WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (4/05/2021) - ThunderDome II (Tropicana Field), St. Petersburg, FL

Welcome to the Road to WrestleMania as this is the go-home edition of Monday Night Raw, just ahead of the two-day WrestleMania event that starts this Saturday! Fret not anymore, though, as your Monday Night Mikessiah, Mike "Hulk" Hogan has arisen! I'm going to have to ask you to silence your phones, hold your applause and shut your gosh-darn mouth--instead, use your fingers to comment below because our Monday Night Raw play-by-play results are incoming live!

As previously reported here, we have more than the usual number of matches announced! King Corbin will face Drew McIntyre as the King hopes to collect a king's bounty from Lashley if he can take out Drew before this weekend. Speaking of the WWE Champion, Bobby Lashley takes on former The Hurt Business associate, Cedric Alexander! Will Lashley mend fences with Alexander and Benjamin, or is The Hurt Business now a tag team? Asuka & Rhea Ripley will take on the WWE Women's Tag Team Champions, Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler, in a non-title match. The New Day's Xavier Woods will face off against AJ Styles just days ahead of their tag team clash at WrestleMania.

So with all that said, let's get things started! For those of you who want just the results and not the novella, click here!

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (4/05/2021) - ThunderDome II (Tropicana Field), St. Petersburg, FL

Show Opener: Welcome to the ThunderDome!

Michael Cole's alternate universe copy welcomes us to the ThunderDome and reminds us this is the last stretch of the Road to WrestleMania. We get right to things.

In the Ring: Drew McIntyre

We're treated to clips of last week's encounter between Lashley and McIntyre, with King Corbin from SmackDown attacking McIntyre in an effort to gain the reward offered by The Hurt Business--a title shot at WrestleMania. Drew comes out, and his conversion into a taller, hairier Roddy Piper continues as he now sports a leather jacket with his kilt and bag pipes. In the ring, Drew paces and gets a mic, ready to speak.
"The final Raw before WrestleMania. Five days until WrestleMania. I can't help but think, last year, (what) a unique WrestleMania it was. And fast forward a year..." He then addresses Lashley's attempts to take out Drew before WrestleMania. He promises that it's going to be a big clash and they're going to rip each other to shreds. He then compares himself to Lashley, somewhat, and says that what makes them different is sacrifice. He goes on to mention that they've missed weddings, birthdays and Christmases. Lashley got to go home and spend time with his family in between. Drew, however, left all his family behind in Scotland and he doesn't have the luxury of going home. He recalls sitting here in the States when his mother was going through chemotherapy. He breaks up a bit as he recalls their Skype chat in which she told him to keep pushing for his dream, even when he was homesick. He then rambles off a list of key moments and match types throughout the years. He tells us he's going to run through Corbin tonight and this weekend he'll put his foot through Lashley's face.
On cue, out comes Bobby Lashley & MVP. Lashley tells Drew it took 17 years to get on top of the mountain, and Lashley gets it as it took 16 years for him, too. But unfortunately, only one guy can be on the top. He tells us that the guys in the back are scared of the Scottish warrior. But last week, Lashley saw fear in Drew's eyes and last week he felt Drew quiver and go out in the Hurt Lock. Drew hops back on mic and says that it wasn't fear, the Hurt Lock isn't playing around--he was just out. They exchange more heated words. Drew proposes they just fight tonight instead of at WrestleMania. MVP hops on the mic and tells him no, this match won't happen until Saturday when Drew will lose his dignity, his confidence, and ultimately the match. Drew says that since they put it that way, all the speeches and matches--maybe he should just give up and be an Uber driver. He then fires up, yelling at Lashley about kicking his ass at WrestleMania. Lashley is incensed but MVP calms him down and tells Drew that he (Drew) might not even make it to WrestleMania.
Out comes King Corbin wearing a nice blazer. It's his turn on the mic. He tells Drew that he agrees with MVP as Drew may not make it to WrestleMania, so the King doesn't know hwy Drew's worried about WrestleMania. He promises there will be no WrestleMania for Drew because "tonight, I whoop your punk ass!"

Hype Video: Styles vs Woods

We get a short video package that hypes tonight's match, as well as their tag team championship bout at WrestleMania. Then we go to break.

Backstage with the New Day & Matt Riddle

Yes, I said Matt. Kofi and Xavier are talking backstage when Riddle rides his scooter up to them. He rambles on and mentions he's never seen Kofi that high before, and says they should get high this weekend at WrestleMania. Many drug insinuations about their "Up Up Down Down" content. The New Day say they'll be ready to get down this weekend when they retain their titles. Riddle promises to talk to them later as he's got to get ready for his match, after telling them King Corbin smells. When he rides off, the New Day then say they've got the munchies.

Match: Xavier Woods w/ Kofi Kingston vs AJ Styles w/ Omos

Xavier and Kofi immediately make their way out to the ring as Tom PHillips hypes their tag match this weekend and speculate the impact that the giant Omos will have. Out next is AJ styles, accompanied by Omos who's noticeably not wearing a suit. He's wearing jeans, shoes and a sweater or long sleep shirt. They take their time making it out to the ring, but still fall far short of Roman Reigns' entrance record. The commentary team hype Peacock and the discount going on as AJ poses in the ring. The ref clears out the non-participants and our competitors ready up.
AJ starts off strong and in control up front. Woods gets a few slugs in but the veteran Styles shuts him down. Outside the ring, Kofi throws an object at Omos, smacking him in the chest with the mic. Omos begins to stalk him around the ring. Kofi and Omos distract AJ, allowing Woods to roll Styles up in a very, very short match. This is Style's third week in a row of losing matches.
Your Winner, Xavier Woods!

Backstage: A Bunny, a Priest, and a Strongman walk into a bar...

We see Bad Bunny and Damian Priest show up in what Tom Phillips calls a $3,000,000 car. They head to the arena, and we see Braun Strowman walking backstage. We go to break.

In the Ring: Braun Strowman

B-b-b-Braun makes his way out to the ring as Tom Phillips mentions the match between Shane McMahon and Braun Strowman this Saturday in a steel cage match...if the Monster Among Men can get past McMahon's games and flunkies. We're treated to clips over the last few weeks as they've built their feud, including Strowman attempting a Strowman Express only to run face-first into a camera strike from Shane. Shane then humiliated Braun by giving him the Nickelodeon awards treatment. We see more clips of Shane faking a knee injury to avoid fighting Braun Braun, however, saw through the deception and challenged Shane. Shane accepted and gave Braun a choice of match. He chose a steel cage match.
Back in the ring, Strowman is in the ring with the cage lowered and a mic in hand. "You know, my whole life I've had to deal with guys like Shane McMahon--people bullying based on my experience...and not knowing what I'm really (capable) of." Braun points out Shane's stupid antics, such as last week's fake "report card" for Braun, and he goes on to remind Shane that this weekend, Braun is going to have Shane in a cage. He then announces he's not just going to whoop Shane's ass, he's fighting for everyone who's ever been bullied. He continues to state that at the end of their match on Saturday, as Shane's corpse lays in the middle of the ring after Braun "ping pongs you around this cage", the last thing Shane hears isn't "Here comes the Money!" It's going to be "Here comes the body bag" as this weekend, Shane's gonna get these hands. And on cue, out comes Shane McMahon!
"Wow, a lot of anger coming from you, Braun. What'd I ever do to you? I gotta say, Braun, when I gave you " selection of a match, the steel cage match was--dare Shane say--"not that stupid." He claims that the cage would give Strowman the advantage against any other man. But Shane is a McMahon and he will outsmart Braun, destroy him, and the next morning Braun will wake up and realize he really is stupid. Elias & Ryker make their way down as we've a 2-on-1 Handicap match--after these words from our sponsors!

2-on-1 Handicap Match: Braun Strowman vs Elias & Jaxson Ryker

After the break, all three men are in the ring. This week, handicap rules mean there is not a tag format. The bell rings and Strowman immediately takes Ryker to the corner. Elias jumps on his back and Strowman throws him off. Strowman easily one-hand tosses Ryker over the top rope. Strowman turns his focus back to Elias, hammering him with hamhock-sized hands. Strowman looks for the running Powerslam but Ryker makes it into the ring in time to pull Elias free. Both Ryker and Elias begin to work over Strowman and double team slam him. Elias comes off the top with a Diamond elbow drop (Tom's words, not mine). Ryker holds Strowman's legs down so Elias can go back up top and hit a diving elbow. They cover but Braun kicks out and sends them both flying at two. Braun takes control, destroying both men. He sends them both into the same corner and his a running charge that Tom called the "Strowman Express." Maybe every time he runs, that's what they're calling it? Strowman dismantles both opponents, who never get another lick of offense in. A double chokeslam after brutal strikes seals the deal as Braun picks up the win in an easy, short match.
Your Winner, Braun Strowman!

Backstage Interview: Kevin the New Interview Guy with the Miz & Morrison

Kevin walks up to the Miz & Morrison who are walking backstage with buckets of paint. Kevin asks them about it and they continue on to the $3.6 million dollar Bugatti. Morrison asks if he's sure, and the Miz claims there's a scratch on the hood and they have perfectly matching paint. They then use red paint to paint "Hey Hey, Ho HO" on the car, then deface the car with their signatures, paint on the windshield, and a lot of various large red paint strokes and figures. They compliment their work and walk us off to a commercial.

Backstage: Bad Bunny and the Bugatti

We return to find Bad Bunny angrily marching to the parking garage. He sees the damage done to his car and curses in Spanish. As he observes it and shakes his head, the Miz & Morrison attack Bad Bunny from behind! Morrison yells "Welcome to the WWE! This is what happens when you disrespect us." The Miz yells at Bad Bunny, and Priest, a ginger, and Adam Pearce show up to check on him after they've fled. Priest asks who did this, and is angry that it was the Miz & Morrison.

Non-Title Women's Tag Team Match: Asuka & Rhea Ripley vs Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax

Asuka makes her way out and we're treated to a clip last week, from the contract signing. Asuka's English is coming along great! They have a word of words until Rhea smacked Asuka. The women's tag champs came out and challenged the WrestleMania opponents and Ripley accepted on behalf of them both. We get a clip from earlier today, in which Rhea tells Mackenzie that she has a plan and isn't worried about it. She knows Asuka wants some payback but she'll have to wait til this Sunday at WrestleMania. She then stresses that they need to focus on tonight. Out next comes Rhea Ripley. A lot of lasers added to her entrance. Its announced that "Ash Costello of New Year's Day" will perform Rhea's entrance live this Sunday at WrestleMania, that's cool! We go to break with Ripley & Asuka in the ring.
When we return, Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler finally make their way out. We're reminded that there's a tag team turmoil match on Saturday, with the winning women's team challenging Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler on Sunday. My prediction: Lana & Naomi win the titles.
The bell finally rings and Asuka starts off with Shayna. Both women wrap up. Standing switch from Asuka. Shayna looks for a wrist or arm submission, but Asuka blocks it. Baszler whips Asuka into the ropes and Asuka runs right into her--and Baszler smiles, not budging. Both women do a quick sequence of bouncing off the same ropes, looking to gain an advantage, until Baszler catches Asuka for a Snap German Suplex! Baszler and Asuka battle too close to the corner, and Asuka tags in Rhea Ripley. Ripley comes in and struggles briefly with Baszler before body slamming her! Baszler quickly tags in Jax and the two powerhouses square up. Jax with cheap shot. Rhea attempts to scoop slam Nia, Yokozua/Luger style, but Rhea slips out and tags in Asuka. Asuka isn't happy about that, but Rhea smiles as her WrestleMania opponent struggles against the larger Jax.
Jax spends a couple of long moments working over Asuka. Asuka eventually escapes and tags in Ripley, and Jax tags in Baszler. Reginald the Sommelier tries to get involved, hopping on the apron. Rhea is distracted and Shayna takes out her knee. Baszler takes down the former NXT and NXT UK women's champ and we head to break!
When we return, we find Shayna Baszler working over Rhea Ripley, focusing her strikes on Rhea's knee. Baszler with another stiff strike and a pin attempt. Jax calls to be tagged in. Baszler tags Jax in, then whips Ripley into Jax, who scoop slams her. Jax attempts a cover but gets two. Jax puts a headlock on Ripley and tags in Baszler, who starts up with strikes and a Snapmare followed by a pin attempt. Baszler, frustrated, locks in a single-leg submission for a few. Ripley fights her off with a series of elbows. Shayna recovers, though, and keeps Ripley grounded. Shayna drags Rhea over to her corner and tags in Jax. Jax stands on Ripley's right knee cap, yanks up her right foot and begins to twist. Ripley screams in pain. Jax transitions to a modified sleeper on a seated Ripley. Rhea finally fights her way to her feet and gains separation to drop Jax with a beautiful standing dropkick. Rhea crawls to her corner but can't stand to make the tag, so Asuka reaches down as low as she can while Rhea reaches up and their finger tips touch--a tag!
Asuka hits the ring hot, taking out Baszler and Jax easily. Asuka with a big Asuka splash on Jax. Jax is sent out the ring, and Asuka climbs up top to put away Baszler. Without warning or provocation, Rhea runs over and shoves Asuka off the top rope. She attacks her partner at ringside with a face slam. Rhea throws Asuka into the ring, where Baszler hits a running knee and pins her to pick up the victory. Outside, Rhea yells "I'm not ready for how?" and talks smack.
Your Winners, Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler!

Previously on Raw: the Hurt Business

We're treated to clips from last week's Raw, in which Lashley and MVP expelled Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander from the Hurt Business as they've failed Bobby too much. We also see clips from Lashley defeating Benjamin last week.

Backstage with MVP, Shelton Benjamin & Cedric Alexander

MVP is backstage, going over some document when Cedric walks up to him. MVP asks "you're not going to ask to be back in the Hurt Business, are you?" Cedric grabs MVP by the collar and shoves him back into an equipment box. Benjamin joins him. They threaten him and Lashely, who faces Alexander later tonight. They insult him and walk off with Benjamin calling MVP a cripple. Sarah the Interviewer walks up and asks MVP if he's worried about Lashley's match later tonight. MVP points out that before him, they didn't have fine suits or first class seats. Heck, Cedric had never even been to a five-star steakhouse before! Lashley walks up and asks MVP what happened. MVP tries to tell him not to worry about it, but Lashley storms off angrily and promises to destroy Cedric. We go to break.

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

It's announced that on a special WrestleMania-edition of Smackdown, the Andrew the Giant Memorial Battle Royal will take place this Friday instead of the usual kick-off spot.

Backstage with Sarah, Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, and Reginald

The tag champs are asked if they're worried at all about facing the winner of the battle royal on Saturday night. Jax asks if she needs a drink of water after asking the longest, stupidest question. Up walks every female tag team, including Billie Kay (who claims Carmella is looking over her resume after Ruby Riott questioned if she had a partner). Various words are exchanged betweeen the teams, with Jax even telling Natalya & Tamina "you don't even go here!" We cut to the ThunderDome.

Non-Title Match: WWE Champion Bobby Lashley w/ MVP vs Cedric Alexander

The All Mighty WWE Champion, Bobby Lashley, makes his way out with MVP as Tom continues to hype Lashley's match this weekend. We then get a quick lengthy video package showing the start of the All Mighty Era. We finally return to the ring where our champ still stands posing. We go to a commercial break and return to find Cedric Alexander already in the ring, SHelton Benjamin at ringside, and MVP on commentary. Before the bell rings, Benjamin catches Lashley off guard with a German suplex. Both men try to pound away on Lashley. MVP isn't worried about it and yells for Lashley to get angry. Bobby quickly fights out of the corner, fights them off, and tosses Shelton out of the ring. The bell rings and we get started!
Lashley is ruthless in his assault, taking Cedric down with a German suplex of his own and relentlessly throwing his shoulder into Cedric's gut in the corner as the ref warns him. Lashley takes it out of the corner and hits a snapmare, a back breaker, and then throws Cedric through the air and across the ring. Lashley throws Cedric outside. The ref counts as Shelton tries to get Cedric up. The ref reaches seven and Cedric is still on all fours, so Lashley exits the ring to reset the count and sends Cedric inside. Lashley with a hard whip on Cedric in the ring. Lashley spears Cedric in the corner hard, then hits a Stalling suplex on Alexander. Alexander rolls to the apron. Lashley pummels him on the apron, takes him in the ring and throws him out. Shelton and Lashley exchange words. Lashely picks Cedric up in a Fireman's Carry and runs Cedric into the ring post outside. We go to break.
Back from the break and we'rre told by Tom that Lashley continued to dismantle Cedric during the break. Lashley uses a working neck hold on Cedric. Cedric escapes and attempts offense but Lashley immediately shuts it down with a hard slam. Lashley tosses Cedric out of the ring yet again, pursuing his prey. He exchanges words with Benjamin again. Lashley picks up Cedric and threatens to run Cedric into the ring post. Benjamin grabs Cedric's foot and pulls him free--and somehow it's not a DQ--and Cedric capitalizes on the distraction. Cedric sends Lashley into the steel steps. As the champ recovers outside, the ref continues to count to eight. Cedric breaks the count with a suicide dive that crushes Lashley into the barricade. Cedric hits a beautiful dropkick off the top turnbuckle, planting Lashley and attempting a pin. He gets one. Lashley finally regains control as Cedric attempts a springboard move, only to be caught and slammed hard by Lashley. Lashely begins to beat Cedric like a two-dollar steak. Benjamin seems to beg Lashley, or so Tom and MVP make it sound. Lashley hits a huge, high, powerful Powerbomb on Cedric. Best Powerbomb I've seen in quite some time. Lashley eventually slaps the Hurt Lock on Cedric, who fades and passes out.
Your Winner by Submission, Bobby Lashley!

After the Match: More Hurt Business

Lashley is attacked by Benjamin after the match. Lashley takes control and puts the Hurt Lock on Benjamin. Shelton struggles but can't escape and fades. Lashley stands tall over his fallen comrades as MVP wraps the WWE Championship around Lashley's waist and we go to break.

Video Package: Orton and the fiendish Fiend

We get a comprehensive package showing Orton's feud with Bray Wyatt, including setting the Fiend on fire and months of torment from Alexa Bliss, as well as the Fiend's return with an all new look at Fastlane. We also get audio as Alexa Bliss explains you can't kill the Fiend, he just went away for a while but at WrestleMania, the Fiend will kill the Legend Killer. They face off Sunday night!

In the Ring: Damian Priest & Bad Bunny

We're reminded for the fourth time tonight that the Miz and Morrison defaced Bad Bunny's $3 million car. We get video of the incident for the fourth time as well. Finally, back in the arena, Priest and Bunny are in the ring. Priest on the mic informs us that the Miz & Morrison haven't seen anything yet. He points out that Bad Bunny is a Grammy-winning, record-smashing artist and they're just yesterday's news. Priest says its easy to beat up on a man two on one, so he suggests they make it a tag team match. Bunny gets on the mic and tells us that he's here because he's a big fan and loves this business. He respects everyone in the back. He remembers watching Raw, SmackDown and every pay per view with his father, brothers, and family. He has a lot of good memories with the WWE but now...now he's unsure how to feel or think due to this experience with the Miz and Morrison. He said that he came here to perform, do his job, and he's very grateful with the opportunity to perform at the Royal Rumble the Booker T song. He loves Booker T, the same way he loves Triple H, Stone Cold, the Undertaker, Ric Flair, all the wrestling legends. He says he even used to respect and love the Miz but the Miz doesn't respect Bunny. Bunny says there's no reason for the Miz to disrespect him. Bunny admits he's not a professional wrestler but he's a man, and the Miz disrespected him. The Miz broke his DJ gear, and the DJ is like a brother to Bunny. The Miz disrespected Bunny's career, his music, his friends for no reason. Bunny admits he knows he did a top rope elbow drop at the Royal Rumble, but he switches to Spanish. He then says "that's no reason to attack me with a guitar, that's no reason to paint my Bugatti! Who you think you are? I know, the Miz--two time champion, you're a legend. I respect that. I respect you. But you don't respect me. You crossed the line, bro. I don't know why...I don't care. This Saturday, at WrestleMania I'm going to show you how to respect me. I'm going to shut your mouth and whip your ass. Do you know where I'm from?" He then goes back to Spanish. Sorry, brother, I've not taken Spanish since 1997. We then see the Miz & Morrison on the screen, in the parking lot at a limo. They fake clap him before telling him that he doesn't belong here. He promises to embarrass and hurt Bunny this weekend. Morrison accepts the tag-team challenge, so now it's a tag match as we've previously reported. The Miz tells him to forget his Bugatti, and they get in a limo and drive off.

Backstage with Mustafa Ali & Sheamus

Sheamus is trying to talk sense to Ali. Ali is upset over the fact that he feels he should be United States champion and he hates all the issues in Retribution caused by Riddle. Sheamus admits they don't have much in common, except an enemy. Speaking of, Riddle streaks past them on his scooter, heading to the ring for his match.

Non-Title Match: United States Champion Riddle vs Mustafa Ali

Riddle makes his way out immediately and we're told this match is up next after the break! When we return, we're told who will be performing songs. Bebe Rexha will do one but I failed to catch the name of the other. We then get clips from last Monday, in which Sheamus took a hard attack from Sheamus post-match. Back to the arena, Mustafa Ali comes out with a brand new entrance and ring gear. We're reminded by Tom that Retribution has broken up. Sheamus comes out to join commentary. We start quick, with a pissed-off Ali taking it to Riddle. Both men jockey for control early on but continue to counter each other. Riddle does an impressive roll-up, and Ali does an even more impressive break in which he also swings Riddle off. Ali takes control now, slapping a sleeper on a seated Riddle. I am absolutely in shock that Riddle powers to his feet and out of a sleeper, as that never happens! Ali takes control, striking Ali and sending him outside. Riddle leaps over the ropes, runs along the apron and kicks Ali. Riddle snatches Sheamus' hat. The two exchange words, causing a distraction that Ali is more than ready to capitalize on. Riddle is left laying at ringside as we go to break!
Back from the break finds Riddle in the corner with Ali foot-choking him as the ref counts. Ali stops and goes for another foot-choke. Riddle catches the leg and fights out of the corner with a flurry of strikes. Ali maintains control, however, dropping Riddle to all fours and hitting a punt kick to Riddle's gut. Ali pins for a two. Ali locks in a rear leg waist lock. Riddle powers to his feet and Ali refuses to let go. Riddle runs backwards into a corner; Ali hangs on. Again Riddle tries it and again, Ali hangs on. Riddle runs to the middle of the ring, leaps up high and crashed down on his back--smashing Ali down hard, too. Riddle with fists and kicks to Ali. Riddle gets Ali in the corner and hits a running forearm in the corner, then another. Riddle with a rolling Exploder. Riddle batters Ali with kicks then hits the Bro-ton. Riddle attempts to pin Ali but Ali converts it into a submission attempt. Riddle converts it into a Triangle Hold but Ali escapes. Ali takes control, focusing on Ali's midsection as Sheamus implores Ali to soften Riddle up. Ali with a few strikes and condescending words before Riddle sends him into the corner. Ali comes off the top rope but Riddle catches him, flips him upside down, does a squat with Ali before hitting a flipping slam to pick up the win. Afterwards, Riddle and Sheamus exchange words.
Your Winner, Riddle!

Backstage with Drew McIntyre

Drew is asked about this weekend's match and having to go through Corbin tonight. Drew compliments the WrestleMania match this weekend, then states that Corbin is a dangerous man who'd step over his own grandmother to get ahead. But Drew's going to leave Corbin wrekt and go on to defeat Lashley this weekend. We go to commercials.

Main Event Match: Drew McIntyre vs King Corbin

Drew McIntyre is the first out for our main event as we're reminded for the 37th time tonight that Peacock has the WWE Network and exclusively WrestleMania this weekend. They then run down a bit of the card as Drew stands in the ring. Awkward. Finally, five minutes later, King Corbin makes his way out. The King has either a new or touched-up tron video. We then see Bobby Lashley backstage, where Sarah the Interviewer asks Lashley about whomever wins this match. He's not worried about it and promises to put whomever to sleep. He's going to watch the match from the back. We go to another commercial break.
Back from the break and both our opponents are ready to go in the ring. MVP has joined us on commentary as he has a vested interest in this match due to the winner facing Lashley at WrestleMania. The bell rings and both men lock up. Neither can gain control and they break it up. Corbin circles, then they lock up again. Corbin with a standing switch before converting it into a side headlock. Corbin wrenches the neck until Drew whips Corbin into the ropes, then tackles him down. Corbin takes control and slows the pace with a series of working holds. After a couple of minutes, McIntyre finally fights back. Drew whips Corbin into the ropes and tackles him down, covering for a two. Drew with a modified Atomic Drop and a cover attempt. Drew pulls Corbin up and connects with a big chop. Corbin stumbles into the corner, where Drew follows the chop up with some rights. Corbin is quick to fight back, whipping Drew into the corner. Corbin streaks outside the ring, runs around to come up on Drew's blind side and take him down with Corbin's Misdirection Clothesline. Corbin takes control and stomps and chokes Drew in the corner as the ref warns him. The ref checks on Drew before Corbin comes back in with a series of punches and kicks from the Golden Gloves former boxer. Now Corbin plays with Drew, using a Strong Irish Whip to swing Drew hard into the ring post and bouncing him off. MVP yells for Corbin to "finish him, finish him!" Corbin with a big slam and a cover for two. Corbin whips Drew into the corner again, but Drew explodes out of the corner with a big lariat. McIntyre takes control with quick suplexes and strikes. McIntyre kicks Corbin in the gut, looking for a Future Shock DDT but Corbin escapes to the outside. As Drew follows, Corbin attacks him on the apron. Corbin attempts to capitalize on it, but McIntyre refuses! McIntyre whips Corbin into the stairs and grins menacingly as we go to break.
Back from the break for the final time tonight (hopefully). Corbin is firmly in control, softening the former champ with a lengthy sequence of punches, suplexes and elbow strikes. Corbin hammers a grounded McIntyre with elbows to the head. MVP yells on more encouragement to Corbin. Corbin pauses too long to either talk smack or catch his breath and Mcintyre capitalizes on it, but only briefly as Corbin nails a huge chokeslam to stop his offense. Corbin goes for another Misdirection CLothesline, but McIntyre catches him with a spinebuster, which is mistakenly called a "Jackhammer" by our commentary team. Corbin takes control again with a big sidewalk slam and an attempted cover. Both men are winded. Corbin makes his way to his feet as MVP yells, "Do you want to go to WrestleMania?" repeatedly. Drew hits a desperate Glasgow Kiss headbutt, stunning Corbin. Drew with the Future Shock DDT and a cover but only gets a two. Drew crawls to the corner, using the ropes to get to his feet. He gets a second wind and leaps over the ropes then up the turnbuckles, but unfortunately Corbin's had a second wind and rushes to catch him. Corbin slugs Drew and climbs to the middle rope. Corbin connects with a superplex on McIntyre! Corbin covers but only gets a two!
McIntyre and Corbin both get to their feet, exhausted from this brutal fight. Corbin and McIntyre take turns exchanging fists until Corbin hits the Deep Six! Corbin covers but only gets a two! MVP excuses himself from the commentary team, then walks to the ringside. He yells to MVP that it's not about beating McIntyre to get the title shot, it's about taking him out. MVP hands Corbin his (MVP) cane. Corbin goes to strike Drew; Drew ducks, and counters with a Claymore! Drew covers for the win!
Your Winner, Drew McIntyre!

After the Match

Lashley comes out, standing at the top of the ramp with MVP. He stares, constipation in his eyes, as Drew jaws at him and spreads his arms in a "come at me, bro" gesture. We close our show, the stage set for the clash of these two titans.

In Closing

And that does it for the final Raw before this weekend's WrestleMania. The show could have been better, but featured matches that were entirely watchable, if a bit short. A big thanks to Rush and Boone for filling in while I was on partying in Cancun medical leave. I'm glad to be back and missed you all! I hope you have a great week and join us this Wednesday and Thursday for NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver! Stay safe out there! Seacrest, out.

For frequent updates, refresh frequently! Makes sense, right?

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