WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (2/22/2021) - ThunderDome II (Tropicana Field), St. Petersburg, FL


Welcome one and all to the first Raw after last night's exciting Elimination Chamber! If you missed it, you can click here for Matt's full results. If you didn't watch the event, or didn't read the results here, and somehow managed to not have the results spoiled by headlines here, then WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD! You've been warned! Now with all that said, here to elevate your Raw results to the A-List is yours truly--I'm Mike Hogan anbd I'm awesome!

With that said, let's take a look at our official Raw preview. The Miz will have a special championship "celebration" tonight on MizTV. That's it.

So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (2/22/2021) - ThunderDome II (Tropicana Field), St. Petersburg, FL

Video Package: the Elimination Chamber 2021

Last chance, there are spoilers so don't scream at me on Twitter. We get a video recap that focuses on the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match. We get stills and video clips in which McIntyre wins the chamber, only to be viciously assaulted by Bobby Lashley. The Miz cashes in his MitB contract and covers Drew--but no, the champ kicks out at two! The Miz connects with the Skull-Crushing Finale and is the new WWE Champion!


We're opening our show with MizTV set up. John Morrison is in the ring, which is decorated with red carpeting and decorative balloons. Morrison immediately calls out the new WWE Champion, the Miz, who comes out in a great suit and with the belt over his shoulder. He strikes several poses, smug and proud of himself as he holds the belt high and pyro fires off for several moments along the entrance ramp. The digital crowd boos loudly as the Miz makes his way to the ring. The wonderful Byron Saxton, the enigmatic Samoa Joe, and that other dude Tom Phillips are on commentary tonight.
The Miz welcomes us to Miz TV, champion's edition. "I'm curious--how do you like me now? Because sixteen years ago I first stepped foot inside of a WWE ring, and all of you and all of the locker room said I'd be fired within three months. And here, sixteen years later, I stand in the ring of the flagship (of WWE), Monday Night Raw, as the WWE Champion! All of the top superstars of my generation have come and gone and here I am, still standing. I've taken them all out. Batista's doing buddy-cop movies. Cena, wanna see him, check out Experion commercials." He goes on to list "all the titans" that he's outlasted, such as Triple H and Edge. The Miz addresses Edge, and says if Edge wants to play high-stakes poker, Miz is calling his shot. He tells us that he told Drew McIntyre ahead of time that he'd cash in his MitB contract and beat Drew, and that's exactly what happened. He says that everyone knew what the road to WrestleMania was but he's changed all that. He's the only two-time grand-slam champion in the history of this business. Coooooorect! He reminds us that he's held every single title there is to hold on Monday Night Raw multiple times. He tells us that he holds this title because he deserves it. He says that he didn't ask for their respect, he demands it. And he's interrupted by Bobby Lashley!
Lashley comes out in a very sharp white suit, with MVP in tow on a crutch. Both men enter the ring with mics. Miz and Morrisons mile and welcome them. "Miz, on behalf of the Hurt Business, please allow me to congratulate you on your new WWE Championship. And what an impressive list of accomplishments you ran down...but I couldn't help notice that you admitted the part where Bobby Lashley absolutely wrecked and destroyed Drew McIntyre, allowing you to ....cash in the MitB contract." The Miz states that he was about to get to thanking them. He wishes them a nice night and tries to end the conversation. MVP tells the Miz that they had an arrangement. J-Mo (John Morrison) cost Bobby Lashley his United States Championship. The Hurt Business agreed to help the Miz cash in and win the title but he promised to give Bobby Lashley a title shot. Lashley says that he's owed. The Miz tells them that he will give Lashley a title shot, as per their agreement, but he didn't say when. MVP runs it down and twists it, stating that Miz doesn't respect Lashley. Lashley grabs Miz's collar and tells him that he has one hour to make this right by Lashley. Lashley states that one way or another, he's going to hurt the Miz, destroy the Miz, and it'll be....awesome.

Backstage with the Lucha House Party and Matt Riddle

Riddle shows up, wearing his new United States Championship slanted across his shoulder. He welcomes his Brochachos and thanks them for having his back. He begins to ramble on about Call of Duty Warzone, then his friend Travis who was a complete metal head. Lince tries to focus him, telling Riddle that he's got a match next against John Morrison and the door is right behind him. He pulls over his scooter and rides it down the hall as we go to break.

Match: United States Champion Riddle vs John Morrison

When we return from break, we're reminded that the Miz has until 9pm Eastern--the end of this hour--to make up his mind, and they actually show a graphic with a timer counting down. Morrison is already in the ring, and out comes the King of Bros, Riddle. The bell rings and Riddle immediately wraps up Morrison from behind, executing a basic wrestling takedown before attempting an arm hold. Morrison escapes. Morrison takes Riddle down with a big dropkick and moves in to cover, but Riddle counters it into a modified Triangle hold. Morrison gets his feet on the rope and the ref breaks it up. Both men line up in the ring and exchange fists and kicks. Morrison attempts several roundhouse kicks; Riddle blocks and counters most, even rolling out, but Morrison catches him in the back of the head with a big roundhouse kick. Riddle, however, immediately responded with a blow of his own. Both men to their feet now, slugging it out and throwing knees and legs. Morrison knows a right leg but Riddle catches it to his side and starts to punch Morrison's knee. Morrison with a cheap shot, throwing the thumb to Riddle's eye. Morrison looks for a submission but pivots into strikes. The action spills outside but comes right back in. Morrison rushes at Riddle, but Riddle ducks down and uses the ropes to help avoid Morrison. Both men up on the apron, swapping chops. Morrison throws a kick but Riddle catches his leg, then leaps off and flips Morrison behind him, causing the Starship Trooper to crash hard into the apron and spill to the ground as we go to break!
We're back and we're again reminded that the Miz has 34 minutes to respond to Lashley's demand. In the ring, Morrison attempts a cover but Riddle slipped out. Morrison attempts to lock a sleeper on Riddle, but Riddle's so darn sweaty I don't think Morrison can lock it in. Riddle gets to his feet and Morrison takes Riddle to the corner and hammers him with strikes. Riddle finally fights out, using elbows and knees to gain separation enough to hit a modified Pele. Riddle goes for a Punt Kick but Morrison dodges. Riddle drops Morrison on his rear and goes for a rebound Punt Kick but again Morrison ducks. Morrison escapes to the outside but Riddle flies over the top rope and onto him! Riddle takes it back into the ring and covers for a two. Both men take a moment to breathe. Riddle goes up top but Morrison leaps to his feet, charges in, runs up the ropes and executes a Spanish Fly, covering for a close 2. Riddle counters a Moonlight Drive into a Bro-to-Sleep. Morrison counters with a kick that sends Riddle out to the apron. Riddle springboards into the ring, looking to roll up Morrison, but Morrison counters with a huge fist. Morrison goes for Starship Pain but Riddle picks him up off the turnbuckle and connects with the Bro Derek, picking up the win!
Your Winner and STILL United States Champion, Riddle!

Video Promo: Rhea Ripley

We get a short package that showcases Ripley's theme music and some of her bigger moments, followed by a title card stating that she's coming soon to a Raw Episode near you. Off to commercials we go!

Backstage with Bad Bunny, Damien Priest, and R-Truth

Truth comes up to Bunny, making small talk as a ref quietly moves into position. Priest shows up and says he knows what's going on. Truth says that he simply wanted Bugs Bunny's autograph but he forgot his pen and pad in his locker room. Priest gets in his face and tells him "his name is Bad Bunny." R-Truth respond "My bad, Bunny." He then admits that Priest "caught him" and streaks off.

Earlier Tonight: the Miz & Lashley's Deal

We get a quick clip showing what happened like 25 minutes ago, in which Lashley gives the Miz until the top of the hour to agree to a match or not, but either way Lashley will destroy Miz and the Miz will be the star of a new reality show about how Bobby Lashley sent the Miz to the ER.

Backstage with Adam Pearce and the Miz

The Miz is complaining to Pearce. Pearce asks him if he did or did not have a deal with Lashley. The Miz claims it wasn't in writing, and it's bad enough he has to deal with Bad Bunny slapping him. Pearce tries to build up the Miz, reminding the Miz that he's the WWE Champion and everyone has to look up to him now. Nothing would make a better impression than him defeating the Dominator, Bobby Lashley. Pearce says that either way, he's got 20 minutes. We get another graphic showing time counting down.

Video Promo: Punky Brewster

Yes, I typed it. No, not having an aneurism. Peacock/WWE cross promoting, and we're shown four super grainy pics of Freddie Prinze, Jr and Soleil Moon Frye on ThunderDome screens along with two co-stars who I do not know. So yeah, there you go. Back to the match.

Tag Team Match: the New Day vs Retribution

Out first is the New Day, followed by clips from last week when Omos slammed Xavier woods. In the ring, the New Day do their usual celebration. Out next are Mace and T-Bar representing Retribution. Ali, Reckoning and Slapnuts all escort out their team mates. In the ring, New Day take a knee and point and scream at Retribution until their opponents get in the ring. T-bar starts with Woods. T-Bar controls Woods for a few before Woods can tag in Kofi. Kingston comes in high, taking T-Bar down to a knee. Kofi tries to work the left arm but T-Bar slams Kofi and tags in Mace. Mace grabs Kofi's head and smashes his face into the mat repeatedly as T-Bar runs off the ropes and hits a big boot as Mace pulls Kofi's head up! Mace covers for two. Mace tags T-Bar back in. T-Bar picks up Kofi and hits a big backbreaker, covering for a two. T-Bar tags in Mace and streaks over to hit a Big Boot to Xavier Woods on the apron so Kofi can't tag out! Mace and T-Bar hit a double team move on Kofi, double slamming him down. Ali demands that they do it again, so T-Bar is tagged back in. Mace slams Kofi's face into the mat, setting up for that same running boot to the face, but Xavier Woods tugs down on the top rope and T-Bar spills to the outside! Kofi uses the distraction to hit a Trouble in Paradise and pick up the win in a short, but fun, match!
Your Winners, the New Day!

After the Match: Ali Has a Breakdown

Ali gets on the mic and yells at each member of Retribution. "Again? Again?!?!" He yells at his team, telling them that they've failed him over and over again. He yells at Reckoning for failing in the past, he yells at T-Bar, Mace, Slap Happy, and asks how much longer must he deal with this "crap?" He says he's carried them on his back and he's disgusted. He drops his mic and leaves.

Backstage with MVP and Bobby Lashley

We're reminded for the 27th time that the Miz must make a decision by the top of the hour. It shows roughly 3.5 minutes when we have a good 8 minutes to go til the hour. We go to break.

In the Ring: the Miz's Decision

After a bit more hype, we return to the ThunderDome. Adam Pearce is in the ring, and calls for Lashley to come out. Bobby comes out, dressed to fight, with MVP wearing a blue, blue, blue suit and on a crutch still. They enter the ring. Adam Pearce now announces for the new WWE Champion, the Miz, to come out. The Miz come sout in suit, with John Morrison behind him. Lashley and MVP look confused and upset, as they were expecting a title match tonight. The Miz & Morrison get in the ring and on a mic.
Pearce recaps that Lashley gave the Miz an ultimatum, and he needs to make a decision. The Miz says that he's made his decision...that he needs more time. Lashley angrily states that the Miz is stalling, which wastes his time, and time is money so the Miz is wasting Lashley's money. The Miz snaps back that many other Superstars want to come after this title and the Miz's on friend, John Morrison, is entitled to a shot and-- MVP cuts him off, yelling that the Miz didn't have an agreement with the others. The Miz again states that he needs more time. He says that he wants to be at his best, to give Bobby his best effort, but he needs a little more time to give him time to be ready to give his best. Just a little more time. Someone suggests just a week, and the Miz latches onto that, claiming a week would be perfect when Braun Strowman marches down to the ring!
"If anybody's getting a WWE Championship match around here, it's me," Braun growls. Pearce tries to speak up but Strowman snaps at him, stating its clear that Shane McMahon and Adam Pearce have it out for Strowman. Strowman is a former Universal Champion and should've been in the match. They all begin to argue when out comes Shane-O-Mac! Shane does his jig around the ring and gets on the mic. He asks for cooler heads to reveal, then asks Pearce to tighten things up a bit around here. He then tells Braun that Strowman can't just storm down here and demand a match. He then insults Braun, saying if there's any neurons left in his brain, then he'd understand that the Elimination Chamber match was for former WWE Champions only and, as Braun said, he's a former Universal Champion. Braun tells Shane that he sucks, the Miz sucks, Pearce sucks, Lashley sucks, they all suck and this idea sucks, and he demands a match. Shane says that Strowman's idea sucks. Strowman then demands he get a match against the challenger, Bobby Lashley. Shane sets the match for tonight and states that if Braun can defeat Lashley, next week it'll be Strowman vs Lashley vs the Miz for the WWE Championship in a triple-threat matchup! Strowman walks over to stare at Lashley then says on the mic, "That might be the smartest decision you ever made, (Shane)" but is taken out with a running punch to the rear of Strowman's left knee. Both men clash later tonight! We go to break!

Tornado Tag Team Match: Lucha House Party vs the Hurt Business

MVP joins us on commentary. The Hurt Business is represented by its tag team champs, Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin. We're reminded that a Tornado Tag means there are no tags, and the first team to score a submission or tag wins. All four men clash as the bell rings. The Hurt Business take control early on. Shelton Benjamin hammers Gran Metallik down in a corner as Cedric Benjamin beats Lince Dorado in the opposite corner. MVP says to take count of who's standing right now. Lince rolls to the outside. Cedric and Shelton are alone in the ring with Metallik. Cedric with a snap slam and a cover, but Metallik kicks out. Lince hits the ring and throws punches to Benjamin's gut, but Benjamin holds him at distance with his long arms. Benjamin puts Dorado in a reverse Octopus, holding Dorado across his back, back to back, arms and legs latched around Benjamin's. Alexander runs off the ropes and hits a dropkick to the restrained and vulnerable Dorado. Dorado rolls out and the Hurt Business focus on Gran Metallik. It's been nothing but Hurt Business all night. Lince attempts to help his partner, but Cedric heads outside and attacks Lince, whipping him into the barricade and into the ring. Benjamin loses control and Metallik briefly mounts some offense, hitting a long, big powerbomb to Metallik. Dorado dives over to make the save. MVP yells to his team to "don't play with them, don't play with them" and win the match. Dorado attempts to protect Metallik as Hurt Business stomps on him, and instead he draws their eye and their ire. The Hurt Business continue to work over Dorado before working on Metallik. Benjamin and Alexander are too cock, and the Lucha House Party finally gets into gear. Dorado flies off the ropes to drop Alexander; Metallik dives off the top and takes down Shelton. Benjamin falls to the outside, and Metallik and Dorado work on double teaming Alexander. Alexander punches Metallik as he goes up top, but Dorado is able to follow up with a dive of his own. Metallik goes up top, but is distracted by Alexander. The Hurt Business rally in quick fashion, sending Metallik flying out of the ring and hitting Paydirty on Dorado to pick up the win!
Your Winners, the Hurt Business!

Previously on Raw...

A clip from last week airs, in which Damian Priest assisted Bad Bunny in winning the 24/7 championship. Bad Bunny went on to take it to Saturday Night Live with him.

Match: Damian Priest with Bad Bunny vs Angel Garza

Bunny makes his way out to the ring as Michael Cole's future self, Tom Phillips, reminds us that Bad Bunny said he would appear every week with his 24/7 title. Out next is Damian Priest, ready for his match against Garza. We're reminded that the Archer of Infamy, Damian Priest, wants to live forever. After a break, Angel Garza comes out wearing a red...blazer/robe top with black trip and a black pocket square. He smirks as he poses on the apron before climbing the ropes to taunt the virtual crowd. The bell rings and Priest immediately catches Garza with a clothesline, covering for a one! Priest takes Garza into the corner and hammers him with big rights and hard knees to the guts. Priest pulls Garza up again, only to knock him back down with a big right. We're told that Priest and Bunny are from the same town in Puerto Rico, and have bonded over their common heritage. Garza starts to fire up, hitting Priest with two big clotheslines before Priest drops. Garza rips off his pants, revealing magenta tights and knee pads. Garza mounts Priest and throws a few punches. Priest forces Garza off, but Garza hits a low dropkick to send the Archer of Infamy into the corner.
Angel with a big running strike. Garza takes time to talk smack to Bunny. Garza straddles Priest and slaps on an old school chin lock, cranking back and bending the back. Priest tries to power out but Garza stomps Priest in the spine to stop him. Garza again locks in the hold, converting it to a form of a sleeper, then into a head crank. Priest desperately reaches for Garza's hands, and finally is able to power up to his feet. Garza tries to shut it down with a punch to the face. Priest is pissed. Garza throws a right but Priest throws his own, punching Garza in the fist! Priest speeds it up, hitting a big forearm, whipping Garza and hitting a stiff kick. Priest with the Bell Clap! Priest sets up in the corner, stomps his feet three times, streaks across and hits his sideways splash that they've called the "Arrow of Infamy" (I believe, will double check). Priest with a Falcon Arrow! Priest tells Garza "it's time for you to go home, Garza," as Garza tries to crawl out of the ring. Priest pulls Garza to his feet but Garza gets a quick strike in. Garza sets up Priest in a butterfly position, but wastes time yelling smack at Bunny. Garza takes down Preist then spend about a minute talking smack back and forth with Bunny. This gives Priest time to recover. Priest flies off the top and hits a big kick that lays out Garza. Priest hits his new move, "Hit the Lights" (a form of a rolling cutter, somewhat akin to Cross-Rhoads). Priest covers and picks up the win!
Your Winner, Damien Priest!

After the Match: Catering Attacks!

As Priest and Bad Bunny celebrate, Drew Gulak, Akira Tozawa, Humberto Carillo (sporting a beard! Looks good!) and possibly others storm the ring, hoping to take the 24/7 championship. Priest and Bunny easily dispatch them. Up next, Orton addresses the mind games of Alexa Bliss!

Previously on Raw...

We're treated to clips from the gauntlet last week, in which Alexa Bliss took over the ThunderDome screens and distracted Orton, costing him the final entry spot in the Gauntlet.

Backstage Promo: Randy Orton

Orton angrily babbles on that if he'd won the gauntlet last week, he'd have won the title last night. He says he's tired of distractions. He reminds us that the Fiend was a distraction and what'd Orton do to a distraction? He set him on fire, he made the Fiend no more...although "some like to think he's coming back. He is not coming back." Orton coughs (covid?) then tells us that he's not focused on the championship because he's distracted. Not by the Fiend, but--like many of us--by Alexa Bliss. We see more clips from last week, where she knelt in a pentagram and laughed. Orton has issues breathing and spits up black fluid. He stumbles out of the backstage interview area, black fluid coming out of his mouth (like when people ate Jason Vorhees' heart in Jason Goes to Hell: the Final Friday.). We then cut to commentary.

Previously on Raw, again...

We get a clip from last week when Lacey Evans refused to tag in, then left the ring mid-match and told Charlotte--and the WWE Universe--that she was pregnant. This is not a work and, due to this, Asuka did not defend her Raw championship last night.

Match: Charlotte Flair & Asuka vs Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax

We cut to the ThunderDome and the Queen, Charlotte Flair, makes her way out strutting in her robe, not bothered by any of it, according to Samoa Joe. Byron says that Flair must refocus tonight. After a break, Asuka makes her way out, followed by their opponents Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler. All four women ready up, with the Women's Tag Team Champions Jax & Baszler posing with their belts. We'll start with Asuka and Shayna. Shayna and Asuka lock up, with both women looking to gain the upper hand with an arm hold. After about a minute, Baszler breaks it and throws a right kick. Asuka catches the leg, slips around onto her back and attempts an Octopus Stretch! Baszler tries to escape and Asuka looks for the Stretch Muffler! Baszler keeps Asuka from locking it on and tags in Flair. Flair loses control of Baszler upon entering the ring, and Jax is tagged in. We're reminded that Jax put Flair on the shelf for six months last year by breaking her arm. Flair hits a big chop to Jax. The ref loses control for a few, and all four women clash. We go to break with Asuka and Flair standing tall in the ring while our tag team champs are down on the ground.
When we return from break, Jax has taken control. Jax works over Asuka's arm, and uses her power to keep the Raw Women's Champion grounded. Baszler is tagged in and goes right after Asuka's arm. Baszler looks to do her twisted-elbow/hand-stomp move, but Asuka moves at the last second and rolls Baszler up for two! Baszler kicks out and Asuka dives, tagging in Charlotte! The Queen clashes with the Queen of Spades and both women brawl into the corner. Baszler hammers Flair with a series of leg strikes and takes her into the corner. Jax is tagged in. Jax and Baszler try to double team the Queen, but Charlotte takes both down! Jax whips Flair into the corner and, much like her father, Charlotte dramatically flips over the ropes and onto the apron. As Jax charges in, Flair hits a short springboard spear. Flair takes control from Jax briefly, but Jax floors her with a huge headbutt. Jax takes Flair to her corner and tags in Baszler. Baszler with a few strikes before grabbing Flair's left arm and twisting it behind her. Flair attempts to convert it into a roll-up but Baszler breaks and stops Flair from making the hot tag. Baszler takes Flair back to the corner and tags in Jax. Jax whips Flair into the corner, but Jax runs into Baszler and knocks her from the apron. Charlotte Flair attempts a Sunset Flip on Jax and that went about as well as you'd expect. Jax falls flat, and Baszler reaches over to tag in. Flair slaps on a leg submission to Baszler's right leg, converting and looking for a possible Figure Eight when Jax dives over in time to make the save. Flair tags in Asuka, who comes off the top and hits Baszler with a dropkick! Baszler stumbles back to her corner and Jax tags in. Asuka sends Jax into the opposite corner and hits a hip attack on each! Another hip attack to Baszler! Jax tries to charge her but Asuka dodges, and Jax rams into Baszler again! Asuka with a side take down and locks on an arm submission! Asuka may be going for the Asuka-Lock! Jax makes the save and tags in! Flair comes in to help Asuka as Baszler held Asuka up for Jax and, instead, accidentally hits Asuka with a running knee! Baszler and Jax take advantage and pick up the win.
Your Winners, Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax!

After the Match

Asuka holds her face as she and Charlotte both rise. Neither say anything to each other, and Asuka continues to keep her mouth and nose covered, either selling the knee strike or hiding a minor injury.

Match: Jeff Hardy vs Sheamus

Jeff Hardy comes out before we head to the match. When we return from the break, out comes the Celtic Warrior, Sheamus. We're reminded that both men are still not at 100% due to the Elimination Chamber last night; Sheamus, in fact, made it to the final three. Sheamus starts off aggressive, taking it to Hardy with a big clothesline and a huge European uppercut. Sheamus stomps on Hardy's face, then twists the arm while pressing his elbow into Jeff's jaw. Sheamus keeps the arm bar and hammers the elbow into Jeff's jaw. Sheamus continues with tough strikes until Hardy can counter and escape. Hardy with a few weak strikes to Sheamus' back. Hardy's offense is short lived, however, as Sheamus drops him with a boot. Sheamus lifts Hardy up but Hardy squirms out and flips Sheamus onto the apron. Sheamus hinting at a Ten Beats of the Bodhran but Hardy breaks free. Both men brawl to the outside. Hardy streaks across and leaps into Sheamus, crashing them both into the barricade as we go to break!
Back from the break, Sheamus is knelt behind Hardy on the ground, using a working hold to stretch Hardy's shoulder and arm. Sheamus rains right elbows hard down on Hardy's vulnerable body. Sheamus with a big Irish Curse backbreaker, and another, and a third!! Sheamus hooks the leg but Hardy kicks out. Sheamus continues his assault on a grounded Hardy. Sheamus controls the pace with working holds until the high flyer takes control again. Both men jockey, with the broken-body of Hardy absorbing hard blows from the Celtic Warrior in between spurts of offense. After another break, we return and Hardy starts his comeback. Hardy with a snap DDT. Hardy goes up top, looking for the Swanton. Sheamus starts to fight back, kicking out of the corner and goes for a clothesline--but is caught by Hardy who hits him with a Twist of Fate! Hardy climbs up top once again, his body broken and bruised. Hardy sees Sheamus rising and leaps past him, landing hard on his knee. Sheamus and Hardy have a quick sequence; Sheamus goes for a Brogue Kick but Hardy dodges. Sheamus with a stunning blow that sends Hardy back, off the ropes and right into another Brogue Kick! Sheamus covers for the win!
Your Winner, Sheamus!

Backstage with the Flairs

Charlotte confrots Ric, telling him that she can't focus because of all that Ric and Lacey are doing. She reminds Ric that it's not about who's better between the two of them, it's about protecting the Flair legacy. She says this isn't funny, and she's out there busting her ass to protect the legacy, and tells him to go home. Ric speaks and says that the baby isn't his (in before Maury) and secondly, he saw a lot of potential in her. He thought he could motivate Lacey Evans the way he motivated Charlotte and make her a great competitor. He says that he knows he didn't make Charlotte the champion that she is, that was all her--but he likes to think he had some small part of it. He calls her the greatest women's champion of all time, and is proud of all that they've done together. He tells her that he loves her and wants the best for her, but he was trying to expand the brand--"Ric Flair: the Man behind the Raw Women's Champion!" He tells her that all he wants his for his name to be what it is right now--a household name. Charlotte says that she doesn't see it that way--Ric comes there, stating he wants to support her, the women's roster, but whenever he shows up he tries to steal her time. She wants the world to know Charlotte Flair, and she thinks Ric still wants to be the "Nature Boy" again. She implores him with tears, telling him that she loves him but she wants him to just let her be Charlotte Flair. We go to break.

Match: AJ Styles with Omos vs Ricochet

We return from break and AJ is in ring with his friend Omos at ringside. Ricochet makes his way out, running to the ring and sliding in before doing his awesome handspring/backflip taunt. The bell rings and this short match gets started. Ricochet starts hot but the veteran Styles kicks the knee out from under Ricochet. AJ with a headlock. Ricochet punches AJ off, runs back off the ropes and runs right into a dropkick from Styles! We're reminded how huge Omos is and how he ripped open AJ's pod last night. Styles wastes precious moments talking to Omos, and Ricochet starts his comeback! Ricochet fights Styles to the corner and wails away at him until Styles shuts him down with a thrown jab. Styles with a kick to the gut, then uses the top ropes to assist in whipping Ricochet before attempting to use the bottom ropes for a Guillotine! Ricochet escapes and covers for two. Ricochet goes up top for the 630 but Styles moves, so Ricochet rolls through. Styles catches him with a big knee that nearly knocks out Ricochet, then pulls Ricochet up for the Styles Clash. AJ executes the Clash and picks up the win!
Your Winner, AJ Styles!

After the Match

Styles celebrates for a few before the giant Omos comes in, hoists Ricochet up by the neck and holds him easily seven feet off the ground before bombing Ricochet down hard. We then cut backstage and see the Miz & Morrison strategizing until the Monster Among Men walks up. Strowman angrily stares at them before we go to break.

Main Event Match: Braun Strowman vs Bobby Lashley

If Strowman wins, he will be added to the Bobby Lashley vs the Miz match next week for the WWE Championship. Braun comes out with the same music but new tron/video/lights/etc. This is his first singles match since October (he was in the Royal Rumble last month). Out next is Bobby Lashley, escorted by MVP with his crutch. We're reminded that Lashley is mad because if Strowman wins, Lashley doesn't get his singles match next week for the WWE Championship--he'll be in a triple threat. WWE Champion the Miz comes out next, once again solo, and heads to the ringside wearing his sharp suit, shades and the belt. The bell rings and the big men lock up! They move around the ring, each taking turns to back the other up without breaking the hold for several long moments. Finally Strowman locks Apollo in the corner and the ref forces the break. Lashley picks up Braun and slams him face-first into the mat! The Monster retaliates, slamming Lashley down and hammering him whit huge fists. Strowman whips Lashley into the corner hard and follows it up with elbow strikes as MVP yells advice to Lashley. Strowman backs up and hits a big running splash onto Lashley! Strowman picks up Lashley, looking to Lawn Dart him out the ring. Lashley desperately holds to the ropes but Strowman sends him flying anyways! Strowman slides out the ring and looks for hte Strowman Express, but Lashley hops up onto the apron and Strowman crashes into the stairs! Lashley hits a diving elbow outside the ring, then takes it back in. Lashley with a running kick to the knee he took out from under Strowman earlier tonight! Lashley attempts a pin but gets two. Lashley pounds on Strowman, then stands up, arms stretched out--calling for the Hurt Lock! Strowman rises and Lashley attempts to lock on the Full Nelson, but Strowman's too big! He's too big, he can't fit! Lashley attempts the Stalling Brain Buster Suplex but Strowman immediately slides out of it! He's too big! Strowman manhandles Lashley, ramming him over. Strowman with a strong irish Whip to the corner and a running splash. Strowman picks up Lashley and hits the running Powerslam but only picks up a two count! Strowman lifts Lashley up again and goes for a second Running Powerslam, but Lashley counters it into an Almighty Spinebuster! Lashley runs off the ropes and spears Strowman, then covers and picks up the win! The Miz looks on in horror as he realizes the trouble he's in next week.
Your Winner, Bobby Lashley!

After the Match

Lashley rushes in as Strowman rises and takes his knee out again. Lashley puts the Hurt Lock on Strowman and puts him to sleep! The Miz attempts to sneak attack Lashley, but Lashley counters it! Lashley lines up and hits the Miz with a big spear! The WWE Champion is laid out as Lashley and MVP stand tall over him! Next week, the Miz takes on Lashley with the championship on the line! Our commentary team do not like the Miz's chances, and our program ends as Lashley stand tall on the turnbuckle, dripping sweat as we get replays of Lashley with the huge slam and spear to put away the Monster!

In Closing

And there you have it, folks, an explosive Raw after the shocking events of the Elimination Chamber. What an exciting end to our program! What does the future hold for the red brand? Will the Miz survive the Almighty One next week, and will the Monster look for some revenge? We find out next week! I'll see you all here Wednesday for NXT live results. Stay safe out there!

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