WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (12/28/2020) - ThunderDome II (Tropicana Field), St. Petersburg, FL

Welcome back folks to Rajah.com's WWE Monday Night Raw live results! Here to save your Raw results and show you the way for the greater good is your Monday Night Mikessiah, Mike "Hulk" Hogan. This is our last Monday Night Raw of 2020. We've got our official preview up--a little bit late today, sorry for that! Concussions suck!

We've learned that as part of tonight's three-hour program, Charlotte Flair goes toe-to-toe with Nia Jax in single's competition. Ricochet will get his hands on Mustafa Ali but will this end the perpetual torment he experiences at the hands of Retribution? Keith Lee goes to war with Sheamus to determine the new number-one contender. We'll also have a confrontation of sorts between Randy Orton and Alexa Bliss. What does the wicked sister of WWE have in store for the Viper?

We're about to find out next, here on Raw!

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (12/28/2020) - ThunderDome II (Tropicana Field), St. Petersburg, FL

Show Opener: In Memory Of

We start silently with a picture showing Jon Huber (the late, great Brodie Lee/Luke Harper) in memory of the tragic, sudden passing of such a young talent. We cut to opening music and video.

Welcome to Raw

Michael Cole's aborted love child with Satan, Tom Phillips, welcomes us to Raw as do Byron Saxton and Samoa Joe. They run down the announced matches--and confirm that "Alexa's Playground" is, indeed, the new name of Bliss' new segment. We cut to the ThunderDome.

In the Ring Promo: Drew McIntyre (then Sheamus, then Keith Lee)

Holding his sword high above his head is He-man! WWE Champion Drew McIntyre! He make his way down to the ring, leaving the sword up at the top of the ramp. Drew welcomes us to the last Monday Night Raw of 2020. He says it's been a crazy year, pointing out that he beat Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania to win the WWE Championship, and that he lost it to Randy Orton only to win it back weeks later. He thanks all the fans out there for motivating him and inspiring him, rallying behind him and helping his career. He says he means it from the bottom of his heart when he says thank you. But now he looks to the future--because it turns out Drew McIntyre is defending his title next week on Raw Legends Night next Monday against either Keith Lee or Sheamus. And with that, Sheamus' music plays. Drew quips, "say their name and they'll appear!" Sheamus, Drew McIntyre's bestie, makes his way to the ring. Drew McIntyre has never faced Sheamus or Keith Lee in single's competition (for the title) according to Drew. Sheamus gets on the mic and says he's sorry to interrupt, but Drew jumps in and says "no you're not!" He says as long as he's been WWE Champion, people constantly interrupt him. He says that last week he asked Sheamus not to pull any b.s. in the match, and Sheamus points out that he didn't pull any b.s. He did exactly as was expected of him--to not lay a finger on Keith Lee before or during the match--and they won the six-man tag match last week. And afterwards, he did what he needed to do (Brogue Kicked Keith Lee without warning). Sheamus asks Drew how long they've known each other--fifteen years--and Sheamus says that he's a former champion and Drew is currently the champ, and for fifteen years they've talked about having a title match against each other. Drew says he wants that match and that everyone in the back is going to get very uncomfortable because it'll be very physical. Sheamus points out no one is more physical than the two of them and after he Brogue Kicks Keith Lee's head off, he's going to tear down the house next week. Keith Lee makes his way out with a mic in hand. Lee makes his way to the ring, pointing out how cute it is to see the besties. Lee then points out that McIntyre told Lee last week that Sheamus wouldn't touch Lee, and gave Lee his word. But after the match, Sheamus attacked him so Drew's word is as worthless as Sheamus'. He gets in the ring and says that every fiber of his being wants him to beat Sheamus' face in and Sheamus will be forced to issue an apology. He tells Drew that Drew should reconsider his best friend because it's only a matter of time until Sheamus will betray Drew. Sheamus leaps in, yelling that the reason he attacked Lee last week is because he got tired of Lee and others saying that Sheamus was going to betray McIntyre. Drew jumps in and says he's tired of this, they've got a match tonight so let's get a ref down here and get to it--and a ref enters the ring again. Drew says Sheamus kept his word not to lay a finger on Keith during the match, and adds that it doesn't matter who he faces next week--Sheamus or Lee--because the result will be the same and Drew will still be champion. Keith asks Drew, "what the hell did you just say?" And in response, Sheamus Brogue Kicks Keith Lee! We go to commercial.

Number One Contender's Match: Keith Lee vs Sheamus

When we return from break, both men are ready in the ring and Drew McIntyre is on commentary. The bell rings and both men lock up. Lee has the power advantage, but Sheamus has the veteran's edge. Sheamus jumps to an early control, getting Lee in an abdominal stretch but Lee wastes no time in slinging off the former four-time world champion Sheamus. Lee takes Sheamus into the corner but Sheamus battles out and hammers elbows into Lee, dropping him to his knees. Sheamus pulls Lee's arm between his legs to wrench it and throws elbows back into Lee's face. Lee attempts to lift Sheamus, but the Celtic Warrior shuts down the Limitless One and takes him down. Sheamus with a kick to the face, then works him on the mat. Lee begins to fight back and gets to a vertical base. He throws rights into Sheamus but Sheamus hits that injured left arm of Lee's. Sheamus attempts to regain control but Lee tosses the Irishman out of the ring. Lee pursues and throws Sheamus into the barricade, then the ring post, then into the ring as the ref counts. Throughout the match, Drew gives props to Lee's intelligence and ability, and to Sheamus' bruising ability. As Lee climbs into the ring, Sheamus fires up and sends him out the ring and we go to break with Lee sprawled out on the announcer's table. (Why's it the announcer's table but they're the commentary team?)
Back from the break and we find Sheamus holding Lee to a knee by that sore left arm. Sheamus delivers knees to the back of Lee but Lee gets to his feet and attempts to Gorilla Press Sheamus! His arm gives out, and Sheamus attempts to capitalize on it but Lee shuts him down with a big forearm that sends Sheamus rolling onto the apron. Lee catches Sheamus from behind as he stands on the apron and threatens to do Sheamus' signature move, but Sheamus twists it around and hits the Ten Beats of the Bodhran to Lee inside the ring! Sheamus goes up to and dives off, only to eat another big right forearm from Lee! Lee fires up and tosses Sheamus repeatedly acros the ring, and hits a wicked Spinebuster, covering for two! Sheamus crawls and Lee sets Sheamus up for the Spirit Bomb but took too long. Sheamus shoves him back and attempts to corner Lee. Lee whips Sheamus into the opposite corner and comes in with a splash. Lee runs off the ropes and runs Sheamus over, covering for another two! Sheamus mount a comeback and shoves Lee into the turnbuckle, then manages to lift the big man up and hits a big backpack drop, covering for two. Sheamus wastes valuable seconds to taunt Lee. Both men lock up and Sheamus realizes Lee's not dazed. Sheamus with a headbutt; Lee with one of his own. Lee wastes no time hitting the Spirit Bomb and picks up the win!
Your Winner and NEW Number One Contender, Keith Lee!

After the Match

Lee gets out the ring and McIntyre rises, congratulating him. McIntyre holds his belt up high and Lee sings a line of his lyrics as both men stare each other down--they face next week for the title!

Backstage w/ Elias & Jaxson Ryker

We see Ryker nodding his head as Elias plays some riffs.

Raw Legends Night Promo

Just a reminder, Raw Legends Night takes place next week and will feature the usual fair of legends--Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, etc.

Match: the Miz vs Gran Metallik

Tom Phillips reminds us that the Miz has had a rough week and, to prove that point, he cements his place in the mid-card by taking on Gran Metallik. After a break, Gran Metallik makes his way out. We see a pre-recorded promo by the Lucha House Party in which they mock the Miz's acting career. The bell rings and Gran Metallik wastes no time in trying to roll up the Miz. After two near falls, Miz backs up in a corner. Our commentary team mentions that the Miz looked distraught before the match, and Gran Metallik's aggressive style didn't improve things. Metallik catches the Miz outside with a tope suicida, then Metallik hits a springboard Moonsault to the outside and onto the Miz! We get replays as both competitors get into the ring. Metallik attempts to springboard into the ring but the Miz catches him with a big boot to the face. The Miz uses the middle rope to choke Gran Metallik as the ref counts, then backs up--only to hit a running standing leg drop across the back of Metallik! The Miz yells about wanting his contract back and some other unintelligible stuff. He locks in a headlock on Metallik. Metallik throws elbows into the Miz, attempting to escape, but the Miz lands a shot to Metallik's midsection to shut it down. Metallik escapes, though, and hits a dropkick off the second rope that flattens the Miz. The Miz tries for a move but Metallik rolls him up and picks up the shocking win!
Your Winner, Gran Metallik of the Lucha House Party!

Backstage w/ Elias & Jaxson Ryker

Elias is playing a riff for Jaxson when someone begins to pound on the door. Elias orders Jaxson to handle it before "they beat the door off" its hinges. Ryker hops up and slings the door open, only to see Omos! Omos enters, followed by AJ Styles. Styles says that Omos is trying to listen to Mozart and he's being interrupted by Elias (note: Elias is strumming an acoustic but isn't using an amp, so it's impossible that they heard it). Styles complains to Elias and the two exchange words. Styles says that Elias can't be back here playing like he's Johnny Cash, and calls him Johnny Trash instead. Ryker tells Styles that you can't talk to a "musical genius" like that and stands up to Omos, even though Omos easily has a foot of height on him. Elias and AJ challenge and accept a match tonight. We see Dana Brooke & Mandy Rose making their way to the ring as Brooke has a match against Shayna Baszler, next!

Match: Dana Brooke vs Shayna Baszler

Brooke is escorted to the ring by her partner Mandy Rose before the break. Afterwards, Shayna Baszler makes her way out alone and ready to fight. Our commentary team reminds us of the "nightmare" Baszler put on Rose last week when she stomped her arm and nearly broke it (per Tom Phillips). The bell rings and we get on with it! Baszler starts off with strikes but Dana Brooke takes control. Brooke throws her shoulder into Baszler's midsection a few times, then goes for a cartwheel drop. Baszler gets the knees up. Baszler stands on Brooke's hand and threatens to do to her what she did to Rose, but instead rolls out and slams Brooke's arm on the apron. Baszler goes back into the ring and uses working holds to weardown Brooke. Baszler focuses on cranking the left arm back, applying downward pressure on the left elbow. Brooke gets to her feet and breaks the move by reaching above and back, grabbing Baszler's head and hitting the jawbreaker! Brooke fires up, taking Baszler down with strike sand a scoop slam. Baszler rolls out the ring. As Brooke tries to come out, Baszler locks the Kirifuda Clutch on Brooke while she's on the apron and drags her to the ringside, holding it on! Baszler rolls into the ring at the count of six, intending to win by count out. Mandy Rose attempts to help her partner into the ring so Baszler heads outside and tries to work Rose's arm over on the steel steps. Brooke gets up and saves her partner and takes the action inside as the ref once again counts, hitting seven. Brooke slams Baszler. Brooke goes up top and dives off, looking for the splash but Baszler moves. Brooke rolls up Baszler for a close count but Baszler escapes and locks in the Kirifuda Clutch to pick up the win! After the match, as Mandy Rose checks on her partner, Baszler locks in the Kirifuda Clutch on Rose until she taps out (even though it's not a match). Baszler leaves the ring standing tall.
Your Winner by Submission, Shayna Baszler!

Video Package: Orton, the Fiend & Bliss

We get clips from last week, in which Orton bragged about burning the Fiend alive and being the evil sonuvabitch that took him out. We also see where the lights went out, a la the Fiend, but instead it was Alexa on a swing set in the ring--what we now know to be Alexa's Playground. She jokes that the Fiend could be off eating his favorite food, barbecue. She says that the Fiend is home--and if he ever comes back, she hopes he comes to Alexa's Playground. We're then reminded that Orton has accepted Bliss' invitation to join Alexa's Playground--next on Raw!

Alexa's Playground feat. Randy Orton

When we come back, Alexa's swinging on her swing set in the ring. She asks if we like her playground, and points out that he built it for her. She can't wait until he comes back. She makes another joke about him burning alive. She says that maybe he will come back next week to meet his favorite legend, Hulk Hogan. She says that he may be waiting for Randy Orton to come down to her Playground, we just don't know. She tells Randy Orton to "come on down." We hear his music but nothing happens. Bliss asks, "did I do something wrong? Maybe...maybe Randy doesn't want to help us find him? No, that can't be it! I'll try it one more time! Randy Orton...come on down!" Again, Orton's music plays as the camera stays on Bliss. She frowns after a few seconds when he doesn't come down. "I don't think Randy Orton wants to play with us anymore. I swear, you light someone on fire ONE TIME and it goes straight to their head! How inconsiderate and rude!" We then get a Firefly Fun House graphic!

The Firefly Fun House

Randy Orton enters the Firefly Fun House and tells Bliss that he figured the Fun House would be empty as he burnt the Fiend to a crisp last week, and Alexa's in her Playground at the moment. The audio is crap--it's hard to hear everything he says due to the mic arrangement. He says he wants to look around. He smacks over Huskus and then throws Mercy the Buzzard across the room. They're just puppets and not 'alive' this time. He tells Bliss that he doesn't think he's coming back, but he's going to make sure that he has nothing to come back to. He asks if he missed anything and looks around. He picks up Rambling Rabbit and throws him aside, then notices a piece of 'art' on the wall. Bliss, enraged, hops off her swing and says that she challenges Randy Orton to a fight tonight. Orton says "let me guess, this is where he is supposed to return, right?....Then I accept!" The screen goes black as if we're going to a break, then we cut to:

Commentary Team

We see Byron Saxton, Samoa Joe and Tom Cruise's rejected clone as they gloomily discuss if he will return. They then send us to a video package:

Video Package: June 22, 2020 - Flair & Jax

We see clips from Raw back in June, in which Charlotte Flair was attacked backstage by Nia Jax who took Flair out by injuring her arm in the back.

Backstage w/ Charly Caruso & Charlotte Flair

Charly asks Charlotte if she's ready to face Nia Jax. Flair points out that six months ago, Jax injured her arm and she's been on the shelf for six months. But last week, she returned and won the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship with Asuka. She says Nia Jax is to be feared, but not by the Queen. Charly asks if Flair has any resolutions, and Flair says her New Year's Resolution is to stay on top. Asuka walks up and says that Nia is not ready for Charlotte. Flair hugs Asuka and they smile, walking off.

Match: AJ Styles w/ Omos vs Elias w/ Jaxson Ryker

AJ Styles comes out first for this match, accompanied by Omos. After the break, Elias makes his way out, escorted by Jaxon Ryker. After the match starts, we get straight to things. Both men jockey for position. The match has a slower pace as both utilize wear-down moves. Elias takes an early lead and works Styles' neck and shoulder. Elias goes for a rope-assisted Powerbomb but Styles escapes. The two-time WWE Champion uses the ropes to help get a leg up, and uses a dropkick to send Elias out of the ring. Styles looks for a Phenomenal Forearm to the outside but slaps on the brakes as Elias moves. Elias yanks Styles out of the ring, then sends him shoulder-first into the ring post as we go to a commercial break.
We're back from the break. Elias is absolutely punishing Styles. Elias goes up and walks on the ropes, stands for a moment while holding Styles' right arm, and leaps off the top. Elias takes Styles down by double-knees to the face (isn't that a Meteora, Tom?) and covers for two. Elias locks in a head lock. Styles is bleeding a bit on his elbow. Styles tries to fight out of the hold but Elias rocks AJ with a big, stiff right that sends Styles out of the ring. Outside the ring, Jaxon Ryker slowly lurks around, approaching AJ--until Omos walks up and startles Ryker, who falls down on his butt then gets up and backs up, back around the ring. Elias heads out the ring and takes Styles into the ring, warily eying the giant Omos. In the ring, AJ mounts his comeback and takes Elias down with a flying forearm. Styles does his own form of a kip-up and sends Elias into the corner. Styles with a double forearm in the corner, then slams Elias down and covers for two. Styles shakes feeling into his arm and pulls Elias up for the Styles Clash, but Elias escapes. Elias heads to the corner; Styles pursues and is dumped over the ropes, landing on the apron. Styles attempts to springboard into the ring but Elias catches him mid-flight and drives him down into the mat, getting a very close two count. Elias starts to climb the turnbuckles and Styles recovers, closes the distance and takes the legs out from Elias. Elias drops to a seated position on the top turnbuckle. Styles with a fist then a beautiful Pele Kick that drops Elias to the mat. Jaxson Ryker is 'concerned' outside the ring, per Byron. Styles and Elias both up about the same time. Elias hits the Drift Away--the TKO--and covers for a two. Elias rises and angrily looks down on the former WWE Champion. Elias pulls Styles up while talking inaudibly (to us). Styles uses the time to recover and hits another Pele Kick. Elias is sent into the corner. Styles runs at him but is again dumped to the apron. Styles clubs Elias, sending him trotting into the middle of the ring. Styles then springboards, flying into the ring to connect with a beautiful, sky-high Phenomenal Forearm! Styles covers and picks up the win!
Your Winner, AJ Styles!

Last Week on Raw Talk: Ricochet

We get clips from last Monday in which Ricochet points out that he doesn't want to be the person that people step over on their way to the top. Something-something "Retribution bad" something-something.

Match: Ricochet vs Mustafa Ali w/ Retribution

We cut to the ThunderDome II and Ricochet makes his way out to the ring as our commentary team wonders if Ricochet's truly learned from his mistakes and can overcome. We go to break. Afterwards, Mustafa Ali makes his way out accompanied by the entire Retribution. They're announced as "Mustafa Ali, accompanied by Retribution" but Byron feels a need to count them off and name each one. Just in case, gotta be sure, right? Ali makes his way into the ring and poses with Retribution as a pre-recorded promo plays in which Ali tells us that Ricochet needs to change. Ricochet is just one man and one man can't change anything, so Ricochet should accept them as allies or accept a future full of suffering. The bell rings and we start off with Ricochet and Ali exchanging fists briefly before Ricochet drops Ali to his back and performs a ground-and-pound per Samoa Joe. Ricochet chops Ali then whips him across the ring and follows it up with a running back elbow. Ricochet with a big scoop slam and an elbow drop followed by a pin attempt. Ali escapes and swing at Ricochet, but Ricochet dodges it and drops Ali with a dropkick. Another pin attempt by Ricochet. Ali again attempts to fight back but Ricochet drops him with a big back body drop. Ricochet yells at Ali as Ali scoots along the mat, towards the corner. Ricochet and Ali exchange words and Ali suckers Ricochet in, grabbing his hips and sending him face first into the turnbuckle. Ali mount some offense, and whips Ricochet. Ali with a leaping neck breaker and a pin fall attempt. Ricochet goes outside and is distracted by Retribution, allowing Ali to come over and attempt to gain leverage. Reckoning (Mia Yim) hops in the ring, distracting the ref and allowing her Retribution cohorts to yank Ricochet off the ring post and to the outside! They send Ricochet into the ring, and Ali lands a hammering blow that leaves Ricochet rolling in pain as we go to break!
When we return Ali is firmly in control. Ali attempts a pin but gets nothing. Ali slows the pace and grounds the high-flying Ricochet, using arm and head holds to wear him down and control the pacing. Ali with a scoop slam and a leaping elbow to the chest for a two count pin attempt. Again, Ali locks in a seated headlock and talks trash to Ricochet, telling him to join Retribution and stop fighting them. Ricochet gets to his feet. Ali goes for a suplex but Ricochet floats through and shoves Ali off and into the corner. Ricochet charges the corner, looking for a shoulder thrust, but Ali leaps over to avoid it. Ricochet back flips over and lands behind Ali, grabs him, and hangs on to hit a modified German Suplex that drops Ali high on the neck. Ali lays there, on his neck and shoulders, for a few seconds before finally falling down. We get multiple replays of the sequence. Both men get to their feet and Ricochet hits a devastating Discus Clothesline. Ricochet attempts a Backslide Driver but his injured core fails him. He again goes for it and lands it, and covers. Mace pulls Ali out to save it (and somehow doesn't cause the DQ). Ricochet flies over the ropes to take out Retribution outside the ring! Ricochet comes back in and goes up top, looking for the Shooting Star Press. Ali counters it into a Koji-Clutch to pick up the win!
Your Winner by Submission, Mustafa Ali!

After the Match

Ali gets on the mic and points out Ricochet has another defeat. But, again, Ali offers Ricochet a chance at a new beginning and offers for Ricochet to join Retribution. He asks him for his decision and hands him the mic. Ricochet speaks. "Ali, I've made a decision. I will.....not join--" and as Ali angrily closes in, Ricochet hits the Recoil kick and escapes the ring as Retribution surround their fallen leader! Ricochet stands at the top of the ramp and yells at Retribution in the ring. Ricochet says something about Ali can never change Ricochet's strength.

Backstage w/ Charly Caruso & Nia Jax w/ Shayna Baszler

Charly starts to ask Nia her thoughts on what Flair said earlier. She says she's made some New Year's Resolutions, and Baszler counts them down. Jax promises to take down Flair before she can climb another ring up; she promises to win back their tag team championships; and she promises to enter and win the Royal Rumble and challenge whomever for the title at WrestleMania. She walks off. Baszler holds up a finger, thinks, and tells Charly that she "kinda like(s) that idea."

Match: Charlotte Flair w/ Asuka vs Nia Jax w/ Shayna Baszler

Charlotte Flair makes her way out first, accompanied by her tag team partner Asuka, all smiles. After a break (and this is a thing now--one competitor comes out tonight and we go to a commercial break), Nia Jax comes out accompanied by her partner Shayna Baszler. The digital crowd and ThunderDome audience boo and give her thumbs down as we get ready to start this match off!
Jax and Flair lock off, neither woman truly taking control initially. Jax has the power advantage but Flair has the technical advantage. Flair locks a side headlock on Jax. Jax attempts two lift her up twice before taking her into the corner. Jax throws shoulders into Flair's midsection as the ref counts. Jax takes it out of the corner, holding a death grip on Flair's left hand, and throws a shoulder into her. Jax drops Flair, pulls her up and whips her into the corner. Flair bounces over the ring post and lands on the apron, then comes back in! Big boot drops Jax, followed by a sliding dropkick that shoves Jax out. Jax lands on her feet and composes her self as the ref begins his count. Jax comes in at six as the ref warns Flair back. Flair with a Discus-style spinning punch followed by more fists to Jax. Flair tries to lock in on Jax's head but Jax grabs the middle rope. The ref counts for the break. Flair sends Jax back outside the ring again, then hits the Baseball Slide to send Jax stumbling into the announcer's table! Flair goes outside and attacks Jax, takes her inside and looks for the Figure Four. Jax sends Flair into the turnbuckle, and Flair hits the back of her head. As she slowly gets to her feet, Jax charges and rams her in the corner. Jax covers for a two and we go to break.
When we return, we find Jax in control and with a rear grapple on Flair. Flair throws three big right elbows to gain some separation and kicks Jax in the abdomen. Flair with a series of Flair chops that rock Jax back into the corner. Jax kicks Flair back, but Flair continues to go for Jax's left leg. Jax attempts to target Charlotte's left arm--the one Jax injured six months ago to put Flair on the shelf--but Flair counters and slams Jax down. Jax recovers and goes for the Samoan Drop but Flair escapes. Jax again hoists Flair up and hits the Sit-out Powerbomb! Jax only picks up a two as Asuka cheers her teammate on. Jax runs off the ropes and goes for a big Leg Drop but Flair moves. Flair goes for Jax's leg, hinting at a Figure Four. Baszler tries to run interference inside until Asuka comes over, only to be sent into the table by Baszler. In the ring, Flair drops Jax and manages to lock the Figure Four in! Baszler slides in from behind and locks a headlock onto Flair, causing a disqualification.
Your Winner by Disqualification, Charlotte Flair!

Earlier Today: the Hurt Business

We see a clip earlier today where the Hurt Business arrive, decked out in suits and with everyone carrying a title except MVP. They walk up behind a white guy in a suit and MVP implores, "excuse me, sir, would you move out of our way?" He turns to see Lashley and company and freaks out, falling on his butt. They laugh and thank him then head off.

Coming Up Tonight: Eight-Man Tag Team Action!

We're shown a graphic and are told that Matt Riddle, the New Day, and Jeff Hardy will take on all four members of the Hurt Business later tonight! We go to break.

Backstage w/ Charly Caruso & Angel Garza

Charly comes up to Garza, who's wearing a suit and gold chain and has a new hair cut or style. She asks to hear about his 2020. He says that everyone's had up's and downs. But with this new year comes new beginnings and maybe he'll introduce himself to one of the legendary female superstars on Legends Night next week. She says she's sure he will, but asks who the rose he's holding is for. Angel tells her a gentleman never tells, but--- and is interrupted by R-Truth, followed by a group of jobbers. Angel leans down and sees his rose was trampled. He hands the broken-stemmed, trampled rose to Charly and says "it's the thought that counts!" He walks off as she shakes her head.

Last Week on Smackdown: Big E vs Sami Zayn

We get clips from Friday's Lumberjack Intercontinental Championship match that saw Big E hit the Big Ending to capture the Intercontinental Championship from Sami Zayn. We also saw Big E lifted onto the shoulders of the faces from Smackdown as a ticker-tape parade pours down.

Backstage w/ the New Day and the Hardy Bros

The New Day tell us that they're going to take back their tag team championships soon. Riddle says that they need a name for their duo of duos. Riddle says that they're bros, and the New Day are stallions, and suggests they call themselves the My Little Bronies. They tell him that's taken already so he suggests the Bros of Positivity. The New Day music plays and they use it as an excuse to leave.

Eight-Man Tag Team Match: The Hardy Bros & The New Day vs the Hurt Business

The New Day make their way out, followed by Jeff Hardy--one half of the Hardy Bros. In the ring, Kofi and Xavier dance to Jeff Hardy's music, similar to how Jeff does, and we head to break! After the break, the Hurt Business make their way down the ramp and stop at the base. MVP announces that they've got an official announcement to make, and Bobby Lashley announces himself as a participant in the Men's Royal Rumble match. He joins Daniel Bryan as the first two to announce for it. MVP says that it's official, and they make their way to the corner so we can start things off.
Cedric Alexander and Riddle start with an exchange of blows. Riddle goes for a kick but Cedric grabs the leg and drops him. He taunt Riddle, who proceeds to hit him with a Gut-wrench Suplex that sends Alexander across the ring! Cedric tags in United States Champion Bobby Lashley. Lashley catches Riddle as he runs and leaps at the champ, holds him in a stalling suplex-like grip then suplex tosses him across the mat. Lashley takes Riddle into the corner and tags in MVP. MVP stomps away at Riddle in the corner, then tags in Shelton Benjamin. Shelton kicks Riddle, pulls him up and hits a snap suplex before attempting a cover. Riddle kicks out. Shelton takes him to another corner and throws shoulders into his gut. Shelton pulls Riddle to his feet, and the Original Bro tries to fight back with fists. Riddle catches Benjamin with a kick to the face and tags in Jeff Hardy. Hardy is whipped into the corner and smashes Benjamin. They tag in Xavier Woods, who stomps away at Benjamin as the ref counts, and he tags in Kofi who does the same--the Unicorn Stampede in action, sans Big E! Kofi tags in Riddle, who stomps til the ref counts to 4, and tags in Hardy who does the same! Lashley snaps, infuriated and tries to hit the ring but is sent out. The New Day and the Hardy Bros stand tall in the ring as Lashley angrily stomps at ringside with the Hurt Business as we go to break.
When we return we find Riddle at the mercy of the Hurt Business. MVP works Riddle over and sends Riddle tumbling to the outside. MVP gets outside and lays down next to Riddle, head propped up on an elbow, mocking him as the ref counts. Both men get to the ring before the ten count, and Cedric Alexander is tagged in. Alexander works Riddle's neck with a rear chin lock. Riddle tries to fight out of it but Alexander tags in Shelton, who stomps on Riddle. Shelton drapes Riddle across the middle rope and tags in Bobby Lashley immediately, who pounds on Riddle as the ref counts. Lashley tags in Alexander as the Hurt Business continues their quick-tag strategy. Riddle nails a desperation high kick to Alexander and crawls to his corner, tagging in Kofi Kingston. Kofi hits the ring fast and takes Alexander down twice, then hits the Boom Drop! Kofi starts a "New..Day Rocks!" chant. Shelton Benjamin grabs Kofi over the ropes from behind, distracting him. Kofi punches Alexander off the apron. Cedric Alexander jumps Kofi from behind. As they battle around the ring, Cedric doesn't notice Kofi tagging in Xavier Woods. Cedric sends Kofi outside, assuming Kofi's the legal man. Cedric is attacked from behind by Woods. Woods takes Cedric across and hits the slingshot guillotine on the bottom rope, then tags in Jeff--who flies off and hits a leg drop across the rope-strung Cedric onto the apron! Jeff takes it inside and goes for the Swanton but Lashley makes the save. Bedlam ensues as Shelton hits the ring, too. Hardy stays the legal man as Cedric tags in Lashley while Hardy's busy hitting the Twist of Fate on Shelton Benjamin. Lashley locks in the Hurt Lock and after about half a minute, Jeff Hardy taps out!
Your Winners by Submission, the Hurt Business!

After the Match

The Hurt Business attack the New Day outside and the Hardy Bros inside. Riddle quickly sneaks in and hits the Final Flash, dropping the US Champion, and buying his quartet time to escape up the ramp.

Backstage w/ the Miz & John Morrison

The mic work--the audio mic work--is horrible in this issue. Morrison makes some comment about Kevin Federline, and the Miz snaps at him. Up comes Adam Pearce with the Money in the Bank case, and says that the Miz looked as horrible out there as the Cleveland Browns did yesterday (ouch!). They ask why he has the MitB case and Adam says that the Miz was absolutely right--only the MitB contract holder can cash in the case and, technically, Morrison cashed it in on behalf of the Miz...so technically, the Miz didn't cash it in as he didn't hand over the case. He gives the Miz the case and leaves. The digital crowd boos loudly as the Miz and Morrison do weird dances on steps in celebration. We go to break.

Main Event Match: Alexa Bliss vs Randy Orton

When we return from break, Alexa Bliss is announced first and makes her way out to the ring, wearing a hands-free mic. Randy Orton comes out next with a mic, climbs in the ring, and demands to know "where is he?" Bliss answers, "this is not about him. This is about mayhem." She exits the ring and returns with a gift box. She pushes it to the middle of the ring, kneels and unwraps it. inside is a cardboard box, which she opens to reveal a gallon canister of gasoline and a box of matches. She walks over to Randy with the items as he stands with his back to the corner, and sets them down at his feet before backing up. She then runs over and kicks the gift box out of the ring. "I challenge you," she continues, "to do to me what you did to him!" She then lays down in the ring, hands folded across her stomach, and awaits for it. Orton stays put and kicks the can over. Bliss rises up, takes the can and looks at him. She then pours a puddle of gasoline in the middle of the ring, and a path to Orton's feet. "Go ahead, light the match, and do to me what you did to him!" She seems visibly upset. She lays back down in the middle of the ring, on the puddle, and Orton continues to stay motionless.
Bliss pours a circle of gasoline and then confronts Randy again. She says he doesn't have the guts. She reminds him that he claims to be sick and demented, and if he were he'd light the match but he's nothing--nothing but a little bitch! Bliss then pulls the lid off the canister and pours the gasoline all over her head. She's drenched in it. Orton eyes the box of matches at his feet then Bliss before speaking. "You think that I won't do it?" He squats down and picks up the box of matches as Bliss angrily stares at him from the puddle of gasoline. "You think that I'm not capable? I want to do it. But I know it's what you want me to do, so right now I'm trying to process the whole thing. Now I know I enjoy watching people in pain, watching people suffer, but I know that's what you want me to do." He says that at TLC he burned the Fiend alive and sent him to hell and knows that's exactly what she wants. He says maybe he should set her on fire right now, send her to hell to be with the Fiend--and the lights cut out, Fiend style. Randy lights a match to illuminate his face and hand, and watches it burning. He stares into the camera and smiles wickedly as the commentary team begs him to "please don't do this!" He grins and...our program ends suddenly.

In Closing

Thanks all for stopping by for our live Raw results! I look forward to seeing you all here this Wednesday for NXT! Stay warm, stay frosty, stay classy, and stay safe out there! Have a happy Tuesday!

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