and Peyton tells Sarah that, for the record, Peyton got them the match as she's the one who challenged Flair.
Asuka starts things off against Peyton Royce. Both women switch grapples. Royce attempts to roll up Asuka, but Asuka reverses it into an Asuka-lock as Royce tags in Evans. Asuka isn't aware of it. Evans attacks Asuka. Asuka knocks her back. Evans tags back in Royce. Asuka hits the running hip bump on Evans, sending her flying off the apron. Asuka and Royce lock up, with Royce seeming to take the upper hand as we go to commercial.
We return from the commercial break to find Royce tagging in from Evans and covering Asuka for a two. Royce pounds Asuka then climbs up top. Evans slaps Peyton Royce and they argue. Evans attempts to cover Asuka, and Peyton angrily slaps Evans on the back to tag herself in. They argue, and Peyton keeps screaming that they're a tag team. Asuka tries to escape to her corner but Royce drags her back. Asuka kicks Royce back and tags in Flair, who hits the ring hot. Charlotte hits several Flair chops, causing Byron Saxton to proclaim that she's not missed a step in six months. Flair whips Royce. Big boot by Flair! Lacey Evans comes in but Flair catches her with a kick to the midsection and a form of a modified Fallaway Slam. Evans somehow tags in Royce without us seeing it. Royce locks a single-leg crab on Flair, and Lacey Evans tackles Asuka off the apron and they fight outside. Flair recovers and drops Royce, then locks in the FIgure Four and bridges it into the Figure Eight, picking up the win as the former tag champs Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler watch from the back.
Your Winners by Submission, Asuka & Charlotte Flair!

Earlier Tonight: Miz TV

We see clips of the brawl during Miz TV, with our commentary team highlight that AJ Styles dropkicked Keith Lee in the back, causing him to collide with Sheamus and causing contention between the two.

Backstage w/ the Miz & Morrison and AJ Styles

The Miz is on the phone with his lawyer, demanding that they talk to WWE execs or even the people at the USA Network, who love the Miz. He continues to try to argue that he didn't cash in the contract, Morrison did. AJ Styles comes up and tells them they've got a match. Miz won't get off the phone, so AJ hangs up the call and walks off as the Miz yells about "do you know how much money that just cost me?"

Main Event Six-Man Tag Team Holiday Street Fight Match: Drew McIntyre, Keith Lee and Sheamus vs AJ Styles and the Miz & Morrison

We cut to the ThunderDome and our WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre makes his way out first. It's announced that this is a "holiday" street fight, using street fight rules and holiday props. Sheamus makes his way out next, followed by Keith Lee. The ring is surrounded with Christmas props--trees in each corner with presents, a table with cookies and rapping paper, etc. We go to break. When we return, we get a quick promo for Raw Talk that'll feature Charlotte Flair, Ricochet, Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin after Raw. In the ring, Sheamus and McIntyre are joking with each other (we can't hear) and Drew is all smiles. Keith Lee makes his way out next. The Miz & Morrison come out next, followed by AJ Styles.
Starting our match tonight will be Sheamus and the Miz. The Miz hammers Sheamus down against the ropes and distracts the ref so Morrison can hit a jumping kick from outside. Styles is tagged in. Sheamus fires off on Styles, controlling the match for but a few moments before Styles forces Sheamus into the heel corner. Morrison comes in and uses strikes to isolate Sheamus in their corner. Morrison's looking for a neck-breaker but Sheamus elbows out of it. Sheamus grabs Morrison by the leg and drags him over, then tags in Drew McIntyre. Drew grabs Morrison's other leg and the Wishbone him. The "Celtic Connection" is back in force, per Byron Saxton. Drew toys with Morrison for a few. McIntyre goes for a press slam but Morrison escapes and immediately attacks the champion's knee. Morrison manages to ground McIntyre with a dropkick to the lower leg. McIntyre fights him off with the Glasgow Kiss headbutt. McIntyre takes Morrison into the face's corner and tags in Keith Lee. Both men lift John Morrison up in a stalling suplex, then they both toss him completely across the ring. You've gotta see that. There's a big handprint on Morrison's chest from a McIntyre chop. Lee holds Morrison with one hand, and slowly tags in Sheamus. Both men whip Morrison and hit a double shoulder ram. They then work together to double team the Miz, who hits the ring, and then double team AJ Styles, too. Drew gets in the ring and tells them that's great team work, but Sheamus and Keith Lee get a bit physical with each other. Drew breaks it up and talks to them as we go to commercial.
When we return from break Sheamus has AJ Styles in an arm lock, kneeling on the back of AJ's shoulder as he yanks the left arm back. Styles tries to battle back with two rights, then rebounds off the ropes only to eat a forearm from Sheamus. Miz & Morrison attempt to interfere but Drew McIntyre and Sheamus catch them both on the apron, turn them, and both men hit the Ten Beats of the Bodhran! Lee walks up at ringside and wants some, so he takes Morrison and the Miz down and throws each one into different props. He then throws AJ Styles back into the ring. Drew claps and yells "that's team work!" then high-fives Keith Lee. Sheamus locks in on AJ's head, then hammers right ham-fists into Styles' chest, beating him down flat onto the mat. Sheamus kneels on Styles' neck and yanks an arm, then lifts hits knee only to drop it again! Morrison throws a present from outside the ring and distracts Sheamus, allowing Styles to fight back and drop Sheamus. Styles tags in John Morrison. Morrison and the Miz jump Sheamus; Drew McIntyre and Keith Lee hit the ring to make the save. Sheamus drops down Morrison and goes up top. Morrison tries to run over and stop him, but Sheamus sends him sprawling back. AJ Styles comes up on the apron and distracts Sheamus, and Morrison shoves Sheamus off the top rope. Sheamus flies out and through a table set up beside the ring, covered in props. We're reminded that there's no count-out, no DQ in this Holiday Street Fight.
Sheamus is sent back into the ring and the Miz is tagged in. The Miz tackles Sheamus and covers but only gets a two. The Miz takes Sheamus to the heel's corner and tags in Styles. All three briefly beat on Sheamus. Styles comes in and hits a combination of punches and kicks to floor the Celtic Warrior. Styles quickly turns and hits a cheap shot, a modified Enziguri, on Keith Lee and knocks the big man off the apron! All hell breaks loose when Sheamus gets past Styles after knocking him down with White Noise, and tags in Drew. The Champion hits the ring fired up and takes out Styles, then the Miz. He picks Morrison up in an Alabama Slam position, and slams Morrison down on to of hte Miz! McIntyre catches the Miz coming off the ropes with a sidewalk slam. ALl hell breaks loose again as the ring is flooded. McIntyre takes out the Miz and Morrison, but AJ Styles uses a candy cane stick to beat Drew's injured knee. McIntyre rolls outside and Styles pursues. McIntyre powerbombs Styles through a table, and Styles lays covered in egg nog! The Miz attacks McIntyre and the action spills into the ring. Morrison sets up for a Claymore. Sheamus is tagged in and prepares to act when Keith Lee tags himself in, much to the chagrin of Sheamus. Lee throws Morrison out but Omos catches him and carries him like a child in an adult's arms. Keith Lee hits the Spirit Bomb and picks up the win!
Your Winners, Drew McIntyre, Sheamus and Keith Lee!

After the Match

Drew McIntyre excitedly congratulates Keith Lee for a job well done. Sheamus, out of nowhere, hits his finisher on Keith Lee and leaves the big man down and out! McIntyre gets in his face and demands to know what he's doing, and says he vouched for Sheamus, and again demands to know what he's doing as we end our show.

In Closing

And so you have it! Not a bad Raw, but nothing to write home about. I'll see you all here Wednesday night for NXT! Y'all stay warm and stay safe out there!

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