WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (2/01/2021) - ThunderDome II (Tropicana Field), St. Petersburg, FL

Monday Night Raw

Welcome to the first Raw after an exciting 34th edition of the Royal Rumble. Tonight kicks off the Road to WrestleMania! Our official preview is out and entering your results coverage at number 30, and here to save your Raw results and show you the way for the greater good, is your Monday Night Mikessiah, Mike "Hulk" Hogan. Last night's Royal Rumble saw SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS women's tag team titles change hands as well as an expected Women's Royal Rumble win for Bianca Belair and a surprise win in the Royal Rumble by #1 entrant, Edge. Who will Edge choose to pursue--the future star of Highlander 6, Drew McIntyre? Or will he pursue the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns? Or will he choose the Prince, Finn Balor, and follow in Charlotte's footsteps in pursuing an NXT title shot at WrestleMania? Or will he use it to challenge R-Truth for the 24/7 Championship? We do know that we've got two championship matches tonight. Bobby Lashley will defend his United States Championship against Riddle and his fellow Hurt Business execs, Shelton Benjamin & Cedric Alexander will defend their Raw Tag Team Championship against the Lucha House Party! We'll also have Miz TV featuring Bad Bunny and more fallout from last night's Royal Rumble.

So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (2/01/2021) - ThunderDome II (Tropicana Field), St. Petersburg, FL

Show Opener: WWE Champion Drew McIntyre

Ring announcer Mike Rome opens our show, calling out the WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. The champ comes out, sword in hand, and does his cool sword-sink/pryo effect trigger. He marches down the ramp as pyro bursts off around of him. The always pleasant and delightful Tom Phillips catches us up about McIntyre's match last night against Goldberg, in which dozens of spears* were utilized. Afterwards, Goldberg held up Drew's hand in a sign of respect. Drew gets on the mic and welcomes us all to Monday Night Raw.
"You know, this is no ordinary episode of Raw. We're taking it up a notch tonight because we are officially on the road," he pauses to point at the huge sign, "to WrestleMania! It started last night. How frickin' awesome was the Royal Rumble?" He starts with Goldberg and says that they beat the crap out of each other, but they earned respect out of each other. He hypes every match, complimenting the winners, and made some very nice remarks about Women's Royal Rumble winner Bianca Belair. He starts to address the Men's Royal Rumble when he's interrupted by Edge!
Drew tells Edge that he was about to get to him. He heavily compliments Edge and remarks that he remembers when Edge retired a decade ago, and it blew his mind when, at last year's Royal Rumble, he heard "you think you know me" and out came Edge. He praises Edge's first year in his return to wrestling. Edge tells Drew that he appreciates the compliments, and then tells that he has been a mentor to Drew so he has to be blunt and ask Drew: "what the hell is wrong with you?" He points out that he won the Royal Rumble and can be coming for Drew McIntyre's title. He chastises Drew for being cordial and not hitting him with a Claymore right as soon as Edge hit the ring. Drew tells Edge that's what an opportunist would do, and Drew's not that kind of man. Sheamus comes out to interrupt.
Sheamus makes his way to the ring, asking Edge who is he to question this man--who is he to question Drew McIntyre, someone that's been Sheamus' best friend for half his life. Sheamus asks Edge again who the hell he thinks he is. Sheamus is sporting a new haircut to go with the modified beard, and it looks sharp. Sheamus tells Edge that Drew isn't the kind of man to be quick to violence. Sheamus, however, has no issue doing what Drew won't. Drew asks Sheamus to stand down. Edge tells Drew that, essentially, he's not made up his mind as to who he's going to challenge but whomever he does it doesn't matter--he'll be walking out of WrestleMania with a belt. Edge marches up the ramp, stops to stare back as Drew hoists up the belt with the convenient camera angle that doesn't show what's behind Drew. And, without any warning or foreshadowing at all, Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick to Drew! The WWE Champion is left laying on the floor as Sheamus marches up the ramp and leaves. Phillips, Samoa Joe and Byron Saxton all wonder why this is happening, seemingly forgetting the questioning when Sheamus would turn on Drew for months. We go to break.

Backstage Interview: Charly Caruso with Sheamus

Charly asks Sheamus about his actions. Sheamus rails that he's more than just Drew McIntyre's friend and is much more than that. He angrily yells at Charly then storms off.

United States Championship Match: Bobby Lashley(c) vs Riddle

Our first match of the night is for the US Championship. Out first is the Original Bro, Riddle, and we get a quick verbal recap from Cole's Clone as to how good Riddle looked in the Rumble. We also get clips from the Hurt Business Gauntlet Match last week in which Riddle capitalized on internal strife from Cedric Alexander and his Hurt Business compatriots, earning this title shot. Out next is the champ, the dominating Bobby Lashley accompanied by MVP! Introductions are made and we go to break as the ref physically separates both men. This match is next!
Back from the break and the bell rings. Riddle streaks over and starts to throw fists and feet at the champ, attempting to catch him off guard. Lashley fights back out of the corner. Riddle throws blows and the powerful Lashley absorbs them, catches Riddle's leg and bombs him down. Lashley pulls Riddle up and hits his long Stalling Suplex. He waits for Riddle to use the ropes to climb himself up. Lashley charges Riddle, but Riddle ducks and tugs the rope down. Lashley flies out of the ring. Riddle climbs to the apron and hits the Floating Bro on Lashley at ringside! Riddle rushes to send Lashley in the ring as the ref counts. Lashley recovers and catches Riddle on the apron, and slaps on a rope-assisted Full Nelson--the Hurt Lock. The ref counts but Lashley's completely snapped. Lashley ignores the ref and keeps the rope-assisted Hurt Lock on! The ref calls for the bell to end it by DQ.
Your Winner by Disqualification, Riddle. The title does not change hands.

After the Match: the Happening

Lashley refuses to break the Hurt Lock even as Riddle taps, after the bell. Lashley finally releases Riddle and destroys him at the ringside, cinching in the Hurt Lock twice. The second time, Lashley slung Riddle over the barricade. The ref and MVP both fail to get Lashley to back down until he's ready to. His music plays and he angrily walks up the ramp.

Last Night on the Royal Rumble

We get clips from the Kickoff show last night in which Ric Flair and Lacey Evans helped cost Charlotte Flair & Asuka their tag team titles. Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler won the titles back and are, unless I'm mistaken, the first-ever two-time Women's Tag Team Champions (as a team--Asuka was the first, technically). We're then told of a triple threat match tonight, in which Asuka & Charlotte Flair will compete against Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke and another team, with the winner getting a title shot. We head to break after seeing Bad Bunny arriving at the arena.

Ringside: Riddle, Refs, and Officials, oh my!

We see Riddle at ringside with several refs and officials around him. They're checking on him. He asks them what happened and they filled him in a bit. Our commentary team asks us to stay tuned to WWE social media platforms to be updated on Riddle's medical condition.

Backstage Promo: Randy Orton

Randy Orton, whose face has been healed by (insert deity of your choice, or The Force) and is perfectly fine after being disfigured last week. Orton rambles angrily about losing to Edge last night. Orton tells Edge that he sent Edge home to be with his family, and Orton will not let Edge main event WrestleMania. He claims that Edge has forgotten all that Orton's done for him. He promises tonight that there will be no celebration, and Edge will not main event WrestleMania. Edge will face Orton tonight.

Backstage with the New Day

Woods tells Kingston that he's excited that Kofi's back. Kofi apologizes for not being there. He goes on to say that Ali's lost his mind for blaming Kofi for taking his place in 2019. But tonight Kofi's here for Woods, because Woods is going to get a shot at some payback against Ali. They start a "New...Day Rocks!" chant as their music plays.

Match: Xavier Woods w/ Kofi Kingston vs Mustafa Ali w/ Retribution

The New Day make their way out. Our announce team compliments Big E for his performance in the Rumble last night. They point out that Woods opponent tonight, Ali, eliminated Woods last night. We go to break. The New Day are still dancing in the ring when we return. Their dancing is interrupted as Retribution make thier way to the ring! Tom Phillips all but said the QAnon phrase "where we go one, we go all." Yikes. We get a pre-recorded promo of Ali yelling about Kofi taking his opportunity. In the ring, the ref makes Retribution exit the ring and the bell rings.
Both men lock up and Woods powers Ali into the corner. The ref forces the break and Ali mule kicks Woods. Woods sends Ali outside then springboards out to his feet. He attacks Ali at ringside and sends him in. T-Bar and Mace distract Woods, impying they'll attack him and Kofi, and the distraction pays off as Ali attacks an unsuspecting Woods as he enters the ring. Ali takes control, sending Woods into a corner. He slowly sweeps the legs, and then lower foot chokes Woods in the corner as the ref counts. Phillips recaps, again, how Kofi took Ali's spot when Ali was injured two years ago, and went on to have his WrestleMania moment. Ali focuses on Woods' neck. Woods gets to his feet but Ali with a snapmare and another headlock. Woods gets to his feet again and kicks Ali in the gut, gaining some separation. Woods fights back with a series of strikes and chops. Woods whipped into the ropes, rebounds and on the return manages to counter Ali's attempted strike into a Side Russian Leg Sweep! Ali and Woods slug it out, with Ali trying for a Tornado DDT and Woods successfully hitting the Discus Clothesline! Woods covers for two but Retribution causes the distration. Kofi runs up the stairs, along the apron and across T-Bar's shoulder, leaping onto Mace! Ali tries to roll up Woods but Woods kicks out and rolls Ali up, picking up the win!
Your Winner, Xavier Woods!

Backstage w/ Bad Bunny and Damian Priest

Damian and Bad Bunny are backstage, speaking in Spanish over the loud New Day theme. We head to break.

Earlier Tonight: Edge, McIntyre, Sheamus

We get a recap of what we saw less than an hour ago, when Edge spoke to McIntyre and Sheamus attacked McIntyre afterwards. We'll have an exclusive interview with McIntyre later tonight to talk about the fallout from that.

Miz TV featuring Bad Bunny

Mister Money in the Bank, the Miz, comes out first followed by John Morrison. Both men pause with the slow-mo effects as they're announced. They come out to a symphony of boo's. Phillips reminds us that, last night, the Miz had some unexpected altercation with Bad Bunny. Miz welcomes us to Miz TV and tells us that we are on the road to WrestleMania. He says that last night, we made history when Edge and Bianca Belair won their respective Rumble matches, McIntyre defeated the legend Goldberg, and we have new tag team champs. But the biggest moment from last night was Bad Bunny. They give props to Bad Bunny an welcome out MTV VMA winner Bad Bunny. Morrison and the Miz are wearing matching trench jackets, FYI. Morrison dances to Bad Bunny's theme as he makes his way out to the ring.
The Miz welcomes the biggest Latin artist in the world, Bad Bunny, and shows clips from last night when Bad Bunny performed his song "Booker T" with Booker T, and we get clips of the Miz & Morrison offering for Bad Bunny to join them. Bunny declined their offer. Later in the night, on his way out to the Rumble match, the Miz destroyed Bad Bunny's DJ equipment at the top of the ring. Bad Bunny came out and confronted the Miz & Morrison, causing them to be distracted and thus eliminated from the Rumble. Bunny then ran up top and dove off, hitting a diving cross body onto both men. Back on Miz TV, the Miz says that he thinks that they both made some mistakes last night and that they should apologize to each other. The Miz apologies to Bad Bunny for their actions. He thanks them. The Miz hints that Bad Bunny should have something to apologize for, but Bunny doesn't. Morrison asks Bunny if he wants to apologize for costing the Miz & Morrison their chances at main eventing WrestleMania. Bunny still doesn't apologize. The Miz points out that Bad Bunny aspires to be a WWE Superstar someday. He and Morrison babble on for about a minute just to say that they'll offer to help him with his WWE career if Bad Bunny will help them with recording a musical album. Morrison cuts into a song, singing Spanish (pretty sure incorrectly, too), and it sounds like he's babbling words, including "chupacabra." They both sing, horribly off key and not in sync with each other. "Slammy's for Grammy's," as the Miz put it. Finally they stop and Bunny declines to help them with an album. The Miz angrily yells at Bad Bunny, reciting his career. Bunny cuts him off and says that the only reason he's here is because he has a friend who wanted to be here. The arena goes dark and then the music starts and Damian Priest has come to Monday Night Raw! Priest makes his way to the ring and hugs Bad Bunny. He turns to the Miz and hits him with a big right, dropping Miz. Miz rolls out and Morrison follows him. We go to break and totally don't have a tag match coming up next from this.*

Match: Damian Priest w/ Bad Bunny vs the Miz w/ John Morrison

The bell rings as we return and Damian Priest makes his Raw debut. Priest and the Miz lock up, and Priest easily overpowers the Money in the Bank contract holder. The Miz heads outside. The 6'5 Priest flies like an angel, crashing outside the ring on the Miz and Morrison! Priest sends the Miz into the ring and attempts a pin. The Miz kicks out and the veteran takes control, dodging a charging shoulder and allowing Priest to connect with the ring post. The Miz taunts Bad Bunny, who's seated with the commentary team, and yells horrible Spanish at Bad Bunny. The Miz climbs the turnbuckle and dives onto Priest, then attempts another pin. The Miz pushes Priest's neck down on the middle rope and throws knee strikes into it as the ref counts, all the while eying and jawing at Bad Bunny. The Miz yells more bad Spanish and goes for the It Kicks. Priest punches Miz's leg, blocking it, and rises to his feet, firing off big fists. The Archer of Infamy fights Miz off and, once Miz is in the corner, he hits a running splash in the corner! Priest with the South of Heaven but Morrison distracts Priest from pinning. The ref yells at Morrison to get off the apron. The Miz sucker punches Priest. Bad Bunny steals the Miz's MitB briefcase, and the Miz yells at him. Morrison comes over and demands to be given the MitB briefcase or else. Bad Bunny offers it to Morrison and as Morrison tries to thank him in Spanish, Bad Bunny sucker punches Morrison with a mic. The Miz is distracted, allowing Damian Priest to hit The Reckoning and pick up his first win in his debut match!
Your Winner, Damian Priest!

Previously on Raw: Alexa Bliss & Randy Orton

We get a video package that showcases Alexa Bliss' fiendish turn. In the clip, she swings on her swing set and mocks Orton. Then last week on Raw, Bliss fought Asuka for the Raw Women's Championship. Bliss transformed/changed outfits a few times in the match as "the Friend" Alexa Bliss was replaced by a Fiend-ish Alexa Bliss. Asuka took control but then Alexa Bliss magically changed into her old "goddess" ring wear and looked confused and lost, stumbling around the ring. She then changed into her fiend-ish self again and locked the Mandible Claw on Asuka. Just when Bliss had victory in her grasp, Randy Orton--with his severely burned face--showed up and hit the RKO on her, costing Bliss her title shot. Later tonight, Bliss takes on Nikki Cross. We go to break.

Raw Tag Team Championship Match: the Hurt Business(c) vs the Lucha House Party

When we return from break, both teams are set up and the announcements are made. Representing the Hurt Business are Shelton Benjamin & Cedric Alexander, and MVP joins the commentary team. The bell rings and Shelton starts off with powerful suplex after Suplex on Lince Dorado. Benjamin attempts another suplex, but Dorado rolls over and attempts to roll up Benjamin as he did a few weeks ago. Dorado escapes and tags in Gran Metallik. Metallik goes for a headscissors; Benjamin attempts to block it but Metallik manages to hit a modified takedown. Benjamin takes control back and tags in Cedric Alexander. MVP praises the tag being a nice, clean, peaceful one. Cedric spends too much time being cocky and Metallik slips away, tagging in Dorado. Dorado and Metallik double team Cedric Alexander, sending him outside. Benjamin comes in and grabs Metallik, looking for a powerbomb, but Dorado stops him mid-move with a dropkick to the face! Benjamin rolls outside. MVP sees the Lucha House Party ramping up for a double team, and yells for the Hurt Business to work together. LHP streak across the ring and hit suicide dives, taking out the tag team champs as we go to break!
And we're back. Lince punches and chops Cedric before running off the ropes. Lince comes at Cedric full-speed but Cedric uses Lince's momentum to counter his offense with a big scoop slam. MVP yells on encouragement. Cedric tags in Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin with strong grapples and strikes, and attempts a cover. Benjamin with a headlock, which he transitions into a side headlock as both men rise to their feet. Lince with a jawbreaker as he attempts to gain some separation. Dorado off the ropes and hits a form of a Backpack Stunner. Benjamin recovers and hits a big Gutbuster, covering for a two. MVP yells for them to go after the ribs. Benjamin tags in Alexander, who scoop slams Dorado and covers for two. Benjamin is tagged back in and Alexander restrains Dorado for Benjamin to strike. Benjamin beats Dorado along the ropes and into the corner, and the ref warns him off. Lince tries to fight out of the corner, looking for a headscissors but Benjamin catches him and holds him upside down. Dorado reaches down deep and hits a desperate modified DDT. Dorado is inches away from making a tag but Benjamin tags in Alexander, who grabs Dorado. Alexander fails to contain Dorado, however, and Metallik gets the hot tag in! Metallik takes down Alexander with a series of high-octage, acrobatic moves. Metallik calls Dorado in and tells him to attack Benjamin at ringside. Dorado attempts a suicide dive but Benjamin catches him, so Metallik hits a suicide dive onto Dorado's back, forcing Benjamin down hard! Metallik hits the ring and battles Alexander. Metallik with a big strike. Dorado comes in with a top rope diving senton, and Metallik follows up with a senton of his own, getting a close two! Benjamin hits the ring to make the save. Benjamin works Metallik over just enough for Alexander to recover. Alexander takes down Metallik hard. Benjamin reaches across the rope and tags himself in, then immediately hits Pay Dirt on Metallik as Alexander questions the tag. Benjamin covers and picks up the win. After the match we get replays and MVP works to defuse any tension between the two tag champs.
Your Winners and STILL Raw Tag Team Champions, the Hurt Business!

Backstage Interview: Mackenzie with Asuka & Charlotte Flair

Mackenzie asks Flair and Asuka about the events last night, when Lacey Evans and Ric Flair distracted Charlotte, which cost her and her partner their tag team titles. Flair tells us that she feels bad for her mistake last night, especially as it cost her and her partner. Asuka says she'll speak for herself, and you can tell her English is improving massively. Asuka says that she's sad, but she's not upset. She says that last night, Asuka was ready. They agree to fix the errors of last night by winning tonight.

Triple Threat Number One Contender Women's Tag Team Match: Charlotte Flair & Asuka vs Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke vs Naomi & Lana

The Queen comes out first as we're informed that this triple threat match is next, and the winner gets a title shot at the Women's Tag Team titles. We go to break. When we return, Asuka makes her way out to join her tag team partner. We're told how upset Asuka was over losing her tag titles because of her partner's father's distraction and attempts to sabotage his daughter, and reminded that Bianca Belair can choose either Asuka or Sasha Banks to face at WrestleMania. Out next, finally, is the team of Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke who come out wearing matching blue ring gear. Brooke flexes as she makes her way down. Lana comes out next, wearing the same new ring wear as last night. Her new tag partner, Naomi, comes out. Naomi and Lana dance together and Naomi gives Lana her blacklight Shades. Naomi takes Lana by the hand and runs her down the ramp, having Lana slide on her knees (as Naomi does on her normal entrance). We get a pre-recorded video interview of Lana and Naomi. Lana says that she'll never give up and she knows she can win with Naomi. Naomi says she's been gone a bit but she's ready to help Lana teach the tag champs to feel the glow. All our women ready up. This is a triple threat in which two teams are represented, and you can tag in anyone. Starting things off are Charlotte Flair and Naomi.
Flair and Naomi start off with a series of grapples and counters. As both women run against opposite ropes, Asuka and Mandy Rose tag in. Both briefly spar before Lana and Dana Brooke are tagged in. Dana tags Mandy and whips Lana into a running knee strike by Rose. Rose easily controls things even as Lana tags in Asuka. Rose tags Brooke and they double team Asuka with a double dropping faceplant. Asuka rolls, holding her face, as we go to break with Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke firmly in control.
When we return Charlotte Flair and Mandy Rose are fighting, with Flair taking control. Flair uses her knees to ram Rose's face into the mat repeatedly. Flair loses control just for lack of doing anything, and Rose takes Flair into Rose's corner and tags in Brooke. Brooke with a cartwheel strike and an attempted cover. Brooke gets Flair in the cover and girl-slaps Flair on the chest. Flair shoves her back. Brooke comes back in with several forearms. Rose is tagged in and Rose & Brooke hit a double suplex on Flair. Rose fails to follow up on the double team move, and Flair tags in Asuka. Asuka hits the ring hot, taking out Rose easily. Asuka clears the ring. Flair tags back in, and Lana slaps Rose's back and tags herself in. Flair with a snapmare and two attempted pins. Flair puts Lana in a chin lock. Lana reaches for Naomi but Flair slams Lana down. Flair pulls Lana up, looking for a big Powerbomb, but Lana counters with a headscissors takedown! Lana tags in Naomi who goes airborne, and takes the Queen down with a jawbreaker. Naomi fires off a flurry of fists to Flair, then hits a springboard roundhouse on Flair and covers for two! Naomi tags Lana as Flair is draped across the middle rope. Lana runs off the ropes and hits a running modified Meteora on Flair's back. Lana goes for another rebound strike but Flair takes her down with a Big Boot. Chaos ensues as Asuka hits the ring, along with others. Ric Flair & Lacey Evans come out, both strutting as Evans laughs at Flair. Flair moves to her corner and tags Asuka in, then hops out of the ring and marches up the ramp, leaving Asuka alone. Asuka is distracted by her teammate abandoning her, and is rolled up! Lana and Naomi will face the women's tag team champions!
Your Winners and NEW Number One Women's Tag Contenders, Naomi & Lana!

Backstage Interview: Charlie Caruso with Drew McIntyre

Charly mentions Sheamus' betrayal earlier tonight, and asks Drew for his thoughts on the ambush earlier tonight. Drew mentions that he and Sheamus have had fights, many fights, over the years. But this is different. He says if Sheamus wants to throw away thirty years of friendship, forget the good memories like when they spent Christmas together on the road in a diner...then so be it. The champ looks visibly upset and sells it well. He tells the camera that if Sheamus wants a match, so be it.

Video Package: Carlito Caribbean Cool

We're next treated to a very brief video package about Carlito's career and surprise return last night. Carlito is still in great shape.

Tag Team Match: Elias & Jaxson Ryker vs Jeff Hardy & Carlito Caribbean Cool

As our announcers comment on miscues between Ryker & Elias, as well as the fact that Elias was eliminated by Carlito last night, Ryker & Elias head out to the ring. Out next are their opponents, Jeff Hardy who comes out wearing face paint for the first time in quite some time. Out next is his 240 pound partner, Carlito! Carlito comes out, looking fantastic, and slides into the ring, yelling at Elias and Jaxson Ryker. Hardy's wearing arm sleeves that make me think of those colorful candy canes at Christmas. The bell rings and Elias starts off with Carlito.
Elias and Carlito exchange moves for a few before Hardy and Ryker are tagged in. Ryker overpowers Hardy after Hardy's attempted one-count pin. Ryker and Hardy don't do much. Ryker tags in Elias, then yanks Hardy down by his ring gear. Elias comes in and whips Hardy into the ropes and drops Hardy, getting a two. Ryker comes back in. Ryker with a big, powerful suplex for a two count. Elias is tagged back in, whips Hardy into the ropes and catches Hardy on the rebound with a spinning back elbow. Elias yells that WWE stands for...you know what. Elias slams Hardy down on his back. Elias takes a cheap shot to Carlito. Carlito tries to come in but the ref warns him. Elias takes Hardy to the corner and tags in Ryker. Elias whips Ryker into Hardy like a weapon. Elias is legal again. Elias attempts a cover and gets a two. Elias takes his time, and hits a scoop slam. Elias tags in Ryker who goes up on the middle rope, extends his arms and goes for the diving headbutt but Hardy moves! Ryker grabs Hardy's foot to prevent him from making the tag; Hardy turns it into a dragon kick and tags in Carlito! Carlito comes inf ired up and hits the running knee on Ryker. Carlito whips Ryker into the ropes and hits a big dropkick as, once again, our announcers point out that Carlito weighs 240 pounds. For the fifth time tonight. Elias is tagged in and slams Carlito down. He wastes too much time, and Carlito nails the backstabber then tags in Hardy. Hardy goes up top and its the Swanton Bomb, covering for the win in a peculiar match.
Your Winners, Jeff Hardy & Carlito!

Video Package: Edge's Retirement, Return & Randy

We get a package showing Edge's title win in 2011 and his retirement, then his surprise return at the Rumble last year, and his feud with Orton over the last 10 months or so.

Backstage Promo: Edge

Edge cuts a promo about Randy Orton being a black cloud hanging over his head and his family's head. He points out that Orton said he had a knee injury and sat out most of the Rumble, whereas Edge went bell-to-bell. He says that Orton is jealous of Edge because Orton is not the man Edge is. Edge says that he's beat up, but he accepted Orton's challenge tonight because he needs to put Orton in his rear view. He needs to get rid of that black cloud over his family so he can focus on going to WrestleMania to win back the title he never lost. But tonight he gets closure for his little girls, its why he couldn't play with them tonight, because tonight he's taking down Orton. We're reminded for the 12th time* that Orton faces Edge tonight, and up next will be Alexa Bliss taking on her old friend Nikki Cross.

Backstage: Edge and Damian Priest

After the break (below, Bliss v Cross match) we see Edge backstage. He walks up to Damian Priest and congratulates him on how well he did last night, and shakes his hand. We cut back to the ring and Nikki Cross comes out.

Match: Alexa Bliss vs Nikki Cross

Bliss comes out in her Alexa's Playground look--a colorful apron-style dress, black knee socks with white stripes and tennis shoes, as well as her hair in pigtails and her white "Pain" and "pleasure" gloves. Bliss excitedly hops around and spins around in the ring to the Firefly Fun House theme as we go to break. Nikki Cross makes her way out and the bell rings. Cross yells "what do you want from me? What do you want? You're my best friend, (but) I want nothing to do with you...this is you now...wanna fight, wanna fight? Let's go!" Cross locks up her former bestie in a headlock and takes her down to the mat, wrenching Bliss' head in a side headlock prone on the mat. Cross yells at Bliss. Bliss converts the move into a thigh hold on Cross's head. Cross escapes, hopping to her feet, and Bliss stays on the mat--and poses with her gloves beneath her chin, smiling crazily. Cross and Bliss lock up. Cross with the Crossbody and covers for two. Cross yells at Bliss, "what do you want from me?" She yells something about them being over. Bliss rises and Cross sends her into the corner. Cross hits a snap suplex and covers Bliss in the middle of the ring. Bliss kicks out. Cross attempts to pull up Bliss, but Bliss hits a jawbreaker then floors Cross with a big smack. Bliss celebrates, child-like, and covers but only gets barely a two. She covers Cross again but only gets a one. Bliss finally looks upset.
Bliss takes control, and slows the pace as she uses a series of headlocks and working holds, such as slow neck cranks and arm twists. Finally Bliss pulls Cross up, hinting first at a Sister Abigail then at the Mandible Claw. Cross fights out before she can lock it in. Suddenly, Bliss' old music hits and the Goddess Alexa Bliss is in the corner instead! Bliss hops in to the middle of the ring, telling her "Nicky, it's me!" Bliss extends her arms for a hug, adding "c'mon!" Cross attacks Bliss, and sends her into the corner, not falling for it. We hear the warped Firefly music briefly and Bliss has changed back into Alexa's Playground form. Cross charges Bliss but Bliss dodges it. Cross charges Bliss again and Blis sets Cross up for Sister Abigail, but switches her arm to a rear-facing grip and adds her own twist to Sister Abigail, reversing its motion and smashing Cross down on her face! Bliss covers for the win!
Your Winner, Alexa Bliss!

After the Match

As Bliss heads up the ramp, Randy Orton's music plays. He and Bliss walk along the ramp towards each other. They pause briefly, neither really eying or acknowledging each other, and head off to their respective destinations.

Main Event Match: Randy Orton vs Edge

Orton continues to the ring as our announce team hypes this match. After a commercial break, we hear Alter Bridge's "Metalingus" as the Rated-R Superstar, Edge, makes his way to the ring! We see Edge wincing as he gets into the ring; he spent 58 minutes in the Rumble, starting at #1 and winning the whole thing. The bell rings and Edge immediately hits Orton with a running cross body and covers for two. Edge goes for the Anti Venom submission, but Orton breaks the hold and takes Edge off his feet. Orton takes control, pulling Edge up and hitting him with a European Uppercut. Orton drops Edge and stands on him in the corner, squatting to put as much weight on his former teammate as he can. Orton with a knee to Edge's face. Orton stands over Edge, then pulls Edge to his feet. Orton throws a kick to the gut and hits another European Uppercut. Orton pushes Edge's neck on the middle rope as the ref counts. Orton breaks it just before being disqualified but the damage is done. Out of nowhere, Edge hits the Edgecution! Edge covers but only gets a two. Edge posts up in the corner, taking a breather as he waits for Orton to rise. Edge charges in for the spear but Orton catches him and counters it! Orton sends Edge outside and follows, a sadistic smile on his face. Orton grabs Edge and strong Irish Whips him into the steel steps and we go to break!
We're back from break and Orton is still in control. The Viper's sadistic grin precedes every strike he delivers Edge in the corner. Orton punches Edge across the ring. Edge comes back with a big, desperate right that drops Orton. Both men are slow up. Both men clothesline each other at the same time and, again, both men are down. Edge rolls an arm over onto Orton but only gets a two. Edge moves to the outside apron and uses the ropes to get to his feet as Orton tries to rise inside the ring. Edge climbs the turnbuckles but Orton is up and punches Edge in the face, dropping him to a seated position on the top turnbuckle. Orton throws a few more punches and climbs u, looking for a Superplex. Edge throws rights into Orton's left knee that was injured last night in the Rumble. Edge throws fists to Orton's face, dropping the Viper down. Orton is back up fast, and clibms up looking for that Superplex again. Orton is again sent down to the mat by Edge. Edge recovers and hits a diving clothesline on Orton as he rises. Edge again drapes an arm over Orton in a cover attempt, and again Orton easily kicks out.
Orton rises and looks for the RKO but Edge counters it with an Edgecution! Edge covers but Orton kicks out. Orton rolls to the apron and rises with his back to the ring--big mistake as Edge spears him from behind, through the middle ropes! Orton is sent flying into the barricade. Edge rolls outside to stop the ref's count, and sends Orton into the ring. Edge rolls in and tries to crawl into a cover (per Phillips) but Orton rolls out of the ring. Orton backs up and props against the announcer's table. Edge follows him out, only to take a thumb to the eye from Orton. Orton hoists Edge up for a big, brutal back drop on top of the announcer's table. Orton smirks as the ref counts, and Orton takes Edge into the ring at the ref's 7 count. Orton slides into the ring and the Viper is ready to strike. Orton rises as Edge tries to back-crawl across the ring. Orton catches Edge's legs and hits a catapult, nearly decapitating the former champ by slamming his surgically-repaired neck into the bottom rope! Orton catches Edge as he rises, hitting the Spike DDT. Orton moves around the ring then drops down. The Viper pounds the mat, ready to strike.
And then we hear the tune to "Rock-a-by Baby" and Alexa Bliss is seated on the turnbuckle. Blood seems to pour from the corners of her mouth. Orton turns from her in time to catch a spear. Edge covers and picks up the win as our program ends.
Your Winner, Edge!

In Closing

And that does it for tonight's program! A pretty solid Raw that saw the conclusion to the Edge/Orton drama, and teased Alexa Bliss's fiendish antics. Thank you all for joining us for the live results, and for your results coverage needs. It's cold outside, so y'all stay warm, stay frosty, and stay safe. See you Wednesday for NXT as the Dusty Classic continues!

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