WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (2/15/2021) - ThunderDome II (Tropicana Field), St. Petersburg, FL

Monday Night Raw

Welcome back one and all to Rajah.com's live play-by-play coverage of Monday Night Raw! We're grateful for your attendance and you're all getting gold stars! Here to save your Raw results and show you the way for the greater good is your Monday Night Mikessiah, Mike "Hulk" Hogan. Our official preview was a little lacking, but the one match it told us about is the Gauntlet Match featuring the six competitor's of this weekend's WWE Championship Elimination Chamber! That should be a long, action-packed match. And don't forget, the winner gets the coveted final entrance at this weekend's Elimination Chamber! A late update also informed us that Drew McIntyre will appear as a guest on MizTV.

So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (2/15/2021) - ThunderDome II (Tropicana Field), St. Petersburg, FL

Show Opener

We start with the show opener (video and theme). We're then welcomed to Monday Night Raw by the affable Byron Saxton, the charismatic Samoa Joe, and the Michael Cole from Earth 2--Tom Phillips. We're reminded that the Elimination Chamber is this Sunday, and that we have a gauntlet match to determine the final entrant.

MizTV featuring Drew McIntyre

The Miz comes out to the ring alone, carrying his Money in the Bank briefcase. Phillips reminds us that the Miz has been in nearly half a dozen Elimination Chambers. The Miz welcomes us to MizTV and calls out the champ, Drew McIntyre, who comes out wearing kilt and does his whole Highlander sword bit. He gets in the ring and gets a mic as Miz applauds him and offers to shake his hand. Drew tells him to back off so he can pose with his title held high, and we get to things.
The Miz apologies for John Morrison's absence but he's making a disc track for Bad Bunny. The Miz discusses the Elimination Chamber. He asks Drew if it's dawned on him that, statistically speaking, his road to the main event of WrestleMania could end there. Drew raises the mic to talk and the Miz keeps going. The Miz states that if he were Drew, he'd be freaking out. Note: he keeps calling Drew "Andy" (guessing his name is Andrew?). The Miz points out that Sheamus turned on Drew just two weeks ago, and the stage was set for them to fight one on one...but WWE management changed things. Drew raises his mic to speak again and, again, the Miz keeps talking. He tells Drew that he'd be furious. Now Drew has to fight five top-caliber Superstars and--Drew snaps at him, yelling "Would you shut the hell up?!" Miz and Drew stand. The Miz says he meant no offense. Drew tells Miz that the champ is going to say a few words and if the Miz interrupts him one time, he'll pay for it. Drew starts to talk and, again, the Miz jumps in--so Drew his the Glasgow Kiss, laying out the A-lister! Drew leaves up the ramp as Miz tries to get his wits in the ring. Miz gets on tv. "You see that? A little bit of Elimination Chamber pressure and we're seeing the cracks in the WWE Champion. But how can you blame Andy, honestly? He has to defeat five WWE Superstars just to walk into the main event of WrestleMania. You know who doesn't have any of that Elimination Chamber pressure? Me. Because I am bringing the Elimination Chamber pressure in the form of the Money in the Bank contract. Before I was so rudely interrupted, I was going to explain that...so (many) things could go wrong." He says he only needs one thing to go right and he can cash in. But he then passionately informs us that he's a master strategist and won't necessarily cash the contract in. He goes on to tell us that he's bringing the pressure but he's completely in control. He tells us that when he does eventually cash in the contract, he'll stand in this ring as champion--content and being awesome. "Edge wants to talk about high stakes poker? Here's a move for you. I'm removing myself the Elimination Chamber match." He drops the mic and holds his forehead as our commentary team are reeling from the announcement.

Previously on Raw...

We get a quick sponsor-promoted video package showcasing Lashley and Riddle's recently interactions. We're then informed that at Elimination Chamber, Bobby Lashley will defend his United States Championship in a triple threat against Riddle and Keith Lee.

Backstage with the Lucha House Party and Riddle

Riddle comes up to the LHP and tells them that President's Day is his favorite holiday. Theodore Brosevelt had an awesome stash, and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, but his favorite president is Harrison Ford (see: some of his 90's movies) who's all like, saving Chewbacca and stuff. Finally their music plays and it's time to get to the match.

Six-Man Tag Team Match: Riddle & Lucha House Party vs the Hurt Business

Ahead of the LHP taking on the Hurt Business at the Elimination Chamber for the Raw Tag Team Championships, we're set for six-man action. Representing the Hurt Business are Raw Tag Team champs Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin as well as Montel Vontavious Porter. Out next are the Lucha House Party with the Original Bro, Riddle. Lince Dorado and Shelton Benjamin are starting things off as Bobby Lashley looks on from the back in a snazzy maroon suit. Lince starts off by charging Shelton, who easily puts a shoulder out and makes the smaller lucha bounce off him. Shelton aggressively attacks Lince, taking him into the Hurt Business corner and tagging in Cedric Alexander. Cedric tries to control the pace by using a set of working holds and a submission attempt. Cedric whips Lince into the ropes but fails to capitalize on it. Dorado tags in Gran Metallik. Metallik climbs up on the top turnbuckle, then steps up onto Dorado's shoulders and dives off, crashing on Cedric. Despite this, Cedric takes control back. Shelton Benjamin runs around the outside of the ring and rips Riddle's legs out from under him, causing him to faceplant onto the apron and roll out. We head to break.
Back from the break finds Cedric Alexander attempting a pin on Gran Metallik. Cedric holds him up for a moment and tries to half-ass a crucifix pin but gets only two. He tags in Shelton Benjamin. Shelton catches Metallik coming off the ropes and hits him with a devastating shoulder block that sends Metallik flying. Benjamin drags him to the corner and tags in MVP. The Hurt Business is doing a good job of quartering the ring and keeping their opponent in their corner. MVP with a working hold, then quick tag to Cedric. Cedric tags in Shelton and works on him. The Hurt Business posts Metallik in the corner and all members of the Hurt Business do quick tags--5-10 seconds apart, just enough to allow them to enter and hit a strike or two and tag out. Finally, Benjamin comes in. Benjamin gets a bit arrogant and Metallik hits a desperation handstand into a Tornado DDT. Metallik tags in Riddle! Riddle with an Atomic Drop, a stiff kick, a running leg lariat, and another stiff kick--but Alexander is able to stretch out and tag in MVP. MVP comes in and slams Riddle. MVP hits the Ballin' elbow drop to Riddle! He covers but the Lucha House Party make the save. Riddle with a Final Flash DDT as the LHP and HB fight outside or whatever. Riddle goes up top and hits the Bro-ton, picking up the win!
Your winners, Riddle & the Lucha House Party!

After the Match

While Riddle and the Lucha House Party celebrate on the ramp, watching the Hurt Busines, Bobby Lashley streaks out and attacks them from behind. He obliterates the LHP and puts Riddle down with the Hurt Lock.

Backstage with Adam Pearce and the Miz

The Miz first complains about a dent in his MitB case, then suggests that the person to take his spot be John Morrison. Adam Pearce agrees to take it under consideration and they shake as we go to a break.

Previously on Raw...

Damian Priest fought Angel Garza--the Miz & Morrison's new third member, I guess?--last week. Bad Bunny helped Priest after the Miz & Morrison try to sabotage his chances.

Backstage with Mandy Rose, Bad Bunny, Damian Priest

Bad Bunny is talking to Mandy Rose, flirting a bit and checks her out as she walks off and Priest walks up. Sarah the interviewer walks up to talk to them about last week when they hear a sound--R-Truth is next to them on the floor, and loses his 24/7 championship to Akira Tozawa! He backs up with his belt...and runs into Priest, who flattens him and has Bad Bunny pin Tozawa. Bad Bunny is the new 24/7 champion.

Backstage with the New Day and Adam Pearce

Pearce is backstage with the New Day. They excitedly plug Kofi--a former WWE Champion himself--and make an argument to have Kofi inserted. The Miz walks up and they begin to argue. The New Day points out that Morrison isn't a former world champion, and they seem to want former champs in the Elimination Chamber. The Miz informs them that Morrison was an ECW Heavyweight Champion. They begin to yell and not much can be discerned. Adam Pearce snaps, yelling at them. He says that the Miz and Kofi will fight tonight with the winner picking up the right to assign the last spot in the Chamber. The New Day quickly disparage The Marine 4...and 5...and 6. The Miz snaps and states those are all classics. We head to break, with the Women's Tag Team Champions in battle against Peyton Royce & Lacey Evans, next!

Elimination Chamber Promo

24 feet high, 10 tons, 6 Superstars, 4 pods, 1 winner. A bunch of clips of past Elimination Chambers plays. You get the gist of it.

Women's Tag Team Match: Asuka & Charlotte Flair vs Peyton Royce & Lacey Evans

The Queen, Charlotte Flair, comes out first wearing a gorgeous white robe and matching violet and white ring wear. She poses in the ring. We get clips from last week when Charlotte fought Lacey Evans, with the stipulation that if Lacey won, she'd get a title shot against Asuka. During the fight, Charlotte was once again manipulated by Ric Flair, and struck a ref causing a DQ--and giving Evans a title shot. Out next is her tag team partner, Asuka, who comes out with the usual colorful robes, the mask and usual fair. Out next, accompanied by Ric Flair, is the team of Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce--wearing matching red-colored ring wear, and they come out to Evans' music. Evans gets on the mic and thanks Charlotte for giving Evans the DQ win last week and thanks Charlotte for giving her (Evans) a title shot against Asuka, which Evans feels she deserves. The trio begin to walk to the ring. Evans has been taking notes from the Nature Boy. She calls Charlotte "Char-Char" then says that she and "Pey-Pey" (Peyton Royce) have a gift for them. A late Valentine's gift of candy, but Evans ate all the "You're a queen" candies. Lacey then addresses Asuka, and tells her that she's wanted the Raw Women's Championship for a long, long time and claims that she'll be victorious Sunday. We head to break!
We return from the break and, after a WWE Celebrates Black History Month vignette, we get to the action. Peyton Royce and Asuka are in the ring as the bell starts us off. Royce and Asuka spend the first few moments with Royce attempting locks and Asuka easily evading. Royce locks up with Asuka and shoves her back into the corner. The ref warns her and she lets go of Asuka to yell at the ref. Asuka comes out the corner and drops Royce. Both get in each other's faces and Asuka yells something excitedly to Royce before taking her down again. Asuka tags in Charlotte. Charlotte tosses Royce into the corner. Evans whispers strategy to Royce. Flair yells that she doesn't want Royce, she wants Evans. Evans refuses to tag in. Royce briefly takes control with a running kick, but Flair takes it back with a Fallaway Slam. Flair tags in Asuka and they perform a double-team move in which Flair chops Royce and woo's, and Asuka kicks Royce and does her own version of "woo." Asuka pulls Royce up, and after a moment Royce is able to drop Asuka with a leaping kick. Royce mount Asuka, hammering her with a few slow fists before attempting a cover. Asuka kicks out. Royce beats Asuka along the mat before sending her into the corner. Royce stomps away at Asuka in the corner as the ref counts. Royce with a suplex and pin attempt, but Asuka kicks out again. Royce is angry and yells at Asuka, slapping her head. Asuka fires up and both women initiate a sequence that sees them go off opposite ropes and clothesline each other. Both women are down, and both crawl for their corners. Asuka dives to tag Charlotte. Evans doesn't even attempt to tag her partner in. Flair hits another Fallaway Slam on Royce, sending the Iiconic Superstar rolling outside. Flair yells at Evans and follows outside, slamming Royce into the commentary table. Flair sends Royce back in. Royce tags Evans despite her attempts not to be tagged. Evans refuses to get in. She gets off the apron and backs up the ramp. She gets on a mic and tells Charlotte that she can't lay a hand on her, then states that she--Lacey Evans--is pregnant, presumably by the septuagenarian Ric Flair, and then her music plays and she leaves.
Your Winners by Count-Out, Charlotte Flair and Asuka

Backstage with Charly Caruso and Sheamus

Charly asks Sheamus about his chances in the Elimination Chamber. Sheamus tells us that two weeks ago, he was given a one-on-one title shot against his former friend Drew. But that was changed, and he's not happy about it. But he says that Sunday at the Elimination Chamber, he's going to be the final entrant (by winning the gauntlet tonight) and he'll destroy anyone left standing when he comes out. He states that they'll say his name as the new WWE Champion on Sunday.

Gauntlet Match Qualifier: Kofi Kingston w/ Xavier Woods vs the Miz

Per Adam Pearce, the winner of this chooses the person to replace the Miz. The New Dy come out first, full of the power of positivity. If Kofi wins, he's added. If the Miz wins, Morrison is added to the chamber. We go to break. When we return, the Miz makes his way out with his MitB case. Once again, for the third time in five minutes, Michael Cole's evil twin's eviler clone's evilest child, Tom Phillips, explains that if Miz wins, Morrison's in and if Kofi wins, he's in. Finally we get things started.
Miz and Kofi lock up. The Miz with a rear lock but Kofi performs a slow standing switch. Miz breaks free and slaps a headlock on the Jamaican warrior. Kofi runs off the ropes and the Miz body blocks him down. Miz sets up for the Skull-Crushing Finale but Kofi escapes and rolls up Miz. Miz kicks out and Kofi taunts him, stating he almost had the Miz. The Miz tries to mount some offense but Kofi catches him with a kick as he charges. Kofi climbs the ropes and punches the Miz, then dives off the top onto the Miz! Kofi rolls up for a close two. The Miz flees outside and Kofi goes up top, but the Miz walks around the ring. Kofi hops down and chases the Miz into the ring. The Miz attempts to hit a baseball slide as Kofi's on the apron, but Kofi avoids it and the Miz slides to the outside of the ring. Kofi with a fist and a slam before sending the Miz in the ring and covering for a two. Kofi loses control when the Miz counters an Irish Whip with a knee to the gut, flooring Kofi. The Miz waits for Kofi to stand and goes for a leg lariat but Kofi dodges and rolls the Miz up for a close two. Kofi heads up top and hits a missile dropkick right to the Miz's face and covers for a close two! Both men struggle to gain control and the action spills out the ring. We go to break with both men down.
Back from break, and the action continues. The Miz draws Kofi in and hits a Spike DDT. They head outside. the Miz slams Kofi into the desk, then drops him on the barricade, ribs first. The ref gets to seven and the Miz takes it back in the ring. The Miz climbs up the ropes, waits for Kofi to stand, and dives off, crashing into Kofi and covering for two. The Miz has a sadistic (or constipated) look on his face as he slaps a working hold onto Kofi's neck. Kofi battles to his feet and throws punches into the Miz, then flips the Miz off of him. Kofi takes it to the Miz in the corner with a serious of right hands. Kofi goes for a splash in the corner but Miz moves and Kofi's face bounces off the ring post. Ouch. The Miz hits a kick as Kofi stumbles back, and covers, only getting a two. The Miz throws a punch and Kofi throws several rights. Kofi runs off the ropes but the Miz catches him with a kick. Kofi catches the Miz charging him and leaps up, hitting a modified Meteora onto the Awesome one! Kofi hits the Boom Drop, then favors his left shoulder or arm. Kofi gets primed in the corner and goes for the Trouble in Paradise but the Miz rolls him up for a two. Both men rise and Kofi hits the SOS! Kofi covers for two only. The Miz rests in the corner until Kofi charges it. The Miz dodges and this time, Kofi leaps up and springboards back into the ring and onto the Miz. The Miz takes control once again, wrapping Kingston's leg around the rope and dropping him hard. The Miz locks in a Figure Four and the former champ screams in pain before reaching the bottom rope. The Miz attempts the Skull-Crushing Finale but Kingston reverses it and hits the Trouble in Paradise! Kofi covers and picks up the win!
Your Winner and Added to the Elimination Chamber, Kofi Kingston!

Previously on Raw...the Hole

We're treated to a series of clips showing Lana facing Nia Jax in the infamous "My Hole" match.

Backstage with Sarah and Lana & Naomi

They're asked about the match tonight, in which Lana faces Shayna Baszler (which is up next). They make several "hole" puns before we go to break.

Match: Lana vs Shayna Baszler
Backstage Promo: Randy Orton

Orton states that his intentions with McIntyre aren't over, but now he's going to focus on the Gauntlet Match later tonight so that he can be the final entrant. He says that the Gauntlet Match will be a challenge to anyone not named Randy Orton. He points out his recent streak of taking out obstacles, and tells us that he said it before, he'll say it again--he'll go to the ends of the Earth if need be to win the title. He continues to hype himself and says that Sunday, they get the RKO when he's interrupted by--

Backstage Promo: Alexa Bliss

Bliss sits in a broom closet or something small. She holds a hand of ash and says, "ashes to ashes, dust to dust." She lights a candle and places it. She tells us that He will be reborn. The camera angle changes to show Bliss kneeling in a pentagram, complete with a candle at each point of the star. She laughs for about a minute before we cut away.

Match: Lana w/ Naomi vs Shayna Baszler w/ Nia Jax

Lana and Naomi come out, and we go to commercials. After a promo for the Young Rock series, debuting tomorrow on NBC, we finally have Baszler make her way out. She poses with her belt and puts in her mouth guard as we get set for action! The bell rings and Shayna immediately takes Lana down tot he mat and uses an arm bar before imitating Pete Dunne and pulling at the fingers. Shayna positions Lana's left arm backwards and stomps on it. Baszler then kneels on Lana's neck, shoving Lana's face into the mat as Shayna pulls back on a leg, half-crab style. Baszler breaks the lock. Lana slaps Baszler, who only smirks before taking down Lana, attempts a pin, then connects with several elbows. Baszler slips up and Lana rolls her up, but only gets a two. Lana tries to moutn offense but Shayna kicks her in the face. Baszler charges after Lana in the corner, but Lana somewhat dodges and somewhat counters it, tripping up Baszler and guiding her face-first into the middle turnbuckle. Shayna recovers fast and takes Lana across the ring, up to the top rope. Lana and Baszler come off, and take each other out with kicks. Outside the ring, Nia Jax attacks Naomi. Jax picks up Naomi to lawn dart her into the steel steps but Naomi squirms free and shoves Jax face-first into the steps! Baszler comes over to help her partner but Lana grabs Baszler, rolling her up for a close two! Lana rolls to her knees, smiling for whatever reason, until Baszler runs over and knees her in the chin/chest. Baszler covers for the win.
Your Winner, Shayna Baszler!

Backstage with Adam Pearce and Braun Strowman

Strowman breathes deeply and says that Pearce better have a good reason why he's not in the Elimination Chamber. Pearce tries to say that it's not his call and Braun points out that Shane McMahon gave Pearce the lateral to set this up. Pearce tells Braun this Elimination Chamber is for former WWE Champions. Braun counterpoint with the fact that he was a Universal Champion. Pearce tells him that doesn't count as it's not the WWE Championship. During their exchange, Braun reminds Pearce to think of what happened the last time Pearce pissed off Braun. Pearce doesn't want to incur his wrath, and Strowman demands Pearce talk to Shane and make this right by him.

Gauntlet Match: WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, AJ Styles, Sheamus, Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy and Kofi Kingston

The winner of this match will be the final entrant of the Elimination Chamber. AJ Styles begins to come out and we go straight to ads. AJ and Omos stand in the ring on the mic when we return. He addresses Kofi Kingston's addition to the Chamber. He wonders if Kofi's looking for a KofiMania II then says he almost--and has to clarify to Omos that he said "almost"--has a chance. But, sadly, Styles is looking forward to shattering Kofi's dreams. He tells us that he considers the Gauntlet a warm-up, and Omos speaks, complimenting Styles by saying "Phenomenal" to which Styles excitedly agrees with him. Styles begins to babble, and tells Omos to try "grits and M&M's." He mentions his friend, Joseph Parks (fka Abyss in TNA) and sums it up with the fact that he's going to be the WWE Champion. He goes on to remind us that he's going to win and that is...Omos adds, "Phenomenal!" Kofi Kingston w/ Xavier Woods make their way out. They ready up and the bell rings!
Kofi starts off aggressively, battling AJ into the corner. We're reminded that the coveted final entrant position gives someone the best chance of winning, and we're reminded that this is Kofi's second match of the night. Styles starts to battle back briefly before Kingston sends him outside. Kingston springboards to the outside as Woods plays a silly tune on the trumpet. Kofi limps a bit and gets into the ring. Woods plays the trumpet with his usual "New Day" tune until Omos grabs him by the neck! Omos holds Woods up very high off the ground, walks around and one-handed chokeslams Woods behind the barricade. Kofi slides out the ring and gets in Omos's face, demanding to know what he's doing. They exchange words until the ref comes out and ejects Omos from the ringside area! As the ref ensures that he's leaving, Styles takes advantage of the distraction to quickly run and connect with a chop block. We go to break!
We're back! Styles has Kofi prone on the mat, holding him by the left foot. Kofi kicks with his right foot, trying to gain some separation. Styles pulls Kofi upside down by both legs, almost as if he's thinking Styles Clash, but instead slaps on a half-crab. Kingston refuses to tap and gets free. He holds his left knee. Styles approaches and Kofi hits the SOS, but can't follow up with the cover due to his knee. Kofi and Styles rise about the same time, and Styles charges in to hit another chop block! Styles takes Kofi into the corner and punches the injured knee. Styles places Kofi up on the top turnbuckle then climbs up to the middle rope. Kofi fights him off, first with a series of rights before shoving Styles off. Kofi dives off, crashing partially down on Styles but also landing on his knee. Every attempt at taking the lead by Kofi is shut down by Styles, who repeatedly targets the knee. AJ moves to the apron and awaits Kingston's rise, then springboards into the room and connects with the Phenomenal Forearm, covering Kofi!
Eliminated: Kofi Kingston
Out next is the WWE Champion Drew McIntyre! He marches angrily to the ring, not even pausing to remind us how much I love inserting Highlander puns into his entrances, and immediately attacks Styles. McIntyre manhandles Styles, easily sling him around and dropping him. Drew kneels and pulls Styles to his feet then hits a front suplex across the ropes. AJ reels on the apron until McIntyre hits a big boot to the face, dropping Styles to the apron. When Styles rises, McIntyre runs in and hits another boot to the face! We go to break.
Back from break. Styles attempts an offensive strike, but the Champion shuts him down immediately and attempts a pinfall after a strong Irish Whip into the corner. AJ rolls outside and Drew follows. AJ is whipped into the steel steps hard. McIntyre takes it back inside and picks up Styles. Rib breaker across his knee, followed by a sit-out scoop slam and a cover for two.McIntyre now locks Styles in a rear arm bar and rubs his knuckles into Styles' face. After a few long moments, Styles grabs the bottom rope and the ref calls for the break. McIntyre stomps hard on AJ. AJ catches Drew with a sucker punch, then throws a pair of punches. Styles shoves McIntyre into the corner and thrusts his shoulder into the champ. Styles heads off to the opposite corner, but the champ pulls a Cena and rushes over to grab styles and hit a reverse Alabama Slam! McIntyre posts up in the corner and goes for a Claymore--but Styles counters with a dropkick to Drew's face! Styles follows up by sending McIntyre outside. Styles then launches, connecting with the springboard forearm (per Phillips; looked like the Phenomenal Forearm, just launching out the ring than in). Both men are down as the ref counts. Styles recovers first and runs along the apron, smashing McIntyre in the face with a knee. Styles again does his flying forearm off the apron and onto the champ, smashing the champ into the ring post. We go to break with the champ down and in trouble.
Back yet again. Both men are exhausted. McIntyre takes down Styles with a neckbreaker, then kips up. The Champ climbs the ropes to the top turnbuckle, leaping off and looking for what looks like a flying Chest Bump? Styles hits a leaping kick, catching Drew in midair. Styles then hits a quick, low reverse kick to McIntyre and covers for two. Styles sets up McIntyre for the Styles Clash, but McIntyre stands up and slams AJ off of him. Drew and AJ with a quick exchange in which AJ catches Drew's leg and slaps the calf crusher! McIntyre screams in pain and can't reach the rope. McIntyre escapes by headbutting Styles. We're reminded that AJ Styles has been in this match for a half hour as of this posting. Both men are down, McIntyre favoring his left leg as STyles rolls to the apron. Styles looks for the Phenomenal Forearm but McIntyre counters with the Whiplash, followed up with a Claymore to pin the Phenomenal One! This was the longest, most brutal portion of the gauntlet...for now.
Eliminated: AJ Styles
Jeff Hardy is next to enter. We see a previously recorded promo from Hardy, talking about wanting to win the championship. In the ring, Hardy uses his speed and agility to counter a whip, and dodge McIntyre's attempted grapple. Hardy flies off the turnbuckle, and attempts to cover McIntyre but only achieving a two count. McIntyre is sent out the ring. Jeff runs up the apron and dives onto McIntyre, leaving him laid out as we go to another break. When we return, Hardy has McIntyre in the corner and smashes forearms into his back. Hardy takes him to another corner and does the same thing. Hardy takes him to a third corner. McIntyre tries to fight back but Hardy easily drops him and covers for two. McIntyre rolls to the apron and slowly rises--he's been in for over 25 minutes. Hardy hits the rope-assisted neckbreaker. McIntyre rises and begins mounting some offense, hitting Hardy with a big kick and a snap belly-to-belly suplex. Drew with the modified Exploder. McIntyre hits a gorgeous neckbreaker, then slaps his face as he tries to will himself on. McIntyre kneels as he waits for Hardy to get up. McIntyre hooks him up for a suplex when he does rise, but Hardy with the Atomic Drop/leg drop combo, ending with a dropkick to the face. Hardy covers for two. Hardy waits for McIntyre to rise and goes for the Twist of Fate, but McIntyre counters it with the Future Shock DDT! The Champ covers for a close two.
McIntyre throws Hardy down, then hits a suplex. Another cover attempt but the Enigmatic One kicks out right at three. McIntyre takes Hardy to the corner and sits him upon the top turnbuckle. Hardy throws weak fists, trying to stop McIntyre, but the champ is unphased and hits a Superplex! Drew covers but only gets two! We get repeats of the top-rope Superplex. McIntyre crawls back to a corner, resting for a moment before rising. He sets up, for the Claymore. Drew goes for it but Hardy ducks! Hardy hits a Twist of Fate! Hardy removes his shirt, climbs the ropes, and goes for the Swanton--but McIntyre gets his knees up! Hardy holds his back in pain as McIntyre sets up for another Claymore. This time, McIntyre connects and picks up the pinfall.
Eliminated: Jeff Hardy
The Viper's music and out comes Randy Orton! He slowly walks down the ramp, and he and Drew make bedroom eyes at each other, huffing and puffing as we go to commercial break. Back from the break and Orton launches McIntyre outside the ring. Orton follows up, hoping to take advantage of a weakened champ. Drew whips Orton hard into the barricade. Suddenly, Alexa Bliss appears on every single ThunderDome screen as her pink lights flicker. Orton is distracted and is counted out. He tries to hop in the ring after the fact, but Drew nails him with the Claymore.
Eliminated: Randy Orton
Sheamus is the final entrant into the gauntlet. Drew looks up the ramp as Sheamus' music plays. Sheamus ambushes Drew from behind. Sheamus fires up his offense, hitting a lariat, several fists and kicks; takes Drew outside the ring and whips him into the corner. Sheamus takes it back into the ring. The ref forces Sheamus back so he can check on the champ. Sheamus yells for him to just give up. The ref asks a few more times, regarding McIntyre's ability to continue, and Drew yells "yes!" The ref lets them at it. Sheamus stomps away at Drew in the corner as the ref counts. Sheamus stomps on Drew, prone on the mat, and kneels on his neck hard. Drew rolls to the ropes. Sheamus then stands on and kicks Drew's face as the ref counts. Sheamus with the suplex and an attempted pin. Sheamus kneels behind a seated McIntyre and hits the Ten Beats of the Bodhran! Sheamus with more kicks and another pin attempt, but the champ continues to kick out.
Drew tries to fight from his knees. Sheamus lets his arrogance rule his mind, and Drew McIntyre manages to hit the Future Shock DDT! Drew attempts a pin but gets two. Drew rests on the ropes for a few moments as Sheamus rises. Sheamus charges the champ, who counters by sending Sheamus outside. They brawl at ringside for a few moments before going back in. Drew whips Sheamus into the ropes fast, and catches him on the rebound with a snap belly-to-belly suplex! McIntyre follows it up with a Spinebuster, then posts up in the corner, catching his breath and getting in position for the Claymore. Drew jogs over and goes for what Tom Phillips calls a Claymore, but was just a high kick--he never went airborne. Sheamus counters with a Brogue Kick and pins, picking up the win!
Eliminated: Drew McIntyre
Winner of the Gauntlet Match and Final Entrant in the Elimination Chamber, Sheamus!

After the Match

Sheamus gets on the mic up the ramp, gloating before screaming that he'll be the next WWE Champion. Our program ends.

In Closing

And there you have it, folks, we're done for the night! After four matches, including an hour-long gauntlet, we now know that Sheamus will be the final entrant in the Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship. Thanks for stopping by and you can find a link to the quick recap in the intro (in about ten minutes). Y'all stay warm and stay safe out there. See you Wednesday for NXT!

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