WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (2/08/2021) - ThunderDome II (Tropicana Field), St. Petersburg, FL

Monday Night Raw

Welcome back to Rajah.com's live play-by-play coverage of Monday Night Raw! Here to save your Raw results and show you the way for the greater good is your Monday Night Mikessiah, Mike "Hulk" Hogan. Our official preview went up earlier this afternoon. We'll see Drew McIntyre as he faces Randy Orton in non-title action, and we'll double down on Drew and see the Scottish Psychopath confront the Celtic Warrior Sheamus after that surprise Brogue Kick. We'll also see Charlotte Flair get her hands on Lacey Evans, which means Ric Flair is probably lurking around to torment his daughter.

So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here! And if you're interested in the current Elimination Chamber card as it stands, click right here!

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (2/08/2021) - ThunderDome II (Tropicana Field), St. Petersburg, FL

Video Package: Sheamus' Totally Unforeseen Betrayal

We get a video package covering the relationship between WWE Champion Drew McIntyre and the Celtic Warrior, Sheamus, who have been friend for nearly twenty years. We had zero foreshadowing that Sheamus would turn on Drew, even after he was asked repeatedly for weeks if that was his intent. Totally fooled us!

In the Ring: Adam Pearce with Shane McMahon

We cut to the ThunderDome, where Michael Cole's evil twin from Earth 2, Tom Phillips, welcomes us alongside the effable Byron Saxton and the Original Joe, Samoa Joe. Adam Pearce stands in the ring and announces Shane McMahon, and out comes Shane-o-Mac! Shane gets on the mic and fires off words like bullets. He calls this the most exciting time of the year for him as it's the build up to WrestleMania. Shane says that he's got a huge match for Adam to announce, and Pearce announces that Drew McIntyre will defend his title in the Elimination Chamber at the upcoming Elimination Chamber ppv! Shane asks Adam to continue, and Pearce announces that the competitors will all be former world champions--Jeff Hardy, Randy Orton, AJ Styles, the Miz, and Sheamus. Shane praises Pearce, stating that Pearce is doing an amazing job and he loves this match that Pearce put together. Shane's music plays him up the ramp. AJ Styles, with Omos, come out and stare at Shane as they pass him on their way to the ring. AJ gets on the mic. "Adam! Before you leave, one second of your time--if you don't mind. Shane was right, you're doing an amazing job! I'm not kiddin', neither! I'm not sure if its your idea or someone else's, I don't wanna give you the credit." He continues to the ring and climbs in, with Omos. He asks for clarification--confirmation that Drew McIntyre has to defend his WWE Championship in the Elimination Chamber. Pearce nods an affirmation. AJ states that the chances of Drew losing the title in the Elimination Chamber are...Phenomenal! Styles says that he looks to three-peat as a WWE Champion. He calls Pearce in close and says he wants to whisper something to him, then calls Adam Pearce a dumbass. He then tries to dismiss Pearce and out comes Jeff Hardy.

Backstage with Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre

Drew confronts Shane right as Shane's climbing in a limo. He tells Shane that he has things to settle with Sheamus. Shane tells him that he'll get his one-on-one with Sheamus soon, but the Elimination Chamber is a chance for Drew to prove his mettle.

Match: Jeff Hardy vs AJ Styles with Omos

Hardy makes his way out to the ring. After a break, we return and get a quick promo for the return of Seth Rollins this Friday on Smackdown. We get the above McIntyre/Shane segment, then cut back to the ring. The bell rings. Hardy grabs the left arm of AJ Styles and yanks on it, aggressively going after the Phenomenal One. Styles backs up onto the ropes to force the rope break. Hardy continues the aggressive approach, hitting a standing switch as Styles attempts to wrap up the Enigmatic Jeff Hardy. Hardy fights Styles back into the corner, and Styles seats and grabs the ropes. The ref forces Hardy back. It's announced that Edge will have an update on his WrestleMania pick later. Hardy maintains control, continually backing Styles up into the corner. Hardy with the strong Irish Whip into the corner, flattening Styles. Hardy follows up with a lariat in the corner. Hardy whips Styles into the ropes and hits the standard back drop. Hardy maintains control for several long moments until the veteran Styles sends Hardy reeling. Hardy to the outside, using the announcer's table to prop up. Styles slides out the ring and circles around from Hardy's blindside and takes out Hardy's knee with a chop block. Styles continues the assault on the knee, and whips Hardy into the steel steps. We go to break with Styles smirking in the ring and Hardy holding his knee next to the steel steps.
Back from the break treats us to repeats of Styles sending Hardy's knee into the steel steps, and we're reminded that this is the knee that Hardy's struggled with for months. Styles focuses on the left leg. He holds the leg as Hardy hops, looking to pick the leg, but Hardy hits a step-up Enziguri. Styles regains control and locks in the Calf Crusher! Hardy struggles and after several excruciating moments, he reaches the rope. Styles takes a breather as Hardy attempts to regain his footing. Hardy charges in but his knee gives out and he completely misses Styles. Styles heads to the apron and sets up for the Phenomenal Forearm but Hardy has him scouted and catches him with a kick to the head. Hardy starts his comeback. Hard with a DDT and a quick suplex. Hardy goes for a cover but gets two. Hardy calls for the Twist of Fate and attempts it but Styles catches his foot; Hardy counters with a modified Enziguri. Hardy goes for a cover but gets two. Omos looks on from ringside. Hardy limps around and pulls up Styles. Styles immediately drops Hardy with a stiff kick to the injured left knee. Styles sets up for the Styles Clash but Hardy escapes and transitions it into a Twist of Fate! Hardy slowly climbs to the top and flies through the air, and hits the Swanton on nothing but mat as Hardy moves! Styles locks in the Calf Crusher on Hardy! Hardy tries to turn and twist to get to the ropes but only makes it worse. Jeff Hardy taps!
Your Winner by Submission, AJ Styles!

Backstage with Keith Lee and Matt Riddle

Keith Lee is standing, brooding in the hall like Sam Winchester, when Riddle walks up. Lee greets him: "Well, if it isn't my opponent for tonight...and his black eye." Riddle is sitll sporting a black eye from his brawl with Lashley last week. Riddle babbles on about ear pods or something. Lee then questions Riddle, as to if it's wise for him to go after the United States Championship and Bobby Lashley again. It's not been working out so well for him. Riddle isn't worried about that, and still wants to go after the United States Championship. Keith Lee then states that perhaps its time for a new challenger and he, Keith Lee, have both the skill and ability to defeat Bobby Lashley, and he certainly will defeat Riddle later tonight.

Backstage with Adam Pearce and Sheamus

Sheamus angrily confronts Pearce, and insists that his inclusion in the Elimination Chamber instead of a solo championship match implies that Sheamus isn't a draw. And as a four-time world champion, Sheamus is upset with all the suits. He claims all the WWE suits and officials are full of broken promises, just like Drew McIntyre. He goes on to state that Shane McMahon said this was Adam Pearce's idea, and when Sheamus goes into the Elimination Chamber and unleashes brutality on every WWE Superstar in that match, it's Pearce's responsibility. Samoa Joe comments that Sheamus feels robbed as he's not getting the one-on-one WWE Championship match promised last week.

Tag Team Match: the New Day vs Retribution

The New Day make their way out first, with Kofi cleared for action and able to back up his friend Xavier Woods as they take on Retribution. Out next are their opponents, with Retribution being represented tonight by T-Bar and Slapjack. Ali joins the commentary team and tells them that he speaks a language that they're not familiar with, called "the truth." Phillips/Saxton tell him they understand his anger which only angers him more. In the ring, Xavier Woods starts things off with Slapjack. Slapjack takes control early on and focuses on Woods' arm. Slapjack counters a suplex attempt into a takedown. Slapjack makes a rookie mistake when he whips Xavier Woods right into the New Day corner and Kofi tags in. Kofi drops Slapjack and gets a two. Kofi quickly establishes dominance over Slapjack, and Slappy tags in T-Bar. Kofi charges T-Bar and bounces off the big man. Kofi charges across the ring, off the ropes, and goes for the flying crossbody but T-Bar catches him in midair! T-Bar shows off a bit of his agility by running off the ropes and ducking under then leaping over Kofi. Kofi looks for a rollup but T-Bar reaches down, picks Kofi up with a choke grip, then slams him down face-first into the mat. Kofi manages to fight back and send T-Bar outside; Xavier Woods, not legal, enters the ring so he can get a running rebound start into a suicide dive to take out Retribution at ringside! We go to break!
Back from break and Slapjack works over Woods. T-Bar is tagged in and drops Xavier hard, then tags in Slapjack so that they can double team Woods. Slapjack covers but only gets a two. Ali yells at his men, demanding that they realize tonight's their night to eat, and yells for them to eat. T-Bar nods from the ring. Slapjack pulls up Woods but woods rolls up Slapjack. Slapjack pops free, and the momentum allows Woods to dive over and make the hot tag to Kofi! Kofi comes in and takes out Slapjack, then hits a diving shoulder to T-Bar to drop him off the apron. Kofi comes in with a springboard crossbody and hits the Boom Drop! Kofi claps up a "New...Day Rocks!" chant then hits the Trouble in Paradise! Woods comes in to assist Kofi hit a move Tom Phillips calls the "Daybleak" and Kofi covers, picking up the win. After the match, Ali yells at Retribution in the ring for losing.
Your Winners, the New Day!

Backstage with Damian Priest and Bad Bunny

Priest and Bunny are looking at the Hub on Bunny's phone or something. Priest tells Bunny to have his back. Wasted time.

In the Ring: Charlotte Flair vs Lacey Evans with Ric Flair

Ric Flair does the old-man shuffle, cautiously making his way down wearing a suit. He stops halfway down the ramp and out comes the Southern Sassy Belle, Lacey Evans! She rips off her skirt at the top and walks down the ramp arm-in-arm with Ric, in her ring attire. After a commercial break, Ric Flair gets on the mic. "So some people out there want to know why Ric Flair wants to be out here main lining," and says he doesn't want to hear anything from his daughter about him main lining. He says he knows that Charlotte's the Queen and has thirteen world titles but he need's something for him. He says that Lacey has the talent to be a star and all she needs is some knowledge, wisdom and motivation. Flair says that he's on a mission to train Evans, and reiterates that this relationship is just casual and garbledly says something about if she falls for his charm, that's not his fault. He then claims that they're coming for Asuka's title and Lacey Evans will be the next Raw Women's Champion. He woo's. Lacey gets on the mic and says we're the pervs for thinking something inappropriate is going on. She calls Charlotte Flair a fool and says we're all taking Ric for granted. Lacey goes on to say that the way Charlotte speaks to her father, Lacey'd never dare talk to her dad like that because---
---out comes Charlotte Flair. Ric goes to help Charlotte in the ring but Lacey grabs his arm and pulls him back, telling him no. Charlotte smirks. She gets on the mic. Charlotte tells Lacey that if she really wanted to enhance her career, she'd take her ass back to NXT and train more. But instead she tries to use Ric, and wear Charlotte's robes, and Charlotte's seen so many try this crap before. Charlotte implores her dad, stating that she's been watching out for their legacy for the last seven years. She says that these people don't care for Ric, and he surrounds himself with yes-men. Charlotte then states that she doesn't care who he trains and if he burns his legacy down as long as he doesn't take her with him. Lacey plays it off as if she just wants training. Ric Flair suggests that Lacey team up with Charlotte, and he beams happily at the thought. Charlotte tells Lacey that she's better than Lacey and she's already got a partner--Asuka. Lacey tells Charlotte that her sights are on the Raw Women's Champion. Charlotte says she hopes that Lacey gets into Asuka, because--I presume--no one is ready for Asuka. Lacey then states that WWE officials have told her that if she defeats Charlotte Flair in a match, she can get a title shot at Asuka. Charlotte is then attacked by Lacey, and spills to the floor. Lacey follows and attacks Charlotte up against the steel steps and yells "challenge accepted!" We go to break.

Backstage with the Miz, John Morrison, and Angel Garza

We see the three men excitedly discussing something backstage, but they're not mic'd and the Anti-Cole spoke over them.

Match: Charlotte Flair vs Lacey Evans with Ric Flair

This match starts (finally) and both women lock up. Charlotte takes Evans down to a knee with an arm hold. Evans smartly grabs a nearby rope so that the ref forces the hold. Evans grabs Flair and whips her into the corner, and Charlotte pulls a Ric Flair by flopping over the turnbuckle and onto the apron. Evans rushes in but Charlotte hits a springboard spear. Evans recovers quick and takes Charlotte down to the mat with a big shoulder to the midsection. Evans with a stomp. Evans continues to focus on Charlotte's arm, cranking it. Evans looks for a rear back slide--perhaps an Outsider's Edge--but Flair escapes and picks Evans' leg, looking for the Figure Four. Evans gets to the rope. Both women stand toe to toe in the ring. Evans with a big strike that drops the Queen, but Charlotte pops back up. Again, Evans drops Charlotte and again, Charlotte is back up. Evans gets to the ropes and tries to style and profile, but Charlotte catches her strutting and executes a snap suplex toss right in front of Ric! Charlotte then struts, mocking Evans--whom she's called "Charlotte 2.0"--and her dad. Evans rips her out of the ring, dropping the Queen and we go to another break.
We're back from the break and Lacey Evans is still in control, and continues her assault on Charlotte Flair's left arm. Ric continues to coach from the ringside, giving Evans the tip as she converts an arm bar into a leg-locked arm submission. Flair tries to escape but Evans shuts her down with another strike to the left arm. Charlotte eats a clotheslines and Evans covers for a two. Evans sits up, frustrated, and pulls Charlotte up. Evans spins Charlotte and hits a textbook neckbreaker. Evans covers for a close two. Evans looks angry, and sets Charlotte up in the corner. Evans climbs up and looks to put away Flair but Charlotte counters and Evan lands on her own arm! Charlotte fires off a flurry of chops, backing Evans up into the corner. Charlotte charges in with a shoulder but Evans counters with a kick. Evans, in turn, charges Charlotte but catches a Big Boot to the face! Evans escapes out of the ring. Charlotte gets outside, yelling at her dad, asking if he wants to fight Evans' battles, asking him if he wants to wrestle. Evans uses the distraction so slip up from behind Ric Flair and yank Charlotte's injured arm. Evans takes her inside the ring and covers for a two. Ric Flair yells for Evans to wrap it up, and Evans hesitates as she looks for a Figure Four of her own. Charlotte breaks it and whips Evans into the corner. Charlotte yells smack at her dad and tells him to "watch this." Charlotte then snaps and lays into Evans, wailing away on her in the corner. The ref counts, warning her, but Charlotte refuses to heed the count. The ref disqualifies her and Ric Flair quickly shuffles in to check on Lacey Evans. As Lacey Evans technically won by DQ, she will now assume the role of #1 Contender for the Raw Women's Championship.
Your Winner by Disqualification and NEW Number One Contender, Lacey Evans!

Still Coming Up Tonight, on Raw!

We're promised to see Women's Royal Rumble Bianca Belair, as well as Royal Rumble winner Edge who's promised an update on his selection process. We go to break!

In the Ring: Edge

After a 20 second commercial showing that WWE supports Black History month, we return to the ThunderDome just in time for the Rated-R Superstar, Edge, to make his way out! Kjetill Flatnose reminds us that last week, he won the Royal Rumble and he's got a tough decision to make as to whom he wants to challenge. He has to dig deeper, and that's why he came to Raw--to finish his business with Randy Orton, and to get the lay of the land. He went to all three brands and was preparing to make a decision but that's all changed as Drew McIntyre has to defend his title in the Elimination Chamber. He knows that, right now, Finn Balor is the NXT champion and Drew McIntyre is the WWE Champion. But the Elimination Chamber is brutal, and Edge doesn't know who's going to walk out as champoin. Edge likes his odds against any of those men. He's got to keep it real, though, at this point in his career. He states that he's going to wait for the dust to settle from the Elimination Chamber and then mamke his decision. Out comes the Miz, John Morrison, and Angel Garza. Garza is wearing a cheesy red tux, fitting in with the Miz and Morrison. The Miz leads them down to the ring. He babbles on as usual, and states that even if Edge wins at WrestleMania, the Miz will cash in his Money in the Bank contract on Edge and leave WrestleMania as the WWE Champion. Edge asks Miz if he knows who he's talking to--Edge is the man that put the Money in the Bank on the map. Edge says that he's the master manipulator, out here keeping three champions on alert, and the Miz is going to come out here and tell Edge what he plans to do, when he plans to cash in? Edge cuts a great promo, and tells the Miz that the Miz needs to be awesome. Edge did, too, twenty years ago. Been there, done that. He states that he (Edge) needs to be champion. The Miz needs to worry about Bad Bunny. Edge leaves and we're told that Angel Garza will take on Damian Priest next!

Match: Damian Priest with Bad Bunny vs Angel Garza with the Miz & Morrison

Back from the break. Angel Garza lays across the top rope and the Miz & John Morrison stand on the apron, backing him up. Out next is Bad Bunny who has his own theme and full entrance, including pyro. We get clips from last week when Damian Priest took on the Miz and Morrison caused a distraction, allowing the Miz to sucker kick Priest. Bad Bunny stole the Miz's MitB case before he could use it as a weapon. We return to the ring. Bad Bunny stands up the ramp and out comes the Archer of Infamy, Damian Priest! After making his way to the ring, the bell rings and we start our match.
Priest immediately strikes Garza down. Priest takes Garza into the corner and throws fists. Garza with a kick to Priest in the middle of the ring, but Priest takes him down with a big jumping kick. Miz causes a distraction, allowing Garza to take down the Priest with a series of dropkicks. Priest drapes over a rope and the ref cautions back Garza; this distraction allows the Miz/Morrison to run and punch Priest. Bad Bunny sees it and jumps up on the apron; Garza rips off his pants and throws them at Bad Bunny. Garza then locks a leg submission on Priest. After a few moments, he breaks it and Priest starts his comeback sequence, hitting huge karate chops and kicks, and dropping Garza with a runnign forearm. Priest sets up in the corner and draws his invisible bow, taking aim...and streaking off across the ring to hit a big splash on Garza! Yet again, the Miz and Morrison distract Priest and Garza takes Priest down with a dropkick, sending him outside. The ref holds Garza back so he can't head outside--and the Miz and Morrison quickly assault Priest. Bad Bunny gets the MitB briefcase yet again and uses it to trick the Miz and Morrison into getting into the ring--and the ref bans them! Priest uses this distraction to recover and hits the Reckoning on Angel Garza and picks up the easy win.
Your Winner, Damian Priest!

Backstage Interview: Charly Caruso with Drew McIntyre

Drew again addresses the betrayal by Sheamus and is angry and hurt that Sheamus would throw away decades of friendship for a title. He's not fond of being in the Elimination Chamber. He ends the interview by threatening to tear apart any opponent.

Elimination Chamber Card Update

Asuka will defend her Raw Women's Championship against Lacey Evans. Drew McIntyre will defend his WWE Championship in the Elimination Chamber against Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, Sheamus and the Miz. Presumably Sasha Banks will defend her title in the second Elimination Chamber, but that's speculation. Bobby Lashley will defend his United States Championship against Keith Lee and Riddle.

Backstage Interview: Charly Caruso with Bianca Belair

Bianca is interviewed by Charly about her Rumble win and decision. Bianca runs down the different champions she can take on. She's determined to be the EST of WrestleMania. Asuka comes up and dances, and congratulates Bianca on winning the Rumble. She says that Bianca was ready for the Rumble, but she's not ready for Asuka. Both women then dance and agree that Lacey Evans isn't ready for Asuka. Belair tells Asuka that if she retains her title against Evans at Elimination Chamber then, maybe, she might get a fight with the EST at WrestleMania.

Previously on Raw...

We get a few clips of Lashley destroying Riddle last week while MVP stood by and watched.

Match: Keith Lee vs Riddle

Riddle makes his way out, doing his usual flip flop/pyro bit. After the above two segments, we finally get Keith Lee out to the ring. The digital Leegion cheer loudly for the Limitless one. Joining commentary is MVP, who sits at the announcer's table with the United States Championship belt set before him. MVP says that Lashley is a Kaiju and is the king of all Kaiju. Lashley is Pacific Rim? Finally Lee and Riddle get ready to start things off and for the first time ever in WWE, it's Riddle versus his long-time friend Keith Lee. The bell rings.
Riddle wastes no time in closing the distance, leaping up and clamping on an arm bar. Lee uses his impressive power to pull Riddle up with one arm and knock him free. Riddle and Lee lock up, and the more-powerful Lee easily shoves Riddle back. Both men go to lock up but Riddle goes to pick the leg. The colossal Lee doesn't budge, so Riddle transitions up onto the back of Lee and tries to lock in the sleeper. Lee powers out of it and sends Riddle sliding to the outside. Throughout the match, MVP continues to both praise Lee's ability while stating repeatedly that Lee is not Bobby Lashley. In the ring, Riddle finally starts some offense. Riddle with a running lariat to the corner. Riddle goes for another but Lee grabs Riddle by the neck! Riddle fights Lee off with sharp kicks and stiff strikes, beating him back into the corner until the ref warns him off. Riddle backs off. Riddle runs across the ring and Lee takes two steps, bouncing Riddle off of him with a huge shoulder! We get multiple replays of Riddle being sent half-way across the ring. Lee works Riddle over in a corner. Lee puts his entire body into a hard Irish Whip, actually diving vertical in the air to slingshot so hard into the corner that Riddle bounces off and out of it. Lee attempts a cover but only gets a two. Riddle tries to fight back with shots but Lee isn't phased. Lee goes to pick up Riddle, but the former MMA fighter floats over. Lee easily drops Riddle. Riddle attempts a comeback and charges Lee in a corner, throwing weak fists and kicks. Riddle attempts an Exploder Suplex but can't get Lee up. Lee goes for the Spirit Bomb but Riddle escapes and hits a huge kick to the back of the head! Lee staggers...wavers...and falls down hard! Riddle with a quick kick to Lee, then Riddle heads up top and hits the Floating Bro-ton onto Lee! Riddle covers for a 2.9 practically, with Lee barely getting an arm up. Riddle hits a series of Bro-tons o Lee. Riddle yells for Lee to get up. Riddle goes for the Final Flash knee strike but Lee catches him! Lee picks Riddle up but Riddle twists and locks in the Triangle! Lee tries to power him up but can.t Riddle yanks on the Triangle more. Lee powers Riddle up about eighteen inches and bombs him down to the mat. Riddle won't let go! Lee gets him up, finally, and bomb-tosses him into the corner. Riddle charges out of the corner and hits the Final Flash! Lee immediately counters with a big Spirit Bomb and picks up the win!
Your Winner, Keith Lee!

After the Match: War and Peace

Lee shows respect and peace after going to battle with his friend, Riddle, and offers him a hand up. As Riddle goes to accept, United States Champion Bobby Lashley brings the war to both Riddle and Lee! Lashley takes out Lee from behind. Lashley with a Hurt Lock on Riddle, ragdolling the Original Bro! Lee starts to rise on the apron and Lashley spears him off the apron! Lashley heads outside and sends Lee hard into the ring post! Lashley grabs the steel steps and rams Lee in the face! Lashley holds his title as MVP tells him that "no one can stop a human avalanche in motion" or the such. MVP and Lashley celebrate, standing on the announcer's table and holding the United States Championship up high over his fallen foes.

Video Package: Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton's Rivalry

We get a video package that recaps the rivalry between Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton over the last few months.

Backstage Promo: Randy Orton

"Unfinished Business. That's what stands between you and I, Drew, unfinished business." He tells Drew that McIntyre took the belt from Orton, and Orton's taking it back. Orton will do whatever it takes to get what he wants, whether it's kicking Legends in the skull or RKO'ing anyone who gets in his way or setting the Fiend on fire, Orton's actions always finish any unfinished business he has. He tells Drew that at the Elimination Chamber, destiny will come calling again and he--Orton--will be walking into WrestleMania WWE Champion. Orton vs McIntyre, non-title, is still to come.

Tables Match: Nia Jax with Shayna Baszler vs Lana with Naomi

Nia Jax makes her way to the ring with Shayna Baszler. After a break, we return and the Ravishing Rushin' Lana makes her way out accompanied by Naomi. We get a quick recap showing all nine times that Nia Jax put Lana through the table. They literally show all nine times. We return to the ring and the bell starts us off. Lana rushes Jax and delivers a few strikes. Jax easily shoves her off and throws her around. Jax hits a towering Powerbomb, up there with the Last Ride, in its height. Jax picks Lana up again and again hits a massive Powerbomb! Naomi watches from the outside as Lana groans in pain and Nia taunts her. Nia yells at Naomi, back and forth, then tells her to shut up. Jax goes back to Lana and puts her in the Stretch Muffler! Jax jumps every so often to put more pressure on the knee. Jax swings Lana while she's in the Stretch Muffler and slings her face-first into the turnbuckle. Jax continues to easily toss Lana around, hitting powerful, devastating moves. Lana attempts a comeback but Jax easily shrugs it off and sends Lana down to the mat. Jax yells, "You thought you could handle me? Keep going you (bleeped)". Lana begs for mercy. Jax goes for another big Powerbomb. Lana counters by converting it into a head leg scissors that drops Jax onto the apron! Lana throws several kicks to Jax, as Jax is on the apron with a table set up behind her. Lana attacks Jax's hands, attempting to loosen her grip, but Jax shuts her down with a big headbutt. Jax stands on Lana's neck on the apron and yells "this is what you wanted!" Jax backs up and charges along the apron, leaps up for the Leg Drop but Lana moves! Jax drops hard on the hardest part of the ring, the edge of the apron. As Jax walks along the ringside, yelling something about her butthole (will rewind and verify this after Raw), Lana sneaks up behind her and shoves Jax--right through a table! Lana picks up the win! Baszler attacks Lana from behind but Naomi kicks Baszler, chasing her out of the ring.
Your Winner, Lana!

Impromptu Match: Naomi with Lana vs Shayna Baszler

We return from a break and learn there's an impromptu match under way. Baszler viciously takes it to Naomi, working on Naomi's left arm. Baszler with a big stomp to it as Lana looks on from ringside, in pain for her new teammate. We're told that Jax has been taken to the back by staff, presumably to check on her butthole after that bad leg drop on the apron. Baszler slows the pace, using a working hold on Naomi's left arm. Naomi finally breaks free by throwing up two left kicks. Naomi fires up and takes Baszler down with a pair of dropkicks, then a head scissors. Naomi with an open palm strike. Baszler counters an Irish Whip but Naomi hits the mule kick. Naomi attempts a roll up or the such, and Baszler counters it and slaps on the Kirifuda Clutch! Naomi eventually reaches the ropes, but Baszler takes the ref's full five count before breaking at the last possible moment. Baszler heads outside the ring and attacks Lana as the ref counts. At six, Baszler enters the ring and Naomi immediately rolls her up and picks up the win in a short match!
Your Winner, Naomi!

Non-Title Main Event Match: WWE Champion Drew McIntyre vs Randy Orton

Randy Orton is next out to the ring. Tom Phillips reminds us that Randy Orton won the title off Drew in the summer, and Drew recaptured the title back in August just a few weeks after losing it. We head to break. Upon returning, we get the Highlander, the WWE Champion Drew McIntyre! Drew and Orton start off fast, the old rivals countering each other with ease. The veteran Viper takes control and, off a distraction from Sheamus who runs down to ringside, Orton whips Drew hard into the corner and begins to focus on the champ's arm. We go to break with the Legend Killer in control over the Champion!
When we return, Orton is still in control. Sheamus watches on from ringside as Orton works the neck of the champ. Orton with another headlock, twisting and cranking on the neck. The champ starts to power to his feet and finally makes it to a vertical base! McIntyre physically forces Orton's hands off his shoulders, but Orton throws fists and elbows into the champ. McIntyre retaliates and both men exchange blows. Orton whips McIntyre into the rope and hits a boot to the chest. McIntyre dodges Orton and on the rebound hits an Exploder Suplex! McIntyre with another! McIntyre follows up with a neckbreaker, then kips up to his feet! McIntyre looks angry and ready to end things. Orton looks for the Future Shock DDT but Orton counters it into a pin attempt! McIntyre with a cover but only gets two. McIntyre heads to the corner and climbs up. The Champion is intercepted up top by Orton. Orton throws several rights, dropping the champ to a seated position on the top rope. Orton with another big right. Orton climbs up and is looking for a Superplex. Orton executes it flawlessly and both men are down! Orton attempts to roll over for an easy cover but McIntyre kicks out.
Both men make it to their feet. McIntyre with the Glasgow Kiss headbutt! McIntyre charges the ropes but Orton ducks, then uses the ropes to hit the Spike DDT! The Viper paces in the ring, eying the digital audience and taunting the ThunderDome crowd. Orton begins to huff, and puff, and drops his body down--pounding the mat, calling for the RKO! Orton goes for the RKO but McIntyre slips out and counters it into a Future Shock DDT! McIntyre crawls to his knees and looks over his fallen opponent. McIntyre rises to a knee slowly, then his feet, angrily eying the Viper. McIntyre is ready to strike when he senses Sheamus coming and dodges--and Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick on Orton, causing the DQ! Drew immediately hits the Claymore on Sheamus! Drew holds his title high above both fallen men.
Your Winner by Disqualification, Randy Orton!

In Closing

And that does it for tonight's Raw broadcast. Thank you all for joining us. The quick results will be up within 20, and I'll see you all in 45--hours, that is--for Wednesday's NXT live results coverage. Stay warm, stay frosty, and stay safe out there.

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